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Aug 12 13:51

Blood and Oil

This is an overview of how the oil industry has created the situations we face today with the support of Congress and several administrations.

Aug 12 12:33

Flashback: Obama's Civilian Nat'l Security Force, ACORN/SEIU?

Obama’s Civilian National Security Force
By Charles Lemos July 20, 2008
We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
Obama's Speech to ACORN Community Organizers
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aug 12 11:02

More Mass Kids In School Without Vaccinations

BOSTON -- A Team 5 Investigates review of Department of Public Health records finds the number of parents seeking exemptions for immunizations has been steadily rising. The number is growing despite a declining number of kindergarten students over the past decade.

The number of exemptions was .77 percent in 1998 and is now 1.3 percent. Religious exemptions have more than doubled in the past decade.

"I think it's horrible," said Dr. John Cohen, a pediatrician and staunch supporter of vaccination. "There's no religion in this world that says you shouldn't immunize your child."

(Note from LizzieTish to Dr. Cohen:
Ahem.... excuse me? How about squalene, thimerosol, cancer viruses in the vaccines? Those are the best reasons to avoid the vaccines. You should avoid them too, Doc.)

Aug 12 10:56

Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?

The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shock warning about its safety.

Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus.

He has grave reservations about the firm Novartis who are developing the vaccine and testing it in Germany. The vaccination is injected “with a very hot needle”, Wodarg said.

The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals and "we do not know if there could be an allergic reaction".

But more importantly, some people fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells.

Aug 12 10:37

Students Recall More Hollywood than History

Tom Cruise's character in the film 'The Last Samurai' may confuse students as a new study shows that students remember Hollywood fiction versus historical fact.

Aug 12 10:07

VH1 Airs "Lords of the Revolution": Ali, Leary, Cheech & Chong, Black Panthers, Warhol

This week, VH1 is airing the documentary series "Lords of the Revolution," starting with an episode devoted to Muhammad Ali's cultural impact. From the promo material:

Aug 12 09:18

The Agony and Irony of the State…

Health care isn’t broken and neither is public education. We are getting exactly the performance one should expect from systems designed by, beholden to, and benefitting the State. The sooner everyone realizes that, the sooner they can stop asking their executioner for a more comfortable blindfold.

Aug 12 08:58

'We now live on rations': £65,000 a year Tory MP Alan Duncan caught on camera bleating about expenses

A senior Tory earning £65,000 a year has been forced into an humiliating appology after being caught on camera claiming MPs are now forced to live on 'rations' and are treated 'like s**t'.

Aug 12 08:28

Israeli seeks damages from EU over Hamas rocket attacks

An Israeli man is mounting a landmark legal challenge to demand European Union compensation for damages caused by Hamas rocket attacks on his home.

Israeli and Belgian lawyers acting for Eyal Katorza, who is also a French citizen, are preparing a legal case demanding that the EU does more to protect the 300,000 Europeans living in Israel.

Aug 12 08:21

Paul O'Grady held at airport over communist fears

Paul O'Grady has revealed that he was held by officials at a US airport because they thought he was a communist.

The TV presenter said he was taken aside for questioning at Miami airport by staff who made the assumption because of his 'funny' accent.

He was then held for two hours while an officer accused him of being an 'illegal alien' from Cuba.

He told listeners of his Radio 2 show: "How could I be accused of being an illegal Cuban alien? Do I look Cuban? Do I sound Cuban?"

He added: "I've been to hell, folks - it's called Miami airport."

Aug 12 07:03

How the White House's Deal With Big Pharma Undermines Democracy

I'm a strong supporter of universal health insurance, and a fan of the Obama administration. But I'm appalled by the deal the White House has made with the pharmaceutical industry's lobbying arm to buy their support.

Aug 12 06:50

The Truth About Unemployment

The mainstream news is citing the decline in unemployment from 9.5% to 9.4% in July as proof that the economy is stabilizing.

But is that true?

Distortions in the Numbers

Well, as the New York Times pointed out in July:

Aug 12 06:44

Beer could stop bones going brittle

Drinking beer regularly could stop bones from going brittle.

A study found that the bones of women who drink beer regularly are stronger, making them less likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

It is thought that the high level of silicon in beer slows down the thinning that leads to fractures and boosts the formation of new bone, the journal Nutrition reports.
Beer is also rich in phytoestrogens, plant versions of oestrogen, which keep bones healthy.

Aug 12 06:43

Thinking of something good that happened the day before boost happiness

Smiling and recalling something pleasant from the previous day help to make you happier, according to a new experiment.

Volunteers who were asked to recall a pleasant event from the previous day were given an immediate 15 per cent boost in happiness.

Other techniques that helped to increase happiness included expressing gratitude, smiling and carrying out an act of kidness.

Aug 12 06:41

Healthy living 'cuts chronic disease by up to 80 per cent'

The secret to a long life could lie in following four golden rules - exercising regularly, staying slim, eating a healthy diet and never smoking, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that people who lead a healthy lifestyle by meeting these standards reduce the chances of developing common chronic diseases by nearly 80 per cent.

People who followed the formula were 93 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than those who adhered to none of the four factors, according to the findings.

Aug 12 06:35

'Intelligent' bicycle of the future unveiled

Its system incorporates an “unbreakable” locking device that allows only the owner to open it via fingerprint recognition.
Other features include puncture-proof self-inflating tyres, a mini computer that counts calories as the pedals turn, a spokeless, lightweight carbon fibre frame and solar-rechargeable lights.

A battery-assisted motor, run by solar panels, takes over the pedalling after a long day and music accompanies the ride.

Aug 12 04:18

Ron Paul: Support HR 1768 Instead Of Cash for Clunkers

It’s not a shock that people respond to incentives. The program has been deemed a resounding success, and Congress has authorized 2 billion more taxpayer dollars for it. But not everyone is happy about this. Low-income earners who would have been in the market for those perfectly serviceable, working cars will have fewer to choose from, and those cars will probably be more expensive than they normally would have been. Automotive repair shops actively lobbied against this program, as it will destroy many of the cars they would have repaired. They were out-lobbied. And of course, Americans as a whole are hurt, because this additional bailout of auto companies comes at our expense through inflation.

Aug 12 04:10

Addicted to War: America's Brutal Pipe Dream in Afghanistan

Looks like the "Good War" in Afghanistan is morphing even more directly into the "Drug War" that the U.S. government has been waging all over the world -- and especially against its own people -- for almost 40 years now, with all the attendant aggrandizement of authoritarian powers and degradation of civil liberties and human rights.

As The Times reports, and Pentagon brass confirmed, the "continuity government" of the Obama Administration has drawn up yet another "hit list" of people to be arbitrarily assassinated: 50 "drug lords" allegedly associated with the Taliban. No doubt the many drug lords associated with the American-installed Afghan government -- and those cooperating directly with the Western occupation -- are exempt from this dirty laundry list.

Aug 12 03:11

Under Obamacare, The Government Would Indoctrinate Your Kids

TV star and political commentator Chuck Norris points out in an editorial today that under the Obamacare legislation currently being vociferously opposed in town halls across the country, the government would empower itself to carry out home intrusions and state re-education of children under a Stalinist indoctrination program.

Aug 11 23:32

Guess Who Beat Kenny Gladney

Guess Who Beat Kenny Gladney
by Bill Hennessy on August 9, 2009
Elston K. McCowan is a former organizer – now the Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000 – and board member of the Walbridge Community Education Center, and is a Baptist minister, has been a community organizer for more than 23 years, and now, he is running for Mayor of the City of St. Louis under the Green Party....McCowan is not a rank-and-file, card-carrying union guy. He is a director with SEIU. He IS the union. He ISSUES the cards.
Union Thug Who Beat Up Ken Gladney Is SIEU Director
ElstonMcCowan.jpg[He is black.]

Aug 11 23:22

California: You owe us taxes on those IOUs

California: You owe us taxes on those IOUs
posted at 10:42 am on August 9, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
Bruce McQuain calls this the theater of the absurd, but that implies humor and entertainment value. Unfortunately, California’s attempt to get hard cash in taxes based on payments to businesses it made with imaginary money is neither humorous or entertaining. It does demonstrate the complete disconnect from reality suffered by the state’s political class in Sacramento:

Aug 11 23:09

Apartheid Israel,Racism & Twitter

As I have stated before,I have a twitter account and usually spend my time delivering articles for others to read about Israel,Zionism and other breaking news in the United States and Middle East.
Recently I have taken much of my time and used it to "debate" with Zionists on twitter - sometimes for a few minutes,wherein some block me,or for hours wherein some throw a mixture of lies and fallacies in my direction in order to cause me to break in some form or fashion.

Dolpheena@iPolitical "israeli society is civilized when we keep barbarians under control."

Aug 11 22:07


Not one - I repeat - not one executive or other person related to this has gone to prison. Not one person has been indicted. Not one banking charter has been revoked.

Aug 11 19:37

Drug to combat swine flu leaves '1,000 patients in suffering'

Health officials yesterday defended the Government's policy of giving the antiviral drug Tamiflu to everyone claiming to be suffering from the symptoms of swine flu despite more than 400 reports of adverse drug reactions since the start of the outbreak.

Critics of the policy of widespread distribution of Tamiflu have also warned that people who fail to complete the course of treatment may be fuelling the evolution of drug-resistant forms of the type of H1N1 influenza A virus behind the swine flu pandemic.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said yesterday that between 1 April and 6 August there had been 418 reports of adverse side effects to Tamiflu and a further 686 suspected cases of adverse reactions.