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Aug 10 09:32

Talk to Russia? Yes We Can!

“Friendship between Russia and America is an element essential to the universal political equilibrium. Our two great lands, at two ends of the earth, are forever bound by a natural community of both interests and sympathies, a common interest in the spiritual as well as the material progress of mankind.”
So wrote Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov to President Abraham Lincoln, on July 10, 1861. Russia backed these words by sending its fleet to Boston, dissuading Britain, then the global superpower, from intervening in a terrible civil war – ours.
Russia’s national bard, Alexander Pushkin:
Rulers! Your crown and laurels do
Not come from God, but from Law’s hand.
Above the people you do stand,
But Law Eternal stands o’er you.

Aug 10 09:28

Russian TV - at Current Rates, Germany Will be Majority Islamic by 2050 (Video with subtitles)

France, Britain also in trouble. Macedonia worst of all...

An interesting non-PC look at the Islamization of Europe, country by country.

Aug 10 09:25

German Mainstream Media Report on Kiev's War Crimes

The implication is that Kiev and the US were fully aware of the attrocities being committed by the right wing militias, and deliberately encouraged them.
The average American might accidentally stumble on a European or Russian mainstream media source and accidentally push Google translation to English, but not likely. To the point: Although there is little evidence that regular Ukrainian army forces have committed a large number of such crimes, there is a mountain of evidence that National Guard battalions and Kiev’s more independent neofascist-infused volunteer battalions have.
Recently, one Western newspaper, the German newspaper Der Speigel, actually bothered itself with exposing some of the Maidan neo-fascists’ war crimes in an all too brief expose.’ True, this is not the first such report.

Aug 10 09:24

How a can of DIET Coke makes your body store fat, rots teeth

and affects you in the same way as cocaine within ONE HOUR

Aug 10 09:23

Video: Violence erupts in Ferguson on one year anniversary, at least one shot amid heavy gunfire

Update: The name of the person shot during the gunfire that erupted last night in Ferguson has been released. Tyrone Harris Jr, apparently a “close friend” of Michael Brown, came out of surgery early Monday morning after being shot by police Sunday night

Aug 10 09:20


Ukrainian politicians have been known for their impulsiveness and willingness to get their point across by throwing a perfectly-timed right cross at their opponent’s face. The world witnessed some of the most amazing fights in the Ukrainian Rada in the past, but after Petro Poroshenko assumed the presidency he promised Ukraine will move towards Europeanization, including getting rid of the bad habit of fist fighting in the parliament.

Aug 10 09:19

Russian Election Chief: American Elections Are a Pathetic Fraud. Amen!

Vladimir Churov, the head of Russia’s Central Electoral Commission since 2007, does not believe anything positive could come out of studying the American experience with democracy – because democracy in the US is nothing more than a bunch of dirty tricks.
“All those who watched the movie Gangs of New York,” he thundered to a cheering young audience during last week’s Russian Educational Youth Forum Terra Scientia on Klyazma River. “That is about the birth of American democracy … All the dirty techniques starting from bribery of voters and ending with [political] assassinations, they all were invented there,” he continued.

Aug 10 09:17


The Environmental Protection Agency has admitted to spilling a 1 million gallons of toxic waste into the Colorado River while attempting to clean the inactive Gold King Mine. Communities along the banks of the nearby Animus River have declared a state of emergency as their water turns orange with metal toxins, in a environmental catastrophe that lead New Mexico’s governor to declare: “The magnitude of it, you can’t even describe it.”

Vocativ used geo-location technology to find photos posted by locals on social media, revealing the extent of the contamination. The Animus River runs through the middle of a town called Durango, where the economy is largely reliant on tourism from the local rafting industry. They also rely on the Animus River for part of their drinking water and irrigation. Durango has been deeply impacted since the spill last Wednesday, when the river was declared a public health hazard and closed.

Aug 10 09:16

20 Years Ago the US Backed a Brutal Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs - Russian TV (Video)

Interesting short clip.

14,000 dead, 5000 Missing, 200,000 forced to flee for their lives, never to return. Parallels to events in Ukraine are made.

This event and the subsequent bombing of Belgrade 4 years later ended Russian illusions about the intentions and character of NATO and the US.

Aug 10 09:13

Ukrainian president orders urgent Normandy Four Donbas talks

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed Foreign Affairs Minister Pavlo Klimkin to arrange talks on events in the embattled eastern Donbas region, a Twitter announcement said.
The statement calls for discussions within the Normandy Four group of senior diplomatic officials from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France on developments.
Poroshenko said he had "charged minister Pavlo Klimkin with urgent consultations at Foreign Affairs Ministry level of Normandy Four on Donbas situation development."

Aug 10 09:12

Iran says it is in talks with Azerbaijan on joint gas exports

Iran has announced the beginning of negotiations with Azerbaijan on joint exports of natural gas to global markets, the ISNA news agency said on Monday.
It might be a "sign that Tehran may have already revived plans to pipe gas to Europe," the agency said.

Aug 10 09:09


The Seattle city council is ready to vote on a measure that would add a $25 tax to the price of every weapon and a nickel to every box of ammo as well as certain regulations that might make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

Aug 10 09:06

Seoul resumes loudspeaker propaganda campaign along border with North — defense ministry

South Korea has resumed its loudspeaker broadcasting propaganda campaign along the border with North Korea as a retaliation step for Pyongyang’s recent provocation when two South Korean servicemen were wounded by a North Korean mine in the demilitarized zone, South Korea’s defence ministry said on Monday.
"As part of retaliation for North Korea's illegal provocation, our military will partly carry out loudspeaker broadcasting along the military demarcation line as the first step," the ministry said, adding that this decision was in conformity with its pledge to make North Korea pay the harsh cost for the provocation.

Aug 10 09:04

Several wildfires blazing in Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone

Firefighting efforts continue in separate areas of wildfire in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear plant, the situation is under control, the press service of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said on Monday.
Fires broke out in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl on June 29 when dry grass and reeds blazed over some 130 hectares. On July 1, Ukraine’s state nuclear inspectorate identified radiation levels one order of magnitude above the natural background in some spots inside the area affected by fire near the Chernobyl NPP. "In the air sample taken in the area of the fire on the outskirts of the abandoned village of Polesskoye the content of caesium-137 is 0.0025 becquerel per one cubic meter, which is one order of magnitude above the control level set under the current norms of hygiene," the watchdog’s statement said.
On Sunday, August 9, dry grass and forest floor caught fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, and the wildfire resumed.

Aug 10 08:26

Police Murder and Class Rule in America: 16 More Lives Claimed over the Past Week

snip: There have been so many unarmed people killed by police in recent months that it is impossible to list them all. It is one year since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, 1,144 people have been killed by the police, or more than three per day. By way of comparison, fewer than 10 people are killed by police each year in Germany, and less than three in Great Britain.

The political establishment, led by the Obama administration, has responded to growing popular opposition to police brutality with empty gestures of concern, while helping shield the vast majority of killer cops from prosecution and seeing to it that the killing machine continues.

Aug 10 08:25

Toxic sludge in contaminated river reaches New Mexico, communities have 90-day water supply

Toxic waste, including arsenic and lead, which seeped into a river in southwest Colorado, has now crossed the state border into New Mexico. More than 550 gallons per minute are entering the water flow system according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which caused the spill.