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Oct 29 17:47

The Academic Oligarchy

College Tuition Rises Faster Than Inflation Yet Again

Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Costs rose 5.9 percent this year at private four-year colleges in the U.S., outpacing the biggest gain in inflation in 17 years and increasing the demand for financial aid.

Oct 29 15:37

What Is the True Story of McCain’s Wartime Experience?

As we approach the end of an astonishing campaign season, one thing grows clear: John McCain’s campaign has suffered a string of disastrous decisions. These mistakes have overwhelmed even the campaign’s trump card—its image of John McCain as war hero. And not just an ordinary war hero but one who was captured by enemies, imprisoned near death, and “resurrected” to return home with visible wounds that marked his sacrifice.

Oct 29 15:20

Washington dissatisfied with Baghdad

MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Maria Appakova) - Iraqis have once again not lived up to U.S. expectations.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to introduce new amendments to the draft of the U.S.-Iraqi strategic partnership agreement concerning the possible withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

This will inevitably result in resumed U.S.-Iraqi talks, despite the fact that recently both parties stated that they had reached a compromise that was to be officially adopted only.

Oct 29 14:58

Suspected Georgian war crimes uncovered by the BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that it has obtained evidence suggesting that Georgia may have committed war crimes during its attack on South Ossetia in August. The BBC says it gathered the evidence during the first unrestricted visit to South Ossetia since the conflict.

Describing Georgia’s military assault as ‘reckless’, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he had raised the ‘war crimes’ allegations with the government in Tbilisi.

Oct 29 14:42

Analysts Question Timing of Syria Raid

A cross-border raid into Syria by U.S. forces in Iraq and subsequent stonewalling by U.S. officials unwilling to divulge details have led to rampant speculation among U.S. analysts about the origins and meaning of the attack.

"So the question is: Why?" wrote geo-strategic analyst and journalist Helena Cobban on her blog, wondering if the raid could have been pulled off without explicit permission from the highest levels of the President George W. Bush administration.

Oct 29 13:49

Syria’s fury is justified — Who can blame Damascus for getting cosy with Moscow?

The US has once again “targeted foreign fighters” as part of its so-called war on terror. But these “fighters” were all Syrian civilians, including four youngsters. Another five individuals have been hospitalized after being shot by US Special Forces.

Washington has admitted perpetrating this tragic incident but insists the victims were terrorists just as it does when its fighter jets illegally cross the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and end up wiping out entire families. Syria describes the adult victims as construction workers.

Oct 29 11:29

The Domestic Enemy

Today, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton has instructed his forces to be on high alert during the US elections.
Private security firms (Blackwater ?) have also been engaged for these activities. The argument behind the move is the threat of Islamic fundamentalists attacking US infrastructure to influence the outcome of the election.

Oct 29 10:06

Track the Electoral Vote

This website tracks the latest polls state by state and updates the totals daily. According to this site Obama has a 10+ percentage point lead in enough states to give him 264 of the 270 electoral votes needed to wing the election. Coupled with strong recent results in Ohio and Colorado, it looks like this election is a done deal.

Oct 29 09:16

Gulf Bank's chairman submits resignation after derivatives losses

Gulf Bank, Kuwait's fifth largest lender by market value, said yesterday that its Chairman Bassam Al Ghanim resigned after the bank suffered losses from derivatives trading.

Oct 29 09:13

Alan Greenspan should have stuck with the clarinet

Long before he ever dreamed of becoming Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan played the clarinet and soaked up Rand's philosophy of radical individualism and laissez-faire capitalism. Rand believed that one's own happiness is the highest value and rational self-interest a moral imperative.

Oct 29 09:09

World According to TARP No Laughing Matter for U.S.

The financial crisis exacerbated by credit derivatives is costing so much to fix that speculators are now using those same instruments to bet on governments as the price tag for bailing out banks approaches $3 trillion.

Oct 29 09:06

Car dealers hit by sales decline, weak economy

Auto retailers swung to quarterly losses in the third quarter, beaten down by the decline in U.S. car sales, tight consumer credit, and a weakening U.S. economy as well as hurricane-related damages.

Oct 29 09:02

GMAC seeks bank status for rescue funding

GMAC, the auto finance and mortgage company, is seeking to become a bank holding company in order to access the government's $700 billion financial rescue plan, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

Oct 29 08:59

Bailouts Continue; China Does It Differently

Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke will go down in history as two of the most incompetent Federal Reserve chairmen our country has ever had. Like Mr. Magoo, they blindly drove the stock market and then the real estate market into some of the biggest bubbles our world has ever seen.

Oct 29 07:53

Overhauling the US voting system

Way back in 1789, the framers of the US constitution were a bit nervous about "democracy". They decided to put a buffer between the people and the position of highest power. Back then, our framers thought democracy was a dirty word, the rule of the mob. They thought the electors would be the most sophisticated and well-informed. Nowadays, the electors have no power at all - they are usually party officials who get to go to Washington a few weeks after the election just to "certify" the result.

Oct 29 07:49

Greenspan admits 'flaw' in ideology

Alan Greenspan, the former US Federal Reserve chairman, has publicly admitted that the US free-market ideology that he and others have championed for decades is flawed.The admission is one of the most significant comments made by a key architect of the world financial system that is now in chaos amid the global economic crisis.

Oct 29 00:38

American Hegemony Bites The Dust

The New American Century lasted a decade. Financial crisis and defeated objectives in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Georgia brought the neoconservative project for American world hegemony crashing to a close in the autumn of 2008.

The American neoconservatives are the heirs of Leon Trotsky. Their dream of American “Full Spectrum Dominance”--US military and economic superiority over any possible combination of states--is matched in ambition only by the early 20th century Trotskyite dream of world Communist revolution.

Oct 28 21:56

Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

It's a good thing too. With the economy imploding there are going to a lot of people living on them...

Oct 28 19:02

Jesse Ventura on 911 - A Discussion with Alex Jones

This is just one of several segments on "the Tube" but all worth checkin' out - I have to say that Ventura is one helluva' spokesman for the truth movement because he speaks in common sense terms and really gets to the heart of the matter. I no longer wonder why he isn't covered more by the mainstream media - they can't have him on because the questions he is asking are so obvious.

Oct 28 17:49

ALERT!! Confusing North Carolina Ballot Leaves off Votes for President!!

Please contact ALL your friends and family in North Carolina and alert them to the confusing ballots with which some voters have already encountered difficulties, particularly among new voters and the elderly. Voting the straight Democratic party ticket on the ballot DOES NOT include voting for the President!!

Oct 28 17:47

Turley: 'GOP challenges look like suppression'

The McCain campaign's allegations of voter fraud "look like" an attempt to suppress voting in battleground states, said a professor of George Washington University.

Professor Jonathan Turley said there is an "uncanny similarity in term of timing," drawing a comparison with voting scandals shortly before the previous two presidential elections.

"I think it is fair to say that some of these challenges do look like suppression efforts," Turley said in an interview on MSNBC. "So I think there is really grounds to be concerned here."

Oct 28 17:45

1,000 Gallons of Water for 1 Gallon of Ethanol - How Green is That?

Water conservation has always been a hot button for aid organizations and environmentalists, and with a world wide lack of drinking water, and third world countries getting involved in the growing bio-economy, I think it’s time to look behind the curtain of the fuel movement that calls itself “green.”

Most of us are familiar with the “food vs. fuel” controversy that’s been making news, but in addition to this, one of the things that many people are taking a good hard look at, is water sustainability in reference to this corn ethanol fuel.

Oct 28 17:43

Votes being stolen from Obama in Early Voting

I have to point out the pattern of voting "glitches" that have been reported so far with early voting. People in several states now have noted that when they cast a vote for Obama, it has switched to McCain. Not once have the votes flipped in the opposite direction. If there were simple error, we'd expect to see mistakes in both directions. But, just as with the errors in 2004, the only votes that have been seen flipping have gone from the Democratic presidential candidate to the Republican one.

Oct 28 17:41

Gov. Crist extends early voting hours statewide

Declaring a state of emergency in Florida because of long voting lines, Gov. Charlie Crist on Tuesday extended early voting hours across the state to 12 hours a day.

The executive order comes after record early voting turnout has contributed to long lines at polling sites.

Oct 28 17:36

Early Fla. voting sees lines, malfunctions

Early U.S. election voting in Florida has resulted in malfunctioning vote scanners and long lines at polling places, officials say.

In Jacksonville, Fla., Duval County election officials estimated at least 6,000 people turned out Monday on the first day of early voting, but some were hampered by optical vote scanning machines that weren't working properly, The Florida Times-Union reported.

Seven of the 15 optical scan machines were replaced Monday as a result of problems with the machines rejecting ballots, Jerry Holland, Duval County supervisor of elections, told the newspaper.

Oct 28 17:33

Palast: One out of five Colorado voters purged from voter registration

Palast said former Colorado Secretary of State Donetta Davidson has made the state the epicenter of the rampant practice of purging voter registration lists for alleged irregularities — a tactic now even more en vogue in the wake of new legislation backed by the Bush administration.

Oct 28 17:27

12 Things You Should Know About Aspirin

It offers cardiovascular protection, but this pill is more nuanced than most of us might think—for better or for worse

Oct 28 17:24

Windows 7 Walkthrough, Boot Video and Impressions

Like Elvis in '68, Microsoft is itching for a "comeback," and Windows 7 is the perfect excuse. In fact, this week in LA at the Professional Developers Conference, Windows 7 officially shoved Vista aside. Having suffered through the often deserved criticisms of that ill-fated OS installment, Microsoft's people are thrilled to tears to be able to talk about something (anything!) else. On Sunday, they took journalists through a lively 7-hour orientation on Win 7, then handed off a Dell XPS M1330 loaded with pre-beta Build 6801.