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Nov 04 11:23

Ron Paul Dynasty?

Ron’s ophthalmologist-son Rand has surged past his career-politician primary opponent, Trey Grayson, for US senate. “The Republican party in Kentucky has never seen anything like it,” says tv station WHAS.

Nov 04 11:21

Ukraine virus mystery deepens

Ukraine virus mystery deepens

Ukraine is in a state of hysteria as a mystery flu epidemic grips the country in the run-up to presidential elections. Schools have been closed and there is a ban on public gatherings.

The situation is so bad, the mayor of Kiev is even planning to have the Champions League football match between Dynamo Kiev and Italian side Inter-Milan played behind closed doors on Wednesday evening. At the very least - at the least spectators will be asked to wear face masks.

The country ordered 650,000 doses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu at the weekend and hundreds of thousands more doses are already on their way. Millions of face masks are also being produced.

Nov 04 11:19

Video: Share Your Depression Stories

Nov 04 10:22

The Evolution Of Goliath

“I have stood in front of tearful Palestinian women as they nursed the bruises of their children who had been attacked by soldiers or settlers. I have listened to their sobs and wails as bulldozers plowed into their houses while Israeli soldiers laughed and cheered. I have seen men picking up little bits of people stuck to asphalt, walls, and trees. I have seen Israeli soldiers beckon settlers to come and spit on terrified young men at a checkpoint. Folks like Ariel Sharon should experience the pain and terror they have inflicted on their victims for decades.”- Kathleen Kern, Christian Peacemaker Teams

Nov 04 10:19

Space junk storm will up mission costs: experts

A growing storm of debris flying around in space is dramatically increasing the risk of orbital crashes, and steps to avoid them will add greatly to the costs of future space flight, British space experts say.

Their study into the future of space travel predicts that "close encounters" in orbit will rise by 50 percent in the next 10 years and by 250 percent by 2059 to more than 50,000 a week.

Nov 04 10:08

Newly discovered Safari bug could mean big fees for some iPhone users

The flaw, as discovered by Estonian Apple Site AppleSpot: If the user visits a site which uses Motion-JPEG (most commonly used for security cams and live feeds) in Safari, Safari will continue to gobble up bandwidth even after Safari is closed. Safari is one of the few apps that Apple allows to process in the background, and Motion-JPEG streams appear to continue streaming, even if the stream is in another tab or in the “closed” application.

Nov 04 09:17

Secret Plan For Euro Income Tax

SECRET plans to seize more than £4billion a year from Britain and make its citizens pay taxes direct to Europe emerged last night.

The leaked proposals, seen by the Daily Express, state that Britain should lose the billions of pounds in rebate that was agreed by Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago.

The plans – with a foreword by European Union Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso – would cost every British family at least £155 a year.

They would also mean Brussels being given the power to dip straight into taxpayers’ pockets.

Nov 04 09:13

IBM Internal Document Outlines Knowledge of Planned Pandemic With 100% Certainty

"Services & Global Procurement pan IOT Europe, Pandemic Plan Overview,"an official inter-departmental document was distributed to upper-level management of IBM, France in 2006. Disclosed in this secret document was the prediction of a "planned" pandemic described as having a "100% chance of occurring within the next 5 years."

The document also describes "quarantines"and operational procedures to be taken upon the official announcements of the "pandemic"by the World Health Organization. The foreknowledge of such an event could not exist, unless the pandemic was a planned event.

Nov 04 08:34

Darwinian evolutionary theory will help find alien life, says Nasa scientist

Dr John Baross, a researcher at the Nasa Astrobiology Institute, said: "I really feel that Darwinian evolution is a defining feature of all life.

"And so the limits of Darwinian evolution will define the range of planets that can support life – at least Earth-like life."

Speaking at a public lecture at the Nasa Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, Dr Baross said that the Kepler Space Telescope’s mission, looking for Earth-like planets around other stars, made this an exciting time for astrobiology – the search for alien life.

Nov 04 08:33

‘Holy Grail’ of regenerative medicine found?

A new study of zebrafish has put scientists in the U.S. a step closer to unravelling the mechanism behind body part regeneration, a power possessed by some animals but not humans.

The search for the holy grail of regenerative medicine—the ability to "grow back" a perfect body part when one is lost to injury or disease—has been under way for years, yet the steps involved in this seemingly magic process are still poorly understood.

Nov 04 08:32

Astronomers see 'skeleton' of the universe

Astronomers in Chile and Japan have for the first time seen part of the "cosmic web" of galaxies that permeates the known universe in a gigantic assembly some seven billion light-years from Earth.

Viewed through the world's most powerful telescopes, the discovery "is the first observation of such a prominent galaxy structure in the distant universe, providing further insight into the cosmic web and how it formed," the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said Tuesday in a statement.

Nov 04 07:44

Video: The New “S&L” Crisis: Bailouts for States Likely

In this video Diane Garnick an investment strategist at Invesco discusses the looming bailout for state and local governments. Nearly every state and local government has seen a dramatic drop in their revenue. Unlike the federal government state and local governments aren’t able to print money to pay their debts...

Nov 04 07:38

Afghanistan War: Killing a fly with a sledgehammer

The conflict in Afghanistan becomes increasingly unpopular, a group of veterans came to Washington, DC to show lawmakers the perspective of soldiers and afghan civilians. Priya Sridhar talks to one of the former soldiers about U.S. options in Afghanistan.

Nov 04 05:55

15 Podcasts That Will Make You Richer

To grow money, you have to know money. And to know money, you need to study it: Its movements, who’s making it (and why), who takes it away, how to keep it, and how to grow your personal stash.

Nov 04 05:55

Origin Of Cosmic Rays: VERITAS Telescopes Help Solve 100-year-old Mystery

Nearly 100 years ago, scientists detected the first signs of cosmic rays -- subatomic particles (mostly protons) that zip through space at nearly the speed of light. The most energetic cosmic rays hit with the punch of a 98-mph fastball, even though they are smaller than an atom. Astronomers questioned what natural force could accelerate particles to such a speed. New evidence from the VERITAS telescope array shows that cosmic rays likely are powered by exploding stars and stellar "winds."

Nov 04 05:55


Who knows how many people forgot -- or never knew about -- a deduction that could save them money? Yes, friends, tax time is a dangerous time. It's all too easy to miss a trick and pay too much.

Nov 04 05:43

Jesse Ventura: Democrats & Republicans Should Wear Nascar Racing Suits So We Can See Who Owns Them

To me, Larry -- and I have said it before, and I know I'll get a laugh out of this. But I wish they would pass a law where all Democrats and Republicans had to wear Nascar racing suits, because if you look at the Nascar drivers, it tells who their sponsors are. And if they do that, we could then become informed voters, because we would know who owns them.

Nov 04 05:11

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama


By Pepe Escobar,
Posted on May 13, 2009, Printed on May 13, 2009

Nov 04 05:08

U.S.'s Blatant State Terrorism

U.S.'s Blatant State Terrorism

By Harold Pinter
Winner Of The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 - 12/07/05

Nov 04 05:06

"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

by Arash Norouzi

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Global Research, January 20, 2007
The Mossadegh Project

Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran's President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, "Israel must be wiped off the map". Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove.

Nov 04 05:02

9-11 Coincidences-Series of 19 Videos

This is a very well done video broken into 19 short videos about 9-11 being an inside job or a false flag attack.

Nov 04 04:57

The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror": A Masterpiece of Propaganda

The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror": A Masterpiece of Propaganda

By Richard W. Behan, AlterNet
Posted on September 27, 2007, Printed on September 28, 2007

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie ... The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state." --Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

Nov 04 04:52

Crossing the Rubicon Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

Crossing the Rubicon
Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

Michael Kane

January 18, 2005 (FTW) - In an argument of over 600 pages and 1,000 footnotes, Crossing the Rubicon makes the case for official complicity within the U.S. government and names Dick Cheney as the prime suspect in the crimes of 9/11. Since the publication of this book (to which I had the privilege of contributing a chapter), many people have asked to hear the case against Cheney argued "short & sweet."

I will make it as short as possible, but it can never be sweet.

Nov 04 04:52

U.S. officials fear Karzai can't keep anti-corruption pledge

U.S. officials are worried that the Afghan leader will have to award key posts to ethnic warlords and regional power barons who're linked to drug trafficking in exchange for their help in his re-election.

The U.S. concerns were heightened by the return from Turkey late Monday of Abdul Rashid Dostum, a notorious former communist general and a leader of the ethnic Uzbek minority who's alleged to have allowed the 2001 killing of as many as 2,000 Taliban and al Qaida prisoners, then having their mass graves dug up and their remains hidden in 2008.

Nov 04 02:57

Israel's Right To Exist?

The truth of the time was that the Zionist state, which came into being mainly as a consequence of pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist UNLESS … Unless it was recognised and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved.

And that legitimacy was the only thing the Zionists could not and cannot take from the Palestinians by force.

No wonder Prime Minister Netanyahu is more than a little concerned on this account.

Israel’s leaders have always known the truth summarised above. It’s time for the rest of the world to know it.