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Sep 02 06:22

19 intriguing coincidences surrounding the Virginia shooting

The problem with repeated false flags and staged events executed for a particular political purpose is that they demand a commitment from the minds of the masses and it has to happen in real-time.

Sep 02 05:35

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

Gilad Atzmon at his cutting best. Be careful what you wish for, really careful.

Sep 02 05:23

Serial Sniper On The Loose In Arizona

Sep 02 04:41

Egypt gas find sparks panic in Israel about Israeli reserves

Israel's offshore gas reserves had long been regarded as a future cash cow for the resource-poor country, and gas exporters in Egypt were expected to be the key customers of Israel's yet untapped Leviathan field.
Note: It's all ours God gave it to us the chosen!

Sep 02 03:30

Former CIA director Petraeus: use Al-Qaeda to fight ISIS

David Petraeus was at Bilderberg and he is referring to the same al Qaeda we are supposed to believe did 9/11.

Sep 02 03:06

Syriza Insider Confirms Tsipras Tried to Take Russia for a Ride

Interview with Syriza insider confirms:

  • That Tsipras's approaches to Russia were never intended seriously; and
  • That there is no political constituency in Greece, even on the ant-Euro Left, for such a realignment.
Sep 02 02:22

QE4 and Dow at 25,000

Sep 01 19:43

Your brand new phone could still have malware

A new phone is supposed to be a clean slate. But alarmingly, that's not always the case.

Security company G Data has identified more than 20 mobile phones that have malware installed despite being marketed as new, according to a research report. And it doesn't appear the infection is occurring during manufacturing.

"Somebody is unlocking the phone and putting the malware on there and relocking the phone," said Andy Hayter, security evangelist for G Data.

Many of the suspect phones are sold in Asia and Europe through third parties or middleman and aren't coming directly from the manufacturers, Hayter said.

Brands of affected phones include Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Alps, ConCorde, DJC, Sesonn and Xido.

Sep 01 19:22

Pope Francis to allow all priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year

Pope Francis will give all priests discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions and seek absolution during the Roman Catholic Church`s upcoming Holy Year, in the Argentine pontiff`s latest move towards a more open and inclusive church.

Sep 01 19:19

Phone video shows US police shooting man who had his hands raised up

In what may further embitter the relation between law enforcement agencies and the communities, a cell phone video has captured how two deputies of Bexar County Sherrif, shot dead a man after he raised his hands up.
A student from the University of the Incarnate Word named Michael Thomas, who was at the site of incident, made a video of the event and sold it to a news channel KSAT 12 for $100.
The 41-year-old man named Gilbert Flores, was killed by the two Bexar County Sheriff's deputies.

Sep 01 18:57

After the Correction, Are Stocks Cheap?

Sep 01 18:56

Video Shows Officers Ignoring Man in Diabetic Distress, He Dies in Jail 15 Hours After Arrest

Mercado’s death shows us much more than terrible prison conditions. It shows us the horrid reality of the war on drugs.

Sep 01 18:33

Delusional : Rubio to Trump: ‘America is great’ right now

Well let me show you some REALITY, Mr. Rubio… 1st in prison population, 14th in education, 19th in national satisfaction, 2nd for approval of drone strikes (just after Israel) 23rd in gender equality, 33rd in internet speeds, 46th in freedom of the press, 26th in child well-being, 24th in literacy, 19th in perceived honesty, 27th in leisure and personal care, 17th in happiness, 99th in peacefulness (but hey we rank 2nd in IGNORANCE!) America — F*CK YEAH!

Sep 01 17:57

Violence and Instability on Russia’s Border

Are Nuland's fingerprints on Maidan 2.0?

Sep 01 17:49

If we did that, it would be assault on an officer... Video Shows Oakland Police Officer Spitting At Person Recording Him

The Oakland Police Department is investigating one of its officers after a video posted to Facebook over the weekend shows him spitting at the person recording him.

Sep 01 17:49

Discrimination Against Russian Jews in Israel

discrimination against both dark-skinned Jews and light-skinned ones?

snip: “(T)he percentage of ‘Russians’ in senior positions and public office is much lower in proportion to their percentage within the Israeli society. There are no ‘Russian’ CEO’s in the ministries, which means that they are being ignored and not considered for promotions.”

They’re harassed, beaten by police and wrongfully detained - children treated as abusively as adults. Authorities admit harsh treatment, even though they’re good, law-abiding citizens.

Around 200,000 elderly Russians will “get peanuts for pensions” at retirement - even though they spent up to a generation in Israel’s workforce.

They’ll get the equivalent of around $750 dollars a month maximum - sub-poverty in Israel’s high cost of living economy if they have no other sources of income or enough savings.