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Jun 26 04:12

United Nations publishes 'World Drug Report 2009'

A UN agency has published a comprehensive report on the worldwide illicit drugs market, the World Drug Report 2009. The graphs and maps below show the extent of the problem and measures to tackle it.


Some argue that strict controls have created a thriving black market that breeds violence and corruption.
In the report's preface, UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa calls for greater investment in drug treatment and crime control. He says legalising drugs would be "an historic mistake" as a free market would spark a drug epidemic. "Societies should not have to choose between protecting public health or public security: they can and should do both."

(Lots of graphics at the source link)

Jun 26 03:53

CNN: Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- The United States may have been behind the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year-old Iranian woman whose fatal videotaped shooting Saturday made her a symbol of opposition to the June 12 presidential election results, the country's ambassador to Mexico said Thursday.

"This death of Neda is very suspicious," Ambassador Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri said. "My question is, how is it that this Miss Neda is shot from behind, got shot in front of several cameras, and is shot in an area where no significant demonstration was behind held?"

He suggested that the CIA or another intelligence service may have been responsible.

Jun 26 03:27

Zero tolerance strip search declared illegal, but what are the implications?

Today, we found out what their limit on state-sponsored assholery is. In an 8-1 decision, the court ruled against the Arizona school that put a 13-year-old female student through a humiliating strip search in order to find over the counter ibuprofen that the girl didn’t even have.

Jun 26 03:16

Truth and Reconciliation

While it remains unclear whether the United States will create a commission of inquiry to investigate abuses committed after September 11, the process of reconciliation that might be one aspect of such a commission has actually already been started by a former Guantanamo detainee and a former Guantanamo guard.

Jun 26 01:35

Gun Control: What Is the Agenda?

Some years or decades ago I researched and reported on the Sullivan Act, one of America’s first gun control laws.

New York state senator Timothy Sullivan, a corrupt Tammany Hall politician, represented New York’s Red Hook district. Commercial travelers passing through the district would be relieved of their valuables by armed robbers. In order to protect themselves and their property, travelers armed themselves. This raised the risk of, and reduced the profit from, robbery. Sullivan’s outlaw constituents demanded that Sullivan introduce a law that would prohibit concealed carry of pistols, blackjacks, and daggers, thus reducing the risk to robbers from armed victims.

Jun 25 23:22

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit

Just had to post this for a little laugh. George Carlin was one of a kind.

With all the insanity about religion in the world today it just seemed appropriate.

Jun 25 22:37

Billionaire Tax Felon Says UBS Lied in Pledge to Report to IRS

With evidence from the Olenicoff case and cooperation from Birkenfeld, U.S. prosecutors have been able to penetrate the veil of financial invisibility that Switzerland guards as a national treasure.

Jun 25 20:17

Solving Problems with a Honey Pot

If an informed reader has any memory at all, the adventure of the ‘disappearance” of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his re-emergence after admitting to an affair in Argentina, brings into focus a very interesting question. Are we seeing another application of what in the alphabet agency/spy business is called a “honey pot” operation?

Jun 25 19:05

San Diego Jury: Police are Above the Law

After three days of deliberations, a jury San Diego — a militaristic community thoroughly besotted with people in state-issued costumes — acquitted police officer Frank White of felony gross negligent discharge of a firearm and a misdemeanor count of displaying a firearm in an “angry manner.”

The charges arose from a March 2008 “road rage” incident in which White shot Rachel Silva and her eight-year-old son.

Jun 25 16:49

An Exclusive Interview with a Pro-Ahmadinejad Cleric in Qom, Iran

You know, one of the biggest pieces of propaganda is that the forces here are allowed to use firearms. They're not. If you look closely at these videos, you'll notice that the legitimate police and officers are using clubs, tear gas, and water canons to control the crowd, not firearms. If you are seeing people using guns and firearms, these are the rogues from outside Iran who are terrorizing the people and vandalizing property. I'm telling you, all of Iran is against these people who are committing these acts of violence and vandalism.

Jun 25 15:59

CIA in Iran:Shah-SAVAK/Khomeini-SAVAMA

If the Ayatollah Khomeini was an enemy of the United States ruling elite, why did he adopt the CIA's security service? [SAVAMA]
Historical and Investigative Research - 23 Feb 2006
by Francisco Gil-White
SAVAK was the accronym for the Iranian Shah (King) Mohammed Reza Pahlavi's feared security service, which routinely tortured and assassinated dissidents, and spied on everybody. It had been created by the CIA after the CIA installed the shah in power in a 1953 coup d'état.[1]

Jun 25 14:00

Freedom Watch 20: Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano & more on Healthcare, Iran & the Neocon Agenda

Here's the lineup for episode 20 of Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano:

Rep Ron Paul
Lew Rockwell
David Boaz
Gary Johnson
Wayne Allen Root
Shelly Roche (on set the entire hour – send your Tweets to
Michael Shanklin

‘Freedom Watch’ will re-air Saturday evening at 6pm EST on Fox News Talk Sirius channel 145, XM channel 168 and

Jun 25 13:32

Techniques to Discredit [Truth-tellers]

Techniques to Discredit
Sutton and Wood warned, "Anyone in the U.S. who promotes unwelcome news for the elite receives some unwelcome attention in return." This attention includes the use of experts, mainstream media, and anti-hate organizations, for well-coordinated character assassination.(*) According to author Perloff, a document released by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on September 23, 1956 entitled, Propaganda and the Alert Citizen outlined the tactics reportedly used by the Establishment to discredit opposition.
World renowned scientist lost his job when he warned about GE foods

Jun 25 12:46

Cyber Security Czar Front-Runner No Friend of Privacy

Oh sweet this guy is a gem! I'd Vote for him

NOT !!!!!!!

Former Republican Congressman Tom Davis, reportedly President Barack Obama’s top candidate for cyber security czar, voted repeatedly to expand the government’s internet wiretapping powers, and helped author the now-troubled national identification law known as REAL ID.

Jun 25 12:35

England supermarket is powered by shoppers’ kinetic energy

An England supermarket is deploying a green energy system that allows it to harvest energy from the natural movement of its shoppers.

Sainsbury, England’s third largest supermarket chain, has decided to deploy a road plate technology developed by AEST from California that generates electricity whenever pressure is applied on it, for example, a car running over it.

AEST says that a system of 20 plates can generate about 10,000 to 12,000 kWh of energy per day, and cost $2.5 million. The system generates energy which allows saving of approximately $300,000 a year.

The Sainsbury system will generate 30kW per hour, which is enough to power the store’s lighting and computers.

Further reading can be found here

Jun 25 12:22

Gates Creates Cyber-Defense Command

Gotta protect the UberRich companies, from the BAD Poor people (maybe we should shoot all the Poor people

NOT! we should eat the UberRich!

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates issued an order yesterday establishing a command that will defend military networks against computer attacks and develop offensive cyber-weapons, but he also directed that the structure be ready to help safeguard civilian systems.

Jun 25 12:19

CEO of Microsoft's Indian Partner Complains American college graduates Are "Unemployable"

Now HCL's CEO Vineet Nayar has gone on record with some controversial remarks about the quality of American technology college graduates. Tired of hearing stereotypes about Indian tech grads, Mr. Nayar, speaking before an audience of business partners in New York City, blasted American tech grads as "unemployable". He elaborated that he views American tech grads as inferior to those from India, China, and Brazil as the Americans only want to "get rich" and dream up "the next big thing". He says students from countries like India, China, and Brazil are more willing to put the effort into "boring" details of tech process and methodology, such as ITIL, Six Sigma, etc.

Jun 25 12:11

UGA researchers achieve breakthrough in effort to develop tiny biological fuel cells

University of Georgia researchers have developed a successful way to grow molecular wire brushes that conduct electrical charges, a first step in developing biological fuel cells that could power pacemakers, cochlear implants and prosthetic limbs. The journal Chemical Science calls the technique "a significant breakthrough for nanotechnology."

Jun 25 11:55

U.S. Stocks Gain as Fed Curtails Intervention

so let me understand this: we want to give the Private banks control of our economy, AND yet when they BUTT out, the stock market rises, UNREAL!!!!!

June 25 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks rose the most in three weeks as the Federal Reserve curtailed its intervention into financial markets, better-than-estimated earnings at Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. lifted retailers and Lennar Corp. triggered gains by homebuilders. Alcoa Inc. and Home Depot Inc. increased more than 4 percent after the Fed said one emergency-lending program will be eliminated and two others will be cut back. Bed Bath & Beyond surged 11 percent, Exxon Mobil Corp. climbed 1.7 percent as oil exceeded $70 a barrel.

Jun 25 11:42

About Cannon-Fodder and Sacrificial Lambs

It is a cynical but fitting symbol, when Zionist propagandists, from the 1970s on, called the Jewish suffering during World War II “the Holocaust”. It was a “burnt offering” of human sacrifice to a cruel deity by modern-day “high-priests” for the sake of “Israel” using the Nazis as their “knives”.

Jun 25 11:36

8 Basijis shot dead during Tehran unrest

All the Basij members were killed by gunfire, indicating that there were gunmen fomenting unrest among protesters, the officials said.

Jun 25 11:18

China should buy gold as falling dollar hedge - China CP research

Li Lianzhong, who heads the economic department of the Party's policy research office, said China should use more of its $1.95 trillion in foreign exchange reserves to buy energy and natural resource assets.

Jun 25 10:56

A Team of Archeologists have uncovered a flute in a German cave dating back 35,000 years

“It’s unambiguously the oldest instrument in the world,” says University of Tuebingen archaeologist Nicholas Conar, who lead the team.

Jun 25 09:44

Citi Suspends Mortgage Apps Over Missing Documents; Questions Raised

Citigroup has suspended mortgage applications at a unit which produced nearly $58 billion (half of the their mortgage business) after the bank discovered that income verifications and property appraisals were ‘missing.’ Other missing information includes employment verifications, phone numbers, credit reports and rent verification.

Jun 25 08:14

The propaganda war against Iran

The US media, led by the New York Times , is continuing its concerted propaganda campaign against Iran over charges that the government stole the June 12 presidential election. There is not even a semblance of objectivity in the media coverage, which parrots the charges of the opposition headed by defeated presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi as fact and dismisses the government’s claims as lies.

The opposition is lauded as democratic and reformist, while incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his supporters are portrayed as virtual fascists. One would scarcely imagine that the two men represent rival factions within the same ruling establishment.

Responsibility for the violence in the streets of Tehran is attributed entirely to the government and its security forces.

Jun 25 08:09

Torture eats away at the soul of this nation

Anniversaries can be important. This Friday marks the 22nd anniversary of the U.N. Convention against Torture, ratified and signed under President Reagan. Last Friday marked the 150th day of the presidency of Barack Obama, who is trying to put a definitive end to the torture approved by the Bush-Cheney administration.

That Obama has not been able to do so is our collective shame. Worse still, the president has apparently concluded that he lacks the support to deter future abominations of this sort by launching a proper investigation and holding to account those responsible.

Jun 25 08:04

Ahmadinejad tells Obama to stop meddling in Iran

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday warned his US counterpart Barack Obama to stop meddling in Iran's affairs as the regime clamped down further on the opposition despite growing global concern.

His blunt message came as a top dissident cleric warned Iran's rulers that their suppression of protests over the disputed election that returned Ahmadinejad to power could threaten the very foundations of the Islamic regime.

"I hope you (Obama) will avoid interfering in Iran's affairs," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency.