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Jan 18 19:56

Can Americans have an Empire and Eat Too?

Regardless of government action - we're all really on our own. Pain-free solutions to colossal problems seem against the laws of nature. Perhaps the best advice is the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared."

Jan 18 18:22

Virus ‘sends RAF e-mails to Russia’

THE Ministry of Defence is investigating a major breach in security amid claims that all e-mail traffic from a number of RAF stations has been sent to a Russian internet server.

The e-mails were allegedly diverted to the Russian sender by a worm virus that entered the MoD systems 12 days ago bringing down computers and blocking e-mail communications across the military.

Jan 18 18:01

George W Bush: A Tribute To Tyranny

Jan 18 17:18

As Salmonella Recall Expands, FDA Warns Consumers To "Postpone Eating" Many Peanut Butter Products

No, this doesn't mean the jar of Skippy on your shelf, but it does seem to cover cookies, cakes, and ice cream; pretty much any shrink-wrapped peanut butter snack.

Jan 18 17:13

"1984," Philippine/USA political nightmare

Desperate hope
Editorial Desk
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Publication Date: 13-01-2009

"1984 is once again upon us. We refer to the novel by that title by George Orwell, a prophetic, nightmarish vision of a “negative utopia.” In Orwell’s generation, and even up to now, no other novel has stimulated so much loathing for tyranny and so much desire for freedom.

In “1984” the slogans of the Party are the following:

"Under the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration, the following might be the slogans of the times:

Jan 18 17:11

Florida’s Nadel Missing as FBI, SEC Investigate Funds

The FBI and securities regulators joined the investigation of Arthur Nadel, the Florida hedge-fund manager who disappeared four days ago, leaving clients concerned they may have lost as much as $350 million.

Jan 18 17:03

Chavez hopes Obama will stop US interference

Chavez Hopes Obama Stops US Aggression Against Venezuela
January 15th 2009, by Erik Sperling -

"Carora, January 15, 2009 ( Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in his annual speech to the National Assembly, expressed his desire that the Barack Obama White House would stop foreign intervention by the United States in Venezuela.

"I hope that with the arrival of the new president of the United States, that there is a change in the aggression, the imperialist policies, in the intervention in the internal affairs of our nation by the US government," Chavez said.

Jan 18 16:57

Iraq Afghanistan Soldiers, exposed to KBR's toxins

Iraq Afghanistan Soldiers Demand KBR Come Clean on Toxin
Posted by Jane Akre
Monday, January 12, 2009 12:59 PM EST

At least 48 Oregon National Guardsmen are reporting ill effects that may have come from an airborne carcinogen they contacted while working in southern Iraq, Stars and Stripes is reporting.

Jan 18 16:48

Troops' toxic chemicals exposure, Balad, Iraq

Health Warning For Veterans
Posted: 3:09 PM Jan 11, 2009
Last Updated: 1:05 AM Jan 12, 2009
Reporter: Jeremy Edwards
Email Address:

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Local soldiers could have been exposed to dangerous chemicals while stationed in Iraq.

The Disabled Veterans Magazine reports that soldiers stationed at Balad just north of Baghdad could have been exposed to a long list of toxic chemicals.

They were released in waste that was incinerated in an open air burning pit. Members of the 1257th transportation unit, based in Huntington, were stationed at the base for more than a year back in 2006.

Military doctors say any veteran that was stationed at the base

Jan 18 14:48



Detroit 3 say they'll need help to go electric

When Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker strolled into the Ford Motor Co. display last week at the Detroit auto show, Mark Fields had his pitch for electric vehicles ready.

"We think the government will have to give tax incentives or other forms of subsidy to be able to pay for these vehicles," he said.

"We're de-emphasizing other things," Lutz said. "No one's working on a big-block V8 anymore."

Jan 18 13:49

Obama is elitists' SLAVE, Cynthia Mckinney is FREE

Who is Black America’s Moral Emissary to the World?
Wednesday, 07 January 2009
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
"Dr. King and Obama represent opposing moral and political camps."

"Tens of millions of African Americans - who did not choose the little-known Obama to be their champion, but supported him near-universally at the polls once his "candidacy had been made "viable" - will celebrate vicarious attainment of power when Obama is sworn in. Yet when confronted on Obama's political agenda, enough of which has been put in motion and otherwise made plain since Election Day, few Black Obama supporters can mount a cogent defense.
"Better than McCain" doesn't cut it, anymore.

"Few Black Obama supporters can mount a cogent defense of his positions.""

Jan 18 11:57

War News for Sunday, January 18, 2009

The British MoD is reporting the death of a British ISAF soldier from enemy fire close to the District Centre of Sangin, Helmand Province on Saturday, January 17th.

Xinhua is reporting the death of an American ISAF soldier from a helicopter crash in Kunar province, Afghanistan on Saturday, January 17th. No other details are available

MNF-Iraq is reporting the death of a Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldier in a roadside bombing in an eastern neighborhood of Baghdad on Sunday, January 18th.

#1: The deputy head of the U.S.-backed neighbourhood patrols programme was wounded when a bomb exploded near his house on Saturday in the al-Furat district of southwestern Baghdad, police said. Five of his neighbours were wounded in the blast.

Jan 18 11:44

We all are Martians!

An astronomer has suggested that all human beings may be Martians, as meteorites from the Red Planet may have seeded life on Earth billions of years ago. According to a report in The Sun, the astronomer in question is Heather Couper.

Jan 18 11:43

How plants respond to climate change

Scientists have created a genetic model that can predict how plants respond to climate change and flower in different environments.

Jan 18 10:37

Oil demand to fall again in 2009

BBC Business News | Staff Reporter | Fri, 16 Jan 2009

Global oil demand is due to fall for the second year in succession in 2009, the first consecutive annual declines in 26 years, a report has predicted.

The IEA, which represents the main oil consuming nations, said the expected fall was due to the global slowdown.

"Global oil demand is reducing at an alarming rate," said Rob Laughlin, senior oil analyst at MF Global in London.

Jan 18 10:34

Obama evokes memories of Lincoln as he makes historic inauguration train journey to the White House

Future President Barack Obama - now just two days away from taking over one of the most powerful seats in the world - made a final 'whistle-stop' trip as he retraced a historic route from America's past.

Jan 18 10:33

Are These Pro-Israel Mobbing Technologies RICO violations? Or Even Treason?

It could be argued, and substanitated with much evidence that, since 911, this war we have been fighting for Israel has destroyed's economy, its military, its constitution, its people; and pursuing this agenda, using these techniques and aid a foreign power, is treason.

Jan 18 10:21

It Hertz, doesn’t it?

The promotion offering free Hertz cars, was launched
five days after Israel began its ground offensive in Gaza

Free car rental offered to customers who show ’solidarity’ with Gaza action

Jan 18 09:48

Huge Celebritory Event Planned for Inaugural Stab-athon

BBC News | Sun, 18 Jan 2009 | Staff Reporter

Stars set for big Obama concert

A series of special events has begun in the US in the lead-up to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th US president on Tuesday.

A welcome concert will be held shortly on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, with U2, Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen among those performing.

Jan 18 09:43

Iraq war to REQUIRE longer US presense under Obama

BBC NEWS | Staff Reporter | Mon, 12 Jan 2009

Spate of bomb attacks in Baghdad

At least eight people have been killed and more than a dozen injured after a series of bomb blasts ripped through Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.

'Pools of blood'

Jan 18 09:42

Obama triggers restaurant competition

President-elect Barack Obama may spark competition among Washington restaurants after generating tremendous publicity for his dining outlets.

Jan 18 09:34

Gold shown not to hold value since 40BC to AD15.

BBC NEWS | Sat Jan 17, 2009

Huge Iron Age haul of coins found

One of the UK's largest hauls of Iron Age gold coins has been found in Suffolk.

[...] the coins dated from 40BC to AD15.

"We don't know how much they will be worth but it will be less than they were at the time," said Ms Plouviez.

Jan 18 08:24

Betraying the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

Infusing the dreams and ethos of Dr. King in to the presidential persona demands a confluence of ideals and actions to truly deserve the association. To betray the dream, to profit from the sacrifice is to insult the legacy. To be worthy of the torch demands integrity.

Jan 18 06:55

Ahmadinejad demands prosecution of Israel's leaders

Breaking News

Stars Come Out For Obama Concert
Ahmadinejad demands prosecution of Israel's leaders

Israel's arch foes condemned the Gaza onslaught at a summit in Qatar on Friday, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the prosecution of Israeli leaders by an international court.
Also at the summit, Qatar and Mauritania decided to suspended their relations with Israel, a Mauritanian diplomat said.

"Mauritania and Qatar have decided during a meeting behind closed doors to suspend their ties with Israel," the diplomat, who requested anonymity, told AFP.

The move followed appeals by both Ahmadinejad and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad that Arab states sever any ties they had with Israel.

Jan 18 06:24

Obama rides history for date with destiny

Barack Obama, who would become America's first black president in two days, rolled into Washington for his historic inauguration on a vintage train, retracing the last leg of his hero Abraham Lincoln's journey in 1861.

Jan 18 06:22

The Best Inaugural Addresses Ever

When he delivers his historic inaugural address on Jan. 20, President-elect and noted public speaker Barack Obama will be continuing a 220-year-old oratorical tradition begun by George Washington.

Jan 18 04:46

Will Anyone Give Bush a Job?

For many of President Bush's critics, the fact that he is now seeking work in the worst job market in a generation is poetic justice.

Jan 18 03:52

Devastation has always been a goal for Israel

Israel’s military strategy in Gaza, even in what is likely to be the “final act” as officials are calling it, is following a blueprint laid down during the Lebanon war more than two years ago.

Then, Israel destroyed much of Lebanon’s infrastructure in a month of intensive air strikes. Even in the war’s last few hours, as a ceasefire was being finalised, Israel fired more than a million cluster bombs over south Lebanon, apparently in the hope that the area could be made as uninhabitable as possible.

Similarly, Israel’s destruction of Gaza has been continuing with unrelenting vigour, even though according to reports in the Israeli media the air force exhausted what it calls its “bank of Hamas targets” in the first few days of fighting.

Jan 18 03:45

Israel’s Hands Around Our Throat Are Showing

In the closing days of the Bush disaster Israel is moving to consolidate gains it has made over the past eight years toward its ultimate goals of “Greater Israel” and the Zionist-dominated new world order. The urgency of the hour for Israel can be seen in the open display of Jewish/Israeli political muscle-flexing in Washington. The normally invisible Israeli hand around America’s throat has been clearly visible lately, as America moved to take four specific actions on Israel’s behalf which will probably prove to be harmful to America’s interests, forcing a major expansion of the war on terror.