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Sep 30 08:42

Pelosi's 'Most Ethical Congress' Pledge Falters

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised four years ago that Democrats would lead "the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history."

But as her party defends its record with its majority in jeopardy, two prominent Democrats await ethics trials. Two other party members gave Congressional Black Caucus Foundation scholarships to relatives. Most importantly, lobbyists, corporations and special interests still have unimpeded ways to buy access to members of Congress.

Sep 30 08:20

DARPA develops Helmet of Obedience

It looks like our ever-diligent friends at DARPA have been busy creating a contingency plan for the OathKeeper movement. Thanks to a newly-developed pain modulator and behavior modification helmet, any US troops who decide they will obey the Constitution rather than the commands of the global puppet masters will now be getting some remote-controlled motivational persuasion.

Sep 30 08:06

Massive Protest Across Europe

Sep 30 07:52

BP educates Terrebonne students on oil spill

Over the last five months, BP has had a prominent presence along the Gulf Coast at various local government meetings and outreach centers - but this time, BP has made its way into the Terrebonne Parish school system.

Eighth grade students of Oaklawn Junior High School were able to sit in on one of four scheduled science demonstrations last Wednesday prepared by BP and Gary Ott of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The demonstrations were designed to better educate the students about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and give them the most current information available.

Sep 30 07:42

Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

In the annals of democratic evolution, Professor Griffin’s masterful analysis is sure to become a classic, for it illustrates the shocking degree to which even high-level American scholars have lost sight of constitutional principles in the wake of 9/11.

The scholars concerned are Cass Sunstein, former University of Chicago and Harvard Law professor, who has been described as “the pre-eminent legal scholar of our time – the most wide-ranging, the most prolific, the most cited, and the most influential,” and Adrian Vermeule, a younger Harvard law professor.

Sep 30 07:16

US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth


WASHINGTON – US astronomers said Wednesday they have discovered an Earth-sized planet that they think might be habitable, orbiting a nearby star, and believe there could be many more planets like it in space.

Sep 30 07:15

U.S. Lawmakers Lament Inability to Shut Down "Jihadi" Websites

Wonder what these lawbreakers... er I mean lawmakers mean by a Jihadi website.

Sep 30 07:13

Adam Pearlman Resurfaces

Not one mention as to who this agent provocateur really is.

Sep 30 07:05

Officials: Flurry of Drone Strikes Against Pakistan Because of "Terror Plot" in Europe

Every where you look death and destruction courtesy of you and me.

Sep 30 07:01

Attacks Surge in Green Zone

Mean while back in Iraq.

Sep 30 06:59

NATO Kills Four Children in Afghanistan

NATO had initially claimed that all four children killed in the attack were insurgents.

Sep 30 06:48

Army's Largest Base Reeling From Four Apparent Suicides

The old men that love war always take advantage of young peoples naivete and patriotism.

Sep 30 06:44

Courage, Liberty, Guns and Weed

Sep 30 06:43

Massive Protest Across Europe

Sep 30 06:38

Nobel Laureate Mairead McGuire arrested by Government of Israel

It has been brought to the notice of the international community that Nobel Laureate Mairead McGuire second to none in her support to eliminate conflicts and the reasons for conflicts between nations and peoples, has been illegally arrested and detained by the Government of Israel when she arrived for the 'PEACE CONFERENCE OF NOBEL LAUREATES' to prevent her from attending a Peace Conference of Nobel Laureates from all over the world being held in Israel .

Sep 30 06:30

Trampling Skews Artifact Dates by Thousands of Years?

Around the world, the hooves of water buffaloes, goats, and other large animals may have propelled countless Stone Age artifacts back in time, at least as far as archaeologists are concerned.

In wet areas, wild or domestic animals' heavy footfalls can push stone artifacts deep into the ground, making them seem older than they really are—in some cases, thousands of years older—according to a new study.

Sep 30 06:29



What those of us who actually fought in a war knew is that the leadership of the military itself, called by Colonel David Hackworth “the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon,” was utterly corrupt and bereft of real combat experience, leadership ability and moral character. That leadership has, if anything, gotten worse.

Sep 30 06:26

Man Pens 2,000-Page Suicide Note, Kills Himself

A Massachusetts man shot himself to death with a silver bullet in Harvard Yard after penning what may go down as one of history’s great suicide notes, published online at

New York native shot himself to death in Harvard Yard last week — after penning an epic 1,905-page suicide note.

Mitchell Heisman, 35, quoted Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Einstein as he attempted to explain his motives in the rambling missive, which included a lengthy preface and 1,433 footnotes.
Heisman put the encyclopedia-sized note online and asked that the Web page be kept up after his death, so that everyone could know his feelings about life and the universe.

Sep 30 06:21

Security and Exchange Commission Protected Goldman Sachs' Fraud

On this edition of Film, Literature & the New World Order we compare the Hollywoodized story of a corporate whistleblower to the painful reality that most fraud takes place with the full understanding and help of the regulators and the media.

Sep 30 06:16

What it Will Take to Restore America: Identify the Enemy

Jacques Ex Deos Libertas
Activist Post

Sep 30 06:02

BBC and Murdoch, on the Same Side

Blair was embraced by the new BBC corporate class, which regards itself as meretorious and non-ideological: the natural leaders in a managerial Britain in which class is unspoken. Few did more to enunciate Blair’s "vision" than Andrew Marr, then a leading newspaper journalist and today the BBC’s ubiquitous voice of middle-class Britain. Just as Murdoch’s Sun declared in 1995 it shared the rising Blair’s "high moral values" so Marr, writing the Observer in 1999, lauded the new prime minister’s "substantial moral courage" and the "clear distinction in his mind between prudently protecting his power base and rashly using his power for high moral purpose." What impressed Marr was Blair’s "utter lack of cynicism" along with his bombing of Yugoslavia which would "save lives."

Sep 30 05:43

Orwellian DoubleThink: Tyranny is Safety

Orwellian DoubleThink Series, Part 6
Activist Post

One is never safe living under a tyrannical form of government. If we have learned anything from George Orwell's work, it is to recognize the DoubleThink that tyrannical minds employ in order to make us believe that we would somehow be safer living in a world of total control, as opposed to complete freedom. The Orwellian world is one where a government bureaucracy legislates more and more centralized power, as their agents descend on every facet of our lives to enforce constant penalties meted out at their discretion. The main strategy is to be sure citizens are always in violation of something.

Sep 30 05:02

Bush, Kerry, Clinton Belong to Secret Societies and Deny It

This vid contains one of the most awesome, inspiring and truthful speeches ever given by a president. This very speech must have caused a lot of panic among the higher echelons of the elite. Kennedy had been in office for only 3 months and he was already taking unprecedented steps to empower ordinary people. Kennedy did more for civil rights than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. Kennedy was a big supporter of the constitution, he was against the tyranny of big government. He wanted to withdraw US troops from Vietnam. He wanted to abolish the CIA and Federal Reserve, and he warned us of criminal elements within the establishment who wanted to cease an opportunity to restrict peoples freedoms.

Sep 30 02:56

Study: Wars could cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion

The authors of the book "The $3 Trillion War" noted in a conference call on Wednesday that when they first released their findings two years ago, the estimates were widely criticized as being too high. Now, the researchers believe they may have been too low.

Joseph Stiglitz, who received the 2000 Nobel Prize for Economics, and Linda Bilmes, a public policy professor at Harvard University, said the number of veterans seeking post-combat medical care and the cost of treating those individuals is about 30 percent higher than they initially estimated. That, combined with increases in the cost of military medical care and the lagging economy, will likely push the true long-term cost of the war over the $4 trillion mark.

Sep 30 02:31

FBI Raids Activists’ Homes in Sinister COINTELPRO Replay

Heavily-armed SWAT teams smashed down doors and agents armed with search warrants carried out simultaneous raids in Minneapolis and Chicago early Friday morning.