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Aug 24 23:18

Flashback - Marijuana Arrests Set New Record: Fourth Year In a Row

For the fourth year in a row, US marijuana arrests set an all-time record, according to 2006 FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Marijuana arrests in 2006 totaled 829,627, an increase from 786,545 in 2005. At current rates, a marijuana smoker is arrested every thirty-eight seconds, with marijuana arrests comprising nearly 44 percent of all drug arrests in the United States. According to Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), over 8 million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges during the past decade, while arrests for cocaine and heroine have declined sharply. Marijuana laws costs between $10 and $12 billion a year.


Nearly a million citizens arrested a year for smoking a dried flower, that doesn't hurt anyone or even the user, that has been proven to slow or cure cancer. The Federal Government will never give up its monopoly of power over the States in keeping marijuana illegal, its up to the States to nullify this Federal over-reach of our rights. I only wish that my State of Iowa had the backbone to nullify unjust Federal laws, such as this one. - kdtroxel

Aug 24 22:58

Israeli intelligence infiltrated throughout Lebanese government

WMR has learned from its Lebanese intelligence sources that the Lebanese government is coming to realize that Israeli intelligence penetration of all political groups in the country is worse than originally believed.

Israel’s Mossad, once content on penetrating the Christian and Druze parties in the country, has now thoroughly infiltrated the top echelons of Sunni and Shi’a parties, as well. Recently, Lebanon charged retired General Fayez Karam, a senior member of retired General Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement, which is allied with Hezbollah, with spying for Mossad.

Aug 24 22:38

Ron Paul vs the tea party hijackers Islamophobes

A Voice of Reason. Thank you, Ryan Dawson, from all of us at - Cheers

Aug 24 22:26

WikiLeaks says it will release CIA paper soon

WikiLeaks, the whistle-blower website that infuriated the Pentagon when it published thousands of classified military reports, said on Tuesday it will release another document soon.

The group posted on its Twitter page: "WikiLeaks to release CIA paper tomorrow."

Aug 24 21:59

Taliban Surprised to Hear Petraeus Claims of ‘Progress’

The latest claims that the Afghan war is going really well and that the Taliban are on the run have come as a surprise to many, but perhaps none moreso than the Taliban themselves, who called Gen. Petraeus’ claims “baffling.”

Aug 24 21:46

George Orwell's "1984"

There are only eleven more days until the week of 9-11. Get ready for the "Hate Week" coverage from the MSM.

Here's the 1956 version too. (in 20 parts)

Aug 24 19:07

Mossad in America

Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology...

Aug 24 18:50

Vaccines May Help Prevent Egg Recalls

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Low-cost vaccines that may help prevent the kind of salmonella outbreak that has led to the recall of more than a half-billion eggs haven't been given to nearly half the nation's egg-laying hens.

The vaccines aren't required in the U.S., although in Great Britain, officials say vaccinations have given them the safest egg supply in Europe. A survey conducted by the European food safety agency in 2009 found about 1 percent of British flocks had salmonella compared to about 60 to 70 percent of flocks elsewhere in Europe, said Amanda Cryer, spokeswoman for the British Egg Information Service.

Since Britain's vaccinations began, the only salmonella outbreaks in eggs have been linked to those imported from elsewhere in the European Union, Cryer said. Overall salmonella cases in the country dropped by half within three years.

Aug 24 18:44

Investigation under way in clunker program

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- At least 20 car dealerships are being investigated for violating rules in last year's U.S. cash-for-clunkers program, officials say.

The investigation has found that up to $94 million in rebates might be ineligible because of improper documentation, USA Today said Monday.

The $3 billion program was designed to help the economy, and officials say while there is no indication of widespread fraud nine dealers have paid a total of more than $71,000 in fines.

The program had some other problems, officials said.

Trade-in vehicles that were supposed to have been destroyed may have been illegally shipped overseas, said Gary Middleton, a program manager for the Department of Transportation's inspector general's office.

Aug 24 18:40

State Department details Blackwater violations of U.S. laws

WASHINGTON — The company formerly known as Blackwater violated U.S. export control laws nearly 300 times, ranging from attempts to do business in Sudan while that country was under U.S. sanctions to training an Afghan border patrol official who was a native of Iran, the State Department said Monday.

The alleged violations were spelled out in documents released Monday by the State Department as part of a $42 million settlement with Blackwater that will allow the company, now known as Xe Services LLC, to continue receiving U.S. government contracts.

Aug 24 17:36

Hezbollah: Iran military aid welcome

Hezbollah has voiced support for the Lebanese president's decision to ask Iran for help in equipping the country's army, saying Beirut must acquire weapons from friendly countries...

Aug 24 16:30

Dr. Lawrence Davidson: Netanyahu & Abbas: What are the Possibilities?

"Despite the fact that Obama and the Europeans act like Abbas is the head of a Palestine government, he represents almost no one but a largely corrupt cabal armed and financed by the Americans and the European Union"

Aug 24 16:16

Keiser Report: The Facebook Scam

In the second half of the following video Max Keiser discusses how Facebook is making hundreds of millions of dollars collecting private data on their site's users. You'll find the video especially enlightening if you have a Facebook account

Aug 24 15:13

Beirut wants Iran to equip Lebanon Army

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman has officially asked Iran to equip and modernize the Lebanese Army, given the problems Beirut is facing.

Sleiman has asked Iranian officials to consider selling advanced military equipment to the Lebanese Army, reported IRNA...

Aug 24 13:42

Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Sheikh Taiseer Al Tamimi Speak on the Right of Return

strong>This video presents the inspiring speech in Arabic with English subtitles of Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Supreme Justice Sheikh Taiseer Al Tamimi as filmed at the Sixth International Annual Al-Awda Convention

Aug 24 13:39

A United Iran Against a Collapsing Israel

Israel possesses up to 200 nuclear warheads in flagrant violation of the international law and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has made striking advancements in taking over the nuclear power and excelling in using it for peaceful purposes. The fact that Iran has succeeded in nationalizing the nuclear energy without the assistance of Western superpowers is indigestible for Israel which is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East

Aug 24 13:36

PHILIP GIRALDI: Israeli Mossad Spying in America

FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity.

Aug 24 12:48

NY Gov Candidate: Turn Prisons into Welfare Dorms

Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino said he would transform some New York prisons into dormitories for welfare recipients, where they could work in state-sponsored jobs, get employment training and take lessons in “personal hygiene.”

Republican candidate for New York governor Carl Paladino visits the Altamont Fair in Altamont, N.Y., on Friday, Aug. 20, 2010. Paladino greeted fairgoers during a one-hour visit.

Paladino, a wealthy Buffalo real estate developer popular with many tea party activists, isn’t saying the state should jail poor people: The program would be voluntary.

But the suggestion that poor families would be better off in remote institutions, rather than among friends and family in their own neighborhoods, struck some anti-poverty activists as insulting.

Aug 24 11:51

Forecasters still predicting busy hurricane season

Hurricane Danielle and another storm about to form off Africa could signal the hyperactive season forecasters predicted is lurking over the horizon in the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean despite just a handful of storms so far.

"Conditions we typically see during active seasons are still in place. Nothing's changed," said Gerry Bell, chief seasonal hurricane forecaster for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

Aug 24 11:48

Massachusetts Towns Stop Enforcing Marijuana Laws

BOSTON — Some Massachusetts towns have given up enforcing a law that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, saying the law is written with too many loopholes to be effective.

The law established a civil fine of $100 for those caught with an ounce or less of marijuana. That replaced what had been a criminal offense carrying a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $500 fine, also for possession of an ounce or less of the drug.

But the law – overwhelmingly passed as a ballot measure in November 2008 – does not require offenders correctly identify themselves nor does it provide a way to force them to pay the fines.

Aug 24 11:43

John Carpenter's - They Live - Zionist Symbolism In Movies


Part 1

Aug 24 11:39

Zionist occupation of US civil society and state apparatus

Joel Kovel relates some critical aspects of Zionist influence in the US for our consideration:

• the degree to which US foreign policy is configured to give Israel its impunity, one small instance being Obama’s recent threat to Turkey that he would cut off military contracts unless it lays off Israel for the Mavi Marmara incident; meanwhile the US reinforces Israeli military superiority with the latest in free ultra technology for its F-16 fighter fleet;

• the shameless debasement of our Congress, with hundreds of elected officials doing the bidding of a foreign power, again to whitewash the Mavi Marmara murders, thereby granting impunity once again;

Aug 24 11:36

“Reading constitution was a mistake” – former US sheriff

The US constitution is violated daily, and the main perpetrators are the president and top federal government officials.

That is the view of Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff who is now advocating state sovereignty as the only way to keep constitution-abiding America intact.

In 1994, he made national headlines when he filed a law-suit against the federal government. Since then, he has been encouraging state law enforcement officials to rise up against federal agents.

“When I was a cop I made a huge mistake – I actually read the constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights. And I saw, on the one hand, what the constitution says and I saw, on the other hand, what the government is actually doing,” he said in an interview to RT.

Aug 24 11:33

If you want to know what tyranny is like, look around.

The national government -- specifically the executive branch -- can do pretty much what it wants. It could bomb Iran tomorrow without a declaration of war from Congress. It can -- and does -- conduct secret wars and covert operations against countries that have done nothing to us. Of course, they are secret only to the ignorant taxpayers who must finance them and perhaps suffer when the provoked retaliation occurs. It can have men behind PlayStation consoles in Nevada fire Hellfire missiles from aerial drones on people in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

Aug 24 11:31

Adnan Shukrijumah: New Al Qaeda leader -- from Brooklyn and Miami

Targeting Iran: The US is Preparing World War III
by Gordon Duff
Global Research,
August 24, 2010

The “legend,” intelligence jargon for a false background constructed for an imaginary person, created for Shukrijumah is paper thin. An FBI Agent named Brian LeBlanc in an “exclusive interview” with the Associated Press warned the world of this new “bin Laden” clone.

Aug 24 11:18

Seven year-old girl cycles 600 miles across America

Skye Parnell, from Wiveliscombe in Somerset, cycled an average of 25 miles a day travelling from Washington DC to Pittsburgh and back.

On the final leg day of her three-week trip, which covered 610 miles in total, she cycled 46 miles.

The youngster was cycling with her father Ben Parnell, 34, a deputy head teacher, and her mother Naomi Leech, 35, also a teacher.

So far they have raised almost £500 for the Ellen MacArthur Trust which cares for children recovering from cancer or leukemia.

Aug 24 09:27

Killer priest: Report into IRA atrocity reveals British government and Catholic Church conspired to cover up cleric's involvement in bombing

A priest suspected of being an IRA leader and masterminding a bombing atrocity was allowed to escape arrest after a secret deal was struck between police, the Government and the Catholic Church, a report revealed today.

Father James Chesney was the ‘prime suspect’ after nine people, including an eight-year-old girl, were killed and 30 injured when three car bombs exploded in the quiet Northern Ireland village of Claudy in July 1972.