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Aug 11 01:14

Complaints laid against Murray McCully over Saudi farm deal

The Labour Party has asked the Auditor-General and Treasury to investigate Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully over a deal made with a Saudi businessman.

Trade spokesman David Parker said it appeared the minister had deliberately misrepresented payments made to the Al Khalaf Group, which was upset with New Zealand's ban on live exports.

The Government released nearly 1000 pages of background documents on the Saudi deal last week.

The documents showed the Auditor General and Treasury both raised concerns about a plan to spend $11.5 million on businessman Hmood Al Khalaf's private farm in Saudi Arabia.
Mr Parker said it appeared the minister also misled officials by refusing to have a $4 million payment described as "compensation" because it would mean that "lawyers and bureaucrats" would become involved.

Aug 11 01:13

Have your say: GE via back door

Warren Parker, CEO at Scion, requests more honesty and "less hysteria" from the GE-free lobby when it talks about the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) proposal to allow for genetically modified pine (and other) trees to be grown throughout New Zealand plantation forests.

Perhaps he should suggest instead that Scion and the ministry be more open and honest about their real intentions.

I consider the way the ministry went about its public consultation on this matter sneaky and underhand, and abhorrent to local democracy.

The ministry has a glossy booklet giving details about future intentions for NZ plantation forests. Nowhere in this glossy booklet is there any mention about genetically modified trees being planted. Nor was it mentioned at the public meetings. This glossy booklet is just a summary of the public consultation document.

Aug 11 01:09

John Key backs law changes for SIS

The law that controls the activities of the country's domestic intelligence agency will be changed to fix deficiencies, Prime Minister John Key says.

The Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) are currently being reviewed by Sir Michael Cullen and Dame Patsy Reddy.

The first regular review of the agencies, it will examine the legislative framework governing them, and consider how they are placed to protect New Zealand's interests and security.

Mr Key said he agreed with SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge's opinion that the legislation governing the agency needed to change.

"At the end of the day it's not fit for purpose in the modern world...what we are trying to do is get bipartisan support, so I hope that they [the review team] will be able to come up with some recommendations that Labour can support."

Aug 10 22:05

German army peddles propaganda at heavy metal concert

Approximately 70,000 heavy metal fans who had gathered for an open air festival in Wacken last week experienced a world premier when the Bundeswher’s (German army) musical choir appeared on stage.

Aug 10 22:05

Obama on Iran: The specter of World War III

In an extraordinary speech delivered Wednesday, US President Barack Obama went public with a warning that powerful factions within Congress and the state apparatus are determined to carry out a war against Iran that would have incalculable consequences.

Aug 10 21:44

Red Light Camera Bribery Scandal- Columbus City Council’s second in charge is stepping down

Columbus Council President Pro Tem Michelle Mills announced the resignation

Aug 10 21:36

DC’s Absurd Choice: a Nuclear Deal or War on Iran

snip: We already know, because the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors have repeatedly inspected Iran’s nuclear energy programs and reactors and verified the fact, that no bomb-making work has been going on in Iran for years. Iran has no weapons-grade uranium 235 and no plutonium. Even the US intelligence services and Israel’s Mossad leaders past and present have said that Iran has no nuclear weapons program underway.

Aug 10 21:34

What If Bibi Wins?

snip: Since this diplomatic agreement is obviously good news for the world, the UN Security Council has unanimously approved it and only one of the UN’s 193 member states, Israel, is currently opposed to it. The choice before members of Congress is thus a clear and simple one: Do they owe their primary allegiance and loyalty to the United States of America or to Israel? [...] All the signs suggest that, if Obama “wins”, even by a hair’s breadth, he will immediately seek to “compensate” Israel for his unprecedented act of disobedience though a significant increase in the amount of America’s annual tribute payment to Israel, through even deeper military largesse and cooperation and through continuing American diplomatic and political support at the United Nations and elsewere.

Aug 10 21:21

Don’t Be Fooled by the Political Game: The Illusion of Freedom in America

snip: “We the people” now belong to a permanent underclass in America. It doesn’t matter what you call us—chattel, slaves, worker bees, drones, it’s all the same—what matters is that we are expected to march in lockstep with and submit to the will of the state in all matters, public and private. Through our complicity in matters large and small, we have allowed an out-of-control corporate-state apparatus to take over every element of American society.

Aug 10 20:33

Putin Giving Up on Assad, Says Erdogan

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was asked by an interviewer last week, “On the question of Syria, have you seen changes in the attitude of Russian President Putin?” and Erdogan replied: “As compared to the past, there is a much more positive attitude by Putin towards Syria. He is no longer approaching the matter like he used to. No longer is it, ‘We’ll stand with Assad till the end.’ I expect that he will abandon Assad.”

Aug 10 20:33

Ukraine Bans 14 ‘Artists,’ Mainly Russians, as ‘Threat to National Security’

On Saturday, August 8th, Ukraine’s Interfax News Service announced that the Security Bureau of Ukraine had just issued, on Friday, a list of 14 ‘artists’ (mainly Russian actors) who ‘pose a threat to Ukraine’s national security.’ The Ukrainian State Film Agency is, under Ukrainian law, now prohibited from authorizing or allowing distribution of their films or other works. These artists are thus officially banned.

Aug 10 20:32

Little-Known Facts About the Fox News Republican Debate

TIME has posted the transcript of the August 6th Fox News Channel Republican Presidential candidates’ debate, and there are a number of interesting features in it that have not generally been covered in the press:

Aug 10 20:25

Ryan Dawson Hiroshima, Nagasaki the immorality of total war.

Ryan Dawson joins the show again to discuss the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We also talk about the conventional bombing campaign against Japan and Germany and the origins of the Pacific War. Later we discuss how under the pretext of national security the US government fostered the growth of powerful organized criminal syndicates.

Aug 10 20:15

Don't Be Fooled By The Political Game: The Illusion Of Freedom In America

Being a citizen in the American corporate state is much like playing against a stacked deck: you’re always going to lose. The game is rigged, and “we the people” keep getting dealt the same losing hand. Even so, most stay in the game, against all odds, trusting that their luck will change.

Aug 10 20:14

VIDEO: Man Who Led Search For Missing Students Found Dead In Mexico

Mexican community activist Miguel Angel Jimenez led the yearlong search for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students. On August 8, he was found dead in a car in the state of Guerrero.

Aug 10 20:00

The Assault On Donald Trump Shows That The "2 Party System" Is Really A "1 Party System"

Normally, candidates that are not part of the “establishment” do not pose much of a threat. In order to win elections in this country, especially on a national level, you need name recognition and you need lots and lots of money. Donald Trump has both, and no matter what you may think of him you have to admit that he has star power. And he was never supposed to run for president. You see, the truth is that only members of “the club” are allowed to play. The elite very carefully groom their candidates, and they are usually able to maintain a very tight grip on both major political parties. This two-headed abomination that we call a “two party system” is in reality just a one party system.

Aug 10 19:59

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen: Household Spending Expectations Crash

For the past 8 years, the US consumer has dutifully spent, spent and then spent some more. This all came to a screeching halt earlier today when courtesy of the latest New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations, we learned that the US consumer has finally tapped out. Households reported that they expected to increase their spending by just 3.5% in the next year, a major drop from the 4.3% the month before. This was the lowest reading in series history.

Aug 10 19:54

The Rent is Too Da*n High – San Fran Residents Pay $1,000 a Month to Live in Shipping Containers

There’s nothing quite like a grotesquely lopsided “economic recovery” in which a handful of cities boom, while the rest of the nation stagnates. Even worse, millennials living in such chosen cities face one of two options. Either live in mom and dad’s basement, or face a standard of living far more similar to 19th tenement standards than the late 1990’s tech boom.

With that out of the way, I want to introduce you to what a $1,000 per month rental in the San Francisco Bay area looks like. Shipping containers.

Aug 10 19:35

President Bernie Sanders

Stuck in a perpetual post-9/11 milieu of uncontested false flag terror: the never ending war on terror only benefiting Israel; impoverished by an economic collapse engineered by an unprosecuted banking cabal, homeless, penniless, jobless; imprisoned in a high-tech DHS police state, spied upon by space-based and weaponized drones; living in an open air toxic waste pit: vaccinated, chem-trailed, fracked and Fukushima irradiated Americans will receive Bernie Sanders as their savior. But, Sanders, the good Kibbutz'er, Zionist will only take the continuity of government tools already made available; open up the FEMA camps in preparation of the "final solution" for millions of Americans.

Aug 10 19:33

Donald Trump just launched 'World War III' on a top GOP pollster

Donald Trump is all but accusing a top Republican pollster of trying to shake him down.

After the presidential debate last Thursday, Fox News featured a focus group conducted by Frank Luntz that utterly slammed Trump. On Monday, Trump told Business Insider that he believes he was panned by Luntz's group because he declined to hire Luntz's research firm.

"This has been going on, he's putting the arm on me all the time and then he does these polls that are totally in violation of every other poll that was done," Trump said of Luntz.

Trump argued post-debate polls that show he remains ahead of the GOP field prove the focus group was wrong. He further described Luntz, who is a regular contributor to Fox News and one of the country's best-known conservative consultants, as "unfair," and "terrible."

Aug 10 19:14

Cybersecurity Bill Would Destroy Privacy Rights

You know the assault on our privacy has reached an unthinkable level when even the DHS are calling it a bad idea.

Aug 10 18:55

Flashback - GOP insiders: Donald Trump is biggest loser

Donald Trump’s first presidential debate was a disaster.

That’s the assessment of Republican insiders in this week’s POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top strategists, activists and operatives in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Aug 10 18:53

Street Thugs vs Thug Cops: Ferguson Anniversary Sparks Street Gunfight

Peaceful commemorations turned violent late Sunday night. What was marketed by activists and community organizers as a “peaceful event” quickly morphed into a scene out of New Jack City, albeit without the bling. All bets were off when armed street agitators and police exchanged gunfire last night.