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Nov 21 06:39

Quarterly Data Confirms Hedge Funds Exited Stocks In A Big Way

If you pay attention to the stock market then you've probably heard about the problems in hedge fund land. For the past few months each day is filled with headlines about how much one fund lost and how another is being closed completely, and still others are pulling money out of the market. On Friday, we got a small glimpse on how bad things are getting.

Nov 21 06:37

IMF Needs Its Own Rescue Package Now

Turkey is reported to be in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a $40 billion loan. Very shortly, the Baltic States and at least a dozen developing countries will be filing for IMF handouts. But how will the venerable lender of last resort fund itself?

Nov 21 05:34

(VIDEO)Historian Howard Zinn challenged by truth activists in Montreal

After viewing the disappointing and disrespectful comments made by Howard Zinn on 09/10/08 in Colorado, responding to a request for help in spreading 9/11 awareness, Howard Zinn expresses that he does not care about accountability and justice for the 9/11 attacks, because it is in the past.

Natural we decided to attend his lecture at UQAM university on the 19/11/08 , to spread truth and welcome him to Montreal on behalf of the 9/11 victims, family members and the selfless 1st responders poisoned by a lie, for whom this attack will NEVER be in the past.

Nov 21 05:02

George Bush, Grade A USDA Prime Sonofabitch

How do you reek and fester? Let me count the ways. You reek and fester beyond the heights and depths of the ordinary imaginations of your hypnotized Schmoos. You’re unforgettable, Georgie-Boy.

Nov 21 00:30

More Police Bruality

s they beat him and forced him to swallow something, the officers told Marvin Driver Jr. he was “going to see Jesus,” according to relatives and community activist Quanell Evans, who identified himself as Quanell X.

“Mr. Marvin Driver Jr. is now at Hermann Hospital in ICU where he can’t even speak,” relatives said in a statement. “Doctors say there is some bleeding on his brain from blunt force trauma.”

Nov 20 23:00

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

General Motors plans to invest $1 billion in Brazil to avoid the kind of problems the U.S. automaker is facing in its home market, said the beleaguered car maker.

According to the president of GM Brazil-Mercosur, Jaime Ardila, the funding will come from the package of financial aid that the manufacturer will receive from the U.S. government...

Nov 20 22:36

Congressman Paul on Financial Services Hearing

Congressman Paul gives his thoughts on the testimony of Paulson and Bernanke, the failure of the dollar standard, gold and where the global economy could go from here.

Nov 20 22:33

MOU: Angola, U.S. Navy, offshore OIL

Angola, U.S. to sign MOU in military sector
+ -
20:19, November 18, 2008

Angola and the United States are analyzing the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding in the military sector, Angola's official news agency ANGOP reported on Tuesday.

Visiting Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces for Europe and Africa Adm. Mark Fitzgerald was quoted as saying that a military accord will be reached some time in 2009.

After meeting with Angolan Foreign Minister Assuncao dos Anjos on Monday, the U.S. naval officer said both sides are discussing the date for signing the accord.

Nov 20 22:24

DA in Cheney case to be taken into protective custody

Guerra has telephoned in from Mexico and Houston to selected Texas media outlets claiming he did not know he was supposed to be in court yesterday afternoon.

The Texas Rangers will likely wait for Guerra to cross the international bridge near Reynosa or catch him driving on U.S. 77 southbound from Houston; either tonight or early tomorrow. He will then be taken into protective custody and escorted to court in Raymondville tomorrow morning.

Nov 20 22:09

Just say yes? Marijuana may aid memory among elderly

Smoking weed may actually improve memory function and stimulate the growth of new brain cells among older adults, according to researchers at Ohio State University.

Nov 20 22:07

US Airways Loses Your 83-Year-Old Mother

It's bad enough when they lose your luggage, but what do you do when the airline loses your 83-year-old mother? File a claim? Poor Vera Kuemmel had to answer this very question as she waited in vain at the baggage claim of the Tampa airport.

From 10Connects:

Wheelchair-bound Elfride Kuemmel was on her way back home to Tampa Monday when a US Airways employee wheeled her on to the wrong connecting flight.

The 83-year-old wound up in Puerto Rico, where she was initially told she'd have to spend the night at the airport.

Nov 20 22:00

Scientific Blunder has put Credibility of Global Warming Alarm in Jeopardy!

This is probably the worst gaffe of its kind by any scientific organization that has been massively alarming and warning the world about the outcomes of environmental deterioration, spreading all the hue and cry on the credibility of their sacred data. Last week this surreal blunder pasted a huge question mark on the temperature records that essentially reinforce the worldwide alarm over global warming.

Nov 20 21:53

Parrot given Prozac after owner dies

Fred, an African Grey parrot, was owned by George Dance, who had rasied him from a chick.

After Mr Dance died nine months ago, Fred became depressed and bit off all of his neck feathers. He also began to bob his head up and down all day as a result of his low mood.

The bird has now been prescribed a twice-daily liquid dose of a bird-friendly version of Prozac, called Clomicalm.

Nov 20 21:50

Mysterious fireball lights up western Canadian sky

CTV Calgary has also received several calls about the fireball, and one witness said it was so bright that it was visible from the Deerfoot freeway in the city's core.

Other witnesses in Lloydminster, located on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, said the light was so strong that it appeared to be daylight when it passed over the area.

And locals at the Red Pheasant First Nation, 100 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, said the walls of their band office shook when the fireball streaked overhead.

Nov 20 21:38

UK Government to Ban Content It Doesn't Like

The UK Government wants to turn off web sites it doesn't like, that's the real aim of its plan to takeover the .uk DNS system.

On Wednesday a certain David Hendon who works for the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, said that the domain name industry needs to toe the government line on phishing, spam and "bad content".

Now, no one is in favour of phishing and spam, but what on earth does this bureaucrat mean by "bad content"?

Nov 20 21:34

Over 100 U.S. "blue chips" now selling for under $10 a share

So far this year, the S&P 500 has plunged 45 percent. It is now worth just over $7 trillion, the index's lowest collective market value in 11 years.

Twenty-five stocks, or five percent of the index, don't make the $1 billion mark in market cap, and just 11 exceed the $100 billion level.

In fact, a third of the entire index is not even qualified to be in the index -- 186 stocks have market caps under $4 billion, the minimum value for consideration for S&P 500 membership.

Nov 20 21:31

Huge Buried Water Glaciers Discovered on Mars

Giant glaciers buried under the surface of Mars at much lower latitudes than any previously known ice are a potential source of drinking water for future astronauts.

The discovery, made using ground-penetrating radar on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, offers new possibilities in the search for life on the red planet.

Nov 20 21:29

Bush: the memoir no one wants to read

Gosh. Poor old George Bush. He's having a rough time, isn't he? He has the worst presidential approval ratings in US history. Under his stalwart leadership, the country has taken an economic, social and emotional nosedive. His own party attempts to distance themselves from him on a daily basis. And to top it all off, can you believe that nobody wants to buy his memoirs? To add insult to injury, publishers are courting his wife with fervour, each clamouring for the opportunity to bid on her memoirs. It has to burn at least a little, right?

Nov 20 19:36

Meet the Father of the Amero

Watch the entire series of videos before you make up your mind as to whether or not this is something that is fact or fantasy.

Nov 20 19:36

The Imperialism You Can Believe In

While naive, giddy and myopic establishment leftists have been celebrating the great “change” heralded by the election of Barack Obama, the President elect has been busy appointing people to key positions who advocate the same Neo-Con imperialist foreign policy crafted during eight years of the Bush administration.

The New York Times, widely recognized as the voice of the establishment Democratic left, set the tone of what we can expect from an Obama foreign policy in a lead editorial last Sunday entitled, “A military for a dangerous new world.”

Nov 20 19:25

Kerry poised to cap long journey

WASHINGTON - More than three decades after he first appeared before the panel as a 27-year-old Vietnam veteran-turned-antiwar protester, Senator John F. Kerry will be named chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, giving him enormous influence over President-elect Barack Obama's foreign policy, according to congressional officials.

Kerry, who was elected to a fifth term from Massachusetts earlier this month, will be handed the gavel when the new Congress convenes in January, replacing Vice President-elect Joe Biden, the officials said.

Nov 20 18:45

This Is Not A Normal Recession.. Moving on to Plan B.. by Mike Whitney

The Winter of 2008-2009 will prove to be the winter of global economic discontent that marks the rejection of the flawed ideology that unregulated global financial markets promote financial innovation, market efficiency, unhampered growth and endless prosperity while mitigating risk by spreading it system wide." Economists Paul Davidson and Henry C.K. Liu "Open Letter to World Leaders attending the November 15 White House Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy"

Nov 20 18:40

This Is Not A Normal Recession Moving on to Plan B By Mike Whitney

"The Winter of 2008-2009 will prove to be the winter of global economic discontent that marks the rejection of the flawed ideology that unregulated global financial markets promote financial innovation, market efficiency, unhampered growth and endless prosperity while mitigating risk by spreading it system wide." Economists Paul Davidson and Henry C.K. Liu "Open Letter to World Leaders attending the November 15 White House Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy"

Nov 20 18:36

Not fade away: Mick Jagger on the trials of life at 65

It's not very rock'n'roll, but Mick Jagger, the man who brought us 'Sympathy for the Devil', supermodel girlfriends and skin-tight jeans, recently acquired OAP status. So has he mellowed with age? James Mottram finds out

Nov 20 17:54

What the Clinton Appointment Means

The American people are sick and tired of the Bush era, and they are counting the days until Barack Obama is inaugurated. The reasons for this are manifold, of course, but the one that concerns us especially here at is the vital question of war and peace. American foreign policy had become so relentlessly aggressive, and with such disastrous results, that John McCain's alleged national security credentials were moot. Even if the economy hadn't tanked so spectacularly at a crucial point in the election season, I contend that Obama would've won in a landslide anyway.

Nov 20 17:16

(Video)Jeremy Scahill debates David Corn over Obama's Foreign Policy on Democracy Now (1 of 3)

Jeremy Scahill is the investigative journalist and author who wrote the recent book on the rise of the Blackwater mercenary army.

In these three Youtube videos he debates/discusses with David Corn the likely direction of Obama'a foreing policy in light of Obama's recent appointments and selections for participation in the transition team.

Part 1

Part 2

Nov 20 16:43

Black Journalist Warns of Black Racist Obama

Critical Thinking Amid the Elation Monday, 17 November 2008

by Shannon Joyce Prince

Nov 20 12:21

This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House

Obama has a momentous opportunity to do what he repeatedly promised over the course of his campaign: bring actual change. But the more we learn about who Obama is considering for top positions in his administration, the more his inner circle resembles a staff reunion of President Bill Clinton's White House.

Nov 20 11:27

Strange 'Cheney' case takes a strange twist

Willacy County prosecutor Juan Angel Guerra's no-show ruined hopes their motions would quickly quash cases against their clients and stumped the presiding judge as well.

“At the very least, I expected the district attorney to be here,” Manuel Bañales said, asking Guerra's office manager, “Do you know where he is?”

Nov 20 11:07

Court slams door on sale of spyware

The Federal Trade Commission today had a US District Court issue a temporary restraining order halting the sale of RemoteSpy keylogger spyware.

According to the FTC's complaint, RemoteSpy spyware was sold to clients who would then secretly monitor unsuspecting consumers' computers. According to the FTC, the defendants provided RemoteSpy clients with detailed instructions explaining how to disguise the spyware as an innocuous file, such as a photo, attached to an email.