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Nov 11 16:05

Cold sun rising : New studies flip climate-change notions upside down

The sun will go into “hibernation” mode around 2030, and it has already started to get sleepy. At the Royal Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in July, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University in the UK confirmed it – the sun will begin its Maunder Minimum (Grand Solar Minimum) in 15 years. Other scientists had suggested years ago that this change was imminent, but Zharkova’s model is said to have near-perfect accuracy.

Nov 11 16:05

FAIL: Cop Who Made 100 DUI Arrests Shows up Too Wasted to Receive His MADD Award

The sheriff's deputy was set to attend a banquet later that night to receive an award from MADD for making 100 DUI arrests, but instead a police chief barred him from going in because he was drunk.

The punchline?

He has since been promoted to detective on a crimes against children unit.

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Nov 11 16:02

What Really Happened in Waco? 106 People Indicted in Biker Bloodbath, No Murder Charges

This event still has provocateur footprints all over it…

It took the grand jury in McLennan County, Texas nine hours to hand down charges against 106 bikers arrested after nine people were killed in a shootout at a Twin Peaks in Waco last May.

The odd thing is, none of them have been charged with murder, or even simple assault. All have been charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity”.

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Nov 11 16:00

US Federal Reserve allows ruling elite to control monetary policy: Analyst

The US central bank, known as the Federal Reserve System and informally as the Fed, is an “anti-democratic” institution that has enabled a small ruling class to control the country’s financial system, according to an American journalist and radio host in New York.

Nov 11 15:58

British Police Forces Protecting Their Own Interests

You may have seen headlines today revealing how police chefs obtained £55,000 of taxpayer money just so they could move house, but we’ve found plethora of unethical behaviour by police forces.

Nov 11 15:49

Wal-Mart Workers Demand Discount on Food

Nov 11 15:39

30 million innocent motorists secretly added to super-database each day

Disturbing figures have come to light that reveal the full extent of police surveillance of British motorists, again under the false guise of preventing terrorism.

Nov 11 15:39

EU Approves Labeling for Israeli Settlement Products

Since June 1967, Israel established 125 illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, home for about 600,000 settlers, many Zionist zealots, freely terrorizing Palestinians, committing violence and vandalism unaccountably.

Nov 11 15:38

It Looks Like a Major Market Top Is Forming

Nov 11 15:32

First major restaurant chain tests no tipping

Nov 11 15:14

Facebook caught stealing, cheating and lying its way to 8 billion video views daily

This video explains the unethical process behind Facebook’s claim of reaching an astonishing 8 billion video views a day.

Nov 11 15:12

Palestine’s “can't deliver” chief negotiator promoted to secretary-general

Stuart Littlewood laments the continued political existence of Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator with Israel who, despite his solid track record of failure, has been promoted to secretary-general of the Palestine Libation Organisation.

Nov 11 15:12

Paramilitary police in Miami force passengers to leave plane at gunpoint

On Monday evening, an American Airlines flight from Miami, Florida to Barbados was boarded by a paramilitary police unit wielding assault rifles, who demanded that passengers put their hands on their heads as they were forced off the flight.

Nov 11 15:03

Israel in U.S. Presidential Politics and Foreign Policy

Haim Saban will be the Israel Lobby’s enforcer in Hillary’s camp. He will also get to lobby for cabinet posts and State Department staff assignments for the Zio-faithful. Look to Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller, David Makovsky and the whole tired bunch of Zio-mats (Zio-diplomats) to rear their ugly heads once again, regurgitating the same tired concepts which failed in the past administrations in which they served.

Nov 11 14:48

Separating War from the Vets

I get lots of notes thanking me for my service on Veterans Day. I am grateful and appreciative. My friends, both veterans and active duty service members, receive the same affections of respect and esteem and, of course, value those sentiments.

Nov 11 14:30

UK calls for Yemen war investigation

Britain's foreign minister has called for a proper investigation into the role of Saudi Arabia in Yemen war.

Philip Hammond also noted that the UK would halt weapons exports to Saudi Arabia if the investigation found Riyadh had breached international humanitarian law in the war in Yemen.

Nov 11 14:27

Portugal govt falls amid austerity backlash

Portugal’s pro-austerity government has been forced to resign by a leftist anti-austerity block, despite being sworn in only two weeks ago.