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Jan 15 04:02

Haiti and America's Historic Debt

Announcing emergency help for Haiti after a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake, President Barack Obama noted America’s historic ties to the impoverished Caribbean nation, but few Americans understand how important Haiti’s contribution to U.S. history was.

Jan 15 03:43

Red Cross Says Quake Killed Up to 50,000

Two days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook apart most of the country's infrastructure, the full scale of destruction is only beginning to emerge. A Haitian Red Cross official in the capital Port-au-Prince estimated the quake's death toll at between 45,000 and 50,000 people, according to Reuters, while stressing that precise figures remain impossible to confirm.

The Red Cross says three million people -- a third of the entire population -- need help. A spokesperson also said that the aid organization estimates that the quake destroyed roughly 200,000 houses in Port-au-Prince alone.

Jan 15 02:16

The 10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It

In a recent piece we published on pot farms, a debate erupted in the comments section, with some arguing that if you smoke pot, you’ll be poor, gay, and “washing dishes until you’re dead.”

Where these stereotypes originated remains a mystery to us. In reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only have 42% of Americans admitted to trying pot, but pot smokers have gone on to become some of the most successful people in our society. We’re not talking about Willie Nelson and Snoop. These guys are on the Forbes 500, they’re leading the free world, and they prove that all existing pothead stereotypes are nothing more than myths.

Jan 14 21:36

The World Through Rosin-Colored Glasses

Think about it–WWIII, truly the “war to end all wars“, pitting the world’s 1.5 billion (+) Christians against the world’s 1.5 billion (+) Muslims, all engineered by Israel through various false flag attacks such as 9/11, helped along by various 5th-column agents and mouthpieces in the western media leading to the collapse of the US (and then the world’s) economy and yet SHE is going to be the one catching the hell for it?

Put poetically , ‘No way, Jose’, it just doesn‘t work that way…

Jan 14 21:31

Is Obama a Republican?

When it comes to foreign policy, it's hard to tell Barack Obama and George W. Bush apart

Jan 14 21:19

Haiti earthquake: law and order breaks down

Law and order began to break down in Haiti yesterday as "constant" gunshots were heard across the capital and shops were looted.

Jan 14 21:11

Greg Bacon On CHRISTIANS, Corruption, Insider Trading & Slimebags

The only 'satanic' being screwing with poor Haiti is the USA. We've been sticking our noses in the country for decades, installing and propping up sadists went it realized our goals and tearing down democratically elected leaders when it didn't.

Tell me Pat old boy, when one makes a 'pact with the devil,' doesn't that mean a life of luxury and wealth? Sort of like your life?

Jan 14 20:51

Only psychiatrists can explain Israel's behavior

Why didn't Israel consider presenting, even through some illusion, a nicer face to the world than Lieberman's threatening visage? Why doesn't a country so ostracized by so much of the world not ask itself, even for a moment, what part it played in shaping that position of isolation, from which it simply attacks and points fingers at its critics? How can a society which has already existed with a cruel occupation in its backyard for two generations refuse to deal with it, continue feeling so good about itself and evade any kind of self-examination or even an inkling of moral equivocation?

Jan 14 20:46

Russia comes to the rescue as Norwegian gas supplies to Britain falter

Energy users' watchdog says UK lucky to escape gas shortages

Jan 14 20:44

Accused Shooter In Road Rage Killing Faces Judge

A soldier accused of killing another man after a road rage confrontation posted bail Thursday afternoon.

Jan 14 20:42

Using inhalers too often can make asthma worse

Using inhalers too often can actually make asthma worse, say scientists.

Common treatments like salbutamol cause the lungs to release harmful chemicals if taken too often - bringing on more attacks.

Jan 14 20:39

Britain on course for coldest January for 37 years

January is on course to be the coldest for 37 years after temperatures in the first week of the month averaged minus 2.1 degrees (28F).

Jan 14 20:33

'AGW? I refute it THUS!': Central England Temperatures 1659 to 2009

If there’s anyone left you know who STILL believes in Anthropogenic Global Warming, you might want to show them this chart.

Jan 14 20:33

Slain Vet's Family Asks Why

Use them and abuse them and then throw them away like a snot filled kleenex,after all their just cannon fodder, right!
One crime after another heaped on the American people and their children! Sickening and maddening.

Jan 14 20:15

Ramzpaul on "cultural marxism." NSFW

I like his comparison of "Hate Speech" with "Counter-Revolutionary Speech." Some adult language.

Jan 14 19:45

Perverse Incentives and a Government Doomed to Collapse

The entire State (all levels of government) has devolved into a tightly woven tangle of perverse incentives for employees and citizens alike. True reform is impossible because the entrenched fiefdoms will wield their inordinate political power to fight any modest "reform" tooth and nail.

Jan 14 18:22

A troubling new form of media manipulation

Media manipulation? Hmmm...does anyone know of a shitty little country that controls the media in the U.S.? (Hint: that slc bombed the USS Liberty)

Jan 14 17:53

Who in their right mind believes in Conspiracy Theories?

Much of the American public has been successfully conditioned to abandon independent thought at the cue of the corporate media whenever a talking head on TV labels someone a "Conspiracy Theorist." For independent thinkers this presents a challenge when attempting to carry on an adult conversation about topics where possibilities for conspiracies must be considered. Is conspiracy so rare that it is safe to point and laugh at anyone considering conspiracy as an explanation for events?

Jan 14 17:48

Conspiracy Theory - Reason vs. the Crowd (Re-linked in light of Obama anti-conspiracy free thinkers)

So what are the connotations of the phrase "conspiracy theory?" They are negative are they not? Doesn't one immediately think "kooky", "crazy", "crackpot" etc...? Why? If past presidents are among those warning us of the dangers of misplaced power falling into the hands of groups (military-industrial complex) then who are those advising us not to pay attention?

Jan 14 17:08

Ron Paul: US has broken with reality, sanity, and rule of law; calls for "Revolutionary changes"

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Ron Paul made the following 4-minute speech on the House floor admonishing the American public to counter Orwellian conditions in the US with “revolutionary thinking,” and to prepare for “revolutionary changes in the not-to-distant future.”

With the implosion of the US economy, the beginning of international recognition that US wars are obviously unlawful while the US rejects peace offers from Iran to escalate rhetoric to add that country to the list we madly attack, US refusal to prosecute or end obvious torture, stripping rights and torturing US citizens on the flimsiest of claims, and more, Congressman Paul is right.

Jan 14 17:05

Ansel Herz in Haiti, Haitians helping each other

Ansel Herz Reports from Haiti; Jeremy Dupin Reportedly Fine
January 13, 2010 at 5:49 pm
By Al Giordano
You can listen to Ansel in this audio interview with PBS taken today for an on-the-ground account of the situation outside a UN Peacekeeping Forces base outside of Port-au-Prince describing the scene, as well as what he has seen and heard in his reporting. He says that he had been told last night not to venture downtown, that there could be "violence and theft," but Ansel went anyway and reports he saw no such thing: "Haitians are banding together as best as they can to help each other."

Jan 14 16:00

Paul Craig Roberts On The Underwear Bomb Plot

Insouciant Americans

The “war on terror” is a far greater threat to Americans than all the terrorists in the world combined. This is so because the “war on terror” has destroyed the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. American citizens are now helpless in the event someone in government decides that some constitutionally protected behavior, such as free speech, or a contribution to a children’s hospital in Gaza, where Hamas, a U.S.-declared “terrorist organization,” happens to be the elected government, constitutes aiding and abetting terrorism.

Jan 14 15:06

How the White House Used Jonathan Gruber’s Work to Orchestrate the Appearance of Broad Consensus

On the 29th Nancy-Ann DeParle, head of the very White House Office of Health Reform that Gruber was hired to consult for, posted perhaps the most misleading column of all on the White House blog:

"MIT Economist Confirms Senate Health Reform Bill Reduces Costs and Improves Coverage"

She identified Gruber as an “MIT Economist who has been closely following the health insurance reform process” who had “issued a compelling new report.” There was no acknowledgment that her very own White House office had commissioned Gruber’s work.

Jan 14 14:59

Zionism is the Antithesis of Judaism

Wolf Blitzer: From AIPAC Lobbyist to CNN's Chief News Anchor

In this Video Rabbinical Rabbis Explain that Zionism is Antithetical to Judaism

Jan 14 14:29

U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged

The absence of any date on the document also conflicts with the specificity of much of the information. The Times reported that unidentified "foreign intelligence agencies" had dated the document to early 2007, but gave no reason for that judgment.

An obvious motive for suggesting the early 2007 date is that it would discredit the U.S. intelligence community's November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran had discontinued unidentified work on nuclear weapons and had not resumed it as of the time of the estimate.

Discrediting the NIE has been a major objective of the Israeli government for the past two years, and the British and French governments have supported the Israeli effort.

Jan 14 13:49

Israelis Furious Over Humiliating Gov’t Handling Of Row With Turkey

The Israeli media on Thursday slammed the government's handling of a diplomatic row with Turkey in which it humiliated Ankara's ambassador and then retreated with public apologies. "The policy of 'no more groveling' led by Foreign Minister (Avigdor) Lieberman, was transformed within a matter of days into a situation in which Israel was forced to dispatch an official and diplomatic apology," Israel's Maariv newspaper said in an article entitled "Capitulation."

The spat again turned the spotlight on the controversial minister, an ultra-nationalist who has said Israel should strike back at international criticism and defend its "national honor."