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Mar 24 02:44

The Zionist Face Of American Government

Zionist Israel is today a state of only one religion, Christians and Muslims have been officially banned, and there is no longer a functioning 'Democracy' in that place: Zionist Israel is officially an Outlaw state that rules its inhabitants as a Rogue Entity that observes none of the national or international laws that once governed the United States. We should tear off this Judas-face of Zionism that we have allowed to supplant what we once strove to be. If we cannot do this, then we will not survive to reach 2011 as an actual state, because by then we shall have become a captive state that serves only the perverted dreams of others in The New World Order.

Mar 23 22:51

Banking for the People

But what if that great mass of citizens owned the banks? That's a question that a growing number of candidates and legislators across the country are answering with proposals to create state-owned banks. Though these initiatives borrow from an old model--North Dakota has run a successful state bank since 1919--they are a response to a new reality: the hundreds of billions of public dollars plowed into big banks by the federal bailout have done little to free credit for job creation or economic development in recession-ravaged communities. So, taking a cue from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and other critics of private-bank bailouts, latter-day populists are proposing to put public money to work for the public good.

Mar 23 22:43

Time for state-owned banks?

You've heard a lot about a public option for health care. What about a public option when it comes to banking? Don't laugh. The idea is gaining ground in several states.

Mar 23 22:41

ABC News: State-Owned Banks: The Future of Banking?

Stories like Wanner's are sparking interest from state officials outside of North Dakota, who see the 91-year-old Bank of North Dakota as a model of what they could do to revive troubled business lending in their own home states.

Mar 23 21:37

Health Care Reform: We're Being Fooled Again

In return for these new federal rules, insurance companies are to have a guaranteed market through a mandate that will require every person to have insurance. So what looks like onerous new regulations on the insurance companies turns out to be a bargain they are happy to accept. Instead of having to innovatively and competitively attract young healthy people to buy their products, the companies will count on the government to compel them to do so. Playing the populist role, Obama & Co. bash the insurance companies, but in fact the "reform" compels everyone to do business with them.

Mar 23 18:23

American as Apple Pie!

Just could not pass this one up. It is from a media syndication from Israel. It is called Arutz Sheva and is considered an openly Zionist media source. The article speaks for its self and is worth the read. Also a Reuters article that was carried in the New York Times...

Mar 23 16:38

Where Were You When the Republic Died?

Health insurers -- once private companies -- are now organs of the federal government. Every citizen is a ward of the state, which can now compel you to have insurance, punish you if you don't; determine if your insurance is acceptable, punish you if it isn't. Thousands of new federal bureaucrats will soon spill from the D.C. Beltway and flood the country, scrutinizing our finances to verify compliance with this new law.

Mar 23 16:33

Healthcare Intervention: The Bigger Picture

It will produce here what it has produced everywhere: stagnation, overutilization, rationing, and the sacrifice of individual well-being in the name of collective justice.

Mar 23 15:45

Unions Want to Take Over Your 401(k)

One of the nation's largest labor unions, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is promoting a plan that will centralize all retirement plans for American workers, including private 401(k) plans, under one new "retirement system" for the United States.

Mar 23 15:44

GOP Responsibility for Obamacare

I wonder how many of the Republican faithful — who now wring their hands over the enactment of Obama’s “health care” measure — understand how their unprincipled and mindless defense of George W. Bush’s war-making, empire-building, and crony-capitalism was responsible for the Democrats getting swept into power in Washington?

Mar 23 15:42

The new arms race: China planning high-speed rail network to Russia, India, Europe

Something to think about as America decays and the politicians continue to plunder. --ts

Mar 23 15:13

Wash D. C. Metro will stage simulated explosions on a train and bus this weekend ... (with) coordination with other regional agencies

Metro most recently began conducting drills last month, even staging a display of force at Union Station during a morning rush hour.

The first drill this weekend will take place at 1 a.m. Sunday when the agency simulates an explosion on a rail car

Mar 23 14:31

Vote Them ALL Out...

Mar 23 14:15

France Abandons Plan for Carbon Tax

Mar 23 13:57

Israeli Politician Compares British To “Dogs” For Israeli Diplomat Expulsion

Britain’s expulsion of an Israeli ‘diplomat’ because of the Mossad murder of a Palestinian official in Dubai has created outrage in the Israeli Knesset(parliament). Politicians there are comparing the British to “dogs”...

Mar 23 13:27

CODEPINK to Build Settlements in Congress Today

Activists call for end to siege on Gaza and illegal settlements

Netanyahu AIPAC speech disrupted by CodePink activists in settlement protest

Mar 23 13:12

Government to drop carbon tax in another setback for Sarkozy

The president has moved quickly to quell growing unhappiness in the ranks of his own party, bringing in three new ministers with the aim of heading off potential malcontents, and there had been growing speculation the carbon tax could be halted.

Mar 23 12:43

What are the Naked Body Scanners really for?

Our security-obsessed government is intent on tracking each and every individual as if they are guilty until proven innocent - that's the un-American trend whether you wish to admit it or not. But this is not an easy task since there are many technical hurdles for engineers to overcome in providing such monitoring capability to their paymasters.

Mar 23 12:35

At White House, Biden’s Expletive Caught on Open Mic

At the end of his introduction of the president, Mr. Biden, who is well known for ad-libbing to the point of getting him in a little trouble, turned to Mr. Obama, embraced him and elaborated on the historic nature of the day.

“Mr. President, this is a big … deal,” he said, adding an adjective between big and deal, that begins with ‘f.’

Mar 23 12:25

Judge Napolitano: Why State Efforts Against Obamacare Are Doomed

FOX Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the legality of the health-care legislation.

Mar 23 11:58

Protecting Israel’s lawlessness: A smear campaign - Naomi Klein

A while ago, the Reut Institute, arguably Israel's most influential think tank, published a very controversial report about "hubs of delegitimization." [2] It attempted to equate tactics of non-violent resistance -- like the growing movement to use Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to force Israel to comply with international law -- with a military campaign to destroy the state of Israel.

Most worrying, the report explicitly urged Israeli intelligence agencies like Mossad to take unspecified action against peace activists using entirely legal methods:

Mar 23 11:16

Defeat In Victory: The Democrat’s Health Care Bill

What looks like a big victory for Obama and the Democrats may be their greatest undoing. It’s true that the passage of Obama’s health care bill represents a significant political victory for the Democrats. But sometimes a battle won could equal a lost war.

It’s telling that Obama had so much trouble in getting his own party to pass the bill on a simple majority basis: the bill was so blatantly watered down with the corporate hose that anyone with their name attached to it feared future electoral doom.

Mar 23 11:15

Notes On Israel’s Triumph To Disaster

Who will stop Israel in its relentless expropriation of Palestine and from triumphing to disaster? Isaac Deutscher, from whom I borrow my title, believed that the occupation of 1967 would have catastrophic consequences for Israel. It wouldn’t end well, he feared.

Mar 23 11:14

Americans: Are You With Gen. Petraeus And Adm. Mullen Or With Israel ?

The only way to derail Israel’s quest for regional hegemony and to break its oppression of the Palestinians is to break US support for Israel.

And the only way to break US support for Israel is to break the shattered US economy story to the American public and to do it explicitly referencing the reason:

“The Powerful Israel Lobby Manipulation in US Government Affairs and Israeli Oppression and War Crimes.”