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Aug 20 04:20

Your Internment Camp Awaits You

Aug 20 04:08

Obamas' Well Organized Community is Falling Apart

Are we all being set up?

Aug 20 03:01

In a Reasoned Debate, Single Payer Will Come Out on Top

One can only feel sorrow and dismay at the bullying and hate-mongering that is taking place at health care forums around the country.

Massive job losses, the devaluation and foreclosures of people’s homes, and precipitous declines in lifetime savings produce widespread fears of further loss. In an era of insecurity, mainstream Democratic Party proposals for reforming the health system have played into such fears.

Aug 20 02:46

Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

Americans think that they have “freedom and democracy” and that politicians are held accountable by elections. The fact of the matter is that the US is ruled by powerful interest groups who control politicians with campaign contributions. Our real rulers are an oligarchy of financial and military/security interests and AIPAC, which influences US foreign policy for the benefit of Israel.

Have a look at economic policy. It is being run for the benefit of large financial concerns, such as Goldman Sachs.

Aug 20 02:15

Buffett: We're Going to Be Crushed Under Mountain of Debt....with video

A highly influential American has finally hit the panic button about the tremendous mountain of debt the country is piling up.

Last year, Warren Buffett says, we were justified in using any means necessary to stave off another Great Depression. Now that the economy is beginning to recover, however, we need to curtail our out-of-control spending, or we'll destroy the value of the dollar and many Americans' life savings.

Aug 19 20:14

Building block of life is found on comet for first time

A fundamental building block of life has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that the raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space.

Traces of the amino acid glycine were discovered in a sample retrieved by Nasa from the tail of comet Wild 2. They were captured 242million miles from Earth in January 2004 by the Stardust spacecraft.

Aug 19 20:13

‘JOKER’ Obama Posters

Get them here!

Aug 19 20:13

EU to probe 'exploding' iPhones and iPods

The EU is investigating reports of exploding iPhones and iPods, it was reported last night.

There are reports of iPods allegedly exploding or catching fire in Britain, France, Holland and Sweden.

Earlier this month an iPod Touch belonging to Ellie Stanborough, an 11-year-old girl from Liverpool, apparently blew up.

Her father complained at the time that he dropped the music player after it over-heated.

'It made a hissing noise,' he said. 'I could feel it getting hotter in my hand and I thought I could see vapour.'

He threw the music player out of his back door and 'within 30 seconds there was a pop, a big puff of smoke and it went 10ft in the air'.

Aug 19 20:08

The Obama as Joker Contest: Entries

Aug 19 20:08

Climate sceptics like Nazi appeasers: Rees

NSW Premier Nathan Rees compared climate change sceptics to Nazi appeasers as he addressed a roomful of scientists at the Eureka Awards last night.

In a speech about good policy based on good science, Mr Rees said it was important not to ignore the messages scientists were giving about the environment.

''The threat of climate change is catastrophic. In fact, the current wave of climate change scepticism smacks of 1930s-style appeasement: 'Hide under the blankets and it will go away'. But it won't go away.'

Aug 19 20:04

Damn 9/11 Truthers won't go away, so Nat Geo prepares another hit piece on 9/11 Truth movement?

National Geographic has announced it will air a documentary with the title: 911 Science and Conspiracy.

Title of the announcement:
Official Version or Cover-Up Conspiracy? The Truth Behind 9/11 Put to the Test in New National Geographic Channel Program.

Based on the comments about it at the announcement website here:
it doesn't look like it will be very fair.

Aug 19 20:00

Flashback: Associated Press Deletes Crucial Portion of Witness Statement

On 12 October 2003, two suicide bombers drove cars packed with explosives toward the Baghdad Hotel. Iraqi and US personnel fired on them, causing them to crash into a concrete barrier, where their cars exploded. Eight people were killed, including the drivers, and 32 were injured.

The Associated Press filed several versions of this story. It often does this to add new details as a story develops or to correct information. But once in a while, the AP makes changes that are suspect. In this case, they gutted some intriguing information from a witness statement.

Aug 19 19:55

Obama “joker” artist Palestinian-American college dude

The man behind the “mysterious” Obama-as-Joker poster image has been identified (sort of), and it wasn’t a right-winger- he actually would have voted for Dennis Kucinich.

Aug 19 18:11

Tennessee cops shoot 59 rounds to kill one man

Police accounts and a patrol car video indicate the shots were fired in three volleys, all within 30 seconds. Each officer used a .45-caliber pistol. Some officers emptied their magazines, reloaded and fired again, while others didn't fire all their bullets, Weary said.

Aug 19 17:52

Obama's Health Bill Provides for Non-White, Racial Privilege

Does Obama's Socialized Health Care Plan Have a Racial Component? You Bet it Does.
21 July 2009
© Michael G. Leventhal
In a government run rationed health plan, bad publicity means little to a bureaucrat. They can't be fired and government won't go out of business. You have no recourse… if you're white.
But a black person does have recourse through the government health plan's "Office of Civil Rights," and "Office of Minority Affairs." All they have to do is claim racial discrimination and these government health plan divisions become their advocates.
Health care gets a shot in the arm from Obama
July 16, Kimberly Dvorak

Aug 19 17:32

NY dealers pull out of clunkers program

Hundreds of auto dealers in the New York area have withdrawn from the government's Cash for Clunkers program, citing delays in getting reimbursed by the government, a dealership group said Wednesday.

Aug 19 16:41

Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Clare Swinney brought a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority pointing out that TVNZ’s claim that Osama bin Laden carried out the attacks of 9/11 was an outright lie. Shortly afterwards, she was threatened and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward. Following a week of compulsory treatment, the head psychiatrist told a judge that she should remain in hospital, as her belief that 9/11 was an inside job was evidence she was “delusional.” The judge agreed. This is her extraordinary story:

Aug 19 16:38

ACORN/SEIU, Obama's Own Federally Funded Thugs

July 24, 2009
Evidence Suggests Obama and Dems Using Health Care Bill to Payoff ACORN (Nanny State Alert)
First it was the stimulus bill that didn't create jobs for average Americans but was instead a big payoff to groups like ACORN. Then, there was the auto bailout deal with turned over the auto companies to the unions. That was another windfall worth billions.
Now, health care bills in both the House and the Senate mandate even more payola to ACORN
Unions’ Health Benefits May Avoid Tax Under Proposal (Update1)
By Ryan J. Donmoyer and Holly Rosenkrantz
June 26 (Bloomberg)

Aug 19 14:44

Flickr Yanks Image of Obama as Joker

Flickr had removed the Joker image due to copyright-infringement concerns, Alkhateeb says the company told him in an e-mail. A Flickr spokeswoman declined to comment due to a company policy that bars discussing inquiries about individual users

Aug 19 13:28

Freedom of Religious Expression?

Aug 19 12:42

Government Consumes Wealth; Private Industry Produces It

Everything the government runs is bankrupt: Medicare is broke; Medicaid is broke; the Post Office is broke; Amtrak is broke; Social Security is a bigger Ponzi scheme and bigger fraud than anything Madoff ever dreamed of and it is broke.

Aug 19 11:32

John Pilger: Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation

John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist and documentary maker. He has twice won Britain's Journalist of the Year Award, and his documentaries have received academy awards in Britain and the US.

Aug 19 11:15

Democrats may pass health reform without GOP

The White House and congressional Democrats, fed up with a failed effort to woo Republican support, may proceed without the opposition party in passing comprehensive healthcare reform, reports signaled Wednesday. White House powerbroker and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel declared that the Republican party was standing in the way of progress.

Aug 19 10:56

2 Honolulu policemen arrested on drug counts

Two Honolulu law enforcers in Las Vegas to play in a softball tournament for police and firefighters were arrested on marijuana charges after leading authorities on a short chase.

Clark County spokeswoman Stacey Welling said officers Kevin Fujioka, 37, and Shayne Souza, 47, were arrested Saturday night near Desert Breeze Park, about six miles west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Scott Wilson, a 38-year-old social worker from Honolulu, also was arrested, Welling said Monday.

Aug 19 10:42

Marijuana bust is largest in Maui County history

Maui police and federal agents confiscated more than 130 pounds of high-quality processed marijuana and arrested a 37-year-old Kula woman this month in what police called Tuesday the largest processed marijuana seizure and investigation in Maui County history.

Aug 19 10:41

Ruling could let model find, sue online heckler

The protection of the right to communicate anonymously must be balanced against the need to assure that those persons who choose to abuse the opportunities presented by this medium can be made to answer for such transgressions," the judge said, quoting the Virginia decision.

Aug 19 10:09

Boy, 8, is youngest in the world to 'wing-walk' on a plane

Tiger Brewer flew at 100mph at 1,000 feet over Rendcomb Airfield in Gloucestershire on the wing of his grandfather Vic Norman's biplane.

Tiger, from Notting Hill, London, has grown up around wing-walkers as Mr Norman owns the SuperAeroBatics formation wing-walking team.
The world record was held by Guy Mason, son of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who first wing-walked in 2001 aged 11.