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Nov 28 01:48

Michael Brown was Killed Because He Didn’t Prostrate Himself to Police Authority

would not consider Rand Paul a libertarian and would not consider Ferguson a race issue but otherwise this article is spot on regarding the threat police pose to civilians

Nov 28 01:40

Politics of Thanksgiving

snip: Thanksgiving Day celebrates not justice or equality but aggression and enslavement. It affirms the genocidal beliefs that destroyed millions of Native American people and their cultures from the Pilgrim landings to the 20th century.

Nov 28 01:29

What Americans Celebrate On Thanksgiving Day — Paul Craig Roberts

For me it's just a family day but the history of Thanksgiving is nasty at best

Nov 27 23:56

Kung Fu master vs. police *VIDEO*


Nov 27 23:26

UN experts to Obama: Don’t bend to CIA wishes on torture report


Nov 27 22:53

Kim Dotcom leaves bail hearing, free man, for now

Following an all day hearing in the Auckland District Court, Kim Dotcom left the building a free man today

Nov 27 21:00

The OTHER Government Revolving Door: Sheriff's Departments, State Troopers Provide New Homes For Bad Cops

It's not just our nation's legislators that enjoy a "revolving door" -- one that moves them from Congress to the private sector and back again, to the mutual benefit of legislators and certain industries… not so much the rest of America. There's another revolving door out there -- one that keeps bad cops employed in the law enforcement sector. It's incredibly difficult for police departments to shed their "bad apples," what with police unions pushing back hard on the few occasions that the blue line fails to hold. But even if they do manage to cut one loose, there's a good chance this former officer will just end up carrying a badge and gun for someone else. As we covered earlier this year, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department made sure a plethora of bad cops weren't hurting for money, either by bringing them on board directly or placing them in open positions at the jails under its control.

Nov 27 20:38

Manufacturing Won't Save Our Economy

Shh—listen: right now, somewhere, someone, probably someone you know, is making an impassioned argument that if the government would just stop letting these corporations ship our jobs overseas and start investing in American manufacturing, the U.S. would return to its global leadership position with a singing economy. Can you hear it? Despite the popularity of blaming outsourcing and the decline of American manufacturing for all the country’s economic stagnation, the truth is, typically, more complicated.

Nov 27 20:12

The Strangest Sight on a Runway in Russia (8 pics)

The pilot of this airplane in the city of Igraka asked the passengers to push the plane prior to take-off as the landing gear had become stuck to the runway due to temperatures of -50 degrees.

Nov 27 20:11

Top 5 Deadliest Holidays

Nov 27 20:10

The Harsh Reality of Illegal Gold Mining in South America (46 pics)

These hard-hitting photos show a glimpse into the lives of gold miners in south-east Peru. Miners work 28 hours shifts for minimum wage, are slowly poisoned by the mercury used to bind gold flecks and chew on a mild herbal stimulant that is the basis of cocaine in order to stay awake.

Nov 27 18:14

Australian scientists are developing wind turbines that are one-third the price and 1,000 times more efficient than anything currently on the market to install along the country's windy and abundant coast.

New superconductor-powered wind turbines could be installed off the coast of Australia within the next five years to finally take advantage of the country’s 35,000 km of coastline, which offers up some of the best wind resources in the world.

Nov 27 18:10

Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers

Walmart, who pays its workers so little and/or gives them so few hours, that they cannot feed themselves while the Walton family rakes in billions, does have its sense of humor. Either that or they could just care so little about what anyone thinks that they are just like, whatever, what are you going to do about it anyway except buy more junk you don’t need from us on Black Friday?

Nov 27 18:09

Police use confiscated drug money to add rims and sound system to cruiser

Lt. Curtis Wilson says the car has been taken offline as a patrol vehicle and is being transitioned to something the department can use for educational purposes.

Nov 27 17:46

Protestor incites “race war” at Ferguson solidarity rally, open carry activists keep peace


Nov 27 16:22

Ferguson mob carjacks elderly man on oxygen, runs him over

As Ferguson street mobs raged for the third night running, footage emerged from a local St. Louis

Nov 27 16:13

MD Bankruptcy Court Gives Homeowner 3 Day Notice for Hearing; Clerk Get's Pissy When I Call Them on it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mortgage Movies Sees Baltimore MD Bankruptcy Clerk Get Pissy When Asked About Hearing Notice.

Three days notice for a BK hearing? I don't think that's appropriate. So why did it happen?
Yah they reset the hearing but what bullshit. And BTW the Debtor's case was in the section of Court handled by the first Clerk, last name started with an "A."

The second clerk was totally chill, "L-Z" probably because she had no part in this fiasco.