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Nov 11 13:22

Russian economist: How can business survive in a shrinking global market

Recommendations to the members of all the segments of the retail business are the same: Get used to live and work in a shrinking market, because over the next 3-5 years you can not hope for any change... Periods of calm, perhaps even short periods of growth are possible, but in general, the prospects of markets around the world are negative. The main advice in this situation: all entrepreneurs who are not capable to increase profit in a falling market, must exit the business today: this is the only way to minimize the losses... With regard to the role of business in an effort to overcome the crisis, you should not entertain any illusions: business is a mechanism for generating profit and not for solving social problems.

Nov 11 13:00

‘Brave new world’ of hacking: Feds charge 3 men for stealing data from 100 million

Federal prosecutors called it “the largest theft of financial-related data in history” when they unsealed an indictment against three men at the center of a sprawling hacking criminal enterprise. The men face decades in jail, and one is still at-large.

Nov 11 12:36

What We Knew: A Recent History of Deception

If democracy is a transparent system of government by the people, in which elected officials represent their constituents, then America is failing the test of democracy in its foreign policy. Because, far from governing on behalf of the people they represent, the people are being deceived by their representatives.

Nov 11 12:29

Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?

Race dominated the coverage of the 2014 shooting of John Crawford. Crawford was a young black man gunned down by white cops in a Beaverton Creek, Ohio, Walmart as he talked to his girlfriend on the phone while absentmindedly holding a BB gun he had grabbed from a store shelf. Ohio is an “open-carry” state where it’s perfectly legal to walk around with a loaded AR-15.

Nov 11 12:19

T’was the Witch of November Come Stealin’

Nov 11 12:18

New York City Landlords Flout Rent Limits, but Still Receive Lucrative Tax Breaks

As gleaming new housing towers spring up around New York City, thousands of new rent-stabilized apartments are coming onto the market. And in return for following rent limits, developers get a share of $1 billion in property tax breaks handed out by the city.

Nov 11 11:50

Feds may need warrant for web browser surveillance, court rules

When Edward Snowden revealed the NSA secretly monitored Americans’ internet use, officials allayed concerns by explaining “only metadata” was collected. Now a federal court says some URLs fall outside the metadata category, qualifying as content.

Nov 11 11:40

Speech by UNRWA Commissioner to the UN regarding desperate situation of Palestinian refugees

The illegal blockade of Gaza remains in place subjecting Palestinians to collective punishment and denying all but a few the opportunity to lead normal lives, including by interacting with the outside world. Reflecting this, 893,000 Palestine refugees are food dependent, 11 times the number 15 years ago.

Nov 11 11:25

Andronavt humanoid robot for space missions unveiled

A ceremony to unveil Andronaut, a humanoid robot for space missions that will be sent to the ISS as an astronaut assistant after a series of additional tests. A man wearing an exoskeleton can remotely control Andronaut at large distances.

Nov 11 11:20

American Communists rest in peace behind Lenin's tomb

There are more than a dozen European and American communist figures buried in the Kremlin Wall. The most famous of them is John Reed, author of “Ten Days that Shook the World,” the best-known account of the Bolshevik revolution. A journalist who fled to Russia in 1917, Reed died of typhus in Moscow in 1920. The story of Reed, a stylish but controversial icon, and his wife Luisa Bryant was the subject of the 1981 Warren Beatty film “Reds.” Not far from Reed are the ashes of his political rival, Charles Emil Ruthenberg. A native of Ohio, Ruthenberg was a popular leader of the left wing of the American Socialist party and the American labor movement who took part in radical protests against the government and spent numerous stints in jail for inciting riots. He died in 1927 in Chicago, but his remains were brought to Moscow and buried in the Kremlin wall by his comrades... It’s still possible to pay a visit to these revolutionaries and lay flowers at their graves, although few do so.

Nov 11 11:12

Dispersants Did Not Help In BP Spill, Half Of Oil Not Accounted For: Study

By Joe Wright

The fallout continues from the Deepwater Horizon explosion that directly killed 11 workers and ravaged the food chain and the environment more than 5 years ago...

Nov 11 11:11

The U.S. electoral match-up the Kremlin elite would like to see

If Russia’s leaders could vote, they’d probably back Trump for the Republicans and anybody but Clinton on the Democratic ticket. If the Kremlin elite could cast a ballot in a U.S. presidential election, it would probably relish the chance to vote for Donald Trump. In the real world, however, things are far more complicated. What does the current election season mean for future relations between Washington and Moscow? Casual observers could be forgiven for imagining that the United States has a semipermanent election cycle. With still more than 13 months to go before Barack Obama relinquishes the White House, it already feels like the campaign has dragged on for an eternity. Russians can only marvel at the showbiz-style U.S. election process.