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Jan 17 16:08

Say No to Cops

Imagine, for instance, if a state instructed all highway patrol organizations to stop speeders but only insurance points would be assigned with no fines imposed. The vehicle stops for speeding would dry up because the remuneration incentives would evaporate. This is not about safety, it is about revenue.

Jan 17 15:55

How to correctly and systematically boycott Israeli-exported products

If you're of the opinion that Israel deserves a boycott right about now, you're probably wondering how one knows a product they're about to buy was exported from Israel?

Here's how.

The answer is to download a database that matches all UPC product codes (barcodes) on the market as of yet to their respective manufacturers. You can actually download such a database as it is free and distributed under the Creative Commons license (here). Then, simply do a search for "Israel" to find which companies market products which are made in Israel.

Good news: I've done all the work for you!

Here is a comprehensive spreadsheet of all companies exporting products from Israel.
Here is a comprehensive chart of all Israeli products registered by UPC to date.
Boycott ahoy!

Jan 17 15:34

Inauguration set-up, Prime "false flag" time?

US: Unprecedented Security As Obama Set For White House
2009-01-15 15:02

WASHINGTON, DC: An unprecedented security blanket has been draped over the US capital for Barack Obama's inauguration next week, and the threat level to the country's first black president is expected to remain high well beyond his swearing-in.

More than 12,500 active troops and military reservists, thousands of metropolitan police as well as personnel from 57 departments around the nation are descending on Washington to protect against any potential terrorist attack during Tuesday's historic ceremony, according to officials.
With estimates of up to a record two million people attending, the Department of Homeland Security has designated Obama's inauguration a national special security event.

Jan 17 15:26

Illegal Aliens Will Have Access to New SCHIP Expansion, Smokers to Pay For It

So let me get this straight, in order to provide healthcare to the children of families who already have healthcare, the Democrats want to impose a tax that will disproportionally hurt the poorer families. Yeah, that makes sense.

Jan 17 14:56

Fault-line between Jews over Gaza

The idea that the assault in Gaza is tarnishing the image of Judaism internationally has been echoed by Jewish protesters in non-Arab countries.

Last week, a group of eight Canadian-Jewish women occupied the Israeli consulate in Toronto.

One of the organisers Judy Rebick, a lecturer at Ryerson University, said: "There are many Jews across the world who are ashamed and don't want this massacre to take place in our name."

Jan 17 14:44

"A Radical Revolution of Values": Dr. King's Most Important Speech

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."~~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No, it's not the "I Have A Dream" speech most people associate with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and ceremoniously trot out every year as we commemorate his birthday. These words are from a King speech largely ignored by mainstream commentators who are content to pigeonhole him as a "slain civil rights leader," as though his Nobel Prize was awarded solely for his civil rights efforts.

Jan 17 14:37

(Video)Eric Margolis on Hamas, Israel & Egypt (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

In this three-part video interview, conservative author Eric Margolis (American Raj: Liberation or Domination? Resolving the Conflict between the West and the Muslim World) analyzes Western actions in the Muslim world, focusing on the current Israel-Gaza conflict.

PART I: Who and what is Hamas?
PART II:Hamas and the Arab World
PART III: Obama and Gaza

Jan 17 12:33

The Palestinians say: 'This is a war of extermination'

Everyone says something new is going on here; something different. The residents of Egyptian Rafah are used to the sounds of rockets and shells exploding on the other side of their border, but they've never heard the sounds they've been hearing over the last 20 days. Twenty-five miles further into Egypt the general hospital at el-Arish is used to receiving the Palestinian wounded. The staff have never seen injuries like these before. The hospital forecourt is swarming with ambulances, paramedics, press. The wounded are raced into casualty.

The Palestinians are mostly silent; each man working out where he finds himself and what he's going to do. Fearing for their wounded and fearing for those they've left behind, they are silent but unfailingly courteous.

Jan 17 11:59

Mark My Words

Furthermore, as long as Israeli companies and dual citizen Israelis are allowed to contract out our phone call billing, vet (create) our intelligence, head our senate intelligence committees, staff our Pentagon and OVP, run semi-secretive organizations that are organized around mobbing technology like MEGAPHONE, and investigate and be suspect in the very terrorist attacks that have created our police state, they will control both sides of the terrorist equation; and because of this, it is guaranteed that the horrors being visited upon the Palestinians...

Jan 17 10:55

Obama cites founding fathers, heading for capital

President-elect Barack Obama, tracing the train route Abraham Lincoln took nearly a century and a half earlier, undertook the final leg of his inaugural journey to the nation's capital Saturday, pledging to reclaim America's spirit but also warning of steep challenges facing the country.

Jan 17 10:24

Fail to the Chief, Episode One

In celebration of the imminent demise of the criminal Bush administration (to be followed immediately by ascent of the criminal Obama administration) I offer this photographic walk down memory lane.

Jan 17 10:11

The International Jew - by Henry Ford

It is time to show that the cry of bigot is raised mostly by bigots. There is a religious prejudice in this country; there is, indeed, a religious persecution, there is a forcible shoving aside of the religious liberties of the majority of the people. And this prejudice and persecution and use of force, is Jewish and nothing but Jewish.

Jan 17 10:10

Church arson tied to racism

Black congregation targeted, police say Three charged with conspiracy

Jan 17 08:50

Pentagon Official Admits U.S. Engaged in Torture of Guantanamo Bay Prisoner

It's official: Top Bush Administration military personnel are now international war criminals.

Jan 17 08:00

This Year: Global Insolvency?

The forecasters at Leap2020 (who have been right in many of their predictions, but wrong in large calls such as the timing of the collapse of the dollar) are predicting that 2009 will be an unfolding year of worldwide insolvency:

A new sequence of the fourth phase (so-called "decanting phase") of the unfolding global systemic crisis has began: the sequence of global insolvency.***

Contrary to what political leaders and their central bankers seem to believe worldwide, the problem of liquidity that they are striving to solve by means of historic interest rate drops and unlimited money creation, is not a cause but a consequence of the current crisis. It is in fact a problem of solvency***

Jan 17 07:25

Optimism is the cure for the downturn, Optimism and a big smoking gun!

Viewpoint| Sir David Tang, Entrepreneur | BBC News

Pessimism is the most serious cause for the global economic tsunami.

It is only with a sense of optimism, preferably accompanied by a sense of energy and laughter, that we will be able to pick ourselves up from a broken Humpty Dumpty.

Sir David Tang is the Hong Kong-born, English-educated entrepreneur who founded the clothing chain Shanghai Tang [Davy runs a failing Asian clothing sweat shop empire.]

Jan 17 06:53

Say No to Cops: A Brief Case for Reduction and Elimination

I am a police skeptic and a former Sheriff’s Deputy. I am increasingly ill at ease with the burgeoning police state, misbehavior of all levels of "law enforcement" and the willing complicity of united States subjects to an ocean of bad laws, both unconstitutional and foolish. What one could call willful submission to illegitimate authority. At every level of policing from local to FLEA (federal law enforcement agencies), the abuse gets exponentially worse with each passing decade and now the Wars on Drugs and Terror have literally loosened the restraints on any remaining (if tattered and threadbare) protections from police mischief. In the end, the robed government employees will, for the most part, excuse or rationalize the criminal or outrageous behavior of the thin blue line.

Jan 17 06:41

Crunch 'cost Arabs $2.5 trillion'

BBC News | Middle East | Saturday, Jan 17, 2009

The global economic crisis has cost Arab countries $2,500bn (£1,690bn) in the last four months alone, according to Kuwait's foreign minister.

Stock market falls and a low oil price have contributed to the losses.

"The Arab world has lost $2.5 trillion in the past four months," Mr Sabah said after meeting fellow foreign and finance ministers.

Jan 17 06:34

Presidency a test of Obama's leadership model

In conception and execution, the presidential campaign of Barack Obama was nearly flawless, a model of consistency and discipline for almost two years.

Jan 17 05:55

Glenn Greenwald: Establishment Washington unifies against prosecutions

The Washington Post's David Ignatius today does what he does best: serve as the spokesman for the Washington establishment's most conventional wisdom in a way that really illuminates what it is:

To underscore the message, Obama indicated that he would oppose retrospective investigations of wrongdoing by the CIA and other agencies, arguing: "When it comes to national security, what we have to focus on is getting things right in the future, as opposed [to] looking at what we got wrong in the past." This is the kind of realism that will disappoint liberal score-settlers, but it makes clear that Obama has a grim appreciation of the dangers America still faces from al-Qaeda and its allies.

Jan 17 04:54

A moral failure of UK media on Gaza

The genocidal Israeli military campaign against the unarmed, imprisoned and besieged people of Gaza which has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Palestinian and just 13 Israelis, is not being accurately reported in the British press.

With a few admirable exceptions, writers and broadcaster in the UK have adopted a biased stance and vocabulary in their coverage of the conflict. The highly influential Zionist lobby and the Labour Friends of Israel within the UK government have been hard at work.

One must not underestimate the career damage journalists, politicians and academics fear in the event of being branded ‘anti-semitic’. Most do not have the moral courage to unreservedly criticise Israel.

Jan 17 04:12

The Murderous Zionist Butchers Of Israel

I have no words to describe the Zionist butchers and their crimes in Gaza. The United States along with its Western allies are as guilty murderers as are the beasts in Israel. George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice are the murderers that have to be tried in a court of law for the continuous crimes they have committed.
Having said that; I like to point out that the murderous government of the United States is complicit in these crimes because certain segment of the American population that practice a dirtiest form of cult, falsely named Christians-Evangelicals.

Jan 17 04:11

Orion Dominates Winter Night Sky

Astronomer Robert H. Baker (1880-1962) once wrote of the Great Hunter or Celestial Warrior, Orion, that he shines "like a gigantic piece of celestial jewelry through the frosty winter air."

Jan 17 04:09

First Look Inside Dark Moon Craters

Using a NASA radar flying aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, scientists are getting their first look inside the moon's coldest, darkest craters, where some suspect ice may be hiding.

Jan 17 04:00

China becomes third largest economy

China overtook Germany to become the world’s third-largest economy in 2007 after the Chinese authorities revised upwards the figures for growth during that year.

Jan 16 21:15

Trend Alert: Israel War To Ignite World War III

An attack on Iran by either Israel or the US will spark the onset of World War III

Jan 16 21:07

Wipe them all ( You have to see this )

Jan 16 20:54

An Inaugural Day Prayer for Our New Fuhrer

Dear Almighty Jesus God in Heaven, on this Inauguration Day 2009, please bless our new Nazi Fuhrer, Fuhrer President Barack Hussein Obama, as he prepares to rain oppression, theft, murder and rape upon us his sheeple-people here in America and millions more worldwide.

Jan 16 20:46

Amero, North American Union - What are the Facts?

Have you heard rumors circulating about the North American Union? Have you heard rumors about the "Amero?" Have you heard rumors of the New World Order? Here are some thoughts and links I hope you will find useful in your search for the truth.