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Apr 23 18:09

11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis

Well, the Nasdaq finally did it. It has climbed all the way back to where it was at the peak of the dotcom bubble. Back in March 2000, the Nasdaq set an all-time record high of 5,048.62. On Thursday, after all these years, that all-time record was finally eclipsed. The Nasdaq closed at 5056.06, and Wall Street greatly rejoiced. So if you invested in the Nasdaq at the peak of the dotcom bubble, you are just finally breaking even 15 years later.

Apr 23 18:07

Stop AIPAC, Seth Morrison

Apr 23 18:06

We Exist (Palestinians) – Johnny Punish [ROCK VIDEO]

GAZA MASSACRE 2014 inspired this dark rock tune about a murdered father speaking to his daughter about her future. Dark yes! But also hoping for a better day in a future where we coexist as brothers, We Exist will make you think. It will make you hurt, get angry and move you to be fired up about changing this world for all of us because we belong no matter what they say!

Apr 23 16:28

UnderTheLens — Cracks in the Facade

Apr 23 15:56

URGENT: Saudi Arabia Bars Iran's Cargo Plane from Entering Yemen's Airspace

The Iranian civilian plane carried humanitarian aids, including medical equipment, for the Yemeni people who have been under the Saudi-led airstrikes for almost a month now.

The plane was bound for Sana'a Airport, but was intercepted by the Saudi fighter jets before entering Yemen's airspace.

Mohammadi Araqi described the Yemeni people's conditions as critical, and said, "We are in contact with Yemen's Red Crescent Society and Health Ministry and have included their needs in the new consignment."

He lamented that planes and ships are not allowed into Yemen's ports and airports, and said, "Unfortunately, the Saudi government has prevented the dispatch of aid to Yemen."

Iran has already sent five consignments of humanitarian aid to Yemen, including a total of 69 tons of relief, medical, treatment, and consumer items.

Apr 23 15:55

With ‘brave tactic,’ Sanders tries to slam brakes on fast track

In what is being heralded as a "brave tactic," Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) temporarily blocked lawmakers from rushing through legislation that would allow the controversial and highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

Apr 23 14:46

Sainsbury's reveals 800 job losses as it becomes latest under-pressure supermarket to cut costs

Sainsbury's joined rival supermarket chains in a cost-cutting drive today with the announcement of 800 job losses.

Faced with stiff competition from discounters and changing shopping habits, Sainsbury has said it wants to make £500million in cost savings over the next three years.

The chain said it will review its department and deputy manager positions, with more resources invested into other shop-floor roles.