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Oct 24 17:53

Not that anyone gives a clump of turd (SHIT) but THIS COULD HAPPEN 2 U!!!!!!!

Not that anyone in low-brain UMARIKA could care but your greenback (US dollar if you lack cranial power) could be there very soon.


Oct 24 17:49

Is John McCain Stupid, or Does He Think We Are?

Is John McCain stupid, or does he believe we are? That's the question as he criticizes Barack Obama for allegedly trying to "redistribute the wealth" with a plan to lower taxes on the middle class and raise them on the super-rich.

Of course, the Democrat's proposal would merely slow down (not fully halt) the less-talked-about redistribution whereby Washington sends middle-class money up the income ladder. Either McCain doesn't know about this kleptocracy and is the dumbest presidential candidate in history, or he thinks America is too ignorant to recognize theft. Which is it?

Oct 24 17:46

The Black Hole Grows: AIG Says it May Need Even More Money

In case you weren't keeping tabs (the number and variety of handout-recipients grows with every passing day), AIG was first given a loan (really, akin to a maximum borrowing authorization) of $85 billion with much fanfare and high drama, which was later quietly increased by another $37.8 billion. In the last ten days, AIG has said it intended to borrow perhaps as much as $10 billion through a separate, new commercial paper program.

Bloomberg indicates that AIG is now saying that it might need even more dough, although its latest plea does not have a figure attached to it.

Oct 24 17:42

Ashley Todd Story Pushed By McCain Campaign Aide, Say Reporters

John McCain's Pennsylvania communications director told reporters in the state an incendiary version of the hoax story about the attack on a McCain volunteer well before the facts of the case were known or established -- and even told reporters outright that the "B" carved into the victim's cheek stood for "Barack," according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.

Oct 24 17:33

State of the Early Vote

According to information from Secretaries of State from all over the country, Democrats are voting early at significantly higher rates than Republicans compared to 2004 and new and sporadic voting Democrats are voting early at higher rates than new or sporadic voting Republicans.

Below is the data on early voting I provided on the conference call earlier this afternoon.

Oct 24 17:27

Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield

A colleague today showed me a cool, new browser that he's been using to browse the web at blisteringly fast speeds. The browser? Minefield. The author of the code?


Yes, that same Mozilla that makes the Firefox browser. Minefield is, in fact, a way to glimpse into the future of Firefox, as it's a pre-release/alpha version of the Firefox browser.

After spending some time with Minefield, one thing is clear: the future of Firefox is fast. Lightning fast.

Oct 24 16:28

The Devil's Cunning

George Bush has a heart attack and dies. Obviously he goes to hell, where the Devil is waiting for him. 'I'm not sure what to do,' says the Devil. 'You're on my list, but I have no room for you. As you definitely have to stay here, I'm going to have to let someone else go. I've got three folks here who weren't quite as bad as you. I'll let one of them go, but you have to take their place.

I'll even let you decide who leaves.' George thought that sounded pretty good, so he agreed.

Oct 24 14:22

Not the death of capitalism, but the birth of a new order

As the dust of the credit crash clears and the real world recession kicks in, the ideologues of capitalism are scaring themselves with spectres. "He's back," the Times warned its readers on Tuesday over a portrait of Karl Marx.

Oct 24 14:10

Angela Merkel sees red at Nicolas Sarkozy's plans for state intervention

President Sarkozy is set for a showdown with Angela Merkel today after infuriating the German Chancellor with the launch of a €100 billion (£80 billion) French sovereign investment fund that he exhorted other European governments to copy.

Brushing aside Berlin's qualms, Mr Sarkozy yesterday outlined plans for the fund as part of a programme to strengthen public sector control over private business. He also promised €175 billion of direct state investment in the economy, over and above the sovereign fund, in the next three years.

Oct 24 14:04

Police fear riots if Barack Obama loses US election

Law enforcement officials say the intense public interest and historic nature of the vote could lead to violent outbreaks if people are unhappy with the results, encounter problems casting their ballots or suspect voting irregularities.

Police departments say they cannot rule out disorder and are mobilising extra forces and putting SWAT teams on standby.

In Oakland, near San Francisco, police will have tactical squads, SWAT teams and officers trained in riot control on standby.

"We always try to prepare for the worst," said Oakland police department spokesman Jeff Thomason.

Oct 24 14:01

Haider widow believes death 'not an accident'

he widow of Joerg Haider believes the far-right Austrian politician's death in a car crash may not have been an accident and has saved his body from cremation for a second post mortem, a Vienna newspaper has reported.

Oct 24 12:57

No! Make it stop!

Oct 24 12:25

Israeli companies spy on Americans at AT&T and Verizon

AMY GOODMAN: So you have these companies, AT&T and Verizon, that are secretly working with the NSA and tapping Americans’ phone lines, and these companies actually outsource the actual tapping to some little-known foreign companies?

Oct 24 11:50

Iraqis have money but lack know-how in spending it

BAGHDAD – Iraq's government has an unusual money problem as much of the world grapples with a credit crunch — it can't spend its oil riches fast enough.

The U.S. is trying to change that by training Iraqi bureaucrats struggling to emerge from a centralized system in which nearly all decisions — from where to build a water treatment plant to which workers would do the job — came from the top.

Money also was scarce for more than a decade after the U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions to punish Saddam Hussein's regime for the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Oct 24 11:14

Arms for the Poor

Those poor kids at the Pentagon. They receive more funding than the rest of the world's military establishments combined, but it's just not enough. Pentagon officials have prepared a new defense spending estimate—one they plan to spring on us just before young Mr. Bush exits stage right—that projects a requirement for $450 billion more over the next five years than previously announced.

Oct 24 10:55

The Gang of Thieves Called Government

The government does not in any accurate sense "represent" the majority of the people.[1] But, even if it did, even if 70 percent of the people decided to murder the remaining 30 percent, this would still be murder and would not be voluntary suicide on the part of the slaughtered minority.[2] No organicist metaphor, no irrelevant bromide that "we are all part of one another," must be permitted to obscure this basic fact.

Oct 24 09:23

S&P slashes NY Times rating to junk

Standard & Poor’s slashed its rating on the New York Times Company by three notches to junk on Thursday after the publisher reported fresh impairment charges, a quarterly underlying loss and a review of its dividend policy.

The decline in print advertising revenues that has dogged US newspapers accelerated in the third quarter as the economy worsened, said Janet Robinson, chief executive. Visibility about future advertising bookings was “limited”, she added.

Oct 24 09:13

Study: Sequoia e-voting machines disturbingly easy to hack

The Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy has published a report disclosing security vulnerabilities that researchers have detected in Sequoia's AVC Advantage voting machine. According to the researchers, the machine can be completely compromised by replacing a single ROM chip—a task that they were able to complete in only seven minutes.

Oct 24 09:08

McCain's Private Visit With Chilean Dictator Pinochet Revealed For First Time

John McCain, who has harshly criticized the idea of sitting down with dictators without pre-conditions, appears to have done just that. In 1985, McCain traveled to Chile for a friendly meeting with Chile's military ruler, General Augusto Pinochet, one of the world's most notorious violators of human rights credited with killing more than 3,000 civilians and jailing tens of thousands of others.

Oct 24 09:06

Labor's web gag 'worse than Iran'

The Federal Government is attempting to silence critics of its controversial plan to censor the internet, which experts say will break the internet while doing little to stop people from accessing illegal material such as child pornography.

Internet providers and the government's own tests have found that presently available filters are not capable of adequately distinguishing between legal and illegal content and can degrade internet speeds by up to 86 per cent.

Oct 24 08:48

U.S. Stocks Slide After Rout Overseas

“There’s a lot of panic out there today,” Scott Fullman, a strategist at WJB Capital Group in New York, told The Associated Press. “People have been saying that we’re in a recession. This is the realization.”

Oct 24 07:53

Recession looms as economy shrinks sharply

The British economy shrank by far more than expected in the third quarter of the year which, barring a miraculous bounce in the current three months, means it is in recession for the first time since the early 1990s.

The news pushed the FTSE 100 index of leading shares down by 9% at one point - one of the biggest falls it has ever suffered. Sterling took a pounding on the foreign exchanges, falling to just $1.54 nearly a quarter below its summer value.

Oct 24 07:49

Black turnout is strong in early voting in South

Democrats are outvoting the GOP by a margin of 2.5-to-1 in North Carolina, where early voting has been under way for a week. That's roughly double the margin from 2004.

Oct 24 07:43


"We are running out of smear ideas and ideas for voter suppression," said Karl Rove. "What we are the most afraid of, is that the next president of the United States will actually be a man who, I shudder to think of this, a man who actually won the election."

Oct 24 07:40

You've Got One of Those Four-Hour Erections ...

At least 38 men who have taken Viagra have gone blind, and the drug's manufacturer said last Thursday that it would consider adding a warning to the label. Drug companies already warn consumers that Viagra and competitors like Levitra and Cialis have several other side effects, like blurred vision, headaches, indigestion, and painful erections that last four hours or more. What do you do with an erection that won't quit?

Oct 24 07:33

Time to patch Windows again, ASAP

If you use a Windows computer connected to a network, a newly discovered bug makes it possible for a bad guy to wreak havoc on the computer without your doing anything. The most vulnerable versions of Windows are XP, 2000 and Server 2003. Vista and Server 2008 are also vulnerable, but not as badly. Microsoft considers the bug important enough to issue the patch immediately rather than waiting for their normal once-a-month patch Tuesday.

Oct 24 07:18

McCain's Tax Plan Would Have Saved the McCains $730,000

Earlier this year, the Center for American Progress Action Fund calculated that Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) tax plan would have saved his wife Cindy and himself $373,429, based on their 2006 tax returns.

Since then, McCain has proposed additional tax cuts and Cindy has released another year of tax returns, so CAPAF re-calculated the McCains’ savings. Now, if McCain’s tax proposals were enacted, he and his wife would have saved $730,000 over 2006 and 2007.

Oct 24 07:13

Setup for a Stolen Election? AP Poll "Tightens"

The Associated press came out with a remarkable poll Thursday. It claimed that the presidential race had tightened from the consistent leads Obama has shown over the past weeks to become one of those "too close to call" national elections. Their poll, conducted by German polling firm GfK, showed 44% for Obama and 43% for McCain.

Oct 24 07:07

Trio of asteroids buzz Earth

The three latest objects were all spotted first by the Mount Lemmon Survey, which searches for asteroids with a renovated 1.5-metre telescope in Arizona. Two asteroids were only a few metres in diameter, and the smallest was only about a meter, making spotting and tracking the objects in space an impressive achievement.

Oct 24 07:04

Mail warns financial institutions of "payback"

Threatening letters containing a suspicious white powder mailed to three U.S. financial institutions warn "it's payback time," according to a text released by the FBI on Thursday.

More than 50 letters, with identical or similar threatening language, were sent to Chase Bank offices, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision, the FBI said.