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Jun 04 10:46

ISIS member takes a selfie allowing US Air Force to find his location and bomb a prominent ISIS HQ in Syria.

Much has been made about the ability of ISIS to master social media to recruit and broadcast their victories. But the U.S. Air Force is turning the militant group’s eagerness to share on social media into that intelligence that produces targets.

Jun 04 10:45

8 year old boy endured taunts and comments for 2 years to grow his hair out for donating it to cancer patients

He endured being called a girl, playing sports with waist-length hair and attracting disapproving looks from adults — all for a child in need he's never met.
Eight-year-old Christian McPhilamy grew out his blond hair for more than two years so he could donate it to kids who have lost their locks. The mission ended with success last week after an epic haircut.

Jun 04 10:37

BPA Still Widespread in Canned Foods

For more than a decade, you’ve been hearing about the dangers of the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA), found in everything from receipts to the lining of food cans. The chemical has been removed for the most part from baby bottles and water bottles, thanks to pressure (and pocketbook voting) from consumers.

Jun 04 10:34

Economy’s biggest issue: People don’t have money to spend

The biggest part is that people don’t have enough money to spend. Interest from savings is down to zero, people don’t liquidate stock gains to make purchases, and job and income growth has been sketchy.

Jun 04 10:29

After Ebola, world still unprepared for global pandemic

The global health system is unable to handle another mass epidemic like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières said, urging wealthy nations to develop coordinated response plans and drugs to fight neglected diseases.

Jun 04 10:22

Oregon County Says It Can’t Afford to Enforce Expanded Gun Background Check Law

The board of commissioners votes 4-1 to reaffirm its support of gun rights and oppose an “unfunded mandate”.

Jun 04 10:17

PayPal: accept robocalls and automated texts, or close your account

PayPal and eBay are splitting up on July 1, and PayPal has just published a preview of the company's new privacy policies that it will release on the same day.

Jun 04 10:16

US Official: Over 10,000 ISIS fighters killed in nine months but they have all been replaced

A US official from the Pentagon has said over 10,000 ISIS fighters have been killed but unfortunately almost all of them have been replaced showing the terror group's recruiting power.