May 11 09:12

US Will Withdraw Its Ambassador From Greece Because Of The Malfunction

US openly opposed gas supplies from Russia to the EU via Greece

The U.S. state Department chose to withdraw its ambassador in Athens in the year prior period because of the way that neglecting to educate Washington about the bill on legal change received by the Greek Parliament. On it advises Agency Sputnik with reference to the Greek daily paper Kathimerini.

May 11 06:07

US Openly Opposed Gas Supplies From Russia To The EU Via Greece

The U.S. state Department chose to withdraw its ambassador in Athens in the year prior period because of the way that neglecting to educate Washington about the bill on legal change received by the Greek Parliament. On it advises Agency Sputnik with reference to the Greek daily paper Kathimerini.

May 10 22:16

US Openly Opposed Gas Supplies From Russia To The EU Via Greece

The U.S. state Department chose to withdraw its ambassador in Athens in the year prior period because of the way that neglecting to educate Washington about the bill on legal change received by the Greek Parliament. On it advises Agency Sputnik with reference to the Greek daily paper Kathimerini.

May 10 14:57

From Energy War to Currency War: America’s Attack on the Russian Ruble

A multi-spectrum war is being waged against Moscow by Washington. If there are any doubts about this, they should be put to rest. Geopolitics, science and technology, speculation, financial markets, information streams, large business conglomerates, intelligentsia, mass communication, social media, the internet, popular culture, news networks, international institutions, sanctions, audiences, public opinion, nationalism, different governmental bodies and agencies, identity politics, proxy wars, diplomacy, countervailing international alliances, major business agreements, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), human rights, prestige, military personnel, capital, and psychological tactics are all involved in this multi-spectrum war.

May 10 11:14

The New York Times does its government’s bidding: Here’s what you’re not being told about U.S. troops in Ukraine

There is one fact now, and it is this: Americans are being led blindfolded very near the brink of war with Russia.

May 10 10:51

Reader Photos: V-Day in St. Petersburg

May 10 10:19

Santorum to Obama: ‘Iran, enemy. Israel, friend’

Rick Santorum hinted Saturday in South Carolina that he is close to announcing whether he will again run for president, telling a gathering of conservative activists he’s driven by what he called President Barack Obama’s failures on national security.

“Russia, China and yes, radical Islam, is threatening our country,” the former Pennsylvania senator said. “Heck, I would just be happy if our president would be able to tell the difference between our friends and enemies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rick, we're all intelligent adults out here. We can decide for ourselves who our enemies are or are not.

Iran, not.

Russia, not.

China, not.

Private Central Banks? ENEMY!

Politicians willing to sell our children as mercenaries for Israel in exchange for campaign money? ENEMY!

But if you really feel that strongly about it, Rick, here's your rifle. Here's your parachute. We ran out of the camo but here is a bright da-glo orange jumpsuit left over from the CIA torture dungeons. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane ad we will call the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians to let them know you are on your way to kick their butts all by yourself.

But the rest of us, sick of endless wars launched with endless lies, will sit this one out and keep our kids here safe at home.

May 10 10:16

Obama’s Petulant WWII Snub of Russia

Russia will celebrate the Allied victory over Nazism on Saturday without U.S. President Obama and other Western leaders present, as they demean the extraordinary sacrifice of the Russian people in winning World War II – a gesture intended to humiliate President Putin.

May 10 09:49

Eternal Shame to "America," Germany and Europe

One hardly knows where to begin when listing all the examples of the shame and disgrace that the US, Germany and Europe have brought upon themselves. They have failed every test for humanity, especially and including their monotonous demand for obedience, that one and all are to follow their prescribed model of freedom and democracy.

May 10 09:46

Israel seeking to trigger US war with Russia, Iran: Analyst

Israel is working to create a military confrontation between the United States and Russia by worsening tensions and pressuring Washington to attack Iran, a US activist and commentator in Idaho says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 10 09:19

May SNOWFALL hits Chelyabinsk in Russia, thousands left without power (PHOTOS)

Chelyabinsk, the Russian city that made headlines with its meteorite, triple sun and blue snow, has been hit by a new natural phenomenon. The city in the Southern Urals marked May 9 with a sudden snowfall so thick it left 39,000 people without power.

May 10 09:13

Eternal Shame to "America," Germany and Europe

One hardly knows where to begin when listing all the examples of the shame and disgrace that the US, Germany and Europe have brought upon themselves. They have failed every test for humanity, especially and including their monotonous demand for obedience, that one and all are to follow their prescribed model of freedom and democracy.
One year ago, on 2 May, an untold number of individuals (from 48 to as many as 100) were savagely burned alive or beaten to death with the full encouragement of the Kiev junta and their western handlers. Washington and the west have since played deaf, dumb and blind to this most egregious war crime which began the genocidal murder campaign against all opposition to the fascist Kiev junta.
To this day, there has been no investigation of this war crime. Indeed, even a Kiev Rada Deputy was filmed dancing on burned bodies on Odessa's Kulikovo Polie during on May 2, 2014.

May 10 09:11

Russia to create PAK DA fifth-generation strategic bomber

In near future, Russia will come to grips on its own security. The country will not focus on the current moment, but predict the situation for 15-20 years ahead. Such plans generated heated debate. Thus, the project to develop a fifth-generation strategic bomber has triggered discussions on the top level.

May 10 09:00

A new world order? Putin and Xi put friendship on display

At first sight, things look very different now. When President Xi Jinping of China took pride of place next to Vladimir Putin of Russia on Saturday, they looked like any other modern world leaders: pragmatic men-in-suits, full of smiles, temporary possessors of power rather than dictators-for-life.

But the two events, six decades apart, have a clear parallel. Once again, the Russia-China axis is the main threat to the West's vision of peaceful and prosperous international relations.

The line-up of leaders alongside the two men was a walking representation of a new anti-American alliance that has formed bit by bit since the invasion of Iraq demonstrated the frightening ease with which Washington could destroy hostile leaders far away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but has the author of this article gone absolutely barking mad, to have written this?!? Has he actually imbibed the Koolaid, or has he been told by his editors that he had to slant the article to demonize Russia and China?!?

The US government, with the Israeli government nipping at its heals to do this, invaded and occupied Iraq for the oil, and to make sure that the oil was only sold in US dollars.

The mess,the massive physical illnesses, courtesy of the use of depleted uranium, and tragedy of Sunni turning upon Shiite in this country, can all be laid at the feet of the US invasion and occupation. And we left Iraq because Muqtada al Sadr, leader of the Mahdi Army, threatened that if the US did not leave, every US soldier would be a target.

Russia and China have moved closer together because of the US sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, from which Russia is recovering, quite nicely, economically, thank you very much.

And no, the US does NOT sponsor "...western style democracy." It sponsors tinpot dictators, like Yemen's Al-Hadi, whose people have shown him the door, and the Al-Khalifa monarchy in Bahrain, who continually oppresses its own people who are merely asking for a constitutional monarchy. They are teargassed and beaten, and when first responders attempt to help them with medical attention, in order to attempt to save their lives, those first responders are themselves tortured into confession, convicted in a kangaroo court, and sentenced to long prison sentences.

The US supports and enables both the House of Saud, in its murderous attack against Yemen, where women, children, and hospitals are fair game for targeting, and enables the Israeli government in their serial genocide of the Palestinians.

That phrase "Mr Putin and his allies all have their reasons for disliking the West's tendency to set a high store on open elections, a free press and "cooperative" foreign policies."

Free elections?!? How about elections which are rigged so outrageously as to have had to have been screwed into the ballot box?!? Does this person come from such a deprived film appreciation background that he has never seen the brilliant film "Recount", or the documentary by Bev Harris, "Hacking Democracy" ?!?!?

And an alleged "free press"?!? Oh yes, the corporate presstitutes are free to say whatever their corporate masters tell them to say. One tiny straying off the path of correctness, and your career is done for.

Does this man remember when Helen Thomas asked President Obama at a press conference which countries in the Middle East had nuclear weapons, which we know Israel does?!? She was silenced, and never had that opportunity again.

Russia and China have moved closer together because they have been pushed there by a horrifically myopic US foreign policy, which has all the hallmarks of being crafted by a group of people who are pathologically incapable of thinking a scenario through to its logical conclusion.

The US government now has troops on the ground in Ukraine, and is doing everything possible to provoke Putin into military action against it. IF that does not work, look for a potential false flag event, to be blamed on Russia as the beginning of World War III.

And lastly, please be aware that there is a bill, still sitting in committee for the last two years, introduced by Charlie Rangel, the senior representative from New York, which will bring back the draft, not only for our young men, but also our young women as well.

Something wicked this way comes folks, but it is NOT the fault of Russia and China. The US government, instead of making deals and winning friends, is waging wars, and continuing to plan for more wars, to get what it wants, geopolitically.

May 10 05:27

flashback: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

The debate over Prescott Bush's behaviour has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the "Bush/Nazi" connection

(*Submitted not so much as a 'hit' on J.E.B. , as much as a timely reminder as the west disses Russia's VDay celebration , and lends support to Poroshenko's reveling in Neo Nazi celebrations , at the same time )

May 10 03:43

Sino-Russia Relations a Growing Threat to Euro Market

Martin Charmoy, head of Prosperity Capital Management fund in London, predicted that trade between Russia and China will reach $200 billion in the next several years.

May 10 03:31

South African President takes swipe at West for Victory Day boycott

South African President Jacob Zuma has hit back at the West’s boycott of the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, saying Saturday’s events “defines how the globe stands today”.

May 10 03:05

Enforcing the Ukraine ‘Group Think’

U.S.-taxpayer-funded Radio Liberty has a checkered history that includes hiring Nazi sympathizers as Cold War commentators. Now, one of its current writers has used the platform to bash an American scholar who won’t join Official Washington’s “group think” on Ukraine.

May 10 02:45

Egyptian president is in Moscow to attend VE Day festivities

Egypt and Russia could cooperate on a lot of common projects for the prosperity and the benefit of both countries, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi told his Russian counterpart on Saturday in Moscow.
The Russian president meanwhile thanked his Egyptian counterpart for participating in the celebrations in Moscow.
Western leaders largely stayed away from the Russian festivities due to differences with Putin over the conflict in Ukraine, while leaders from China, Cuba and Venezuela were present.

May 10 02:41

NATO membership among Ukraine’s top priorities — foreign ministry

"Our current task is to achieve standards and compatibility with the alliance," a Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

May 09 14:38

U.S. & Europe Boycott Russia's Celebration of Its 9 May 1945 Victory Over Hitler

At first, a few progressive heads-of-state in Europe were appalled at U.S. President Barack Obama’s pressure for them to reject Russia’s invitation to an upcoming 9 May 2015 celebration of victory against Hitler, and Czech President Milos Zeman even came out publicly saying, in a conspicuous face-slap to Obama, on 3 January 2015, that the U.S. overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 had been a coup and that “only poorly informed people” were comparing that to Czechoslovakia’s own “Velvet Revolution” against communism on 29 December 1989. Zeman even said that Ukraine’s 22 February 2014 U.S. overthrow of Yanukovych, or the event (under the cover of public demonstrations at the) “Maidan, was not a democratic revolution” but instead a coup.

May 09 13:24

Today’s Victory Day celebrations in Moscow mark a turning point in Russian history

Today is truly a historical day. For the first time ever the West has boycotted the Victory Day Parade in Moscow and, also for the first time ever, Chinese forces have marched on the Beautiful Square (“Red” square is a mistranslation – the “Red Square” ought be called the “Beautiful Square”) with the Russians. I believe that this is a profoundly symbolic shift and one which makes perfectly good sense.

May 09 09:30

The New York Times does its government’s bidding: Here’s what you’re not being told about U.S. troops in Ukraine

At first I thought I had written what newspaper people call a double-barreled lead: American soldiers in Ukraine, American media not saying much about it. Two facts.

Wrong. There is one fact now, and it is this: Americans are being led blindfolded very near the brink of war with Russia.

One cannot predict there will be one. And, of course, right-thinking people hope things will never come to one. In March, President Obama dismissed any such idea as if to suggest it was silly. “They’re not interested in a military confrontation with us,” Obama said of the Russians—wisely. Then he added, unwisely: “We don’t need a war.”

Don’t need a war to get what done, Mr. President? This is our question. Then this one: Washington is going to stop at exactly what as it manipulates its latest set of puppets in disadvantaged countries, this time pretending there is absolutely nothing thoughtless or miscalculated about doing so on Russia’s historically sensitive western border?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The demonization of Russia is continuing right on cue.

And the reasons certain elements in Foggy Bottom are cheerleading for war against Russia are purely economic. Destabilizing Moscow and the ruble to prop up the US Petrodollar for just a little longer seems attractive to these people.

Of course the blood and carnage represented by such a potential war means nothing to them; after all, it will be other people's kids who will fight, get maimed for life, and probably die, and they are not in these folks' social circles.

As the author of this article aptly points out, Putin has demonstrated incredible restraint in the face of these provocations by the US; however, there may well be a point in time where he, and his cabinet, feel they have no alternative but a military response. In fact, the US government may well invoke a "false flag" to be blamed on Russia to get things going.

But I want to strongly caution everyone in DC who thinks, possibly, for whatever reason, that a war with Russia would be a "good thing", to destabilize Moscow and undermine the ruble.

The US military does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia.

And in terms of munitions, the Russians have spent money wisely on systems that actually work in combat, unlike that albatross of an aircraft, Lockheed's F-35, with its litanies of shortcomings, its hideous expense, and its ridiculously behind schedule deliveries. And you can read about those here:

Please consider: the unintended consequences of such a war could be both horrific ...and irreversible.

May 09 08:31

US Tells Greece To Reject Putin Pipeline Marking Return To Cold War Politics

In short order, it leaked that Moscow was set to advance Greece $5 billion against the future potential profits from the pipeline, a payment which we characterized as a get-out-of-Troika-jail free card and although conflicting reports emerged thereafter regarding just how soon money would actually be flowing from Moscow to Athens, discussions around the pipeline continued to move forward when Gazprom chief Alexei Miller visited Greece late last month to discuss “current energy issues of interest.”

That visit proved more than Europe could bear, and so the European Commission promptly filed antitrust charges against the Russian gas giant in an absurdly transparent attempt to punish the Kremlin for interfering in negotiations between the EU and its Aegean debt serf.

May 09 07:51

70 for Victory: Armata tanks, nuclear bombers, intl boots in Moscow for V-Day

The parade opened with solemn carrying of two flags, that of Russia and the historic banner that was raised over the Reichstag building back in 1945 to declare that it was taken by the Red Army.
Troops from all arms of the service were lined up on Red Square. Those include young cadets from Suvorov military school and visiting foreign troops from 10 countries. Inspecting the ranks, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin, who is Commander-in-Chief of the Russian armed forces, that the troops are ready for the parade to start.
“Wherever veterans of the WWII live now, they must know that here in Russia we value greatly their courage, resolve and loyalty to the frontline brotherhood,” Putin said in a congratulatory speech. Putin praised the many peoples of Soviet Union, allies from Europe, across the Atlantic and Asia, which fought on one side against the Axis powers during the war.

May 09 07:45

Russia displays military might in WWII ‘Victory Day’ parade

Russia displays military might in WWII ‘Victory Day’ parade; Indian, Chinese troops take part

THE TIMES OF INDIA: MOSCOW: Russia on Saturday staged a grand military parade here to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in the presence of several world leaders, including President Pranab Mukherjee, even as western powers boycotted the event due to a stand-off over Ukraine.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers, including an Indian Army contingent and China's People's Liberation Army (PLA), took part in the parade on the iconic Red Square here which lasted for over 90 minutes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin witnessed the parade along with President Mukherjee, Chinese President Xi Jinping and UN secretary general Ben Ki-moon.
(*even as western powers boycotted the event due to a stand-off over Ukraine. )

May 09 07:44

Teenage girl soldier hailed as Ukraine's 'Joan of Arc' by Elle magazine is revealed as neo-Nazi and is arrested over cop killing

A neo-Nazi portrayed as Ukraine's version of Joan of Arc by French fashion magazine Elle for her 'brave' fight against the Russian separatists has been arrested in connection with the deaths of two policemen. Vita Zaverukha was taken into custody after two officers were killed and three more injured on May 4, following a gang's failed attempt to rob a petrol station in the capital Kiev.

May 09 06:41

‘Immortal Regiment’ marches on: World celebrates Victory Day (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Thousands of people around Russia and abroad have joined Victory Day parades and celebrations to mark 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in WWII. Many of them gathered to march with the so-called “Immortal Regiment” to honor the veterans of the war.
Crowds of people carrying photographs of veterans who went through World War II have come to rally across Russia in a symbolic action known as the Immortal Regiment (Bessmertny Polk) march.
“They must march on victoriously at all times,” says the statement on the event’s web page.

May 08 22:40

V-DAY: Russia’s Perpetual Fight Against Fascism

70 years since the great Victory! 70 years since Soviet people saved the world by smashing Nazism.

All accords with Russia were broken, whenever it suited invaders. The Scandinavians wiped out countless Russian lives, and so did the Germans, French, Poles, Brits, North Americans and Czechs, to name just a few. Russians never really ‘punished’ anybody, in the Protestant, Anglo-Saxon way. Punishment is mainly puritan, Protestant rubbish; the Russian way of thinking is too quixotic for that.

The West lied to Lenin, to Stalin, to Khrushchev and finally to Gorbachev. The West has been lying to Putin and about Putin.

May 08 19:06

7,000 civilians killed in east Ukraine: Poroshenko

Nearly 7,000 civilians have lost their lives in the year-long war in eastern Ukraine between government troops and pro-Russian forces, Ukraine's president says.

More than 1,000 people also remained unaccounted for and 1,657 Ukrainian troops died in combat, added Petro Poroshenko in an address before the parliament on Friday.

May 08 14:23

Project 677 Lada class Diesel-Electric Torpedo Submarine

Some of these boats are being fitted with a new air independent propulsion system.

The Project 677 or Lada class is a diesel-electric patrol submarine, developed by the Rubin design bureau. It is an improved version of the Kilo class, fitted with an air-independent propulsion and new combat systems. It is claimed that the Lada class is much quieter than it's predecessor. It is worth mentioning that the Kilo class achieved respectable export sales. It's major operators are China, India and Iran.
Sweden already has at least one.

May 08 14:05

Crimea's Massandra winery expands first time in 20 years

The state-run enterprise is planning to involve private investors to boost development and production and considers a possibility of public-private partnership

May 08 14:02

PANIC IN CROATIA: Russian nuclear submarine near Dubrovnik

Slobodna Dalmacija published that very probably the question of Russian submarines, as the Russians and the Chinese recently announced joint naval exercises in the Mediterranean.

- The signal is very likely recorded net sonar. There is no other method that would more accurately be used to confirm the presence of the submarine. And since in Italy, especially in its south, is the whole constellation of NATO institutions, starting from the base to the various military complexes, it is expected that the Ibar for many years supervised in such a way - said Igor Tabak, a military analyst at

May 08 11:54

Kiev May Be Getting Ready to Give up on Donbass

Amid charges and counter-charges between capitals, the conflict more and more looks—deceptively—like a confrontation between Russia and the United States. However, the dynamics of this conflict are far more complicated and driven as much by Ukrainian domestic affairs and local commanders’ decisions in the conflict zone as they are by any Cold War-style stand-off between East and West.

May 08 11:48

In Kiev, Ukrainians Demand Justice for Odessa Massacre Victims

May 2nd in Ukraine marked the first anniversary of the tragedy in Odessa. A year ago an unspeakable tragedy occurred, resulting in horrific deaths. Some suffocated by acrid smoke that came from homemade Napalm bombs, others were stoned and beaten to death after trying to escape the hellish scene. People were murdered, brutally murdered, to suppress peaceful dissent. It was planned and executed with cruel precision. The meaning was straightforward and can’t be concealed. Even people who are not politically minded talk about it.

May 08 11:40

Russia's New Military Doctrine Shows Putin's Geopolitical Ambitions

Russia signed its new military doctrine into practice on Dec. 26 last year. The new doctrine had an explicit focus on the expansion NATO as the country's main external threat, coupled with the need for Russia to extend its influence into the Arctic while building ties with rising non-western nations like China and Brazil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good look at the map of the arctic. Russia is staying on their side of the north pole. It is the US and Europe that is pushing in across to the opposite hemisphere.

May 08 10:51

Does Russia Really Own 20% of US Uranium Reserves?

It’s relatively old news, but a recent Times report and an upcoming book from the Hoover Institute’s Peter Schweizer have refocused attention on a 2008 blockbuster uranium deal involving Russia, the United States, and a Canadian company Uranium One. Pushing connections and presidential candidacies aside – the Clintons’ complicity is still very much speculation at this point – lets return to the deal and take a look at the US nuclear industry and, globally, the rise of Rosatom.

May 08 10:24

Putin just dismissed nearly 20 generals

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed nearly 20 generals just a day before Moscow was set to host a Victory Day parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, RIA Novosti reports.

The generals were dismissed by a presidential decree. Among those let go was the lieutenant general of police, Sergey Lavrov, as well as the head of media relations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Andrei Pilipchuk.

The first deputy commander of the central regional military command, Vladimir Padalko, was also dismissed, according to the Gazeta.

The timing of the shakeup is curious. The Kremlin is set to host world leaders in Moscow for the anniversary parade on May 9. The Victory Day parade features Russian military equipment and members of the Russian military play a major role in the celebrations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Weeding out the hacks, nepotists, and dullards!

May 08 10:00

Putin’s Brilliant Diplomacy to Bring West, Iran to Negotiations Table

Le Huffington Post columnist Didier Chaudet analyzed Russia’s decision to sell Iran the S-300 missile defense system. The deal is not about mere economics, but a series of complex, chess-like moves successfully implemented by the Russian government to bring the West and Iran to the negotiation table.

May 08 10:00

He Who Hesitates is Lost: US Enters Arctic 'Energy War'

Washington may lose the race for Arctic energy resources to its main geopolitical competitors – Russia and China – US Colonel David Hunt insisted, urging Washington to focus on Arctic energy development.

May 08 09:59

Ukraine lacks 75 mln euro to complete construction of shelter at Chernobyl nuclear plant

Ukraine’s Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Igor Shevchenko said a sum of 615 million euro was needed to finance the construction of a shelter at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. "We have 540 million euro. So, we need 75 million euro more." The minister said he had taken part in a conference on fund raising for the shelter project. In his words, participants had agreed to allocate 350 million euro from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the rest of the sum was to be provided by donor countries.
"We have 18 months for that," Shevchenko said obviously referring to Ukraine’s efforst to find sponsors. He said the Ukrainian side expected that this sum of 75 million euro would come from donor countries. "Talks are underway with some countries, which have not yet provided a clear answer," he said.
However, in his words, the available sum of 540 million euro was enough to continue the construction for about one year.

May 08 09:59

Crying Wolf: Western Hawks Invent Myths of Russia's Baltic Advance

Instead of blaming the Kremlin for aggravating tensions between Russia and the Baltic states, Western hawks should just look in the mirror, Neil Clark noted, adding that "crude Russophobia" demonstrated by some politicians is inexcusable.

May 08 09:55

Two Chinese Warships Enter The Black Sea

On Friday we reported that for the first time in history, Chinese and Russian navies will begin a significant joint naval exercise in The Mediterranean Sea in mid-May.

May 08 09:50

Ukrainian veterans offended and humiliated by actions of Kiev authorities

Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic War are offended and humiliated morally and socially by actions of the current authorities, head of Kiev’s city veteran organization Nikolay Martynov told TASS on Friday.
In particular, veterans are discontent with ban on Soviet symbols, transfer of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, cut in social payments, Martynov added. "We are very hurt that they practically took away the Defender of the Fatherland Day from us by transferring it to October 14 - day of establishing the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. They practically took away the meaning of the Great Patriotic War by replacing it with expulsion of Nazi occupants from Europe. A Verkhovna Rada law prohibits us from using symbols of our great victory," the veteran noted.
The crisis in Ukraine definitely affects the social welfare of veterans, he added. Eighty-five percent of veterans live in poverty, Martynov reminded.

May 08 09:15

Russia to adjust program of flights to space station - source

Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos plans to adjust the program of flights to the International Space Station (ISS) due to the recent accident involving the Progress M-27M spacecraft, a rocket and space industry source told TASS.
"It is suggested that the return from orbit of the expedition which is currently there be postponed from May 14 to June, then, in late June - early July, a Progress cargo spacecraft be blasted off to the ISS, and then, in the last ten days of July, a manned Soyuz launch be made," the source said.
In connection with the fact that according to preliminary conclusions of the state commission, the Progress accident was caused by an emergency situation at the third stage of the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket, more time will be needed to check already manufactured rockets.

May 08 09:10

Fighters of Ukraine's dispbanded special police unit ask Crimean authorities for asylum

Twenty five former members of Ukraine's disbanded Berkut special police force unit from Kharkiv have asked the Crimean authorities to grant them asylum, speaker of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov told journalists on Thursday.
"Yesterday we received a letter from Kharkiv from the Berkut fighters who ask us to grant them political asylum," Konstantinov said.
The State Council speaker also cited the letter from the Berkut representatives. "We have made a decision to request you to grant us political asylum. We - 25 people, members of the Berkut unit who are persecuted in Ukraine, those of us who go to interrogations are tortured. It’s impossible for us to live there any longer," the letter says, in particular.
According to Konstantinov, Crimean authorities intended to help the Berkut fighters to get asylum.

May 08 09:07

Spokesman says Kremlin didn’t make Russian businesses withdraw capital from UK

The Kremlin didn’t force the Russian businesses to withdraw capital from the UK, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
"No, it wasn’t the Kremlin’s initiative," he said, answering a question on whether the large-scale withdrawal of capital from Britain was linked with orders from above. "We tend to think capital doesn’t live in captivity and doesn’t live in a dangerous place."
Peskov noted that Britain began paying undue attention to "some individuals and legal entities in terms of their financial assets."
"Naturally, when capital feels certain danger, insecurity, a threat of politicized, biased treatment, the capital outflow begins," the presidential spokesman said. "We indeed took a note of unprecedentedly large sums being withdrawn."

May 08 08:11

Washington’s NATO Envoy: ‘I get most info on Ukraine conflict from social networks’

This story proves that our ‘diplomats’ do not have a clue what they’re doing, much less what really happening.

May 08 07:36

Russia: NATO Intel Posing as OSCE is Unacceptable

Russia deems it inadmissible to use the OSCE “flag” in the work of military observers from NATO member-countries in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s envoy to OSCE Andrey Kelin told reporters on Thursday.

“Such initiatives under the ‘flag’ of the OSCE are absolutely unacceptable, they are unilateral and biased, it’s an abuse of confidence-building measures,” he said.

According to Kelin, “initiatives have emerged when some people operate under the OSCE flag, but, in actual fact, they have nothing to do with the OSCE.” “In particular, I am referring to a group of military officers led by Denmark that comprises representatives of Canada, Poland and Moldova who are to travel to the military operation area to familiarize with the situation and later to submit their report to the OSCE,” he said.

May 08 07:13

A warning from the generals of the former GDR: "Haven’t the recent US/NATO wars brought enough grief ?"

In the years of the Cold War, in which we lived through long stretches of confrontation and militarization right up to the edge of open conflict, we employed our military expertise for the maintenance of peace and the protection of our socialist German Democratic Republic. The National People’s Army was not involved for a single day in armed conflict, and in the events of 1989-90 it played a leading role in seeing to it that no arms came into use. Peace was always the number one maxim of our dealings. And that is why we firmly oppose using the military factor as an instrument of policy. Experience makes clear that the burning questions of our time are not to be solved by military means.

May 08 06:50

More Neocon-Zionist Theater in Texas

Gellar’s ‘Draw the Prophet’ charade was the perfect bait for any would-be radical trying to make a name for himself, yet they allowed the provocation to proceed under the pretext of ‘upholding the first amendment.’

As the Garland police spokesman confessed, this had all been pre-planned months beforehand. Only the very naïve or hopelessly deluded will put any faith in the FBI’s lame-duck denials that they deliberately allow attacks of these sorts to take place, or organize them directly by way of informants, such as the one linked to Simpson.

May 07 23:06

Cracks Appearing in U.S.-Ukraine Relationship

Ever since the Maidan Revolution which overthrew Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovych early last year, Ukraine and Russia have been locked in a war on both the battlefield and the court of world opinion. The Kremlin in particular has been emphasizing the nationalist roots of organizations involved in the post-Maidan government as well as among some of Ukraine's volunteer private battalions.

May 07 15:12

Putin "all by himself in Red Square" -- with the leaders of half the planet

Yesterday’s headline in Le Journal du dimanche: “Putin all alone in Red Square.”

Alone? Really?

May 07 14:54

A 'Sinn Fein' Solution for Donbas - In Horlovka, Eastern Ukraine, a Donetsk Republic Rises

One hundred and ten years ago, the left-wing Irish Republicans (people with varying political views, including some quite controversial) created a political movement for independence. It has a poetic name, ‘Sinn Fein’, meaning, ‘ourselves, together‘. These words reflect very well the feelings of our residents as the Ukrainian army and right-wing militias refuse to let us pass to a nearby town without paying a bribe or asking special permission, and as Kiev cuts off the pensions earned by our fathers and mothers.

May 07 13:32

The Indelible Mark of World War II on Modern Russia

President Vladimir Putin recently tapped into this widespread sentimentality with a rare act: he penned a family history, published in this month’s edition of Russkiy Pioner magazine, recounting the harrowing tale of his own family’s struggle to survive.
...the elder Putin was deployed to Nevsky Pyatachok, one of the Leningrad siege’s most blood-soaked battlefields. He was gravely wounded there. For the rest of his life, shrapnel would remain embedded in his leg.
During a period spent recovering in a Leningrad hospital, his son — Putin’s brother — succumbed to diphtheria. He was buried in the city’s Piskaryovskoye Cemetery, where the remains of some 470,000 civilians and soldiers remain amassed among dozens of mass graves.
When Putin visits St. Petersburg, he often lays flowers at one of the cemetery’s mass graves, where his brother is believed to be buried.
Leningrad endured the deadliest siege in history. Starvation claimed hundreds of thousands of lives between 1941 and 1944.

May 07 13:29

Russia is ready to restore partnership with NATO - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to renew its strategic partnership with NATO and has been receiving appropriate signals from the Alliance.

Lavrov told a media conference on Thursday that Russia will welcome a revived partnership:“I want to say with all honesty: we are receiving signals from our NATO partners that it wouldn't hurt to renew cooperation between our military departments. If there are any specific proposals to that end, we will certainly react in a constructive way,”he assured.

May 07 13:29

NATO and Russia Activate "Red Phone"

The U.S. has apparently postponed its plans for further escalation with Russia: NATO and Russia have activated a direct communication link of the armed forces for mutual information exchange. The EU is not incorporated in the “hotline” and remains dependent on U.S. information.
After a long silence due to the Ukraine conflict, NATO has a direct connection to the Russian military again. “NATO and the Russian military authorities maintain communication links. Both the Supreme Commander for Europe and the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee have permission to contact their Russian colleagues,” confirmed a NATO spokesman on Sunday in Brussels.
The defense ministers of the western military alliance have already emphasized in December that regular contact between high-ranking military officials of both sides is reasonable, especially in times like these. They could also be used to avoid possible ‘misunderstandings’ in the context of military activity.

May 07 13:22

Is American Military Aid to Ukraine Effective?

...At present Kiev does not have sufficient resources to organize large scale attacks. Another fifth wave of partial mobilization is leading more frequently to largely covert resistance.
The motivation to continue military operations is possessed not only by volunteer battalions in the territories being defended. It is even more based on the high wages provided by Ukraine’s oligarchs. It is their will that will be carried out, and not that of the military or political leadership of the country. For this reason, the Kiev authorities probably fear their own volunteer battalions more than the armed forces in Novorossiya.

May 07 13:05

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Points Out That US Demonization Of Putin And Russia Is Counter-Productive

May 07 11:08

Kiev Embarrasses US With Claim US Troops Will Train Azov Neo-Nazis

As part of its effort to support Ukraine, the U.S. military is sending 290 troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade based in Italy to train elements of the Ukrainian National Guard.
Unfortunately however, thanks to a Facebook post by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the 173rd’s training effort has been overshadowed by another controversy.
In his post, Avakov stated that one of the organizations the U.S. would be training is the infamous Azov battalion — a claim firmly contradicted by a spokesperson for the American Embassy in Kiev.
The reason Interior Minister Avakov would want to see the Azov battalion trained by American forces is clear. Avakov has been a prime sponsor of the Azov battalion, and has had a longstanding relationship with Azov’s leadership dating back to his time as governor of the Kharkiv region.
The problem though is that while making this association may be in Avakov’s interest, it is certainly not in the broader interests of either Ukraine or the U.S

May 07 09:56

Russian security doctrine to be adjusted after Arab Spring, Ukraine turmoil – official

The head of Russia’s Security Council has promised that the authorities will adjust the nation’s security doctrine after learning the lessons of the latest political crises in the Middle East and Ukraine.

May 07 09:02

Russia unveils monument to Soviet radio presenter Levitan, Hitler's enemy No.1

Levitan's radio reports usually began with "Attention, Moscow is speaking!" His voice announced Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, battlefield victories, air raid warnings and Nazi Germany's surrender in 1945.
Levitan's voice was instantly recognisable by Soviet people and inspired them in the time of war. Hitler placed a bounty on Levitan's head of 250,000 Reichsmarks, which is worth $1.3 million in today’s currency.
Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev who attended the ceremony in Vladimir said that Levitan "was an amazing man with a sense of humour... and impressive diligence."
After the war Levitan read the news of Joseph Stalin's death in March 1953 and Yuri Gagarin's first manned space flight in April 1961.
"The most famous voice of the 20th century" died of a heart attack in 1983 at the age of 68 and was buried at Moscow's famed Novodevichy Cemetery.

May 07 08:43

Russian diplomat: use of OSCE flag by NATO military observers in Ukraine unacceptable

Russia deems it inadmissible to use the OSCE "flag" in the work of military observers from NATO member-countries in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s envoy to OSCE Andrey Kelin told reporters on Thursday.
"Such initiatives under the ‘flag’ of the OSCE are absolutely unacceptable, they are unilateral and biased, it’s an abuse of confidence-building measures," he said.
According to Kelin, "initiatives have emerged when some people operate under the OSCE flag, but, in actual fact, they have nothing to do with the OSCE." "In particular, I am referring to a group of military officers led by Denmark that comprises representatives of Canada, Poland and Moldova who are to travel to the military operation area to familiarize with the situation and later to submit their report to the OSCE," he said.

May 07 08:36

Russia may consider providing financing to Greek firms for construction of Turkish Stream

Russia is ready to consider providing financing to Greek companies for construction of gas transportation system in Greece, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.
Earlier today, Gazprom head Alexey Miller said that Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement to start putting the Turkish Stream gas pipeline into operation in December 2016. According to him, first gas supplies via the pipeline will also begin in December 2016. Miller added that Gazprom will take into account the agreement the company reached with Turkey in its schedule. Miller made his statement after meeting Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yeldez. Earlier Deputy Head of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev told TASS that the last section of the Turkish Stream will be built in 2020.
They also discussed Russian gas supplies to Turkey and the upgrade of the Blue Stream gas pipeline.

May 07 08:29

Lithuania Launches Provocative War Games Simulating Russian Attack

The latest in a series of provocative military exercises conducted by Baltic nations, Lithuania began a new drill on Wednesday. Modeled directly on the West’s imagined "invasion" of Crimea, the exercise is meant as a show of Vilnius flexing its muscles at Moscow, the Lithuanian president said.

May 07 08:28

US Aims to Block Russia, China from Vetoing Renewal of Iranian

That so-called “snapback” is a major sticking point for US and European negotiators, who want to be able to automatically reverse the easing of any UN sanctions if Iran reneges on the deal, sources told Reuters.

At the same time, Washington does not want to risk vetoes from Russia and China, which oppose such a snapback.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said Washington wanted to block Russia and China from issuing such vetoes in an Iran nuclear agreement.

May 07 08:26

Finland Sends Letters To Reservists

The Finnish military has begun sending letters to some 900,000 reservists amid increased tensions between the Nordic states and Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

May 07 08:09

Ukraine doubles gas imports from Russia while Europe cuts reverse supplies

Reverse gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine halved in May after Hungary and Poland suspended deliveries, said Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller.

Ukraine's demand for Russian gas has nearly doubled since May 1, Miller said as quoted by TASS. Russian gas supply to Ukraine was less than 9.2 million cubic meters on April 30, rising to 19.7 million cubic meters on May 1-2.

On Tuesday Gazprom confirmed receiving $40 million from Ukraine’s Naftogaz as advance payment for May gas supplies.

May 07 07:51

Videos Show Non-Violent Protesters Murdered in Odessa Massacre

A detailed look at the massacre rellies on video evidence to argue the people murdered on that day were peaceful protesters distinct from the group of younger protesters which had clashed with Maidan supporters earlier in the day

May 06 22:03

France may scuttle Mistral ships rather than fulfill Russian contract

The Mistral helicopter carriers which were supposed to be delivered to Russia are causing the French a headache. However, rather than handing them over, the French government may send them to the bottom of the sea, if the contract is canceled.

May 06 21:56

US Air Force sends warplanes to Estonia amid tensions with Russia

The United States has deployed four more warplanes to Estonia amid increasing tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

May 06 21:54

Donors Conference on Ukraine – Stretching Out Hand for Miserable Pittance

The Europe-Ukraine summit was a frustration for the Kiev’s regime. The donors’ conference that followed on April 28 ended up in total failure. Suffice it to say that the very word “donors” lost any meaning, no matter the regime had pinned great hopes on the event as it was seeking ways out of dire economic situation. Few are willing to give a new impetus to the Ukraine’s economy which is in doldrums. Those who gathered at the meeting called it a conference on Ukraine’s reforms, the changes to be supported in words with no financial obligations to follow.

May 06 15:47

John Kerry 'Issuing a Warning' to EU on Russia Sanctions

John Kerry admitted the EU and the US have disagreements by issuing a warning and letting them know that if Europe doesn’t keep the sanctions against Russia “there is going to be something to pay,” Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Peace Institute told RT.

May 06 12:56

Minsk Group Makes 'Breakthrough' on Ukraine Reconciliation Talks

The Contact Group on Ukraine made significant progress in reconciliation talks, Russian envoy Azamat Kulmukhametov said on Wednesday.

The four contact subgroups will discuss issues of security, politics, refugees and displaced persons, as well as economic ties, according to Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) envoy Heidi Tagliavini.

"A serious step was made on the path of the political resolution of the crisis. We managed to determine concrete dates for the work of the sub-groups," Kulmukhametov said.

Ukrainian envoy Leonid Kuchma said that the security subgroup will discuss the removal of tanks and mortars from the line of contact between Ukraine and the Donbass republics. The idea of deploying peacekeepers to the region was not discussed, according to Kuchma.

May 06 12:21

Rehearsal for the Victory Parade in Donetsk

May 06 11:05

NATO’s ‘Largest Ever’ Sub Wargames Add to Tensions With Russia

While griping about tensions with Russia, NATO is once again dramatically ratcheting up the sense of unease along the Russian frontier, with what they are calling their “largest ever” submarine wargames just off Russian waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you start playing around with weapons on someone's borders, tensions with that nation are going to go up!

May 06 10:38

Australian sports commentator fired for anti-war tweets

Australia’s SBS channel sacked one of its top football commentators, Scott McIntyre, for a series of tweets on Anzac Day doubting the wisdom of glorifying Aussie troops in any theater of war.

McIntyre was one of SBS’s leading football commentators, covering two FIFA World Cups and four Asian Cups. He has over 30,000 followers on Twitter.

May 06 09:34

Putin Aide Says Israel is Training ISIS

A senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Israel's Mossad of training Islamic State (aka ISIS) terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria, Iran's Press TV reports.

Alexander Prokhanov told the state-controlled news outlet that Mossad is also likely to have transferred some of its “spying experience” to the leadership of ISIS, even as Israeli military advisers assisted the terrorists in other ways.

Prokhanov said ISIS is a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East.

"ISIS is a tool at the hands of the United States. They tell the Europeans that if we (the Americans) do not intervene, ISIS will cause you harm," he said. In fact, however, he added, Iran and Russia are the main targets of ISIS terror.

May 06 09:02

RT’s Paula Slier leaves Ukraine following call for her arrest, death threats

RT correspondent Paula Slier, who covered the fire near the Chernobyl nuclear station, has left Ukraine after a local journalist urged security services to detain her. Some commentators were calling for the RT reporter’s death.

May 06 08:52

Chaos – not Victory – is Empire’s Name of the Game

“Once again a country “liberated” by the West is sinking deeper and deeper into chaos.”

This could be anyone of the countries in conflict, where Washington and its Western and Middle Eastern stooges sow war – eternal chaos, misery, death – and submission.

This is precisely the point: The Washington / NATO strategy is not to ‘win’ a war or conflict, but to create ongoing – endless chaos. That’s the way (i) to control people, nations and their resources; (ii) to assure the west is in continuous need for military – troops and equipment – remember more than 50% of the US GDP depends on the military industrial complex, related industries and services; and (iii) finally, a country in disarray or chaos, is broke and needs money – money with hardship conditions, ‘austerity’ money from the notorious IMF, World Bank and other associated nefarious ‘development institutions’ and money lenders; money that equals enslavement, especially with corrupt leaders that do not care for their people.

May 06 08:28

Mass Exodus: Young People Fleeing From Ukraine to Evade Draft

In Kiev alone, 95% of working-age men are evading military service, using a variety of methods from bribery to fleeing to other countries.

May 05 21:53

The Choice Before Europe

Washington continues to drive Europe toward one or the other of the two most likely outcomes of the orchestrated conflict with Russia. Either Europe or some European Union member government will break from Washington over the issue of Russian sanctions, thereby forcing the EU off of the path of conflict with Russia, or Europe will be pushed into military conflict with Russia.

May 05 21:41

East Ukraine militia report shelling of village near Mariupol

The village of Sakhanka in the Novoazovsk Region of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is currently being shelled by the Ukrainian army from the direction of the city of Mariupol, village administration head Alexander Pelipas said Tuesday.

May 05 15:22

Britain and Nato launch biggest war games on Russia's doorstep as tensions grow

Anti-submarine and Estonia land exercises under way amid fears Russia could have Baltic states in its sights

May 05 14:31

Kiev deprives WWII veterans of financial aid ahead of V-Day — opposition lawmaker

The Ukrainian authorities have deprived WWII veterans of financial assistance ahead of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, Opposition Bloc deputy Yuriy Pavlenko said on Tuesday.

May 05 14:27

Carter: Reunification With Russia Was 'Something Crimean People Wanted'

Ex-president of the United States Jimmy Carter said that Crimea’s reunification with Russia was "an almost inevitable move" as it was backed first of all by the Crimean people, and thus, it cannot be changed in the near future.

May 05 13:57

Secret record revealed in Austrian Court - Yanukovich pressured into union with EU by Nuland

A Vienna, Austria, court has ruled that Victoria Nuland (right), the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, attempted to pressure the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich (left), into accepting Ukrainian association with the European Union (EU) by threatening Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash with arrest, extradition to the US, and imprisonment on allegations of bribery several years ago in India.

May 05 13:21

NATO Commander Philip Breedlove Believes “War Is Peace”. Mobilization for War against Russia?

US NATO commander General Philip Breedlove is part of America’s lunatic fringe. He believes provoking Russia belligerently promotes world peace.

May 05 08:25

Donetsk Republic Nationalizes Banks, Draws Ire Of NATO and World Banking Cartel

By Brandon Turbeville

In a tiny corner of Eastern Europe, a fledgling Republic struggling with the day-to-day hurdles of warfare and shaky ceasefires, has succeeded in doing what has long been overdue in the most powerful nation on the face of the earth – it has nationalized its out-of-control banks and put them to use for the good of the people...

May 05 06:45

US-Dominated NATO Readying for War on Russia?

Mounting evidence should scare everyone - especially with neocon lunatics in Washington driving policymaking.

They deplore peace. They demand endless wars against all nations not subservient to America's will - puppet vassal states serving US interests, letting their resources be plundered for profit.

Russia and China are prime targets - the only nations able to challenge America militarily, economically, and/or politically.

Washington pressuring Japan and other Asian nations against China shows what Beijing faces. So does America's planned increased regional military presence.

Growing numbers of US combat troops close to Russia's borders reflect confrontation waiting to happen - between the world's preeminent nuclear states risks the unthinkable.

May 05 06:25

Shadow-Boxing in the Baltics as Russia Tensions Reach Cold War Levels

Western officials say Russia has stepped up probing flights and mock bomb runs near Europe's borders since 2013, forcing jets from NATO nations and non-NATO allies like Sweden to scramble repeatedly. For its part, Moscow says NATO has dramatically increased reconnaissance flights near its borders.
The amount of regional military activity is back at Cold War levels, he said, with NATO aircraft also crowding into the region on Baltic air policing missions. "We are back pretty much on the level where we were in the late 1980s and early 1990s."

whitehorse souce )

May 04 22:07

Why NATO is terrified of Russia

Washington’s master plan remains deceptively simple; to “neutralize” China by Japan, and Russia by Germany, with the US backing its two anchors, Germany and Japan. Russia is the de facto only BRICS nation blocking the master plan.

May 04 14:49

How the EU Association Agreement Makes Existing Ukraine-Russia Trade Links Impossible

Negotiations to preserve trade links between Ukraine and Russia are in deadlock because the EU and Ukraine reject all changes to an Association Agreement whose purpose is to make Ukraine an EU economic colony.

May 04 14:30

Poland approves joint force with Ukraine & Lithuania, calls on EU to spend more on defense

Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski has signed a resolution approving the organization of a joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade, whose creation has been in the works since 2007.

May 04 14:18

U.S. State Department Pettier and More Vindictive than During Cold War

The U.S. State Department under Barack Obama has become more petty and vindictive diplomatically than at any time in recent history, including during the Cold War. The actions of U.S. diplomats in pressuring heads of state and government not to attend the May 9 Victory over Nazism commemoration in Moscow, coupled with the U.S. leaning on countries to recognize Kosovo while warning them not to recognize Abkhazia or South Ossetia, is unprecedented in its vitriol.

May 04 14:01

The Pseudo-Historical Ukrainian Propaganda Over WWII - Whose Victory Will Ukrainians Celebrate on May 9?

An advertisement agency seeking to instill in people its own understanding of what is right and what is wrong is, indeed, conducting a campaign. But this is not a “public awareness” campaign. It is a propaganda campaign which seeks to create a myth of a “unified Ukraine”, moreover, a myth which goes totally against the historical truth, against the still living, collective memory of Ukrainians.

May 04 12:43

1st full photos of Russia's new Armata T-14 tank

May 04 11:21

NATO Commander Philip Breedlove Believes “War Is Peace”. Mobilization for War against Russia?

US NATO commander General Philip Breedlove is part of America’s lunatic fringe. He believes provoking Russia belligerently promotes world peace.

He wants more US combat troops close to Russia’s borders – more provocative military exercises antagonizing its leadership.

He lied claiming Moscow continues arming Donbass self-defense forces in preparation for war, saying:

“Russian forces used the opportunities presented by the recent lull in fighting to reset and reposition while protecting their gains.”

“Many of their actions are consistent with preparations for another offensive.”

Fact: Not a shred of evidence suggests Russian direct or indirect involvement in Obama’s naked aggression on Donbass.

Fact: Throughout over a year of intense and low-level war, it’s gone all-out to resolve things diplomatically.

State Department officials lied claiming Donbass freedom fighters are a virtual part of Russia’s military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There should be real consequences for military, State Department, and Congressional warmongers who lie to the American people in order to jinn up a war fever where no real emergency exists.

I have to wonder just how much of Breedlove's stock portfolio is invested in the military/industrial complex. Were I a betting person, I would bet, quite a bit.

May 04 09:58

Russia is creating a $100 billion rival to the IMF

Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified an accord Saturday to set up a $100 billion reserve fund for the so-called BRICS — the leading emerging economies Russia, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa.

Moscow is expected to contribute $18 billion to the reserve, well behind the $41 billion China has promised to pour into the fund, which was set up after an agreement signed in July in Brazil.

The emerging economies also plan to form their own international bank based in Shanghai to challenge western dominance over international money markets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is going to further undermine the dominance of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

May 04 08:01

MH17 30 MM Board Canon Bullet Spotted [Rectified]

[] posted a video from VeteransToday, claiming that 30 mm rounds had been spotted near the MH17 wreckage when it was still burning. MH17 however was mixed up with a downed SU-25 plane.

May 04 01:31

The ISIL is in Ukraine: America’s "Agents of Chaos" Unleashed in Eurasia

Is the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)/Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) / Islamic State (IS) / Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fe Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham (DAISH/DAESH) active in post-EuroMaidan Ukraine? The answer is not exact. In other words, the answer is both yes and no.

Then again, what is the ISIS/ISIL/IS/DAISH/DAESH? It is a loosely knit band of militias, just like its predecessor Al-Qaeda. Included in its network are groups from the Caucasus, which have been fighting in Syria and Iraq. Now they are in Ukraine and using it as a stepping stone into Europe.

May 03 10:51

Jeff Rense & Gordon Duff - Israel, Mossad And MH17 - EVIDENCE OF AIR TO AIR SHOOT DOWN!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch carefully from 1:30 to 1:39. The man to the right picks up a cannon shell from the wreckage of MH17!

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WRH breaking
May 03 07:20

Ukraine: A US-Supported Fascist Cancer in Europe's Heartland

As Russia and leaders from dozens of other countries prepare to celebrate Victory in Europe on May 9 in Moscow, the defeated scourge again threatens regional peace and stability - courtesy of US-installed and supported Ukrainian Nazi thugs.

They celebrated May 2 as Victory Day - the infamous year ago day when Kiev-unleashed Right Sector Nazi thugs murdered hundreds of anti-regime Odessans wanting to live free from the scourge of fascism.

May 02 11:11

Group of ‘The Elders’ meet in Moscow

May 02 08:45

Donetsk republic official comments on Poroshenko’s words on regaining Donbas and Crimea

President Petro Poroshenko saying that the war in Ukraine will end when Kiev regains Donbas and Crimea only leads to escalation of the conflict, the official envoy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic to the Contact Group, Denis Pushilin, said on Friday.

"Such statements of Poroshenko are aimed at escalating the conflict in Donbas. This once again confirms the fact that Kiev is not ready to implement all the conditions of the Minsk agreements," Pushilin was quoted by the Donetsk news agency as saying.

May 02 08:08

Russia Preparing Offensive In Ukraine, NATO General Imagines

Just a day after the US Navy said it was prepared to escort US-flagged cargo ships through the Strait of Hormuz as a precautionary measure after Iran supposedly fired on and subsequently seized a ship flying the Marshall Islands flag, we get still more sabre rattling in what has become a global staring match between the US on one side and Russia, Iran, and China on the other, with points of contention ranging from territorial sovereignty in Eastern Europe, to man-made islands in the South China Sea, to nuclear energy, to cyber warfare. This time it's U.S. Air Force General and NATO supreme allied commander Philip Breedlove ratcheting up the rhetoric (and perhaps suggesting that the Kremlin is correct in its assessment of US foreign policy) by suggesting to the Senate that Russia is planning to shatter what remains of the fragile ceasefire in Ukraine by launching an imminent offensive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bottom line here is that the us Government needs to start a major war before the economy falls apart, so they have something to blame it all on, rather than take responsibility for having corrupted and mismanaged the US economy off of a cliff.

May 02 07:51

Aid organisation run by David Miliband is forced out of Ukraine after being accused of spying by pro-Russian rebels

A group of Western aid workers for an organisation headed by former Foreign Secretary David Miliband have been thrown out of pro-Moscow eastern Ukraine on suspicion of 'espionage'.

The move against the International Rescue Committee (IRC) comes one week ahead of Britain's election that could lead to his brother Labour leader Ed Miliband emerging as prime minister, and will be seen as a warning shot by the Kremlin.

A Russian news agency with close ties to the Russian secret services aired footage of seven US and EU nationals being loaded onto a coach bound for Kiev from the self-styled Donetsk People's Republic.

May 02 07:47

White House: US Is Considering The Possibility Of Increasing The Pressure On The Russian Federation

US continues to cooperate with European partners in order to exert economic pressure on Moscow in connection with the situation around Ukraine, said White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

United States is considering the possibility of increasing the pressure on Russia over the situation around Ukraine, he said on Friday White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

May 01 20:41

White House: US Is Considering The Possibility Of Increasing The Pressure On The Russian Federation

US continues to cooperate with European partners in order to exert economic pressure on Moscow in connection with the situation around Ukraine, said White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

May 01 20:29

The Day After Damascus Falls

The Saudi-Israeli alliance has gone on the offensive, ramping up a “regime change” war in Syria and, in effect, promoting a military victory for Al-Qaeda or its spinoff, the Islamic State. But the consequences of that victory could toll the final bell for the American Republic, writes Robert Parry.

If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad meets the same fate as Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi or Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, much of Official Washington would rush out to some chic watering hole to celebrate – one more “bad guy” down, one more “regime change” notch on the belt. But the day after Damascus falls could mark the beginning of the end for the American Republic.

May 01 12:27

War in Ukraine Will Be Over After Kiev Regains Crimea, Donbass - Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the military operation in Ukraine would be stopped when Kiev regained control of Crimea and Donbas territories.

May 01 11:33

Independence Supporters in South East Ukraine Follow Russian Orders - NATO

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove claims that independence fighters of the self-proclaimed people's republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (DPR and LPR) in southeastern Ukraine are under Russian command.

The United States, the European Union and NATO have repeatedly accused Russia of being involved in the Ukrainian conflict, going as far as to claim that Russia has been sending troops and weapons to aid DPR and LPR in countering the attacks of Kiev forces that launched a special military operation in Ukraine's southeast in April, 2014.

Russia has repeatedly denied the West's accusations, which have not been supported with any factual evidence, also expressing concern over the recent build-up of NATO forces along its borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove; sir, where, precisely, is your irrefutable proof that this is happening?!?

It appears that because you have none, you can present none, is this not the reality here?!?

The American people now fully expect those in power to lie us into serial wars, which are generally excellent for those corporations forming the US/NATO military industrial complex, but generally lousy for We the People.

We remember, very clearly:

1. The "Gulf of Tonkin" incident, which was used to inflame the war in Vietnam.
2. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, for which the US government has never made it take responsibility, with many killed and gravely wounded.
3. The charge that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
4. The charge that we had to use the RPT (responsibility to protect principal) to cause regime change in Libya, and we can see how well the overthrow of Qaddafi has gone there.
5. The claim that Iran already has a nuclear bomb
6. Al Basshar was gassing his own Alawite people.
7. The propping up of a US puppet in Yemen, until the Yemenite people had had quite enough, and ran the guy out of town on a rail

So sir, if Americans, and Europeans, are skeptical about this charge, please understand that particularly on the American side, we are tired of being lied to in order to muster up support for more wars. You do not, and will not, have it, in order to declare a war on Russia.

And you have to know this: the US and NATO, even with combined strength, do not have the money, the manufacturing, and the troop strength to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia.

Oh, and by the way, just a note about what the US legislature is doing to fan the flames of war in Ukraine, as reported this morning at

Citing an anti-Russia policy brief, US lawmakers approved $200 million for providing “lethal weapons of a defensive nature” to the Ukrainian government as part of the $600 billion Pentagon budget proposal for the fiscal year 2016. The House Armed Services Committee passed its proposal for the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with a bipartisan vote of 60 to 2, in what Defense News described as a “marathon” session that ended around 4:30am on Thursday. Section 1532 of the 498-page document calls for the US to provide assistance, “including training, equipment, lethal weapons of a defensive nature, logistics support, supplies and services, and sustainment to the military and national security forces of Ukraine” through the end of September 2016. In addition to the $200 million allocated for the program, the proposal also authorizes the Pentagon to “accept and retain contributions, including in-kind contributions, from foreign governments.” Read more US House urges Obama to send arms to Ukraine The bill says the purpose of the assistance is to back the government of Ukraine in “protecting and defending the Ukrainian people from attacks posed by Russian-backed separatists,” as well as “securing its sovereign territory against foreign aggressors” and “promoting the conditions for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict.”

Sir, I will attest to you that this is pure madness, and setting the US on a path toward war with Russia. I understand about having a strong defense. But as a Christian pacifist, well into her 60s, I believe very strongly that the art of negotiation and win/win are tools which the US government needs to relearn, and very quickly.

The last thing ANYONE on this planet needs is a 3rd world war; the unintended consequences of such a war may well be both horrific...and irreversible.

May 01 10:08


Sabre-rattling much? For the first time in history, Chinese and Russian navies will begin a significant joint naval exercise in The Mediterranean Sea in mid-May. As RT reports, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng, "The aim is to deepen both countries' friendly and practical cooperation, and increase our navies' ability to jointly deal with maritime security threats," but diplomatically added "these exercises are not aimed at any third party and have nothing to do with the regional situation." Against a background of this week's "upgraded Japan-American military relationship" following Abe's visit to Obama, as one analyst notes, "the geopolitical significance of its exercising alongside Russia will not be lost on the U.S. and NATO."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US dysfunctional foreign policy on both Iran and Russia has pushed Russia and China into an infinitely more cooperative spirit than ever before.

Sometimes, I look at the outcomes of US foreign and domestic policies and wonder: is a prerequisite for working for the US government the absolute, consistent, and nearly pathological inability to think a scenario through to its logical conclusion?!?!?

Because it sure as heck appears to be!!

May 01 08:38

Firefighters battle forest blaze in radioactive Chernobyl zone

Ukrainian firefighters reportedly managed to contain a massive forest fire close to the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant on Wednesday. Massive fires engulfed the woods around the facility on Tuesday. The zone is heavily contaminated by radiation after the world’s worst man-made nuclear disaster in 1986.

May 01 07:45

Russia blasts fresh US allegations on anti-aircraft systems in Ukraine as 'viral stupidity'

“We are left to guess about the real reasons that caused Russian anti-aircraft weapons to become an obsessive phobia of US foreign policy officials, as now they see them everywhere.”

The ministry’s press service also reiterated the Russian position that no Russian anti-aircraft complexes are now in southeastern Ukraine, and no such weapons have ever been deployed to this region.

It went on to note the State Department would do better to be concerned about US military instructors who have flooded the Ukrainian territories controlled by pro-Kiev troops. “This fact is confirmed not by some mythical data from obscure sources, but by direct video evidence broadcast by some Russian and foreign TV channels.”

May 01 07:36

Litvinenko Wasn't Poisoned by Putin. He Was Likely Smuggling the Polonium That Killed Him

As we all know Alexander Litvinenko, was poisoned by polonium, a rare radioactive substance, and it was all blamed on Putin of Russia because Litvinenko was a Putin critic. This was the quick line in mass media and it was on all the typical war propaganda channels.

There are many things wrong with the “Putin did it” story. For one there is no motive, even with Litvinenko being a critic of Russia, he was no threat whatsoever to Putin. The man worked with Chechen terrorists and the Israeli-Russian oligarchs. But just assuming that there was a sufficient motive to kill him, think about this: Why would Russia use a very rare, very expensive, and easily traceable radioactive substance to kill him instead of some cheap poison or just shooting him? Why risk smuggling radioactive material into the UK which is an act of war?

May 01 07:10

HAZMAT in Ukraine on Thursday, 30 April, 2015 at 08:36 (08:36 AM) UTC.

Radioactive ashes and dust caused by the forest fire in exclusion zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plant is expected to fall today in Kiev - during the previous days of the fire the radioactive precipitation fell in Belarus. Today, the wind will change and precipitation will fall on Kiev, whose residents will feel cinder of the fire already by dinner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, contrary to Kiev's announcement yesterday, the forest fire did trigger a release of radiation from the Chernobyl area.

Apr 30 14:47

More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

A previous article discussed how Obama-installed fascist thugs eliminate anyone opposing their ruthlessness.

They're harassed, brutalized, imprisoned, disappeared or murdered in cold blood - including assassinating political opponents reported as "suicides."

Apr 30 14:31

Russia building a nuclear powerplant in Finland

Finnish company Fenovoima has announced that it has made contracts with a Russian corporation Titan-2 to build nuclear powerplants on the west of Finland.

Fenovoima stated that the contract to build a nuclear power plant was signed in January with Russian state company Rosatom Atomic Energy , which is a subsidiary of Titan.

Finnish Parliament approved in December to the Branch Rosatom to build a nuclear power plant , which would begin to produce electricity in 2024 .

Apr 30 14:09

Ukraine named worst performing economy in 2015- The Economist

Ukraine has the fastest falling economy of 2015 according to the British periodical The Economist. The country has seen its GDP shrink by 6.5 percent since last April, with countries like Libya and Macau performing better.

Apr 30 12:32

The May 2nd Odessa Massacre: Why Obama’s Coup-Regime Still Runs Ukraine

he May 2nd Ukrainian massacre of anti-regime pamphleteers last year at the Odessa Trade Unions Building, burning these pamphleteers alive there, was crucial to the Obama’s Administration solidification of its control over Ukraine. That massacre was designed to, and it did, terrorize the residents in all areas of Ukraine which had voted overwhelmingly for the man whom Obama had just ousted, Viktor Yanukovych. Especially in the Donbass region, Yanokovych had received 90%+ of the votes. In Odessa, he had received three-quarters of the votes. (Later will be explained why this terror against the residents of such regions was necessary for Obama’s purpose of solidifying his control.)

Apr 30 12:03

US Highway Patrol Trains Ukrainian Officers in Police Tactics

The California Highway Patrol collaborated over the past month with the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs on a training course for 30 Ukrainian law enforcement officers. According to the US State Department, four American officers were sent to Kyiv for a period of four weeks to conduct training on car stops, handcuffing, and how to defend oneself against attacks.
All graduates of the course will now go on to instruct new Ukrainian recruits for the newly formed Patrol Police, to which more than 11,000 Ukrainians have already applied.
The first wave of the new force will consist of some 2,000 officers and will hit the streets of Kyiv starting in June. The new patrol is part of far-reaching reforms designed to replace the current road patrols and to bring the country’s law enforcement bodies into line with European standards.

Apr 30 11:57

Ukrainian Army Promo video, threatening to raze Donbass to the ground

Apr 30 11:55

Confirmed: There Are Russian Troops in Ukraine -- At Kiev's Behest!

A total of 70 Russian officers have been working in Ukraine’s south-east since September 2014 under an agreement between the Russian and Ukrainian General Staffs of Armed Forces, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published on Thursday.
“They are from the representative office of Russia’s Defense Ministry in the Joint ceasefire control and coordination center and stabilization of contact line between the sides,” he said adding that the JCCC also comprises the representatives of Ukraine’s military and the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.
“And our officers are working there at the request of the Ukrainian side. But Kiev does not want to acknowledge this in public,” the official said. They are working directly in the security zone set up along the contact line of Ukraine’s units and armed groups of the LPR and DPR.

Apr 30 11:37

Vladimir Putin recalls how WWII affected life of his parents

Despite all of the horrors during the World War II, people of that generation did not feel hatred toward their enemy, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote in his article for the Russky Pioner (Russian Pioneer) magazine recalling stories of his parents about the war.
"There was not a family not having someone killed [in the war]," Putin wrote. "There were of course sorrow, trouble, tragedy, but what is surprising they did not feel hatred toward their enemies. To tell you the truth, I still do not understand it completely."
Recalling his mother’s words, Putin writes: "My mother was very soft and kind… She used to say ‘What kind of hatred can be felt in regard to these soldiers? They are also simple people and also were killed in the war.’"

Apr 30 11:08

The Odessa Massacre – a Personal Tribute

On May 2nd 2014, the Ukrainian side lost some of the key things you need to be a country. Something you need to be a person. Compassion. Humanity. Heart. The year since have seen Ukrainian powers do everything to prevent a proper investigation, and then blame it on ‘strong wind‘, an Odessa victimegregious mockery to those slain. Due to my being deported and banned from the country, the ongoing reign of terror against ‘opposition’ figures, I’ve not yet been able to return to Odessa to pay my tribute.

I’ll be back one day, for sure, to pay my tribute to those who stood against the fascism of this new, post-Euromaidan Ukraine are as one with the city of Odessa, the city they came from, the city they died in – proud, defiant, glorious.

Apr 30 10:58

Hacktivists post info pointing to security service’s hand in Ukraine journalist murder

Ukrainian hacktivists from Cyber Berkut, a group taking name from Ukraine’s special police force, put on the Web on Thursday materials, which they say prove involvement of the Ukrainian Security Service in the recent murder of opposition journalist Oles Buzina.
"We, Cyber Berkut, make available to the public materials confirming that physical liquidation of public and political activists in opposition to the Kiev junta, was sanctioned by the Ukrainian Security Service, supervised by Kharkiv political elites, while the very group of ‘assassins of free Ukraine’ territorially belongs to Kharkiv nationalist groups," runs a report on Cyber Berkut’s website.
Hacktivists say about a week ago they hacked a mail box of the acting deputy head of the Kharkiv region’s state administration, Vyacheslav Abbakumv, getting access to his service documents as well as his correspondence with an unidentified leader of a neo-Nazi group from the Kharkiv region.

Apr 30 10:55

Unidentified special forces fight against battalions of Ukrainian nationalists — Basurin

Unidentified special task forces are conducting a special operation in the area of the township of Avdeyevka in Donbas to render harmless a battalion of Ukrainian nationalists, Eduard Basurin, an official spokesman for the Defence Ministry of the self-proclaimed unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic said on Thursday.
"About 5 a.m., our reconnaissance registered a brief exchange of fire at the positions of the Ukrainian armed units," he said. "Our reconnaissance officers said in their reports that an unknown unit of commandoes had stormed and seized a platoon-level fortified strongpoint set up by punitive expeditioners from a nationalistic battalion."
The case in hand might be precisely targeted elimination of the freewheeling warlords in charge of nationalistic Ukrainian battalions by foreign mercenaries dispatched to the zone of the conflict, Basurin said.

Apr 30 10:52

Russia's national payment system reports failure in processing operations

National System of Payment Cards reported failure in processing operations in the night from Tuesday (April 28) to Wednesday.
"The NSPC confirms problems at 2:15 AM to 7:12 AM Moscow time. At 7:12 AM transactions processed in the normal mode," the company’s report said.
The company’s press service notes that the failure is not of systemic or program nature.
"Our software, NSPC Front-office, was working and was available. Some banks still kept working with the NSPC, operations were successful," the statement said.
The Company intends to analyze the causes of failure and later provide more information.

Apr 30 10:50

Russia to ban import of peanuts from US to Russia starting May 1

Russia's agriculture watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzor, will introduce a ban on import of peanuts from the United States starting May 1, 2015, the agency said on Thursday. The prohibition will be effective until the United States provides clarifications concerning the excessive content of cadmium in the US peanuts.
Peanuts from the United States prohibited for importation to Russia may be replaced by deliveries of such a commodity from India, Assistant Head of the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) Alexei Alexeenko said on Thursday.
"Quite a lot of countries are producing peanuts. Large volumes are in India and certain other nations. We may select different countries," Alexeenko added.

Apr 30 10:47

Kiev continues shelling, pulls in rocket artillery to contact line — DPR defense ministry

Ukrainian forces continue shelling the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and pulling in rocket artillery to the contact line, DPR defense ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin told a briefing on Thursday.
Over the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian forces shelled DPR 37 times, including four times from heavy artillery and 15 times from mortars, Basurin said. "Ukrainian force also continue harassing fire on our settlements near the contact line from tanks and IFVs [infantry fighting vehicles], and from firearms. Ukrainian commanders continue covertly pulling in rocket artillery systems to positions along the contact line," he added.

Apr 30 10:45

Ancient temple built by Barbarossa craftsmen found in central Russia

Ruins of a 12th century temple built by craftsmen of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa has been discovered by archaeologists in the Vladimir Region, cemtral Russia, the head of the expedition said on Wednesday.
The unique Roman temple built by Italian architects is decorated with "very beautiful white Roman carving" which combines both Russian and foreign patterns, Vladimir Sedov told TASS.
The temple's builders are believed to have been sent to Russia by Frederick I Barbarossa who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1155 until his death in 1190, he said.
The temple was discovered in the village of Bogolyubovo founded in 1158 by Grand Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky (God-Loving) of Vladimir and Suzdal.

Apr 30 10:44


Russian bookstores began removing a graphic novel about the Holocaust from their shelves due to the large swastika on its cover.

Apr 30 10:36

Chernobyl wildfire nearly extinguished: Ukraine

Firefighters have nearly extinguished a forest fire near Ukraine's Chernobyl plant, scene of the world's worst nuclear accident in 1986 and hope to put it out fully within two days, the emergency services said on Thursday.

Apr 30 09:51

Huge Explosion At Russian Military Base Near Ukraine

Apr 30 08:21

Nicaragua approves Russian 'alternative GPS' satellite system

Nicaragua has approved the implementation of an agreement with Russia that authorizes the establishment of satellite ground stations in the Central American country.

The agreement, approved by Nicaragua’s legislature on Tuesday, would allow Moscow to place the satellite land bases, which are part of an operating system similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS), for peaceful purposes such as mitigating the effects of natural disasters.

The system, known as GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), is managed by Russia’s Federal Space Agency, and works as an alternative to the GPS, which is created and maintained by the US government.

Apr 30 07:08

EU Parliament Conservatives: We Are Ready for War with Russia

Deranged European MEP’s declaration that the EU is ready for war with Russia deemed ‘tough’ and ‘realistic’ policy

"Time of talk and persuasion [vis-à-vis Russia] is over," MEP and Vice-President of the EPP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said at the meeting.

"Now it's time for a tough policy, a realistic policy, and concentration on defense and security, because the eastern flank of the EU feels vitally, existentially threatened."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle...

Apr 30 06:45

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.

Apr 30 06:34

Russia impinges on Israel's right to bomb Iran

American neocons are in a lather over Russia’s decision to go ahead with the sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. The apparent outrage is that Iran thinks it has a right to protect its citizens from Israel’s right to launch airstrikes into Iran’s territory, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains.

Apr 29 22:06

Kiev Starts to Get Frustrated With Europe

The April 27 Ukraine-EU summit in Kiev frustrated the hosts. The joint declaration was turgid enough praising bold plans for reforms and condemning Russia’s "aggressive actions" on Ukrainian soil. It is clear that Brussels has no real intention to shoulder any serious responsibility. So Ukraine got nothing but promises, no matter the whole political philosophy and strategy of Kiev regime is centered on "European prospects".

Apr 29 21:57

‘The de-industrialization of Ukraine has acquired an irreversible character’ – former minister of economy

It makes no sense to campaign for the preservation of economic relations of Ukraine with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)* markets, as the de-industrialization of the country has become irreversible nature, economist Viktor Suslov told a press conference in Kyiv recently.

Apr 29 15:18

Supporters of the "Right Sector" threatened to set fire to the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine

Google Translate: The building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine has gathered about 200 supporters recognized in Russia as an extremist organization "Right Sector", reports Trend. TASS reported from the scene.

According to the press secretary of the "Right Sector" Artem Skoropadsky "campaign has not started yet, today, it is not crowded."

Apr 29 15:17

Mass arrests of opposition activists reported in south Ukraine's Odessa — local media

More than 10 opposition activists have been detained in Odessa on Wednesday by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). Among them are the mother of the leader of the Odessa "Anti-Maidan" group Anton Davidchenko, leader of the People’s Rada of Bessarabia Vera Shevchenko and opposition journalist Artyom Buzila, 1NEWS writes.

The arrests have sparked a massive public outcry in the social networks. "The authorities are so afraid of Odessa residents, so afraid of assuming responsibility for the May 2 events that it is trying to silence as many people as it can," Editor-in-Chief of the Timer Internet portal Yury Tkachev writes on his Facebook page. "A total of 50 people have been arrested this month in Odessa alone." Tkachev has urged Odessa residents not to cede ground and join a memorial rally on May 2.

Apr 29 15:17

Lukashenko: half a million Belarusians can be mobilized if necessary

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Wednesday that the current international situation necessitates national defense strengthening.

"You should not worry: we today have plans in case of the aggravation of the situation to call up and arm half a million Belarusians. This force is sufficient to frustrate any designs," he told the national parliament members.

Apr 29 15:15

Russian defense minister orders to consider restarting Tu-160 missile carrier production

Russia’s Air Force will get two strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-160 and twelve long-range Tu-22M3 bombers this year

Apr 29 15:05

"There is no doubt that Mr. Poroshenko and his associates conceal the death toll"

Google Translate: Soldiers' Mothers Committee of Ukraine published the documents Ukrainian servicemen killed in the boiler under Debaltseve. According to committee members, the authorities led by President Petro Poroshenko significantly underestimate the number of deaths. Reactions to the statement by the official Kiev has yet been received.

Apr 29 14:27

Formal Opening of the DPR and the LPR Representative Offices in the Republic of South Ossetia

Kosta Pukhaev stressed the importance of opening the representative offices for further fruitful cooperation between South Ossetia and Republics.
«The opening of the representative offices is an important step to the recognition of the rightful struggle of two Republics for realization of the right to self-determination. South Ossetia was also fighting for its independence and went through adversities, all severities and all difficulties. We support your striving for independence», Pukhaev said.

Apr 29 13:49

Truth Has Been Murdered

The coup in Ukraine is Washington’s effort to thrust a dagger into Russia’s heart. The recklessness of such a criminal act has been covered up by constructing a false reality of a people’s revolution against a corrupt and oppressive government. The world should be stunned that “bringing democracy” has become Washington’s cover for resurrecting a Nazi state.

Apr 29 12:41

Four US soldiers gang rape 12 and 13 yo girls in Ukraine

In Kiev, the US military made a criminal offense - four of them participated in the rape of two young girls, 12 and 13 years

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Winning their hearts and minds!

Apr 29 12:40

Will The Real WWII Hero Please Stand Up?

Only 13 percent of Europeans believe that the Soviet Red Army played a key role in liberating Europe from Nazism during the Second World War, an ICM Research poll for Sputnik news agency has found.

Apr 29 12:09

Forest Fires in Ukraine: Chernobyl All Over Again

Forest fires rage in Ukraine dangerously close to Chernobyl. Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov said conditions “worsened.”

“The forest fire is heading in the direction of Chernobyl’s installations,” he said. Treetop flames and strong gusts of wind have created a real danger of the fire spreading to an area within 20 kilometers of the power plant.”

“There are about (1,000 acres) of forests in the endangered area,” he claimed. “National Guard and interior ministry forces have been put on combat alert.”

Apr 29 11:40

Chances for Peace in Ukraine: Zero

Low-level US/ordered/Kiev initiated conflict before resumed full-scale may not last much longer.

Over 1,500 US, UK, and Canadian combat troops are readying Ukraine's Nazi-infested National Guard and likeminded paramilitary battalions for resumed genocidal war on Donbass.

Apr 29 11:09

Russia Seizes Assets of Poroshenko's Chocolate Factory

If you aren’t hiding in your basement from Poroshenko’s artillery shells, you are probably enjoying a delicious bar of Poroshenko chocolate. This is the bizarre “ying/yang” duality of life. But not anymore! Because Russia, which obviously hates all that is sweet in the world, has rudely seized the assets of Poroshenko’s confectionery factory in the city of Lipetsk. As Reuters notes:

“Poroshenko, nicknamed the Chocolate King, promised when he was elected last May to sell Roshen, which takes its name from the middle two syllables of his surname and had pre-crisis annual sales of $1.2 billion.”

Sold (finally!) to Russia, for $0.00. Have a nice day.

Apr 29 09:15

Ukraine's Right Sector to Picket Presidential Administration Building

Representatives of the far-right Ukrainian nationalist political movement Right Sector are due to picket the administrative building of President Poroshenko in central Kiev later on Wednesday.

Apr 29 07:02

Russia’s Defense Ministry has found in the statements of the US State Department “virus of stupidity”

Russian Ministry of Defense saw the “virus of stupidity” in the repeated statements of the US State Department placed additional Russian air defense systems in the contact line of the Ukrainian army and militias of Donbass. His comment Defense Ministry posted on Tuesday, April 28 on his page in Facebook.

Apr 29 00:19

Ukraine: Massive Forest Fire Threatens Abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Emergency crews in Ukraine are trying to stop a massive forest fire from spreading towards the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatesenyuk has flown over the area in the north of the country.

There was a warning that high winds were blowing the flames towards Chernobyl where, 29 years ago this week, a reactor fire led to the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

A 30 kilometre exclusion zone remains in place around the plant, which is still contaminated by radioactive particles.

Apr 28 21:50

Insanity Grips The Western World

The crazed vice-president of the European People’s Party, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski revealed who the real aggressor is when he declared: “Time of talk and persuasion with Russia is over. Now it’s time for a tough policy.”

Clearly, the European Parliament is a great danger to life on the planet. Is it realistic to think that Russia will allow herself to become a concubine of Washington?

Apr 28 12:38

Embracing the Saudi War on Yemen

Saudis have been helped by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has relied on the powerful Israel Lobby and his own rhetoric to divert the U.S. Congress from a focus on Al-Qaeda and its hyper-brutal spinoff, the Islamic State, to Iran, which both Saudi Arabia and Israel have designated their primary regional enemy.

Fearful of further offending the powerful Saudi-Israeli alliance, President Obama is deploying the U.S. Navy to seal off poverty-stricken Yemen so the Saudi air force has free rein to pummel its regional rivals from the air while the population faces a humanitarian crisis on the ground, reports Robert Parry.

Apr 28 12:34

Argentina: A Case Study of Israel’s Zionist-Wall Street Destabilization Campaign

Israel’s widespread practice of recruiting Jewish citizens and officials of other countries to serve as vehicles of Israeli policies has the potential to foment a new and possibly violent backlash, once the greater population has been made aware of such treasonous activities.

Apr 28 10:02

Russia cuts nuclear arms stockpiles to minimal levels fulfilling all points of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons... making a considerable contribution to the process of comprehensive and complete disarmament.

Russia has been consistently fulfilling all points of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), including its Article VI, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

Apr 28 09:24

Newsweek: Russian Superavianosets Challenge The United States As A Superpower

Given the implementation of new projects on military modernization should be no surprise that Russia wants to build its own superavianosets (aircraft carrier), writes American edition Newsweek.

Apr 28 08:43

Ukrainian Army asking Donbass self-defence to open fire at Azov battalion

Ukrainian Armed Forces’ officers use open communication lines to make contacts with the officers of self-defence forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, in the course of which they ask to open fire at the highly controversial Azov ‘volunteer’ battalions, Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the DPR Defence Ministry said.

They accompany their requests by references to the battalion’s total uncontrollability.

Apr 28 05:05

FT: In Latin America, Russia Has Become A Counterweight To The United States

Developing trade links with Latin America, Russia seeks above all to gain allies, who have all chances to become a country with a long history of confrontation with the United States, writes Financial Times.

Apr 27 22:06

Ukraine: War and Crisis to Enrich Tycoons

In February 2014 a coup took place in Ukraine to serve the interests of big geopolitical players and tycoons, but not grassroots. The first ones wanted to start an offensive against Russia, the second ones wanted to take advantage of instability and promote their business interests.

Apr 27 21:55

Russia 1,700 - America Zero: Number of Foreign Nationals Evacuated from Yemen

What do you call a nation going all-out to help desperate foreign nationals trapped in war zone hell: heroic and honorable by any standard! Led by a president and other officials valuing human life and welfare!

Apr 27 21:40

Newsweek: Russian Superavianosets Challenge The United States As A Superpower

Given the implementation of new projects on military modernization should be no surprise that Russia wants to build its own superavianosets, writes American edition Newsweek.
Constructing superavianosets, Russia could call into question the world order, is headed by the United States, and says the American edition of Newsweek.