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Mar 18 07:39

Hidden in the fine print

Who will benefit from it? One provision hidden in the fine print – “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” – may sound harmless, but don’t let that fool you: ISDS could let foreign companies challenge US laws without ever stepping in an American court.

Mar 18 07:27


All charges were dismissed by San Diego Superior Court Judge Louis R. Mahoian in the cases of Rapper Brandon Duncan, known by his stage name of “tiny Doo,” and Aaron Harvey. At the end of the day, they were free to go. That said, this case is not over for the other defendants, who were also charged with more serious offenses, though many of counts based on the 182.5 California Criminal Code were also dismissed.

Mar 18 07:03

Solzhenitsyn: The Incredible Disappearing Man

For daring to name the invaders of Russia who committed the greatest mass murder and human rights crimes in the history of humanity, his name and image have dropped beneath the surface of the Ziomedia’s murky waters.

Mar 18 06:46

BE AWARE - 'NON LETHAL' "Blunt Impact" Family of 40mm Grenade launcher munitions

The BIP is an effective non-lethal ammunition solution

Mar 18 06:45

6 Steps in the Global Currency Reset 2015-16

Mar 18 06:39

Bibi's election

And the winner between a bunch of racists iiissssss ....a racist congratulations

Mar 18 06:27

Marijuana convictions to be erased in Connecticut

“It’s a topic multiple states will have to be facing,” said Aaron Romano, Menditto’s attorney

Mar 18 06:00

It’s okay to NOT ‘fit in’ with society!

Do you feel like you sometimes don’t ‘fit in’ with society?

Mar 18 05:59

5 wealthy families who lost their fortunes

You wouldn't think it possible that a family worth millions would blow through all of it. In fact, any number of factors could contribute to a reversal of fortune, whether the decline is swift and sudden or stretched out over six generations. The usual suspects include bad investments, too much debt and overindulgent spending. Meet five well-known rich families who suffered a reversal of fortune.

Mar 18 05:54

3 Methods of Debt Payoff You Need to Know

Have you been overwhelmed thinking about how you can best pay off any debt you have? There are several strategies you can use to achieve debt freedom, but you might be unsure which is right for you.

Mar 18 04:59

Minks-2 was just a break before big war

Kiev sabotages not only the beginning of the political settlement, but also other agreements. The shelling of towns and villages continues; Kiev does not withdraw all heavy weaponry to the required distances of 50 and 70 kilometers. There is no sign of lifting the blockade for the restoration of socio-economic conditions of the population of the DPR and LPR. On the contrary, measures are taken to limit the freedom of movement, freedom of speech; any attempts to criticize the Kiev regime are suppressed.

Mar 18 04:56

Target Venezuela: 'Electoral Integrity Project' brings the cold war to Sydney

A multi-million dollar Australian Government funded project at the University of Sydney, linked to spin doctors in Washington, is using a biased and secretive method to help discredit elections in a range of 'enemy' countries. The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP) joins the United States Studies Centre (USSC), established in 2007, as another heavily politicised initiative which compromises the independence of Australia's oldest university (see Anderson 2010).
A key target is socialist Venezuela, which is facing yet another destabilisation campaign, backed by Washington.