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Aug 19 10:21

(Malatsian Airlines at the) Vanishing point …

once it can't be milked for jingoistic fervor it disappears down the momory-hole

Aug 19 10:23

The Ferguson Police Have a Card up Their Sleeve

The Ferguson Police Department has a plan for how to improve their image to a world stunned by the unfolding story of the shooting of Michael Brown: Make their new boss from the state highway patrol look bad. Make Michael Brown look bad. Make the protesters look bad. Make the entire Ferguson community look bad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media is still trying to spin Ferguson as a whites versus blacks issue.

It isn't.

As these photos from the Occupy Wall Street protests show, the real issue is ALL Americans, of every color, against a brutal government.

Aug 19 10:25

Truce talks collapse as rocket fire, Gaza strikes resume

Prime Minister orders delegation in Cairo to return to Israel; rockets explode in Israel's south, causing no casualties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

False-flags are an Israeli tradition!

The obvious conclusion is that Netanyahu had an Israeli agent provocateur in Gaza fire off a rocket, to end the peace talks and allow him to restart the war.

Recall the Lavon Affair (carried out by Israel but initially blamed on Egypt) and Israel's attack on the USS Liberty (carried out by Israel but initially blamed on Egypt) .

By way of deception...

Aug 19 10:28

Ukraine's Next Crisis? Economic Disaster

Ukraine's next crisis will be a devastatingly economic one, as violent conflict destroys critical infrastructure in the east and brings key industry to a halt, furthering weakening the energy sector by crippling coal-based electricity production.

The Ukrainian military's showdown with separatists in the industrial east has forced coal mines to severely cut production or close down entirely. This has led to an electricity crisis that can only be staunched by cutting domestic production along with exports to Europe, Crimea, and Belarus -- or worse, getting more imports from Russia.

In the coal centers of Ukraine's industrial east -- Luhansk and Donetsk -- fighting has forced the full closure of an estimated 50 percent of coal mines, while overall coal production has fallen 22 percent over the same period last year.

Key industry sources say they will potentially run out of coal in less than three weeks.

Aug 19 10:28

In the Port, the Port of Oakland, the Zim Ship Sits Still Loaded and Unloved.#BlockTheBoat

A call to blockade the Zim Chicago: Israeli govt-owned ship docks in Tacoma & Seattle around Aug 20-22 #BlockTheBoat

Aug 19 10:31

Why Activists Are Blocking an Israeli Ship From Docking on the West Coast

Amidst the terror Israel has unleashed on Gaza, activists on the West Coast have organized a Palestinian solidarity action that is not only politically symbolic, but economically hits Israel where it hurts.

Aug 19 10:37

French Politician's Facebook post on veiled Muslim woman sparks furore, “When one chooses to come to secular, France... one must respect our culture and the freedom of women. If not, go elsewhere!”

A conservative French politician sparked a debate after she posted Monday a picture of a veiled Muslim woman on a beach in France and the cover of Le Figaro magazine portraying former French sex icon Brigitte Bardot.

Aug 19 10:38

Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S Workers

Call it the no-raises recovery: Five years of economic expansion have done almost nothing to boost paychecks for typical American workers while the rich have gotten richer.
Meager improvements since 2009 have barely kept up with a similarly tepid pace of inflation, raising the real value of compensation per hour by only 0.5 percent. That marks the weakest growth since World War II, with increases averaging 9.2 percent at a similar point in past expansions, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by Bloomberg.

Aug 19 10:42

How Foreign Militaries Share Responsibility for What’s Happening in Ferguson

Abby Martin remarks on the growing militarization of America’s local police forces in the midst of the unrest in Ferguson, MO, highlighting a program known as Urban Shield, where US police forces train and learn military tactics together.

Aug 19 10:48

MSNBC Host: Maybe Cops Need Military Gear To Deal With “Anti-Government” Groups

MSNBC host Ed Schultz suggested on his show last night that police like those currently occupying Ferguson, Missouri may need military gear in order to deal with the threat posed by “anti-government groups.”

Aug 19 10:54

‘Raid & Detain’ Is Now The Standard Procedure For Internet Trash-Talk?

An innocent elderly woman’s home was raided by SWAT when she was suspected of using the internet to trash-talk and post threats toward the local police. In response, gun-wielding assailants breached her doors and windows in a violent search for electronic evidence. The hair-raising incident took place at the household of Louise Milan on Powell Street. It was the place where she and her husband had raised their six children, and had lived for three decades. On June 21, 2012, the solitude of the familial home was shattered — along with numerous doors and window panes.

Aug 19 10:55

Police in Ferguson arrest Getty photographer

Police in Ferguson arrested a veteran Getty photographer, Scott Olson, on Monday.

Another Getty photographer pictured Olson being led away by officers from the Missouri state highway patrol. Police were preventing people from gathering in the area, and Olson is thought to have declined a request to move on. He was later released.

Aug 19 10:58

Activist: For a New Generation, Ferguson Marks Historic Nonviolent Resistance to Police Repression

As protests continue in Ferguson, activists are traveling to Missouri to join the movement in solidarity. We speak with one activist who has just arrived to Ferguson from Florida, Phillip Agnew, the executive director of Dream Defenders, a network of youth of color and their allies who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience and civic engagement to bring about social change.

Aug 19 11:06

Snyder: “A Major Event Just Happened In Financial Markets”

Did you know that a major event just happened in the financial markets that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008? If you rely on the mainstream media for your news, you probably didn’t even hear about it.

Aug 19 11:19

News crew gets robbed while filming in Ferguson

Credo news stream gets their laptop stolen during the Ferguson protests

Aug 19 11:19

James Corbett - The Ebola Effect

yet another excuse for martial law and the revocation of your rights

Aug 19 11:21

Wall Street banks ‘may desert UK for Ireland’ if Britain leaves EU

Wall Street banks could abandon Britain for the Republic of Ireland if the UK decides to leave the EU, senior figures in the industry have reportedly said. This is despite a Forbes report that names London the world’s ‘most influential city’.

Changes to EU banking rules could see London stripped of its financial preeminence. Some major institutions including Bank of America, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are believed to be drawing up plans to desert the City amid concerns the UK is drifting further from the EU.