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Nov 01 11:29

Real time image of the current state of the Sun [pic]

Spot the sunspots (or lack of).

Nov 01 11:27

Libya 'ready to host Russian naval base'

Libya is willing to host a Russian naval base as a means of security against any possible U.S. attack, a Russian business daily said on Friday.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi will pay an official visit to Russia at the invitation of President Dmitry Medvedev from October 31 to November 2.

The Kommersant newspaper cited a source close to the preparations for the visit as saying that the Libyan leader was planning to raise the naval base issue during talks with the Russian leadership.

Nov 01 11:12

Cunningham alleged that "Obama wants to gas the Jews"

Summary: On his Cincinnati-based radio show, Bill Cunningham asked a fictional Jewish character voiced by a fellow WLW-AM host: "Did you hear about this Khalidi tape where Obama is toasting a guy who wants to gas and fry Jews? ... This Obama guy loves the PLO. Can't you figure that out?" Cunningham later added, "Jews for [Sen. John] McCain because Obama wants to gas the Jews, like the PLO wants to gas the Jews, like the Nazis gassed the Jews."

Nov 01 11:01

[Video] Long Voting Lines in Atlanta

Nov 01 10:56

OLED Screen so Flexible and Thin it Blows in the Wind

Samsung shocked some crowds at the FPD International 2008 this year by displaying a .05mm thick OLED display. Oh, and did I mention there just “happened” to be a fan nearby that caused it to flap around? Because there was.

Nov 01 10:56

OLED Screen so Flexible and Thin it Blows in the Wind

Samsung shocked some crowds at the FPD International 2008 this year by displaying a .05mm thick OLED display. Oh, and did I mention there just “happened” to be a fan nearby that caused it to flap around? Because there was.

Nov 01 10:41

Bogus Robocall Tells Floridians They Can Vote By Phone

The residents of Broward County, Florida have recently received misleading robocalls telling them that they can vote by phone on Election Day, according to a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Friday.

The report didn't provide many details, other than the fact that the voice fallaciously identified itself as Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

When asked whether she had heard about the calls, the supervisor's public service director said that she hadn't, and that of course voting by phone is not an option.

Nov 01 08:39

China And Russia Hint At Dropping US Dollar

Reports from the Russian media suggest that the country is on the verge of an agreement with China to renounce the US dollar and stop using it in international settlements.

“The recent meeting between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao, created a financial sensation,” reports RIA Novosti.

“Wen said that the two nations could withstand the global financial crisis if they joined forces; Putin urged him to go farther and stop using U.S. dollars in Russian-Chinese settlements.”

Nov 01 08:33

Obama and Iraq

There's no doubt that the financial crisis, job insecurity, and fundamental economic worries are the No. 1 issue in Tuesday's vote. But that raises a critical question: If Barack Obama is elected, will he have an antiwar mandate?

The answer isn't clear.

Nov 01 07:45

Wall Street’s Great Heist of 2008

The Wall Street Journal published a front-page article Friday reporting that the nine biggest US banks, which have received a combined $125 billion in taxpayer funds as part of the $700 billion bailout authored by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and passed by the Democratic Congress, owed their executives more than $40 billion for recent years’ compensation and pensions as of the end of 2007.

This means that nearly a third of the public funds given to these banks will ultimately be used to increase the private fortunes of a handful of multimillionaire Wall Street executives.

Nov 01 02:52

Beginning of Hyperinflation

GERMANY—Hard-Cash investor Walter K. Eichelburg, predicted the mortgage bubble bust and insolvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the United States in an early 2007 Epoch Times interview. He made himself available for another interview with The Epoch Times.

Epoch Times (ET): Mr. Eichelburg, what can we learn from today’s crisis?

Nov 01 02:01

Great Stunt Pilot

Nov 01 01:51

Boy Sent Home From School For Dressing As Jesus

A Paramus middle school student was sent home Friday after he came to school dressed up as Jesus for Halloween.

For a few hours, Alex Woinski was the messiah of West Brook Middle School, but like the real Jesus, Woinski was condemned, so to speak.

"Sort of like a new remake of what supposedly happened," Woinski told CBS 2.

Decked out in sandals, a robe, fake beard and thorns, the 13-year-old joined 500 other students at his school's Halloween celebration, and on this day, he was the chosen one - to go home.

Nov 01 01:42

George Bush Will Soon Be Free To Do Just What He Wants

We are about to enter the twilight zone, that strange black hole in political time and space that appears no more than once every four years. It is known as the period of transition, and it starts a week from today, the time when the United States has not one president but two. One will be the president-elect, the other George Bush, in power for 12 more weeks in which he can do pretty much whatever he likes.

Oct 31 23:32

Trick or Treat. Do you spook easily?

Matt Drudge is touting the results of a one-day sample in a Zogby poll, which apparently showed John McCain ahead by 1 point.

There are a couple of significant problems with this.

Firstly, there is a reason that pollsters include multiple days of interviewing in their tracking polls; a one-day sample is extremely volatile, and have very high margins for error.

Secondly, the Zogby polls have been particularly volatile, because he uses nonsensical party ID weightings, which mean that his weighting process involves making numbers doing naughty things that they usually don't like to do.

Oct 31 23:27

Oprah Opts For Early-Voting, Has Voting Booth Meltdown (VIDEO)

Oprah Winfrey announced on her live show Friday that she took advantage of Illinois' early-voting laws and voted Thursday in Chicago — but not without a voting booth scare and near emotional meltdown.

"I was worried that there's gonna be such long lines, and I have a live show," Winfrey said, justifying her decision to vote early.

She waited 72 minutes to vote, only to have a near-meltdown in the booth.

Oct 31 23:14

Anger at deal that safeguards bonuses

After resisting the urge to join the government bailout of banks, Barclays has secured a rescue package from oil-rich investors from the Middle East – a means of raising capital without jeopardising the multi-million pound bonuses that some of its staff will earn this year.

Oct 31 23:11

SAS chief quits over 'negligence' that killed troops in Afghanistan

The commander of SAS special forces in Afghanistan has resigned amid fresh controversy over the equipment available to British troops fighting the Taliban, it was reported last night.

It is believed that Major Sebastian Morley decided to quit over the deaths of four of his soldiers who were killed when their lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover hit a landmine in Helmand province earlier this year.

Oct 31 21:38

Australia: No residency for boy with Down syndrome

A German doctor hoping to gain permanent residency in Australia said Friday he will fight an immigration department decision denying his application because his son has Down syndrome. Bernhard Moeller came to Australia with his family two years ago to help fill a doctor shortage in a rural area of Victoria state.

His temporary work visa is valid until 2010, but his application for permanent residency was rejected this week. The immigration department said Moeller's 13-year-old son, Lukas, "did not meet the health requirement."


Oct 31 21:22

Long lines, glitches greet early voters

Four of the five computers that check voter registrations crashed Thursday night at the Adamsville Recreation Center in Atlanta, leaving more than a thousand people waiting long after the official closing time of 7 p.m. Hundreds were still in line at 11 p.m. as Atlantans watched them on the city’s late news broadcasts.

“This may be one of many places that this will happen,” said Lisa Borders, president of the Atlanta City Council. “The system is not adequate to accommodate the numbers of people that are going to be voting.”

Oct 31 20:55

Karl Rove: Don't Let the Polls Affect Your Vote

The last national poll that showed Mr. McCain ahead came out Sept. 25 and the 232 polls since then have all shown Mr. Obama leading. Only one time in the past 14 presidential elections has a candidate won the popular vote and the Electoral College after trailing in the Gallup Poll the week before the election: Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Oct 31 20:40

Coastal Maine tide change a mystery

Meteorologists are baffled by rapid tidal changes along the Maine coast, which damaged some boats and piers.

Witnesses say low tide turned and became high within a matter of minutes on Tuesday afternoon. The changes occurred six or seven times. The National Weather Service says reports from several locations indicated that water levels fell and rose from 4 feet to as much as 12 feet during the event.

In a public information statement, the weather service says the cause "remains a mystery and may never be known."

Oct 31 20:37

ABC's 20/20 Not Seeing Clearly on Electronic Voting Machines

I was amazed and then dismayed tonight to see a segment on ABC's 20/20 that began by pointing out the problems with electronic voting machines. Here's the text version.

Oct 31 20:34

Hot Air And Grasping At Straws

Briebart today ran an AFP article with the misleading headline "US election: If Iraqis could vote it would be for McCain". I say misleading because it mentions in its first few paras exactly three Iraqis who prefer McCain - and in its last paras mentions two who prefer Obama.That's hardly all or even a representative sample of all Iraqis. That hasn't stopped a couple of rightwing bloggers grasping at straws - including Ed Morrissey, who continues his downward spiral of judgement at Hot Air and who I don't think would ever have linked such thin gruel at Captain's Quarters.

Oct 31 20:32

Watch out for bad Choco-coins

Pirate’s Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, made by Sherwood Brands, have just joined the ever-expanding list of recalled, made-in-China products containing the contaminant melamine.

Oct 31 20:31

The Bush gang's parting gift: a final, frantic looting of public wealth

In the final days of the election many Republicans seem to have given up the fight for power. But don't be fooled: that doesn't mean they are relaxing. If you want to see real Republican elbow grease, check out the energy going into chucking great chunks of the $700bn bail-out out the door. At a recent Senate banking committee hearing, the Republican Bob Corker was fixated on this task, and with a clear deadline in mind: inauguration. "How much of it do you think may be actually spent by January 20 or so?" Corker asked Neel Kashkari, the 35-year-old former banker in charge of the bail-out.

Oct 31 20:21

E-mail error ends up on road sign

When officials asked for the Welsh translation of a road sign, they thought the reply was what they needed. Unfortunately, the e-mail response to Swansea council said in Welsh: "I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated". So that was what went up under the English version which barred lorries from a road near a supermarket.

Oct 31 20:11

Vote Fraud 2004: How Ohio was "Delivered" to Bush

December 2004 sworn testimony by Clinton Curtis to the Judiciary Committee Democrats in Columbus, Ohio. The testimony caused gasps in the chamber room. Watch the video to find out why.

Q - "Do you have an opinion whether or not the Ohio presidential election was hacked?"

A - "Yes, I would say it was, I mean, if you have exit polling data that is significantly off from the vote then it's probably hacked."

Oct 31 19:44

Barack Obama - a future US President 26 (Photos)

Yes, even Russia thinks Obama will be the US President.

So, get off the couch and make it happen people!

Click the heading to see the pics. Enjoy :-)

Oct 31 19:44

????? ????? - ??????? ????????? ???? (Barack Obama - a future US President 26 Photos)

Yes, even Russia thinks Obama will be the US President.

So, get off the couch and make it happen people!

Click the heading to see the pics. Enjoy :-)