Sep 10 10:35

14th Anniversary of 9/11: Global Interactive Broadcast with Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney, James Corbett and more

As the 14th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, approaches, a group of notable researchers will be presenting important information on Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th, 2015, about 9/11 and its relation to recent "terrorist" events in North America, and what the 9/11 Commission did not tell us. The events of 9/11 have caused many to raise considerable questions about what happened on that fateful day and how the events were used to justify wars of aggression that continue to destabilize the world.

The broadcast can be viewed on from anywhere around the world and we encourage viewers to submit questions and comments in real-time using social media. The broadcast will feature personalities such as Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney, Graeme MacQueen, Daniele Ganser, David Johnson, and James Corbett.

The RethinkSeptember11 team is requesting all concerned citizens to spread the word and to view the broadcast. Your support is appreciated!

Sep 10 10:30

9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)

Published on Sep 10, 2015

On the tenth anniversary of the Attacks of September 11th, 2001, expert witnesses gathered at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada to provide evidence-based research that called into question the official story of 9/11. This was known as The Toronto Hearings on 9/11.

Over a period of four days, these experts in Structural Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and History gave researched and professional testimony to an international panel of distinguished judges. The panel of judges, in conjunction with the steering committee would go on to publish their final analysis of the evidence provided, which called for a new investigation into the Attacks of September 11th, 2001.

This film is a summary of the strongest evidence given over the four days of hearings. To see the hearings in their entirety please visit or read the final report available on the aforementioned website.

Sep 10 10:10

Massive floods in Japan: Houses washed away, helicopters rescue residents

Lashing rain pounded Japan for a second day, and the Kinugawa River has burst through a flood barrier, sending a tsunami-like wall of water into Joso.

Sep 10 10:04

Did ‘Pro-Nuclear Fanatics’ Get US Nuke Regulator to Cancel a Cancer Study?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on Tuesday announced that it was cancelling an in-progress study on cancer risks for populations living near reactor sites, citing cost and expected low value of the overall project—but at least one nuclear watchdog group is charging the agency with being part of a cover-up.

Sep 10 09:05


I just read about this in, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom and the implications are very wild and potentially terrifying, especially in terms of social engineering.

Via: BBC:

It is “essential” that the genetic modification of human embryos is allowed, says a group of scientists, ethicists and policy experts.

A Hinxton Group report says editing the genetic code of early stage embryos is of “tremendous value” to research.

It adds although GM babies should not be allowed to be born at the moment, it may be “morally acceptable” under some circumstances in the future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...“essential” that the genetic modification of human embryos is allowed...", MY ASTROLABE!!

Can you begin to imagine what some power-mad despot could do with technology like this, creating monster soldiers who cannot think, but kill ruthlessly on command?

And when you are tinkering with DNA, you are tinkering with the code of life; this could very easily wind up creating and ELE (extinction level event) if wide-spread experiments on humans wind up badly botched.

Please, let's not go there!!

Sep 10 09:02

Kellogg's cereals found to be contaminated with Monsanto's cancer-causing glyphosate

If you think Kellogg's Kashi GoLean cereals are healthy, you might want to think again.

A recent finding has shed light on the fact that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's RoundUp, along with its metabolite AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), exist in the cereal.

Sep 10 08:58

'Tiny brain, slender body': New human-like species discovered in S. African cave

The research, published in the journal Elife, shows that on average H. naledi stood approximately 150cm tall and weighed about 45kg. Its teeth are described as similar to those of the earliest-known members of our genus, such as Homo hanilis, as are most features of the skull. The shoulders, however, are more similar to those of apes.

Their hands meanwhile suggest “tool-using capabilities,” according to Dr. Tracy Kivell of the University of Kent, UK.

Sep 10 08:56

The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

My intuition and common sense knew that this guy HAD to be connected to these corporations in some way, but he kept denying any connection. And I believed he was causing irreparable harm to our healthy food movement because the media believed that he was an unbiased scientist.

This week an unprecedented major investigative report was published in the NY Times about how the chemical and food industries work with public university scientists to advance their agendas to the public. Hundreds of emails have now been revealed between University of Florida Professor Dr. Kevin Folta, Monsanto, the biotech front groups, and their PR firm Ketchum after a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was submitted by the nonprofit group U.S. Right To Know.

Sep 10 08:50

World's Largest Sub Leaves Port for Arctic War Games

The Israeli's claim this sub is going to Syria which doesn't make much sense other than to ratchet up tensions!

The Russian nuclear-powered strategic submarine Dmitry Donskoy, touted as the largest submersible vehicle in the world, has reportedly entered the White Sea, where it is due to take part in anti-submarine drills.

Sep 10 08:28

New York Times exposes academic scientists prostituting themselves out to Monsanto and the biotech industry

File this under the category of "journalism we never thought we'd see." In a New York Times article published over the weekend, writer Eric Lipton covers the outrageous academic fraud taking place across America as university "scientists" prostitute themselves out to the biotech industry.

It's important that we, the pioneers of the New Media news movement, give credit where it's due in the mainstream media. With this story by Lipton, The New York Times has just trumped everybody else in the mainstream media. Sellout papers like The Washington Post -- whose entire editorial board is practically run by Monsanto -- would never dare publish such an investigative story. Somehow, The New York Times has now come to the realization that Big Biotech's academic fraud is too large and shady to keep ignoring.

Sep 10 07:54

Santa Clara County jail inmate died screaming, ‘I’m sorry!’

A mentally ill Santa Clara County inmate was heard screaming, “I’m sorry” and “Stop,” as he was allegedly beaten by correctional officers hours before he was found dead, authorities said Tuesday as they charged the jailers with murder.

Court documents described a brutal beating by three correctional officers at the Main Jail in San Jose that culminated in the death of 31-year-old Michael Tyree, who was found naked and covered in feces and vomit in his cell Aug. 27, hours after the beating was meted out when he initially refused to take his medication, prosecutors said.

Sep 10 07:54

NASA Struggles over Deep-Space Plutonium Power

Sluggish production of nuclear fuel could make solar power the preferred choice for the agency’s outer-planets missions

Sep 10 07:53

Inslee orders review of prosecutor’s decision not to charge Pasco officers in February shooting death

By Joel Connelly on September 9, 2015 6:27 PM

Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered a review of the decision by Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant, announced Wednesday, not to prosecute three Pasco police officers who shot to death Antonio Zambrano-Montes last February after the orchard worker had thrown rocks at police in a busy intersection.

Sep 09 21:11

Which U.S. City is Likely to be Sacrificed During a Nuclear False Flag?

Look at the prevailing winds fallout map. Someplace in Florida is my best bet.

Sep 09 20:27

Bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres seen in greater detail

Intriguing bright spots in a crater on the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, are coming into sharper focus as NASA's Dawn spacecraft studies the world from a 915-mile-high mapping orbit. It will descend to an altitude of just 230 miles or so later this year.

Sep 09 20:19

Invasion of giant palm-sized moths hits Britain

The palm-sized Convolvulus Hawk-moth migrates from southern Europe to Britain in early autumn and has already been sighted widely across the UK in recent weeks, with a record number expected this year.

Sep 09 15:17

Judge Says House Can Sue Administration Over Obamacare Spending

The House can pursue some constitutional claims in a lawsuit against the Obama administration over appropriations and implementing the health care overhaul law, a federal district judge ruled Wednesday. The ruling means Congress has cleared a high procedural hurdle in the separation of powers case, one that usually stops the judiciary from stepping into fights between lawmakers and the executive branch.

Sep 09 14:47

Two Missouri radio talk-show personalities disciplined for on-air killings commentary

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The manager of three southwest Missouri radio stations has apologized and disciplined a pair of talk show personalities for suggesting that the on-air killings of two Virginia journalists was a hoax.

Sep 09 14:29

conference of alternative medicine has finished in chaos

people suffered dizziness, respiratory problems, heart acceleration of hallucinations and cramps severe.More than 150 doctors, ambulances and police officers attended the scene and took the delegates raving hospital.Las blood tests and urine revealed that all had taken a hallucinogenic drug known as Aquarust in Germany(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethylphenylethyamin)(2C-D) and was declared illegal past year. Has not been determined yet if attendees took the drug voluntarily or were deceived into thinking that taking something else and ended intoxicated.The German Professional Association of Healing (VDH), which represents homeopaths and naturopaths, has distanced the issue and claim to have no relationship with the organizers of the conference or know who they`re "Unfortunately, the conference Handeloh has seriously damaged the image of the profession of alternative medicine ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically, someone's undercover operative went to the conference and dropped some serious hallucinogenic drugs into the food and water to disrupt the event.

Sep 09 13:39

‘Independent’ GMO expert busted for receiving $25,000 from Monsanto

Huge corporations like Monsanto that have suspect agendas – such as selling poisons worldwide and screwing with the very fabric of Nature – have learned long ago how to implement a number of dirty tricks designed to fool authorities and the public into believing that their methods and products are safe.

Sep 09 13:18

Medical Research Scam Exposed

• Prestigious medical journal: “It’s no longer possible to believe clinical research.”

• Editor of The Lancet: “Half of all scientific literature may simply be untrue.”

Is there a Berlin Wall moment coming for establishment medicine? It’s possible that the words of reputed scientists who openly buck the system may well pave the way for what could be a major crumbling of faith in the medical-industrial complex.

Sep 09 12:26

California’s Cancer-Label on Monsanto’s Roundup to ‘Come Within 30 Days’

In the ongoing battle of David vs Goliath, or humankind vs. Big Biotech, Big Ag and Big Pharma, Prop 65 has come to the fore in California. California will likely require that Monsanto has a label on most Roundup bottles declaring that they contain carcinogenic ingredients. The agency’s notice of intent aims to add these chemicals within 30 days to the approximately 800 chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Sep 09 11:51

North Texas volunteer firefighters indicted in chorizo sausage sexual assault

An Ellis County grand jury indicted seven volunteer firefighters, including the department's chief and assistant chief, on Wednesday in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a fellow male firefighter with a chorizo sausage in January, according to media reports.

Five firefighters with the Emergency Service District Number 6 Volunteer Fire Department in Waxachachie have been indicted on charges of aggravated sexual assault and attempted aggravated sexual assault: Keith Edward Wisakowsky, 26; Casey Joe Stafford, 30; Preston Thomas Peyrot, 19; Alec Chase Miller, 28; and Blake Jerold Tucker, 19.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The whole nation is going crazy, and I have to wonder if it is because we are all being told to buy and take more drugs, such as anti-depressants!

Sep 09 11:13

Texas woman tortured puppies, kittens and produced animal 'snuff' videos

In a case of almost unspeakable cruelty, a suspect in a Texas courtroom on Friday admitted to torturing young animals for her homemade pornographic snuff videos. The female torturer is one of the first suspects in the U.S. to face federal charges as a result of the passage of the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010.

Ashley Nicole Richards, a 24-year-old resident of Houston, admitted to four counts of creating animal crush videos and one count of illegal film distribution. According to the Justice Department, Animal Crush is a sexual fetish in which small animals, mostly pets such as puppies and kittens, are viciously tortured, maimed or killed for the sexual gratification of observers. Videos of such acts, sometimes described as rituals or sacrifices, have been marketed for sale and broadcast online.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if this "fetish" showed up at the same time as prescription anti-depressants!

Sep 09 11:00

EPA accused at hearing of doctoring video from Gold King Mine spill

The Environmental Protection Agency was accused Wednesday of doctoring footage from the Gold King Mine spill, removing the audio of a worker saying, “What do we do now?”

During a House committee hearing on the accident, Rep. Bill Johnson, Ohio Republican, showed what he said was an original on-site video taken the day of the Aug. 5 spill, which includes the audio, and then the same video posted on the EPA’s website that beeps out the audio.

Sep 09 10:10

Yakima farmers say mismanaged water made crop losses much worse

Some Yakima basin farmers whose crops were stunted by drought this year say their problems have been aggravated by mismanagement of water flows from the Wapato Irrigation Project.

Sep 09 10:01

Drug industry created "female sexual dysfunction" just to sell more high-profit drugs to women they won’t help

One of the major roadblocks to achieving wellness is the diagnosis mindset. People who seek out diagnoses for things like social anxiety or an overactive bladder are quick to identify with fictional labels created by drug makers. By identifying with the label and accepting the power that illness has over them, patients are ceding control of their thoughts and emotions, allowing simple imbalances to take charge over them and persist.

Sep 09 09:58

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Why You Should Say NO to Vaccines

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties. From 1986 to 1998, she was a full time Emergency Medicine physician and the director of the Emergency Department in Findlay, Ohio. In 1996, she opened a center for Integrative medicine and patients have come from nearly all 50 states and 14 countries to get well using a combination of conventional and holistic therapies. Dr. Tenpenny joins us to talk about her important research related to problems with vaccines and the work she is doing to speak out against these damaging inoculations. Sherri covers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) faulty science and the vaccine industry’s incorrect premises - outlining some not-so-secret studies that clearly show people should be less alarmed about contracting viruses and more concerned with being poisoned by toxic chemicals coming through the needle.

Sep 09 08:31

‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11

“Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” ? Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Sep 09 08:29

Sierra Leone officials confirm 3 new cases of Ebola

The head of Sierra Leone's National Ebola Response Center says that three new cases of Ebola have emerged in an area where a 67-year-old woman died in late August, bringing the total new cases in treatment to four.

Sep 09 08:15

Pluto Probe Starts Beaming Home 'Treasure Trove' of Flyby Data

That transmission — which involves tens of gigabits of information — began in earnest on Saturday (Sept. 5) and should take about a year to complete, mission team members said.

Sep 09 08:09

Cinnamon Improves Glucose and Lipids of People With Type 2 Diabetes

The results of this study demonstrate that intake of 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon per day reduces serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes and suggest that the inclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Sep 09 08:07

Video: Mysterious NightLights Spark Widespread Reports

According to information released by the DoD’s Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg AFB in CA, the object was likely the Cosmos 1315 payload launched in 1981. Gene Stansbery, Program Manager for NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office confirmed the report with Maui Now this morning.

Sep 09 08:05

A Hypothesis That Will Make You Uncomfortable

New research suggests that half of all U.S. adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The study of government health surveys echoes previous research and shows numbers increased substantially between 1988 and 2012 although they mostly leveled off after 2008. Overall, 12 percent to 14 percent of adults had diagnosed diabetes in 2012, the latest data available. Most of that is Type 2 diabetes, the kind linked with obesity and inactivity.

Almost 40 percent have pre-diabetes, meaning elevated blood sugar levels that could lead to full-fledged disease. Studies have shown lifestyle changes can delay or prevent diabetes in these people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Diabetes is a huge problem here in Hawaii, and yes, there are indications the local diet is part of the problem.

Sep 09 07:36

Alert! Freeway Sniper In Arizona Strikes Again, 9 Shootings In Past 10 Days

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is either a gun-grabber false-flag campaign, or the shooter is on prescription anti-depressants!

Sep 09 07:33

Rochester General Hospital in New York tells parents that kidnapping is part of its policy to enforce "mandatory" medical treatments

Be careful where you give birth. The hospital you choose could try to kidnap your child if you fail to abide by its rules for "mandatory" medical treatment. Rochester General Hospital (RGH) in New York appears to be one such hospital. If you refuse to inject your baby with a vitamin K vaccine or give him the antibiotic erythromycin, hospital workers could hold him there indefinitely against your will.

An audio recording of a voicemail left by a hospital worker for a patient reveals that RGH's policy is to basically assume "medical custody" in cases where parents refuse to allow administration of these two particular drugs to their newborns. An unnamed RGH employee, who opted to remain anonymous for privacy and protection purposes, stated the following in a voicemail response to a patient's inquiry about the hospital's newborn release policy.

Sep 09 06:12

10,000 People Are Now Technically Cyborgs Thanks to Chip Implants

It's amazing how quickly cultural attitudes can change on a particular subject, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Take privacy for instance. 20 or 30 years ago, the average American would not have put up with any kind of privacy intrusion. That was something that only happened in poor despotic nations and futuristic dystopias, not in the land of free.

Now however, after the advent of the internet and cell phones, and the attacks on 9/11, most Americans have sheepishly accepted the loss of their privacy to governments and corporations. It's become an unavoidable fact of life here in America. What would have inspired a massive public outcry just a generation ago, is now met with a shrug and a blank stare today.
(read more)

Sep 09 06:11

Former Fukushima Worker Who Got Cancer Is Suing TEPCO

In a first, a former worker at the Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant has filed a lawsuit against the majority-Japanese-government-owned Tokyo Electric Power Company for cancer he says he developed after exposure to radiation from the March 2011 disaster.

Via The Japan Times:

According to his complaint, cancer was detected in his bladder in June 2012, in his stomach in March 2013 and in his sigmoid colon in May 2013 after he worked as a heavy equipment operator at Fukushima No. 1 between July and October 2011.

It would be the first time someone has officially, directly linked the Fukushima incident to cancer, so authorities are probably going to want to discredit him and make this one go away as fast as possible.

In fact, the man tried to file for workers compensation, but he was denied.

(read more)

Sep 09 05:36

NASA, ESA release new Hubble image: Spiral galaxy M96

The US space agency NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) released a new Hubble Space Telescope image last week - Messier 96.
Messier 96, also known as M96 or NGC 3368, is a spiral galaxy just over 35 million light-years away in the constellation of Leo (The Lion). It is of about the same mass and size as the Milky Way.

Sep 09 02:44

ISS Crew Enjoy Kharcho Soup, Mare’s Milk in Orbit

The Kazakh member of the crew brought a number of national dishes into orbit. Weary of regular space-food consumed via tubes, ISS inhabitants were now able to enjoy the taste of mare’s milk, two types of curd and kharcho soup.
Late last month Japanese researcher Kimiya Yui brought on board the orbital station among other things, six liquor samples.
The mishap with the Russian Progress cargo ship and the American Dragon forced the ISS crew to start saving food and other staples but the subsequent arrival of a second Progress ship and a Japanese space truck made life a lot easier for the crew who now have everything they need, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka said during a video linkup with Mission Control.
No drama in space! ISS crew members open up about life in orbit (VIDEO)

Sep 08 21:59

The phoney « refugee crisis »

While the European media arouse emotion by showing photographs of a drowned child and reports of crowds of refugees crossing the Balkans on foot, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that these images have been fabricated. It’s certain that they serve the purposes of the head of the Federation of German Industries, Ulrich Grillo, and also NATO. But they do not show the phenomenon in its totality, which leads the Europeans to offer inadapted responses.

Sep 08 15:49

California to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as ‘Carcinogenic’

By Jay Syrmopoulos

The state of California’s Environmental Protection Agency has moved to begin labeling glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, as a known carcinogen.

Biochemical giant Monsanto has found itself under increased scrutiny after the World Health Organization recently announced that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic to humans...

Sep 08 15:30

Vaccine-derived polio breaks out in Ukraine and Mali

Polio problems. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced polio had paralyzed a 4-year-old and 10-month-old in Ukraine, marking Europe’s first polio outbreak in five years. And on Monday, WHO said a child in Mali, a nation in West Africa, had contracted polio and been paralyzed.

In both cases, the polio came not from a virus circulating in the wild but from oral polio vaccines, which use weakened, live versions of the virus that carry a rare but persistent possibility of mutating into a dangerous strain. Once a child with a mutated strain excretes it (polio is primarily spread by fecal matter), the virus may begin circulating among unimmunized people. In Ukraine, only about half of children have been fully vaccinated. Including the Mali case, there have been 13 instances of vaccine-derived polio paralysis around the world so far this year. There were 55 such cases in 2014.

Sep 08 14:39

Agency to Leave Children Unprotected and Public in the Dark on Cancer Risks Around Nuclear Power Facilities

Beyond Nuclear, a leading U.S. NGO of record on the health, safety and environmental dangers of nuclear power facilities, today decried the outrageous decision by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to cancel a study that would have examined cancer incidence and mortalities and the connection to U.S. nuclear facilities.

Sep 08 14:05

B.C. First Nation gets Nexen fracking water licence overturned

British Columbia's Environmental Appeal Board has overturned a water licence granted to a company for shale gas fracking in northeastern British Columbia, ruling the licence was based on bad science and bad faith.

The long term water licence granted in 2012 allowed Nexen Inc. to pump 1.4 million cubic metres of water a year from Tsea Lake and Tsea River, located about 100 kilometres northeast of Fort Nelson.

Sep 08 14:01

Fracking Fallout: New Analysis Reveals Over 100 Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater Spilled Since 2009

Associated Press investigation finds more than 180 million gallons of fracking byproduct spilled from 2009 to 2014, tainting agricultural land, poisoning drinking water, and sparking the mass die-off of plant and animal life.

Sep 08 12:45

China Aims to Land Chang'e-4 Probe on Far Side of Moon

China is planning to be the first country to land a lunar probe on the far side of the moon, a Chinese lunar probe scientist said Tuesday.

The mission will be carried out by Chang'e-4, a backup probe for Chang'e-3, and is slated to be launched before 2020, said Zou Yongliao from the moon exploration department under the Chinese Academy of Sciences at a deep-space exploration forum Tuesday.

Zou said government organs have ordered experts to assess the plan over the past 12 plus months. "China will be the first to complete the task if it is successful."

Sep 08 11:03

Open letter signed by 30 scientists and experts is sent to Scottish minister in support of Scottish ban on GMO cultivation

This new letter cites evidence that professionals who have financial or career interests in a product are more likely to endorse it than are those without such interests. This bias is heightened in the case of GM, where it is spurred by the billions of corporate and funding dollars at stake. Examples are quoted of concerted attacks from scientists and others dependent on the industry upon scientists who have demonstrates harm from GM crops.

The signatories of the letter point to increasing use of pesticides, with no intrinsic increase in crop yield (there is no single gene for higher yield). Thus GM crops are a liability to both farmers and consumers, while proponents of GM continue to make extravagant claims for these crops. The letter also dismisses the claim that GM foods are safe to eat. On the contrary, peer-reviewed, published toxicology/ safety studies by independent researchers show that lab animals suffer damage to health when fed even small quantities of GMOs.

Sep 08 09:02

City says it has reached $6.4M wrongful death settlement with family of Freddie Gray

BALTIMORE – The city of Baltimore says it has reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray.

Gray died in April after he suffered a critical spine injury while he was in police custody. Six Baltimore police officers face criminal charges stemming from Gray's death. Gray, who was black, was critically injured April 12 in the back of a prisoner transport van after he was arrested.

Sep 08 09:00

Experimental GMO Wheat Crop Fails to Deter Pests

Biotech’s claims that genetically modified crops are more resistant to bugs seem to be dismissed like yesterday’s pastries, especially when their crops so obviously fail to deliver on the promise. So why are farmers still planting GM seed?

In a recent biotech debacle, a UK-based biotech company wasted over $5 million on an experimental GM wheat trial.

Sep 08 07:53

Thai meteorite: Huge fireball lights up sky over Bangkok (VIDEO)

A massive fireball, believed to be a meteorite, has fallen on Thailand. Awestruck commuters witnessed the spectacle, describing a green and orange glow, as it took a nosedive toward Earth.

The event took place during the morning rush hour at about 8:45am local time in Bangkok, although the meteor did not make an audible sound as it struck the ground.

Sep 08 07:31

Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return

The Israeli State recently announced that it may begin to use genetic tests to determine whether potential immigrants are Jewish or not.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How does a DNA test indicate one's religion? The world's Jews are made up of descendants of other people who converted to Judaism. Tha Ashkenazi are descended from the Khazars. The Sephardic are a blend of ancient Hebrew and Burber. And so forth. This smacks of "race hygiene" thinking!

Sep 07 20:54

The Asch Experiment

During the 1950s Solomon Asch conducted and published a series of experiments that demonstrated the degree to which an individual's own opinions are influenced by those of a majority group.

Sep 07 19:16

Our Fatally Fractured Food Chain

Waking Times

The term ‘food chain’ refers to the steps that constitute the movement of food from its starting point in the field to its end point on the fork. This incorporates processing and ultimate consumption.

Sep 07 15:06

California Parents Mount Recall Against Author Of Mandatory Vaccine Law

California parents plan to recall state Sen. Richard Pan from office for authoring a bill that removes their ability to exempt their children from vaccinations for “personal beliefs.”

Sep 07 14:48

Fox News Doesn’t Get it, Blames Russia for Refugee Crisis in EU

DC has lost it....totally!

There is one thing Fox News has learned to do well over the years — that's to blame Russia for all the bad stuff that happens in the world. The Syrian war breaks out — quick to blame the Russians, the US government organized a coup in Ukraine — of course the Russians were behind it, the channel screams. What's next, Fox News? Perhaps the Russians also started the Ebola virus or were behind the extinction of the dinosaurs?

This time, it was no different after Fox News decided to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. KT McFarland, a Fox News National Security Analyst invited to talk on the issue, was quick to blame… that's right, none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin for creating the refugee crisis in Europe.

Sep 07 14:28

New Monsanto Spray Kills Bugs by Messing With Their Genes

In a fascinating long piece in MIT Technology Review, Antonio Regalado examines the genetically modified seed industry's latest blockbuster app in development—one that has nothing to do with seeds. Instead, it involves the industry's other bread-and-butter product: pesticide sprays. But we're not talking about the poisonous chemicals you convinced your dad to stop dousing the lawn with.

Sep 07 11:48

4 Non-Food Sources Of Gluten You Might Not Expect

Gluten is the general term for the proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. It acts as a glue to maintain the shape of food and can be found in numerous food products such as breads, baked goods, cereals, pastas, soups, sauces, salad dressings, malt vinegar, beer, and food coloring. Over the last several decades, gluten intolerance has become increasingly problematic within the population – mainly due to ‘modern’ (destructive) agricultural practices.

According to a recent article published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, an estimated five percent of the global population has a gluten-related disorder such as celiac disease, wheat allergy, or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. However, some experts say that millions of people have not yet been diagnosed...

Sep 07 11:28

New Ebola case in Sierra Leone quarantine village: president

Another woman has tested positive for Ebola in a village in northern Sierra Leone already under quarantine after the death of a 67-year-old woman a week ago, President Ernest Bai Koroma said.

Sep 07 09:01

FLASHBACK - Reality Check: Is There A Link Between Mass Shootings and Anti-Depressants?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is time to go past the mass shootings and suicides linked to prescription anti-depressants.

It is time to ask if there is a link between prescription anti-depressants and non-fatal (no newsworthy) acts of violence. The per-capita incidence of domestic violence has increased right alongside the increase in use of prescription anti-depressants!

It is time to ask if there is a link between prescription anti-depressants and police violence.

It is time to ask if there is a link between prescription anti-depressants and poor decision making in government and finance.

It is time to ask if there is a link between prescription anti-depressants and the epidemic of child sexual abuse that is spreading across the globe!

Sep 07 07:49

Massive fireball from space witnessed in Thailand, explosions heard (VIDEO)

A massive fireball, believed to be a meteorite, has fallen on Thailand. Awestruck commuters witnessed the spectacle, describing a green and orange glow, as it took a nosedive toward Earth.

The event took place during the morning rush hour at about 8:45am local time in Bangkok, although the meteor did not make an audible sound as it struck the ground.

The size of the fireball is judged to be quite substantial, as residents of the Sisawat district in Kanchanaburi province, some 200km from the capital, also described seeing the meteorite. They say they also heard a thunderous explosion, according to Thai PBS.

Sep 07 01:28

Space station orbit raised by nearly 1 km

The Mission Control Center in the town of Korolyov in the Moscow Region has held a scheduled adjustment of the orbit altitude of the International Space Station (ISS), Russian state corporation Roscosmos told TASS.
"The adjustment has been successfully completed," a Roscosmos spokesman said.
Earlier Roscosmos reported that the Progress M-28M cargo spacecraft will give the station a 0.55m/s impulse and the station’s orbital altitude will grow by 950 meters.
Nine cosmonauts and astronauts, including Russians Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Korniyenko, Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Volkov, Americans Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren, European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen, Japanese Kimiya Yui and Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov, are at the ISS now.

Sep 06 19:42

Corrupt Monsanto scientists release flawed study claiming their cancer-causing glyphosate is not in breast milk

The most egregious conflict of interest is that from the labs used to analyze the breast milk samples. Although the press release touts the new study as "the first to have its results independently verified by an accredited, outside organization," it later quietly notes that "analyses of the milk samples were conducted in Monsanto laboratories in St. Louis and independently verified at Wisconsin-based Covance Laboratories."

Sep 06 19:40

Scotland and Germany use "opt-out" clause to ban GMO agriculture

Operating under a recently passed law by the European Union that allows individual member countries to "opt out" of GMO cultivation, Scotland and Germany announced their decision to forbid the planting of Monsanto's GM corn, also known as MON810. (Republished from

Germany's Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt reported the move in August, following a similar action taken by the Scottish Government which reported it made the decision in order to "protect Scotland's clean, green status," according to reports.

Carlo Leifert, Professor of Ecological Agriculture at Newcastle University, supports Scotland's ban, saying that "there are likely to be significant commercial benefits from Scotland being clearly recognised as a GM-free region."

Germany seems to agree, also basing their ban at least in part due to the environmental impacts caused by GM agriculture.

Sep 06 18:18

Do patients really need statins?

Patients should have greater choice over taking statins and stop using them if they are suffering side effects, according to leading doctors.

The doctors argue that only a "limited" number of patients benefit from the drug, and that patients can "safely" stop using them if they experience unwanted effects, in an editorial for UK medical journal Prescriber.

Professor James McCormack, Dr Aseem Malhotra and Professor David Newman say that around one in 10 patients suffer from effects including sore throats, nausea, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain when taking the drugs.

But they argue that for healthy people who have never had a heart attack or stroke, "statins likely have either no effect on mortality or at best less than 0.5 per cent benefit. In other words less than one in every 200 people who took a statin lived longer because of it".

Sep 06 17:03

On Russian military interventions (or lack thereof)

My recent article about a possible Russian military intervention in the Syrian conflict triggered, amongst mostly rational reactions, a few angry and frustrated one from folks who were apparently disgusted with the Russian refusal to get militarily involved in Novorussia and Syria. Since such angry protests are also often echoed on other supposedly pro-Russian blogs and websites I think that it is worthwhile to address the substance of these criticisms once again. So let’s start with the basics:
The legal purpose of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Federal Law N61-F3 “On Defense”, Section IV, Article 10, Para 2 clearly states......

Sep 06 16:05

Carriker Jury: “The law is wrong”

A Sedgwick County jury acquitted Kyler Carriker on the charge of felony murder, yesterday, after prosecutors Trinity Muth and Jennifer Amyx presented their case.

At the crux of Muth and Amyx’ argument was that the jury was required, by law, to deliver a guilty verdict for felony murder, if the state proved that Carriker arranged the drug deal that ultimately ended in Ronald Betts’ death.

However, the jury determined that Carriker could be guilty of arranging that deal, and still be innocent of felony murder.

Sep 06 13:02

Who are the Evildoers? — List of names

Introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

Are these really the most powerful people in the world? Or is there a shadowy group behind them, pulling their strings and exerting hidden pressures? According to Forbes magazine, 25-year-old singer Taylor Swift is the 64th most powerful person on the planet, not far behind the Queen of England. This is just not believable. So the question we need to ask ourselves is: Who are the puppet masters and who are the puppets?

Sep 06 10:02

Living with GMOs

We are writing as concerned American citizens to share with you our experience of genetically modified (GM) crops and the resulting damage to our agricultural system and adulteration of our food supply.

In our country, GM crops account for about half of harvested cropland. Around 94% of the soy, 93% of corn (maize) and 96% of cotton grown is GM.1

The UK and the rest of the EU have yet to adopt GM crops in the way that we have, but you are currently under tremendous pressure from governments, biotech lobbyists, and large corporations to adopt what we now regard as a failing agricultural technology.

Sep 06 09:39

Young Girls Convulse On The Floor After HPV Shot

Sep 06 07:07

NASA's new spacecraft may hitchhike across galaxy

NASA scientists have designed the concept of a spacecraft that would hitch rides on comets and asteroids by spearing them with tethers.
Comet Hitchhiker is a concept for orbiting and landing on comets and asteroids using the kinetic energy - the energy of motion - of these small bodies.

Sep 06 03:22

Arkansas Bloodsuckers: the Clintons, Prisoners and the Blood Trade

The year Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas, that state’s prison board awarded a fat contract to a Little Rock company called Health Management Associates, or HMA. The company was paid $3 million a year to run medical services for the state’s prison system, which had been blasted in a ruling by the US Supreme Court as an “evil place run by some evil men.”

Sep 05 16:24

The Bizarre Suicide of the American Empire

I believe the lens of the frontier clarifies the otherwise bizarre suicide of the American empire. We must remember that settling the American west was swift and easy. Technological superiority, diseases and overwhelming numbers allowed civilians to do most of the ethnic cleansing while there was an actual boundary between the natives and European colonists.

Sep 05 15:36

You Won’t Believe What The CDC Admitted To. Millions Affected! (VIDEOS)

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) an agency devoted to saving humanity from deadly diseases has admitted to possibly infecting 10-30 million Americans with a deadly virus via a vaccination. Ironically the very company established to save humankind, is now killing it with a a polyomavirus. The rabbit whole goes much deeper than you realize and truth is often stranger than fiction. Here is the report…

Sep 05 10:05

Ebola: Problem – Reaction – Solution

By Rosanne Lindsay

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances… begins a monologue from Act II Scene VII of William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.

If the 2014-15 world stage featured the premiere of EBOLA, then the 2015-16 season may see THE RETURN OF EBOLA! As yet, there is no reported outbreak, however an ad in the August San Antonio paper is calling all subjects for EBOLA PREVENTION!

Get your tickets now! Human clinical trials were first publicly announced in August of 2014 with Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline. And now the directors want to cast you as part of the solution. You will receive free medial exams and compensation. All you have to do as SUBJECTS is roll up your sleeves...

Sep 05 09:37

Margaret Sanger and Eugenics Publishing Company

My Mom just gave me an original 1920 edition of the book, Woman and the New Race, by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Mom found it in a box of books owned by my deceased great-uncle.
It was in this book Sanger wrote, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it,” which has come to be one of the banes of pro-abort existence, forcing them to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to say now really, Sanger did not support eugenics.

At any rate, I was looking on ebay to see if the book was worth anything and discovered that while this first edition was published by Truth Publishing Company, the 1923 edition was published by Eugenics Publishing Company.

Sep 05 09:14

Latvia and Greece Ban Monsanto’s GM Corn as U.S. and Mexico Cave to Biotech

By Jay Syrmopoulos

The refusal of Latvia and Greece to grow Monsanto GM corn brings the total number of European countries to publicly oppose the cultivation of genetically modified crops to five...

Sep 05 08:36

The polio vaccine is causing the new polio

Yes, the vaccines are causing the problem. The authorities know it. It is admitted. This is not conspiracy theory, but sad fact.

Sep 05 08:34

Infant Dies Following 5 Vaccine Doses

"Vaccines Were The Only Plausible Cause Of Sebastian’s Liver Failure".

Sep 05 08:31


In mid-August, U.S. Air Force General Tom Masiello shook hands with UAF’s Brian Rogers and Bob McCoy, transferring the powerful upper-atmosphere research facility from the military to the university.

You may have heard of HAARP.

Nick Begich wrote a book about it. Jesse Ventura tried to bully his way past the Gakona gate during a TV episode of Conspiracy Theory. Muse recorded a live album, HAARP, at Wembley Stadium from a stage filled with antennas meant to resemble those standing on a gravel pad off the Tok Cutoff Road.

The science-fiction assertions of caribou walking backwards, human mind control and HAARP’s ability to change the weather have made researchers wince. It’s hard to describe a complicated instrument that sends invisible energy into a zone no one can see.

Sep 05 08:26

Indonesia's Decision to Buy Russian Su-35 Fighters No Surprise – Expert

It is only natural that Indonesia has decided to purchase Russian-made Su-35 multirole fighters, according to independent military expert Alexander Yermakov.

Sep 05 08:12

X-plant: 'Mutant' digests TNT & could be key to contaminated land clean-up, study finds

TNT has long wreaked havoc on the environment, destroying vegetation and leaving land desolate. But scientists have now discovered a “mutant plant” that can thrive in contaminated soil. The findings could be key to re-vegetating affected land.

Sep 05 08:10

Salmonella outbreak kills one, sickens hundreds in the U.S.

A salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers grown in Mexico has killed one person and sickened hundreds in the United States, health officials said.

The outbreak of Salmonella Poona has been reported in 27 states since July, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of the 285 people sickened, more than half have been children younger than 18. The fatality occurred in California.

Fast facts on salmonella

Arizona is among the hardest-hit. The state said it has identified 66 cases in six counties as of this week. Health officials reassured residents that the food produced in the state is not at risk.

"State and local health departments have been working around the clock with federal partners to rapidly identify the source of this outbreak so we can inform the public," said Dr. Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FDA is chasing down disease, instead of preventing it, once AGAIN.

Sep 05 08:10

Vanunu tells Channel 2: Israel's nuclear program a danger to the world

Mordechai Vanunu, the former technician at the Dimona nuclear plant who was imprisoned for 18 years for divulging secrets related to Israel’s purported nuclear weapons program, gave his first interview to the Hebrew-language Israeli press on Friday.

Sep 05 07:42

Salmonella outbreak from Mexican cucumbers kills one, sickens hundreds in the U.S

A salmonellaoutbreak linked to cucumbers grown in Mexico has killed one person and sickened hundreds in the United States, health officials said.

The outbreak of Salmonella Poona has been reported in 27 states since July, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of the 285 people sickened, more than half have been children younger than 18. The fatality occurred in California.

Sep 04 18:30

WhatsApp crosses 900 million users milestone

Mobile messaging app WhatsApp now has 900 million regular and active users around the world, following the addition of 100 million users in last five months.

"WhatsApp now has 900 million monthly active users," WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said in a Facebook post.

Sep 04 16:11

Big chill set to drag us back to winter

A chilly band of weather drags us back into winter this weekend with snowfall forecast to sea-level in the south and temperatures plunging.

MetService meteorologist Ciaran Doolin said a serious of cold fronts is moving up the South Island today.

They're already hitting southern areas and will reach Nelson by evening.
Heavy snow warnings are in place for Southland, Clutha, southern Fiordland, Otago and Banks Peninsula.

Right now areas down to 300 metres above sea level in Southland and 500 metres in Otago are getting a dusting but it could reach sea-level this evening in those areas, Mr Doolin said.

Above the Canterbury Plains snow will fall down to about 400 metres.

Mr Doolin said temperatures would also fall with the "usual suspects" hit the hardest.

Inland areas around Mt Cook, Lake Pukaki and Twizel will shiver through a -6C night and some parts of Central Otago, around Cromwell, Clyde and Alexandra, will drop to about -4C. The North Island isn't so bad today.

Sep 04 15:42

California to List World's Most Commonly Used Herbicide as Carcinogen

California’s Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will list glyphosate — a widely used herbicide dangerous to people and linked to the dramatic decline of monarch butterflies — as a chemical known to cause cancer. Earlier this year the World Health Organization found that glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, was a probable human carcinogen based on extensive research.

Sep 04 10:51

Manned spacecraft Soyuz with crew of three docks with ISS

Russia’s manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-18M with a crew of three has docked with the research module Poisk of the International Space Station, Mission Control near Moscow has told TASS.
"The docking was normal and on time," Mission Control said.
It was the 500th launch from pad number one, from where the world’s first man in space Yuri Gagarin made his orbital flight on April 12, 1961 to usher in the era of manned space exploration.
The original plan was the spacecraft would dock with the ISS six hours after liftoff, but later a decision was made in favour of a safer, two-day approach procedure.

Sep 04 10:46

Hawaii Sees Tenfold Increase in Birth Defects After Becoming GM Corn Testing Grounds

By Jay Syrmopoulos

Doctors are sounding the alarm after noticing a disturbing trend happening in Waimea, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Over the past five years, the number of severe heart malformations has risen to more than ten times the national rate, according to an analysis by local physicians.

Pediatrician Carla Nelson, after seeing four of these defects in three years, is extremely concerned with the severe health anomalies manifesting in the local population...

Sep 04 10:40

The expansion of the vaccine schedule and the rise of autism

All too often those of us opposed to vaccines hear a simple, yet tired counterargument, "Well I had my shots as a kid and I'm fine." The adults who make this claim don't seem to realize the number of shots they received was far fewer than the number of shots on today's vaccine schedule. And few of them follow the adult vaccine schedule.

In reality, the very well vaccinated are not a healthy bunch. They get sick regularly. This is particularly evident for those who get regular flu shots.

Sep 04 09:20

Officer shot his own patrol car, Massachusetts police say

CNN)A police officer lied when he said somebody shot at his patrol car, causing it to crash and catch fire, said Millis, Massachusetts, police Sgt. William Dwyer on Thursday.

"We have determined that the officer's story was fabricated," Dwyer said. "Specifically that he fired shots at his own cruiser as part of a plan to concoct a story that he was fired upon."

Sep 04 08:12

‘West creates refugees by destroying Islamic nations’ – Chechen leader

The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic claims the current asylum seeker crisis in European countries originated in the aggressive policies of the United States and the EU. He also called upon all Muslim nations to jointly fight the root of the problem.

“If today no one rises against the inhumane policies of the Western countries, tomorrow the disaster may come to any Muslim country. I call upon you to urgently discuss this problem, to develop a unified position and to save the lives of thousands of people.
Europe and the USA are not simply refusing to act, they instigate the tragedies of millions of people by destroying the economy of Islamic countries and starting wars in Muslim regions of the world, he added.

Sep 04 08:08

Syrian War-Islamic State (ISIS) Creation Timeline

This document is meant for all those interested in the lead up and current events surrounding the war in Syria and the creation of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Below is a timeline ranging from 1992-2015 with related articles to the war in Syria, ISIS and geopolitical events that tie them all together. Purposely the author of this document provides No commentary.

You will notice that each citation is met with origin of the article, date published and key quotations. Also, the author attempted to find sources that many “Westerners” would consider “mainstream”, with the exception of a few. Lastly, at the end of the timeline, one can find longer articles and videos that the reader can dive into if interested.

Sep 04 07:50

Palestinian saves 5 American tourists from attack in Hebron

Five American yeshiva students were attacked with stones and Molotov cocktail, setting their car on fire after accidentally entering Hebron Thursday night - and were saved by a Palestinian who sheltered them from the mob.

Sep 04 07:21

Another Mass Animal Die-Off: What Killed 60,000 Antelope in Four Days?

In the case of these antelope, Zuther was quoted as saying that the rapid rate at which this many animals perished, wherein otherwise harmless bacteria was able to spread and kill so fast, is really unheard of.

Yet so far this year, there have been 629 mass animal die-off events in 85 countries.

So what do you think is really going on here?

(read more)