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Nov 24 00:20

Darren Wilson Michael Brown shooting Grand jury evidence may not be released to the public after all

In an interview in September, Bob McCulloch said the judge agreed that the records would be made public, if there is no indictment.

Nov 23 23:00

Craigslist Founder Ambushed By 20/20 + GOV Hack (X-mas Shop At Wallmart Slaves!)

Criticism Over Recalled Products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says Craigslist is “morally irresponsible”

Nov 23 22:28

Craigslist Hacked? - Is Down Right Now

#craigslistdown AT LEAST 5HRS SO FAR

Nov 23 21:24

School expels 8-year-old whose mother refused to give her vaccine family doctor deemed unsafe

A showdown over vaccinations has erupted in a Long Island town after the mother of an 8-year-old was told by her doctor that a new school district rule requires children to get a booster shot at too young an age. Ceili McNicholas was expelled from Long Island's Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School last week after her mother Jamie refused to let her receive the Tdap booster, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

Nov 23 19:52

German foreign minister speaks out against Ukraine joining NATO

Germany's FM, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has said he is against Ukraine joining NATO. In an interview with Der Spiegel, he said he considers “that it is possible for NATO to have a partnership with Ukraine, but not membership.”

He also added that he does not believe it is realistic for Ukraine to join the European Union in the foreseeable future, as the economic and political modernization of Ukraine is a “project for a few generations.”

He also urged Kiev to introduce reforms to fight corruption and mismanagement of the economy, saying they had to start immediately and that there was no time to lose.

Nov 23 19:04

Tourist fined $15,000 for tagging Colosseum

In the latest episode of tourists behaving badly in Rome, a Russian has been fined €20,000 (£15,800) for carving his initial into the Colosseum.

Nov 23 18:25

Hidden story in US PPI increase

Nov 23 18:21

Symantec IDs sophisticated 'Regin' malware

Symantec researchers have identified a particularly sophisticated piece of malware, called "Regin" that was likely developed by a nation state and has been used to spy on governments, infrastructure operators, businesses, researchers and individuals since at least 2008.

"Regin displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen," Symantec said in a statement Sunday, released along with a technical white paper about the malware. Indications are that Regin "is one of the main cyberespionage tools used by a nation state."

Researchers have identified its use in 10 countries, mainly Russia and Saudi Arabia, as well as Mexico, Ireland, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Belgium, Austria and Pakistan.

Nov 23 18:19

Westminster child abuse claims ‘are just the tip of the iceberg’: Worse it to come, May warns

Allegations of child sex abuse by a Westminster paedophile ring represent only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, Home Secretary Theresa May revealed yesterday.

A group of former MPs and VIPs are alleged to have sexually abused children and killed three boys in the Seventies and Eighties.

But yesterday Mrs May suggested even worse claims would follow as she said it was crucial for society to ‘get the truth’.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe insisted Scotland Yard was taking the claims seriously and promised there would be no cover-up.

Last night, Labour MP John Mann said: ‘It would now be extraordinary if there are not arrests soon of prominent people.’

Nov 23 18:13

Man admits to arson on live TV

Upset over the conditions of the rental house, a Rockville man set the home on fire and told a TV crew what he did before walking over and admitting the crime to police.

Nov 23 18:03

Reaching a nuclear deal is 'impossible' by tomorrow's deadline, says Iran as talks with Western powers stall

'Considering the short time left until the deadline and number of issues that needed to be discussed and resolved, it is impossible to reach a final and comprehensive deal by Nov. 24,' Iran's ISNA news agency quoted an unidentified member of the country's negotiating team in Vienna as saying.

'The issue of extension of the talks is an option on the table and we will start discussing it if no deal is reached by Sunday night,' the official said.

Nov 23 17:58

Highly-complex malware has secretly spied on computers for years, say researchers

Whichever nation state sponsored this malware, it's believed that Regin is likely that government's primary means of executing cyber espionage around the world

Nov 23 17:42

Negotiations to end all peace...

Just days after American, Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli leaders met in Jordan to reduce current tension in Jerusalem, Israel issued new permits to build more Jewish-only homes and Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli foreign minister declared

Nov 23 15:47

CT Report Lays Groundwork for Nationwide Psychiatric Surveillance

Vivien Leigh and James F. Tracy
Activist Post

On November 21, 2014 the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate issued a 114-page report, Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Report of the Office of the Child Advocate (PDF), focusing on the ambiguous profile of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza that may become the basis for mental health practices throughout the United States.

With contributors including psychiatrists and academicians from education and social work departments, the publication comes just two months after the US Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education announced over $160 million in funding for widescale research and deployment of mental health initiatives in the nation’s public schools...