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Jan 22 13:15

23 Days of War, 928 Days of Closure

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) have released this report in order to highlight the reality of life in the occupied Gaza Strip, and to illustrate the dramatic deterioration in the human rights situation brought about by 928 days of continuous illegal closure,1 as well as numerous
offensives, incursions, and attacks.

Jan 22 12:57

Israel Developing Semi-Lethal Sonic Cannon To Control Rioters

A desert people have developed a new weapon that uses sound instead of bullets. But this time, it will be used to control crowds instead of fighting giant worms or devious members of House Harkonnen.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has contracted for the production of sonic-boom stun-guns called "Thunder Generator cannons," which they hope to use in crowd-control situations.

Jan 22 12:46

Obama Admin negotiating trade agreements w/34 countries, the text of which it refuses to make public, citing national security

The Obama administration is negotiating a trade agreement with 34 other countries — the text of which it refuses to make public, citing national security concerns — that according to leaked reports would include increased liability for content hosting companies and service providers. The goal is to combat the global piracy of movies and music.

Commentary: Are China's demands for Internet 'self-discipline' spreading to the West?

Jan 22 12:46

Israel Is ‘More Hostile Than Ever’

Hostility toward local and international human rights groups operating in the Zionist entity mounted in 2009 because of their reports on Operation Cast Lead, Human Rights Watch charged in its annual world report, released Thursday.

“Local and international human rights groups working in Israel have experienced a more hostile climate than ever before after documenting abuses committed by Israel, as well as Hamas, during the December 2008-January 2009 fighting in Gaza and Israel in connection with Israel’s ongoing blockade of Gaza,” wrote HRW executive-director Kenneth Roth in his introduction to the 612-page report.

Jan 22 12:45

US Troops Pouring; Haitians Fleeing, UN Rescuers “Going Home”

The US military is ramping up its mission in quake-hit Haiti, with 20,000 US troops expected to operate on ground and offshore by Sunday, the US commander overseeing the region said.

General Douglas Fraser, the head of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), said Thursday that over 2,676 US troops were currently operating on the ground in Haiti to boost the still struggling aid effort in the aftermath of a killer quake. He said that number was expected to swell to 4,600 by the weekend, and that another 10,445 were currently afloat aboard vessels offshore.

Over 4,000 other soldiers and Marines from the Nassau Amphibious Ready Group and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit left North Carolina late Wednesday, scrapping scheduled deployments to Europe and the Middle East.

Jan 22 11:46

One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars - not people, new figures show

One-quarter of all the maize and other grain crops grown in the US now ends up as biofuel in cars rather than being used to feed people, according to new analysis which suggests that the biofuel revolution launched by former President George Bush in 2007 is impacting on world food supplies.

Jan 22 11:40

Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules

Big banks have already begun poking the holes in Obama’s new rules—holes they expect their banks to pass through basically unchanged.

Jan 22 11:27

Is ice and snow on its way back?

Based on a cold and a mild scenario next week I have tried to estimate how cold January is likely to look at the end of the month, following December which was the coldest since 1996.

1) Cold weather winning next week:

It turns out that January would be the coldest, based on the Central England Temperature data set, since 1987, with a forecast CET of around 0.94C (compared to the January mean of 4.2C).

2) Milder weather winning next week:

The CET figure would be around 2.05C. This would still mean January would be the coldest since 1987.

Jan 22 11:09

Should Corporations share your First Amendment Right to Free Speech?: Antiques and a Job Description

Some Pictures for your consideration...

Jan 22 11:05

Why the NHS can't get its browser act together

Ed Bott, who has forgotten more about Microsoft than many people know, says in a vehement blogpost at ZDNet that:

"Any IT professional who is still allowing IE6 to be used in a corporate setting is guilty of malpractice. Think that judgment is too harsh? Ask the security experts at Google, Adobe, and dozens of other large corporations that are cleaning up the mess from a wave of targeted attacks that allowed source code and confidential data to fall into the hands of well-organized intruders. The entry point? According to Microsoft, it's IE6."

By Bott's measure, we'd have to conclude that there's a lot of malpractice going on in UK government. More than 750,000 workstations in the NHS and 500,000 in the Department of Work and Pensions use exactly that combination.

Jan 22 10:51

Justice task force recommends about 50 Guantanamo detainees be held INDEFINITELY

Task force has concluded that nearly 50 of the 196 detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should be held indefinitely without trial under the laws of war, according to Obama administration officials.

Jan 22 10:26

A Message From Transport Canada

Jan 22 10:01

US: Democrats agree on commission to cut Social Security, Medicare

Fourteen votes would be required to adopt any recommendation, meaning that at least half the Republicans would have to agree. This effectively ensures that only cuts in spending will be considered to lower the deficit, not tax increases on the wealthy or big business, since every congressional Republican leader has taken a "no new taxes" stand.

Jan 22 08:26

Karzai to pay Taliban to lay down their arms

Afghan President Hamid Karzai unveiled an ambitious Western-funded plan Friday to offer money and jobs to tempt Taliban fighters to lay down their arms in an effort to quell a crippling insurgency.

Another taxpayer funded bailout

Jan 22 08:18

Naked airport scanner catches cellphone, misses bomb components

Check out this German TV clip highlighting the failure of the new, privacy-violating full-nude scanners going in at an airport near you.
Jan 22 08:07

9/11 was staged: Dr M

MALAYSIA'S former premier Mahathir Mohamad claimed the Sept 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, which killed nearly 3,000 people, were staged as an excuse to 'mount attacks on the Muslim world'.

Speaking at the General Conference for the Support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) here, Tun Dr Mahathir said killing as an excuse for war is not new to the US. He also argued that Israel was created to solve the 'Jewish problem' in Europe, saying the Holocaust had failed as a final solution against the community.

Jan 22 08:05

Useless bomb detector sold worldwide risks lives

A BBC Newsnight investigation has found that a so-called "bomb detector", thousands of which have been sold to Iraq, cannot possibly work.

Leading explosives expert Sidney Alford told Newsnight the sale of the ADE-651 was "absolutely immoral".

"This type of equipment does not work," he said. "I wouldn't mind betting that lives have been lost as a consequence."

Jan 22 08:01

Tezcatlipoca, Hunger Porn and Corporate Obeah

This might be the time to get into Organ Harvesting Futures because the Carlyle of organ harvesters is on location, getting more press than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. While this non-stop photo op goes on, incoming planes filled with medical supplies and all the other necessaries for treatment and recovery in Gaza’s sister city, are still being waved off and sent to The Dominican Republic. There’s a lot of angry chatter in the background about the ham handed control of ingress to Haiti. In the meantime, US ships are blocking the sea lanes so that none of those starving Haitians can make it to the forbidden mainland.

Jan 22 07:24

China's Rebound may cause Inflation

Jan 22 06:48

Air America RIP

Air America RIP, Air America to cease operations

(*not the same since Al Franken hung up his mic .Moreover; not the same since Bush / Cheney left Washington . It was great to hear AA blast the Right , but pathetic , I imagine to listen to them defend and uphold the present administration
Hartman was alright , although he got out of Dodge a while back , himself .
All in all ,predominantly Jewish ownership , management , on air personalities , essential details get left out of every subject they discuss
we've got your solution , right here .

Jan 22 06:36

Massachusetts town welcomes detainees but Barack Obama misses deadline to close Guantánamo

But a university town in Massachusetts is doing its utmost to encourage his effort, having become the first in the country to pass a resolution welcoming detainees from the prison on the US naval base on Cuba.

Amherst remains a liberal hot spot in a state that until the shock election of Republican Scott Brown to succeed Edward Kennedy in the Senate was regarded as reliably Democratic.

Jan 22 06:35

Daily pint of blueberry juice 'could help stop memory loss', study suggests

I can't remember why...

Jan 22 06:34

Obama's bold move on banks begins to justify the hype of his election

'You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose." That's what Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York state, concluded.

Prosaic is what President Barack Obama's first year in the Oval Office had become for many voters. But yesterday's declaration of war on Wall Street will have given his presidency a shot in the arm and a boost in the polls.

Jan 22 06:33

Rickets makes comeback among computer generation

The growth of the computer generation and changing lifestyles among children are leading to a Vitamin D deficiency and a rise in cases of rickets, medical experts have warned.

Jan 22 06:33

Robert Gates: US regrets 'grave mistakes' in Pakistan

Mr Gates was visiting Pakistan where he was seeking to bolster ties with Washington's key ally in the fight against al-Qaeda.

In his first visit to the country in three years and first under US President Barack Obama, Mr Gates tried to reassure a public and leadership wary of Washington's plan to tackle militancy and turn around the war in Afghanistan