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Mar 04 11:16

Wealth of world’s billionaires surges past $7 trillion

The combined net worth of the world’s billionaires has reached a new high in 2015 of $7.05 trillion, according to the latest compilation published by Forbes magazine on Monday.

WEBMASTER ADDITION: Nonsense. The Rothschilds alone are estimated to be worth $14 trillion.

Mar 04 11:09

Judy Clarke Throws Tsarnaev ( or impostor) to the Dogs "He Did It!"

Attorney Clarke, former "clients" which suspiciously include Ted Kaczynski, Jared Loughner, Zacarias Mossaoui, Eric Rudolph, et al; does what she does best and keep "clients" off death row and all evidence out of the courtroom and media.

Mar 04 11:06

War on drugs ‘abject failure,’ say Richard Branson & Nick Clegg

Businessman Sir Richard Branson and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have branded the UK's ‘war on drugs’ a “colossal con” and laid out their case for decriminalizing the use and possession of almost all drugs.

The Virgin tycoon and Liberal Democrat leader are calling for a major overhaul in the way government classifies and criminalizes drug users.

Mar 04 11:00

Murder Holes and Hooligan Chants on the Walls of Gaza: Images of Israel’s War Crimes

As well as killing more than 2,200 Palestinians and causing huge economic and environmental damage, the Israeli military left messages on the walls of Palestinian homes they occupied along Gaza’s boundary with Israel last summer.

Mar 04 10:51

Bombing Trial Begins In Boston

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admits guilt attack in Boston
The Federal Court in Boston is full of media, it has been eagerly awaited the start of the trial for the attacks in the marathon in 2013.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wednesday appeared before the court could sentence him to death if found guilty of planting a bomb that prosecutors said was designed to “destroy people and create a bloody show” in the Boston Marathon. Today, the defense made ??a startling confession, recognizing the guilt of the accused, but arguing that was heavily influenced by his brother Tamerlan, 26.

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Mar 04 10:48

Shock Report: White House Immigration Details Leaked: Obama Policies Will Create A “Country Within A Country”

The pieces of the puzzle have now revealed the bigger picture and the ultimate goals of the Obama administration.

Mar 04 10:45

Tinder Charged By Age

Plus Tinder charged according to age.

Tinder, the mobile revolution among those seeking couple, announced its Plus version with prices varying depending on our age.

Tinder Plus removes the ads, lets you select anywhere in the world (not just couples geographically close) offers an unlimited number of “slides fingers” and “likes” and allows repent of “likes” given above.

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Mar 04 10:42

Bubonic plague-carrying fleas found on New York City rats

Spend any length of time in New York City and a rat will show its whiskery face or worm-like tail. It could be on the subway tracks or nibbling through the garbage on the side of the street. It could also be carrying the bubonic plague.

Mar 04 10:38

Netanyahu, "Censored Voices" and the False Narrative of Self-Defense

On March 3rd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an impassioned plea to Congress to protect Israel by opposing diplomacy with Iran. Referring to “the remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States” which includes “generous military assistance and missile defense,” Netanyahu failed to mention that Israel has an arsenal of 100 or 200 nuclear weapons.

Mar 04 10:36

Britain’s Elite Still Enjoying a Tax Break 100 Years Old.

They are among the British moneyed elite: the head of the nation’s largest bank, a billionaire hedge fund manager and the owner of some of London’s most luxurious nightclubs.

Mar 04 10:36

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Would Consider Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream, When It’s Legal: "We have previous experience with substances".

Cannabis-infused ice cream may be on its way after the founders of Ben & Jerry’s responded positively to the suggestion in a HuffPost Liveinterview.

Ben Cohen replied: “Makes sense to me,” when asked about the possibility, though it has been widely stated that there’s the caveat that marijuana would probably need to be legalised in every state in which the company operates in order to make it worthwhile. That could leave eager potential customers waiting some time.

Mar 04 10:35

BLOOMBERG PROPAGANDA: Putin Is to Blame for Ukraine, But West Owes Ukraine Bailout

The anti-Russian ‘news’ organization Bloomberg, owned by the former Mayor of Wall Street, Michael Bloomberg, says in a March 3rd editorial about Ukraine, that “Only swift and radical debt relief can help the country out of its economic quagmire,” and that since such debt relief can’t likely be negotiated, “a complete write-off is what creditors will have to consider as their best alternative to a negotiated agreement.”

Mar 04 10:34


US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC said the US would deploy personnel by the end of this week to train the Ukrainian national guard.

Mar 04 10:34

Did the CIA Really Get a “Bum Rap” on Torture?

Last week, David Cole, the Hon. George J. Mitchell Professor in Law and Public Policy at Georgetown University Law Center, the co-chairman of the Constitution Project’s Liberty and Security Committee, and theNation’s legal affairs correspondent, concluded that the CIA got a “bum rap” from the Senate intelligence committee’s report on torture and abuse.

Mar 04 10:34

Canadian tire shop leaves doors unlocked after closing; people come in, look around, leave. Nothing stolen, nothing touched. One customer even flips their "open" sign to "closed" on their behalf.

The owners of a family-run tire shop are praising the Jane-Finch community after the front door of their business was accidentally left open after hours.
Diego Catala, who — along with his mother and father — owns Tires Tires Ltd. on Eddystone Ave., said a moment of distraction late Saturday afternoon ended up proving what they always knew: There are good people in the community where the shop has been located for 26 years.

Mar 04 10:34

Suspect Taunts Officers on Facebook; The Sheriff’s Response Is PERFECT

Sheriff’s deputies in Butler County, Ohio, posted images of a suspect wanted on burglary, assault and abduction charges on Facebook. The suspect replied to the Shriff’s post with a taunting message: