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Oct 28 14:35

FLASHBACK - Bush Trying to Pardon Himself

Oct 28 09:28

How to Bankrupt a Nation

How would you bankrupt yourself? You’d want to get yourself into a position where you could not pay off your debts. You’d run up big credit card bills. You’d borrow heavily. You’d mortgage and re-mortgage your house. You’d splurge on your spending. The money would go – to clothes, restaurants, and hairdressers.

Oct 28 09:23

Spending the Economy into Oblivion.. Ron Paul

With news this week that Congress is poised to consider a new stimulus package, I am forced to again ask a question that seems silly in Washington: How will we pay for this?

While a few Members of Congress have raised the issue, it certainly was not the primary concern of the House Budget Committee when they interviewed Ben Bernanke on Monday. And, when they did direct this question to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, his answer was the standard rhetoric about how Congress needed to make tough choices. Needless to say, not many specifics were discussed.

Oct 28 09:19

The Only Choice on November 4th

The critical problem we face today is the same one all mankind has faced: the state, those monopolists who claim the right to break the laws that they make and enforce. How to restrain them is the critical problem of all sound political thinking. Making matters worse, this gang now has a monopoly on the money and the ability to print it, and they are abusing that power at our expense.

Oct 28 08:46

Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

Video the Vote went to Jackson County, WV, in response to numerous reports of machine vote flipping. The local county clerk showed us the machines in question, but the demonstration left us with serious questions, as the machine continued to malfunction even after it was calibrated.

Oct 28 07:30

Rep. Sherman Feels Heat For Reporting On Threat Of Martial Law

Sherman has not retracted that statement. He has not suggested that the Congress members who had told him that didn't really tell him that, or weren't honest, or didn't take it seriously, or that it didn't influence their votes. But he has put out a statement to the media, clearly at the instruction of the leaders of his party, attempting to backpedal. Here's his new statement which begins by quoting his floor comments:

Oct 28 07:18

Money remains scarce.

Short-term lending rates were little changed over the weekend. "We see money markets remaining tight because the fear and uncertainty haven't gone away," economist Adam Carr says. Another sign of banks' wariness to lend even to each other: financial institutions continue to deposit record amounts in central banks' overnight deposit facilities.

Oct 28 07:11

Whirlpool to Cut 5,000 Jobs as U.S. Economy Slows

Whirlpool Corp., the world's largest appliance maker, will cut 5,000 jobs, or 6.8 percent of its workforce, and forecast lower annual profit as the global credit crunch and U.S. housing slump clips appliance sales.

Oct 28 07:05

Home prices off record 16.6% in past year, Case-Shiller says

Home prices in 20 major U.S. cities dropped 1% in August compared with July and had fallen a record 16.6% from the previous year, according to the Case-Shiller home price index published Tuesday by Standard & Poor's.

Oct 28 06:44

Postbank Reports Quarterly Loss on Lehman, Writedowns

Deutsche Postbank AG, Germany's biggest consumer bank by clients, reported a third-quarter loss related to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and writedowns from the financial crisis.

Oct 28 06:02

9 Day Notice Jim Kirwan

The beginning of the End starts in just nine days. It's not as if we didn't have enough time to discuss the issues; because this campaign has broken all records for money spent and time wasted in pursuit of the Oval Office. Two years is an eternity in this quagmire and yet the candidates for president managed to avoid talking about any of the things that are tearing this nation apart.

Oct 28 05:58

The Rise and coming Fall of General Motors

General Motors Corp, Chrysler LLC and Ford Motor Co are struggling to stay alive and are burning up their cash reserves at breakneck speed as they try and retool to manufacture more fuel efficient vehicles. They are in for $30 Billion of taxpayer money to help them along with this.
However, one problem remains. The US Consumer is strapped for cash and acces to credit to buy a new car is almost gone.

Oct 28 05:56

How Can You Be in 10 Places at Once When You Are Nowhere at All?

Three Card Monte is a simple game that’s based on deception and greed. No one comes down the sidewalk and wins at Three Card Monte unless they work for the people running the game. The point of that is to give the impression that winning is possible. This game has been going on for a long, long time and still, people are routinely sucked into it. This game is a simple street version of much more complex games that are run on the public every day.

Oct 28 05:31

Extremists to be barred from UK

Tougher measures to prevent extremists entering the UK have been announced by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

The changes mean it will be up to the individual concerned to prove they will not "stir up tension".


In the 17th Century Voltaire was welcomed into England.

But today we have started a war to let might sort it out.

In the West today we have become the Lilliputians. We have been told the story of the Pantagruelians, and we are building high walls to keep out these mythical giants.

Oct 28 01:27

Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

Federal agents have broken up a plot by two neo-Nazi skinheads to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives said Monday.

In court records unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Tenn., federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school in a murder spree that was to begin in Tennessee. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name.

Oct 27 22:29

What is a Freegan?

Perhaps the most notorious freegan strategy is what is commonly called "urban foraging" or "dumpster diving". This technique involves rummaging through the garbage of retailers, residences, offices, and other facilities for useful goods.

Oct 27 22:16

McCain Supporters Suggest That They Will Form Militias If Barack Obama is Elected

According to McCain supporters:
-McCain's middle name isn't Hussein
-He doesn't kill babies
-McCain isn't a fascists
-He's not a liar and a thief
-He doesn't believe in socialism
-McCain isn't Muslim
-McCain is not getting shot

Oct 27 21:22

Anger at 222% Christmas credit card

Major high-street retailers are targeting poor families with bad credit records to prop up their Christmas sales during the credit crisis.

Dozens of high street stores are taking part in a doorstep lending scheme which charges poor families extreme rates of interest. Woolworths, Comet, B&Q and Mothercare and 92 other retailers have been accepting vouchers that are repaid by borrowers at an annual percentage rate of 222 per cent – more than 10 times the rate of a credit card.

Oct 27 21:14

Spending the Economy into Oblivion

Economic recovery will only come through financial prudence, savings, and getting back to producing things of value again. But it seems to be a foregone conclusion that we are about to enact another government initiative to “stimulate the economy.” Instead, there should be some serious talk about cutting all of these foreign giveaway programs.

Oct 27 20:58

Is web surfing affecting how we think?

People who know their technology could be the masters of the human race - "the top of the new social order" - according to a new report.

A scientist claims that people who regularly surf the web show increased learning capabilities and more creativity than those who don't.

Gary Small, who is a neuroscientist at UCLA in California specialising in researching brain function, has published a book claiming that internet searching and text messaging has made brains more adept at filtering information and making snap decisions, says Reuters.

Oct 27 19:39

Global Cooling: Record Low Temperatures Hit America

Record low temperatures have hit dozens of areas across America as a natural period of global cooling accelerates, leaving man-made global warming advocates with egg on their face as the big chill sets in.

Data compiled by the IceAgeNow website shows that record lows are being matched and broken on an almost daily basis in states throughout the U.S. as the country prepares for a freezing cold winter.

Oct 27 19:37

RNC Spends Twice as Much on Makeup for McCain than Palin

Politico reports today that the Republican National Committee spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup for Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) in September -- in addition to the more than $150,000 the RNC has spent on clothing and accessories for Palin. AMERICAblog points out the amount is just half of what the RNC spends on makeup for Sen. John McCain: The RNC shelled out $8,672.55 for McCain's makeup in September, employing celebrity makeup artist Tifanie White.

Oct 27 19:34

McCain pushed for land swap that would have benefited Keating associate

Years after he resurrected his political fortunes from the Keating Five savings and loan investigation, John McCain promoted an Arizona land swap that would have benefited a former mentor and partner of the scandal's central figure.

The owners of the Spur Cross Ranch, a dramatic 2,154-acre tract of Sonoran desert just north of Phoenix, in the late 1990s sought to sell it to a developer who planned to build a premier golf course surrounded by 390 luxury homes.

Oct 27 19:32


Arnold Pointer is a professional fisherman who set free a big female White Shark caught in his fishing nets. So now for the last 2 years, whenever ol' Arnold goes out fishing off the Australian shoreline, here comes his "little" friend that he calls Cindy.

Cindy has ruined Arnold's fishing. It's pretty hard to get a good catch, when a 17-foot monster with Ginsu knives for teeth is following you around.

And as you can imagine, it's pretty hard to get rid of 17-foot sharks that are protected by the wildlife conservation act.

Oct 27 19:27

Q: Is it true John McCain voted with George Bush 95 percent of the time?

The Obama campaign keeps claiming McCain has voted with President Bush 95 percent of the time. Is this true? Is this significant?

A: Yes, it's true, according to Congressional Quarterly's assessment of McCain's voting record.

Sen. Barack Obama has attempted to use the Arizona senator's voting record against him in statements like this:

Barack Obama (June 3): It's not change when John McCain decided to stand with George Bush 95 percent of the time, as he did in the Senate last year.

Oct 27 19:23

Dennis Kucinich: Timing of Attack In Syria So Close To Election Questioned

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Sunday that four U.S. helicopters conducted an attack on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq in which eight people were killed. SANA reports stated that American helicopters raided the village of Sukariya, 340 miles northeast of Damascus, and then returned to Iraqi airspace. The Syrian government claims that of the eight people who died, four were children.

Oct 27 19:21

New solar cell material achieves almost 100% efficiency, could solve world-wide energy problems

Researchers at Ohio State University have accidentally discovered a new solar cell material capable of absorbing all of the sun's visible light energy. The material is comprised of a hybrid of plastics, molybdenum and titanium. The team discovered it not only fluoresces (as most solar cells do), but also phosphoresces. Electrons in a phosphorescent state remain at a place where they can be "siphoned off" as electricity over 7 million times longer than those generated in a fluorescent state.

Oct 27 19:18

TX Democrats Cry Foul Over Suspicious E-mail

E-mail falsely claims casting a straight-ticket Democratic ballot won't register a vote for Obama

Oct 27 19:12

The GOP mailed out these flyers that somehow are supposed to explain why we should vote for John McCain

The GOP likes to remind us that George W. Bush isn't on the ballot in 2008.

I'd like to remind the GOP that Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko aren't on the ballot either.

Oct 27 18:08

UK Weather - Snow and Ice in October, the Shape of Things to Come?

Widespread frosts and ice, snow showers, sub zero temperatures and winds direct from the arctic aren't things normally associated with mid Autumn, but this week they're all going to be mentioned within weather forecasts for the UK.
Is this the shape of things to come for the rest of Autumn and into Winter though?

Forecasters at think it may be, as they expect a November with temperatures to be close to or below the average with the start of Winter following a similar vein.

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