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Dec 26 13:22

Apartment Explodes Ukraine, 22 killed

This unusual apartment explosion at Yevpatoria takes place in what is probably the new hotspot of the world. This former Russian stronghold, known as Crimea is the currently contested home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, at Sevastapol. This is also where the new American Presence Post will be established at Simferopol in a ceremony where Condoleeza Rice will sign a new US/Ukranian strategic agreement on January 4.

Dec 26 13:16

Al Qaeda is More of a U.S. Propaganda Campaign than a Real Organization

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook wrote:

Al-Qaida, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative".

Dec 26 13:09

Will the U.S Breakup?

Maybe in the short-run. But I believe that - especially now that the illusions that we're in an endless boom economy and that the U.S. is a true democracy following the wishes of its people have started to pop (see this and this) - within the next decade, America will break up, like the Soviet Union.

Dec 26 13:00

'Christ would fight global tyranny'

In his Christmas message to Britain, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will hail Jesus as the standard-bearer of justice and call for change.

“Jesus the Son of Mary is the standard-bearer of justice, of love for our fellow human beings, of the fight against tyranny, discrimination, and injustice," President Ahmadinejad will say in his Christmas Day speech, according to the preliminary text of his message.

The Iranian President will deliver his speech at 7.15pm London time on Britain's channel 4 Thursday as a traditional alternative to the Queen's Christmas Day broadcast.

Dec 26 10:35

13 Killed as Iraqi Prisoners Try Escape

AGHDAD — Six police officers and seven prisoners suspected of being members of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia were killed early Friday in a fierce gunfight during a brazen jailbreak by militants at a police station in western Iraq, officials said.

Dec 26 07:33

States Eye Medicaid Cuts As Cure for Fiscal Woes

Cash-strapped states look to cut from Medicaid | AMY GOLDSTEIN Washington Post

WASHINGTON — States from Rhode Island to California are being forced to curtail Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor, as they struggle to cope with the deteriorating economy.

Dec 26 05:46

For Obama, huge challenges vs. big assets

Barack Obama will inherit two wars and the worst economic conditions in three generations when he takes the oath of office on Jan. 20. Ironically, that challenge might be a blessing for the president-elect — unemployment is so high and consumer confidence so low that even modest improvements will let him claim progress.

Dec 26 05:44

Tattooed? Overweight? Criminal record? Your country needs you...

Desperate Army chiefs want to accept more criminals, the overweight and applicants with visible tattoos in a bid to solve a recruitment crisis.

Dec 25 16:32

Perseverance gets toys to the Pine Ridge reservation

This is the Christmas that almost wasn't for about 500 children on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

A truck filled with toys broke down about halfway along its 480-mile journey from Omaha. The driver climbed out and made some calls but found no help. So he smacked this and pushed that and, somehow, the engine started back up.

Dec 25 16:31

Join the US Army for "Food and Shelter"

Military recruiters having no trouble filling quotas. With jobs scarce, military recruiters are filling their quotas.
By Mike Clary | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
December 20, 2008

"In a crumbling economy, jobs disappear and opportunities fade. But one employer always has openings: the U.S. military.
Just four years after South Florida recruiters struggled to meet even half their quotas, the Army is exceeding enlistment goals by appealing to a wide range of candidates who see limited job options in the civilian world."

Dec 25 16:28

Room at the inn: Hyatt in downtown Dallas welcomes the homeless

Participants are given a night in a warm, clean room at the Hyatt. They get new clothes and time to shower before an afternoon banquet. Later, Pizza Hut and Chick-Fil-A provide dinner and snacks for the men and women in their rooms.

Dec 25 13:32

Christian patriot, fighter for integrity and freedom

The Mother, The Son And God's Promise
By: Devvy
December 25, 2008
© 2008 -

Dec 25 11:05

Hey, Seymour? Would you do me a favor?

Dec 25 10:24

How Our Brain Chooses The Right Words

New research by a Rice University psychologist clearly identifies the parts of the brain involved in the process of choosing appropriate words during speech.

Dec 25 10:23

Millions of older Americans use risky drug combos

At least 2 million older Americans are taking a combination of drugs or supplements that can be a risky mix — from blood thinners and cholesterol pills to aspirin and ginkgo capsules — a new study warns.

Dec 25 10:23

A Computer Inside A Molecule

Over the last 60 years, ever-smaller generations of transistors have driven exponential growth in computing power. Could molecules, each turned into miniscule computer components, trigger even greater growth in computing over the next 60?

Dec 25 10:21

Our 2009 Predictions

Unemployment nationally in the USA is now touching 16%. The officially posted number is somewhere near half of that. By the fall of 2009, American REAL UNEMPLOYMENT WILL BE NEAR THE ALLTIME 1930'S DEPRESSION HIGH OF 25% UNEMPLOYED. SADLY, THAT IS NOT THE WORST AS IT GETS MORE DIRE. WE PREDICT REAL, USA UNEMPLOYMENT REACHES 30-40%. IN THE RUST BELT STATES OF MICHIGAN AND OHIO, WHILE 40% IS NOT UNREALISTIC.

Dec 25 09:53

It's gonna git real ugly for it gets any better.

Dec 25 07:20

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Anyone in his education who has neglected to read every word Mark Twain ever wrote has simply missed the greater part of the meaning and opportunity of life. Twain is reputed to be The Great Man of American Literature, but this appreciation of him, while true, misses the mark or this truly great man.

To fathom the greatness of a truly great man, a sufficient lapse of time must pass before he is far enough away from us so that we might measure the greatness of such a great man.

Alexander the Great by this measure quickly gained his fame.

Dec 25 04:18

Paypal Ruins Christmas for eBay Customers

This could happen to you. I recently read a very sad story posted on eBay's (EBAY) Paypal discussion board. It's about a fantastic mom (eBay id: seasonalstuff) who sold holiday decorations to earn Xmas money for her family. Unfortunately all her hard work was for nothing because the Paypal Grinch froze her account two weeks before Santa's arrival.

Dec 25 00:05

Christmas Gifts For The NWO

Dec 24 20:11

The Homicides You Didn't Hear About in Hurricane Katrina

The Grinning Skull
The Homicides You Didn't Hear About in Hurricane Katrina

By Rebecca Solnit

What do you do when you notice that there seems to have been a killing spree? While the national and international media were working themselves and much of the public into a frenzy about imaginary hordes of murderers, rapists, snipers, marauders, and general rampagers among the stranded crowds of mostly poor, mostly black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, a group of white men went on a shooting spree across the river.


Dec 24 19:45

Obama Is A Hawk

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger reaches back into the history of the Democratic Party and describes the tradition of war-making and expansionism that Barack Obama has now left little doubt he will honour.

By John Pilger

Dec 24 19:27

U.S. Economy Fighting Uphill Battle Against Government Stupidity

It has long been a conservative (and libertarian) outcry that government officials do not understand the complexities of the global economy and the best thing they can do is get out of the way. The 2008 financial crisis has demonstrated that they are very correct about the first part and very wrong about the second. The causes economic crisis were assisted and intensified by government incompetence and the September/October economic implosion was ignited by government stupidity.

Dec 24 11:40

Iran Warns Of Bilderberg Plot To Plunge World Into Total Chaos

Iran's official news agency IRNA is warning today of a Global plot hatched by a 'secret society of Freemasons' known as the Bilderberg Group to plunge our World into 'total chaos' in order to destroy all religions and independent Nations in order to establish a planetary wide single system of government.

Dec 24 11:08

The Secrets of Santa Claus Revealed

The secrets of how the legendary Santa Claus delivers gifts to millions of children throughout the world from the land of perpetual snow in one night have been closely guarded throughout the years, but one scientist believes he has the answers.

Dec 24 07:32

Not the Biggest Scandal

Average Americans, nearly half of whom reportedly believe that the earth was formed just 6000 years ago and a fair proportion of whom believe that the sun revolves around the earth, might be excused for not understanding this point, but clearly intelligent members of Congress like former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and future secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who both claim they might not have voted for war "had they had known then what they know now," are themselves caught in a lie.

Dec 24 06:57

Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

Famously, Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the United States banking system during the first seven days of his first term.

And what did he do on the eighth day? "I think this would be a good time for beer," he said.

Dec 24 06:51

Analyst: One Third Of Banks Could Collapse In 2009

Financial analyst Ralph Silva of TowerGroup told CNBC this morning that he expects no less than one third of banks to fail in 2009 and that anything up to a thousand could collapse if they don’t merge.

Silva said that only five or six global banks have enough funds to survive comfortably throughout 2009.

“The rest of the banks, and that means a thousand other banks, don’t have enough money to get themselves through 2009,” added Silva.