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Feb 11 07:56

Who Wants to Bomb Iran?

They're back! The "Bomb Iran" crowd is making a big return to the political center stage after months of puzzlement over what to do about developments in the Islamic Republic. Hawks such as Daniel Pipes and John Bolton are arguing that Iran is dead-set on its pursuit of a nuclear arsenal -- and point to developments such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's announcement this weekend that Iran would enrich its uranium stocks to 20 percent to argue that diplomatic avenues have reached a dead end. The would-be bombers fear that the mullahs will leverage their nuclear capability to expand Persian influence through the Arab world and beyond -- and argue that the United States must do anything in its power, including the use of force, to stop them.

Feb 11 07:49

Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful

The bottom line is that the power of the state is used to crush criticism of major government policies and actions (or failures to act) and high-level government officials.

Pay attention, and you'll notice that criticism of "conspiracy theories" is usually aimed at attempting to protect the state and key government players. The power of the state is seldom used to crush conspiracy theories regarding people who are not powerful . . . at least to the extent that they are not important to the government.

Feb 11 07:31

2 ex-employees say Blackwater billed government for prostitute

Two former employees of Blackwater Worldwide have accused the private security contractor of defrauding the government for years with phony billing, including charging for a prostitute, alcohol and spa trips.

Feb 11 07:10

Binyam Mohamed: release of secrets will harm relations with Britain, warns US

The United States has warned relations with Britain will be harmed by a court decision to reveal that Binyan Mohamed was deprived of sleep, shackled and made to think he might “disappear” while detained at Guantánamo Bay.

The White House expressed its dismay at the decision by the Court of Appeal to release information that the CIA had passed to Britain, saying it could hamper future intelligence co-operation.

Feb 11 07:09

Snowpocalypse 2.0: chaos as severe weather blasts eastern US

In Washington, where a storm on Friday evening dumped up to 3 feet of snow, the wild weather caused difficult driving conditions and choas for locals.

Then, to make matters worse, a second blizzard - nicknamed Snowpocalypse 2.0 - blew in on Wednesday.

In Pennsylvania, the governor closed large stretches of major highways because the second major storm in less than a week was making travel too risky.

Feb 11 07:08

9/11 photos: helicopter pilot describes taking the pictures

Mr Semendinger, who still lives in New York state,: "We were first responders and we were already getting our helicopter ready when the call came that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. We were 11 miles away and we could see it and already tell it was really bad.

"We jumped in the helicopter and we were the there within six or seven minutes and started scouring the roof to see if anyone had made it up there and could be rescued. I had landed on the roof before when a bomb went off in the basement in 1993.

Feb 11 07:07

First black governor calls on Barack Obama to sack senior aides

The first black governor of an American state has accused the White House of "not listening to the people" and urged Barack Obama to sack senior aides.

Doug Wilder, who was elected Virginia governor in 1989, launched a broadside against the man he supported in the Democratic primaries when most senior party figures were championing Hillary Clinton.

Feb 11 07:00

Sarah Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection

Sarah Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection

Sarah Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection
February 11, 2010 – 8:53 am

In an urgent message on the systematic betrayal of the tea party, Alex Jones warns against the turncoats and deceivers flocking from the weakened GOP and FOX News to harness the populist uprising that briefly found life outside of the traditional two-party system.

Sarah Palin made more than headlines this past week– attempting a takeover of the tea party movement, backing GOP hack Rick Perry over a real & viable candidate, pitching for war on Iran and assessing Obama for 2012.

Feb 11 06:24

Gold and Silver - Why to Buy Now and How

A brief introduction for non-investors and investors on Gold and Silver fundamentals, chart analysis, the risk of hyperinflation, Gold targets at $2,000 plus and Silver at $100+, plus where to get more information on various investing options (such as bars vs coins, ETFs - good or bad) or information subscription.

Feb 11 06:23

"Free corporate media doesn't mean freedom of press?"

What it would have cost us to publicly fund independent media that would have prevented the invasion of Iraq wouldn't amount, in a year, to what we spend on a month of occupying that country. David Swanson says journalists from government funded media are better off. He also says that instead of bank bailouts the government should be funding journalism in schools.

Feb 11 06:21

Biden Says Iran Creating Regional Arms Race

Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons and to destabilize the Middle East by fueling an arms race in the region...

Feb 11 01:13

Investigators declare, “Obama never attended Columbia University”

Now, new evidence has come to light whereby Dr. James Manning has declared that Obama never attended Columbia University [New York].

Dr. Manning has hired a team of investigators to comb over every bit of available evidence to validate his declaration.

Manning’s investigators conclusively state that:

Feb 11 01:08

Hillary's eligibility challenged in Supreme Court

"The Supreme Court has an obligation to settle the Ineligibility Clause issue once and for all," said Fitton. "If our government and courts will not observe even the plain and unambiguous provisions of the Constitution, then we are cut adrift from the anchor of law and liberty and the rule of law is in jeopardy. We hope the Supreme Court takes this opportunity to vindicate the Constitution."

Feb 10 19:15

Iraq orders ex-Blackwater contractors out

Iraq has ordered former employees of the private military contractor once known as Blackwater to leave the country, its interior minister announced Wednesday.

Feb 10 18:51

"Rare earthquake rattles Chicago"

Feb 10 17:08

UK’s Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher

Doubts have begun to resurface regarding the attitude of the Jewish Chronicle, Britain’s top Zionist newspaper and Israeli mouthpiece, towards justice and the rule of law after its editor, Stephen Pollard, publicly condoned extra-judicial murder.

Feb 10 14:58

“Anti-Semitic” – the label that stops criticism

Paul J. Balles views the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, passed by the US Congress in 2004, which defines any criticism of Israel or the Israel lobby in the US as “anti-Semitism” and is in fact an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Feb 10 14:57

Poll shows surprising strength by Debra Medina in GOP race for Texas governor.

Is Debra Medina the next Scott Brown?

Nobody -- well, hardly anybody outside perhaps the Medina household -- expects the small business owner and anti-Washington crusader to be the next governor of Texas. Heck, until recently she wasn’t even much of a factor in the shoot-'em-up between the two leviathans of Lone Star politics, Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Feb 10 14:54

The Coming Euro Collapse- Euro Crisis BBC Special

The Nations in Europe started to see that the Euro is not a stable long term currency but is very fragile just like the Lehman Brothers.

Feb 10 14:50

Some never before seen: NYPD World Trade Center 9/11 Aerial Photos

Great pictures of WTC7 in the series.

Feb 10 14:43

Taking Away our freedoms is not patriotic - An email from the Campaign for Liberty

Taking away our freedoms is not Patriotic. In fact, there is nothing more un-American.

The badly misnamed Patriot Act is not the Act of Patriots. It is the act of petty tyrants seeking more and more power and control over our country.

Now, ever so quietly, the Obama administration is working with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to sneak reauthorization of the Patriot Act through without creating a stir among liberty-minded Americans.

Feb 10 14:42

Christians-Zionism's Useful Idiots

Very interesting article in light of the congresswomans statements about America being cursed if we do'nt do what the zionists say.

Feb 10 14:25

Robin Williams on Obama and Bush

This is a very funny stand up comedy with Williams.

Feb 10 13:58

God Will ‘Curse’ America If It Opposes Israel

Michele Bachmann, the outspoken conservative House representative from Minnesota, says the United States will cease to exist if it "fails to stand" with Israel.

"I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States," Bachmann said at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles on Feb. 6.

Feb 10 13:57

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a college student who was arrested by the TSA and detained for 5 hours over a set of Arabic-language flash cards he was carrying.

Nick George, a student at Pomona College in California, was grilled by the TSA on "who did 9/11" and asked by FBI agents whether he was a communist after airport security officers found Arabic-English language learning cards in his luggage last summer, according to news reports and the ACLU.

Feb 10 11:36

Pitchfork-brandishing Norwegians in scuba gear chase down Google Street View car

If it's Google Street View infamy you seek, why waste your time with a half-hearted wave to that passing Google car when you could make a real, uh, splash, with some scuba gear and pitchforks?

Two people in Bergen, Norway, are enjoying their five minutes of Internet fame this morning after Street View shots emerged of them ambushing a Google Street View car and chasing after it in full diving gear.

Feb 10 11:10

Unlawful war on Iran is treason; it levies war against the US, our military, and our Constitution

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

Causing unlawful war upon the US is an attack upon our nation, consistent with US Constitution Article III Section 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Causing war against the US is so egregious, it’s the only crime the Founders defined in the Constitution. An unlawful war is the supreme act of betrayal against our military, and a violent overthrow of the US government as we know it by our Constitution. It replaces American limited government under law with unchecked fascism.

Feb 10 10:30

Guns, National ID Cards, and Weed

Guns, national ID cards, and weed might be just the early stages of a quickly growing movement to nullify other federal laws seen as outside the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers. In states around the country this year, bills have been proposed to defy or nullify federal laws on health care, use of national guard troops overseas, legal tender laws, cap and trade, and even the process of collecting federal income taxes.