Feb 07 14:35

German arm of Canada’s Maple Bank shut down

The German financial sector watchdog, BaFin, said today it has shut down the German arm of Canadian lender Maple Bank until further notice due to looming over-indebtedness.

Feb 07 09:30

‘I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding’ – Trump at debates

I've had enough of this little phony. First he says he will have Canadian Ted Cruz as his Veep. Now he comes out for torture. This guy jumped the shark. He is buddy's with Netanyahu. This is the Neocon Stealth Candidate.
People in the alternative media who support this Neocon IDIOT better take another look at The Donald! Once again we have been had!

The Republican debates have wrapped up in New Hampshire, with some formidable bickering, topped by poll leader Donald Trump’s comment that he would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

Trump is also the person who recently in November said he does not care if torture doesn’t work, because “they deserve it anyway.”

Feb 04 12:11

Canadian Academic Dr. Hassan Diab, Wrongfully Convicted for a Crime He did not Commit

We want to use the power of the documentary form to tell the story of our friend Dr. Hassan Diab [pictured left], a Canadian academic who is at serious risk of a wrongful conviction for a crime he did not commit.

Hassan was extradited to France in November 2014, where he is expected to stay in pretrial detention for at least two years. In France, Hassan is subjected to an unjust legal process where discredited handwriting analysis and unsourced intelligence are used against him.

We would like to make a good quality documentary for online sharing and public showings to spread the word far and wide about the injustices in Hassan’s case. We hope this documentary will help raise awareness about Hassan’s case and Canada’s unfair extradition law, stop the use of discredited evidence against Hassan, and prevent his wrongful conviction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Feb 01 12:17

‘Female-Friendly’ Version: Sights aimed at Canadian national anthem

Canada is considering changing the lyrics to its national anthem, because some say the current version doesn’t include women.

Feb 01 09:58

Canadian Forces has launched 8 investigations into sexual misconduct allegations

Canada's top general says the Canadian Armed Forces's new sexual misconduct response centre has fielded more than 100 complaints of sexual assault or harassment since it opened in September, resulting in eight investigations.

Feb 01 08:42

Hundreds of Ontario adoptions on hold amid Motherisk drug-test scandal

The Ontario government has ordered hundreds of adoption cases to stop moving forward while a judge reviews whether the children should have been put up for adoption in the first place, CBC News has learned.

The move has put as many as 300 families in legal limbo, not knowing when — or if — their adoptions will be finalized.

It comes in the wake of the scandal over the Motherisk drug-testing program run by Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. The laboratory analysed the hair of babies to test for drug and alcohol use by their moms, and the results were used as evidence in the cases of thousands of children taken into care by children's aid societies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, Canada implemented a policy based on a testing system that produced bogus results, and destroyed families as a result.

Whatever happened to making sure something works perfectly BEFORE using it on the public?

Jan 30 07:30

5th Toronto police officer now implicated in arrest probe

A fifth Toronto police officer has been implicated in the investigation into a controversial drug bust and alleged attempts to mislead a judge that led to criminal charges against four other officers earlier this week, CBC News has learned.

The four officers were charged Thursday with 17 counts of obstructing justice and perjury in relation to a case that ended with an Ontario Superior Court judge dismissing charges against a man accused of possessing heroin.

Jan 29 12:57

Canada artificially cries about cultural genocide of indigenous population

The Canadian Court of Human Rights ruled that the federal government violates the rights of indigenous peoples of America who live in reservations. The government "does not provide them services for the protection of childhood, even though such services are used in other regions of the country." Canada celebrates justice, but the Indians do not agree. Their justice consists in the return of the rights on land that had been taken away from them. At present, the indigenous people of Canada represent nearly 600 tribes who speak 60 languages grouped into 12 different language families. According to the 2006 census, the number of Indians in Canada made up 732,520 people, or about 2.8 percent of the population of the country... It took the commission six years to prepare the report. The main conclusion of the work is as follows: more than 150,000 people had been taken away from indigenous peoples in 100 years, CBC News reports.

Jan 29 12:27

Canadian FM Responds to Lavrov's Comment About "Rabid Ukrainian Diaspora"

On the 28th of January, during a speech in Parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Stephane Dion, commented on the statement of his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, who yesterday commented on "rabid Ukrainian Diaspora" and its impact on the Canadian leadership... As a reminder, soon after Lavrov accused the Canadian authorities of condoning Ukrainian Diaspora, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin thanked the same Diaspora for their support.

Jan 28 09:58

4 Toronto police officers charged with perjury, obstructing justice

Four Toronto police officers have been arrested and charged with 17 offences — nine counts of obstructing justice and eight counts of perjury, Chief Mark Saunders told a news conference this morning.

Jan 28 08:34

Toronto film executive pulls support for York University film program over Israel mural

A Toronto film industry executive is pulling his company’s support for York University’s Cinema and Media Arts program due to a mural he said is “anti-Israel.”

“It made me sick to my stomach and very angry,” Paul Bronfman said this week when describing his initial reaction to learning of the portrait. “We live in an amazing city, an amazing country, and to have this happening under our noses is disgusting. It’s subtly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. It’s anti-Canadian.”

The mural is currently displayed in the York University Student Centre. It shows a person looking at a bulldozer close to a building while holding rocks. The person is shown wearing what looks like a Palestinian flag with a map of Israel without its borders. At the bottom of the mural, the words “justice” and “peace” can be seen along with other text.

Jan 27 09:11


A major priority for Canada’s new prime minister is to reset the relationships with both the U.S. and Mexico. There is a real opportunity for all three countries to recommit to building a North American community. This includes expanding political, security and economic cooperation, as well as greater coordination on issues such as energy and the environment. Further deepening Canada-Mexico ties is one of the keys to strengthening continental relations. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which builds on the commitments of NAFTA could also help take North American trilateral integration to the next level.

Jan 27 07:59

The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide

slaves ARE property. they don't OWN property

Jan 27 02:23

CBC, Peter Mansbridge: Cut the crap, tell the truth or shut up.

...And however mistaken you may believe regarding my interpretation of your reporting is, I would like to remind you of two very important facts: In 1990 and 1991, Mr. Mansbridge, you told me that Iraqi soldiers were removing babies from incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals, throwing them on the floor, stealing the incubators and taking them back to Iraq. And in 2003, you told me Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.”

Jan 26 10:04

Inconsistent radar testing casts doubt on validity of millions of speeding tickets

Canadian speeders might be getting measured differently, depending on where they're caught, CBC News has found.

Police forces using the same radar equipment have different testing routines.

Jan 25 13:49

Trudeau’s Canadian honeymoon cut short by oil crash, economic woes

TORONTO: With growth fading, oil prices in freefall and a currency having touched a 12-year low, Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces an early end to his political honeymoon, confronted by an economic slump with no easy exit.

While voracious demand from China for its commodities helped Canada escape the worst of the 2008 financial crisis, the communist-run country's diminished appetite and a global oil glut have turned into a massive headwind for Canada.

The parallel decline of oil prices and the Canadian dollar, which the central bank governor describes as following each other like "railroad tracks", is bringing both economic and political pain.

Jan 25 13:46

Canada to Sign Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Next Week

Canada's International Trade Minister said that Canada will sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement during a meeting in New Zealand on February 4.

Jan 25 12:08

James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in streetcar shooting of Sammy Yatim

A jury has found Toronto police Const. James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in the 2013 shooting death of Sammy Yatim, but not guilty of second-degree murder.

Jan 25 07:33

Inconsistent radar testing casts doubt on validity of millions of speeding tickets

"I honestly believe that this is a huge fraud," said Toronto lawyer Dannial Baker, referring to police-issued traffic tickets based on devices not tested with a tuning fork.

"I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted."

Jan 23 15:15

Canada’s New Hope And Change Is A Lie

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Dan Dicks of Press for Truth in Canada about the latest with Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government.

Jan 23 09:40

Amanda McGee sentenced to 8 years for human trafficking, sexual assault

The 33-year-old Calgary woman pleaded guilty to eight charges including sexual assault, forcible confinement and human trafficking.

She was sentenced to eight years in prison in a Calgary courtroom Friday.

Wilson berated McGee for several minutes, telling her he had never — with his decades of experience — seen any case like this, calling it "stunningly horrible."

"You are evil, cold hearted, I don't know if you've even got a soul," said Wilson to McGee after accepting her guilty pleas.

Jan 22 17:30

At least five dead, one person in custody, in La Loche school shooting

Saskatoon StarPhoenix:Right now, La Loche is devastated,” said an emotional First Nation chief after at least five people were killed and a suspect was taken into custody after a daytime shooting at the community school in the northern Saskatchewan community.

Jan 21 11:00

CBC retracts supplement report

Last fall, Marketplace commissioned lab testing for samples of fish oil, vitamin C and protein powder supplements to see if consumers are actually getting what they pay for.

Based on those test results, Marketplace reported that Emergen-C and two protein powders: GNC Lean Shake 25 and Cytosport Muscle Milk failed to live up to label claims.

However, subsequent re-testing of the samples has found that the lab results and analysis provided to Marketplace were incorrect, and that there is no evidence of problems with those products.

Jan 21 06:05

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services—usually more than one country—because spying today is so effective and so universal. Officials in possession of this secret information often pass it on to the country that’s targeted, in the sincere belief that a heads-up will be appreciated.

But often the information isn’t welcomed—-because the fix is already in. Treasonous assets within the targeted country’s chain of command, who are prepared for the possibility of a leak, take measures to block the information from reaching those who might act on it in a meaningful way.

Jan 20 08:33

Lifting of Iran sanctions hampered by legal 'booby-trap' left by Tories

The former Conservative government "booby-trapped" Canada's international relations with a pair of laws that are preventing the Liberals from lifting sanctions on Iran, says a former Canadian military analyst and Middle East expert.

Jan 20 08:26

Pregnant Montrealer left to walk in cold after car towed

A pregnant woman who was left to walk in the cold after her car was towed says the officer could have treated her more humanely, in an incident being investigated by Quebec provincial police.

Laura Cerminara, who's 34 weeks pregnant, told CBC News she was on her way to work in St-Lambert on Montreal's South Shore on Tuesday morning when she was pulled over by police on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

'I said, "I have to go to work, and I'm pregnant and it's freezing cold out today."'
- Laura Cerminara

"He came over and said, 'You have unpaid fines,' and I said, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'"

Cerminara said she and her husband purchased the car in August, and it's under his name. She had assumed the registration fees were paid for a full year.

But police told Cerminara that her registration payment was six weeks overdue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Canadians are not as nice as I remember them being. Are their police being trained by Israel now?

Jan 19 23:29

Offensive propaganda or new propaganda offensives?

Obama administration announced new online initiatives to bolster its foreign policy narratives and as a means to counter others, for example, this network, RT.

Maybe a better course of action would be for the US State Department to ask itself why fewer and fewer people trust and believe it?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Don DeBar and James Carden.

Also see: Uncle Sam Got a Shiny New Propaganda Bullhorn for Christmas

Jan 19 23:25

Russian Red Scare No Longer Works

The EU has no-one else to blame for its present stresses and strains but itself, owing to its craven subservience to Washington's reckless policies.

The American and British governments are launching yet another media campaign to demonize Russia, with tall claims that the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties and news media. The dastardly Russian aim, we are told, is to destroy the European Union.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and its trusty sidekick in London are desperately seeking to turn back the clock to the “good old days” when they could control their public through scare stories.

Jan 19 11:44

Canada Set To Unleash Negative Rates As Oil Patch Dies, Depression Deepens

This Wednesday, the Bank of Canada has a decision to make.

Canada’s oil “dream” is dying thanks to the inexorable slide in crude prices and as the IEA made clear earlier today, the pain is set to persist for the foreseeable future as the world “drowns in oversupply.”

“Lower for longer” has hit the country’s oil patch hard. We’ve spent quite a bit of time documenting the plight of Alberta, where job cuts tied to crude’s slide have led directly to rising suicide rates, soaring property crime, and increased food bank usage (not to mention booming business for repo men).

Jan 18 08:52

Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada

Jan 17 19:24

Real Time Currency Collapse In Canada – This Is What It’s Going To Look Like In the USA

Canadians took to twitter this week to share their collective horror over the rising cost of food. Cucumbers are $3 each. A head of cauliflower is $8. A large container of pepper cost $19 and some Canadians are paying $16 for a single bell pepper. A container of laundry detergent is $32.

This gives us a pretty good idea what would happen in the US, even if there was a minor shock to the value of the dollar. Despite the rising cost of goods and services, our currency has been doing really well on the global stage for the past two years. I shudder to think of what will happen when our economy runs into another recession, which we are way overdue for. When it does hit, the cost of our imports will rise the most, much like they have in Canada.

Jan 17 11:49

This land is our land: American democracy, at a theater near you

Democracy has been projected on to a fictitious screen of good guy and bad guys. The people watch as impotent spectators, no longer even aware of the real story out there.

Ever since armed white ranchers took over federal property in Oregon the unfolding drama has resembled a parody of a Hollywood Western. Trouble is, no-one is quite sure who’s wearing the white hats as opposed to the black ones.

Jan 17 09:57

Ted Cruz May Not Be Eligible For President After All

Jan 17 09:29

Ted Cruz Just Got Blasted With Some Bad News That’ll Have Trump Saying ‘Told You So’

As GOP rival Donald Trump predicted, the issue of Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president has now become a matter for the courts to decide, with the filing of a lawsuit on Thursday by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

\"No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.\" -- Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, clause 5

Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for President of the United States. He was born in Canada, of parents who were Canadian citizens at the time of his birth. Cruz's mother claims to have been born in Delaware. The State of Delaware claims not to have any records of her.
(The authenticity of the Birth Certificate provided by the Cruz campaign is now in dispute.) But even if genuine, it makes Cruz a US citizen, but not \"Natural Born.\"

Ted Cruz's supporters try to get around \"Natural Born\" by claiming it simply means any US citizen, an opinion even echoed at Wikipedia!

But if any US citizen could be President, then the qualifier \"Natural Born\" would not be needed (and is not present in the Constitutional citizenship requirements for Representatives and Senators). Clearly, to the Founding Fathers, \"Natural Born\" had a specific and obvious meaning, applied exclusively to the Presidency!

The Founding Fathers did not need to define what \"Natural Born\" meant inside the Constitution as it had been defined in existing legal theory in works such as \"The Law of Nations\" by Emerich de Vattel, published in 1758 and relied on heavily by the framers of the Constitution. \"Natural Born\" was already legally defined when the Constitution was written as \"born inside the nation.\"

The inclusion of the \"Natural Born\" requirement for the Presidency was proposed at the Constitutional Convention by Chief Justice John Jay, who wrote, \"Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government and to declare expressly that the Command in Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen...\"

Click for larger image

The intention is clear that the Presidency not be open to anyone not born within the United States.

In addition, there are no less than four United States Supreme Court Decisions that reaffirm that \"Natural Born\" means \"Born inside the nation.\"

The Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)

Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)

Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875)

United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

There has never been a United States Supreme Court Decision that ruled \"Natural Born\" as having any other meaning than \"born inside the country.\"

All of Cruz's supporters, including the corporate media, are demonstrating either an ignorance of the US Constitution, or an utter disregard for it. This tells us that were Cruz to become President, he would continue the long and tragic tradition of recent Presidents to ignore the Constitution to the detriment of the people.

The Constitution is the original contract with America. It is the rules by which We The People allow the government to act as caretaker of our National Sovereignty. If a politician does not wish to work within the restrictions and rules of the Constitution, the honorable thing to do is resign and find useful employment. If Ted Cruz's supporters wish to live in a nation not protected by the Constitution they are free to move elsewhere.

But under the rules this nation operates on, Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States.

Jan 17 08:40

The Top Forecaster Of The Canadian Dollar Sees The Loonie Falling To 59 Cents By The End Of The Year

Our loonie is heading for a record low with the central bank poised to cut interest rates again as commodity prices collapse to the lowest since 1991, manufacturing stalls and consumers remain buried in debt, according to the currency’s top forecaster.

The currency will fall to a record low 59 U.S. cents by the end of 2016, Macquarie Group Ltd.’s David Doyle, Bloomberg’s top-ranked forecaster for the Canadian dollar last year, said.

A 59 U.S. cent loonie would mean one U.S. dollar buys C$1.6949. Doyle said that once the currency reaches its record low, it will stay depressed through the end of 2018.

Jan 15 14:41

Challenges Ahead for the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, says there's a long road to travel, but it can be done.

Jan 15 10:11

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States; The meaning of "Natural Born."

Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for President of the United States. He was born in Canada, of parents who were Canadian citizens at the time of his birth. Cruz's mother claims to have been born in Delaware. The State of Delaware claims not to have any records of her. (The authenticity of the Birth Certificate provided by the Cruz campaign is now in dispute.) But even if genuine, it makes Cruz a US citizen, but not "Natural Born."

Ted Cruz's supporters try to get around "Natural Born" by claiming it simply means any US citizen, an opinion even echoed at Wikipedia!

But if any US citizen could be President, then the qualifier "Natural Born" would not be needed (and is not present in the Constitutional citizenship requirements for Representatives and Senators). Clearly, to the Founding Fathers, "Natural Born" had a specific and obvious meaning, applied exclusively to the Presidency!

Webmaster's Commentary: 



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WRH Exclusive
Jan 15 09:57

Challenges Ahead for the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, says there's a long road to travel, but it can be done.

Jan 14 17:43

Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse

It’s no secret that America has a serious inflation problem. Though the Federal Reserve insists that our inflation rate is only at around .5%, we’ve all seen the price of food, rent, healthcare, and energy skyrocket over the past 10-20 years. However, this has been a gradual shift. Canada on the other hand, has just seen the price of every day goods rise precipitously over a very short period of time.

Jan 14 12:02

FLASHBACK 2013 - Cruz: 'I should be only an American,' will renounce Canadian citizenship

Sen. Ted Cruz acknowledged late Monday that he probably has been a lifelong Canadian and vowed to renounce that citizenship now that he realizes he’s had it.

Jan 14 10:27

Canada Getting Hammered

Jan 14 10:18

Thousands flying to Canada flagged for security checks by new system

OTTAWA — Canada’s new security system for scrutinizing people who arrive by airplane singled out more than 2,300 passengers for closer examination during a recent three-month period, the federal border agency says.

The Canada Border Services Agency says the travellers — flagged for possible links to terrorism or serious crime — represented a tiny fraction of the millions who flew into the country.

Still, privacy and civil liberties watchdogs want to know more about the border agency’s so-called scenario-based targeting system to ensure individual rights are not being trampled.

The agency has implemented the targeting system, already used by the United States, as part of Canada’s commitment to co-operate with Washington under the 2011 continental security pact known as the Beyond the Border initiative.

Jan 14 09:26

Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

$31.99 for Tide detergent!

Jan 14 08:31

Police sweeps of cellphone data in 'tower dumps' face charter challenge

Police powers to seize call records from tens of thousands of cellphone subscribers at once could be reined in with a court decision Thursday.

An Ontario judge will rule on a case brought by two of Canada's biggest telecommunications companies, arguing that sweeping "tower dumps" violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Jan 14 08:29

Counterfeiters perplexed by Canada's plastic money

Canada's plastic money is stumping counterfeiters. The RCMP estimate the number of fake bills passed on to retailers in 2015 dropped by 74 per cent compared with the previous year.

That doesn't mean people have given up trying to copy Canada's banknotes — it's just that even their best attempts to make fake cash are falling well short.

Regina Police Const. Scott Wolfe hasn't seen much counterfeit currency since the Bank of Canada introduced polymer money four years ago, but he did have a case last fall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Australia switched to polymer money a while back and had the same result. Other advantages are clear windows that make automated change machines more accurate in reading the denominations and a series of cutouts on the edges to make it easier for sight-challenged people to use. They also last longer.

Jan 13 15:45

Chart Of The Day: Canadian Heavy Crude Falls To $19.81—–Down From $100 In 2011

Jan 12 11:15

REPOST - Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States; The meaning of "Natural Born."

The inclusion of the "Natural Born" requirement for the Presidency was proposed at the Constitutional Convention by Chief Justice John Kay, who wrote, "Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government and to declare expressly that the Command in Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen..."

The intention is clear that the Presidency not be open to anyone not born within the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a call to Rivero's Rangers, especially in Iowa! Please forward this article to everyone you know. We The People must force politicians to play by the rules of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, no matter how much they prefer not to!

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WRH Exclusive
Jan 12 07:56

American police scammed Canadian visitors out of $2.5 billion

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well THAT'S gonna really help our tourism industry!

Jan 11 16:45

Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation mega millions not born in the USA

Hillary Clinton’s country of birth is not under the microscope of the ‘birthers’, and most tragically, nor is Canada, the country of the birth of her Clinton Foundation mega millions.

2016 Democrat hopeful Clinton was not, like the currently beleaguered Senator Ted Cruz, born in Canada, but it is documented fact that the Clinton Foundation was both born and nurtured to maturity in the Land of the Maple Leaf.

Jan 10 12:34

Charter Rights at Issue in Fracking Supreme Court Case

An Alberta woman's landmark eight-year battle over fracking regulation, water contamination and Charter rights will take centre stage in the Supreme Court of Canada Tuesday.

Jessica Ernst claims fracking contaminated the water supply at her homestead near Rosebud, about 110 kilometres east of Calgary. She is seeking $33 million in damages.

Ernst is also taking on the agency that regulates the energy industry in Alberta, claiming it has denied her the right to raise her concerns effectively and is shielded by unconstitutional legislation that bar citizens from suing it for wrongdoing.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Law at the University of Toronto have intervened in support of Ernst's position and the lawsuit could change the way the controversial technology of hydraulic fracturing is regulated in Canada.

Jan 09 10:14

Those Mass Executions Won’t Stop Canada From Shipping Even More Weapons to Saudi Arabia

The Canadian government will not tighten rules on how automatic weapons are sold to Saudi Arabia. It will not reconsider a $15-billion deal between a Canadian light armored vehicle manufacturer and Riyadh. It will not do much more, it seems, than issue a statement.

Jan 08 19:36

The Surprising Reason Why Canadians Are Literally Cutting Their Money in Half

It was reported last week that Canadian citizens have been cutting their official government money in half and using it as a localized alternative currency. The currency is called “Demi,” which means “half” in french. The Demi currency is being used specifically in the Gaspesie region of northern Quebec and is actually accepted by a number of local businesses.

The founders of the currency have specified that the half dollar notes are worth half of whatever value the original note was intended to be. For example, half of a $10 bill is worth $5, while half of a $20 bill is worth $10.

The idea for the Demi formed from a conversation that Gaspesie resident Martin Zibeau had with his friends who came from areas of Europe where alternative currencies were being used in place of the Euro.

Jan 08 13:53

TransCanada’s $15B Lawsuit Against U.S. on Keystone XL Presents Strong Case

TransCanada, the Canadian company that had been planning to build and own its proposed Keystone XL Pipeline carrying Canada’s tar-sands oil to Texas Gulf Coast refineries for export to Europe and elsewhere, released to the public, on Wednesday January 6th, two legal presentations against the United States, because U.S. President Barack Obama, through his Secretary of State John Kerry, on 6 November 2015, had said no to TransCanada’s proposed oil pipeline.

Jan 06 16:46

Team Obama Joins Donald Trump’s Attack On Ted Cruz’s Citizenship

During the White House press briefing this afternoon, one reporter explained the fight between Cruz and Trump and asked if the president was enjoying the drama around Cruz’s citizenship.

“I don’t know if he does, but I sure do,” Earnest quipped as reporters chuckled in response.

Earnest then seemed willing to feed the narrative questioning Cruz’s citizenship.

“It would be quite ironic if after 7 or 8 years of drama around the president’s birth certificate if Republican primary voters were to choose Senator Cruz as their nominee,” he said. “Somebody who actually wasn’t born in the United States and only 15 months ago renounced his Canadian citizenship.”

Jan 06 15:33

Royal Bank to hike some mortgage rates starting Friday

One of Canada's biggest lenders will be raising rates on several of its mortgages starting Friday.

Jan 06 13:53

Canada Condemns Saudi Executions, But Arms Sales Speak Louder Than Words

Despite condemning Saudi Arabia’s recent mass executions and raising concerns about human rights abuses, the Canadian government said this week it is moving forward with a controversial $15 billion weapons sale to the Gulf state.

Jan 06 11:35

Canada 'no intention' to cancel $15bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia - despite condemning execution of 47

The deal will be the largest military exports contract in Candian history, according to research organisation Global Research

Jan 06 10:11

Toddler taken to nursing station 40 times, gets cancer diagnosis days before death, lawsuit says

A Manitoba mother is suing the province after her toddler died due to complications from cancer that went undiagnosed despite at least 40 visits to a northern nursing station.

Alexandria Harper's daughter Violet was almost three when she died in December 2013.

Jan 05 17:44

‘Disturbing’ Drug-resistant Superbug Gene has Been Detected in Canada

An alarming new superbug gene that makes bacteria resistant to a last-resort antibiotic has been detected in Canada, the Star has learned. The gene, called MCR-1, produces an enzyme that makes bacteria invincible to colistin, a highly toxic antibiotic used only when all other drugs have failed.

Jan 05 09:50

Canadian Federal Court Approves Production Of AquaBounty’s GM Salmon

By Amanda Froelich

Health-conscious consumers in Canada will soon face having to determine whether or not the salmon their store supplies is genetically modified (GM). Why? Because an appeal by two environmental groups to the Canadian Federal Courts to halt the production of genetically modified (GM) salmon recently failed...

Jan 05 07:48

Why is my (6 year old) kid on the airline watch list?

“Why is our (Canadian-born) 6-year-old on DHP no-fly list?” Ahmed tweeted. “He must clear security each time. He is 6.”

Khadija Cajee, his mother, says the family has faced “continuous delays” during travel since their son’s birth, which appears to stem from the fact he shares a name with someone on the watch list. The family thought their case was unusual — and isolated. But since Ahmed’s tweet last week, other parents have come forward to relate similar unpleasant experiences involving young children.

For Naseer Muhammad Ali, the security checks began on his first flight, at 10 weeks old, with a pat-down at a Jamaican airport en route to Toronto.

“She checked his diaper — like, patted down the entire diaper,” his mother, Khudija Ali said, referring to a security agent.

Now almost 3, Naseer hasn’t had another diaper check, but his mother says she was told her son is “on some sort of list.”

Jan 04 09:23

Transport Canada following up on drone vs. vehicle crash in Belleville, Ont.

Transport Canada says its enforcement investigators are looking into a Belleville, Ont., crash between a drone and a vehicle last month, and that while charges may not be warranted, it's a good opportunity to raise awareness about drone safety.

Dec 28 08:41

Ontarians Urged To "Voluntarily" Pay More Taxes To Cut Province's Debt

Christmas is a time for giving and that is what Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is asking of her citizenry. With almost $300 billion in debt, and almost 1 in 10 dollars of revenue going to pay interest, and already facing the highest tax rates in North America, The Star reports that Ontario officials are asking that 'patriots' voluntarily donate their tax refund or write a cheque to defray the province's massive debtload.

Dec 28 08:06

UN Resolution on Palestinian Sovereignty over its Natural Resources, Opposed by Israel, US and Canada

snip: The UN General Assembly reiterated the illegality of Israeli settlement enterprise and its monopoly over Palestinian resources citing the “detrimental impact of the Israeli settlements on Palestinian and other Arab natural resources, especially as a result of the confiscation of land and the forced diversion of water resources.” Water resources in the occupied Palestinian territory almost entirely under Israeli control under the Oslo Accords, and around 85 percent of water is allocated to Israelis, according to the Palestinian Water Authority.

Dec 27 08:44

Undercover Cops Pull Gun On Protester and Attack Woman When Exposed As Agent Provocateurs

At least four undercover police officers were caught attempting to infiltrate a protest this week, and one of them reportedly pulled a gun on protesters when he was confronted about his identity. According to The Link Newspaper, one Concordia student, Katie Nelson approached an undercover officer suspiciously and asked him about his identity, and he reacted by slamming her to the ground. The young girl ended up being hospitalized as a result of the attack.

Nelson and another protester by the name of Zachary Savard told The Link that one of the officers pulled a gun on them when he was confronted about being an agent.

“As we came to them, they just took a gun out, and said move,” Savard said.

Meanwhile, other undercover agents on the scene grabbed a random protester from the crowd and drug him to a parking lot where they arrested him.

Dec 24 09:29

Toronto Man Yells "F**k White People" During Machete Attack—Not Charged With Hate Crime

A Toronto man who yelled "fuck white people" before launching an unprovoked machete attack on a random 30-year-old white male is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, and possession of a weapon—but he is not being charged with a hate crime.

Dec 23 08:10

Researcher issues 'call to action' to force release of hidden drug safety data

Dr. Nav Persaud, a family doctor in Toronto, asked and received thousands of pages of documents from Health Canada, and what he saw made him question the effectiveness of a popular morning sickness drug.

But he can't talk about it, because Health Canada forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement, and threatened him with legal action if he makes the data public.

Dec 22 11:53

Canadian officials confirm largest earthquake caused by fracking

When a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck British Columbia on 17 August, 2015, many were suspicious the event had something to do with a nearby fracking site operated by Progress Energy Canada. Now, the BC Oil and Gas Commission has released a report definitively linking the quake to the underground injection of hydraulic fracturing fluids, making it the strongest known earthquake caused by fracking.

Dec 22 08:29

Some of the Disappeared of Canada

Maisie Shaw, age 14, kicked to her death down basement stairs by Principal Rev. Alfred Caldwell, United Church Alberni residential school, the night of December 24, 1946. Burial site unknown.

Albert Gray, age 11, beaten to death by the same Rev. Alfred Caldwell for taking a prune from a jar, Ahousaht United Church residential school, January 13, 1938. Burial site unknown

Vicky Stewart, age nine, died from brain injuries after assault from matron Ann Knizky, United Church Edmonton residential school, April 9, 1958. Buried in Waglisla after a false death record was issued.

Richard Thomas, age fifteen, beaten to death by Brother Terrance MacNamara, Kuper Island catholic indian school, April1964. Buried south of the school property in a mass grave with other children.

Joey Lavallee, age five, killed by torture from electric cattle prod shocks given by a priest at the portage la prairie catholic school, June 1966. Burial site unknown.

Dec 22 07:38

Royal Ontario Museum caught up in looted antiquities investigation

The Royal Ontario Museum insists it followed strict internal guidelines when it purchased a Buddhist stupa from Subhash Kapoor, a Manhattan art dealer who has since been charged by the Indian government with trafficking in stolen artifacts.

Dec 22 07:25

Documents reveal Canadian teenager target of GMO lobby

At the time, Rachel Parent was 14 years old and had a growing social media following. Her message to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food was attracting attention – including from those who promote GMOs in the U.S. Their internal emails reveal they were discussing how they could counter her message.

“To think at this point, I was on their radar and I had no clue,” Parent said.

Dec 21 20:39

VIDEO: Bottled Air A Hit In Smog-Filled China

A Canadian startup that harvests and sells Rocky Mountain air is a huge hit in China, where smog levels are breaking all records. Vitality Air's $30.7 USD twin packs have sold out on a Chinese online website amid smog red alerts. Shot by Lu Liu.

Dec 21 14:35

Negative Interest Rates for Canada?

Dec 19 09:03

Victoria police Chief Frank Elsner steps aside for 2 RCMP investigations

Chief has admitted he sent inappropriate tweets to the wife of a subordinate officer

Dec 18 19:50

A Ukrainian Website Is Outing Russian Soldiers, and Moscow Wants Canada to Stop It

Amid frosty relations, Ottawa is tackling a request from the Kremlin to go after a Ukrainian website, hosted in Canada, that is publishing identifying details of Russian soldiers fighting the Islamic State.

Dec 18 07:18

CP Rail raided second time over B.C. train left with no handbrakes

Transport Canada alleges three CP Rail supervisors — not the train crew — are responsible for leaving 57 rail cars parked on a mountain slope without proper handbrakes earlier this year above Revelstoke, B.C.

Dec 17 16:53

B.C.’s Attorney – General office wants $7,500.00 for the transcript of Topham Trial By

Well, there you have it. $7,500.00 for the transcript of R v Roy Arthur Topham less the Charge to the Jury which would have included another 62 pages raising the cost up a few hundred dollars more. Had I required the transcript in 3 business days the price would have jumped up another $1,500.00 bringing the total to $9,000.00.

Dec 17 10:35

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

This isn’t a game, it’s a fight for survival; Russia’s survival as a sovereign country. That’s what the stakes are. That’s not something Putin takes lightly.

Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion?

That’s all Putin is doing in Syria. He’s just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that’ll be coming his way once the current fracas is over. He figures it’s better to exterminate these US-backed maniacs in Syria now than face them in Chechnya, St Petersburg and Moscow sometime in the future. Can you blame him? After all, if Washington’s strategy works in Syria, then you can bet they’ll try the same thing in Beirut, Tehran and Moscow.

So what choice does Putin have?

Dec 17 08:20

Cancer researcher stabbed to death during evening walk

A 39-year-old man fatally stabbed Tuesday evening was out for his regular evening walk and appears to be the victim of a robbery gone wrong, Toronto police say.

Dec 16 12:14

B.C.’s Attorney – General office wants $7,500.00 for the transcript of Topham Trial By

Well, there you have it. $7,500.00 for the transcript of R v Roy Arthur Topham less the Charge to the Jury which would have included another 62 pages raising the cost up a few hundred dollars more. Had I required the transcript in 3 business days the price would have jumped up another $1,500.00 bringing the total to $9,000.00.

It’s no wonder that the little guys and gals who get caught up in the machinery of Canada’s “Just”us system invariably find themselves in a position where it becomes just too cost prohibitive to challenge decisions that could, were they accessible financially, be amenable to positive change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is clear that the court that found Topham guilty is doing whatever it can to make it impossible for Topham to pursue a Charter Challenge (Canada's equivalent of a Supreme Court test) to challenge the law under which his freedom of speech was attacked. The price set by the Quesnel Court Registry is absurd in the extreme and was clearly decided on in the hope that Topham would simply be unable to afford to take the case any further!

Dec 16 12:07

B.C.’s Attorney – General office wants $7,500.00 for the transcript of Topham Trial By

Dear Mr. Topham: Further to your request for an estimate for the preparation of transcripts regarding the above noted matter and based solely upon information we’ve received from the Quesnel Court Registry, the estimate for the proceedings heard the dates listed below, is as follows: Normal delivery (within 20 business days): $7,500.00. Expedited delivery (within 3 business days): $9,000.00. If you wish to proceed with this order, we will require payment in advance. [Arthur Topham notes: "Thanks to a recent donation of $5,000.00 by Dr. James Sears of Ontario we’re around the $6,000.00 mark with another $1,500.00 left to raise."

Dec 16 06:57

Rohinie Bisesar arrested in random Shoppers Drug Mart stabbing

Bisesar allegedly stabbed a woman inside a downtown Shoppers Drug Mart on Friday shortly before 3 p.m., police say. The woman sustained life-threatening injuries and remains in grave condition.

Police described the incident as a "completely unprovoked attack," adding that Bisesar was not previously known to them. There is no indication the victim and suspect knew each other, police said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was she on prescription anti-depressants?

Dec 15 08:44

The boom, the bust, the darkness: suicide rate soars in wake of Canada's oil crisis

In what used to be the ‘Texas of the north’, unemployment is creeping to 2008 levels, employment insurance beneficiaries have doubled, and the once economic powerhouse is in the throes of a potential mental health crisis

Dec 12 08:49


The first military plane carrying Syrian refugees to be resettled in Canada has arrived in the country.

Welcoming the 163 refugees, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was “showing the world how to open our hearts”.

The newly elected Liberal government has pledged to take in 25,000 refugees by the end of February.

Canada’s stance on the issue differs sharply to that of the US, which has been reluctant to take in migrants.

Dec 12 08:10

First planeload of Syrian refugees arrives in Canada

After months of promises and weeks of preparation, the first Canadian government planeload of Syrian refugees landed in Toronto on Thursday, aboard a military aircraft met by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Dec 12 08:09

Rachel Notley assassination chatter 'needs to stop,' Wildrose leader says as Bill 6 anger mounts

Numerous Albertans upset over the NDP government's passage of controversial farm-safety legislation have been openly talking online about assassinating Premier Rachel Notley — and the head of the official opposition says it needs to stop.

Dec 10 07:11

Canada's maple syrup 'rebels'

Redheaded grandmother Angele Grenier doesn't look much like a criminal, but she is one of Canada's most wanted women.

And as such, she faces the likelihood of lengthy jail time, and fines of about 500,000 Canadian dollars ($368,000; £245,000).

Her crime? She's a self-confessed smuggler and illegal dealer, someone who sells contraband across province lines.

But what exactly is she selling that has so incensed the Canadian authorities, and seen the police search her property? Drugs? Guns?

Nope, maple syrup - the lovely, sweet stuff that you pour on your breakfast pancakes, or add to your biscuit recipes.

Dec 09 07:50

Canada Just Warned That Negative Interest Rates Are Coming

Dec 09 07:14

Defence argues RCMP entrapped hapless BC Legislature bomb plotters - could conviction be stayed?

While police forces in France and Belgium battle fierce ISIL attackers, the RCMP is facing a potential entrapment ruling that could free two jailed but hapless B.C. "terrorists" convicted in the 2013 Canada Day bomb plot.

And even worse, presiding justice Catherine Bruce ruled in a disclosure decision last week where the defence is requesting RCMP solicitor-client communications that:

"I have found that the defence has raised a prima facie case that the RCMP violated s. 83.19 of the [Criminal] Code by providing money, services, and accommodation that helped them to commit terrorist activities."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So it isn't just the FBI making up their own terror plots to bust!

Dec 09 06:47

Suicide rate in Alberta climbs 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

The suicide rate in Alberta has increased dramatically in the wake of mounting job losses across the province.

The most recent data only goes to June, but according to the chief medical examiner's office, 30 per cent more Albertans took their lives in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Dec 04 08:52

Britain Dive-Bombs into Another Disastrous War

British addition of more warplanes to the already-crowded Syrian conflict is wholly wrong, just as the Americans and French are. Their underlying criminal objectives of regime change preclude them from bringing any good to the situation.

Dec 03 09:54

The Canadian model fighting ISIS in Syria tells us that they're easier to defeat than you'd think

Hanna Bohman has been fighting ISIS in Syria on and off for most of 2015, and she hasn't been impressed.

She said that as fighters, the Islamic State militants have "mostly been a disappointment."

"Their numbers don't seem that big and they're eager to run away," she told INSIDER in an email. "I suspect most of the experienced fighters have been consolidated in Mosul and Raqqa, and that's where the big fights will be."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ISIS is a bunch of actors playing at terror to give the US an excuse to make war on Syria's government. It's now documented that the US has been smuggling weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda to keep them going. The real target is Assad and has been all along. Truth is the first casualty of war.

Dec 01 13:27

Woman faces 10 years in prison for giving water to pigs on a scorching summer day

Anita Krajnc, of Toronto, was charged with criminal mischief when she gave drinking water to pigs being transported to a slaughterhouse on a hot day.

Nov 30 00:26

Bank of Canada Urges 'Star Trek' Fans to Stop 'Spocking' Their Fivers

Bank of Canada is pleading with Star Trek fans to stop “Spocking” its five dollar bills. Since Leonard Nimoy’s death, Canadian folks have been “Spocking” the hell out of the five dollar bill that features a portrait of Canada’s seventh prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Nov 29 09:54


A synagogue in Peterborough, Ont. is giving Muslims a place to pray after their mosque was set on fire in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Beth Israel Synagogue has offered up some space so that members of the Masjid Al-Salaam mosque, which serves hundreds, can worship there while they wait for their building to be repaired, The Canadian Jewish News reported.

Beth Israel already shares space with the Unitarian Fellowship, said The Peterborough Examiner.

Nov 28 20:19

Meet the man who funds ISIS: the son of Turkey’s President, Bilal Erdogan

The son of Turkey’s president (and thus, the father) is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into hundreds of millions of dollars of Islamic State revenue.

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov is not one foreign minister known to mince his words.

Just earlier today, 24 hours after a Russian plane was brought down by the country whose president three years ago said “a short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack”, had this to say:

“We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation” by Turkey.

But even that was tame compared to what Lavrov said to his Turkish counterparty Mevlut Cavusoglu earlier today during a phone call between the two (Lavrov who was supposed to travel to Turkey has since canceled such plans).

Nov 28 10:34

A Feast of Scandal – Justin Raimondo

We’re grateful for and to Patrick J. Fitzgerald, whose existence proves that the old America yet lives.

We have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving that it’s going to take me an entire column just to adequately describe them. Indeed, I’m already so loaded down with gifts that I don’t need Christmas. My cup runneth over! For an old libertarian “isolationist” like me this holiday season is a bountiful time, one that yields so much that it seems like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday all rolled into one. Take a gander at this wonderful cornucopia of plenty:

Nov 28 05:42

An Invisible US Hand Leading to War? Turkey’s Downing of a Russian Jet was an Act of Madness

It is all terribly dangerous and it is hard to predict where things will lead.

This outrageous shootdown of a Russian plane that was in no way posing a threat to Turkey or Turkish forces, will not end here, because Russia and President Putin cannot allow Turkey and NATO to so blatantly act against Russia and its pilots and go unpunished, particularly as it is Russia that is acting legally in Syria, while the US, Turkey and other nations backing rebel forces there are in all acting blatant violation of international law.

Unless saner heads start prevailing in Washington, this could all quickly spiral into the kind of situation in 1914, where a lot of ill-conceived treaties led to a minor incident in the Balkans turning inexorably into World War I.

Nov 26 18:07

From Zundel to Topham: Zionist theatre

The trials of Arthur Topham, Canadian journalist and publisher of Radical Press, for "hate crime" (2007) and "hate propaganda" (2012) under new Criminal Code “Hate Propaganda” legislation, have resulted in exactly the opposite of what the prosecution, B'Nai Brith, wanted. Instead of quietly muzzling the gadfly critic, the result has been the highlighting of past Jewish hate crimes, and the increasing control by Zionist groups of Canadian politics to promote Israel and censor anti-Zionist criticism.

Nov 26 08:32

New Canadian PM Trudeau Votes No on 16 Anti-Israel U.N. Resolutions

Canada opposed 6 resolutions yesterday that omitted Palestinian knife attacks & incitement

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, that didn't last long.

Nov 26 06:07

Is Turkey Starting a Proxi-War for NATO?

It is clear, Turkey hosting the recent G20 meeting and subscribing to the east-west ‘coalition’ of fighting the ISIS / DAESH / Al Qaeda terror, was a loosely disguised farce.

Did Turkey just provoke a proxi-war on behalf of NATO against Russia? – Turkey knew very well that the Russian SU-24 fighter jet was inside Syria’s borders and that even as it may have been close to Turkey it was no threat for Turkey. Russia’s mission was clear to all the 19 nations which attended the G20 meeting some 10 days ago in Antalya, Turkey, when the entire group unanimously decided to cooperate in fighting the Islamic State (IS – or Daesh, according to its Arabic acronym).