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Sep 03 13:46

Who Borrows in the Fed Funds Market?

Sep 03 13:39

Solicitation for “role-players” confirms DoD training in Boston on heels of JADE HELM 15

After the Sandy Hook School Shooting and the Boston Bombing took to center stage in the press well-researched investigative journalists along with portions of the general public who did their Due diligence began to realize that “crisis actors” or “role-players” were being used by the mainline press to trick the unwitty

Sep 03 13:30

Blacks make up 17% of all California arrests, but just 6% of population – state data

Newly released data shows that African-Americans account for 17 percent of all arrests in California while only constituting six percent of the population. They also account for a quarter of in-custody deaths, according to state-run website Open Justice.

Sep 03 13:27

Who Is Listening to Dick Cheney?

Dick Cheney is a former vice president who had an enormous effect on public policy, and therefore on history. He should be interviewed by media outlets. He should be asked tough questions about every single aspect of his tenure in the White House. We cannot pretend that Cheney does not belong in history books, or that he will vanish if we just wish hard enough.

Sep 03 13:21

Meet the American Chef and Cheese Maker Living the Life on a Russian Farm

The story of the American chef and traveler Jay Close who left behind everything, moved to Russia, and bought a farm, where he makes cheese that flies off the shelves in the farm products section...

Sep 03 13:14

Forever Captive? Stories of Soviet Soldiers Who Never Came Back From Afghanistan

Nikolaev told RT that most of the Afghans have a positive attitude toward Russians, including those who stayed and integrated. Even to the soldiers who served in the Soviet army and participated in the military campaigns, he added.
“Afghans remember very well that it was the Soviet people who built roads and hospitals in their country,” he said. “I don’t think [the Soviet soldiers] looked at the Afghan people as their enemy”.

Sep 03 13:10

The Much Celebrated Canadian Aid to Ukraine Military Was Worth a Pitiful $500,000

Another proof west will fight to the last Ukrainian.
Western leaders are encouraging Kiev to fight to extract maximum PR benefits for themselves, but won't actually do anything that significantly props up the Ukrainians...
It was reported recently that it cost Canada's Department of National Defence $1.6-million to airlift $5-million worth of surplus, non-lethal military equipment to bolster the Ukrainian army. Part of that exorbitant shipping bill was due to the fact the Harper government wanted to get the maximum public relations benefit by deploying parliamentarians and film crews to record the delivery.
As for the calculation on the $5-million value of the gear shipped, this was based on the original purchase price of the now well-used tents, sleeping bags and body armour. The resale value of this same gear through Army Surplus stores in Canada would probably amount to less than $500,000...

Sep 03 13:09

‘Groundbreaking’ Torture Charges Put US Rendition Tactics in Spotlight

‘We need to see more accountability happening in Canada, in the U.S., in Jordan and in Syria. The ones who tortured and the ones who helped these horrible acts to happen should face justice.’

Canada on Tuesday filed charges against a Syrian intelligence officer for torturing Maher Arar, the Canadian citizen who was handed over to the Syrian government in 2002 by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Sep 03 13:05

Heartbreaking Monument Listing 66 Children Killed by Poroshenko's Civilian Bombings

...Children were caught in the crossfire. And they died from war, not by natural death. Their lives were just beginning, but they ended at the start. Logically, a normal government would declare mourning in the country. But we didn’t see this. Instead, they reported on television that Russian invaders had seized power in the city, as separatists shelled their own cities, killing themselves, and the Ukrainian army is protecting innocent people from terrorists. Everywhere, on all channels, the Ukrainian flag was hung with the inscription in two languages: “united country.” But there was already nothing left of this country. Then I realized that, no, we are not one country. If there is grief in the country, then the whole people would together experience this and grieve for the dead, especially the children. But there was no such grieving in Ukraine.

Sep 03 13:04

35% of backlogged VA healthcare applicants died waiting for benefit approval

The Department of Veterans Affairs still has a massive backlog of nearly 900,000 healthcare applications ? including more than 300,000 from veterans who died waiting for their benefits to be approved, a report by the agency’s inspector general found.

Sep 03 13:00

BREAKING: IMF Officials Helped Steal Ukraine Funds - US Investigating

Highly unusual for US Department of Justice to be investigating a pro-western oligarch like Igor Kolomoisky.
But apparently his PrivatBank hiding $1.8 billion of IMF funds was too much even for Washington.
Now it appears, the bank had help from IMF officials who are running for cover and refusing to answer questions.
Ukraine Bailout Funds Discovered in Oligarch's Cyprus Kitty (Igor Kolomoisky)

Sep 03 13:00

The Criminalization of the Hunger Strike

Seven years ago, Barack Obama pledged to close down the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, telling the crowds that flocked to his campaign speeches that the United States must “restore habeas corpus” in order to “lead by example.” Though the Department of Defense is still weighing options on how to close the facility before Obama leaves office, the process seems to be going nowhere. Some of this blame rests on Congress, which has repeatedly refused to lift restrictions on moving detainees even though nearly half of them are cleared for transfer.

Sep 03 12:58

Central Banks At Play

Sep 03 12:52

Poroshenko Blames Kiev Grenade Deaths on...Wait for It...Russia!

In an interview with Sky News, Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko accuses Russia of extending its “campaign of destabilisation”...
Ukraine Rightists Kill Police - New York Times Blames Putin

The Daily Beast Blames the Rise of ISIS on...Wait for It...Russia
Daily Beast editor tells us how Russian security services are funneling Russia-born Jihadists to Syria

Sep 03 12:48

The Pentagon Persecutes Chelsea Manning

Supporters of Chelsea Manning rallied to her defense after the Army threatened the whistleblower with indefinite solitary confinement for “crimes” that included possessing an issue of Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover and “expired” toothpaste.

Sep 03 12:44

Why Russia Military Won't Intervene in Syria or Anywhere Else

It has no legal nor popular mandate to do so.
Moreover what's really needed to defeat ISIS and end the bloody war in Syria isn't for Moscow to intervene - but for the US and its clients to stop opposing Syrian, Iranian and Kurdish forces doing the majority of the fighting.
The most Russia can do is provide diplomatic, moral and some material backing as it is already doing.

Sep 03 12:34

Stiglitz: Inequality kills US' future

The French newspaper Le Monde published an interview with Joseph Stiglitz, where the Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences and a critic of the European austerity policy, reveals the reasons of economic inequality in the US and Europe as well as its political and social consequences.
In his new book "The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them" Stiglitz names inequality to be the reason of the crisis in 2008.
As he noted, today it also impedes the economy recovery. "Inequality becomes a dangerous trap," the expert said.

Sep 03 12:33

More signs of global downturn send stocks plunging again

Global stock markets staged yet another selloff Tuesday following the release of negative economic data in the US and China and downbeat assessments of the global economy from officials at the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund.

Sep 03 12:32

Islamic State has access to chemical weapons production

Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, claimed that the IS fighters' usage of chemical weapons will rise to large-scale and transboundary level.
The IS is known to have obtained access to scientific technical documents on the production of chemical weapons. They also seized chemical enterprises and engage foreign specialists in the synthesis development of the chemical warfare agents.
According to Zakharova, there is a threat of the extension of their terror activity beyond the territories of Syria and Iraq, as well as the whole Middle Eastern region.