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Jun 04 14:09

Poroshenko's Saakashvili Appointment Means He Has Run out of Chums

Saakashvili’s appointment to head Odessa oblast is really part of Ukraine oligarch wars. Poroshenko wanted the previous governor (Igor Palitsa) replaced because he is loyal to oligarch and Poroshenko rival Igor Kolomoisky. However, the problem for Poroshenko was that he didn’t have anybody he trusted to replace him - he had already installed everyone from his clan to other key positions.

Kolomoisky’s new “Ukrop” political party will include ex-officials, businessmen, journalists and members of Right Sector -

Jun 04 14:07

Western Banks To Reduce Presence in Russia & Ukraine

Standard & Poor’s believes that Western banks will attempt to exit Ukraine completely, while winding down their involvement in Russia until such a time as geopolitical tensions are reduced.

Jun 04 14:05

Connecticut House Votes 142-2: Bill Would Legalize Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullify Federal Ban

On Monday, the Connecticut state House approved a bill today that would remove the ban on industrial hemp in the state, setting the state to effectively nullify in practice the federal prohibition on the same.

Jun 04 14:01

FIFA, corruption and Western political terrorism

When is an election not an election? When is a free and fair election not valid? Why, when the winner is the person who is not supported by the USA and its sickening collection of Poodles in Europe. Welcome to the new wave of Western political terrorism - heads I win, tails you lose, the corporations rule the roost and Devil take the hindmost.

Jun 04 13:59

If it first you don’t succeed, Lie, Lie again : NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’

“It’s the same story all over again; the adjustments go towards cooling the past and thus increasing the slope of temperature rise,” Tisdale and Watts added. “Their intent and methods are so obvious they’re laughable.”

Jun 04 13:59

Destabilization, Inc. - Regime change by any means necessary

When the official history of the realm is one day written, it may contain several chapters that establish President Barack Obama as a great flag-bearer of liberty, free trade, and economic recovery. Those chapters will be drenched in distortion, tinged with the blood of true freedom fighters, darkened by the vanished jobs and sickly pall of an economy in permanent decline. But though parlor tricks like fiddling with unemployment numbers and disguising offshoring as free trade are notable for their sheer chutzpa, few deceits are more striking than those that occur in the sordid arena of regime change.

Jun 04 13:58

Russia’s NLMK may redirect transformer steel from EU to India because of duties

Russia’s steelmaker NLMK may redirect a portion of transformer steel volumes from the European Union to India against the background of duties introduced by the European Union on supplies of Russian products, NLMK president Oleg Bagrin said on Thursday.
TASS reported earlier the European Union imposed an antidumping import duty on the transformer steel from May 14, 2015 for six months. The measure is aimed against steelmakers from China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States and Russia and affected NLMK in particular.

Jun 04 13:52

Ukraine to initiate UN Security Council meeting June 5 to discuss Maryinka events

Ukraine hopes that the United Nations Security Council will convene on June 5 to discuss the latest events in Maryinka , Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Nations Yuri Sergeyev worte in Twitter on Thursday.
Active fighting between the Ukrainian army and the militia forces took place near the Maryinka populated locality near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, on Wednesday. Eduard Basurin, deputy corps commander of the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, described it as a full-scale Ukraine army provocation aimed to distract attention from preparations for a large military operation in the Luhansk region.

Jun 04 13:49

Russia is not out to return to G8 — deputy FM

"We have much more interest in other formats; the G8 format was not always productive in view of the group’s composition," Ryabkov said. "It is much more interesting to work in BRICS and G20. The more so that the other organization is having increasing influence on global affairs; its agenda is evolving," the Russian diplomat went on to say.

Jun 04 13:48

Carlos Arredondo - Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

A highly sardonic but equally thorough examination of the myth and reality of Carlos Arredondo, Boston Marathon "hero".

Jun 04 13:47

Russian on imports of fishery products from Latvia to damage fisheries seriously

Russia’s ban on imports of fishery products from Latvia will do a telling blow to this sector of the Latvian economy, with a risk of bankruptcies and redundancies, Imants Cirulis, the head of the Latvian association of fish producers said on Thursday.
"The stuff of many enterprises is on annual leaves now," he said. "Add to it the season of equipment repairs. This pause will be long for many producers but we’ll yet have to see how long and for whom because those of them who sold more than a half of their produce to Russia will have a hard time.
"In the worst situation, many of them won’t be able to resume production operations at all," he said. "People will become redundant and the enterprises will be unable to meet their financial obligations," Cirulis said.

Jun 04 13:36

Everything Is Overvalued

Jun 04 13:34

Adelson hosts secretive Elders of Zion event to counter anti-Zionism

The following article from the Jewish Daily Foward newspaper shows just how threatened Jewish supremacists feel over the Boycott, disinvestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Just this past Sunday PM Netanyahu told his cabinet that Israel’s existence is threatened by the BDS movement. Still, this issue is yet another example of the divide between the crazy Jewish supremacists and their more cunning co-tribalists.

Jun 04 13:32

Why Are Graveyards of American Soldiers Filling up with Suicides? 22 vets commit suicide every day….

"You know, it’s not you know what people think of as sick patients, so much. It’s people that have drug problems, some of which are caused by us and our prescribing. . . . We also look at the combination of patients on opiates, like morphine and benzodiazepine, like Ativan and Klonopin."