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Dec 27 02:23

Russia's launches its own SWIFT system response to banking sanctions

In December, the Bank of Russia offered a new service to credit institutions for the transfer of financial messages in SWIFT format for domestic operations. Banks can be connected to the service on the basis of their agreements with the Bank of Russia.

Dec 27 02:20

Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird’s Lies About Russia

After listening to the Stephen Harper interview with Peter Mansbridge and now having listened to Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird interview with Evan Solomon (CBC), it is apparent that they both have their talking points down pat. They could have exchanged places and the comments would have come out pretty much the same.

Dec 27 02:13

From Energy War to Currency War: America’s Attack on the Russian Ruble

A multi-spectrum war is being waged against Moscow by Washington. If there are any doubts about this, they should be put to rest. Geopolitics, science and technology, speculation, financial markets, information streams, large business conglomerates, intelligentsia, mass communication, social media, the internet, popular culture, news networks, international institutions, sanctions, audiences, public opinion, nationalism, different governmental bodies and agencies, identity politics, proxy wars, diplomacy, countervailing international alliances, major business agreements, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), human rights, prestige, military personnel, capital, and psychological tactics are all involved in this multi-spectrum war.

Dec 27 02:07

Ireland opens parliamentary inquiry into banking crisis

A parliamentary inquiry into the banking crisis in Ireland commenced on December 17. It is a toothless body, which will do nothing to hold anyone responsible for the financial collapse in 2008 to account.

Ireland has a history of carrying out extra-judicial inquiries where a judicial process would be far more appropriate. This is a method of ensuring that damning evidence is made public in such a prejudicial way as to render any subsequent judicial process impossible.

Dec 27 01:58

The Empire is Crumbling, That is Why it Needs War

2015 Will See Decisive Battles

Dec 27 01:54

Russia, China mock divide and rule

The Roman Empire did it. The British Empire copied it in style. The Empire of Chaos has always done it. They all do it. Divide et impera. Divide and rule - or divide and conquer. It's nasty, brutish and effective. Not forever though, like diamonds, because empires do crumble.

Dec 26 23:16

Show How Much You Care with a Flu Shot Gift Card!

Just wow.

Considering not just the horrid batch of ingredients in a flu shot or even the fact that the CDC admits this year's flu shot is essentially worthless but that, before the whole Ebola thing blew up one of the CDC's own epidemiologists was recorded saying he himself would NEVER give his own pregnant wife a flu shot because the mercury preservative thimerosal it contained was known to cause tics (autism-like features) in babies, well...

Exactly how much would you have to hate someone's guts to give them this as a present?

Dec 26 22:56

7 Things You Must Know to Be a Free-Thinker

We all have a certain degree of admiration for those forward-thinkers who were ahead of their time or for those free-spirited individuals who had the courage, the will and the foresight to speak out their minds despite risking being labelled as non-conformists and cast to the outer fringes of society. Well, truth be told, that is never a real threat for free thinkers. Actually that is where they belong and makes them what they are. Free-thinkers breathe and thrive at the margins of society where structure and chaos cross at the borderline. If you want to be a free thinker, embrace chaos, novelty, disruptive change and non-conformity. Free-thinkers live on the brink of social breakdown. They live on the edge, away from the anaesthesia of normalcy and institutionalised control.

Dec 26 22:26

OPEC May Cull Weaker Members

While much has been made of the oil price war theories lately, whether it is a direct competition between the United States and Saudi Arabia, or whether the two are in collusion to cripple the Iranian and Russian economies, there is another aspect to the current situation that is worth considering.

Dec 26 21:35

Iran kicks off massive Gulf military drills

Iran launched extensive military drills on Thursday, local media reported, in a show of strength stretching several hundred kilometres from the Strait of Hormuz to the Gulf of Aden.

The exercises are set to last six days and involve ballistic missile and drone testing, according to military officials.

Close to 13,000 personnel will take part in the drills, which will be the first time Iran has organised military manuevers so far from its coastline.

Dec 26 21:17

We'll Just Kill the Dollar!

Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America's economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit.

Dec 26 21:12

Japan’s savings rate turns negative for first time

For the first time since records were collected in 1955, Japan's population is drawing down its savings and the savings rate, calculated as savings divided by disposable income plus pension payments, was negative 1.3%.

It's a dramatic change from when the Japanese saved nearly a quarter of their income (23.1%) when the savings rate peaked in 1975.

Japan had the highest household saving rate in the OECD in the 1960s until it fell to the lowest. After all, an aging population draws down savings and Japan is the fastest-aging country in the world; its population has been shrinking for a decade.

Dec 26 20:23

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of US History

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of US History

Dec 26 19:14

The Shared Genetic Heritage of Jews and Palestinians

The Times recently carried this unusual report on an Israeli Jew (Tsvi Misinai, a retired computer expert) who’s hoping to prove that Palestinians are descended from Jews. Apparently, he thinks that proving this will help to stop the bloodshed. His idea is that modern Jews are descended from emigration in the first few centuries of the Christian era. The Jews who stayed put in Palestine converted to Islam, and became Palestinian Arabs. There’s hope that genetic tests might be able to prove this.

Dec 26 18:32

68-year-old woman jailed for 3 days after trying to switch to an empty seat on a plane

A 68-year-old Long Island woman was arrested and jailed for three days in Seattle, after she tried to switch to an empty seat on an airplane so she could get some sleep.

Dec 26 18:29

Spoiled brats complain about Christmas gifts, “stupid parents”

The annual trend of spoiled ungrateful brats taking to social media to complain about the Christmas gifts they did or didn’t receive from their parents has reared its ugly head

Dec 26 18:17

Did America just lose its first cyberwar, and did Sony “surrender” to North Korean hackers?

Some experts believe that cyber war is the next great frontier in nation-to-nation combat, and from all indications that appears to be true

Dec 26 17:54

New York woman spends 3 days in jail for ‘trespassing’ after changing seats on plane

A New York woman was arrested in Seattle after she tried to make herself more comfortable on her flight to Alaska.
She's now suing United Airlines after she spent days in jail because she says the flight attendants blew the situation out of proportion.

Dec 26 17:53

We The People [fixed]

Dec 26 17:50

New technology allows police cruisers to record nearly everything. "The primary purpose is for us to be able to...use (this) in court later".

On a neighborhood street, Officer Zac Perron pulls over a driver who has run a stop sign.
Perron's dashboard camera recorded a standard view of the traffic stop -- but the rest of his cruiser's video system recorded much more.