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Jan 08 19:17

How The U.S.A. Funds It’s Debt

So if the People’s Bank of China used excess dollars to buy U.S. Treasuries, and didn’t buy the yuan on the Forex to sell to the businessman’s local bank, where did the People’s Bank of China get the yuan?

Answer: China creates it!

Jan 08 16:52

Hacking Godfather 'Maksik' Sentenced to 30 Years by Turkish Court

A Ukrainian cybercrime lord linked to nearly every major breach of U.S. retail networks in the past four years was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison by a Turkish court.

The Turks got him for hacking into banks. If all hackers got prison time, especially in a Turkish prison, they would quickly become a rare breed.

Jan 08 16:08

Dennis Kucinich-US Weapons Used To Kill Children Paid For By US Taxpayers

Your tax dollars "at work"

Jan 08 15:54

Who Is Winning the PR War?

Where does defense stop and aggression begin? Where is the line between proportionate retaliation and collective punishment? Is the media telling you what you need to know?

Jan 08 15:31

Why Can't Big Oil Match Hugo Chávez?

Why Can't Big Oil Match Hugo Chávez?
By Tim Padgett Wednesday, Jan. 07, 2009

Four years ago, Hugo Chávez scored one of the more impressive p.r. coups of the new century when he started delivering free heating oil to low-income Americans. Even if it was political opportunism, as conservative critics insisted, it got home-heating fuel to hundreds of thousands of yanquis during the past four winters, when the price was often skyrocketing. On Monday, however, with world oil prices plunging, the Venezuelan President decided to suspend his large-scale, multistate U.S. program in order to tend to financial concerns at home. Then on Wednesday, at the urging of U.S. politicians whose constituents had come to rely on the oil, Chávez reversed himself and said the heating oil would keep flowing this winter.
All of which raises the question: If Chávez can keep donating fuel even as his oil revenues tumble, why can't any U.S. oil companies step up to do the same?

Jan 08 15:26

Remember the Map: Israel, Exxon, and the AEI.

In regards to the Ukraine colluding with the U.S. in shutting off the Natural Gas to the EU from Russia: all roads lead back to 911, the great game, and the oil terminal in Haifa, Israel.

Jan 08 13:50

Russian Gas Cuts: US-Afghanistan Connection?

I wish to examine, however, if other parties might benefit from this dispute. It would be a simple matter to plan this dispute and to predict Russia’s response.

It is highly probable, therefore, perhaps 90 per cent probability, that the US has offered inducements for Ukraine to disrupt gas transit to the EU in order to create insecurity about Russian supplies and gain support for its Afghanistan war. This would be very easy. One million dollars each in the Swiss accounts of, say, 20-40 key politicians and officials and Ukraine’s performance is guaranteed. And cheap. Paul Craig Roberts, who was assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, says that in post he learned that simply giving cash is the preferred means of getting other countries, including Europe, to do what the US wants.

Jan 08 13:01

AIPAC praises senate for supporting massacre!

Recognizing the right of Israel to defend itself against attacks from Gaza and reaffirming the United States’strong support for Israel in its battle with Hamas, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Whereas Hamas was founded with the stated goal of destroying the State of Israel;

Whereas Hamas has been designated by the Secretary of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization;

Whereas Hamas has refused to comply with the requirements of the Quartet (the United States, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations) that Hamas recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence, and agree to accept previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians;

Whereas, in June 2006, Hamas crossed into Israel, attacked Israeli forces and kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit, whom they continue to hold today;

Whereas Hamas has launched thousands of rockets and mortars since Israel dismantled settlements and withdrew from Gaza in 2005;

Jan 08 11:31

View Arctic sea ice concentrations and extents on Google Earth

90 Days of Arctic Sea Ice
October 10, 2008 - January 07, 200
The Near Real-Time SSM/I EASE-Grid Daily Global Ice Concentration and Snow Extent (NISE) product provides daily, global near real-time maps of sea ice concentrations and snow extent. This animation of NISE maps shows the sea ice concentratiion and extent for the most recent 90 days. The pink line, derived from the Sea Ice Index, is the median extent for the calendar month(s). It is included to give an indication of how current conditions compare with more typical conditions.
The Arctic sea ice minimum marks the day, each year, when the sea ice extent is at its lowest. The sea ice minimum occurs at the end of the summer melting season. The summer melt season usually begins in March and ends sometime during September. Three of the last six years (2002, 2005, 2007) have seen record minimums in sea ice extent in the Arctic.

Jan 08 10:03

The Gaza War and International Law - Phyllis Bennis Comments

Institute for Policy Studies analyst Phyllis Bennis comments on the implications of international law for such a conflict and why the UN Security Council appears so powerless to protect even its own facilities.

Jan 08 09:43

Red Cross finds starving children with 12 corpses in Gaza 'house of horrors'

The International Committee of the Red Cross has accused the Israeli military of "unacceptable" conduct and breaching international humanitarian law after discovering four emaciated children living next to the corpses of their mothers and other adults in bomb-shattered houses in Gaza City.

The ICRC said that it had spent four days seeking Israeli guarantees of safe passage so that it could gain access to the houses in the badly damaged Zaytun neighbourhood of the city. It was finally allowed to send in a rescue team and four Palestine Red Crescent Society ambulances yesterday afternoon and said today that what they found was shocking.

In one house they discovered four small children, alive but too weak to stand, next to the bodies of their dead mothers. In all their were 12 dead bodies lying on mattresses.

Jan 08 09:40

UN agency halts Gaza operations over Israeli fire

A United Nations aid agency said on Thursday it suspended all of its operations in the Gaza Strip because of the risk posed by Israeli forces in the territory.

An Israeli tank shell on Thursday killed two Palestinian forklift drivers in a convoy for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the U.N. said.

Schools run by UNRWA have also been hit by Israeli fire, killing more than 45 Palestinians, medical officials in Gaza said.

"UNRWA decided to suspend all its operations in the Gaza Strip because of the increasing hostile actions against its premises and personnel," Adnan Abu Hasna, the agency's Gaza-based spokesman, said.

Jan 08 09:05

The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens:

Some of you may have heard of this poem, which was recently narrated online by Attorney Edgar J. Steele. It is now made into an online video cartoon for your viewing enjoyment. The links to this truly captivating online video cartoon are within this article.

The poem “The Ducks and the Hens” was originally written by the king of political incorrectness, George Lincoln Rockwell, a commander and fighter-pilot in WWII who was also a master propagandist, in that his message was well-received (even if most disliked his message due to its association with Germany’s WWII-era party). He was assassinated in 1967. His exploits made him the scourge of Jews in the U.S.

Jan 08 09:00

Honest Hank Paulson to Discover Fate of His $500 Million Fortune

Rebecca Christie | Bloomberg News

Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, a $500 million man when he entered office, said he’s about to discover how much of his fortune remains after two years of financial market turmoil.

The former chairman of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. sold his 3.23 million shares of the investment firm before he was sworn in as Treasury secretary in July 2006. As a government worker, he’s bound by ethics rules that require him to put his wealth in a blind trust and in assets that don’t present conflicts of interest.

Jan 08 08:33

Our Flag WAS still there - but...VIDEO

What conclusion am I to draw from this?

Jan 08 06:43

Who is behind the Lebanon rockets?

"But reports from Beirut said Hezbollah had made it known to the Lebanese government that it was not involved.

And the group has a reputation, even among Israelis, for being a credible conveyor of information about its activities."

Jan 08 06:30

Breakthroughs That Will Change Everything

Will humans go extinct? Or will we instead evolve into divergent species? Can we stop killing each other? Perhaps old-fashioned wisdom will return and save the day.

Jan 08 06:29

Millitechnology Fuel Cell For Power

Meet the smallest fully integrated fuel cell in the world: only 9 mm3 in volume but 254 W per Liter in energy density

Jan 08 06:28

Scary Record - Mount Everest Climbers Achieve Lowest Human Blood Oxygen Levels

The lowest ever levels of oxygen in humans have been reported in climbers on an expedition led by UCL (University College London) doctors.

Jan 08 06:27

Trophy Hunting Causing 'Reverse Evolution'

Survival of the smallest is not exactly what Darwin had in mind, but in some animals species, humans may be forcing a smaller-is-better scenario, and the ultimate outcome may be species demise.

Jan 08 06:26

Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected

Space is typically thought of as a very quiet place. But one team of astronomers has found a strange cosmic noise that booms six times louder than expected.

Jan 08 06:25

Mexico takes urgent economy steps

BBC Staff Writer | Jan 8

The Mexican government has unveiled emergency measures to protect its economy from the global financial crisis and US recession. [...]

However, if oil prices remain low, Mexico could benefit from an earlier government gamble to hedge almost all its 2009 oil output at $70 a barrel, says our correspondent, earning the country several billion dollars.

Jan 08 06:24

Runaway Stars Go Ballistic

A total of 14 young stars racing through clouds of gas like bullets, creating brilliant arrowhead structures and tails of glowing gas, have been revealed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. They represent a new type of runaway stars, scientists say.

Jan 08 06:23

Perfect Space Storm Could be Catastrophic on Earth...

A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm.

Jan 08 06:21

Explosion That Injured 7 Spurs NASA Probe

NASA investigators are studying a tank explosion that caused minor injuries at Kennedy Space Center during a contractor's independent equipment test just before Christmas.

Jan 08 06:19

The Strangest Things in Space

Jan 08 05:53

Video: The mafia, The CIA and Geoge Bush (parts 1 & 2)

Former reporter for the "Houston Chronicle," Pete Brewton tells of one of the most momentous stories of the past 50 years and how it has been suppressed by the establishment media and the Congress. Pete's book "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush," shows the incredible complexity of the relationships in the operation of the destruction of hundreds of Savings and Loans at the hands of the CIA and the Mafia, stealing many billions of dollars in the process, and leaving the taxpayers to bailout the banks. Big names at the state and national levels of power are involved, including Lloyd Bentsen, the Bush family, and power brokers in Houston. People such as Kenneth Keating and Don Dixon, who are mentioned prominently in the press in connection with the S&L debacle, were merely front men or "cutouts" for the main movers. Keating and his ilk only took millions; the CIA and the Mafia looted billions.

(Part 1 and 2 approx 1hr each)

Jan 08 05:15

Predictions Save your candles – the Dark Ages are coming by Justin Raimondo

A new year, and a new president – plenty of grist for my prediction mill, or, at least, for the obligatory January "predictions" column. Not that there's anything special, really, about it: all punditry is prediction, in an important sense. Every time a writer advocates a particular policy or decries another, the author is predicting a certain outcome, good or bad. The question is, which policies will win out in the battle of ideas? As we look at the incoming administration, especially in the context of trends that have been building over time, a certain scenario begins to emerge, with the first act unfolding on the domestic stage.

Jan 08 05:08

Porn industry, citing limp economy, seeks its own US bailout

Two porn moguls including Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt are seeking a five-billion-dollar bailout from Washington, arguing that the limp US economy has thrown cold water on the adult entertainment industry.

Flynt and "Girls Gone Wild" video series creator Joe Francis asked the newly convened 111th Congress "to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America" in a bailout move similar to the one set aside for US auto manufacturers.