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Nov 13 12:05

Consumers Don't Cause Recessions

With all the talk of consumer spending and national income, we often forget that actual production must occur before people can consume anything. It doesn't matter how many green pieces of paper are in your wallet; you can't "demand" a TV set unless the store has an actual unit on the shelf.

Nov 13 10:18

Hate Laws - Putting Beliefs Behind Bars

The new TV show Life on Mars features a cop thrown back in time to 1973. On a recent episode, the cop from 2008 calls an assault a "hate crime." His buddy, a cop from 1973, retorts, "As opposed to an "I really, really like you crime?""

His witty comeback points out the commonsense response to the idea of a "hate crime:" all violence comes from evil emotions. We should not classify some rapes as more hateful or some assaults as more biased. This belittles individual survivors; it categorizes them based on their group identity, not their personal rights as a human being.

Nov 13 10:09

Eurofighter came within half a SECOND of hitting private jet in 530mph dive-bomb practice

A Eurofighter came within half a second of hitting a private jet after screaming past the plane at 530mph while diving, it has been revealed.

The RAF’s £138million Typhoon was simulating a bombing run with a ‘high-angled strafe’ when it flew past just 240ft from the Hawker Siddeley 125, which was preparing to land at an airport.

They missed each other by ‘the blink of an eye’, air traffic experts said.

The incident near Louth, Lincs, was classed as an ‘A’ by the Civil Aviation Authority’s Airprox Board — meaning there was a ‘definite risk of collision’.

Nov 13 10:06

It's No Joke: Fed Hires Failed Bank Executive

The Federal Reserve Bank is drawing jeers for hiring a former top executive from the now-defunct investment bank Bear Stearns to help it gauge the health of other banks.

"How's this for sweet irony?" business publication needled the pick.

Michael Alix was head of risk management for Bear Stearns for two years until the institution imploded this spring, a victim of its (risky) subprime-mortgage related investments.

Last Friday, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York quietly announced it had hired Alix to advise it on bank supervision.

Nov 13 10:02

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal.

The goat's owner, Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders.

They ordered the man, Mr Tombe, to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) to Mr Alifi.

Nov 13 09:53

Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS

An American man who suffered from AIDS appears to have been cured of the disease 20 months after receiving a targeted bone marrow transplant normally used to fight leukemia, his doctors said Wednesday.

While researchers — and the doctors themselves — caution that the case might be no more than a fluke, others say it may inspire a greater interest in gene therapy to fight the disease that claims 2 million lives each year. The virus has infected 33 million people worldwide.

Nov 13 09:41

LG, Sharp plead guilty to LCD price-fixing, take $585m fine

Allegations of LCD price-fixing have been swirling around for years now, and it looks like at least some of the companies involved have dirt on their hands -- LG, Sharp and Chunghwa Picture Tubes have all just pled guilty to price-fixing in a case filed by the US Department of Justice and will pay a combined $585m fine. LG's taking the biggest hit at $400m for conspiring to fix prices from September 2001 to June 2006, while Sharp's on the hook for $120m for jacking prices on panels sold to Dell, Motorola and Apple during the same time frame. Naughty, naughty.

Nov 13 09:39

AVG Antivirus Accidentally Kills Windows

Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish users of the popular anti-virus software AVG have discovered a nasty surprise. AVG has mistakenly identified a core Windows system file, user32.dll, as a Trojan, and summarily deletes it, b0rking Windows. AVG has announced they're working on a fix.

Nov 13 09:38

GM 'Needs' to Go Under

Listen, it wasn't American citizens who knuckled under to the UAW and decided to lavish fat pensions and health benefits on assembly line workers making $100k a year the past few decades. So get over it. Figure out how to cut overhead and improve your product or go the hell out of business.

Nov 13 09:36

Where Do I Send My Mortgage Bill?

Since the government's made it clear there should be no such thing as fiscal responsibility even in the private (sic) sector anymore, and will soon effectively be nationalizing the American auto industry in addition to the banks, I see little reason why I should have to be responsible for paying off my own mortgage note. You know, equaliy and all that.

Nov 13 09:31

A mystery glows on Saturn

Scientists say the northern lights on Saturn are unlike anything they've ever seen, on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system. Infrared imagery from the Cassini orbiter, released today to accompany research published in the journal Nature, only adds to the mystery at the top of the ringed planet.

Nov 13 09:20

Obama's Private School Shoppping Goes Public

The education world is waiting to see whether Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, will be sent to private school while their father continues to oppose tax-supported programs that offer a similar choice to less-fortunate parents.

Nov 13 09:17

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation

North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation.

A U.S. Geological Survey assessment, released April 10, shows a 25-fold increase in the amount of oil that can be recovered compared to the agency's 1995 estimate of 151 million barrels of oil.

Nov 13 07:59

What "Change" In America Really Means

~~~~snip~~~ That is the subtext of Barack Obama's "oratory". He says he wants to build up US military power; and he threatens to ignite a new war in Pakistan, killing yet more brown-skinned people. That will bring tears, too. Unlike those on election night, these other tears will be unseen in Chicago and London. This is not to doubt the sincerity of much of the response to Obama's election, which happened not because of the unction that has passed for news reporting from America since 4 November (e.g.

Nov 13 05:14

End The Fed Rally

Nov 12 23:23

Commentary: GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track

Ron Paul: Asking about the future of the GOP is the wrong question, instead people should ask why the country went in the wrong direction.

Nov 12 22:33

Special Edition New York Times: Iraq War Ends

The Iraq War ends, National Health Insurance Act is passed by congress, Maximum wage limit is set for CEOs, USA PATRIOT Act is repealed, Court Indicts Bush for High Treason.

However, I don't see any stories on Israel returning all the land they've stolen, or apologizing for the deception, and false-flage operations staged over the years.

Nov 12 22:32

A New World Financial Order

Mr. Brown wants the Middle East oil producers and China to assist in contributing to the bailouts taking place in the United States and Europe. In calling for such contributions Mr. Brown is effectively admitting the United States and Europe are broke and have exhausted their government (and central bank) resources in an effort to cure this massive market correction (frequently called a recession, deep recession or even depression) which has been underway since August 2007.

Nov 12 21:57

US Taxpayers Violated, The Looting Operation Continues

Frankly, it was the most plainly-worded document of theft that I had ever seen, and probably ever will see, in my life (because it was too blatant and such mistakes are rarely made again).

Worse, it is the financial crisis that is being used to peddle this tripe. A crisis that has been used to advance the power and reach of the banks, using the most overt looting and legalized theft ever seen or envisaged.

Nov 12 21:46

Obama to Act Quickly on Global Warming in 2009

President-elect Barack Obama will act quickly on a campaign promise to address climate change upon taking office in January, his environment adviser said.

Nov 12 21:44

Beth Ann Kucinich, 48, the younger sister of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, died Tuesday

Beth Ann Kucinich, 48, the younger sister of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, died Tuesday at the Cleveland VA Medical Center after suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. Her three-week battle with the illness ended with her family at her side, according to a statement from the family.

Nov 12 20:47

Max Keiser talks about the coming COMEX default

Max Keiser predicts the COMEX will crash as the huge amounts of shorts will not be able to deliver physical Gold and Silver when delivery is demanded. This will lead to huge spikes in the price of the precious metals with gold perhaps doubling in one day. It could happen. In fact, it WILL happen, it is just a question of when.

Nov 12 20:34

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie

The Treasury Department is under siege by an army of hired guns for banks, savings and loan associations and insurers — as well as for improbable candidates like a Hispanic business group representing plumbing and home-heating specialists.

Nov 12 19:54

Rahm Emanuel: Barack Obama's Sarah Palin?

Jubilation was heard in Tel Aviv as Haaretz, the Israeli daily, boasted November 6th: "Obama kick-starts transition, picks Israeli Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff."

Best known for his fundraising prowess among wealthy Jewish Democrats, the naming of Emanuel as the first presidential appointment echoes Sarah Palin's famous one-liner, "I love Israel." That claim was voiced in her vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden who is featured on a YouTube video famously proclaiming, "I am a Zionist."

Nov 12 13:53

Patrick Cockburn: The US can quit Iraq, or it can stay. But it can't do both

If it ever comes to court it should be one of the more interesting libel cases of the decade. The Iraqi National Intelligence Service is threatening to sue Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi politician, for asking who pays for it.

"It is somewhat curious," says Mr Chalabi, "that the intelligence service of a country which is sovereign – that no one really knows who is funding it."

Nov 12 13:04

Another UN Official Goes Public On 911 Doubts

Another Brick in the Massive Wall of Evidence that 911 Was an Inside Job.

Nov 12 12:33

Baron David De Rothschild: Economic Crisis Will Bring New World Order, Global Governance

Among the captains of industry, spin doctors and financial advisers accompanying British prime minister Gordon Brown on his fund-raising visit to the Gulf this week, one name was surprisingly absent. This may have had something to do with the fact that the tour kicked off in Saudi Arabia. But by the time the group reached Qatar, Baron David de Rothschild was there, too, and he was also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Nov 12 11:07

Paulson pushes the bounds of credibility one more time.

"U.S. Secretary Henry Paulson plans to use the second half of the $700 billion financial rescue program to help relieve pressures on consumer credit, scrapping an effort to buy devalued mortgage assets."Illiquidity in this sector is raising the cost and reducing the availability of car loans, student loans and credit cards'' Paulson said today in a speech at the Treasury in Washington. `"This is creating a heavy burden on the American people and reducing the number of jobs in our economy.'""

Nov 12 10:30

For What Did They Die?

It is autumn, and the air is crisp and cool at night at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

It gets very quiet at The Wall around midnight. The tourists have gone home, and are all tucked into bed.

A homeless Vietnam veteran patrols the black granite panels. He tells us that he has cancer and is having a hard time getting any benefits from the Veterans Administration. He lives in a mission that houses those who have nowhere else to go, but the doors don't open until 11 p.m.