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Apr 11 11:06

Cleveland officer facing trial in 137-shot barrage says he cannot recall standing on the hood of suspects car, shooting 15 rounds into the windshield and killing 2 unarmed men has only been charged with voluntary manslaughter

His footprints were found on the hood of a beat-up Chevy Malibu that had been strafed by police gunfire, killing its two unarmed occupants after a high-speed chase over streets and freeways in and around Cleveland.

Apr 11 10:49

The SHOCKING Closing Prayer By a Wiccan at the Iowa House of Representives

Members of the Iowa House of Representatives are accustomed to hearing an invocation at the close of their opening ceremony, but yesterday’s prayer was distinctly different and caused several members to skip the event in protest.

Apr 11 10:49

Mike Rowe Issues Crucial Warning to Americans about “Making Work the Enemy”

Mike Rowe, host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do it” and the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” has some sage advice for all Americans on the virtues of hard work.

Apr 11 10:45

Russian Miracle: Ruble becomes world's best performing currency in 2015

The Russian ruble continues its scorching ascent, improving 3% against the dollar and nearly 4% versus the euro, the best performance in over four months

Apr 11 10:33

New video showing California cops beating fleeing suspect 'far worse than Rodney King.'

The violent arrest of a suspect who was fleeing police on a horse has been described as “far worse than Rodney King” by the California man’s lawyer, after video appeared to show him being kicked and punched repeatedly.

Apr 11 10:32

Little Girl’s Special Message for Hero Soldier Has Everyone in Tears

This daughter had a love for her soldier father that had to take a visit a million miles. It didn’t just pass through undersea cables and telephone wires. It passed through several people, and even a chain of command. And yet, that love came through all the same, and she received a reply in kind.

Apr 11 10:22

Walgreens Plans To Close About 200 Stores In The US

Walgreens -the largest drugstore chain United States said Thursday it plans to close about 200 of its branches in the United States as the largest drugstore chain in the country expands its cost reduction plan of 1,000 million dollars, which announced last August.

Apr 11 10:18


Here is another round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits!!! Enjoy!!! :)

Apr 11 10:13

New Mexico Governor signs bill banning police practice of civil asset forteiture

Gov. Susana Martinez does not like the term “policing for profit,” but she still signed into law today a measure aimed at barring law enforcement from seizing money, cars or other types of property from people on civil grounds during an arrest or traffic stop on suspicion the property was connected to a crime.

Apr 11 10:12

Autistic 11 year old convicted of Felony Assault on a Police officer after kicking trash can.

Diagnosed as autistic, the sixth-grader was being scolded for misbehavior one day and kicked a trash can at Linkhorne Middle School in Lynchburg, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A police officer assigned to the school witnessed the tantrum, and filed a disorderly conduct charge against the sixth grader in juvenile court.

Apr 11 10:07

Jeb Bush Criticizes Obama Meeting – Castro

Jeb Bush criticized the meeting between Obama and Castro in Panama
The former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized the US president, Barack Obama, gave him the hand of his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro, at the Summit of the Americas and called the president of Cuba of "cruel dictator".

Apr 11 10:06

Mother gets 20 years in prison for killing son by force-feeding him salt

A woman convicted of fatally poisoning her 5-year-old son with salt in his hospital feeding tube got a break on her murder sentence Wednesday because she suffers from a mental illness she has refused to acknowledge, the judge said.

Apr 11 10:06

Cops in Malawi ordered to shoot anyone attacking albinos, who are prized for their limbs as good luck charms.

Earlier this week, Malawi's inspector general of police ordered his officers to shoot on sight anyone found attacking local albinos, a group increasingly targeted by people who believe their limbs make potent ingredients in good luck charms produced by local traditional healers .

Apr 11 09:37

The Historic Greeting Obama And Raul Castro At The Summit Of The Americas

The greeting in Panama comes amid a thaw negotiations between the US and Cuba.
The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, opened Friday night the Seventh Summit of the Americas before rulers and representatives of 35 countries of the continent.

Apr 11 09:31

How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over

In September 2013, about a year before Nicholas Carr published The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, his chastening meditation on the human future, a pair of Oxford researchers issued a report predicting that nearly half of all jobs in the United States could be lost to machines within the next twenty years. The researchers, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, looked at seven hundred kinds of work and found that of those occupations, among the most susceptible to automation were loan officers, receptionists, paralegals, store clerks, taxi drivers, and security guards. Even computer programmers, the people writing the algorithms that are taking on these tasks, will not be immune. By Frey and Osborne’s calculations, there is about a 50 percent chance that programming, too, will be outsourced to machines within the next two decades.

Apr 11 09:31

Oklahoma set to adopt nitrogen gas for executions | "The person will become unconscious within eight to 10 seconds and die a few minutes later,"

Oklahoma was poised Friday to become the first US state to use nitrogen gas as an alternative to lethal injection when carrying out executions.
Legislation to implement the measure was on the desk of Governor Mary Fallin after it was approved Thursday in the state Senate by a unanimous vote.

Apr 11 09:30

Rand Paul Pledges to 'Immediately' End NSA Mass Surveillance If Elected President

Sen. Rand Paul vowed Tuesday while announcing his presidential campaign to immediately end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records.

Apr 11 09:23

Ukraine just passed a law to erase every Soviet reference and symbol from public spaces in the country. Russians outraged.

Controversial laws designed to leave Ukraine's Soviet past behind stoked tension in the war-divided country Friday and prompted an angry reaction from Russia which called the ban on communist-era symbols "totalitarian".

Apr 11 09:23

U.S. stops Intel from selling Xeon chips to Chinese supercomputer projects

U.S. government agencies have stopped Intel from selling microprocessors for China's supercomputers, apparently reflecting concern about their use in nuclear tests.