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Mar 08 10:42

Pro-Russian Hacker Group CyberBerkut Warns That Kiev is Carrying Out 'Police Sweep' Operation

across Mariupol against regime opponents, and that authorities plan a "pilot project of military-civilian administration" in the city

Mar 08 10:35

Dark Legacy: GHW Bush's Role in the Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. You must see it to believe that former president George Herbert Walker Bush was connected to the assassination of JFK. Once you see this documentary though there should be no doubt in your mind that it’s true. The evidence is overwhelming and as the author of this documentary, John Hankey says, “If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life”.

Mar 08 10:25

Announcing the 2015 League of the South National Conference

The 2015 League of the South national conference will be held in the Alabama LS cultural center and headquarters in Wetumpka (Elmore County), Alabama, on 24-25 July (Friday-Saturday). The LS building is located at 12814 US Hwy. 231. This impressive venue was the site of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 LS national conferences. We look forward to once again showing off our League real estate. Please mark the dates on your calendar and plan to join us for a fun, informative, and inspiring weekend on our own beautiful property.

Mar 08 10:23

Netanyahu govt more 'frightening' than all Israel enemies,

ex-Mossad chief tells crowds

Mar 08 10:18

Philip Weiss on Jewish Power

Not for the first time (see here and here), Philip Weiss has expounded on Jewish power, this time as it relates to Netanyahu’s speech (“Netanyahu’s speech and the American Jewish condition“).

The fear [of persecution] blinds Jews to our power, in Israel and the United States. It is hard for Jews to think of ourselves as powerful because of a historical and collective memory of persecution. Yet the world regards us as powerful. It sees the Jewish state as a nuclear armed country with a huge army, and it sees Jews as an elite in the United States with a ton of clout. “Why is the American Jewish community so determined to convince itself that we are living in 1938?” the late Tony Judt asked nine years ago. “Why does the most successful, the most well integrated, the most culturally and politically influential, the most socially and economically well situated Jewish community since the late years of the Roman republic, why is it so worried about the demon of anti-Semitism?”

Mar 08 10:16

Petraeus won't serve a day in jail for his leaks. Edward Snowden shouldn't either

The sweetheart deal the Justice Department gave to former CIA directorDavid Petraeus for leaking top secret information compared to the stiff jail sentences other low-level leakers have received under the Obama administration has led to renewed calls for leniency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. And no one makes the case better than famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

Mar 08 10:15

Zionists (Yet Again) Petition Youtube to Shut Down Dr. Duke's Channel

Here is the crux of the problem. If Dr. Duke simply states that Jews were the main proponents of the Iraq war, his opponents will say “there goes that crazy anti-Semite again.” But if he shows a short video clip of the most prominent Jewish journalist of a generation, Carl Bernstein, declaring in no uncertain terms that Jewish neocons were behind the war, then Dr. Duke is accused of copyright violations!

Mar 08 10:15

'Free Range' Parents Found Responsible for Child Neglect After Allowing Kids to Walk Home Alone: "In Silver Spring, leaving anyone under age 18 unsupervised constitutes neglect."

A Maryland couple who was being investigated for allowing their two children to walk home alone from a neighborhood park have been "found responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect" by the state's Child Protective Services.

Maryland Child Protective Services began investigating Danielle and Alexander Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, for practicing so-called “free-range parenting,” a philosophy that encourages children to have some independence.

Mar 08 10:12

Garbage man jailed for 30 days because he came to work too EARLY and annoyed residents of wealthy Atlanta suburb

A garbage collector in an affluent Atlanta suburb has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for starting his work too early.
Kevin McGill accepted a guilty plea deal, after he violated an ordinance in Sandy Springs, north of Atlanta, which bans garbage collections before 7 am.

Mar 08 10:11

Christian Chaplain Fired for Preaching Compassion and Love Over Violence of American Sniper

On February 10th, MidAmerica Nazarene University's (MNU) chaplain Randy Beckum gave his morning sermon, which wasn't unusual – it was his job. But what was different that day was the response to the sermon – as one student paper put it, the sermon sparked an “outcry” and a torrent of criticism particularly on social media. The criticism ranged from complaints that Beckum had politicized his sermons to the idea that he had insulted Christians who served in the military.

Mar 08 10:03

Iraq's said to apprehend U.S., Israeli ISIS "advisors"

The Iraqi forces said they have retrieved four foreign passports, including those that belonged to American and Israeli nationals

Mar 08 09:29

A New Estimate Of Killings By Police Is Way Higher — And Still Too Low

In the past two months, the president and his attorney general have said they need better data on the number of people killed by police — a number that nobody knows and that no government agency can agree on. On Tuesday, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report that at first glance looks like it fills the gap. It found that more than a quarter of killings by police are not included in either of two federal databases.1 The true number of annual police killings, according to the report, is likely around 930 — about twice that of each of the two other U.S. government counts. It’s even higher — about 1,240 — if you assume that local law enforcement agencies that don’t report any killings have killed people at the same rate as agencies that do.2

Mar 08 09:12

Rothschild Seeks to Advise Ukraine Bondholders in Debt Talks

Rothschild is seeking to advise Ukraine’s bondholders in restructuring talks with a government struggling to avert default after a year of fighting with rebels crippled its economy. The company’s Paris-based sovereign advisory team has been in contact with creditors, Giovanni Salvetti, who handles central and eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Bondholders are bracing for harsh terms as the looming debt revamp drove the nation’s $2.6 billion of notes due in July 2017 below 50 cents to the dollar since mid-February.
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Mar 08 09:10

The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC: Savile whistleblowers see careers nosedive

Nobody from John Humphrys in the morning to Evan Davis at night dares mention a scandal at the BBC. It undermines their reporting of every abuse whistleblowers reveal. It reinforces the dirty common sense of British life that you must keep your head down if you want to keep your job.

Mar 08 09:09

Nearly 100 jailed in France for ‘defending terrorism’ and other speech crimes

Former French foreign minister, Roland Dumas, confirmed what many suspect is a Zionist-controlled regime in Paris. Dumas told a French television channel that France’s prime minister Manuel Valls is “under Jewish influence.”

Mar 08 09:08

These Brave Teens Went Phone-Free For 3 Whole Days and Miraculously Survived

Dare to imagine, if you will, going an entire day without using your phone.
You’d probably like to think that you could do it. Sure, there’d be the nagging sensation that you’re “naked,” and the flood of FOMO as you try not to think about the hilarious things your friends are tweeting. But you could probably do it, right?

Mar 08 09:07

Man Taking Photo of His First Snowfall Shot Dead in Dallas

A man who just recently moved to Dallas from Iraq was shot dead as he was taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever seen, police said.