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Oct 10 14:46


By William Cook — My Catbird Seat –

“Our goal is two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security,” (President Obama) such is the illusion that resurfaces to restart the peace negotiations that will stabilize the mid-east. For 63 years that “goal” has been the carrot held before the people of the United States and Britain as the ultimate resolution for the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. In reality there is nothing in the statement that is true.

Oct 10 14:42

US Banks Fake Documents to Rush Foreclosures

Major US banks systematically faked documents in order to speed up foreclosures for hundreds of thousands of homeowners, a mounting body of evidence shows. It appears likely that federal and state laws were broken in the process.

The scandal speaks both to the dimensions of the social crisis and the criminality of the big banks. The immediate cause of the mortgage lenders’ rampant cheating on foreclosure paperwork is the tidal wave of families ruined by the economic crisis—a crisis itself set into motion by the banks’ predatory lending practices. The goal was to get people out of their homes as efficiently and ruthlessly as possible, skating over legal requirements relating to documentation.

Oct 10 14:31

Debunking Banks’ “Procedural Problems” Defense on the Foreclosure Crisis

This country cannot stand as a democracy if there is one set of law for the banks, corps, elites and another set of law for the rest of us. Perjury and fraud on the court is very serious matter. It is not a mere paperwork problem.

Oct 10 14:20

One Wall, Two People, No States: the Peace Pretense – William A. Cook

The entire West Bank is surrounded by an imprisoning wall, a 400 mile barrier of cement and steel that locks the people of Palestine inside with all egress and ingress controlled by the Israeli military. While the Palestinians have welcomed the possibility of UN Peace Keepers along the border of the green line, Israel refuses to relinquish its control.

Oct 10 12:53

Ellen Brown: ForeclosureGate and Obama's Pocket Veto

By most reports, it would appear that the voluntary suspension of foreclosures is underway to review simple, careless procedural errors. Errors which the conscientious banks are hastening to correct. Even Gretchen Morgenson in the New York Times characterizes the problem as "flawed paperwork."

But those errors go far deeper than mere sloppiness. They are concealing a massive fraud.

Oct 10 12:41

Anti Zionist Rabbi For Palestine and Judaism - video

Rabbi Yacob Weisz a member of Rabbis4Palestine discusses the historical role of Jews in the world, and how Zionism has hijacked the Jewish religion. This is not a dry sermon thanks to some challenging questions.

Oct 10 12:28

Facebook developer donates $100,000 to legalise cannabis campaign

Sean Parker, 30, gave the money to the campaign for Proposition 19, otherwise known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act, 2010.

People in the state voting on November 2 for a new governor and for new congressmen will also have the opportunity to say whether they want to legalise the drug.

Mr Parker, who revolutionised the music industry by setting up the Napster music-sharing system, joined Mark Zuckerberg in developing the social networking website in 2004.

Oct 10 12:02

`Black Swan' Author Says Investors Should Sue Nobel for Crisis

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of “The Black Swan,” said investors who lost money in the financial crisis should sue the Swedish Central Bank for awarding the Nobel Prize to economists whose theories he said brought down the global economy.

Oct 10 11:30

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Over 52 Million Americans Living In Poverty

In this edition of Press TV's 'On the Edge with Max Keiser', Max has an interview with the journalist, David Degraw, who has just published a book named The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III...

Oct 10 11:19

They Didn’t Pay The Fee: Firefighters Watch Tennessee Family’s House Burn

Last week, Paulette and Gene Cranick’s grandson started a fire in a burn barrel outside the couple’s Tennessee home.

He added garbage, then went inside to take a shower. A few minutes later, he noticed an adjacent shed was engulfed in flames. It didn’t take long for the fire to spread to the house.

The South Fulton City Fire Department arrived, but because the Cranicks hadn’t paid a $75 fire service subscription fee, they refused to spray an ounce of water on the flames, Chad Lampe, a reporter from NPR member station WKMS reports. (The Cranicks lived outside the city limits.

Oct 10 11:18

America’s Third World Economy

For a number of years I reported on the monthly nonfarm payroll jobs data. The data did not support the praises economists were singing to the “New Economy.” The “New Economy” consisted, allegedly, of financial services, innovation, and high-tech services.

This economy was taking the place of the old “dirty fingernail” economy of industry and manufacturing. Education would retrain the workforce, and we would move on to a higher level of prosperity.

Oct 10 10:37

Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt “Situation”

Since too often financial articles consist of some stooge blathering on and on with opinions instead of facts, I thought today we’d simply focus on some FACTS about our current financial system which few if any want to acknowledge.

#1: The US Fed is now the second largest owner of US Treasuries.

That’s right, this week we overtook Japan, leaving China as the only country with greater ownership of US Debt. And we’re printing money to buy it. Setting aside the fact that this is abject lunacy, this policy is trashing our currency which has fallen 13% since June… as in four months ago. Want an explanation for why stocks, commodities, and Gold are exploding higher? Here it is.

Oct 10 10:34

America’s Third World Economy

Time after time I reported that there was no sign of the “New Economy” jobs, but that the old economy jobs were disappearing. The only net new jobs were in lowly paid domestic services such as waitresses and bartenders, retail clerks, health care and social assistance (mainly ambulatory health care services), and, before the bubble burst, construction.

Oct 10 10:20

Imam: "You don't blame all Catholics for the IRA" - video

Director and Imam Toufik Kacimi speaking to me at the North London Mosque complex, formerly known as the Finsbury Park Mosque, he said he had not investigated 7/7 or 9/11 enough to comment on whether the official version of events are true. But he did point out that even if either were true, how can you blame all of Islam for a few individuals who did not behave according to Islam.
Are all Catholics blamed for the actions of the IRA, or of ETA?

Oct 10 10:11

Knucklehead Comedy

Oct 10 08:22

Shift Happened; Listen To The Beet

Nature’s original technology is here to stay on an Enchanted Garden planet. We can grow 1000 years of peace in harmony with nature if we begin now to regain our beat with nature. Gloria Estefan sang, “Turn the Beat Around!” Truly, to reform food safety, we are asked to turn the beet around. Small size growers are part of nature’s original technology — and healthy legislators should be too.

Oct 10 07:52

The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

Brian and Ilsa—the nice upper-middle-class retired couple, who always follow the rules, and never ever break the law—who don’t even cheat on their golf scores—even when they’re playing alone (“Because if you cheat at golf, you’re only cheating yourself”)—have decided to give their bank the middle finger.

They have essentially said, Fuckit.

Oct 10 07:47

The Haymarket Riot

What do you want to bet the guy throwing the bomb was a paid agent provocateur!

Oct 10 07:44

1914: The Ludlow Massacre

The history of the Ludlow Massacre of striking coal miners,which
was one of the most brutal attacks on organized labor in U.S. history.It was the pinnacle of efforts by the National Guard and local strike-breakers under the command of the Rockefeller family to supress a strike of twelve thousand workers.

Bet some of you thought that the U.S. government only kills the darker races.

Oct 10 07:37

Surprise-- The Very Dark Side Of U.S. History

"They were scalped,their brains knocked out;the men used their knives,ripped open women,clubbed little children,knocked them in the head with their guns,beat their brains out,mutilated their bodies in every sense of the word."(U.S.Cong.,2nd Sess.,"The Chivington Massacre," Reports of the Committees.)

Oct 10 07:30

Israel History in Quotes

Hebrew essayist Achad Ha-Am, after paying a visit to Palestine in 1891:
"Abroad we are accustomed to believe that Israel is almost empty; nothing is grown here and that whoever wishes to buy land could come here and buy what his heart desires. In reality, the situation is not like this. Throughout the country it is difficult to find cultivable land which is not already cultivated."

Oct 10 07:18

'Obama follows Bush's covert bid in Iraq'

American soldiers are using Iraqi uniforms and vehicles as part of "a blatant switch tactic" adopted by the Obama administration, a senior political analyst says.

"The fact that Americans are found to be wearing Iraqi uniforms in Iraqi military vehicles looks like it's a complete, blatant switch tactic where it was announced with much fanfare that the US was ending its combat mission in Iraq, and now we find US troops still engaged in combat missions in Iraqi uniforms," investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said in an interview with Press TV.

He said the news was not surprising to him as it was "typical" of US President Barack Obama to follow some of the “same covert programs” seen during Bush's term in office.

Oct 10 06:58

Ron Paul: Revolution Is Coming!

Oct 10 06:57

Tax & Track Drivers Per Mile

Oct 10 06:56

Gold, Get it While You Can

We’ve got it easy right now. Click or call, and you can quickly and conveniently own a gold coin or bar. But if global concerns cause another panic or the dollar breaks down, you could find yourself standing in a line at the local coin shop or getting a busy signal. Simply, for reasons I’ll discuss here, you may find it very difficult to get your hands on physical gold when that time comes.
It’s happened before. Though there were no precious metal ETFs in 1980, the demand for physical gold was so great that you literally had to wait in line at a coin shop to buy, with plenty of occasions when you would have been turned away due to lack of inventory. And you’ll recall we saw serious shortages, unexpected delays, and soaring premiums in late 2008.

Oct 10 06:54

Israeli Cabinet passes loyalty bill, now officially a discriminatory theocracy

JERUSALEM — Israel's Cabinet approved on Sunday a bill that would require new citizens to pledge a loyalty oath to a "Jewish and democratic" state, language that triggered charges of racism from Arab lawmakers who see it as undermining the rights of the country's Arab minority.

Few non-Jews apply for Israeli citizenship so if the bill passes into law, the legislation would not directly affect Arab citizens of Israel, who make up 20 percent of the population.

Oct 10 06:54

Webster Tarpley: "There's a currency war!"

While developing economies such as BRIC continue to grow, can they ever have a say at the IMF and World Bank? As currency wars continue to wage on will the world ever be able to get off the dollar? Webster Tarpley says the US owns 17% of the vote in the IMF; however developing countries are a center of resistance now.

Oct 10 04:26

Rock Rebels "Clash" Were Corporate Puppets

Picture New Yorks' Shea Stadium full to the rafters, a sea of 60,000 people swirling and shouting. Four Englishman take to the stage clothed in guerrilla punk attire consisting of jackboots, berets and cut jeans. They start playing aggressive punk songs. The crowd erupts.

They are The Clash, one of the biggest bands of 1980's, with large commercial and critical success in Europe and the States.

The Clash were sold as, 'the only band that matters,' a claim based on their raw and experimental sound, anti-establishment attitude and socialist sloganeering.

Oct 10 04:13

Surprise -- The Very Dark Side of U.S. History

Editor's Note: Many Americans view their country and its soldiers as the "good guys" spreading "democracy" and "liberty" around the world. When the United States inflicts unnecessary death and destruction, it's viewed as a mistake or an aberration.

In the following article Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry examine the long history of these acts of brutality, a record that suggests they are neither a "mistake" nor an "aberration" but rather conscious counterinsurgency doctrine on the "dark side."