Dispatches PsyOp

Dispatches solution to high energy prices was not, as you might think, to vilify the energy companies for giving away 40% of our energy bills to shareholders as dividends. No, no, no. Although this was mentioned in passing, the main thrust was that the energy companies should hang their heads in shame for living in the twentieth century. Here in the twenty-first century, all homes should have a “smart meter.”

With a smart meter, all our problems go away. We can fight off the hypotheria with the warm glow we get from knowing that our energy usage is being monitored at all times and that data is sent back to the energy company at half hourly intervals. This is not another spoke in the great wheel that is the future social profiling uber-database. Rather it is a useful tool which will allow us, as consumers, to log onto a handy website and see pretty graphs of our energy usage. We can then decide where we can reduce our bills by switching stuff off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whereupon the utility will complain about declining sales and ask for a rate increase, so that they can go on charging us more money for even less service.