Special Report, FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator from Wayne Madsen Report

A very knowledgeable source involved with what became known as the “Franklin Scandal” told WMR that Caradori flew to Chicago ostensibly to attend the All Star game on July 10 at Wrigley Field. In reality, the trip to the game was a cover for Caradori to meet with a source who handed him photographs that proved that Nebraskan children, some from the famed Boy’s Town orphanage, were being used for the sexual gratification of important political leaders in Washington, including Vice President and President George H W Bush.

Caradori phoned his wife and another investigator shortly before the All-Star game and told them the same thing: “I got what I came after. I got ‘em by the balls. I’ve got pictures. I will take them to the game and bring them back to Nebraska.”

When Caradori began to follow the money behind the Franklin scandal, he discovered two things: the Franklin Credit Union was being used by the White House and CIA to launder money for the Iran-contra affair and King and his associates were given a free ride to sexually traffic in and molest children, including many procured from Boy’s Town.


I sent this just now to the FBI .

michael mazur

Hello at the FBI,

I read all of that Wayne Madsen breaking article on Roseanne Barr's site about the FBI in July 1990 exploding a private plane mid air, killing the Franklin scandal investigator, Gary Caradori, and his 6yo son.

Wayne Madsen i do believe, so tell me that you had nothing to do with the retired Monsignor Robert Hupp dying in his sleep, given the circumstances of that day.

Just don't give me a hard time, should i go to the US again, for letting you know i know, nor the site owner of whatreallyhappened for linking to it, nor Roseanne Barr for reproducing it, nor Wayne Madsen for putting it together.

michael mazur
Victoria Australia

michael mazur

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