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April 8, 2014

Apr 08 13:09

Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

If the US State Department's Victoria Nuland had not said "Fuck the EU," few outsiders at the time would have heard of Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the man on the other end of her famously bugged telephone call. But now Washington's man in Kiev is gaining fame as the face of the CIA-style "destabilization campaign" that brought down Ukraine's monumentally corrupt but legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

Apr 08 13:06

Israel Bars Palestinian Olympian From Leaving Gaza

Israel has barred 30 runners, including an Olympic athlete, from leaving the Gaza Strip to participate in a marathon later this week, highlighting Israel's tight restrictions on travel in and out of the Hamas-ruled territory, Palestinian officials said Tuesday.

In the case of the Olympic runner, Nader Masri, the travel ban was upheld Tuesday by Israel's Supreme Court. Masri, 34, participated in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Apr 08 13:05

Ford recalls nearly 435,000 vehicles

Ford is recalling nearly 435,000 cars and SUVs to fix rusting frame parts or faulty seats.

The biggest of the two recalls covers nearly 386,000 Ford Escapes from the 2001 through 2004 model years. Ford says the subframes can rust, allowing a control arm to separate and hamper steering control. Ford is aware of one crash but no injuries linked to the problem.

Apr 08 13:04

UN finding on climate change is just a bunch of hot air, new report claims

A U.N.-commissioned panel says climate change is hurting the growth of crops, affecting the quality of water supplies and forcing wildlife to change the way it lives – but what if it’s all just smoke and mirrors?

A new report from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), written by an international collection of scientists and published by the conservative Heartland Institute, claims just that, declaring that humanity's impact on climate is not causing substantial harm to the Earth.

“All across the planet, the historical increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration has stimulated vegetative productivity,” reads a portion of the 1,063-page report, called “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts.” “This observed stimulation, or greening of the Earth, has occurred in spite of many real and imagined assaults on Earth’s vegetation, including fires, disease, pest outbreaks, deforestation and climatic change.”

Apr 08 13:02

Kerry places blame on Israel for crisis in peace talks

U.S. officials later try to play down Kerry's comments, saying he did not engage in a blame game and that both sides took 'unhelpful steps.'

Apr 08 12:58

ADHD expert claims disorder is 'not a real disease' and EVERYONE fits at least two of the criteria used for diagnosis

A second world-renowned scientist has come forward to support claims that ADHD is not a real disease, but a description of symptoms.

Dr Bruce Perry said most people displayed signs of the condition at some point in their lives.

He also said psychostimulant drugs, such as Ritalin, used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may have long-term adverse effects.

Apr 08 12:40


“Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”

CBS News anchor Dan Rather commenting on the collapse of Building 7 - September 11, 2001 at approx 5:30pm EST.

Apr 08 12:36

Alleged suicide of Dutch banker and assasination of German banker brings "death list" to 16

Only this year, at least 16 people around the world who were affiliated to banking services, mysteriously died or disappeared.

Apr 08 12:32

Overwhelmed by crime, Argentina declares emergency in Buenos Aires

The governor of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest, richest and most populated province, has declared a 12-month state of emergency following an outbreak of lynching by furious citizens who feel defenceless and ‘overwhelmed’ by crime.

Apr 08 12:32

Meat infected with PARASITES and disease 'could end up on British dinner plates as a result of new EU laws shake-up'

Diseased and dirty meat could end up on Britain's dinner plates as a result of new EU legislation, a union has warned.

British food inspectors reject millions of carcasses carrying parasites and infections from the food chain every year.

But Unison, which represents government meat inspectors and official vets, has claimed proposed changes to food legislation by Brussels will water down their ability to check the quality and throw out sub-standard meat.

Apr 08 12:32

Ukraine PM urges Russia to hand over Yanukovych

Ukraine's prime minister on Thursday blamed ousted President Viktor Yanukovych for the deaths of dozens of anti-government protesters shot by police snipers and urged Russia to hand him over to face charges.

Arseniy Yatseniuk made his comments to Reuters after Ukraine's security service (SBU) blamed the killing of more than 100 protesters in mid-February on the Berkut riot police but said Yanukovych had been involved in planning the operation.

The SBU also said representatives of Russia's FSB security force had been at the SBU headquarters in Kiev - under the previous government - during three months of protests, and that Russia had flown explosives into Ukraine as they worsened.

Apr 08 12:30

Americans Rally in Defense of 2nd Amendment

Apr 08 12:19

Sophisticated Zeus Banking Trojan Signed With Valid Digital Signature

A new dangerous variant of ZeuS Banking Trojan has been identified by Comodo AV labs which is signed by stolen Digital Certificate which belongs to Microsoft Developer to avoid detection from Web browsers and anti-virus systems.

Apr 08 12:17

Bankers Being Killed Could Top 100 Plus

Apr 08 12:16

Don't believe the black box ping story

Early on in all of this, the msm was talking about how remote the Indian Ocean was, and how long it would take to get anything out there to look for the black boxes from flight 370. Most media said it would take two weeks. THAT is a lie.

The actual time to get proper search equipment into the area is 4 hours or less. THAT is how long it would take an F-16 to take off from Diego Garcia and fly ANYWHERE in the region to scan it at mach 2. And in reality, with all the NSA satellites up there, satellites so sensitive that they can detect the beeper circuit in a digital watch from outer space, the real time is ZERO. And if this entire charade was real, that is exactly what would have happened. But since it's all a dog and pony show of fraud, two weeks was the number given because then they could look for a little while and say OH, we will never find it now, the batteries are dead.

What an insult of a joke, some things want to make me hurl my last meal, and this is one of them

Apr 08 12:10

Edward Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers - Guardian

The US has spied on the staff of prominent human rights organisations, Edward Snowden has told the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Europe's top human rights body.

Giving evidence via a videolink from Moscow, Snowden said the National Security Agency – for which he worked as a contractor – had deliberately snooped on bodies like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

He told council members: "The NSA has specifically targeted either leaders or staff members in a number of civil and non-governmental organisations … including domestically within the borders of the United States." Snowden did not reveal which groups the NSA had bugged

Apr 08 12:03

Setting the Stage for Tyranny: Public Schools Deliberately Create a Culture of Fear

What is the best way to ensure that gun control takes place within a generation?

Forget trying to change the minds of those who already have guns. The best way to do this is to encourage a culture of fear among young people.

And the public school system, with all of its zero tolerance lunacy, is doing just that. They are setting the stage for tyranny.

Apr 08 12:02

NATO Members Conduct False Flag Terror In Attempt to Whip Up War

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh (who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal and the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam) says that high-level American sources tell him that the Turkish government carried out the chemical weapons attacks blamed on the Syrian government.

Indeed, it’s long been known that sarin was coming through Turkey.

Turkey is a member of NATO. So we’re really talking about a NATO member launching a false flag attack against a non-NATO member, and then blaming it on the victim.

Apr 08 11:51

Michelle Obama’s School Lunches In Pictures: “Is That Photo Taken From Death Row?”

According to America’s kids Michelle Obama has been “out to lunch” when it comes to satisfying hunger. It’s so bad, in fact, that black markets for food have popped up in schools and kids are taking to their social media pages to share their outrage.

Do you want to see what Michelle Obama considers eating right? Check out these pictures and comments – sourced directly from government run cafeterias around the country.

As you see what passes for health food these days keep in mind that school’s are increasingly restricting children from bringing their own lunches from home, often citing nutritional requirements as the reason.

Apr 08 11:43

The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days... and no one knows what its mission is.

The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days—a space endurance record. But nearly a year and a half into the mission, the Pentagon still won’t say what the X-37B is doing up there, or when it might come back.

Apr 08 11:34

Florida State Attorney’s Office Ibragim Todashev Killing Report and Documentation

The following report and documentation was released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office

PDFS ect

Apr 08 11:30

Corporate Media Continues Vaccine Protection Racket

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

The latest video from MSNBC almost speaks for itself in its corporate desperation to acknowledge the story about restaurant chain Chili's supporting an autism charity that is anti-vaccine, though later backing down, while simultaneously jumping all over the vaccine-autism link as a discredited conspiracy theory. It must be seen to be believed...

Apr 08 11:29

This Map Shows The Deadly Aftermath Of War Right Here At Home

Army Spc. Ivan Lopez, the veteran who fatally shot three people before taking his own life Wednesday at Fort Hood, Texas, is among a growing number of recent veterans who have committed violent crimes after returning from war.

In 2008, The New York Times compiled a list of 121 cases in which veterans were charged with a killing after returning home, and Current TV, GOOD and collaborated to update the research in 2010. The Huffington Post collected data from these sources and more recent news articles to create the infographic below, which shows that at least 194 veterans have been charged with killings after returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. It also shows that there has been a concentration of such incidents around military bases. Our research may not be a complete tally, but these were the cases we could confirm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It frustrates me greatly that the one question these writers refuse to ask is, how many of these Vets committing violence were on SSRIS?!?THAT is the research which needs to be going on, not pinning incidents to a damned digital map!!

There is a known linkage between taking these drugs and violence; but because they are so profitable for the large pharmaceutical houses which make them, that aspect of their chemical effect on the human brain is simply swept under the proverbial rug.

And if you don't believe me, check out:

Apr 08 11:23

US Border Patrol Agents Held at Gunpoint by Mexican Military Inside US Borders

Yes, you read the title correctly. The administration that refuses to seal the border, tells our Border Patrol agents to throw things, run and hide and above all else, don't use their guns, which we are told they train with using millions of rounds each year, is finally seeing the fruit of their policies.- H/T  2facedjtvchat

Apr 08 11:17

How The CIA Underrmines DEA Drug Investigations~

Yes, the CIA brings drugs into the country, Former DEA head says so

Apr 08 11:17

Japan's Biggest Drugmaker Is Hit With $6 Billion Penalty For Concealing Cancer Risks

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd said it would contest $6 billion in punitive damages imposed by a U.S. federal jury in a case alleging that Japan's largest drugmaker had concealed cancer risks associated with its Actos diabetes drug.

Eli Lilly and Co, Takeda's co-defendant in the case, was ordered to pay $3 billion in punitive damages.

Apr 08 11:16

Noah’s Ark: Moral Lesson, or Barbaric Myth?

But not everybody buys the argument that the Noah story represents justice, grace, and redemption. In a recent episode of Real Time, comedian Bill Maher argues, “the thing that’s really disturbing about Noah isn’t the silly—it’s that it’s immoral. It’s about a psychotic mass-murderer who gets away with it, and his name is God”. After explaining how God became enraged at humanity—even though he himself made humans flawed—Maher asks, “what kind of tyrant punishes everyone just to get back at the few he’s mad at?” He ends by suggesting that, if America is losing its values, maybe it is because American Christians “worship a guy who drowns babies”. For Maher, such a deity is neither just nor gracious.

Apr 08 11:03

Putin Sends the West a Golden Message: Central Bank of Russia Changes Logo to Golden Ruble

According to reports from Russian media, Putin appears to have sent the west a golden message in the aftermath of JPMorgan unilaterally deciding to block an official Russian wire transfer, as the Central Bank of Russia has introduced a new logo, which just happens to be a gold ruble.

Apr 08 10:57

The USA: Worst Government That Money Can Buy

History tells us that when governments become excessively oppressive and/or descend into saturation corruption (like the rancid regimes of the Western bloc), that such scenarios rarely “end well” – i.e. a peaceful transition back to responsible, legitimate government. Instead, the peasants/serfs/workers are nearly always driven to a state of desperation (generally near-starvation) before they finally pull out their pitchforks and guillotines, and take back their own government.

Apr 08 10:55

First Fracking Trial in U.S. Opens in Dallas

Activist Post

The first fracking trial in the U.S. opens in Dallas today. Texans Bob and Lisa Parr of Wise County are suing Aruba Petroleum for property and personal damages which the couple claims they have suffered as a result of Aruba’s fracking operations. The Parr property was surrounded by natural gas frackers in 2009. The Parrs charge that frackers have so polluted their air and water as to destroy their right to peacefully enjoy their home and property and properly care for their pets and livestock, some of whom have died as a result of the fracking pollution, according to the complaint against Plano, Texas-based Aruba Petroleum...

Apr 08 10:54

Dubai to global bankers: 'Expect another boom'

Some of Dubai’s top officials told international bankers on Monday that it was gearing up for another boom and did not regret the pro-growth policies it used during the first boom. It appeared to win the endorsement of many of the bankers.

Over a dozen top Dubai officials and executives met about 100 representatives of financial powerhouses including Deutsche Bank, Nomura Holdings and Fidelity Investments for the emirate’s first big investor roadshow since the crisis.

“If Dubai had to do the same again, most likely we would follow the same approach,” Mohammad Al Shaibani, chief executive of Investment Corp of Dubai, told the audience at Deutsche Bank’s London offices.

He argued that heavy investment in Dubai between 2006 and 2008 had succeeded in setting the emirate up as a major centre for finance and trade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dubai wants investment, but it is unclear how they plan to repay that investment.

Apr 08 10:53

Cities to Carpoolers: Sharing Your Car is Illegal, We Will Seize Your Cars

Taxi unions say government regulation is essential to "safeguard" the public from itself

Apr 08 10:43

Europe’s top court kills invasive phone and email data collection law

Europe’s top court on Tuesday struck down an EU law forcing telecoms operators to store private phone and email data for up to two years, judging it too invasive, despite its usefulness in combating terrorism.

By allowing EU governments to access the data, “the directive interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data,” the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said.

Advocate General Pedro Cruiz Villalon declared the legislation illegal and told the European Union’s 28 member states to take the necessary steps to withdraw it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Now it is high time in the US for the NSA to be disbanded, the CIA to stop torturing, and for the complete legislative repeal of the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the NDAA.

Apr 08 10:42

LAPD officers tampered with in-car recording equipment, records show

Los Angeles police officers tampered with voice recording equipment in dozens of patrol cars in an effort to avoid being monitored while on duty, according to records and interviews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, the LAPD doesn't like being spied on any more than the rest of America!

Apr 08 10:37

NATO warns Russia against ‘historic mistake’ in Ukraine

The United States accused Russia on Tuesday of sending its agents to stoke a flaring secession crisis in eastern Ukraine that Moscow itself conceded could spill over into civil war.

The blunt US charge came as Ukraine's embattled leaders waged an uphill battle to keep their culturally splintered nation of 46 million together after the February ouster of a pro-Kremlin president and subsequent loss of Crimea to Russia.

An eery echo of the Black Sea peninsula's separation sounded on Sunday when militants -- many of them masked -- stormed a series of strategic buildings across a swathe of heavily Russified eastern regions and demanded that Moscow send its troops for support.

Ukraine mounted a counter-offensive on Tuesday by vowing to treat the separatists as "terrorists" and making 70 arrests in a nighttime security sweep aimed at proving the Kremlin's involvement in the secessionist movement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The phrase at the top of this article gives me the shivers, because it was precisely the same phrase Netanyahu used to characterize the interim agreement reached by the P5 + 1 last Fall over Iran's nuclear program.

IT is still not clear if, by the time the US invokes sanctions over a Russian barter deal with Iran for oil, whether it will cause the negotiations to break down completely, but if they do collapse, you can nearly bet on Israel's attacking Iran very shortly after that.

And that statement by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen "...reaffirmed on a visit to Paris that Moscow -- its forces now massed along Ukraine's eastern frontier -- would be making an "historic mistake" if it were to intervene in Ukraine any further."

Sir, forgive me, but WHERE ARE THESE RUSSIA FORCES ALLEGEDLY MASSING ALONG UKRAINE'S EASTERN FRONTIER?!? Because apparently, they are no where to be seen by normal, thinking, analytical people, but by people who are, (and insanely so), looking to start a war with Russia.

Where is your proof, Secretary Rasmussen?!?

Because, just in case you did NOT get the memo (which I believe may well be the case), no thinking, sane American I know wants to go to war with Russia, because they understand that at this point in the US military's history, the US military doesn't have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to obtain a favorable outcome in a conventional war against Russia; and that is what makes the military option here so scarily dangerous.

The "historic mistake" was the US thinking it could go on covertly overthrowing foreign governments without the world realizing what they were doing.

Apr 08 10:33

Finns Eyeing the Russian Maritime Industry

Finland’s national investment organisation, Finpro, calls for Finnish investors in the maritime industry to consider investing in the Russian market amid shaky Finland-Russia political relations due to the Crimea crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for sanctions.

This sanctions agenda is going to backfire on the US. With the Ruble and Yuan presenting credible alternatives to the dollar, other nations will cease doing business with the US because it comes with too many strings (leashes) attached.

Apr 08 10:24

Settlers Destroy Army Stronghold

"IDF Shocked," and "We did not expect Jews to attack soldiers" were the most quoted phrases after West Bank settlers attacked and destroyed a military stronghold near Yitzhar, a Jewish settlement placed atop a hill with a control position on the Palestinian city of Nablus on April 8, 2014. The name refers to the finest olive oil

Apr 08 10:22

Kiev attempt to "secure" Kharkov driven back by the people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The soldiers from Kiev were on the white bus, and as you can see, they were unable to even leave the bus.

Apr 08 10:21

Energy Industry Consultant Exposes Drilling and Fracking Crimes in Alberta, Canada

Jessica Ernst worked for over three decades as an environmental biologist doing research and independent consulting for the Alberta petroleum industry. One of her main clients was the EnCana Company, which began large-scale fracking in the region of her home community of Rosebud Alberta in the early years of the 21st century.

In 2007 Jessica Ernst the scientist became Jessica Ernst the whistle blower. Bringing forward evidence that her own water well and those of her neighbours had been severely contaminated, Jessica sued the EnCanada Corporation. She also sued the forerunner of the Alberta Energy Regulator as well as the Alberta government itself.

Apr 08 10:19

BEX ALERT - Russian ‘plans for war on Sweden’ cause concern

“The most serious threat we see right now is war preparations,” Säpo chief counter-intelligence analyst Wilhelm Unge said at a press conference on Monday.
While stressing that such preparations did not necessarily mean anything dramatic, he said: “It’s no secret that Russia is engaged in this. It’s a little bit worrying.”
Unge said Russia’s intensified interest in Sweden was evidenced by simulated flight attacks on Swedish targets as well as attempts to recruit spies, increased signals intelligence, and the purchase of a significant number of maps.
“If you weren’t carrying out war preparations against Sweden, you probably wouldn’t have any military intelligence here. The intelligence service is part of the Russian general staff and just the fact that they are here indicates some kind of intent,” he said.
The simulated flight attacks were a particular point of concern for Säpo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, who is this guy, and where the heck is his proof that such things are happening?!?

I cannot find a bit of biographical info on him in English on line.

This feels to me like just more warmongering.

I can no longer accept the accusation of any official of any government who does not deliver proof of what they are saying, and I see no proof here whatsoever.

Apr 08 10:18

Health Plan Premiums Are Skyrocketing According To New Survey Of 148 Insurance Brokers, With Delaware Up 100%, California 53%, Florida 37%, Pennsylvania 28%

Health insurance premiums are showing the sharpest increases perhaps ever according to a survey of brokers who sell coverage in the individual and small group market. Morgan Stanley’s healthcare analysts conducted the proprietary survey of 148 brokers. The April survey shows the largest acceleration in small and individual group rates in any of the 12 prior quarterly periods when it has been conducted.

Apr 08 10:10

Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders

In accordance with the Department of Homeland Security, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is now requiring that all Boston bus and subway riders submit to a warrantless search prior to boarding.

The MBTA transit police announced that everyone will be stopped and searched at “Transit Watch” checkpoints and that anyone declining a search will be ordered to leave the station, even though the area is public property.

“All persons choosing to use the MBTA transit system will be subject to security inspections of their handbags, briefcases and/or other carry-on items,” a Transit Watch pamphlet reads. “Any person refusing to allow a security inspection will be either denied entry or requested to leave MBTA property.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Boston is a city I would love to visit, at some point, for both its fine music and its historical significance.

However, given the current state of the City, and the fact that MBTA has decided the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States no longer applies in their city, I will not visit until that situation changes.

Apr 08 10:03

The Fed Takes Our Money, Gives It to Banks Who Loan It Back to Us at 16%

So the Fed is robbing the purchasing power of our money as a matter of policy. In simple terms, the Fed is stealing purchasing power and delivering the stolen wealth to the financiers and banks, who borrow money from the Fed for near-zero rates of interest.

And what do the banks do with the money the Fed stole from us? They loan it back to us at 16% (or more). Those of us who haven't just emerged from bankruptcy get offers from banks on a weekly basis: for transfers of credit card debt, new credit cards, cash advances, auto loans, home equity lines of credit, you name it.

A recent offer from a Too Big to Fail bank offered a teaser rate of 0% for a few months, after which the credit card's interest rate reverted to 16%.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 08 09:54

Meet Officer Anthony Damiano of the Passaic County (NJ) Sheriff's Department

A total asshole!

This clip is from the tv show Cops’ Youtube channel, it is presented as funny.

Apr 08 09:40

MH370: no further pings detected in hunt for black box recorders

No further pings from what may be the black box recorders of a missing Malaysia Airlines jet have been detected after a weekend of hopeful leads, as search teams "throw everything" into finding the aircraft before the black box batteries are expected to die, investigators have said.

Apr 08 09:40

Antimicrobial products promote bacteria buildup in human noses

An antimicrobial agent found in common household soaps, shampoos and toothpastes may be finding its way inside human noses where it promotes the colonization of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and could predispose some people to infection. Researchers at the University of Michigan report their findings this week in a study published in mBio®, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology...

Apr 08 09:25

Friedman the Fox

At face value, what Thomas Friedman states in his Op-Ed column, New York Times Sunday Review, April 5, 2014, sounds like a clear statement of facts, but only at face value.

Thomas Friedman is correct in his appraisal of Sheldon Adelson’s blind and passionate “zealously pro-Israel” mindset, which he believes will ultimately work against the long-term preservation of Israel as a Jewish state.

But just like Sheldon Adelson, Thomas Friedman wants a racist, ethnocentric Jewish state when the only solution is a civilized democratic state where Jews, Moslems, and Christians of all denominations live together as one nation.

Read more:

Apr 08 09:23

The coming Constitutional Convention contains the tipping point for revolution

Pursuant to Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 34 states call for a convention, the convention is required to take place

Apr 08 09:22

Retiring SEC Lawyer Crucifies His Employer: "It's A Cancer" Collecting Pennies On The "Bankster Turnpike"

We wonder: why does the truth about the broken system, as witnessed and experienced by individual employees, always wait until said employee is about to depart their employer or just after? Obviously that is rhetorical. However, it is worth mentioning, because in the latest such revelation, a retiring SEC trail attorney veteran, James Kidney, who had been with the agency since 1986 and retired this month, just crucified his now former employer for doing precisely all those thing that outside critics - notably Zero Hedge - have accused the most co-opted, clueless, corrupt and criminal regulators of doing. Only he said it in a way that not even we could have phrased.

Apr 08 09:18


Apr 08 09:17

How To Build Your OwnAR-15 “Ghost Gun”

No Serial Number. No Registration. 100% Legal.

Apr 08 09:12


Jewish mothers used to go into a cleaning frenzie a week or so before the Festival of Passover. All traces of leaven (chametz) had to be removed from the home before the onset of the holiday. Modern folk have determined that dust is not chametz, so there is less madness involved in the cleaning process, but Israel has added a new dimension to the situation; Arabs must be removed as well as the leaven.

Apr 08 09:12


So much for the Scarlett “charm,” SodaStream’s millions spent on propaganda and PR, and its lies about BDS not affecting its performance…. This may go down as one of the worst corporate PR campaign of all times!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I actually got a notice from Sodastream's lawyers to take down a video that infringed on their trademark. I did not actually have such a video on my server, but had linked to it on YouTube. It was a spoof video showing a family working with the Sodastream machine dubbed over with sounds of guns being loaded and cocked, making the point that Sodastream is part of the problem when it comes to Israel and Palestine. I am glad that the protests and BDS are having an impact. It seems like a general boycott is the only peaceful tool We The People have left to bring about change ... which is why it will probably be made illegal soon.

Apr 08 09:08

Russia, US Complete Warheads-for-Fuel Program

The United States has completed payments under a historic agreement providing for the import of Russian highly-enriched uranium for electricity production, Russia’s state-owned uranium producer and trader Techsnabexport said Monday.

“We received the final payment from the United States Enrichment Corporation in March,” the company said, adding that its obligations under a contract for low-enriched uranium ended late last year.

The last shipment of Russian uranium from nuclear warheads converted to reactor fuel arrived in Baltimore by sea in early December, ending a program that has provided 10 percent of all US electricity over the past 15 years.

Apr 08 09:07

Democrats Lost $75,000 In TV’s Used At 2012 Convention

LG is probably regretting being a sponsor of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The company had $75,000 worth of flat screen TVs that were never returned by the Democrats.

Apr 08 09:04


Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the central debates regarding the CIA's use of torture was whether torture led to the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad on May 2, 2011. And, of course, it did not, for several reasons. First, it was the Pakistanis who first surrounded the house and claimed to have killed the occupant. The US merely swooped in to take the credit. Second, whoever was killed in that house was not the real Osama bin Laden, who actually died of natural causes only a few months after 9-11. The US forces dumped the body at sea and the White House flooded the internet with photos supposedly showing the killing of bin Laden, all of which turned out to be crude fakes, which are shown here.

So, in point of fact, the CIA's use of torture did not lead to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 08 08:58

Wile E. Obama and his bag of tricks and anvils…

Unfortunately for Americans, we’re in the middle of a cartoon, but the end of the episode doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight and it’s unlikely anyone will escape unscathed. The star of our show however isn’t a superhero like Underdog or Popeye or Roger Ramjet, but rather the monumentally inept Wile E. Coyote. In perhaps the most brilliant piece of typecasting ever, the role of Wile E. Coyote is being played by Barack Obama.

Apr 08 08:57

Brooklyn woman gets 45-year-old letters from loved ones in the mail

The term "snail mail" has taken on a new meaning for a Brooklyn woman who recently received a birthday card that was 45 years too late.

Apr 08 08:44

FLASHBACK - US Military Recruits Children

But behind the fun and games is an attempt, in the words of a military booklet on "America's Army," "to build a game for Army strategic communication in support of recruiting." The Army spent $6 million to develop the game at the Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation Institute (MOVES) before handing it over to private companies for adaptation to the console formats in 2004. As the name implies, the MOVES Institute is the military center for creating virtual training environments and simulators. A MOVES Institute booklet proclaims a later version of the game, "America's Army: Special Forces," was developed specifically to increase the number of Army Special Forces recruits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking back from the post-Snowden awareness, one wonders if "America's Army" identified really good players and sent identifying information to military recruiters.

Apr 08 08:35

CIA Debunks Its Own Claims About Torture

The soon-to-be-released Senate Intelligence committee report says that torture didn’t lead to the capture of Bin Laden. The CIA claims that the Senate report is wrong, and pushes its message out through news interviews, pro-torture propaganda tv shows such as 24, pro-torture movies like Zero Dark Thirty and video games. But former CIA director Leon Panetta said that torture did not help get Bin Laden.

Apr 08 08:32

Russia’s Petro-Ruble Challenges US Dollar Hegemony. China Seeks Development of Eurasian Trade

Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners – no longer in dollars – see Voice of Russia

Russia’s trade in hydrocarbons amounts to about a trillion dollars per year. Other countries, especially the BRICS and BRCIS-associates (BRICSA) may soon follow suit and join forces with Russia, abandoning the ‘petro-dollar’ as trading unit for oil and gas. This could amount to tens of trillions in loss for demand of petro-dollars per year (US GDP about 17 trillion dollars – December 2013) – leaving an important dent in the US economy would be an understatement.

Apr 08 08:30

Indoctrinating a New Generation

Most people who follow such things are convinced that the 1999 US/NATO bombing of the Serbian province of Kosovo took place only after the Serbian-forced deportation of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo was well underway; which is to say that the bombing was launched to stop this “ethnic cleansing”. In actuality, the systematic deportations of large numbers of people did not begin until a few days after the bombing began, and was clearly a reaction to it, born of Serbia’s extreme anger and powerlessness over the bombing. This is easily verified by looking at a daily newspaper for the few days before the bombing began the night of March 23/24, 1999, and the few days following. Or simply look at the New York Times of March 26, page 1, which reads:

… with the NATO bombing already begun, a deepening sense of fear took hold in Pristina [the main city of Kosovo] that the Serbs would now vent their rage against ethnic Albanian civilians in retaliation. [emphasis added]

Apr 08 08:27

Courts OK With Enslaving You

A slave is somebody compelled to provide service to another. Elane Huguenin, a wedding photographer from New Mexico, was arraigned before that state’s “human rights” soviet for politely declining to provide her services to a lesbian couple planning a “commitment ceremony” (the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage).

Apr 08 08:26

US targets Syria for stepped-up aggression

While media commentators claim that the Obama administration’s focus on Ukraine and Russia means a shift away from the Middle East and the ongoing civil war against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the opposite is true.

Apr 08 08:23

Deadly Ebola virus spreads

Defying efforts at containment, the Ebola outbreak that began in Guinea and has caused 90 dead in Guinea and Liberia has now spread further across West Africa into Mali in what Doctors without Borders is calling an “unprecedented” outbreak.

The U.N.’s World Health Organization, or WHO, has identified the active virus as the Zaire strain of Ebola. The virus has a death rate approaching 90 percent, suggesting that unless contained, the outbreak in West Africa could become one of deadliest epidemics of Ebola, for which there is no known cure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are confirmed cases in Mali, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. There is one rumored case in Canada, while the Minneapolis patient is reported to be suffering from Lassa Fever rather than ebola. The problem is the long period of time between when a patient becomes infected and infectious and the first manifestation of symptoms alerting the patient they are ill. This time period averages 16 days but can be as long as three weeks, during which time the patient goes about his business, and worse, travels across borders. This is why containment is such a problem as it is impossible to accurately forecast how far the infection has spread. In this age of rail and air travel, infected but not symptomatic patients could already be all across Africa and into other continents.

What should concern everyone is that we know we live under a government that does NOT want to report bad news. Remember the Gulf Oil Disaster, and Obama's swim in water that was really really close to the Gulf (but not actually in it) to prove Gulf seafood was safe to eat? And three years after the Fukushima disaster, only now are they admitting the reactor in unit 3 did in fact explode, and still insist Pacific seafood is safe to eat, to protect the seafood corporations.

Do you trust this government to tell you the truth if Ebola is already here in the US? Hardly. The people in DC want you to stay at your jobs, go about your business, pay your taxes, join the Army, spend your money at the stores, and so forth. You are of no use to them if you stay at home out of fear of infection.

Remember Saddam's nuclear weapons?

Remember Assad's Sarin?

Remember human-caused global warming?

Do you trust this government to tell you the truth if Ebola is already here in the US?

Apr 08 08:20

Liz Cheney Fires Back at Pelosi: ‘Her Spine Doesn’t Reach Her Brain’

After House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused former Vice President Dick Cheney this weekend of creating “an attitude” at the CIA that encouraged torture, Liz Cheney fired back on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning.

Apr 08 08:19

No legal means exist to challenge mass surveillance - Snowden

No legal means exist to challenge mass surveillance, said NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, testifying to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

A former NSA contractor, Snowden was speaking to the PACE session in Strasbourg via a video link-up from Moscow.

Wanted in the US on treason charges, he sparked a huge international scandal last year he leaked to the media classified evidence of American government spying programs.

“I would like to clarify that I have no intention of harming the US government or straining bilateral ties between any nations. My motivation is to improve the government, not to bring it down,” Snowden said.

Snowden told the European parliamentarians that any kind of web traffic can be analyzed and searched with little effort.

Apr 08 08:18

Johnston: How to Cheat on Your Taxes

here's never been a better time to cheat on your taxes. Or a better way.

As millions of Americans rush to file their tax returns on time, trying to be ever-so-careful in hopes of avoiding an audit or, far worse, prosecution, they will find it instructive, and infuriating, to learn about Jerry Curnutt.

Curnutt can show people how to cheat on their taxes and not get caught. His trick won't work if you are a wage earner, but those rich enough to invest in real estate partnerships have escaped paying billions of dollars in the past decade by using this technique.

Now Curnutt's mission in life, at age 76, is to get states and the IRS to go after these cheats. ...

Apr 08 08:18

US, NATO trigger global war over Russia: Analyst

Military buildup by the United States and NATO in preparation to confront Russia over the Ukraine crisis is likely to trigger a global war, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"YES!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 08 08:14

Authorities seize five artifacts set to be smuggled in Palmyra

Authorities in Palyra seized 5 archeological artifacts set to be smuggled by terrorists outside the country, a source in the province told SANA Tuesday.

The Antiquities Department in Palmyra city is working, in cooperation with authorities, on protecting archeological sites, museums and warehouses in the area.

Earlier on Sunday, authorities seized 14 archeological artifacts in the area. Another 15 artifacts were seized before being smuggled by terrorists on April 1st.

Apr 08 08:14

Al Sharpton 'was secret FBI mob informant'

A lengthy investigation by The Smoking Gun has uncovered remarkable details about Sharpton’s past work as an informant for a joint organized crime task force comprised of FBI agents and NYPD detectives, as well as his dealings with an assortment of wiseguys.

Beginning in the mid-1980s and spanning several years, Sharpton’s cooperation was fraught with danger since the FBI’s principal targets were leaders of the Genovese crime family, the country’s largest and most feared Mafia outfit. In addition to aiding the FBI/NYPD task force, which was known as the “Genovese squad,” Sharpton’s cooperation extended to several other investigative agencies.

Apr 08 08:12

Is Convenience Creating Hazards In The Digital Age?

Kate Voss
Activist Post

Home automation technology: is it an asset or a liability? Alternately referred to as “The Internet of Things,” such systems allow homeowners to control multiple devices within their house, which communicate with each other via wireless technology. However egalitarian this may sound, it’s worth noting that such systems do pose multiple security risks...

Apr 08 08:11

New York Measles Outbreak 90% Vaccinated

Apr 08 08:10

Peace Process Hypocrisy

Continuing sham peace talks perpetuates the Big Lie. Current ones began last July. ZERO results were achieved. Nor will any ahead short of unconditional Palestinian surrender. Don't bet against it not happening. It did multiple times before. Odds favor more of the same. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 08:09

Why vaccines spread disease; an in-depth analysis of flawed vaccination science

Infectious diseases that the system insists have been mostly eradicated due to the advent of vaccines are starting to reemerge, with much of the blame for this being levied on the unvaccinated, who are automatically assumed to be the culprits. But a deeper look into the history of vaccines, how they work and what level of long-term protection they truly provide reveals that these golden calves of modern medicine are actually the vehicles through which infectious disease is being spread, with vaccinated individuals as the primary disease carriers.

Apr 08 08:08

Dennis Gartman: ‘Scared’ and getting out of stocks for now

The recent pullback for markets, driven by momentum-stocks in the technology and biotech space, has just scared one big bull out of the markets.

Dennis Gartman, who edits the Gartman Letter, told CNBC in an interview late Monday he recently ‘got scared’ and moved his equity exposure to near zero from 100%. He said he’s sticking with gold and cash to ride out the “long-awaited and much-needed correction.”

Apr 08 08:08

Iran Responds to Rick Santorum for Comparing Them to Nazi Germany

Hamid Babaei, Iran’s spokesman at the United Nations, used the phrase “patently absurd” to describe an article published by former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg, equating Iran with Nazi Germany before the Holocaust. Babaei, according to Iran’s semi-official state news agency Mehr on Monday, insisted that “Iran had never attacked its neighbors for almost 250 years.”

Apr 08 07:54

DOLE lists 4 actions to avoid for OFWs in West Africa to avoid Ebola

Handshakes, bush meat, travel to areas with suspected outbreaks and contact with infected people topped the list of don'ts for Filipinos working in Guinea and other areas in West Africa so they will not get the dreaded Ebola virus.

On Monday, the Department of Labor and Employment issued the guideline even as it said no Filipino has so far been affected by the Ebola outbreak in western Africa.

Apr 08 07:53

Lebanon Implements Mechanism to Prevent Ebola Fever from Spreading

An instruction by Airport Director Daniel Al-Haybi underlines all airlines and airport services have been requested to provide a list containing the names of passengers coming from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leona to a quarantine center.

The information will be used to conduct checkups and learn about the health conditions of those passengers in order to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of Ebola fever, which has killed more than 80 people in those countries, Al-Haybi told NNA news agency.

Apr 08 07:53

Senegal moves to prevent Ebola spread

Senegal's Minister of Health Awa Marie Coll-Seck has announced her plan to prevent the spread of Ebola into the country.

Measures include the setting-up of a 24-hour crisis centre and providing specialised medical clothing for workers at hospitals and airports.

The Senegalese government has already closed its borders with Guinea, where more than 70 people have been killed by the virus.

However, despite attempts to reassure the population, paranoia about the illness persists with some reluctant to shake hands and limiting contact with others.

Apr 08 07:51

And the Next Big Thing Is ... Degrowth?

Apr 08 07:50

Ukraine Turmoil Leaves Zoo Animals Starving – Over 6,000 in dire straits. 114-yr-old Nikolaev Zoo survived 2 world wars, but likely not this. Only enough left for carnivores to eat today & tomorrow. Herbivores will last 1 more week. No medical supplies.

These Ukrainian zoo animals are in dire straits because government funding for their food has dried up, De Lange said the animals will starve if aid is not provided by donors.

Apr 08 07:37

U.S. senators press for hard line over reported Iran-Russia deal

Two U.S. senators who led a push for more sanctions on Iran during negotiations over its nuclear program called on President Barack Obama on Monday to impose more restrictions if Tehran pursues an energy barter agreement with Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The world will reject this idea that nobody is allowed to do business without US permission.

Apr 08 07:36

Fort Hood shooting draws more attention to mental health issues, gun laws

Base commander Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said Lopez, who arrived at Fort Hood in February, had a wife and children and was taking several medications for mental health-related symptoms.

Apr 08 07:34

Intruder broke into the wrong house, ARMED family opens fire

An unarmed intruder ignored a warning shot and still proceeded to break into a Florida home via the backdoor, only to find himself staring at two family members with loaded weapons. Suffice it to say the intruder didn’t make it out of the kitchen alive.

Apr 08 07:34

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

In this the Age of Social Media, a picture is still worth a thousand words. Now that virtually everyone has a camera on their mobile phone and the internet connectivity to publish pictures instantly, it is no wonder that the backlash against Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is starting to achieve a louder volume.

Now, students don’t have to explain why the meals conceived by Michelle Obama’s plan are bad, now pictures can instantly show how lame these supposed lunch meals really are.

Apr 08 07:33

NLRB plans on stopping businesses from ever moving

How soon are we going to realize that we are living in a totalitarian state? The infamous NLRB that Obama has pinned his high hopes on destroying any vestiges of a free state is back at it and wants to condemn businesses from ever moving their business. I was surprised to read at present, the Courts can already mandate a business remain in its present location. And just who is Mr. Griffin?

Richard Griffin, the new general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, wants to give unions a veto over a unionized employer’s decision to relocate. If Griffin has his way, and he most assuredly will, some unionized businesses will be pinned in place at the discretion of their unions.

Apr 08 07:32

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

Once the Cold War ended, Western militaries reduced their focus on military deterrence in Europe. As a consequence, the Ukraine crisis has caught NATO flat-footed as it rushes to find an adequate response to Russia. Germany has been reluctant to go along.

Apr 08 07:31

Ukraine crisis: Violent brawl at Kiev parliament

Apr 08 07:30

Y’all Need To Go Looking For Bigfoot

We think those ripped-apart children are fine. We think we have torn the hearts and stomachs from those children for their own good.

The electronic time and temperature sign at the Nebraska State Bank says We Support Our Troops.

Every other car has a yellow sticker on the back that says we support those darn troops fighting over there for our daggoned freedom.

Don’t you hate those message signs in front of Nebraska churches? So trite, so patriotic. These people are not Christians. They have about as much awareness of who they are or where they are going as ants to a picnic.

They march to church each Sunday thinking the feast is meant for them, when they are merely pests.

Apr 08 07:26

Russia oil talks pose new hurdle to Iran nuke pact

Reports of multibillion-dollar oil talks between Iran and Russia are emerging as the latest obstacle to a comprehensive pact eliminating the threat of an Iranian nuclear arsenal. The Obama administration is weighing potentially deal-breaking sanctions if a contract is completed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US' arrogance is amazing, trying to tell two other countries whether they may or may not do business.

Apr 08 07:25

Feds Steal Nevada Rancher’s Cattle – Cattle Rustling and Guns

Cowboys hired by the federal government began stealing Clive Bundy’s cattle this weekend in Nevada. And they didn’t just take the cows, agents also showed up with helicopters and SUVs full of armed men. Why? Over grazing rights on BLM land. It’s a dispute that has been going on for years, but it has been generally fought in court- apparently the federal government is taking matters into their own hands.

Apr 08 07:19

MH370 Mystery Deepens. Pentagon Blocks All Leave To Diego Garcia.

Interesting information posted on the Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook website.

Apr 08 07:17

Terrorist dragnet: Kenyan police arresting thousands of Somalis

Human rights groups are concerned over the acceleration of police arrests of Somali nationals over the weekend in Kenya's capital city of Nairobi, according to reports on Monday by news organizations such as the BBC.

Apr 08 07:15

Pelosi to Democrats: Embrace the suck

Apr 08 07:11

Barrister warns Barry O'Farrell of Holocaust denial risk under George Brandis' changes

Changes to the Racial Discrimination Act proposed by federal Attorney-General George Brandis would ''open the door to Holocaust deniers'', allowing them to publish their claims with impunity, legal advice to NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Sure you have freedom of speech, mate! So long as you only say what we want you to say!"

Apr 08 07:06

All The Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power

While the protests against the Vietnam War intensified in the first years of the Nixon administration, the financial elite was fighting its own war—over the future of banking and against Glass-Steagall regulations. National City Bank chairman Walter Wriston was a steadfast warrior in related battles, as he fought with Chase chairman David Rockefeller for supremacy over the US banker community and for dominance over global finance.

Rockefeller’s sights were set on a grander prize, one with worldwide implications: ending the financial cold war. He made his mark in that regard by opening the first US bank in Moscow since the 1920s, and the first in Beijing since the 1949 revolution.

Apr 08 07:06

Eastern Ukrainian Resistance

Thousands of Eastern Ukrainians reject Kiev putschists.

Perhaps millions.

They want local sovereignty. They want autonomy rights.
They want them respected.

They reject fascist rule. They demand their own referendum. They want Ukraine federalized.

Apr 08 07:06

Fascist Police Firing Squads In Every Town, USSA

You've seen it, haven't you? The pictures and video of the cops in Albuquerque executing the man who was apprehended camping out in the hills that overlook the city's Northeast Heights? Of course, you are probably thinking to yourself that camping out in a National Forest is not a capital offense, not worthy of an instant death penalty, and it's not, unless you're in Albuquerque and Mr. Policeman has his blood lust up.

Apr 08 07:05

OpenSSL has a critical security vulnerability that needs to be patched right away

The OpenSSL project has just disclosed a devastating security flaw in the protocol that could expose the cryptographic keys and private communications from some of the most important sites and services on the Internet. If you’re running a server with OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f, it’s vital that you update to OpenSSL 1.0.1g immediately.

Apr 08 07:03

Trend Analyst: “Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities”

If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. He’s covered topics that include everything from the massive college debt bubble and the future of real estate, to water wars and what it will look like on the day the U.S. dollar finally crashes.

In the following interview Daniel shares a wealth of knowledge and takes a practical approach for how to thrive personally and financially during an economic collapse.

This is a must-watch guide from an extremely well informed source and delves into a wide range of scenarios such as what happens with our currency and our systems of commerce within two weeks of a collapse, as well as the months that follow.

As highlighted in the video, preparing for a worst-case scenario isn’t just about putting food in your pantry, but involves a dynamic strategy depending on your specific circumstances, capabilities and needs.

Apr 08 07:02

Ebola breaks out on a scale never seen before

Nearly 40 years after first striking fear with a painful, grotesque set of symptoms, the Ebola virus has now killed at least 88 people in the West African countries of Guinea and Liberia.

And the worry is: It could get a lot worse.

It is a terrifying virus, highly infectious, quick to kill, with no vaccine and no cure. Doctors in Guinea are dealing with the most aggressive strain. Only one out of ten victims survives.

Apr 08 07:01

Liberals set to form majority Quebec government

Quebec's Liberal Party is set to form a majority provincial government, routing the Canadian province's main separatist party.

Liberals have won 41% of the vote, with nearly all ballots counted.

Parti Quebecois (PQ) leader Pauline Marois has resigned in response to the crushing defeat, with her party only obtaining 25%.

Apr 08 07:00

Waterboard Cheney!

ick Cheney has defended torture techniques so many times that a frustrated U.S. senator has finally offered to waterboard the former vice president.

“The accusations are not true,” Cheney told college television station ATV last week. “Some people called it torture. It wasn’t torture.”

“If I would have to do it all over again, I would,” he insisted. “The results speak for themselves.”

A report that has been completed by the Senate Intelligence Committee, however, has found that the CIA misled the government and misstated the effectiveness of the so-called enhanced interrogation program. The report concluded that the CIA lied when it said it had gotten “otherwise unobtainable intelligence that helped disrupt terrorist plots and save thousands of lives.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And remember, you share the guilt because your taxes paid for all this!

Apr 08 06:58

Italy's bishops pass Vatican-backed rule that child molestation does not have to be reported

Italy's bishops have adopted a policy, with backing from the Vatican, that states they are not obliged to inform police officers if they suspect a child has been molested.

Apr 08 06:57

Peace Process Hypocrisy

Sunday so-called Israeli/Palestinian/US peace talks ended in failure. More on this below.

Fact: Washington is no honest broker!

Fact: It never was!

Fact: It’s not one now!

Apr 08 06:54

Dollar Is Dropped As Countries And Central Banks Declared Their Holdings In Yuan

Apr 08 06:53

Must Read: Fed Employees Rollout A Bold Idea To Trap The Entire Country’s Wealth

A major financial news source just published shocking details about a research report by two employees at the Federal Reserve Bank. The 36-page report applauds the use of “capital controls” in global markets.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “capital controls,” it’s probably because we tend to avoid them in the United States in favor of a free market economy.

Capital controls are simply laws that regulate and restrict what you are allowed to do with your money by regulating the flow of cash in and out of a national economy. The laws define such things as where you can invest your cash and how you can allocate your assets.

If you take a look around the globe, you’ll see several recent example—almost always from countries experiencing a currency crisis

Apr 08 06:52

A DARK AGENDA: How Disney is Cultivating Our Childrens’ Imaginations

Firstly, we can take a look back at some older Disney animated cartoons, some of which are fairly disturbing when you consider the themes that are being conveyed to impressionable young minds. As an exercise, watch the clip below carefully, and try to understand what ideas would a four or five year old take on board after seeing this scene:

Apr 08 06:51

Ukraine crisis: Bid to retake buildings seized by separatists

The Ukraine authorities say they have seized back control of the regional administration building in the eastern city of Kharkiv from pro-Russia separatists.

Apr 08 06:51

A Science Icon Died 17 Years Ago. In His Last Interview, He Made A Warning That Gives Me Goosebumps.

Carl Sagan inspired a generation of scientists with his work in and out of the classroom. But he didn't always present science with cheer. In this clip, he passionately defends science with a grave warning. It's something we all need to hear.

Apr 08 06:49

ABN Amro banker deaths confirmed as family murder-suicide

Former ABN Amro banking chief Jan Peter Schmittmann, found dead at his home in Laren at the weekend, killed his wife and daughter and then hung himself, the Telegraaf says on Tuesday.

A suicide note was found at the family home in the wealthy town but further details have not been released. However, Schmittmann was known to suffer from severe depression, the paper says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 08 06:48

Israeli restrictions over Palestinian movement violate Christian religious freedom during Easter

A group of Christians from East Jerusalem on Sunday said that Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian mobility resulted in violations of religious freedoms. The statement, signed “Palestinian Christian Organizations in Occupied East Jerusalem,” complained that Christians are often denied access to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Easter holidays. Each Easter, checkpoints are erected “at the Gates and in the alley, thus preventing the worshipers from free access to the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the vicinity of the Christian Quarter.” Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian Christians are a part of larger strategy of Judaization in Jerusalem, the statement said. “The restrictive measures constitute grave violation on the freedom of worship, and amount to discrimination against Christians because the occupation authorities want to negate Christian presence and create the impression of a Jewish-only city.”

Apr 08 06:47

US conducting drone war from Germany

The American Ramstein military base in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate plays a central role in Washington’s global drone war. This has been revealed by research from the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the radio networks Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) and Westdeutsche Rundfunk(WDR), based on details from American military documents and former drone pilot Brandon Bryant.

Apr 08 06:47

Russia faces 'costs' if it destabilises Ukraine: John Kerry

Any further Russian efforts to destabilise Ukraine will incur costs for Russia, US State Secretary John Kerry warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because destabilizing other countries is OUR job, dammit!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 08 06:46

Ukraine launches 'anti-terrorist' operation in eastern city, 70 arrested

Ukraine has launched an "anti-terrorist" operation in the eastern city of Kharkiv and about 70 "separatists" have been arrested for seizing the regional administration building, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Tuesday.

On his Facebook page, Avakov said: "An anti-terrorist operation has been launched. The city center is blocked along with metro stations. Do not worry. Once we finish, we will open them again."

Apr 08 06:46

Photos: Outrageous creations from the latest 3D printing event

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo

There was plenty of exciting innovation at the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York City. New 3D printers were released by many companies, and people were able to watch them in action.

Apr 08 06:45

This Season’s Epic Winter In 90 Seconds

Apr 08 06:39

Taken to the cleaners: U.S. picks up coalition’s $700 million laundry, food, base support tab

In a staggering loss of money even by Pentagon standards, the U.S. military and two contractors left American taxpayers on the hook for more than $700 million in food, laundry and other services that should have been billed to countries that sent troops to Afghanistan.

Coalition countries tacitly agreed to reimburse the Army, but U.S. regional commands in Afghanistan frequently failed to pass along the charges, according to audit records obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act.

Apr 08 06:38

US tried to search Swatch factories for terror clues

The United States pressured the watchmaking Swatch Group to open its factories in Switzerland to anti-terrorism experts, the chief executive has revealed in a newspaper interview.

“They no doubt wanted to check if it was possible to conceal explosives, poison or whatever else in the watch movements,” Nick Hayek told the Schweiz am Sonntag paper.

Apr 08 06:37

The 401k Scheme - - - Government to Confiscate?

Apr 08 06:31

The Hottest Particle

Three years ago, Fairewinds was one of the first organizations to talk about “hot particles” that are scattered all over Japan and North America’s west coast. Hot particles are dangerous and difficult to detect. In this video Mr. Kaltofen discusses the hottest hot particle he has ever found, and it was discovered more than 300 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi site. If Fairewinds Energy Education was a Japanese website, the State Secrets Law would likely prevent us from issuing this video.

Apr 08 06:31

New deal, same players

Ukraine’s president has fled and there is an interim government, but the power brokers who will make or break the country’s future include many of the same oligarchs who backed the last regime. And the corruption won’t stop.

Apr 08 06:25

IMF report: No end to economic breakdown

Almost six years after the eruption of the global financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund has effectively ruled out any return to the economic growth rates that preceded September 2008.

Apr 08 06:17

Media Shirked Duties As Alabama Jailed Journalist Fought For First Amendment

The nation’s media provided remarkably little support to an Alabama journalist jailed for five months while he fought against prior restraint of his investigative reporting.

A part-time state judge freed blogger Roger Shuler March 26 after Shuler spiked columns alleging an affair between a reputed congressional candidate and a lobbyist.

Apr 08 06:10

Syria false flag and sarin deception

Hersh's new article, entitled "The Red Line and the Rat Line," builds on his earlier article "Whose Sarin?" In the two articles, Hersh provides evidence that top US officials knew that the al-Ghouta chemical weapons attack was a false flag just days after it happened – and that President Obama canceled his plan to bomb Syria because British Intelligence informed him that "the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s chemical weapons arsenal."

Instead, Hersh shows, the attack was conducted by the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front with help from elements of Turkish and Saudi intelligence. And Obama knew it. He decided that it wasn't worth bombing Syria, in case the whole thing ended in disaster and the false flag got publicly exposed.

Apr 08 05:57

URGENT! Another "Ruby Ridge" Unfolding - Help STOP It!

CALL THE BLM AND TELL THEM TO BACK OFF. They will murder these people to save a TURTLE?!
Do not let this happen, get dialing.


Current situation:


Apr 08 05:14

WTF? NJ Boy Suspended For Twirling Pen

Apr 08 05:10

Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel, Black Men and Women Beaten

Miri Regev, Israel Legislator, Calls Sudanese Refugees ‘A Cancer’ Amid Violent Anti-Immigrant Protests

Violence surged in the streets of Tel Aviv as a 1000-strong protest against African immigrants seeking asylum in Israel turned violent.

Apr 08 04:57

China Rejects Another shipment of GMO Animal Feed trying to be slipped in. 601,000 tons rejected last year.

China is not accepting GMO corn/feed/food in any way. They rejected another shipment that tried to be slipped in for animal feed from the U.S.

Last year they rejected 601,000 tons of GMO corn. This shipment was 21,800 tons of corn from the U.S.

Why is it the U.S. is about the only country that allows GMO food? Why haven't our 'leaders' protected us as the leaders protect their citizens in other countries. The other countries even protect their animals. Yet the U.S. allows the poison of GMO corn and food and won't even require it to be labeled?

Apr 08 04:45

American Oligarchs – Their Money, Our Votes

Contrary to Professor Robert Reich, America is already an Oligarchy and is moving fast toward Monarchy. The shameful and degrading events in Last Vegas last week, is an insult to every American voter and to America. One would think that in “democratic America” potential political candidates would go directly to the people, to their constituents to seek their input and to sound off their ideas and chances for winning elections, not go to Las Vegas and kneel before someone like Sheldon Adelson, the King of American politics. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 04:13

Cate Long on Detroit Bankruptcy Proceedings

Apr 08 04:04

Israeli Supremes Endorse War Crimes

Israeli Supremes lied saying: ”The petitioner didn’t provide enough evidence that could prove the connection between the respondents and the events that, as the petitioner sees them, could be called ‘war crimes.’“
Read more -->

Apr 08 04:01

The Cookie Monster Is Now Considered A Symbol Of Hate By German Police

German police are probing an unlikely new symbol for neo-Nazi extremists – the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Apr 08 03:40

Eric Holder suggests restricting 2nd Amendment using “gun bracelets”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Department of Justice will “explore” the idea of restricting gun rights by imposing ill-conceived technological mandates for operating guns, such as biometric identification or an electronic bracelet.

Apr 08 03:22

Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada

It's evident that the pro-Israel lobby has been active in mobilizing politicians in the "friendly capitals" of Washington, Ottawa, and Canberra for many years. This essay will argue that revisions to the Canadian Criminal Code proposed by the Harper government contain wording that is designed to enable lawfare prosecutions of human rights activists in precisely the manner desired by Netanyahu and his associates. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 03:16

Top 10 Ways in Which It Was Actually the Israeli Government That Derailed the Peace Talks

It is like discussing with someone sharing a piece of pie and then looking down and seeing that the other person had snarfed up half of it already. Here are the top ten things Israel did to cause the negotiations to falter. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 02:15

American Mercenaries Are On The ground In Ukraine: We Are One Step Nearer To War

Whilst still maintaining that it has no plans to invade Ukraine Russia has trotted out the same line it used just before it marched into Crimea:

'We reserve the right to defend ethnic Russians in the country' Kiev was also warned not to use force against pro-Russian demonstrators.

“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task police unit Sokol,”the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.“Organizers and participants of such incitement are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the stability of Ukraine.”

April 7, 2014

Apr 07 23:09

May Syria Prevail [VIDEO]

Since 2011 the Syrian people have been fighting against a long-planned foreign conspiracy to violently reorder their nation.

Apr 07 23:03

Military Goes Postal

Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing himself. It is nearly five years after the last Ft. Hood shooting, where 13 people were killed. These tragedies are heartbreaking and we certainly feel much sympathy for the families of the victims.

Apr 07 22:56

Ukraine's unelected President accuses Kremlin of creating uprising in east to justify new invasion

Ukraine’s President on Monday accused Moscow of trying to tear his country apart after separatist protesters stormed buildings and declared an independent republic in an eastern city not far from the border where tens of thousands of Russian troops are massing.

Lets not forget that Turchynov came to power as a result of a violent and bloody foreign-sponsored coup that overthrew a democratically elected government. Sure, the government was corrupt, but so are the political classes in most countries. Corruption and politics go together. Turchynov was elected by NOBODY and as such has the right to speak for himself only.

Apr 07 22:50

Invading Iraq prevented Syria-like civil war, claims Tony Blair

Iraq would have been engulfed in a civil war like that in Syria if Britain had not invaded it, Tony Blair has claimed.

Apr 07 22:48

Donetsk People’s Council Set to Hold Referendum to Join Russia on May 11

Donetsk region People’s Council established by local pro-federalization demonstrators on Monday declared its plans to create the republic of Donetsk and join Russia if people so vote during the referendum which is due to take place no later than May 11, RIA Novosti correspondent reported Monday.

Apr 07 22:46

UK middle-class hollowed out with economic insecurity

People know that work no longer guarantees the better future for their families they used to expect. They are asking: what kind of work, what kind of wages – and what kind of prospects?

Apr 07 22:43

"Anti-terrorist operation" starts in Kharkov, city center blocked – Ukraine Interior Minister

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has launched an anti-terrorist operation in the eastern city of Kharkov by blocking the city center, said acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. At least 70 activists have been arrested by the police.

Apr 07 21:59

Holder: DOJ Gun Control Efforts May Include “Gun Tracking Bracelets”

In a recent discussion on gun violence prevention programs, Attorney General Eric Holder told the House appropriations committee that the Department of Justice is considering smart gun tracking technologies, specifically:

" that we can make sure people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights while at the same time, decreasing the uh misuse of, um, of weapons that lead to, uh, the kinds of things we see on a daily basis you know where people, kids especially, um are struck down..."

Apparently these are technologies Holder says he learned about in a meeting with "technology people" that he and Joe Biden had last year when they were trying to pass their "common sense" gun reforms.

Apr 07 20:34

World War III Is Imminent

A very clear picture is emerging over the crisis in Ukraine. Each side has taken on definitive moves in order to bring its military forces into the coming conflict. In short, each side is mobilizing for war. The world may have as little as 30 to 60 days of relative peace left before all hell breaks loose. The world is familiar on how the Russian military has postured its forces to take over Ukraine and begin the process of a Putin economic war against the West once Ukraine is secured. The US and NATO are responding in kind and by this summer, NATO will be ready to challenge the Russians.

Apr 07 19:01

Ruby Ridge-style standoff brewing as Bundy says he is prepared to be killed

armed federal agents are closing in on cattle rancher Cliven Bundy

Apr 07 18:44

The master pretense of US economic life — the delusion that wise persons are actually in control of anything

Forward Guidance

Guess what? There is none. Rather, the Federal Reserve practice of Delphically divulging its intentions ought to be understood as the master pretense of US economic life — the delusion that wise persons are actually in control of anything. The result of this guidance continues to be the mis-pricing of everything, especially the cost of money as represented in the operations of debt, and hence the value of everything denominated in money. The interventions of our central bank have really been aimed at one objective: to compensate for the contraction of real wealth in an economy that replaced purposeful activity with Kardashian studies and tattoo art. Purposeful economic activity provides surpluses that allow for the repayment of debt. Kardashian study and tattoo art lead to entropic entrapment, aka, a death spiral of culture and economy. That’s where we are at. The debt is now eating us alive, and the central bank trick of piling on additional debt to mask the failure of repaying old debt is losing its palliative punch.

Apr 07 18:42

Media Blackout over Syria

On April 6, The London Review of Books published in its online journal Seymour Hersh’s “The Red Line and the Rat Line.” Hersh continues to expose details surrounding the staged August 21 chemical attack incident in Syria, which apparently pretty much everyone in Washington’s intelligence bureaucracy suspected was carried out by the rebels as soon as it happened.

Apr 07 18:38

The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

Since Russian troops first entered the Crimean peninsula in early March, a series of media polling outlets have asked Americans how they want the U.S. to respond to the ongoing situation. Although two-thirds of Americans have reported following the situation at least “somewhat closely,” most Americans actually know very little about events on the ground — or even where the ground is.

Apr 07 18:09

Ebola cases suspected in US and Canada, airports in Guinea begin health checkpoints

As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to spread, airport health checkpoints have been set up in Guinea, to help prevent the virus from spreading. There have already been two cases that were suspected to have left the country.

One Canadian man traveling from the area became infected and brought the virus home to Canada. When he was sick at a Canadian hospital, health officials insisted that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that his virus was not actually Ebola, but only an “Ebola-like” virus. However, the fact that this person was recently in an Ebola outbreak area is leaving many to wonder if this is a true Ebola case that is being downplayed by health officials.

Apr 07 17:42

What In The World Is Happening To The Nasdaq?

All of a sudden, the Nasdaq is absolutely tanking. On Monday, it fell more than 1 percent after dropping 3.6 percent on Thursday and Friday combined. At this point, the Nasdaq is off to the worst start to a year that we have seen since 2008, and we all remember what happened back then. So why is this happening? In recent years, the Nasdaq has been ground zero for "dotcom bubble 2.0". The hottest stocks in the entire world are on the Nasdaq - we are talking about stocks like Yahoo, Netflix, Apple, Tesla, Google and Facebook. Those stocks have gone to absolutely incredible heights, but now they are starting to fall. Some are blaming insider selling, and without a doubt the "smart money" is starting to flee the stock market. Just check out this chart. Others are blaming low expectations for first-quarter earnings or the tapering of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. But whatever is causing this decline, it is starting to get alarming.

Apr 07 17:28

China heading off cold war through economic diplomacy

During his visit to Duisburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a master stroke of economic diplomacy that runs directly counter to the Washington neo-conservative faction’s effort to bring a new confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Using the role of Duisburg as the world’s largest inland harbor, an historic transportation hub of Europe and of Germany’s Ruhr steel industry center, he proposed that Germany and China cooperate on building a new “economic Silk Road” linking China and Europe. The implications for economic growth across Eurasia are staggering.

Apr 07 16:12

DEA Cheif: Marijuana Legalization Will Kill Puppies!

Bureaucrats terrorizing the American people to justify their high paid, yet almost pointless positions in government, is nothing new. DEA Chief Michele Leonhart? latest comments on Cannabis legalization highlight a new low in justifying the failed US drug war. It is rancid and ridiculous propaganda to say the existence of the DEA is actually saving kittens and puppies, oh my.

Apr 07 15:32

Fusion Centers: A Dangerous Part of the Surveillance State

Nadia Kayyali

While NSA surveillance has been front and center in the news recently, fusion centers are a part of the surveillance state that deserve close scrutiny.

Fusion centers are a local arm of the so-called “intelligence community,” the 17 intelligence agencies coordinated by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The government documentation around fusion centers is entirely focused on breaking down barriers between the various government agencies that collect and maintain criminal intelligence information.

Barriers between local law enforcement and the NSA are already weak. We know that the Drug Enforcement Agency gets intelligence tips from the NSA which are used in criminal investigations and prosecutions. To make matters worse, the source of these tips is camouflaged using “parallel construction,” meaning that a different source for the intelligence is created to mask its classified source...

Apr 07 15:13

10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health

by Arjun Walia

Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason.

The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10-year ban.

The truth is, we don’t know enough about GMOs to deem them safe for human consumption. Believe it or not the very first commercial sale of them was only twenty years ago. There is no possible way that our health authorities can test all possible combinations on a large enough population, over a long enough period of time to be able to say with absolute certainty that they are harmless.

There are a multitude of credible scientific studies that clearly demonstrate why GMOs should not be consumed, and more are emerging every year. There are also a number of scientists all around the world who oppose them...

Apr 07 14:48

FLASHBACK - The Death of Vincent Foster

This is the story that nobody dares touch.

Despite having reported the discovery of Dr. Haut's signed report confirming the existence of a second wound to Vincent Foster's neck, radio host Rush Limbaugh to this very day refers to Vincent Foster's death as a suicide.

Even Matt Drudge, when presented with the FBI records proving that the FBI fraudulently manufactured Lisa Foster's recognition of the gun found at Fort Marcy Park, refused to get involved, opting instead for a story accusing Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence (for which Drudge was then sued).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By reader request

Apr 07 13:42

Metadata monitoring more intrusive than eavesdropping, Snowden and Greenwald warn

Whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald joined forces via video link at an Amnesty International event in the US to speak to a packed hotel ballroom about the dangers of government metadata collection.

Apr 07 13:34

Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant

Beginning in the mid-1980s and spanning several years, Sharpton’s cooperation was fraught with danger since the FBI’s principal targets were leaders of the Genovese crime family, the country’s largest and most feared Mafia outfit. In addition to aiding the FBI/NYPD task force, which was known as the “Genovese squad,” Sharpton’s cooperation extended to several other investigative agencies.

Apr 07 13:33

Once PC Is Gone and Truth Prevails, Shoa Panic Is Detected

Six minutes segment from a Q&A session at the Washington Report's AIPAC Conference March 2014. You can easily detect the panic on stage once the Zionist Holocaust narrative is challenged by a knowledgeable lady.

Apr 07 13:31

Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?

When the International Monetary Fund announced a tentative loan agreement with Ukraine last month, the move was widely acclaimed as vital to saving the country’s struggling economy. Headlines trumpeted the decision to “help” Ukraine with a $14–18 billion “financial lifeline.”

Apr 07 13:28

Thousands Rally Against Killer Tax

Thousands of people across Britain rallied on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the hated bedroom tax.

They took to the streets in towns and cities including London, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Hull in protest against one of the coalition government’s most vicious attacks on 600,000 of Britain’s most vulnerable people.

Apr 07 13:13

Cop Pulls Gun on 11yr Old Black Child for Building a Treehouse

An eleven year old African American child and his friends were held at gun point by a Georgia police officer for building a tree house in a wooded area near their home, according to local media reports.

Apr 07 13:12

Fed official: Bitcoin poses threat to central banks

Andrew Moran
Activist Post

Last week, David Andolfatto, St. Louis Federal Reserve Vice President and Director of Research, published an in-depth presentation on the peer-to-peer decentralized currency bitcoin. This is the first time that such a high level central banking official has studied the cryptocurrency and upon his research he has discovered that it could very well pose a threat to the system – but that’s a good thing...

Apr 07 13:06

Ukraine is dancing on the edge of a volcano

In Ukraine, pro-Russian protestors have taken over a regional government building in the eastern city of Donetsk and declared a "people's republic". The Ukrainian interim President Oleksandr Turchynov says it's "the second wave" of a Russian operation to destabilise his country.

Apr 07 12:52

Jeb Bush: Illegal Immigration is an “Act of Love”

Crossing the border illegally “is a different kind of crime,” Jeb Bush told Fox News over the weekend. “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love; it’s an act of commitment to your family.”

CNN said Bush will attempt to use anger over deportations to swing Latinos into the Republican camp. Bush’s remark characterizing Obama is the “deporter-in-chief” is intended to turn large Latino populations in California, Texas and Florida against the Democrats.

Apr 07 12:35

7th Grader Suspended and Subjected to Psychological Evaluation for…Twirling a Pencil

A New Jersey 7th grader was subjected to a five-hour physical and psychological examination for twirling a pencil in class.

Here’s how it went down:

Ethan Chaplin was twirling a pencil with a pen cap on it when a fellow student yelled, “He’s making gun motions – send him to juvie!”

The student who made the accusation had bullied Ethan earlier in the day and was trying to get him in trouble, Ethan says. He said the school administrators wouldn’t hear his side of the story.

Ethan was suspended and told he could not return to school until a complete physical and psychological examination was conducted.

Apr 07 12:23

The reality behind the Israeli-Palestinian talks

Jonathan Cook argues that, with the imminent failure of the Israeli-Palestinian talks,“the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself”.

Apr 07 12:13

US secretly sending anti-tank missiles to Syrian rebels

Rebels embattled against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad have reportedly come into possession of high-powered anti-tank weaponry, the likes of which may have been supplied by the United States.