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Apr 16 09:54

Tampering with Smart Meters on the Smart Grid

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

There have been a lot of theories about what could happen when Smart Meters (SMs) are tampered with and customers receive “false-reading, tampered-with” utility bills—water, gas, or electric—when hackers access the porous microwave networks that transmit in-the-house information that electric SMs constantly collect, then radio-transmit via microwaves back to utilities home offices.

That’s not some “pie-in-the-sky” theory; it’s of great concern to security experts...

Apr 16 09:51

Netanyahu Outrageously Compares Iran to Nazis During WW II

Stephen Lendman
RINF Alternative News

Israel commemorates Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day annually. Vad Vashem is its official holocaust memorial.

Netanyahu exploited the occasion this year like earlier. He denigrated the memory of millions of Jewish and non-Jewish WW II victims.

Apr 16 09:49

‘Bankruptcy closer every day, and you believe statistics?’

An expat Englishman, who runs a farm not far from Moscow, has grilled the Russian president and asked where Putin gets his statistics.

Apr 16 09:46

How Israel Hid Its Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

A little anecdote about an occurrence sometime in September 1960 sheds light on the development of U.S. perceptions that Israel was being less than honest about Dimona. That month, Addy Cohen, then the young director of the Foreign Aid Office at the Israeli Finance Ministry, hosted U.S. ambassador to Israel Ogden Reid and some of his senior staff for a tour of the Dead Sea Works—a large Israeli potash plant in Sdom, on the Dead Sea coast of Israel. The Israeli Air Force provided a Sikorsky S-58 helicopter to fly the American group from Tel Aviv to Sdom. As they were returning on the helicopter, near the new town of Dimona, Reid pointed to a huge industrial site under heavy construction and asked what it was.
Note: It wasn't hidden at all the whole world knew it!!

Apr 16 09:45

Saudi-led coalition air strikes killed 31 civilians in Yemen factory, says Human Rights Watch

The US and UK are providing the coalition with logistics and diplomatic help

Apr 16 09:40

TSA Rigs It: Agents Will Get Away With Groping Whoever They Like And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

By now, you may have heard the story about how two TSA agents at Denver International Airport were fired recently after it was revealed that they had worked out a scam by which one agent was able to grope and fondle the genitals of male passengers he found attractive. The plan involved him signalling to a colleague who was working the scanning computer.

Apr 16 09:39

Chris Christie yells at teachers but ignores overpaid cops: New Jersey has the highest-paid police officers in the country, with a median salary of $92,250

"I'm tired of you people. What do you want?"
That's how Chris Christie talks to educators, in this case an elementary school teacher who also runs an after school program. Christie is convinced teachers are overpaid, and as long as he's been governor, he seems to be on a crusade to bully New Jersey's educators, calling them "overpaid," "greedy" and accused their "me first" salaries of killing jobs.

Apr 16 09:39

Texas Woman Invokes 'Religious Freedom' Argument to Fight $2000 Fine for Feeding the Homeless

“One of the police officers said, ‘Ma’am, if you want to pray, go to church.’”

Apr 16 09:39

Bernie Sanders says half of Americans have less than $10,000 in their savings accounts, "Mostly True"

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking in Austin, bemoaned widening income differences between the country’s very rich and the rest of us.
And in his remarks at a South Austin union hall, the Vermont independent mulling a run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination also warned about American failures to save money. "Here’s something not talked about, something that can make us all very, very nervous," Sanders said. "Half of all Americans have less than $10,000 in their savings account.

Apr 16 09:38

Kicking off campaign, Rubio attacks Obama on Israel

ed note–again, at the risk of over-repeating myself, let us just imagine…

Candidate X, kicking off campaign, attacks Obama on Ireland…


Candidate X, kicking off campaign, attacks Obama on Italy…


Candidate X, kicking off campaign, attacks Obama on Iceland…


Candidate X, kicking off campaign, attacks Obama on India…


Candidate X, kicking off campaign, attacks Obama on Indonesia…

etc, etc, etc…

Did he kick off his campaign expressing his loyalty to the American people whom he is supposed to be working?

ANYONE kissing the ass of a foreign power in such a way would be pilloried for doing so…

Unless of course that ass belongs to the Jewish state.

Apr 16 09:35

Planting The Seed For The Next Bogeyman: ‘Bloggers’ Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing

Bloggers, conspiracy theorists and people who challenge establishment narratives on the Internet were all likened to ISIS terrorists during a chilling Congressional hearing which took place yesterday.

Apr 16 09:33

Demonstrators rally at USC to raise minimum wage

Hundreds of Los Angeles workers and community members gathered Wednesday in the neighborhood surrounding the University Park campus to rally for an increase in the minimum wage from $9 to $15.25 with enforcement provisions and paid sick leave.

Part of a national effort, the demonstration, organized by the coalition Raise the Wage LA, was called “Fight for $15 on 4/15” and began in downtown Los Angeles early Wednesday morning.

Apr 16 09:32

8-Year-Old Abuse Survivor Writes Touching Letter To The Social Workers Who Saved Her Life

Marie was paralyzed from the waist down after receiving 14 fractures by the tender age of 8 months due to the physical abuse she suffered in her biological mother's home. When social workers took action, they most likely saved her life. Now, she's old enough to thank them.

Apr 16 09:29

Fairfax County police officer arrested for child pornography

Fairfax County police say one of their officers has been arrested for child pornography. Officer William “Bud” Walker was arrested Wednesday afternoon at police headquarters and charged with two counts of child pornography possession.

Apr 16 09:29

On Tax Day, Obama Angers Americans By Suggesting They Pay Even More For….

If you don’t believe progressive educators in the public school system are doing their best to indoctrinate your children with all kinds of wacky ideas, you either have an identity crisis, believing yourself to be an ostrich and burying your head in the sand, or you’re one of “them.”

Apr 16 09:27

Corporate Crime Is Just 'The Cost Of Doing Business'

“The cost of doing business.” That’s what corporations call it when they claim a deduction from their taxes for the damage they’ve done to people and the planet. It’s a cost of doing business all right; a cost to us, of doing business with them the way we currently do it, and it’s just one of the reasons so many people are calling for a whole new system.

Apr 16 09:27

UK Government Refuses To Reveal Job Title Or Salary Of Top Law Enforcement Officer Because Terrorism

As Techdirt has reported previously, the UK government is so reflexively secretive that it even refuses to confirm or deny information that it has previously confirmed. The Intercept reports on another absurd case of completely trivial requests for information being turned down because "terrorism". It's refusing to reveal either the job title or salary of Cressida Dick, a top government official in some apparently mysterious role.

Apr 16 09:23

Student Sues College After Campus Cops Demand He Get A Free Speech 'Permit' Before Handing Out Fliers

Cal Poly Pomona vows to respect your free speech rights, provided you inform the administration 10 days in advance, are granted permission to speak and are willing to wear a speech permit while remaining in the properly-designated area. That's just not how free speech works. Tomas is hoping his lawsuit will result in the school's policies being found unconstitutional. Even if Tomas can't get the constitutionality declaration and permanent injunction he's requesting (along with damages and costs), maybe his efforts will push the school to reconsider its policies.