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Nov 15 19:15

Context - The Elegant Key to Everything

So many people searching for that all important 'truth' that remains elusive: Part of the answer that everyone needs to have, to find what they are looking for, is 'context." Because without 'context' there can be no real knowledge, only data. This is the one thing that overarches every field of endeavor and every area of expertise, which is why it remains the Key to Everything.

Nov 15 19:01

He Fought the Wars and the Wars Won

What George W. Bush loved best about his job was being a war president. Playing war, that is, as opposed to making war like a grown-up. Remember him strutting onto that carrier in his little flight jacket? You never saw Eisenhower, a real general, playing out his martial fantasies this way. You can take the drink out of the drunk, but you can’t take the swagger out of a fool.

Nov 15 14:55

Iraqis Believe Americans Bombing Them to Push Status of Forces Agreement

Some people are saying that the Americans are making the bombings to make Iraqis believe that it is very important for them to stay in Iraq, that they are still needed. The Americans say that when they
withdraw from Iraq violence will increase. Is that a threat? You can read it as a threat, or you can read it as an expectation. Some Iraqis take it as a threat.

Some people are asking: “Are the Americans punishing us with bombings because Iraq has refused to sign the SOFA?” [Status of Forces Agreement]

Nov 15 14:38

Obama’s Council On Foreign Relations Crew

Meet some of president elect Obama’s leading foreign and domestic policy advisors and likely administration members, every one of them a prominent member of the Council On Foreign Relations.

Nov 15 14:25

Rothschild sees a New World Order

Gradually the firm has started expanding throughout the world, including the Gulf. “There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region. However, it takes time to develop a global footprint,” he says.

Baron Rothschild shares most people’s view that there is a New World Order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance.

So how did the Rothschilds manage to emerge relatively unscathed from the financial meltdown? “You could say that we may have more insights than others..."

Nov 15 12:46


The veterans are demanding Bush administration be tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against peace; asking the media to clearly inform the public of the administration's crimes; and encouraging citizens to take similar nonviolent actions.

Nov 15 12:34

A Ticket to The Hague for Dick Cheney?

By Scott Horton

Gene Burns is one of the nation’s most popular talk radio hosts. For years he has dismissed accounts of torture; America, he has said, does not torture. But last night, after watching Torturing Democracy and realizing that he had not understood how important and serious an issue torture had become, Burns abruptly changed his tune. Here’s a transcript of his remarks.

Nov 15 12:19

Barack Obama; Friend to Israel

And now we have a President Elect who not only claims himself to be a “friend to Israel” but, he is seriously considering Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State and he has already chosen dual citizen, Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff.

Nov 15 10:18

Keene radio host Ian Freeman jailed over couch

Ian Freeman from nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live has been arrested while in court over a couch and jailed for 93 days.

Nov 15 09:32

Freddie, JPMorgan in Dispute Over Bad WaMu Loans

JPMorgan, which took over Washington Mutual's assets after the thrift collapsed, told Freddie it won't buy back mortgages sold by WaMu that failed to match promises made about their quality, McLean, Virginia-based Freddie said today in a regulatory filing.

This is an astonishing development for the legal puds at JP Morgan Chase to have invented. Here, JP Morgan Chase is entirely ignoring long established legal precedent.

Nov 15 07:38

Vladimir Putin 'wanted to hang Georgian President Saakashvili by the balls'

With Russian tanks only 30 miles from Tbilisi on August 12, Mr Sarkozy told Mr Putin that the world would not accept the overthrow of Georgia’s Government. According to Mr Levitte, the Russian seemed unconcerned by international reaction. “I am going to hang Saakashvili by the balls,” Mr Putin declared.

Mr Sarkozy thought he had misheard. “Hang him?” — he asked. “Why not?” Mr Putin replied. “The Americans hanged Saddam Hussein.”

Nov 15 07:35

Settler violence continues in Hebron, 2-3 August 2008

Settler violence in Hebron continued over the weekend. The following footage shows minors throwing stones at Palestinian homes and at a car driven by international TIPH observers, as well as soldiers barring B’Tselem worker, Issa ‘Amro, from filming settlers who were assaulting a group of wedding guests. When a settler attacked ‘Amro and broke his camera, the soldiers stood by and did nothing.

Nov 15 07:28

Now on YouTube: The Lies and Crimes of 9/11: A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins

Professor Anthony J. Hall, Paper presented at the 'Edmonton Questions 9/11': Convention and Film, Stanley A. Milner Public Library Theatre, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. September 6 2008.

Complete paper can be found at:

See the complete series of this lecture in Youtube videos posted here:

Nov 15 06:04

The United Nations of New Jerusalem and the Empire of Zog

A number of European countries followed the lead of the U.K. and publicly acknowledged that it was world destiny that Israel should rule the Unified Nations of the New Jerusalem. Still… a lot of countries held out and are continuing to, despite the daily terror attacks that are being blamed on anyone who is standing in the way of world unification.

Nov 14 23:46

Leading Economist Warns of Food Riots

When top trend forecaster Gerald Calente predicted riots and revolution, many people shrugged and thought, "he's gone off the deep end".

But leading economist Nouriel Roubini is also now warning of food riots, and blaming it on the Fed and Treasury's policies and bank priorities

Nov 14 21:39

Speculation over back door in Skype

According to reports, there may be a back door built into Skype, which allows connections to be bugged. The company has declined to expressly deny the allegations. At a meeting with representatives of ISPs and the Austrian regulator on lawful interception of IP based services held on 25th June, high-ranking officials at the Austrian interior ministry revealed that it is not a problem for them to listen in on Skype conversations.

Nov 14 21:35

$50 billion for the auto industry?

Barack Obama wants Congress to approve $50 billion for the auto industry. He also wants to appoint a czar or board to “oversee the companies.” This would be the person or committee in charge of restructuring the auto industry.

Since when is it the government’s job to restructure the auto industry? The auto industry got itself into this mess, and it doesn’t need government or the tax payers to get it out of this mess.

Nov 14 21:30

Union fights for Pa. bus driver who hit pedestrian

A union is fighting the firing of municipal bus driver in northwestern Pennsylvania who struck and killed a surgeon three years ago and then hit another pedestrian in September. That was the third time the driver hit a civilian since 2000.

Nov 14 21:29

GOP to file suit to undo McCain rules

The Republican Party will file federal lawsuits Thursday seeking to overthrow the McCain-Feingold federal campaign finance regulations, Republican National Committee Chairman Robert M. "Mike" Duncan revealed Wednesday night at a private dinner with the nation's Republican governors.

Nov 14 21:26

Gore says no to 'Climate Czar' role

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is flirting with creating a White House "Climate Czar," but climate change crusader Al Gore says he doesn't want the job.

Nov 14 21:24

New airport screening system sees under clothes

At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a new security system has been launched that can see items hidden under clothing without any physical contact from screeners.

Nov 14 19:18

Israel's "Ethnic cleansing by stealth."

With every cruel and unusual punishment meted out against West Bank villagers, Israel is fomenting more and more hate against its own people.

"When Israel was first created, I had a lot of admiration and respect for the Jews; now I want to throw them all into the sea." The choice of phraseology was no accident on the part of the speaker, who wanted to make crystal clear the effects that more than 40 years of Israeli occupation have had on him and his family.

Nov 14 18:01

Katrina Diaspora & Electoral Cleansing

Louisiana has been a swing state for some time, in which Democrats were dependent on the black majority in the state’s largest city to win. It was not lost on Rove that all of those poor New Orleans African Americans—and their children—being dispersed throughout the nation could only be good for Republicans. As of now, only about 66% have returned.

Nov 14 14:01

FLASHBACK: The Clinton Chronicles

An appropriate time to look back at the Clintons rise to power.

Nov 14 13:25

Bailout Anger Boiling: "Is Kashkari A Chump?"

Kashkari: The secretary is very passionate about this as well-

Kucinich: Passionate about what?

Kashkari: Helping homeowners, congressman -

Kucinich: wwww- he is? in what country??

Nov 14 11:03

Sea Ice Growing at Fastest Pace on Record

An abnormally cool Arctic is seeing dramatic changes to ice levels. In sharp contrast to the rapid melting seen last year, the amount of global sea ice has rebounded sharply and is now growing rapidly. The total amount of ice, which set a record low value last year, grew in October at the fastest pace since record-keeping began in 1979.

Nov 14 11:00

Google Offers Text Ads Linked to Malware Site

Search giant Google is known for its "do no evil" approach. It goes to great lengths to protect the environment and it blocks sites on lists of known malware sites from being searched.

However, security researchers made an alarming discovery of a major slip-up for Google. The site had allowed a known malware site to buy text ads and was placing these ads on its partner pages through its Google AdWords service. The link was listed as “Antivirus XP 2008,” which led to the URL “” (Don't go there)

Nov 14 10:58

Google Offers Text Ads Linked to Malware Site

Search giant Google is known for its "do no evil" approach. It goes to great lengths to protect the environment and it blocks sites on lists of known malware sites from being searched.

However, security researchers made an alarming discovery of a major slip-up for Google. The site had allowed a known malware site to buy text ads and was placing these ads on its partner pages through its Google AdWords service. The link was listed as “Antivirus XP 2008,” which led to the URL “” (Don't go there)

Nov 14 10:52

Microsoft Says over 11% of Vista Printer Driver Installs Fail

Anyone who used Windows Vista in the early days of its launch will likely have not so fond recollections of driver issues that often led to frequent crashes and lockups. Video cards from NVIDIA were especially difficult to get working on Vista early on thanks to drivers that didn’t work well.

Nov 14 10:49

New Report: Fake TV News Widespread and Undisclosed

The Center for Media Democracy and Free Press today exposed an epidemic of fake news infiltrating local television broadcasts across country. At a press conference in Washington with FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein, the groups called for a crackdown on stations that present corporate-sponsored videos as genuine news to an unsuspecting audience.