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February 23, 2009

Feb 23 09:21

"Stress tests" for big banks to begin this week

The Obama administration will begin taking a hard look at the financial condition of the country's 20 biggest banks this week to judge whether they could hold up even if the downturn worsens further than policymakers already expect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can tell you already. The won't hold up. They will scream for more taxpayer bailouts.

Feb 23 09:20

Protests mount as Obama's promises to end human rights violations fall flat

When United States President Barack Obama came into office, the world breathed a sigh of relief. He was, after all, a man who promised to close an ugly chapter in American history, shutting down Guantanamo and with it the horrific policies of the Bush administration. But not only is he facing hurdles in closing Guantanamo, but extraordinary renditions and interrogations involving torture are to be continued.

Feb 23 09:19

The normal rules governing state conduct do not apply to Israel

Critics of Zionism and Israel -- including a few Israelis -- have charted an inverse exceptionality, which describes an Israel that is aberrant, violates international norms with near impunity, engages in systematic abuses of human rights, wages wars at will, and has expanded its territories through conquest. This is not the place to offer an exhaustive list of these negative Israeli exceptions, but we will list a few that are the most egregious.

Feb 23 09:18

Philadelphia Inquirer seeks bankruptcy protection

The publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer has become the second US newspaper group to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in two days, succumbing on Sunday to vanishing advertising revenues and an unmanageable debt burden.

Feb 23 09:16

Citigroup's Clever Plan To Screw Taxpayers Again

So Citigroup (C) has proposed that the US taxpayer and other preferred shareholders convert up to $75 billion of preferred stock into common stock, thus bolstering the company's tangible equity and putting it in less desperate need of a complete takeover.

And what will the US taxpayer get for this preferred stock conversion? 40% of the company for some of its $45 billion of preferred, say reports. The reports add that Citigroup's goal here is to keep the US's ownership under 50%, so this won't be a de facto nationalization.

Well, that's nice for Citigroup...and another ream-job for taxpayers.

Feb 23 09:15

Court Enforces FOIA Request to Release TARP Details

Advocates of an open Government and transparent allocation of taxpayer funds celebrated the news late Friday afternoon (2-20-09) that the U.S. District court has moved to enforce a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to release more details about exactly how TARP bailout funds have been and are being used.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That there is even resistance on the part of the government to tell us where the money went is damning.

Feb 23 09:14

Air America Poll: 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigation

Air America conducted a poll that asked a question raised by Time Magazine's Joe Klein: "Should Obama pardon George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney?" The idea: a pardon would brand them for crimes without the agony of a trial.

Air American's aren't buying the Klein solution. They want the whole lot thrown in jail. No trial necessary! A whopping 90% of our 9000 respondents want to see Bush and Company pay for their crimes with either hard time in the pokey or hard time in the pokey after enhanced interrogation techniques. (Shocking!)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama faces an angry nation getting angrier by the minute.

Offering up the Bush War Criminals as a target for the righteous anger of the people might become a political inevitability.

Otherwise, we just might think Obama shares the guilt.

Feb 23 09:12

Rename Law? No Wisecrack Is Left Behind

Two years ago, an effort to fix No Child Left Behind, the main federal law on public schools, provoked a grueling slugfest in Congress, leading Representative George Miller, Democrat of California, to say the law had become “the most negative brand in America.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan agrees. “Let’s rebrand it,” he said in an interview. “Give it a new name.”

Feb 23 09:10

IRS Issues New Withholding Tables: $10 Extra Pay Per Week to Start April 1

The IRS on Saturday announced that it has issued new withholding tables to implement the Making Work Pay Tax Credit of 6.2% of earned income, up to $400 for single taxpayers and $800 for married couples. Employers must start using these tables by April 1, but may do so earlier. As Kay Bell notes, this works out to an extra $10 per week in take-home pay for most taxpayers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! The US Government just dumped $30,000 in tax debt on your ass and they hope to buy you off by letting you take home an extra $10 per week. And here's the rub; just because they let you take it home right now does NOT mean you get to keep it. Absent a significant tax reduction, you will have to send that $10 back in next year's return, or at best, see that $10 deducted from any refund.

This is a cosmetic change; a public relations maneuver, with no real substance or benefit to it.

Remember the scene in "Take of Two Cities" where the coach runs over the child and the rich owner of the coach tosses a coin out the window to the parents to "pay" for the child?

The coin just got thrown at you.

Feb 23 08:59

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America

Feb 23 08:57

Brown: World needs 'global New Deal'

The world needs a "global New Deal" to haul it out of the economic crisis it faces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No Mr. Brown, it needs a hanging party for the greedy bastards who used derivatives to bankrupt the financial system and the politicians who agreed to dump the losses on the people.

Globalism is why the whole world was brought down by Wall Street. Globalism will not get us out.

Feb 23 08:53

The US Collapse Of 2009 - This Will Blow Your Mind......

Feb 23 08:47

Israel to destroy Arab houses in al-Quds

Israel has issued a warning for hundreds of Palestinians to evacuate east Jerusalem (al-Quds) before demolishing their homes in the area.

"The owners of 80 houses in the al-Bustan neighborhood have received eviction notices saying that the structures will be destroyed because they are illegal," said Hatem Abdel Kader, an official responsible for the city's affairs in the Palestinian government.

Kader told AFP that "The (Jerusalem) municipality used this as a pretext to issue the demolition orders despite appeals by the residents."

Feb 23 08:47

Orwellian Doublethink "Nationalize the banks." "Free Markets."

How is it that Mr. Greenspan, free-market lobbyist for Wall Street, recently announced that he favored nationalization of America’s banks – and indeed, mainly the biggest and most powerful? Has he "gone left"? Or are we dealing with the most recent exercise in Orwellian doublethink?

The answer is that the rhetoric of "free markets," "nationalization" and even "socialism" (as in "socializing the losses") has been turned into the language of deception to help the financial sector mobilize government power to support its own special privileges. Having undermined the economy at large, Wall Street’s public relations think tanks are now dismantling the language itself.

The popular media should not let them get away with it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We won't.

The crash of 1904 was exploited to bring about the Federal Reserve. The crash of 1929 was used to end the use of gold coins and force the use of Federal Reserve notes on everyone.

And now the crash of 2008 is being used to force the "Nationalization" of the banks which means that taxpayer bailouts, previously an occasional looting of the public, will now be permanent and ongoing.

Feb 23 08:43

Nigerian Accused in Scheme to Swindle Citibank

Swindles in which someone overseas seeks access to a person’s bank account are so well known that most potential victims can spot them in seconds.

But one man found success by tweaking the formula, prosecutors say: Rather than trying to dupe an account holder into giving up information, he duped the bank. And instead of swindling a person, he tried to rob a country — of $27 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that when it's a bank instead of you or I, the authorities actually arrest the crooks.

Feb 23 08:41

Economic crisis 'is as bad as they come'

If 30 years of financial crises teach anything - in Scandinavia, Japan, other parts of Asia and Latin America - the worst is not over for the U.S. economy. But that may be the good news.

This time, a tightly interdependent world has entered a synchronized contraction. Pretty much everyone is in trouble, leaving the world without an engine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

National borders are like fire doors in a building. They prevent a fire in one area from spreading. But the globalists wanted to block the fire doors wide open so they woulc run back and forth more quickly and for a time it looked like things were better and more business was getting done.

But now there is a fire.

And nothinn to stop it from leaping from office to office, from floor to floor.

Feb 23 08:38

GOP: ISPs, Wi-Fi Must Keep Logs For Police

Republican politicians on Thursday called for a sweeping new federal law that would require all Internet providers and operators of millions of Wi-Fi access points - even hotels, local coffee shops and home users - to keep records about users for two years to aid police investigations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real goal of all these absurd laws is to gradually make using the internet so expensive that most people will be forced to go back to ABCNNBBCBS for their news.

Feb 23 08:36

US returns six-year stockpile of weapons

The US military is sending back equipment it has used in Iraq through Jordan and Kuwait as it tests possible exits out of the war-torn country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? See? We're really getting ready to leave! Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 23 08:35

Iran warns Pakistan over Parachinar massacre

Tehran has cautioned Islamabad over the 'silent massacre' of its Shia community by the Taliban, in the border town of Parachinar.

"The incidents that have occurred against Pakistan's Shia community are a plot to create conflict between the region's Sunni and Shia population," Ali Larijani said, according to a Monday report in Iran's Hamshari daily.

Feb 23 08:34

Armenian expert US will refrain naming 1915 incidents as "genocide"

U.S. President Baracak Obama will refrain from naming the 1915 incident as "genocide" since his country will need Turkey's support for Afghanistan policy, the latest key factor in U.S. foreign policy, an Armenian expert claimed on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A month on the job and Obama blows his own credibility out of the water. From how on, anything Obama says must be assumed to be shaped to fit with the wishes of foreign governments.

Feb 23 08:31

US troops offering secret aid to Pakistan

The New York Times is reporting that more than 70 US troops are secretly helping the Pakistani army in its fight against militants. They provide advice and training but are not directly involved in any Pakistani combat operations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's how Vietnam started.

Feb 23 08:31

Netanyahu’s warmonger cabinet doomed from the start

Israeli President Shimon Peres’ decision to ask extremist Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu to attempt to form a new cabinet will lead to a series of political and security crises in Israel’s internal, regional, and international affairs.

Although the Likud leader tried to establish a coalition with the Kadima party, led by Tzipi Livni, Kadima announced that it would prefer to remain in opposition to a Netanyahu cabinet.

Feb 23 08:26

Ritz Camera files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Ritz Camera Centers Inc, which said it is the largest U.S. specialty camera and imaging chain, on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, hurt by the recession and consumers' shift to digital photography.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have a Ritz Camera here on Oahu (it's the last high-end photography store on the island) and it long ago made the transition to digital. The Kodak film lab went out of business years ago. I don't think that digital has that much to do with it; it's been a minority mode for quite some time.

Feb 23 08:26

Urban Warfare Drills Linked To Coming Economic Rage

Urban warfare training drills are taking place across the country as top analysts as well as officials predict a potential “summer of rage” across Europe and America as civil unrest from the economic fallout builds.

Earlier this month, 150 U.S. troops from the U.S. Special Operations Command whizzed around the streets of New Orleans in military helicopters and even dropped bombs in what officials described as a “training event”.

An Iowa National Guard training exercise in Arcadia, Iowa, scheduled for April was originally billed as an “invasion” before public opposition caused the drill to be scaled back. The exercise included Guard troops patrolling streets, searching houses and confiscating firearms.

Feb 23 08:14

Patton On Communism And The Khazar Jews General Patton's Warning

At the end of World War II, one of America's top military leaders accurately assessed the shift in the balance of world power which that war had produced and foresaw the enormous danger of communist aggression against the West. Alone among U.S. leaders he warned that America should act immediately, while her supremacy was unchallengeable, to end that danger. Unfortunately, his warning went unheeded, and he was quickly silenced by a convenient "accident" which took his life.

Feb 23 07:34

Whoo-Hoo! Atoms of Fissionable Material Everywhere!

Much as I hate to do so, because psychology tells us that repetition will help to fix the erroneous message in our minds, I will quote the most egregious statement of this "news."

Iran has enriched sufficient uranium to amass a nuclear bomb – a third more than previously thought – the United Nations announced yesterday.

Ah yes. And if you live in Boulder, Colorado, or in Connecticut, or New York City, you have enough U-235 under your house (or perhaps block) to amass a nuclear bomb! Or, Kevin, all that sea water lapping up against the California coast has uranium in it too! I have a call in to the IAEA to inspect your homes!

Feb 23 07:30

Fiscal Irresponsibility (D-US) replaced Fiscal Irresponsibility (R-US)

The government will spend $800 billion. If we're to believe that it's money well spent, then there should already be a plan for every penny. I don't believe that, of course, but we're still supposed to trust what is clearly a plan based on the belief that money spent is money well spent.

Feb 23 07:20

McDonald's: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patron

Fast food giant McDonald's has denied workers compensation benefits to a minimum wage employee who was shot when he ejected a customer who had been beating a woman inside the restaurant.

A representative of the administrator for McDonald's workers compensation plan explained that "we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that Mr. Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment."

Feb 23 07:18

Forget about the WGA! 20+ Windows Vista Features and Services Harvest User Data for Microsoft

Are you using Windows Vista? Then you might as well know that the licensed operating system installed on your machine is harvesting a healthy volume of information for Microsoft. In this context, a program such as the Windows Genuine Advantage is the last of your concerns. In fact, in excess of 20 Windows Vista features and services are hard at work collecting and transmitting your personal data to the Redmond company.

Feb 23 07:13

Should AIPAC Decide What's Classified?

In 1962 AIPAC's predecessor organization – the American Zionist Council (AZC) – ran into trouble when Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered it to register as Israel's foreign agent under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The Department of Justice (DOJ) discovered the AZC had secretly received the equivalent of $35 million in Israeli funds to build a domestic lobby and conduct public relations in the United States for arms, aid, and preferential diplomatic treatment. In a massive but secret battle with the DOJ, the AZC managed to win two important concessions. The AZC was allowed to file a partial activity declaration covering only three months rather than the many years during which it was most actively lobbying for Israel.

Feb 23 07:10

Israeli War Crimes In Gaza Investigated

An Arab League delegation is in Gaza to document alleged Israeli war crimes committed during its three-week offensive in the territory.

Sunday's delegation is made up of international legal and forensic experts. They will present their findings to the Arab League's chief, Amr Moussa.

The Arab League, and its 22 member states, could then attempt to pursue war crimes charges in countries that allow such lawsuits to be presented.

Feb 23 07:02

How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline

In 1985 Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame's clouded past, including a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it "might induce brain tumors."

The FDA had actually banned aspartame based on this finding, only to have Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld (currently the Secretary of Defense) vow to "call in his markers," to get it approved.

Feb 23 06:52

New Zealand internet sector protests harsh new copyright laws

New Zealand’s internet sector is up in arms over new laws that mean internet service providers can disconnect users accused of downloading copyrighted material, even if those accusations are not proven.

Section 92A in NZ's new Copyright Act was rammed through New Zealand’s Parliament last year and is due to come into effect on 28 February.


February 22, 2009

Feb 22 20:41

None Dare Call It Class Warfare

As the economic crisis deepens, workers from across the globe have taken to the streets in protest of government handouts for financial institutions, privatization, and job loss.

Feb 22 20:19

Rockets fired from Lebanon strike Israel

The Israeli military says it has fired artillery into southern Lebanon in response to a rocket attack, which injured three people near the northern Israeli town Maalot.

No group has claimed responsibility for launching the missiles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meaning this is a false-flag operation to justify re-starting the Lebanon war.

Feb 22 20:17

Citi presses officials to take 40% stake

Feb 22 20:17

Israel Set To Destroy Hundreds Of Palestinians Homes In East Jerusalem

Israel has issued a warning for hundreds of Palestinians to evacuate east Jerusalem (al-Quds) before demolishing their homes in the area.

"The owners of 80 houses in the al-Bustan neighborhood have received eviction notices saying that the structures will be destroyed because they are illegal," said Hatem Abdel Kader, an official responsible for the city's affairs in the Palestinian government.

Feb 22 20:10

Angry citizen(s) spray paint Congressman’s car and home

On October 22, just after the first round of bankster bailouts was passed by Congress against the will of the American people several representatives in Minnesota found their cars and homes spray painted by angry constituents.  You can read about the story HERE.
It has just been reported by ABC Eyewitness News 5 in Missouri that Congressman Russ Carnahan’s home and car where spray painted in a similar manner.

Feb 22 20:07

Durban II drafts: Israel is racist, occupying state

Draft resolutions for the United Nations Durban II summit on racism brand Israel as an occupying state that carries out racist policies, Haaretz has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a surprise??????

Feb 22 20:01

Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza

Detailed evidence has emerged of Israel's extensive use of US-made weaponry during its war in Gaza last month, including white phosphorus artillery shells, 500lb bombs and Hellfire missiles.

In a report released today, Amnesty International detailed the weapons used and called for an immediate arms embargo on Israel and all Palestinian armed groups. It called on the Obama administration to suspend military aid to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I can't do that!! They'll call me an anti-Semite!!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 22 19:57

Manufacturing Guilt?

Experts say this exclusive video shows a dental examiner creating the bite marks that put a man on death row.

Feb 22 19:43

How to Save New Brain Cells

Thousands of new cells are generated in the adult brain every day, particularly in the hippo­campus, a structure involved in learning and memory.

Within a couple of weeks, most of those newborn neurons will die, unless the animal is challenged to learn something new. Learning—especially that involving a great deal of effort—can keep these new neurons alive.

Although the neurons do not seem to be necessary for most types of learning, they may play a role in predicting the future based on past experience. Enhancing neurogenesis might therefore help slow cognitive decline and keep healthy brains fit.

Feb 22 19:41

Latvia's government collapses

Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis, who presented his resignation to President Valdis Zatlers on Friday, had been in power only since December 2007. But the precipitous plunge of Latvia's economy, which helped provoke the worst riot since 1991 last month, played a major part in the government's downfall.

Feb 22 19:39

Fresh BBC row after reporters asked not to cover Gaza demo

SENIOR BBC Scotland managers were plunged into a new row over trust last week after it emerged the corporation's journalists felt they could not report on a demonstration held inside their own building.

Last month more than 20 demonstrators occupied the foyer of BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters in protest at the corporation's decision not to broadcast an appeal from the Disasters Emergency Committee on behalf of the people of Gaza. More than 40,000 people complained to the BBC about its decision.

According to one BBC Scotland source, radio journalists were told by editors not to include the demonstration on Radio Scotland's news bulletins - even though other branches of the corporation were reporting the story in full.

Feb 22 19:37

I Guarantee You Haven’t Heard This Tasty Morsel Yet!

Is Citi the only company getting the opportunity to funnel the taxpayers dollars? Is this how the government will start funding all of their projects? Is there an upfront cost to these cards that the government paid to have the cards issued? So many questions, so little time!

Feb 22 19:20

Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza

Detailed evidence has emerged of Israel's extensive use of US-made weaponry during its war in Gaza last month, including white phosphorus artillery shells, 500lb bombs and Hellfire missiles.

In a report released today, Amnesty International detailed the weapons used and called for an immediate arms embargo on Israel and all Palestinian armed groups. It called on the Obama administration to suspend military aid to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to admire Amnesty International's courage in call the US on this one.

The depth to which the US has been complicit in the wounding and deaths of innocent Palestinians is detestable in ways I cannot even begin to articulate.

But ultimately, what needs to happen is for the US - and the rest of the world - to absolutely stop all aid to Israel, period, end of discussion, until there is a verifiable cease-fire, and a true Palestinian state.

Of course, this is not going to happen.

Feb 22 18:38

Tech Layoffs Jump 75% in 2008

Layoffs in the US technology sector rose 74.2% in 2008 as compared with the previous year. The industry was battered by an unrelenting wave of layoffs.

186,955 jobs in the telecommunications, computer, and electronics sectors were slashed in 2008

Feb 22 18:01

Nationalization, US gov't sponsored, private bank profiteering

Plan to nationalise American banks
Geoff Elliott, Washington correspondent
February 23, 2009

"The plan proposed in Washington would effectively force the troubled US banks into receivership and put them under government control, recapitalise them with taxpayers' funds and then sell them off to private investors, wiping out the existing shareholders' equity. The President said of the US banking system last week: "I think what you can say is I will not allow our financial system to collapse. And we are going to do whatever is required to get credit flowing again, so companies and consumers can do their business and we can get this economy back on track.""

Feb 22 17:44

Why Not the Truth?

Those who evade responsibility must also evade the truth. Inevitably, they turn to the state. Let the state be responsible, they say. Let the state signify truth.

Feb 22 16:21

Be veeeeeeewy quiet. I'm hunting neocons......

....on message boards....

Posted: "What if the Muslims declared war on the US and worked within the US to destroy it"?

Answers of "kill them" in various responses.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since Jews declared war on Germany in 1933....."


Posted: "If Israel, while enforcing its blockade of Gaza, were to sink a boat carrying Americans as well as munitions going to Gaza, should the US declare war on Israel"?

Various answers siding with Israel.

Retort: "Oh, I was just curious since the RMS Lusitania was running the German blockade carrying munitions, etc...."

You get the idea.

Feb 22 12:51

Uncomfortable Others: Afghan Civilians Wounded by America

In our contemporary world where the visual message trumps the written word, photos of those killed or wounded by U.S/NATO actions rarely are published (those killed or wounded by the Taliban frequently appear in the western mainstream press). They generate too much discomfort.

In a rare example of independent photojournalism, Lynsey Addario published photos of some wounded victims of U.S/NATO actions in Afghanistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks; while American vets sleep in our streets.

The knuckleheads who put together the "plan" for the Afghanistan campaign apparently had not one bit of understanding about the history of the people they were going to fight, and managed to have selective amnesia on that little bit in the military tactical books stating that a country cannot possibly win what is a land war from the air.(something I had hoped we would learn from Viet Nam, but apparently haven't.)

All this, coupled with what can only be kindly described as "magical thinking" has lead us to where we are, 7 years on. We have an insurgency which wants its country back, an Afghani president and government so crooked that the people believe that they have to screw their socks on in the morning, and - oh yes - the opium poppy business is booming!

Obama has vowed to placed 17,000 more troops there (which depends on when we can get many of them out of Iraq,), to add to the 30,000 US troops already there. So, we have around 47,000 troops.

Unfortunately, as reported in The Australian:

"US military planners estimate 500,000 troops, including newly trained Afghan National Army soldiers, are needed to secure the country"

500,000...47,000. Less than 10%, even counting NATO-Contributing forces. So ultimately, we've come up with a manpower figure which most likely cannot, and will not, work to hold this country.d

It isn't for no reason that Afghanistan has been characterized as "The Graveyard of Empires".

Feb 22 12:18

Herbert Hoover Copycats

Feb 22 12:05

Clinton wraps Asia trip by asking China to buy US debt

"Because our economies are so intertwined the Chinese know that in order to start exporting again to its biggest market, the United States had to take some very drastic measures with this stimulus package," Clinton said.

Clinton added: "The US needs the investment in Treasury bonds to shore up its economy to continue to buy Chinese products."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the word "asked" in the headline should probably been replaced by the word "begged". And it is apparent that Clinton didn't really get an answer to that for the Chinese leaders with whom she met.

Feb 22 12:02

The FBI is probing possible money laundering linked to Mexico's infamous narco-trafficking Gulf Cartel in its investigation of Allen Stanford

The FBI is probing possible money laundering linked to Mexico's infamous narco-trafficking Gulf Cartel in its investigation of Texan billionaire Sir Allen Stanford, US law enforcement sources have told the Observer.

Feb 22 12:01

Obama: People should see tax cut help by April 1

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"April fools!" -- Official White Horse Souse, April 2nd.

Feb 22 12:00

Obama's Refusal To Reverse Bush Policy In Afghanistan Angers Human Rights Groups

Less than a month after signing an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, President Barack Obama has quietly agreed to keep denying the right to trial to hundreds more terror suspects held at a makeshift camp in Afghanistan that human rights lawyers have dubbed "Obama's Guantanamo".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sadly, Obama's claims for "change" were nothing more than smoke and mirrors, the misdirection of a magnificently articulate salesman.

Feb 22 11:59

Screen Actors Guild rejects studio contract offer

Feb 22 11:54

McDonald's: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patrons

Fast food giant McDonald's has denied workers compensation benefits to a minimum wage employee who was shot when he ejected a customer who had been beating a woman inside the restaurant.

A representative of the administrator for McDonald's workers compensation plan explained that "we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that Mr. Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

I think that a jury will make mincemeat out of this decision by McDonald's.

Feb 22 11:50

Experts Warn of 'Terminator'-Style Military-Robot Rebellion

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't build them.

Feb 22 11:45

Oops. We overlooked 193,000 square miles of ice

In May, 2008, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) predicted that the North Pole would be ice-free during the 2008 melt season because of ‘global warming.’

Today, they admitted that they’ve underreported Arctic ice extent by 193,000 square miles (500,000 square kilometers). They blamed the error on satellite problems and sensor drift.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The National Snow and Ice Data Center is not a government agency but a university department whose funding is in large part dependent on the public perception of an imminent catastrophic climate event.

Feb 22 11:30


If, as appears to be the case, our elections are routinely being rigged, then it cannot be argued that We The People either chose, or approved of, those officials who borrowed trillions of dollars without our permission and sought to enslave us to that debt.

In an atmosphere of doubt about the validity of the voting process, it cannot be assumed that the American people have actually voted for or approved of any of the government's actions and policies for the last 35 years. That includes a couple of wars and some $14 trillion in debt, and the $60,000 in interest payments alone each taxpayer has had to fork over since the 60s.

Feb 22 11:17

Campaign To Cancel the Washington National Debt

We must work to pass “The Washington National Debt Constitutional Amendment” and repudiate much of the Washington government debt before it bankrupts every private American citizen. We fear the massive increase in the level of indebtedness due to the meltdown and depression will first bring down the Treasury market followed by the US dollar and this will destroy the American economy for years to come.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We The People did not incur that debt. We did not agree to underwrite it. We opposed much of it. And you cannot show me any contract where we ever agreed to pay it.

Feb 22 11:08

A Martyr's Message

Sivan 29th was the Yahrzeit of Reb Yaaakov Yisroal Ben Yitzchok Isaac De-Hann.

Fifty years have passed since he was deliberately struck down by the murderous bullets of the Zionists appointed for this assassination.

Feb 22 11:07

Vatican, Catholic bishops and Hizbullah allied in condemnation of Israeli TV show

Earlier this week, the private channel broadcast a series of skits, one of which suggested the Virgin Mary "was impregnated at the age of 15 by a school friend." Another said Jesus died at a young age "because he was fat" and that his excess weight would have made it impossible for him to walk on water.

Feb 22 11:06

U.S.-Israel Storm Clouds Ahead?

After eight years of the closest possible relations, the United States and Israel may be headed for a period of increasing strain, particularly given the likelihood that whatever Israeli government emerges from last week's election will be more hawkish than its predecessor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that the US "Special Relationship" with Israel is all downside (except for the politicians taking money from AIPAC) I am ready for Israel to go its own way and stand on its own two feet for once.

Feb 22 11:05

NASA delays space shuttle launch a fourth time

NASA originally hoped to send Discovery to the space station, with one final set of solar wings, on Feb. 12. But extra tests were ordered for the valves that control the flow of hydrogen gas into the external fuel tank during liftoff. One of those valves broke during the last shuttle launch in November.

Feb 22 10:57

When Will Real Americans Stand Up To The Zionist Power Configuration?

Just last week while on the road Red's home was invaded by the IOF (Indian Occupation Forces). Because Red's double wide sits on the top of a hill over looking the countryside it provides the perfect vantage point for the IOF to watch for Hazard militants out to defeat their Yueish occupiers. Red is still outraged over the last time his home was occupied. The IOF stold his Grandfather's banjo and vandalized his special Dale Earnhardt memorial he kept in his spare bedroom(it used to be an Elvis memorial but Red is a progressive Kentuckian and thought it was time to move on) over turning candles and defacing Dale's pictures and other collectibles. These IOF bastards even urinated in his tobacco spittoon and defecated on his shag carpeting as a show of disrespect for he and his people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 22 10:54

Some Madoff stock trades were fiction

Investors wiped out by the Bernard Madoff scandal got more bad news on Friday: Investigators have confirmed suspicions that the monthly statements showing the disgraced financier was making stock trades for them were pure fiction.

"We have no evidence to indicate securities were purchased for customer accounts" in the past 13 years, said court-appointed trustee Irving Picard at a packed, town-hall style meeting at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in lower Manhattan. "This is a case where we're going to be looking at cash in and cash out" - the shorthand definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The entire Federal Reserve is a Ponzi scheme.

The system works only so long as an ever-enlarging pool of new borrowers can be brought in at the bottom to create the money to pay the interest owed by the older borrowers on top.

No new borrowers means no new money, and since more money is owed than actually exists, the system has to come down.

Feb 22 10:52

Tax Lawyer Alleges IRS Retaliated Against Him for Complaint About Agent

In a federal court suit, Kenny alleges that when he complained to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration that an IRS agent was telling taxpayers to forgo representation, the IRS lodged a professional complaint against him.

Though the suit ... was dismissed, Kenny says he is appealing. According to his suit, Kenny filed three complaints with TIGTA over a three-year period, accusing IRS agent Steven Wald of deterring taxpayers from hiring representatives and, when they did so, trying to interfere with them. ...

Feb 22 10:51

Trouble at Treasury

In truth, Geithner did us all a big favor on Tuesday by exposing himself as a stooge of the banking industry. Now everyone can see that the banks are working the deal from the inside. Geithner has assembled a phalanx of Wall Street flim-flam men to fill out the roster at Treasury. His chief-of-staff is lobbyist from Goldman Sachs. The new deputy secretary of state is a former CEO of Citigroup. Another CFO from Citigroup is now assistant to the president, and deputy national security adviser for International Economic Affairs. And one of his deputies also came from Citigroup. One new member of the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board comes from UBS, which is currently being investigated for helping rich clients evade taxes.

Feb 22 10:46

Expert predicts dire scenarios of climate change: mass migrations and war

If we don't deal with climate change decisively, "what we're talking about then is extended world war," the eminent economist said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talk about a pathetic and obvious attempt to cling to funding...

Was there a catastrophic climate change just before WWI? WWII?

Feb 22 10:37

Attackers Exploiting Unpatched Flaw In Adobe Reader, Acrobat

Hackers are exploiting an unpatched security hole in current versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat to install malicious software when users open a booby-trapped PDF file, security experts warn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Waterboard the hackers' computers.


Make them watch!

Feb 22 10:36

Out of the Overflow of the Heart–Jesus and Mary as Vulgar Comedy In The Holy Land

Considering the wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth drama to which the entire world was recently subjected as a result of Bp Richard Williamson’s refusal to accept as gospel truth Jewish claims concerning that “sancta sanctorum” known as the Holocaust, one would assume that a television program featuring Jesus as a fat, balding, Jonathon Pollard look-alike and his mother Mary as a Sarah Silverman act-alike should have made headline news all around the world, not only for its outrage but as well for its obvious hypocrisy.

Feb 22 10:19

Nationalization: Code Word for Banker Takeover

“Simply put: Nationalizing ailing banks means the government would tell bank execs to take a hike, and then oversee taxpayer dollars as they course through the banking sector’s veins,” writes Kelley. “When all is well, perhaps after selling assets and operations to new private investors, the government then steps back and lets a newly regulated bank sector float on its way.”

Does Mr. Kelley really think the government will step back after “nationalizing” the banks? He seems to think the government is “of the people, by the people, for the people,” as Lincoln put it, when it fact it is of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks.

Feb 22 10:17


Feb 22 10:17


One settler gets compensated by a Court Order…… what about the THOUSANDS of Palestinians that suffered (and continue to suffer)?
Is this the type of ‘Justice’ we can expect from the new Government?

Feb 22 10:16


Feb 22 10:15

Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer

As the farmers were loading up the parsley and spinach from the agricultural lands shots were fired from Israeli forces on the border. Mohammad was shot in the right leg and evacuated, while still under fire, to hospital.

Feb 22 10:11

If Violence Escalates in Mexico, Texas Officials Plan to Be Ready

As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and what percentage of the illegals already behind the lines inside the US will join the cartels?

Feb 22 10:09

What Cooked the World's Economy?

It wasn't your overdue mortgage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The sub-prime mortgage debacle only lost $1.2 trillion. The US Government has already spent 5 times that without a sign of the economy coming out of free fall.

Sub-prime borrowers are getting the blame from the corporate media, but it was Wall Streets high-rollers that brought the casino down.

Feb 22 10:04

Drought to cut off federal water to Calif. farms

Federal water managers said Friday that they plan to cut off water, at least temporarily, to thousands of California farms as a result of the deepening drought gripping the state.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officials said parched reservoirs and patchy rainfall this year were forcing them to completely stop surface water deliveries for at least a three-week period beginning March 1. Authorities said they haven't had to take such a drastic move for more than 15 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the the farms will lose their crops, the smaller family-owned farms will go bankrupt and be sold for pennies on the dollar while food prices soar, both of which play into the hands of large agricultural corporations.

Now, here is a little blast from the past. ENRON.

Because of the ENRON debacle, and Governor Schwarzenegger's forgiveness of billions in repayments owed to California by ENRON, water development projects for California were postponed, scaled back, or canceled outright.

And, while ENRON was privatizing electricity in California in order to gouge the people with inflated prices, another ENRON unit, Azurix Corp., was trying to do the same thing with water in Florida!

So Californians need to take a close look at who gains from California's thirst. Which one of Arnold's good buddies stands to get filthy rich if water prices are driven sky high by shortages, shortages which may be as artificial as the eletricity brownouts ENRON created to run up power costs?

Feb 22 10:00

Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems

If — no, make that when — your PC’s hard drive crashes and can’t be read, don’t be too quick to throw it out. Stick it in the freezer overnight.

“The trick is a real and proven, albeit last resort, recovery technique for some kinds of otherwise-fatal hard-drive problems,” writes Fred Langa on his Windows Secrets Web site. Many hard drive failures are caused by worn parts that no longer align properly, making it impossible to read data from the drive. Lowering the drive’s temperature causes its metal and plastic internals to contract ever so slightly. Taking the drive out of the freezer, and returning it to room temperature can cause those parts to expand again.

Feb 22 09:58

"Jewish Internet Defense Force" gets a smackdown from Facebook

Two questions:

1. Is it organized crime, RICO violations, for these "mobbing", "focusing" organziations like JIDF, GIYUS.org, Operation MEGAPHONE, etc...to engage in the types of activities that seek to disrupt those who wish to bring those who have violated International law and have committed human rights violations (war crimes) to justice?

2. Could it be assumed, based on all of the activities of these mobbing organizations, that there exists, a militant faction similar to the Israeli IRGUN, a secret army, on the ground in western nations (the United States)?

Feb 22 08:25

Soros Says Financial Crisis Marks End of a Free-Market Model

Billionaire investor George Soros said the current economic crisis has its roots in the financial deregulation of the 1980s and marks the end of a free-market model that has since dominated capitalist countries.

Liberalization of the financial industry begun by the Reagan administration has led to a series of breakdowns forcing government intervention, Soros told economists and bankers last night at a private dinner at Columbia University in New York. The global recession, triggered by the collapse of the U.S. housing market, has “damaged the financial system itself,” he said.

Feb 22 07:13

Can an Employer’s Past Follow Its Workers?

The New York Times HILLARY CHURA Feb 21, 2009

JOB hunting in this market is hard enough. Pity the candidate coming from Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, the Stanford Group or another company tainted by bad news of one sort or another.

“What makes a résumé go from toxic to fatal is the person’s attitude,” said Sharon Blaivas, an independent résumé writer at Shakeupmyresume.com and former recruiter for Goldman Sachs. “The fact is what the fact is — they worked at a place with problems — and that doesn’t make them bad.”

Feb 22 07:03

Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama Administration

The Rhodes Scholarships-awarded to Americans and students from other former British colonies-are funded by a trust set up by 19th Century British imperial figure Cecil Rhodes, whose intent was to indoctrinate these scholars with the theme that the American colonies should be reunited with the British Empire and that they should work through "public service" to achieve that goal. But Rhodes wasn't just some rich madcap dreamer. His ventures were underwritten by the international Rothschild dynasty operating from the financial district in London known as "The City"-the banking center of the Rothschild controlled British empire that also includes the London School of Economics.

Feb 22 06:58

Economic View - Can Talk of a Depression Lead to One?

The New York Times ROBERT J. SHILLER Feb 21, 2009

PEOPLE everywhere are talking about the Great Depression, which followed the October 1929 stock market crash and lasted until the United States entered World War II. It is a vivid story of year upon year of despair.

This Depression narrative, however, is not merely a story about the past: It has started to inform our current expectations.

Feb 22 06:57

Solving the Current Economic Problems Requires Identifying the Real Cause

Part of the reason the economy has been in an 18 month free fall is because economists and politicians have been unwilling to acknowledge the root cause. This unwillingness is due in part on not wanting to destroy the myth the G.O.P. has created around Ronald Reagan and “Reaganomics” and in part the on conservative economic struggle to invalidate the “liberal” economics of John Maynard Keynes. Getting out of the free fall requires rereading some old economic textbooks.

Feb 22 02:25

Insane America: Obama Wants You to Bailout the Asshats Who Live Next Door

Where is the change, Mr. Obama. Every day your administration feels more like the last 20 years of Bush-Clinton incest.

Feb 22 02:20

Chicago Tea Party

February 21, 2009

Feb 21 23:18

Obama administration tries to kill e-mail case

The Obama administration, siding with former President George W. Bush, is trying to kill a lawsuit that seeks to recover what could be millions of missing White House e-mails.

Feb 21 20:53

Satellite Data Show No Warming Before 1997. Changes Since Not Related to CO2

A full analysis of satellite-measured lower tropospheric temperatures indicates that none of the global temperature variations from 1978 to 2008 can be attributed to the effect of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The record shows global climate oscillations with a period of three to five years and a peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.4 to 0.5 degrees Celsius about a common, fixed mean temperature that lasted from 1978 to 1997. Since this mean temperature did not change for twenty years the late twentieth century warming touted by IPCC and others simply did not happen.

Feb 21 20:49

Iran: the friendliest people in the world

Beaming smiles, gel and a joke about lavatory brushes and weapons of mass destruction - Iran overturns all expectations

Feb 21 19:11

Obama expanding military operations in Pakistan: Report

US President Barack Obama's administration has broadened the number of radical groups targeted by the CIA inside Pakistan by attacking a militant network seeking to overthrow the Pakistani government, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The newspaper said recent missile strikes on training camps run by Baitullah Mehsud represent a broadening of the US military campaign inside Pakistan, which has been carried out largely by drone aircraft.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Change???", Change, my ASTROLABE! This appears to be simply an escalation of Bush's policy of "wars without end."

It looks as though the US government is working as hard as humanly possible to destabilize the Pakistani government to the degree that we have to "save" it from its nuclear weapons falling into the hands of the radicals.

Feb 21 15:22

Damien de Veuster, Priest Who Aided Lepers In Hawaii, To Become Saint

A 19th-century Belgian priest who ministered to leprosy patients in Hawaii, and died of the disease, will be declared a saint this year at a Vatican ceremony presided over by Pope Benedict XVI.

Feb 21 14:09

Five more farmers commit suicides in Vidarbha by drinking Monsanto pesticide.

Feb 21 14:05

U.S. Concedes Afghan Attack Mainly Killed Civilians

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Our bad. We're sorry. Won't happen again." -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 21 14:01

Up to 120,000 protest in recession-hit Ireland

Up to 120,000 protesters brought Dublin city centre to a standstill on Saturday over government austerity measures aimed at stabilising the once high-flying economy now wracked by recession.

Feb 21 14:00

Iran not producing weapon-grade uranium: IAEA

Iran has not converted the low-grade uranium that it has produced into weapon-grade uranium, inspectors belonging to the International Atomic Energy Agency have said.

The Austrian Press Agency quoted an IAEA expert as saying that the uranium substances that Iran has produced at its Natanz enrichment facility have been carefully recorded and remote cameras have been installed to supervise part of the stockpile.

“If the Iranians intend to transport these uranium substances to a secret location for further processing, agency’s inspectors will find out,” he said.

The expert added that “so far, Iran has carried out good cooperation with us in relevant verifications”.

Feb 21 13:58

Budget Transparency To Come With Massive Political Price?

As was the case with many things the Bush administration touched, the federal budget was gamed in such a way to make the deficit problems look smaller than they actually were. But now Obama and his team are set to change that.

Only problem? The deficit is going to get a lot bigger.

How much?

Try $2.7 trillion.

Feb 21 13:54

Julie Christie: ‘I feared Bush would unleash a wave of sadism - he did’

Christie says she knows she must come across as “disgruntled from Tunbridge Wells” but she feels “sick to the stomach” about what her own Government is doing.

“They should have released [the documents] ages ago. Binyam Mohamed was being tortured in 2002. In all this stuff that [Mr Miliband] writes, there is never any mention that unless they release the documents to clear him he is always going to be known to the world as a terrorist.

“That’s a life that has been ruined. You never hear about the human beings involved, there’s never any sadness or any remorse.”.

Feb 21 13:53

Why so many Holocaust films now, and for whose benefit?

The near-simultaneous appearance of all these movies is to some degree a coincidence, but it throws into relief the curious fact that early 21st-century culture, in Europe and America, on screen and in books, is intensely, perhaps morbidly preoccupied with the great political trauma of the mid-20th century.

The number of Holocaust-related memoirs, novels, documentaries and feature films in the past decade or so seems to defy quantification, and their proliferation raises some uncomfortable questions. Why are there so many? Why now? And more queasily, could there be too many?

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 21 13:51



Feb 21 13:50

Kate Winslet’s strange premonition?

In an episode of the spoof TV series ”Extras” in 2005, the 33-year-old played an actress playing a nun in a Holocaust drama. Asked why she had accepted the role, her character – and it should be said Winslet was playing it firmly tongue-in-cheek in keeping with the spirit of the show — replies: “I’m doing it because I’ve noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, (you’re) guaranteed an Oscar."

Feb 21 13:49

Holder agenda: Using racism for squashing criticism?

It's Eric Holder and his fellow travelers who are the cowards
February 20, 7:39 AM
by John Kinsellagh, Boston Republican Examiner

"Holder may call for a "frank" discussion on race, but as long as he and his fellow travellers in the media continue to invoke the race card, which Obama wielded so skillfully in the past election, no one will oblige him in his plea for candor when latent charges of "racism" will always act as to preclude an intellectually honest and enlightening debate. In terms of defining the permissible contours of debate on many issues of race, as long as there exists one standard for whites and a completely different one for blacks, any ensuing discussion will be nothing more than an exercise in futility."

Feb 21 12:57

What's Ken Lewis Whining About?

Ken Lewis, the CEO of Bank of America felt obliged to give an emergency interview yesterday to play down talks of government takeover. "We see no reason why a company that is profitable with strong levels of capital and liquidity and that continues to lend actively should be considered for nationalization.”

Well Ken, let us help you out and give you a few reasons.

Feb 21 11:46

Police fire on protesters in Kashmir wounding 26

Police opened fire and lobbed teargas shells on Friday in Kashmir's main city to disperse protesters demanding the release of a top separatist leader, injuring at least 26 people, police said.

Feb 21 11:45

Meet iCub - the robot that moves and learns like a child

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want one!

Feb 21 11:44

US tests military exit routes out of Iraq

The American military is shipping battlefield equipment through Jordan and Kuwait, testing possible exit routes in advance of a U.S. withdrawal in Iraq, military officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? Can't you take it out the same way you put it in?

Feb 21 11:37

Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent or More

Without any fanfare, pharmaceutical companies have been raising the prices of many of their drugs by 100 percent or more, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Profit always trumps the needs of the people taking these drugs, in the eyes of the companies doing this.

Feb 21 11:31

Dead Babies & The Death Of The American Dream

"Dead babies can take care of themselves. Dead babies can't take things off the shelves." -- Alice Cooper, "Dead Babies"

Feb 21 11:20

IDF: War crime charges over Gaza offensive are 'legal terror'

War crimes charges brought abroad against Israeli soldiers and officers involved in Operation Cast Lead are nothing but "legal terrorism," Col. Liron Liebman, who heads the military prosecution's international law department, said Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, this Colonel believes that there should be no code of conduct for the "always righteous" military aggressions of Israeli soldiers against Gazan Palestinians.

This gentleman perhaps needs to be reminded that Israel is (at least, on paper) a signatory to the Geneva Conventions.

Feb 21 11:14

Barack Obama Administration Continues US Military Global Dominance

Barack Obama’s election brought a moment of hope for many. However, the Obama administration is not calling for decreased military spending, or a reversal of US military global dominance. Instead, Obama retained Robert Gates, thus making Obama the first president from an opposing party, in US history, to keep in place the outgoing administrations’ Secretary of Defense/War. Additionally, Obama is calling for an expanded war in Afghanistan and only minimal long-range reductions in Iraq.

The US military industrial complex is deeply embedded inside the Washington beltway. According to the most recent reports from OpenSecrets.org, 151 members of Congress in 2006 had up to $195.5 million of their personal assets invested in defense companies.

Feb 21 11:01

"We control America" ~ Israel’s stranglehold over US politics

According to Petras, one of the mechanisms used to exercise indirect power is:

Parleying influence over a small group of Congressmen into a large majority. For example, AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] wrote up the bill, presented by Senator Lieberman, co-signed by Senator Kyl, labelling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as “terrorists” which paved the way for Bush to launch an attack. It was passed by 80 per cent of Congress.

With this kind of control over decision-makers in America, Israel’s hawks show little if any constraint when it comes to their slaughtering of Palestinians.

Feb 21 10:59

Monetary Reform!

If I had the power, I would simultaneously

* wipe out all derivatives;
* liquidate all of the ill-gotten assets of criminal scam artists like Henry Paulson and Bernard Madoff, and use the resultant proceeds to help replenish whatever retirement funds they raided; and
* replace our current debt-based money system with a debt-free money system, whereby all new money -- instead of being loaned into circulation at interest -- is spent into circulation interest-free to fund the production and repair of public goods everyone can see and benefit from (e.g., roads and bridges), and at a rate pegged by law to objective criteria such as population growth and the general price level.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is from Todd who called in during the first hour of today's show.

Feb 21 10:54

Pakistan Suicide bomber kills 28 as sectarian violence grows in Pakistan

One has to wonder which elements are benefiting from this surge in violence.

It cannot be either the Pakistani people or their government.

But increasing unrest may well be the US/NATO reason for a call to arms to "save Pakistan from itself", as a nuclear nation which has the potential for militants getting hold of their weapons.

Feb 21 10:02

Surveillance cams help fight crime, city says

Mayor Daley has argued that security and terrorism won’t be an issue if his Olympic dreams come true because, by 2016, there will be a surveillance camera on every street corner in Chicago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When government treats the people as the enemy, then government is the enemy of the people.

Feb 21 09:58

Binyamin Netanyahu targets Iran after he is appointed Prime Minister

In a speech made outside the residence of President Shimon Peres, the Likud leader said that protecting Israel would be his greatest responsibility as leader, and condemned "formidable" challenges posed by the Islamic Republic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is only one way to cure a dog of chasing cars.

Let them catch one.

So, let's let Israel attack Iran. and when Iran counter attacks against Israel we tell our young kids stuck in Iraq to just stand to one side and wave while Iran's formidable army marches by and into Israel.

Feb 21 09:56

Hezbollah 'not behind attack on Israel'

Hezbollah has ruled out any involvement in recent rocket attack on northern Israel that was responded by Israeli artillery shells.

"Hezbollah has nothing to do with this attack," a spokesman for the movement, Ibrahim Mussawi, told AFP on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, this is another false-flag attack.

Feb 21 09:31

Online Censorship by Israel

Following up on yesterdays post “Is Israel Controlling the Internet” today we will learn about Israel’s Government and the IDF attempting to censor and control the internet, face book, you tube and many other social networks, blogs, message boards and news organisations. Today I will be discussing these groups who work online for Israel and the IDF (Israeli Army).

Feb 21 09:30

Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse"

Soros said the turbulence is actually more severe than during the Great Depression, comparing the current situation to the demise of the Soviet Union.

Feb 21 09:30

White House Calls for Urgent Action Against Iran

Press Secretary Accuses Iran of Reneging on International Obligations.

Feb 21 09:28

Just Wild: The American Form of Government

Feb 21 09:23


Feb 21 09:22


Feb 21 09:22

Iraqi MPs ask government to investigate child-trafficking

An Iraqi MP stirred controversy during a Parliament session last week when he asked Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to investigate the illegal activities of an international organization operating in Iraq which is said to be selling Iraqi children to Israelis to be used as laborers.

Feb 21 09:17

CSA Hunley What really happened

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No one explains the economic reasons for the creations of these wars and they strike the heart of it.

Feb 21 09:13

Browns face conspiracy, arms counts Couple arrested in standoff over taxes

Sixteen months after their armed standoff with federal officials ended in a peaceful, undercover arrest, Ed and Elaine Brown were back in New Hampshire yesterday to face weapons and conspiracy charges for their activities.

If found guilty, the couple could receive what amount to life sentences. Just one charge, for possession of destructive devices, carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for "Live Free or Die."

Feb 21 08:46

Fabled Enemies (Super High Quality, full movie)

Feb 21 08:42

We are all extremists now

The government is criminalising legitimate dissent under the guise of fighting 'extremism', a word for which it has no definition.

Feb 21 08:41

Obama: No rights for Bagram prisoners

The Obama administration, siding with the Bush White House, contended Friday that detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was it so long ago that the United States law held that blacks had no legal rights and could not challenge their captivity in the court system?

Feb 21 08:40

Obama widens missile strikes inside Pakistan

With two missile strikes over the past week, the Obama administration has expanded the covert war run by the Central Intelligence Agency inside Pakistan, attacking a militant network seeking to topple the Pakistani government.

Feb 21 08:39

The Precession of the Equinox and 2012.

What you see around you; all the bankrupt constructs that have defiled and imprisoned the human spirit are headed for the ashcan and you are headed there too, if you find yourself unable to cut them loose. Your political and religious leaders are fools. They are hypocrites, demagogues, thieves and murderers and they are most certainly headed to the ashcan with or without their secret bunkers and midnight rustling of the wealth of the world.

Feb 21 08:38

Obama Backs Bush On Bagram Detainees

The Obama administration, siding with the Bush White House, contended Friday that detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.

In a two-sentence court filing, the Justice Department said it agreed that detainees at Bagram Airfield cannot use U.S. courts to challenge their detention. The filing shocked human rights attorneys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 21 08:32

How the Internet is like snail-mail

"While the Internet has generated many positive changes in the way we communicate and do business, its limitless nature offers anonymity that has opened the door to criminals looking to harm innocent children," U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not to mention expose political and corporate corruption, which is really what Congress is worried about.

Feb 21 08:23


Article IV

"Parties to the Treaty in a position to do so shall also co-operate in contributing alone or together with other States or international organizations to the further development of the applications of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, especially in the territories of non-nuclear-weapon States Party to the Treaty, with due consideration for the needs of the developing areas of the world."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, under the NNPT, not only is Iran allowed to build power stations and the fuel rods for them, but the United States is obligated to assist them!

It is the United States which is in violation of their international obligations in this matter, not Iran.

Feb 21 08:18

State Department Floating Ammo Import Ban?

Ammos listed for this rumored ban include the .50BMG, 7.62x39mm Soviet, 7.62x51mm NATO, .308 Winchester, 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington. Additionally, we're hearing that an expansion of this proposed ban might be broadened to include the 6.8mm SPC, 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP- among others.

In other words, State Department officials may be floating a trial balloon to see if there are howls of protest, or whimpers of compliance. Canadian elected officials who have directed this information to me say the move seems to be motivated by "emboldened" anti-gun officials who think they have a kindred spirit in President Obama.

Feb 21 08:15

Document alleging U.S. Israeli torture is "wrong " says Bernier

Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier lashed out Saturday at a controversial document identifying the U.S. and Israel as countries it suspects of practising torture, calling it “wrong” and demanding it be rewritten.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What's the Canadian word for "pussy?"

Feb 21 08:13

Money for Idiots - We are indeed into some very deep shit

The New York Times Op/Ed Columnist David Brooks Feb 20, 2009
Money for Idiots

Our moral and economic system is based on individual responsibility. It’s based on the idea that people have to live with the consequences of their decisions. This makes them more careful deciders. This means that society tends toward justice — people get what they deserve as much as possible.


[...] The greedy idiots may be greedy idiots, but they are our countrymen. And at some level, we’re all in this together. If their lives don’t stabilize, then our lives don’t stabilize.

Feb 21 08:11

Rocket from Lebanon wounds three Israelis

At least one rocket fired from Lebanon landed in northern Israel on Saturday, lightly wounding three people and prompting Israel to respond with a brief artillery barrage, the Israeli army said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lebanon's President has previously expressed the opinion that Israeli collaborators are behind these rockets, to give Israel an excuse to restart the war.

Feb 21 08:11

WSJ & Dow Jones Are Blaming ME For The Bank Stock Slide!

Dow Jones traces today's pre-market hysteria back to ChartingStocks.net, which claimed last night that "Bank of America and Citigroup won't live to see May."

Feb 21 07:58

Vatican irked by 'blasphemous' Virgin Mary TV spoof in Israel

The Vatican said Friday it has formally complained to the Israeli government about an Israeli TV show that ridiculed Jesus and Mary in an offensive act of intolerance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, I want to see if ABCNNBBCBS gives this story the same air time that Israel's anger with Bishop Williamson got.

Feb 21 07:46

Arrest close in slaying of Chandra Levy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Pay no attention to the rush towards WW3. Here is what you must look at!!!!" -- ABCNBBCBS

Feb 21 07:37

Failure Fridays: Silver Falls Bank Seized

Oregon’s Silver Falls Bank was closed Friday by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver.

Feb 21 05:07

From One Assault on the Constitution To Another

Now we have the Democrats, and the assault on civil liberty continues. President Obama doesn’t want to hold Bush accountable for his crimes and violations of the Constitution, because Obama wants to retain the powers that Bush asserted. Even the practice of kidnapping people and transporting them to foreign countries to be tortured has been retained by President Obama.

The civil liberties that Bush stole from us are now in Obama’s pocket.

Will it turn out that we enjoyed more liberty under Bush than we will under Obama? At least the Republicans left us the Second Amendment. The Obama Democrats are not going to return our other purloined civil liberties, and they are already attacking the Second Amendment.

Feb 21 04:33

Growing List of Officials and Experts Warn of Depression-Induced Violence

The number of high-level officials and experts warning that the economic crisis could lead to revolt and revolution world-wide - even in the U.S. - is growing every day:

* The U.S. Army War College in November warned in a monograph [click on Policypointers’ pdf link to see the report] titled “Known Unknowns: Unconventional ‘Strategic Shocks’ in Defense Strategy Development” of crash-induced unrest:

February 20, 2009

Feb 20 22:07

Netanyahu, Once Hawkish, Now Touts Pragmatism

Today, he says stopping Iran from going nuclear is a much more important issue than whether a Palestinian state is established. He has made clear that the Iranian challenge is an existential one that could well lead to military action.

He believes that if Iran’s ambition for regional hegemony is checked and its nuclear program stopped, then its clients, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, will be of less concern.