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Nov 19 09:53

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes

Australian study finds lowest-ever digital literacy scores coincide with the iPad age

Nov 19 09:51

Edgy online shoppers face Dyre Christmas as malware mutates

"The cyber criminals behind Dyreza often spread the malware via spray-and-pray spam campaigns, which are sent to random recipients," Zahria says.

" … Dyreza is also a crime-as-a-service network” that anyone can buy into [and attack] a group of targets in the code configuration file [which] are typically online banking websites."

Targeted users risk having bank accounts drained and machines botted.

Nov 19 09:48

An independent autopsy shows a Tennessee man died in Mississippi police custody because he was hog-tied for an extended period and not because he took LSD

An independent autopsy shows a Tennessee man died in Mississippi police custody because he was hog-tied for an extended period and not because he took LSD, an attorney for the man's family said Wednesday.

Nov 19 09:48

Company which raised price of AIDS drug by 5500% reports $14m quarterly losses

The drug company which hiked up the price of a drug used to treat AIDS-related infections has reported a $14.6 million quarterly loss.

Nov 19 09:41

Veterans Administration to outsource medical services for veterans’ care

The Veterans Administration has unveiled an ambitious plan to merge and expand the department’s private health care arrangements in order to meet growing demand from Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, as well as aging Vietnam War vets.

Nov 19 09:39

Afraa D. New info on terrorist used in France trained by Mossad

I always name the names

Nov 19 09:29

ISIS has a 24/7 Jihadi Help Desk to aid would-be terrorists

In what is surely the single most insidious case of excellent customer service, a new report from NBC News has revealed the existence of a 24/7 Jihadi Help Desk, meant to spread ISIS’ extremist propaganda via the Internet worldwide. The terror organization, which has already become alarmingly adept in terms of its social media targeting and advertising tactics, is so intent on spreading its message of hate that it has even established this all-hours online service, which is operated by six senior members of the organization. As NBC reports, the “express purpose” of the Jihadi Help Desk is aiding “would-be jihadists use encryption and other secure communications in order to evade detection by law enforcement and intelligence authorities.”

Nov 19 09:28

Leaked NSA doc reveals ‘sheer luck’ needed to find useful info in sea of surveillance data

The NSA didn’t know it was already sitting on a “goldmine” of data on one of its targets until one of its analysts discovered it by “sheer luck,” according to an internal newsletter entry leaked by Edward Snowden.

The article, dated March 23, 2011, was written by a signals development analyst in SIDtoday, an NSA in-house newsletter. He explains how he discovered the contact and personal information for over 10,000 people, as well as some 900 account login details, after “a ton of hard work,” according to reports from The Intercept and teleSUR.

Nov 19 09:28

The "Sharing Economy" Is the Problem

The "sharing economy" sure has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? As the saying goes, "sharing is caring."

Through Uber, the sharing economy's poster-child, thousands of drivers have turned their personal cars into money-making vehicles. Homeowners internationally have earned extra cash by using another popular sharing service, AirBnB. These companies' ads are filled with smiling people, caring about each other and just wanting to do good.

Nov 19 09:23

Trucking Trade group SBTC Challenges the NRA to Stand Up for Truckers' Gun Rights

Trucking Industry group Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) ( has introduced Michael's Law, which would allow truckers to carry firearms nationwide. The law is named after 31-year-old truck driver Michael Boeglin, who was brutally murdered, shot (five times) to death on June 26, 2014. The assailant, who was never caught, then lit Mike's Freightliner truck on fire with him in it. Mike had been waiting outside a shipper at a nearby abandoned gas station because the corporation, like many, forbid drivers to wait for the load on their property. He left behind his wife Ashley who was four months pregnant with their first child. The NRA has shockingly opposed and worked against MICHAEL'S LAW, the straightforward, very simple 136- word proposal. (Gee wonder why?) The NRA has been rightly derided as a sellout organization for years by gun rights advocates.

Nov 19 09:15

G20 Media, Did the Cat Get Its Tongue?

Doesn’t the internet have enough cat videos? News of the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, which concluded earlier this week, focused predominantly on discussions of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the response of the G20 on Syria, and yes, cats.

Nov 19 09:15

Saint-Denis Paris attacks raid: Recording captures female suicide bomber's exchange with police

A resident’s video, given to TFI televison, did not show the exchange but clearly caught the sound carrying through the darkness at around 4.30am.

“Where is your boyfriend, where is he?” a police officer can be heard shouting.

A female voice, thought to be Aitboulahcen, replies: “He's not my boyfriend.”

She repeats the denial a second time a second before a loud explosion is heard, believed to be her detonating her explosive vest.

Webmaster addition: That sounds more like gunfire than an exploding vest!