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Oct 11 11:48

Venezuela shuts down McDonald's

Venezuela's government has shut all branches of restaurant chain McDonald's for 48 hours, citing tax irregularities, officials have said.

The head of the country's tax agency, Jose David Cabello, said the chain had inconsistencies in its accounts.

The 115 branches in Venezuela were closed from Thursday to Saturday.

Oct 11 10:53


John McCain was in Minnesota yesterday, home to a very competitive U.S. Senate race. Given the attention that comes with a visit from a presidential candidate, one might assume that Sen. Norm Coleman (R) would want to travel alongside his Republican colleague.

But Coleman apparently concluded he was better off without McCain.

Oct 11 09:19

Sarah Palin Factsheet (with sources)

Oct 11 09:09

Researchers: RFID Tags Can Transmit Computer Viruses

Cheap radio chips that are replacing the ubiquitous barcode are a threat to privacy and susceptible to computer viruses, scientists at a Dutch university said on Wednesday.

Researchers at Amsterdam's Free University created a radio frequency identity (RFID) chip infected with a virus to prove that RFID systems are vulnerable despite the extremely low memory capacity on the cheap chips.

Oct 11 09:03

Scientists Discover Life 2 Miles Beneath Earth’s Surface

Scientists have uncovered life in a South African gold mine, 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles) beneath the surface of the earth. In this dark but hot ecosystem, a single biological species derives power not from the sun but from elements produced by the radioactive decay of uranium.

Remarkably, it is the first ecosystem ever found having only one biological species. In total isolation, utter darkness, with no oxygen, and in 60-degree-Celsius heat (140 degrees Fahrenheit), the cave-dwelling, rod-shaped bacterium, Desulforudis audaxviator survives.

Oct 11 09:01

U.S. nuked Iraq during Gulf War - report

An American war veteran has claimed that the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb during the last days of the first Gulf War in Iraq in 1991.

Jim Brown, a mechanic in the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division at the time, told Italian channel RaiNews24 that coalition forces dropped a 5-kilotonne nuclear bomb in a deserted area near the city of Basra.

The bombing allegedly took place in February 27, the last day of hostilities.

Oct 11 08:58

White House dismisses idea of market suspension

The White House on Friday dismissed suggestions that U.S. markets would be suspended so international financial rules could be rewritten amid the turmoil that has gripped markets for weeks.

“There are absolutely no plans or discussions to interfere with the functioning of markets in the United States,” White House spokesman Tony Fratto said in response to a question about the idea raised by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The Italian leader, who is set to meet U.S. President George W. Bush on Monday, later played down the idea.

Oct 11 08:55

Cramer: Get Ready for Another Black Monday

The Dow lost 2,000 points this week, making it the worst sell-off since 1933, Cramer said. He doesn’t think we’re done, though.

Today’s late-day rally brought us too far too fast, he said, and bottoms rarely happen on Fridays anyway. Main Street isn’t paying attention, they find out what happened over the weekend, and then Monday they start to sell.

Oct 11 08:40

Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said political leaders are discussing the idea of closing the world's financial markets while they ``rewrite the rules of international finance.''

``The idea of suspending the markets for the time it takes to rewrite the rules is being discussed,'' Berlusconi said today after a Cabinet meeting in Naples, Italy. A solution to the financial crisis ``can't just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but global.''

Oct 11 08:36

Time magazine invents facts to claim that Americans support Bush’s domestic spying abuses

No matter how corrupt and sloppy the establishment press becomes, they always find a way to go lower.

Oct 11 08:32

Ultrasound machine 'turns cheap plonk into fine wine in 30 minutes'

Inventor Casey Jones says the £350 gadget uses ultrasound technology to recreate the effects of decades of ageing by colliding alcohol molecules inside the bottle.

The Ultrasonic Wine Ager, which looks like an ordinary ice bucket, takes 30 minutes to work and has already been given the thumbs up by an English winemaker.

Mr Jones, 53, said: "This machine can take your run-of-the-mill £3.99 bottle of plonk and turn it into a finest bottle of vintage tasting like it costs hundreds.

Oct 11 08:24

Bush: US will work with partners on credit crisis

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush emerged from a meeting with foreign financial officials on Saturday and pledged a global response to the credit crisis that will lead toward a "path of stability and long-term growth."

Bush announced no new strategies to attack the economic woes circling the globe, stressing instead, "We will do what it takes to resolve the crisis and the world's economy will emerge stronger as a result."

Oct 10 21:37

Wal-Mart changes its mind, leaves existing DRM servers up

In what can only be described as another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario, faced with the option of thousands of disgruntled customers, Wal-Mart is informing them it's decided to leave its online DRM servers running.

Oct 10 19:44

Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?

You know, I’ve been trying to put my finger on why the Bill Ayers stuff bugs me so much. Sure, it’s an absurd charge, but now I think I realize why it really bothers me.

Why would the McCain campaign put Sarah Palin out there to ask “Who is the real Barack Obama?” when 95% of the country didn’t know who she was until a month ago?

Let’s look at the facts…

She blames the media for her bad interviews.

She’ll no longer do any interviews with unfriendly news sources.

She won’t hold a public press conference.

She won’t go on any of the Sunday newsers.

Oct 10 19:41

McCain camp defends the behavior?

Earlier today, Obama remarked on recent outbursts of "Traitor!" "Terrorist!" and "Kill him!" at McCain campaign events. "It's easy to rile up a crowd," Obama said. "Nothing's easier than riling up a crowd by stoking anger and division. But that's not what we need right now in the United States."

Oct 10 19:32

Opera releases 9.6 web browser

Opera has released version 9.6 of its desktop browser, highlighting further speed and efficiency improvements plus a number of new features.

One of these, Opera Link, will save browser history and favourite search engines to ‘the cloud’, enabling users to access bookmarks and previously-visited sites from any computer. Meanwhile, Opera Mail offers a ‘low-bandwidth’ mode, designed for use on slow connections that will strip out attachments, unless specified. It will also let you choose to either follow or ignore contacts in a thread.

Oct 10 17:50

Mouse bites snake to death

A mouse bit a venomous viper to death after it was thrown into the snake's cage as a lunchtime snack.

The tiny rodent killed the snake after a fierce 30-minute battle, emerging with "barely a scratch on him", according to on person who saw the fight.

Firefighters in Taiwan who were looking after the snake - which had been found in a local resident's home - thought that the live mouse would make a perfect lunchtime treat.

But the furry creature had other ideas. Instead of cowering from the 12in snake's gaping jaws and long fangs, it went on the offensive.

Oct 10 17:40

Legislative panel: Palin abused authority

A legislative committee investigating Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found she unlawfully abused her authority in firing the state's public safety commissioner.

The investigative report concludes that a family grudge wasn't the sole reason for firing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan but says it likely was a contributing factor.

The Republican vice presidential nominee has been accused of firing a commissioner to settle a family dispute. Palin supporters have called the investigation politically motivated.

Oct 10 17:23

Sneaky OpenOffice 3 Download

OpenOffice is a free and open source productivity suite that is seen as an alternative to Microsoft Office. This latest version could be seen as a playful Microsoft Office 2003, missing some of its features but surpassing it in other areas. OpenOffice Writer (Microsoft Word equivalent) defaults to saving in its own format (.odt), but the setting can be changed to automatically save in the prevalent Word format (.doc). With this change, we believe most users wouldn’t even notice they were using OpenOffice 3 instead of Microsoft Office 2003 or below.

Oct 10 17:04

FEMA sources confirm coming Martial Law -The Conflict & Revolution Document

"The document is being called the "C & R" document because it reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world. "Conflict" is the "C word" in the document.

Oct 10 17:01

“You Can’t Trust A Black Man, How Can You Vote For One?” Radio Spots Planned

Polls are showing the Ayers attack on Obama is having a negligible effect.

So, now comes word that several right wingnut 527 groups supporting John McCain are preparing a series of quick hit, lie-and-duck, sleazy tricks in the waning days of the campaign.

Oct 10 16:29

New York county prints ‘Barack Osama’ on ballots

Some are calling it a Freudian slip. Everyone’s calling it a big mistake.

Hundreds of absentee ballots sent to voters in New York State’s Rensselaer County, near Albany, were printed with Barack Obama’s last name spelled as “Osama," the Albany Times Union reports.

County elections officials tell the newspaper that it was a typo that made it by three rounds of proof-readers. They also said the error affected just a few hundred voters, and that they will re-send corrected ballots on request.

Oct 10 15:20

I'm Pullin' for Palin

Just say Nobama and vote Hot Mama

Oct 10 15:15

End-game scenarios for America

What we are going through has been repeated over and over again in the six or eight millennia that military conquest and pillage has been popular with elites. Although there are many argu- ments favoring the view that the US has been an imperialist, expansionist power nearly from our beginnings, we were able, due to unique circumstances, to enjoy the best of both worlds -- imperial domination abroad and productive abundance at home. Hence investment in domestic production and social improvement was possible along with military adventurism. This was a historical anomaly.

Oct 10 14:57


Jump, you bastards, who called it business when it was really treason when you sold out your Nation for profit.

Oct 10 14:03

FLASHBACK: 9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

In light of the $700 Billion Taxpayer's Bailout, consider the Pentagon's missing 2.3 Trillon. Where was the outrage then?

Oct 10 14:01

I Smell a Rat

I smell a rat in the indictment and trial of Ted Stevens, the senator from Alaska. Sarah Palin had fought with him for control of the Alaska Republican Party, and by refusing to endorse him for reelection, she looks like an anti-corruption fighter, the maverick who takes on the powerful in the interests of the common people.

Oct 10 13:29

Sad Guys on the Trading Floor