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Jul 13 17:15

Apple iPhone v4 simple solution to dropped calls

There is a cheap and simple fix to a nasty hardware problem with the iPhone v4.

Or you could buy Apple's $30 solution which they should be providing for nothing.

Jul 13 16:35

Hebron ‘dance protest’ against Israeli soldiers and settler

Over 100 Palestinians together with international solidarity activists gathered in Hebron this Saturday to protest against the closure of Shuhada street. As a response to the infamous YouTube video of soldiers dancing near the illegal settlement of Tel-Rumeida, some protesters staged a dance protest

Jul 13 16:07

Israel's new “video game” executions

Jonathan Cook views Israel’s increasing use of video-game-like remote killing machines, which have been deployed to murder Palestinians and Afghans and are being aggressively marketed throughout the world.

Jul 13 16:04

National interest has gone missing in USA and Israel

Lawrence Davidson argues that the power of Zionist lobbies in the United States and real-estate ideologues in Israel mean that war and expansionism will always take precedence over the national interest in both countries.

"The explanation given here helps us to understand why [Syrian President] Bashar Asad can knock at Israel’s locked door and no one in that country will bother to open it. It also helps us understand why Obama and Clinton turned their backs on the Turkish and Brazilian efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran. Both are reacting to the power and influence of domestic special interests. Compared to these interests, the "national interest" does not stand a chance."

Jul 13 15:24

Video - 9/11 Experiments: The Mysterious "eutectic steel" of WTC Building 7

Video of an experiment by a professional engineer to test the hypothesis that ordinary building materials and office contents along with the heat of an office fire could cause the extensive thinning, inter-granular melting, and swiss-cheese like appearance of steel beams found in the rubble of WTC Building 7 after the 9/11 collapse.

Jul 13 15:05

After Oil Spill, Gulf States Want Obama Vacation

After Oil Spill, Gulf States Want Obama Vacation
By Paul Bedard
Posted July 13, 2010 10:50 AM ET
Now 15 years later, President Obama is getting some similar vacation advice intended to bolster his image, especially with those upset with his administration's handling of the Gulf oil spill cleanup. On one hand, Gulf tourism officials think he should visit the area to help show it's still a good vacation spot while on the other hand the public wants him there to do some public service.See photos of the Gulf oil spill.

Jul 13 14:35

Republicans force one-week delay in Judiciary panel’s Kagan vote

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network, in a Tuesday letter to the Judiciary Committee, demanded that Kagan recuse herself from any cases that reaches the Supreme Court related to the healthcare lawsuit filed by 20 state attorneys general and the National Federation of Independent Businesses challenging the healthcare law’s constitutionality.

Jul 13 14:29

Historians locate King Arthur's Round Table

Historians claim to have finally located the site of King Arthur’s Round Table – and believe it could have seated 1,000 people

Jul 13 14:19

Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status

China's leading credit rating agency has stripped America, Britain, Germany and France of their AAA ratings, accusing Anglo-Saxon competitors of ideological bias in favour of the West.

Jul 13 13:56

Got an iPhone 4? You may need duct tape

In a controlled test, Consumer Reports found that people who hold the iPhone 4 in a way that covers up an antenna connector on the phone's lower left side will experience poorer reception and possibly dropped calls.

But if you slap a piece of duct tape over that antenna connection, the reception problems go away, the group says.

"When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone's lower left side -- an easy thing, especially for lefties -- the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you're in an area with a weak signal," Consumer Reports says.

"Due to this problem, we can't recommend the iPhone 4."

Jul 13 13:54

Psychopaths in the Gulf

"There is an enemy that lurks, a dangerous group of
people that want to do harm to the American people." - George Bush

Jul 13 13:44


"You all are the house, you’re the bookie. [Your clients] are booking their bets with you. I don’t know why we need to dress it up. It’s a bet.”
- Senator Claire McCaskill, Senate Subcommittee investigating Goldman Sachs

Jul 13 11:20

"Empty Store Shelves Coming to America"

It is essential to the well-being of all your family members and friends that they watch our new video entitled "Empty Store Shelves Coming to America"

Jul 13 09:58

You Are Not Authorized to See These Pictures of the Oil Spill, Citizen ... Do Not Look!

You Are Not Authorized to See These Pictures of the Oil Spill, Citizen ... Do Not Look!

Jul 13 09:56

The First Computer Mouse (About 1964)

The First Computer Mouse (About 1964)

Jul 13 09:54

The Original GOOGLE Computer Storage [Page and Brin] (1996)

The Original GOOGLE Computer Storage [Page and Brin] (1996)

Jul 13 09:50

BP say they are close to capping the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico

BP say they are close to capping the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico
A new, tighter cap is being placed on top of BP's blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not yet known whether it will be enough to finally stop crude from gushing into the Gulf

Jul 13 09:49

US free-diver hitches a ride with sand shark

The fearless extreme sportswoman has swum over 100 times with the creatures in an artificial reef created by the sinking of two copper dredgers.

Even pausing to touch the nose of one of the 250-pound sharks, Miss Futral, 27, kept her nerve.

Able to hold her breath for five minutes, Miss Futral had no experience of sea diving before she began her steep learning curve in free-diving three years. But she can now confidently swim with sharks that grow to four yards long.

Jul 13 09:38

Rogue Afghan soldier attacks British troops, kills 3

The attacker escaped, and the motive for the assault in Helmand province is unknown. The incident could be deeply embarrassing for Kabul and Washington, renewing concerns about the infiltration of Taliban militants or sympathizers into Afghan security forces.

Jul 13 09:34

Commander: “Could make the case that there’s some structural integrity issues with the casing of the wellbore”

Press Conference, National Incident Commander Thad Allen, July 13, 2010:

Nearly all questions at National Incident Commander Thad Allen’s press conference today concerned the structural integrity of the well and the possibility of seepage into the seabed or a blowout.

Commander: “One could make the case that there’s some structural integrity issues with the casing of the wellbore itself.”

Jul 13 08:42

25 Warning Signs of HARD Economic Times Ahead

Consumer confidence is plummeting, big banks are hoarding cash, top financial experts are issuing recession warnings and it seems like almost everyone is trying to accumulate as much gold as possible. Now that the G20 nations have all pledged to dramatically cut government spending in an effort to get debt under control, worries about a double-dip recession have reached a fever pitch.

Jul 13 08:22

Israel's sneaky way of stealing land

BTW, this is not stealing the land - that happened with the war as I understand it. This is about ETHNIC CLEANSING.

Jul 13 08:15

BP claims ‘Top Hat 10? could completely stop oil gusher

Hours after BP fitted a new containment cap to a damaged well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the gushing oil and gas appeared to completely stop, according to images relayed from a live video from the sea floor. Oil was once again jetting from the well a moment later as the company continued testing pressure seals on the "Top Hat 10" cap.

BP representatives said it would take between six and 48 hours to determine if the new well cap will work. The company has said the cap could effectively contain the massive spill, which has only been growing since the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded and sank on April 22

Jul 13 08:09

Diary Of July 13th, 2006: Zionist Attacks On Beirut Airport & Infrastructure

On July 13 2006, after the resounding slap the Zionist entity received, when two of its soldiers were captured and eight others killed, the enemy expanded its attacks on Lebanon all the way to Beirut airport, and its Zionist warplanes attacked the runways in waves, badly damaging it.

Jul 13 07:59

Two sets of standards

Poor 'holocaust' and Charlie Manson 'victim' Roman Polanski won't be extradited back to the U.S. for drugging and raping a child. He's suffered enough and it happened so many years ago said fellow pervert Woody Allen.

Certain Hollywood insiders must be ecstatic that they may be able to make a few more bucks off this sorry ass and his sorry ass films.

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson gets set up, runs his mouth again and Hollywood turns mean.

He could face a year in jail for misdemeanor batter or "the courts could upgrade the charge to assault with enhancement of great bodily injury," "The maximum penalty for that is four years behind bars in a state prison, and the D.A.'s office almost always seeks state prison under those charges."

Jul 13 07:51

A Banana Republic Ripe for a Coup d'état

The coup d'état of the Republic has long ago taken place. The rule by banana republic potentates is the disposition of governance in the Disunited States. You may not like Steele’s politics, but you should defend his right to defend himself and demand real due process of law. The reality is that anyone can be targeted for extinction by a corrupt government. The tree of liberty bears nourishing fruit only when the lifeblood of genuine Patriots are willing to confront tyrants and combat dictatorial government. America does not need another insider coup. It calls out for a second American Revolution.

SARTRE – July 11, 2010

Jul 13 07:30

Guantánamo: The Definitive Prisoner List (Updated for Summer 2010)

Andy Worthington

The Guantanamo Files: The Story of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison. In Andy Worthington’s The Guantanamo Files, the whole story of the Cuban camp emerges as a ghastly experiment in which the terrorist suspects became guinea pigs in a vast experiment of methods to crack the human soul. [This] is a powerful, essential and long-overdue piece of research, providing the first real Who’s Who of those held at the Cuban base. –Stephen Grey, New Statesman

Jul 13 07:09

Obama: 'I Have Met Israel and It Is "Us"'

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set up another illegal Jewish settlement, this time on the White House lawn. And, it appears, President Obama has agreed to serve as its armed guard.

So complete was Obama’s identification with Israel yesterday that he actually referred to Israel as “us” before correcting himself:

“We strongly believe that, given its size, its history, the region that it’s in, and the threats that are leveled against us—against it, that Israel has unique security requirements.”

Jul 13 05:48

Vitamin D promotes memory and cognitive function in seniors

Those elders who did have adequate vitamin D scored far better on cognitive tests than those in the deficient and insufficient vitamin D categories, particularly on measures of executive performance, which included cognitive flexibility, perceptual complexity, and reasoning