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Nov 02 09:27

NH recounts no check and balance for its privatized corporate-controlled elections

Nearly 90% of NH votes are counted IN SECRET by a private corporation with a criminal history, criminal personnel, and partisan ties. The State of NH has approved the outsourcing of our elections, in clear violation of the NH Constitution, which states that vote counting must be observable, and in violation of the concept of "non-delegable governmental functions. This legally binding principle is outlined in the Office of Budget and Management Policy Letter 92-1, as quoted below the video at bottom of this article.

Nov 01 22:38

Pakistan quake relief efforts focus on bitter winter

Relief efforts in a Pakistani valley hit by a powerful earthquake this week are turning to preparing thousands of homeless for a freezing winter, officials said on Saturday, as aftershocks jolted survivors.

The 6.4 magnitude quake struck Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest but most poor province on Wednesday, destroying or damaging thousands of mud-walled homes and killing at least 215 people.

The epicentre was in Ziarat district, a picturesque valley framed by jagged mountains and one of the region's main tourist spots. Night-time temperatures are falling below freezing.

Nov 01 22:32

100,000 Sony batteries recalled

About 100,000 Sony Lithium-Ion batteries used in Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell notebooks have been recalled. 35,000 batteries of these batteries were sold in the US.

Some details about these batteries:

They were sold at the same time as the batteries involved in the widescale 2006 Sony battery recall.

These batteries can “overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers.”

The damage so far: “There have been 19 reports of the batteries overheating, including 17 reports of flames/fire (10 resulting in minor property damage). Two consumers experienced minor burns.”

Nov 01 22:28


This public relations mind control industry has grown completely out of control and is now fabricated completely illusory reality to the masses through the media. Whole artificial realities have been generated for us, with 911 being the culmination of this process: the biggest single false reality designed to manipulate public opinion.

Nov 01 22:25

Troops may run out of time to cast ballots

For U.S. troops serving overseas, nothing comes easy. Not even voting.

Military members may not have enough time to complete and mail in their absentee ballots for Tuesday’s election, thanks to slow mail delivery, lack of information sharing among election officials, and procedural errors.

Nov 01 18:06

Previously unseen WTC7 collapse video - C'mon people - fire?

Here's what I can tell from viewing this video:
1. The building is tan in color.
2. The building is not engulfed in flames.
3. The building falls straight down just like a building imploded via controlled demolition.

Nov 01 17:40

The lying woman of Washington

The death of nearly a million Iraqis is more than enough to judge the American invasion and occupation of Iraq as a criminal act of immense proportions, especially in light of the fact that the invasion was based on lies concocted by evil-minded people like Bush, Rice and Powell. The blood of hundreds of thousands of victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Somalia and other places is squarely on their evil hands.

Nov 01 17:38

Prominent Zionist Congressman Rahm Emanuel Floated as Obama Chief of Staff

As Barack Obama continues to absorb accusations that he is not committed to maintaining America's staunch support for Israel, knowledgeable Democrats have leaked word that he is considering a well-known, pro-Israeli Jewish congressman to be his chief of staff if elected.

Nov 01 17:32

Syria accuses U.S. of terrorism

Syria's Foreign Minister accuses the U.S. of an act of "criminal and terrorist aggression" after a raid near Syria's border with Iraq.

Nov 01 17:18

George Carlin on Voting

Nov 01 17:15

Maryland's Gambling Fascism

Here we go again: whoring out the kids so the state can rake in more money.

Nov 01 16:32

Jesse Ventura Radio Interview - None of the Above

This is a follow-up video following the video of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and Willie Nelson. I don't want to be a killjoy here but Jesse picks none of the above regarding Republican or Democrat for president.

Nov 01 15:30

Oscar the nursing home cat can sense death

Every day, Oscar makes his rounds among the patients, entering each room and giving each patient a sniff. When he senses that someone is near the end of his or life, he will hop onto their bed and curl up beside them. Within hours, without fail, the patient will die.

Nov 01 15:26

[Video] Palin suggests U.S. is at war with Iran.

In her interview with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren last night, Gov. Sarah Palin appeared to claim that the U.S. needs to “win” the non-existent war with Iran:

Nov 01 15:17

[Video] Palin Got Pranked -- And You Can Hear It.

Oh man. Those pesky prank calls. A radio station in Quebec, Canada did the dirty work, posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy:

Shouldn't someone who is running for the second highest office in the United States be able to tell this is a prank?

This can't be good for John McCain's temper.

Nov 01 15:09

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page.

"It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible."

Nov 01 15:05

High performance ram [pic]

Nov 01 15:00

NYC couple travels 9,300 miles from India to vote

A New York City couple has traveled halfway around the world in the name of civic duty.

Susan Scott-Ker and her husband arrived in New York on Wednesday after flying 9,300 miles to vote in Tuesday's presidential election.

They have been working India but decided to return to New York when their absentee ballots failed to arrive. Their trip began in Bangalore with stopovers in New Delhi and Chicago.

It will be their first time voting in a presidential election. The New Zealand-born Scott-Ker and her Morroco-born husband became American citizens a year ago.

Nov 01 14:23

What's Going On? Jim Kirwan

Yesterday Philip Berg asked the US Supreme Court to delay the election on Tuesday, in order to verify Obama's qualifications to be the president of this country. There are only two qualifications one is an age requirement, the other is that the candidate must be an American citizen.
"The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to help the nation avoid a constitutional crisis by halting Tuesday's election until Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama documents his eligibility to run for the top office in the nation.

Nov 01 13:03

Trojan virus steals banking info

The details of about 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards have been stolen by a virus described as "one of the most advanced pieces of crimeware ever created".

The Sinowal trojan has been tracked by RSA, which helps to secure networks in Fortune 500 companies.

RSA said the trojan virus has infected computers all over the planet.

"The effect has been really global with over 2000 domains compromised," said Sean Brady of RSA's security division.

Nov 01 13:01

This Question Must Be Answered Response to the Death Threat sent to Devvy Kidd

Jim Kirwan
Apparently the latest respondent to Devvy Kidd's article on Obama's bid to hang on to legitimacy by dint of Obama's Gamble; does not understand how criminal misrepresentation tends to work against long term or real world acceptance: once fraud has been proven.

"From: magda robinson
Sent: 10/30/2008 6:43:33 PM

You racist white bitch! How dare you question the citizenship of the greatest hope our country has ever had for change?

Nov 01 12:46

Chinese news exposes the Rand Corporations plans to start World War III

Chinese news outlets are frantically discussing a recent meeting between the Rand Corporation and the Pentagon.

The Rockefeller - Ford/Carnegie Foundation controlled Rand Corp. suggests that a war with a major world power will revitalize the economy helping the current banking elite to maintain their control over America.

Nov 01 12:23

In Memorium: Studs Terkel

Politically active until the end, Terkel likened "the war on terror" to the war on witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, and spoke of a "national Alzheimer’s disease" where Americans forget everything that has happened in the nation's history, and know only whatever lies President Bush tells them.

Nov 01 12:18

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

Supporters of John McCain, long less enthusiastic than Obama's, have become increasingly glum about the presidential campaign in recent weeks, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Saturday. Their feelings have turned more negative during a period that has seen Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois, take a firm lead in many polls.

Nov 01 12:15

100 Million Suspects

In the end, the decision couldn't be clearer. This is more than just a choice between parties, or ideologies, or policy positions. It's a choice between philosophies and worldviews. It's a choice grounded in moral psychology. We will choose between different portions of our own brains, between our baser instincts and what used to be called "the angels of our better nature."

In the end, this election is a referendum on trusting the electorate. It's a referendum on democracy itself.

Nov 01 12:11

Google Trends: obama, biden, mccain, palin

Nov 01 12:07

Miami-Dade Mega-Exit Poll

Miami polling firm Bendixen & Associates did a huge exit poll during the first 9 days of early voting in Miami-Dade– almost 87-hundred interviews at 18 of the 20 early voting sites. The demographics of those interviewed– 55% hispanic, 25% Anglos, 20% black– sound roughly like the county’s electorate.

Bottom-line result– Obama 61%, McCain 39%.

Nov 01 11:57


"I'm not sure we can ever satisfy the federal government's insatiable appetite for more power." - REP. ROBERT L. BARR JR. (R-GA.)


Does the word "we" used above translate to "WE THE PEOPLE"?

Nov 01 11:55

MSM is Formally Accused of Felony Rico and Conspiracy Against Dr. Ron Paul

What the public needs to understand is that FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the other established *mainstream “mass media”/news sources [*see definition @] are perpetrating criminal fraud (via omissions, distortions and outright lies) and a deliberate censorship of Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 Presidential race—with malice and aforethought and evil intent to control the 2008 presidential elections.