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Sep 17 05:24

Bush Lied, They Died T-Shirt Banned in Three States

State lawmakers voted Monday to enact new laws designed to stop the sale of anti-war T-shirts with the names of dead soldiers — a measure a veteran media lawyer says is “unconstitutional about three or four different ways.”

On a 28-0 margin, the Senate agreed to make it punishable by up to a year in jail to use the names of deceased soldiers to help sell goods. The measure, SB 1014, also would let families go to court to stop the sales and collect damages.

Sep 17 05:02

Afghan civilian casualties soar

There has been a sharp increase in the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan this year, according to new figures released by the United Nations.

They show that August had the highest number of deaths since the overthrow of the Taleban almost seven years ago.

The UN says that from January to August 1,445 civilians were killed - a rise of 39% on the same period last year.

Sep 16 21:57

Ross: Possibly 1,000 Banks Will Close

In an exclusive interview with, Wilbur Ross, chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co., says he sees possibly as many as a thousand bank closures in the coming months.

Sep 16 21:53

City Uses DNA To Fight Dog Poop

An Israeli city is using DNA analysis of dog droppings to reward and punish pet owners.

Sep 16 21:44

Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53

Emergency coordinator and 9/11 witness Barry Jennings has passed away with controversy about WTC7 still hot– as the BBC hit piece and NIST report have been released to counter Jennings’ exclusive testimony of explosions inside Building 7

Sep 16 21:07

Bush family cleaning up on transfer of public lands to private hands

WMR has learned from a senior Democratic congressional source that the Bush family, most notably former President George H. W. Bush, is reaping windfall profits from the transfer of title of public federal and state lands to private hands. The elder Bush, according to our sources, has a vested financial interest in land title companies that specialize in the transfer of public lands to private interests.

Sep 16 20:52

Encounters with a Nutcase

There was more conversation but apparently I’m the only person up at 2 AM in my apartment complex who doesn’t believe the government was behind 9/11.

Or any other time of the day for that matter.

Sep 16 20:47

Legislation Alert: Net Freedom

Government attempts to control the internet are growing. Net Freedom Forever is a new campaign working to publicize these threats to the internet, and to organize citizens in opposition.

Sep 16 20:38

Liars and Lapdogs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its sidekick the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) sustained a fatal blow last week – or one that would have been fatal if the federal government were trying to safeguard rather than subjugate us. A British jury returned its verdict in the "Liquid-Bomb Plot" on Monday, refusing to convict the eight defendants of terrorism.

Sep 16 20:34

Pro-Lifers for Murder

There are people who spend their time arguing that being "pro-life" this year means voting for an obtuse ignoramus who thinks it’s a laugh riot to sing, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." A savage who jokes gleefully about the inevitable creation of widows and orphans – that’s the person the official pro-life movement wants as its public face for four years. Gee, a coherent, non-contradictory message like that is just the way to win people over.

Sep 16 20:29

More National Socialism

The Federal Reserve is printing up $80 billion for AIG in return for 80% ownership. In other words, the people pay, as usual, to save the power elite's bacon.

Sep 16 17:12

Syrin’s Blog - Conservative against Palin

Sep 16 16:56

It's the creepy plotters who rule us we should really be scared of

There is no such organisation as ‘Al Qaeda’. The spooks know this, Cabinet Ministers know this and so do the ‘security correspondents’ who so readily trot out the spooks’ point of view on our broadcasting networks.

Of course, there are terrorists, and there are also fantasists, fanatics, low-lifes and camp followers who plot and attempt horrible things. Some of them even call themselves ‘Al Qaeda’ these days because they have learned that this is a good way to scare us.

But, while they are a menace, they are not as big or as organised a menace as the Government likes to make out.

Sep 16 16:37

Lose your house, lose your vote

The chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County, Michigan, a key swing county in a key swing state, is planning to use a list of foreclosed homes to block people from voting in the upcoming election as part of the state GOP’s effort to challenge some voters on Election Day.

“We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses,” party chairman James Carabelli told Michigan Messenger in a telephone interview earlier this week. He said the local party wanted to make sure that proper electoral procedures were followed.

Sep 16 16:33

McCain’s Radical Agenda

Talk about a shock to the system. Has anyone bothered to notice the radical changes that John McCain and Sarah Palin are planning for the nation’s health insurance system?

These are changes that will set in motion nothing less than the dismantling of the employer-based coverage that protects most American families.

A study coming out Tuesday from scholars at Columbia, Harvard, Purdue and Michigan projects that 20 million Americans who have employment-based health insurance would lose it under the McCain plan.

Sep 16 16:29

Radio host suspended for airing anti-Palin protesters' numbers

Anchorage AM radio host Eddie Burke has been suspended for a week for broadcasting the phone number of women involved in organizing a protest against Sarah Palin.

The women later received threatening phone calls.

Sep 16 13:48

US Economy: Rudderless and Reeling From Direct Hits

A raid on private pensions?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Most Americans, including the presidential candidates and the media, are unaware that the US government today, now at this minute, is unable to finance its day to operations and must rely on foreigners to purchase its bonds. The government pays the interest to foreigners by selling more bonds, and when the bonds come due, the government redeems the bonds by selling new bonds. The day the foreigners do not buy is the day the American people and their government are brought to reality.

Sep 16 09:16

Speed cameras to get longer reach

SPEED cameras that track drivers over long distances by measuring average speed are to be deployed on motorways, at accident black spots and in residential areas.

The Home Office is expected to grant approval for the technology in January. Ministers plan to install them as replacements for Gatso and Truvelo cameras, which measure speed over only a few yards, meaning that motorists can brake as they pass the cameras and then accelerate again. The new cameras can enforce the speed limit over stretches of up to six miles.

Sep 16 09:08

Study: Some Water Bottles Linked to Diabetes

An ubiquitous ingredient in plastics has been linked to diabetes and heart disease in adults, according to a study being released today, heightening concerns about the widespread use of the chemical BPA.

Otherwise known as Bisphenol-A, BPA is the chemical once studied as a synthetic form of estrogen, but more recently known to leach out of some plastic water bottles and baby bottles, and that is found in all kinds of plastic products.

Sep 16 09:04


There are so many story lines here that it's hard to know where to start, so I'll begin at 7 a.m. yesterday.

That's when, despite sharp declines in stock futures markets overnight, someone in New York vigorously and valiantly began buying Standard & Poor's futures contracts.

When that buying was completed, the S&P futures had rallied about 13 points - cutting overnight losses by a third.

Stock prices were cushioned when the market opened for trading yesterday.

Sep 16 08:07

'07-Lehman Brothers Hired Jeb Bush As Advisor To Its Private Equity Business

NEW YORK, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers has hired Jeb Bush, brother of the President of the United States, as an advisor to its private equity business, a source familiar with the situation said.

Lehman hired another relative of U.S. President George W. Bush last year--George Walker, a second cousin, who heads up the bank's asset management business.

Jeb Bush is the former governor of Florida.

Lehman Brothers declined to comment.

Sep 16 06:38

Putin should Interview Palin

So two weeks after her announcement as VP for McCain, Sarah Palin finally gave her first media interview to the softball Charlie Gibson. Did you see it? Unbelievable. Even Charlie Gibson, one of the most kids glove interviewers out there (he makes Larry King look tough) made Palin look like a moose in the headlights.

But enough about the actual interview. The real issue is that it took so long for her first interview to happen and that it was with one of the easiest interviewers around.

Sep 16 06:34

The Ugly New McCain

Following his loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 South Carolina primary, John McCain did something extraordinary: He confessed to lying about how he felt about the Confederate battle flag, which he actually abhorred. "I broke my promise to always tell the truth," McCain said. Now he has broken that promise so completely that the John McCain of old is unrecognizable. He has become the sort of politician he once despised.

Sep 16 06:30

Iraq: Violence is down – but not because of America's 'surge'

As he leaves Iraq this week, the outgoing US commander, General David Petraeus, is sounding far less optimistic than the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, about the American situation in Iraq. General Petraeus says that it remains "fragile", recent security gains are "not irreversible" and "this is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade... it's not a war with a simple slogan."

Sep 16 06:27

Running on a Lie

What kind of person tells a self-aggrandizing lie, gets called on it, admits publicly that the truth is not at all what she originally claimed -- and then goes out and starts telling the original lie again without changing a word?

Sep 16 06:19

U.S. citizens demand truth on 9/11

Sep 16 06:14

Astronomers capture image of alien planet orbiting a 'Sun'

Astronomers believe they have captured the first picture of an alien planet in orbit around a star that is similar to our own Sun.

Images of a young star and what is thought to be its companion planet have been taken by astronomers using the Gemini North telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

However they are puzzled by the distance between the two.

Located around 500 light-years from Earth, the planet in the snapshot is around eight times bigger than Jupiter, the biggest in our solar system and lies more than ten times further from its star than the sun does from Neptune.

Sep 16 06:10

Shocked Lehman staff told to ‘move on’

The message delivered to shocked Lehman Brothers staff on Monday was simple and direct.

“It’s over,” announced Christian Meissner to a morning staff gathering just a week after being appointed to run Lehman Brothers in Europe. He told the staff to look for new work and “move on”.

Staff had little choice but to follow suit in Lehman’s offices around the globe as they came to terms with the reality of the vertiginous collapse of the 158-year-old institution, leaving workplaces with belongings hastily collected and their savings depleted.

Sep 16 06:07

Minister 'on brink of resigning' over Gordon Brown leadership

The pressure on Gordon Brown intensified further today as it emerged that a Government minister is on the brink of resigning because of his unhappiness with the Prime Minister's leadership.

David Cairns, Minister of State at the Scotland Office, believes Mr Brown is showing a lack of leadership and direction to the country, a source has told The Times.