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Dec 03 09:43

UK food and energy prices are rising twice as fast as those in Europe, report finds

Power and food bills in the UK are rising at twice the rate they are in the European Union.

A report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development yesterday showed that British bills surged at the fastest rate of any EU nation in October.

Energy costs rose by 24.2 per cent compared with the same time last year, the OECD said.

That was twice the gain in Finland, which recorded the second highest rate of power price inflation.

And UK grocery bills gained 10.1 per cent, a rate matched only by Finland.

Dec 03 09:38

India's Wondering, 'If the U.S. Can Bomb Pakistan, Why Can't We?'

I think it would be better for India to wonder, "If Pakistan was the U.S. ally against the Russians helping to equip and train the taliban and al Qaeda, and was it its ally in the "war on terror", but Pakistan now being thrown under the bus and destroyed; could this happen to India as well?"

Dec 03 09:24

Private jobs and services slump show recession toll

Private employers slashed an unexpectedly high 250,000 jobs in November, the most in seven years, while the service sector that powers most of the economy posted its worst slump on record.

Dec 03 09:22

Detroit's New Bill: $34 Billion

GM, Ford, and Chrysler present plans for an overhaul as the worst-hit automakers issue a dire warning if help isn't forthcoming

Dec 03 09:20

Bailout Report Card--A Failing Grade and a Frightening Outlook for 2009

The United States government has been in non-stop bailout mode for the last three months. How has it done? How has the nation’s economy been impacted if at all? Here’s a report card.

Dec 03 05:33

Invention: Supersonic hurricane neutraliser

Each year, hurricanes or typhoons may cause billions of dollars' worth of damage and a large number of fatalities. It would be hugely significant if we could find an effective way of reducing the destructive power of these storms, which convert heat energy from warm oceans into damaging kinetic energy in the atmosphere.

Now Arkadii Leonov at the University of Akron in Ohio says that the complex air flows and other atmospheric "machinery" that produce this prodigious power are surprisingly delicate.
Supersonic solution

Dec 03 05:14

Somalia: Another CIA-Backed Coup Blows Up

Up until a month ago, no one in the Bush administration showed the least bit of interest in the incidents of piracy off the coast of Somalia. Now that's all changed and there's talk of sending in the Navy to patrol the waters off the Horn of Africa and clean up the pirates hideouts. Why the sudden about-face? Could it have something to do with the fact that the Ethiopian army is planning to withdrawal all of its troops from Mogadishu by the end of the year, thus, ending the failed two year US-backed occupation of Somalia?

Dec 03 04:56

Mumbai Attacks: Piecing Together the Story

There is a torrent of information and analysis on the recent attacks in Mumbai, but much of the story is nowhere to be seen in the American mainstream media. Here's a guide to what you might have missed:

What happened?

Saikat Datta of Outlook India writes that by mid-September, Indian agencies knew that the attack would come from the sea, and by mid-November they knew that the Taj hotel would be targeted. And yet the attacks still happened. A blow-by-blow account of how the plan to attack Mumbai by sea was hatched and executed.

Dec 03 02:50

Congress Should Not Bail Out Wall Street

My company, Branch Banking & Trust Co. (BB&T) is a $136 billion multistate banking company. We have 1,500 branches throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast states. While we have been impacted by the real estate markets, we continue to have healthy profitability and a strong capital position.

Dec 03 00:14

The Federal Reserve Bank – it’s not what you think

Another thing not commonly known is that at the beginning of our country there was no income tax at all. We didn’t have nor did we need an income tax until we got the bankers got into the government picture. The income tax was only needed to pay interest to the bankers for our money that they loan to our government.

Dec 03 00:09

Please, look at the facts before it’s too late – we are not causing the planet to warm

The sun is really the dictator of what happens to temperature on earth, not whether we drive SUVs or keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter. If anyone doubts this, a simple Google search will reveal a plethora of scientific studies to this effect.

Dec 03 00:06

10 false flags operations that shaped our world

From Nero to 9/11, via Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin incident... Joe Crubaugh provides an "all time greatest hits" of false flag operations, whereby one scenario is repeated... as the world keeps falling for the same lie.

Dec 03 00:05

More evidence of CIA-backed syndicate involvement in Mumbai attacks

Under pressure from Washington, this past May Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani cut a secret deal with the United States and India to turn over to Delhi a number of residents of Pakistan wanted by India for terrorism. One of those included in the deal was the CIA’s erstwhile asset, Mumbai-born Dawood Ibrahim, a veteran of CIA operations in Afghanistan during the mujahedin war against the Soviets.

Dec 03 00:01

Dead Bin Laden Still Bankrolling Terrorism

The 'magic' man of al-Qaeda, according to Gordon Thomas, has collected billions of dollars since 9/11 and that over 3,000 companies in the US have been penetrated by al-Qaeda through its investments.

Dec 02 23:05

Bruce Fein Discusses "Continuity of Government"

As many of you know, the Washington Post recently reported on the Pentagon's plan to have 20,000 troops inside the U.S. by 2011 to supposedly aid response to a terrorist attack or massive natural disaster.

Dec 02 22:24

Evan Kohlmann; the Doogie Howser of terrorism?

By Tom Mills

Dec 02 22:14

Iraqis desperate, Foreign workers imported

Posted on Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Military contractor in Iraq holds foreign workers in warehouses
By Adam Ashton | McClatchy Newspapers

BAGHDAD — About 1,000 Asian men who were hired by a Kuwaiti subcontractor to the U.S. military have been confined for as long as three months in windowless warehouses near the Baghdad airport without money or a place to work.

Dec 02 20:00

Scientists Report Mental 'Body-Swapping'

"This shows how easy it is to change the brain's perception of the physical self. By manipulating sensory impressions, it's possible to fool the self not only out of its body but into other bodies, too,"

Dec 02 18:43

U.S. Prepares for New Caucasus War

U.S. Prepares for New Caucasus War

U.S. President George W. Bush has ordered U.S. commercial vessels in the Black Sea to be insured against military risks through March 2009. The White House acknowledges that the November 25 memorandum, which has been published on the White House website, is connected with Georgia, to which U.S. ships are delivering military hardware and weapons. RBC Daily newspaper cites experts’ suggestions that the United States is preparing for another war in the Caucasus, which would give NATO a pretext for accepting the memberships of Ukraine and Georgia.

Dec 02 18:39

NBER’s Recession Call & The Importance of Charts

It must be exciting to be an economist at NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) who just recently announced that the US has been in a recession for a year. I wish I could find a job which entails telling people what happened in the stock market last year.

The NBER now claims that the recession began in December 2007 which was right around the time that all technical indicators were blinking red with sell signals.

Dec 02 18:38

Obama/Clinton, Communist Collusion


By: Devvy

February 18, 2005

"In light of the hyped speculation that Hillary Rodam Clinton is seeking the presidency in 2008, I feel the American people should be reminded on a regular basis about this woman's past. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are devout Marxists and propagators of world communism. They disguise it very well."

Dec 02 18:16

Nato snubs US by resuming Russia contacts

The US suffered a setback yesterday when their west European Nato allies forced a resumption of contacts between the alliance and Russia and stalled Nato-membership bids from Georgia and Ukraine.

A meeting of Nato foreign ministers in Brussels agreed to reopen contacts with Moscow, frozen in protest at Russia's invasion and partition of Georgia last August. Despite US pressure, the meeting also declined to hasten Nato applications from Georgia and Ukraine.

Dec 02 17:35

Clintons' unprosecuted W.H. crimes

Joe Mariani

The Clinton Legacy: In Answer to Mr. Stensrud
July 30, 2003

"People often disagree with my view of Mr Bill Clinton as a good president, but the only reason they can think of is the scandal and his impeachment. I ask for something else, but there is nothing they can think so, mainly because you'd have to search hard to find something else."
Matthew Stensrud - The Republicans - What They've Done WRONG

Dec 02 17:30

Obama's Clinton Deal - Power!

Obama Takes Ownership of the Clinton Scandals
By Tom Fitton | Monday, December 01, 2008

So, let me get this straight. You’re the president-elect trying to deliver a new spirit of reform and integrity to Washington, DC, while at the same time healing and bringing together a divided country. And then you tap Hillary Rodham Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt politician in modern political history – and certainly the most polarizing -- to be your Secretary of State? Hillary Clinton, the nation’s top diplomat?

Dec 02 13:47

Washington Post Columnist Advocates Abolishing the Second Amendment

"Now, let's not start screaming about the Second Amendment. To begin with, the amendment should be abolished -- a sensible interpretation of the amendment is that it was written to allow the people to raise a militia for protection and to hunt for food. Clearly no one needs to raise a militia these days, and those who hunt for a living can be licensed to do so."

I disagree. Let's start screaming about the Second Amendment.

Dec 02 13:43

Israeli Company Developing Behavioral Screening -- The Future of Airport Security?

Several Israeli-based technology companies are developing detection systems that pick up signs of emotional strain, a psychological red flag that a passenger may intend to commit an act of terror. Speedier and less intrusive than metal detectors, these systems may eventually restore some efficiency to the airplane boarding process.

Dec 02 12:24

The Rationale of Terror by Patrick J. Buchanan

President Bush should pray New Delhi does not adopt his Bush Doctrine of preventive war or the Cheney Doctrine: "Even if there's just a 1 percent chance of the unimaginable coming due, act as if it is a certainty." For war in the subcontinent between India and Pakistan would be a calamity and a triumph for the terrorists across what Zbigniew Brzezinski has called the "Global Balkans."

Dec 02 07:52

China reveals 300,000 children were made ill by tainted milk

Nearly 300,000 children were made sick and six may have been killed by milk tainted with the toxic plastic melamine, Beijing has said in a major revision of numbers of those affected by China's worst recent health scare.

...but melamine in US baby formula is safe. Really.

Dec 02 07:20

Iceland Crisis Sends Viking Descendants Back to Norway for Jobs

Almost 1,200 years after Viking chief Ingolfur Arnarson left Norway to found Reykjavik, the crisis engulfing Iceland is forcing his descendants home.

Dec 02 07:18

U.S. May Be in for ‘Great Recession,’ Longest Postwar

The U.S. economy, now officially in recession, may be in the midst of the longest slump in the post- World War II era as job losses mount and credit dries up.