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April 8, 2010

Apr 08 08:00

US trying to woo EU back to terror finance program

Attorney General Eric Holder is in Spain trying to revive a Bush-era counterterrorism program that the U.S. views as a key tool in tracking terrorist money transfers but European Union lawmakers reject because of civil liberties concerns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The EU has at least some semblance of concern for civil liberties, which has evaporated completely on the part of the US government.

Apr 08 07:57

NATO Admits U.S. Forces Killed Innocent Pregnant Women in Afghanistan

U.S. Special Operations commandoes in February mistakenly killed five Afghans, including two pregnant women, and then tried to cover up their mistake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But you know, we cannot rule out the possibility that one of those unborn fetuses might have joined Al Qaeda and helped smuggle an Iranian nookular bomb into Disneyland somewhere down the road, so really, this is a good thing!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 08 07:55

Cancer patients on the rise in Gaza

Dr. Yousef Ibrahim, the head of the environment quality authority, said on Tuesday that the number of cancer and kidney failure patients in the Gaza Strip is on the rise as a result of the Israeli use of depleted uranium and phosphorus bombs in the war on Gaza last year.

Ibrahim, in a statement to the PIC, said that the poisonous and dangerous material used by the Israeli occupation forces during that war had infiltrated into the Palestinian soil as well as into the bodies of the victims and casualties of that war.

He said that uranium, zinc, mercury and cobalt, which are cancerous materials, are now found in the Gaza soil.

Apr 08 07:53

Kyrgyz Opposition Forms Interim Government Backed By The Army

An opposition coalition proclaimed a new interim government Thursday after a violent uprising in Kyrgyzstan and said it would rule until elections are held in six months. But a respected private news agency said the president had proclaimed in an e-mail that he would not relinquish power.

Kyrgyzstan, which shares a 533-mile (858-kilometer) border with China, is also a gateway to other energy-rich Central Asian countries where China, Russia and the U.S. are competing fiercely for dominance. It is a predominantly Muslim country, but it has remained secular.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In light of the fact that President Bakiyev has not officially stepped down, things could still get very dicey here in a heartbeat.

And that one-year extension on the US base at Manas will be over toward the end of this year. One has to wonder if the new government will simply ask more money from the US, or tell the US to leave.

Apr 08 07:52

PROPAGANDA ALAERT - Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video

In recent days, many veterans have made the point that fighters cannot do their jobs without creating psychological distance from the enemy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This propagandistic bovine excrement is evading the point. These soldiers in the Apache were not doing their job, Their job is NOT to gun down innocent civilians including children and reporters!

The offense here is not the language, although that is what the US Government wants you to think it is, because that they imagine they can make excuses for.

The real issue here is that the US forces are routinely gunning down non-combatants, and there is NO excuse for that. We called it a war crime when the Nazis did it. We called it a war crime when the Japanese did it. It is a war crime when the US does it!

Apr 08 07:49

Qatari diplomat causes bomb scare on U.S. flight after 'trying to sneak a cigarette in the bathroom'

A Qatari diplomat trying to sneak a cigarette in an airplane bathroom prompted a bomb scare on a U.S. flight last night.

Fighter jets were scrambled as air marshals on the plane arrested the man.

When he was asked about the smell of smoke in the bathroom, he joked that he had been trying to light his shoes - an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid.

No explosives were found on the diplomat - named as as Mohammed Al-Madadi - and officials do not believe he was trying to harm anyone.

Apr 08 07:42

Brace Yourself for Obamacare Taxes

Now that President Obama's health-insurance overhaul has become law, we can brace ourselves for the new taxes. What new taxes? Aren't they only on the "rich" and on large companies?

Apr 08 07:41

Study: 1.2 million households lost to recession

Brown represents one of the more than 1.2 million households lost to the recession, according to a report issued this week by the Mortgage Bankers Association that looked at data between 2005 and 2008. That number doesn’t include information from 2009, when job losses and foreclosures continued to rise.

So it's likely that the full impact of the 8.4 million jobs lost and nearly three million homes foreclosed on since the recession began has taken an even bigger toll on the number of American households.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Green shoots of hope" only exist, economically, for Congress members, the large bankers, and the big brokerages out there.

For people like this gentlemen, hope...is just another four letter word.

Apr 08 07:33

Resignation of St. Catharines bishop takes church by surprise

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another scandal about to surface?

Apr 08 07:19

List of sexually active popes

Since such relationships were sometimes undertaken outside of the bonds of matrimony, and because sometimes the Pope was under a vow of celibacy, the Catholic Church considers these to be grave abuses and causes of scandal. However, it believes it does not undermine the Catholic doctrines considering the authority and succession of the Papacy from Saint Peter the Apostle.

According to standard lists, there have been 265 popes. There are various classifications for those who were sexually active at some time during their life. Periods in parentheses refer to the years of their papacies. There have been thirty-nine popes since 1585. None of them is known to have been sexually active during his papacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering that they just busted a gay prostitution operation inside the Papal palace a few weeks back, Wikipedia may be a bit out of date on that last statement.

Apr 08 07:06

Regulating Wall Street and the Economy

Regulating Wall Street and the Economy

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan is joined by Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., and Bill Fleckenstein, president of Fleckenstein Capital, to talk about the financial reform bill and to debate whether more power should be given to the Federal Reserve after it may have heavily contributed to the financial crisis.


Apr 08 06:59

Excusing the sick pilots

For the bovine excrement meter!!

Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video

In recent days, many veterans have made the point that fighters cannot do their jobs without creating psychological distance from the enemy. One reason that the soldiers seemed as if they were playing a video game is that, in a morbid but necessary sense, they were.

Apr 08 06:58

The Monkey and the Mango Vase

Toppling some of the unbelievably corrupt governments of the west is an idea whose time has come but it’s pointless to focus on the politicians. These are just the ordinary whores plying their trade street side. It’s the bankers that need to come down and have all their money redistributed. It’s the pimps and the crime bosses that you want, not the lying mouthpieces who work for them.

Apr 08 06:51

Iran will strike U.S. troops if attacked: army chief

Iran would respond to any military attack from the United States by hitting U.S. forces stationed in the Middle East, its military commander said on Thursday.

"If America presents Iran with a serious threat and undertakes any measure against Iran, none of the American soldiers who are currently in the region would go back to America alive," Major General Hassan Firouzabadi was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars news agency.


Not unexpected. Bet the US leaders are going to claim this is cheating and then have a hissy fit.

Apr 08 06:46

Obama and Medvedev sign nuclear disarmament treaty

The United States and Russia signed a landmark disarmament treaty on Thursday they hope will herald better bilateral ties and raise pressure on countries seeking nuclear weapons to renounce such ambitions.

The agreement will cut strategic nuclear arsenals deployed by the former Cold War foes by 30 percent within seven years but leave each with enough to destroy the other.


This DEFINITELY puts Israel in a much better position.

Apr 08 06:45

Genetically Engineered ‘EnviroPig’ Waiting for Approval in US and Canada

In the race to genetically engineer food that is tastier and cheaper, Canada’s University of Guelph is instead finding a way to produce meat that may be more environmentally friendly.

Apr 08 06:43

Vatican cardinals claim sex abuse claims have been orchestrated by enemies of the Pope

Vatican cardinals have gone on the offence claiming sex abuse allegations have been orchestrated by enemies of the Pope who resent his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Apr 08 06:41

Obama ok's US citizen assassinations

The Obama administration has authorized the assassination of an American citizen, Anwar Al-Awlaki who is a Muslim cleric and he is suspected of organizing terrorist attacks against the US. He is now on the top of the FBI's most wanted list. David Swanson says that this is illegal and that if the International Criminal Court has the right to prosecute an American if they had the backing.

Apr 08 06:23

American Monetary Institute (AMI): History of money, monetary reform, public action. 6 of 6

*hyperlinks live at source*

The American Monetary Institute is the world’s leading organization for understanding monetary history and how to reform monetary policy. These six articles reprint AMI’s principle information, available at AMI’s website, with their express permission to share widely:

1.Explaining the need for monetary reform: the heart of our economic crisis
2.Monetary history: synopsis of Stephen Zarlenga’s The Lost Science of Money
3.How to reform our monetary system: understanding the mechanics of creating money
4.The American Monetary Act: monetary reform legislation for Congress (part a and part b)
5.FAQ of monetary reform
6.What can Americans do for monetary reform?

Apr 08 04:40

Cancer vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to immediately suspend the cervical cancer control vaccination programme for girls. The programme is part of a two-year study to look into the utility of a vaccine in public health programmes and acceptability of Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck. Gardasil, available in chemist shops across the country, is marketed in India by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far.

Apr 08 04:38

What is Thermite Doing in the Dust from 9/11?

Jeanette McKinley, who lived across street from WTC 1, talks about how she collected WTC dust from her apartment and gave it to Dr. Steven Jones.

A scientific presentation given by Dr. Steven E. Jones in Sacramento, California, April 30, 2009

Apr 08 04:02


Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us
- Mike Prysner

Apr 08 03:53

The Major Jewish American Organizations Defend Israel’s Humiliation Of America

07 April, 2010
By James Petras
When Israel announced a major new Jews-only building project of 1600 homes in occupied East Jerusalem, it was not only “spitting in the face” of visiting Vice President Biden, it was demonstrating its power to humiliate America and Americans. — James Petras

“The Government of Israel has insulted the Vice President of the United States, and spat on the face of the President… they wiped the spit of their faces and smiled politely… as the saying goes: when you spit in the face of a weakling, he pretends that it is raining” — Uri Avnery Israeli Jewish journalist 13/3/2010.

Apr 08 00:14

US 'authorizes' killing of radical Muslim cleric

The rare, if not unprecedented, authorization was given earlier this year in the belief that Awlaki had gone from encouraging attacks on the United States to directly participating in them, the Times said.

Awlaki, who was born in New Mexico but is now based in Yemen, has come under intense scrutiny since being linked to Major Nidal Hassan, a US army psychiatrist who killed 13 people in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas in November.

April 7, 2010

Apr 07 19:26

Psychiatrists say that being angry is a mental illness

Proposed updates to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) are prompting many to question whether or not the psychiatric profession itself has gone crazy. The latest additions to the alleged "mentally ill" could include hoarders, people who get angry every now and again, lazy people, and even those who get outraged over things like sex and violence on television.

Apr 07 19:23

Did 'Regular' Flu Shot Up Risks for H1N1 Flu?

The traditional seasonal flu vaccine may have increased the risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 swine flu, according to the results of four new studies by Canadian researchers.

In one study, the researchers used an ongoing sentinel monitoring system to assess the frequency of prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine in people diagnosed with H1N1 swine flu in 2009 compared to people without swine flu. The researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 68 percent increased risk of getting swine flu.

Apr 07 19:18

Anger about digital 'stitch-up'

Ministers have been accused of a "stitch-up" to pass laws cracking down on digital piracy before the election.

MPs voiced anger at attempts to rush through the digital economy bill aimed at supporting artists' copyright and tackle illegal file-sharing.

Former minister Tom Watson said it would be a "catastrophic disaster" if the bill went through as constituted.

However, the bill was approved by MPs by a majority of 142 votes and will now pass to the Lords for final approval.

Apr 07 19:10

9/11 heroes likely to suffer 'World Trade Center Cough' for life: study

The so-called "World Trade Center Cough" appears to be permanent.

A sweeping new study of firefighters and EMTs workers who inhaled toxic Ground Zero dust found that their lungs have unexpectedly failed to recover since the 2001 disaster.

"We demonstrated dramatic decline in lung function, mostly in the first six months after 9/11, and these declines persisted with little or no meaningful recovery over the next six-and-a-half years," said Dr. David Prezant, a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.

Apr 07 18:42

UCSB Finds Data Linking Orbit Cycle to Ice Age

Can we expect an ice age to start every 36,500,000 days or so?

While the battle for what's right and wrong roars on concerning climate change as a whole, it seems that many small observations are left to collect dust while politicians and activists concentrate on their own immediate problems. It can seem overwhelming at times when science-fact is pushed into a corner because it doesn't help support a growingly concerned (or unconcerned) community. Nevertheless, these data and observations are important in the long term to help climate scientists and geologists understand how the Earth changes over millennia and how those changes are affecting the current climate.

Apr 07 18:40

Calculations Show Black Holes Very Possible at LHC

No Earth-imploding black holes at LHC this decade. Probably.

While (some of) the world watched the Large Hadron Collider power up, fault, power up again and ultimately land its first 7 TeV collisions, others may have gripped their armchairs tightly, waiting for the planet-destroying black hole that some claim the LHC is capable of creating. As one might be inclined to notice, the Earth has made it through the ordeal just fine.

Apr 07 17:09

Mexico Failing on Purpose?

Very interesting analysis from Stratfor. I could easily cut and paste the whole thing, as it is a must read for Agonistas. But let's boil down the main points:

* * * * * *

And here's their conclusion:

The United States does not know how to reduce demand for drugs. The United States is not prepared to legalize drugs. This means the choice lies between the status quo and a complex and uncertain (to say the least) intervention. We suspect the United States will attempt some limited variety of the latter, while in effect following the current strategy and living with the problem.

Apr 07 17:04

This Day in History: April 7 -

As part of the fall-out from the Iran Contra Affair, John Poindexter is found guilty of five charges for his part in the scandal – “conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, defrauding the government, and the alteration and destruction of evidence.” Upon appeal, the conviction was reversed.

Apr 07 16:59

FLASHBACK - American soldiers shooting civilians

Apr 07 16:18

Mainstream media ignores Wikileaks video and pays more attention to Tiger Woods

Apr 07 16:16

US military base in Kyrgyzstan 'closed' amid riots

US military flights from a base north of the Kyrgyz capital have been suspended after authorities closed the airport amid anti-government riots...

Apr 07 16:09

White House won’t deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial

He has not been charged with a crime, but was linked by US officials to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the psychiatrist alleged to have killed 13 at an Army base in Fort Hood and Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called "Christmas day" bomber who attempted to detonate a jetliner en route to Detroit.

Apr 07 15:48

News Blackout in Israel

Fox News'Shep Smith Slams Israel For Blacking Out Judith Miller?

“They didn't even cut it out and change the space on the page, they just blacked it out,” exclaimed Shep. Miller

Apr 07 15:45

FLASHBACK - US Tank crushes Iraqi civilian's car

Apr 07 15:23

Heil Obama! U.S. Approves Targeted Killing of American Citizen

The fact that this order is even under consideration is evidence that we have lost our Republic. It is really that simple. Our government no longer serves its primary function as protector of the rights of citizens. Heil Obama!

Apr 07 15:09

Cocky & Arrogant Traders Allegedly Brag That They Manipulate The Market

The New York Post reports that a trader who recently accused JPMorgan of attempting to manipulate the gold and silver markets, had his car rammed in London last weekend. The police used helicopters to catch the fleeing driver, who absconded on foot.

Apr 07 15:04

World’s Largest Fraud Exposed. JP Morgan Chase Caught Manipulating Gold & Silver Market

When Goldman and JP Morgan Chase (the Rockefeller / Rothschild Masters Of The Universe) took down Bear Stearns, it was to capture the massive silver naked short positions held by Bear. Connect all the dots and see that this story is the most massive threat to the globalists’ manipulations.

Apr 07 15:03

Evidence Of Treason Committed By JP Morgan Chase – Andrew Maguire Blows the Whistle

The MSM all depend on JP Morgan Chase and their subsidiaries for their ad revenue, and dare not speak of this massive fraud. Bill Murphy was scheduled to appear on all the major financial news networks immediately following last weeks CFTC hearing in DC. Every single network canceled his appearance following the bombshells he dropped, including a new whistleblower who has blown the lid off the entire scam.

Apr 07 14:51

Kyrgyzstan government falls

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the Kyrgan... the Kygorians... Kyrian ... If they can do it, we can do it!

On a more serious note. The US has a major air base there supporting the Afghan operation. If the new government refuses to allow the US to continue to use the base, the US will probably invade. Russia will be forced to retaliate and we will be one step closer to being mushroomed.

Apr 07 14:44

The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty

Continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is the most recent interview by Eric King with GATA's Adrian Douglas, Harvey Orgen (who recently testified before the CFTC hearing) and his son, Lenny, in which the two discuss their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada, that of ScotiaMocatta*, located at 40 King Street West in Toronto, and find the vault is practically empty.

Apr 07 14:40


In recent years, US policy toward Kyrgyzstan has appeared driven by American security interests, namely the desire to maintain a base at Manas airport, outside the capital Bishkek. The base is seen by US military planners as a vital hub in the Northern Distribution network, a web of rail, road and air links that is being used to ferry supplies to US and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Apr 07 14:22

Kyrgyzstan’s prime minister resigns, says Opposition leader

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You see; it can be done!

Apr 07 13:56

SILVER to $436/oz and Beyond.

Apr 07 13:50

America: The Grim Truth

Americans, I have some bad news for you:

You have the worst quality of life in the developed world - by a wide margin.

If you had any idea of how people really lived in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many parts of Asia, you'd be rioting in the streets calling for a better life. In fact, the average Australian or Singaporean taxi driver has a much better standard of living than the typical American white-collar worker.

I know this because I am an American, and I escaped from the prison you call home.

Apr 07 12:07

Green Tea Extract Shows Promise In Leukemia Trials

Mayo Clinic researchers are reporting positive results in early leukemia clinical trials using the chemical epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an active ingredient in green tea. The trial determined that patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) can tolerate the chemical fairly well when high doses are administered in capsule form and that lymphocyte count was reduced in one-third of participants.

Apr 07 11:52

Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects

Do your own research by starting with the source links below this article. Those sources are for more than showing the author has done his homework. The author intends for you to use them as a springboard for your own research. Why waste your money and health on toxic remedies when so much is available as alternatives for far less money and negative side effects?

Apr 07 11:41

Five Year Old War Victim Samar Wage Juridical War On Israel

Carrying white flags, Khalid and his family stood in front of their house. Approximately fifteen metres from the house, an Israeli tank was stationed; on top of it two soldiers were eating snacks. When a third one appeared from the tank’s hatch he opened fire directly at the family. The horrible result: Amal and Su’ad, two daughters of Khalid who were three and nine respectively, were killed. The five year old Samar and her grandmother Su’ad had life-threatening injuries.

Apr 07 11:41

Apple shrugs to iPad Wi-Fi problems

Apple has admitted that its iPad isn't very good at Wi-Fi, and suggests that customers having problems move nearer to their hotspot to get a signal.

Apr 07 11:40

“After Hiroshima & Nagasaki, There Was Fallujah.”

When did it begin, all this “We take your [call/problem/question] very seriously”? With answering-machine hell? As you wait endlessly, the company or government agency assures you that they take seriously whatever reason you’re calling. What a kind and thoughtful world we live in.

Apr 07 11:33

Kyrgyzstan in crisis as clashes escalate

The government in Kyrgyzstan is struggling to retain power as deadly clashes escalate between police and thousands of protesters.

Officials say at least 40 people died in the capital, Bishkek, as protesters stormed government and TV offices.

The protesters are angry at rising prices and accuse President Kurmanbek Bakiyev of failing to curb corruption.

A key opposition leader has said the government has now resigned but there is no official confirmation.

Apr 07 11:26

Rajmohan Gandhi Commends Non-Violent Resistance

Rajmohan Gandhi stated that “the whole world knows of Bil’in’s activists, and it is a model for modern popular resistance. There will come a day when the Israelis learn that their settlements and separation wall will vanish and will be destroyed as a result of the injustice and tyranny they practice.”

Apr 07 11:12

Vatican blames the dead guy!

Apr 07 11:00

Professor and Scientist Killed - He Was Doing Research Into Use of Radio Frequency Waves in Cancer Treatment

Who would want to kill scientist Joseph Morrissey, who enjoyed an international reputation for his pioneering research into the use of radio frequency waves in cancer treatment?

Apr 07 10:58

the future according to microsoft

(or, what's wrong with this picture?)

Apr 07 10:21

America: The Silence of a Nation.

Apr 07 10:13

Oops! My Bad!

Oops i spelled it opps//lol. This thing is going viral across the net.. Will it show up on msm is the big Q.

Apr 07 10:05

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

Language Warning

Apr 07 09:51

Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq, signifies growing power of independent Web journalism

When a nonprofit group this week released video footage, leaked via a source in the Pentagon, showing a 2007 U.S. helicopter attack on a group of civilians in Baghdad, the clip unleashed a viral online sensation and ignited an intense debate about the conduct of U.S. forces in Iraq...

Apr 07 09:50

Russia threatens to quit new nuclear treaty before the deal is signed

Russia threatened to quit a new nuclear treaty with the United States yesterday even before the agreement has been signed by President Obama and President Medvedev.

The Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow reserved the right to withdraw unilaterally from the treaty over American plans for a missile-defence shield in Europe, the issue that dogged relations between Russia and the US under President Bush.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as thought this treaty may well not happen, and that does not bode well for peace on this planet.

Apr 07 09:43

Afghan president Hamid Karzai 'mental stability' questioned

Afghan president Hamid Karzai's "mental stability" is in doubt, America's former top diplomat at the United Nations mission to Afghanistan has claimed.

In an interview with a US cable television network Peter Galbraith, the former UN deputy head of mission in Afghanistan described Mr Karzai as "emotional" and "off balance," and called for President Obama vastly to limit his power to appoint officials until he proved himself a reliable partner to the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It didn't take long for that to happen!

The question is, however, just what Obama can actually do about Karzai at this point, other than attempt to have him "neutralized", which is a distinct possibility at this juncture.

Apr 07 09:31

The US dollar is vulnerable because of a staggering public debt

The US dollar is particularly vulnerable because of its staggering debt even though it is the world reserve currency. In fact the debt is so onerous that we believe the quality rating of the dollar could be lowered by the end of the year. Many other currencies face the same dilemma and in the final analysis only gold will be worth what it is today or in the future.

Apr 07 09:30

American Indians Enslaved by the Federal Government

John Stoessel does an excellent exposé on how the United States Department of the Interior is destroying the last vestiges of the American Indian population in this country through the “carrot stick” of government welfare. What’s almost as outrageous as this atrocious situation itself occurs at the end of this exposé when Stoessel attempts to interview then-Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt about it and Babbitt refuses to be interviewed.

Apr 07 09:28

Israel's 9/11 "To Do" Checklist

1. On 9/11/2001, set off the world's biggest false-flag against our ally, friend, financial backer, weapons depot and all around gullible sucker, the USA using Arab patsies, MOSSAD agents, mercs, CIA cutouts, katsas running White House and Pentagon traitors and our world-wide system of sayanim.... Check.

Apr 07 09:27

Sheikh Jarrah evictions based on forgeries

The court-ordered eviction warrants handed down by the settler organization Nahalat Shimon International to two Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah on Tuesday were based on forged documents, Fatah official in charge of Jerusalem Affairs Hatem Abdul Qader said.

“The Israeli High Court of Justice previously accredited forged documents issued by this [Nahalat Shimon International] society and approved its ownership of the lands the homes are built on,” Abdul Qader told Ma’an.

“The society’s lawyer is sending out circular warrants to residents, ordering them to evacuate their homes,” he added, alleging that all the land ownership documents previously used by the organizations to evict other families in the neighborhood are counterfeit.

Apr 07 09:26

Great Power Rivalry. China's Role as America's Creditor

What a turnaround: from an export juggernaut to a credit addict. Who would have thought it necessary back in 2001, the year everything all started to work out for China?....China has become the world's biggest creditor, after amassing nearly $2.3 trillion of foreign exchange claims on us. However, the specter of a creditor nation running persistent trade surpluses has ominous historical portents. It has happened only twice before, with the US economy in the Twenties and with the Japanese economy in the Eighties.

Apr 07 09:26

Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen

And what about all the progressives who screamed for years about the Bush administration's tyrannical treatment of Jose Padilla? Bush merely imprisoned Padilla for years without a trial. If that's a vicious, tyrannical assault on the Constitution -- and it was -- what should they be saying about the Nobel Peace Prize winner's assassination of American citizens without any due process?

Apr 07 09:24

Abu Zubaydah: Tortured For Nothing

Zubaydah “turned out to be mentally ill and nothing like the pivotal figure they supposed him to be,” in the words of Barton Gellman, who reviewed Suskind’s book for the Washington Post in 2006. He “appeared to know nothing about terrorist operations,” and was, instead, the “go-to guy for minor logistics — travel for wives and children and the like” …
Suskind described how, through a close scrutiny of his diaries, in which FBI analysts found entries in the voices of three people — a boy, a young man and a middle-aged alter ego — which recorded in numbing detail, over the course of ten years, “what people ate, or wore, or trifling things they said,” Dan Coleman, the FBI’s senior expert on al-Qaeda, told his superiors, “This guy is insane, certifiable, split personality.”

Apr 07 09:16

Opps! My Bad!


Apr 07 09:13

Golden Puts Stop To Construction Of Treehouse

The construction of an elaborate treehouse in Golden remains incomplete following a stop order by city officials in Golden last fall.

Resident Randy Duncan and his 3-year-old daughter dreamed up the plan for the wooden structure in a large tree in his front yard on Cheyenne Street and began building it last year.

Then, in August, the city ordered him to stop because the treehouse didn't meet building codes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Government is getting downright silly in its efforts to justify their continued salaries.

Apr 07 09:11


It was strangely uplifting to spend two nights and three days in the Galilee, North Palestine. We visited good friends, made new friends, saw 3000 year old olive trees, walked in the ruins depopulated villages, and shopped and ate in Palestinian towns which survived 62 years of colonial apartheid. We crossed from Bethlehem to occupied East Jerusalem with a wave of an Israeli soldier’s hand (who did not bother to check papers of an Israeli car. A few minutes later we crossed the Green line (borders before

Apr 07 09:10


The card itself has the name and photo of the person, his parents names, place of birth, and ‘nationality’…. BUT nationality lists you as either Jewish or Arab…. NOT ISRAELI.

Apr 07 09:09


As the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel approaches, DesertPeace will present documentary evidence as to why this is a state NOT to be supported by the rest of humanity.

Today’s segment deals with the crimes committed against the children of Palestine by the zionists…..
This is what you support when you support Israel…..

Apr 07 09:08

Murdoch to limit Google, Microsoft

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch says Google and Microsoft's access to his newspapers could be limited to a "headline or a sentence or two" once he erects a pay wall around his titles' websites.

Apr 07 09:07

Scientists' use of computer models to predict climate change is under attack

How much cleaner would the Chesapeake Bay be if it had twice as many oysters?

The Environmental Protection Agency uses a model that divides the bay into 55,000 slices, and maps how pollution progresses through them, from upstream tributaries into the deeper waters of the Chesapeake. It could imagine thousands more oysters -- which filter water as they feed -- and watch cleaner water spread out via currents and tides.

But, some of the time, these electronic futures haven't come true.

Apr 07 09:07

White House Won’t Say if Karzai Is Still an Ally

Speaking today on the growing rift with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, White House Press Secretary refused to answer direct questions of whether or not the US still considers Karzai an ally, saying only that “Karzai is the democratically elected leader of Afghanistan.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"..democratically elected leader of Afghanistan."

One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at that statement, given the horrendous amount of fraud which took place in this "election" in order to keep Karzai in office.

However, that no one in the US government, apparently, saw this U-turn in Karzai's behavior toward the US and NATO coming does not speak well of the decision-making processes which put him into the leadership role here in the first place.

Karzai could well demand a withdrawal of US and NATO troops way before Afghanistan can be "pacified" to the point where the pipelines can be installed with which to control Eurasian oil, and that's a very scary thought for the people who would, theoretically, have profited from this.

Apr 07 09:05

Media Blackout – Wall Street Journal Hiding Andrew Maguire Revelation Of JP Morgan Chase Gold/Silver Manipulation

The entire world now knows that they hold evidence of a crime that is ongoing every single day. In fact, the world knows they were told of the crime in real time as it occurred, minute by minute. Their alleged job is to regulate the COMEX, and investigate crimes.

As there seem to be a couple Federal Judges left who are willing to uphold the law, the individuals in possession of knowledge of this crime are required to take action immediately, or confirm their role as accomplices by their inaction.

That the Wall Street Journal, CNBS, Fox Money, Bloomberg and all of the other US Mainstream Financial Media are not covering this story of the largest financial fraud in history makes them complicit on some level as well.

Fascism has finally confirmed its presence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See further down the story where J.P. Morgan Chase is telling homeowners that they must miss a few mortgage payments to be eligible for mortgage modification, then forecloses on the houses when the payments are missed.

Apr 07 09:04

iPad and heat don't mix

With all deference to the Violent Femmes, there's nothing upbeat about the cases of overheating that some iPad users are facing in the early days with the device. We've heard directly from two readers about the dreaded 'iPad needs to cool down before you can use it' message; Henry in Colorado and John in Tampa Bay both reported that their units went into thermal standby after being used outside. John noted that his iPad was in the (black, heat-collecting) Apple case... perhaps there's a market for reflective or liquid-cooled models.

Apr 07 09:02

Rupert Murdoch defiant: 'I'll stop Google taking our news for nothing'

News Corp boss hails iPad as potential saviour of newspapers, but says industry must stand up for itself and charge for content

Apr 07 09:02

New World Order Being Taught In Schools!

Apr 07 08:54

Beyond Loophole: Obama’s Nuke Policy ‘Change’

But today when the administration revealed the new policy, it quickly became quite clear that far from being a loophole slipped under the radar, the administration is being very explicit in its threats to nuke Iran.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the policy was meant to send a strong message to Iran and North Korea that “all options are on the table in terms of how we deal with you.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Sec Def Gates: Iran does not possess nuclear weapons.

As a signatory to the NNPT which must allow inspections of its nuclear facilities (which Israel, a country with nuclear weapons refuses to do), Iran's nuclear power program has been under the inspection of the IAEA since its inception.

None of those inspections have shown that any nuclear material has gone missing, nor has the uranium been enriched beyond the degree necessary to fuel a power plant.

Americans have a very acute memory (particularly those who served in the military and their families and friends) of how we were "sold" the war in Iraq on a pack of lies, including the one about "Saddam's nuclear weapons."

And if you and your cadres believe, for one millisecond, that you can initiate a war against Iran - which has no nuclear weapons - on the lie that they do, you had all better think again, very seriously, before attempting to "sell" this to the American people.

Also, on this issue: there are a couple of potential elements in the equation of an attack on Iran about which apparently no one at the State Department, Pentagon, or White House want to talk about: those, sir, are Russia and China, both nuclear armed countries.

If the US and/or Israel, launches a strike against Iran, will Russia and China (now Iran's largest trading partner) just sit back and watch what happens, or perhaps enter the fray on the side of Iran?

Apr 07 08:54

Can apricot kernels keep cancer at bay?

PAUL Reid should be dead. Diagnosed with a rare, incurable lymphoma, he was given five years, seven tops, by his oncologist. But, having cheated death in the Ash Wednesday bushfires, he was not about to surrender his life without a fight.

His weapon of choice? Apricot kernels. Thirty a day. Reid turned down chemotherapy, vowing to eat himself well. Today, 13 years in remission, the 68-year-old believes that ''cancer-killing'' properties in the kernels he still eats daily, coupled with a strict vegan diet and prayer, have cured him. ''We're not immortal, but I believe I'll be healthy from taking this direction,'' he says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the anti-cancer wonder drug Laetrile? That was made from apricot kernels. But like so many other inexpensive cancer cures, it represented a threat to the highly profitable chemotherepy and radiation industries and was politically blocked. But there is no law against eating the kernal of an apricot, and every time I have apricots (which I love) I crack open the pit at the center and eat the kernel.

Apr 07 08:49

Machete used in anti-Semitic attack, Ottawa students say

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This sounds like another hate-crime hoax to me. If you read the article carefully, the "victims" were not actually injured.

Apr 07 08:46

Israel seizing hundreds of millions of shekels meant for Palestinian services

For the past 15 years, Israel has been channeling hundreds of millions of shekels it had collected in the West Bank into its state coffers. The move is considered illegal, since international law prohibits an occupying power from appropriating the fruit of economic activity in an occupied territory.

Apr 07 08:45

Schwarzenegger axes low-cost auto insurance program as state & feds fleece impoverished public

California's low-cost auto insurance program, which offers affordable automobile liability insurance to Californians who meet income eligibility requirements, is set to be axed in 2011, thanks to a a veto by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The low-cost program, which is largely unknown by residents, is set to expire Jan. 1, 2011 but had been extended by the legislature via AB 725. It was terminated by the governor, however, who said the 'effectiveness of this program is questionable given the number of policies in effect and low participation rate amongst the uninsured'.

Apr 07 08:41

Catholic bishop's 2009 resignation in Norway linked to child abuse

New light was shed Wednesday on the sudden 2009 resignation of a former Catholic bishop in Norway after it emerged the bishop had admitted to abusing a choirboy, the Adresseavisen newspaper reported.

Apr 07 08:40

BBC tries to kill the messenger

Apr 07 08:39

Military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video

The US military says it can't find its copy of a video that shows two employees of the Reuters news agency being killed by Army helicopters in 2007, after a leaked version circulated the internet and renewed questions about the attack.

Captain Jack Henzlik, a spokesman for US Central Command, said forces in Iraq have not been able to locate the video within its files.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meaning that the video was "Orwellized" as an embarrassment, and now that a copy is out in the public, the vanishing of the original only underscores the attempt at a cover-up.

Apr 07 08:38

Journalist Groups Demand Apache Massacre Investigation

Three prominent journalist organizations have called for a new investigation into the shocking footage released by Wikileaks that shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Reuters journalists and people who attempted to rescue them while laughing about it during an assault on a Baghdad square in 2007.

“This is another crime added to the crimes of the U.S. forces against Iraqi journalists and civilians,” the head of the journalists’ union Mouyyad al-Lami said. “I call upon the government to take a firm stance against the criminals who killed the journalists.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the corporate media will finally realize that the US Government is not their friend.

Apr 07 08:32

World Bank official says change "Trillion" to "Trololo" to Hide Extent of US National Debt

Hans Timmer, who has a high-profile role as director of the bank's Take Over the World Group, said U.S. economic problems could be solved by a change in the name of Trillions to something more confusing and light-hearted to counter the increasing numbers of citizens who are waking up to the fact just how huge 14 Trillion dollars of debt actually is.

Apr 07 08:27

Israelis don't even spare Palestinian trees

Israeli forces have uprooted thousands of trees in their raids on Palestinian territories to inflict still another blow at the nation's crashing economy.

Palestinian sources accuse the Israeli regime of destroying some 400,000 trees during their incursions into territories under the Palestinian Authority's rule in the last two years.

Apr 07 08:26

Italy sees 130 priests investigated over abuse

A report by prosecutors said that not one of the cases was referred to the police by the local bishop.

Apr 07 08:26

Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home

Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Cap and Trade Act, you won't be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act. H.R. 2454, the "Cap & Trade" bill passed by the House of Representatives, if also passed by the Senate, will be the largest tax increase any of us has ever experienced.

The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates that in just a few years the average cost to every family of four will be $6,800 per year.

Apr 07 08:26

Israel police uncovers organ trafficking ring in north

Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers.

The department for fraud and misappropriation in northern Israel has been conducting an undercover investigation which began following a complaint by a 50-year-old woman from Nazareth, who replied to an advertisement in Arabic offering 100,000 dollars for a kidney.

The woman underwent medical examinations to ensure a match, and she was then flown a country in Eastern Europe where they extracted her kidney. The woman said that when she returned to Israel, she did not receive the money promised to her. Police say they have since received similar complaints.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Israeli officials discover this is happening, it's a crime; when others report incidents of this happening, it's "blood libel" against Israel.

Apr 07 08:25

Obama’s new nuclear strategy maintains first-strike option

Under the policy, the U.S. will not launch a nuclear attack against any country that signs the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and abides by it, a loophole leaving both North Korea and Iran on any potential target list.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Also Israel.

Apr 07 08:24

Goldman Sachs Continues to Receive Enormous Assistance from Taxpayers

Goldman Sachs claims great risk management skills, while it shirks responsibility for its role in the near collapse of the U.S. economy. The former is a myth, and the latter is a dodge. [1] As taxpayer wealth was destroyed, Goldman exploited the financial crisis it helped cause, while the U.S. was (and remains) at war.

Goldman Sachs released its 2009 annual report today showing it made net revenues of $45.17 billion with net earnings of $13.39 billion. In its shareholder letter, Goldman says it repaid TARP money, but did not mention the massive new taxpayer subsidies it continues to enjoy.

Apr 07 08:23

Connecting the Dots: Zionist Melodrama, Domestic Terrorism, Papal Bull

Much of the battle against the pathocracy takes place in the realm of ideas and how they are communicated across the world. This is a thought war. Would there be any armed conflicts if every soldier in the world was fully aware of what they are being asked to do? What would society look like if every citizen understood how they are being lied to, poisoned and manipulated on a daily basis?

Apr 07 08:23

Turkish PM: Israel is the main threat to Mideast peace

Israel is the main threat to peace in the Middle East, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday, in what appears to be the another in a string of verbal attacks aginst Israel in recent weeks.

Speaking to journalists in Paris, Erdogan said that it is impossible to praise a country that exerted such excessive force in Gaza, including the use of phosphorus weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has got this one absolutely right.

The question is, what is the world prepared to do about this?

So far, the response has been one big, fat, hairy nothing.

Apr 07 08:23

Iraq outrage over US killing video

Families of Iraqi civilians, seen being shot and killed by US forces in a leaked video, are seeking justice for their deaths.
Apr 07 08:21

Psychiatrists say that being angry is a mental illness

Proposed updates to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) are prompting many to question whether or not the psychiatric profession itself has gone crazy. The latest additions to the alleged "mentally ill" could include hoarders, people who get angry every now and again, lazy people, and even those who get outraged over things like sex and violence on television.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Everything you feel is an illness, and trust us we have a pill to sell you for it!"

Anger is not a mental illness; it is something which has evolved in the human species as a survival mechanism, when humans felt threatened, to give them the ability to fight against that threat.

Apr 07 08:20

Israel plans to maintain Nuke ambiguity with US help

Israeli foreign ministry says Tel Aviv plans to maintain its policy of ambiguity over its nuclear program with the help of its veto-wielding ally, the United States.

"This policy of ambiguity constitutes one of the pillars of Israeli national security and the Americans consider it very important," AFP quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon as saying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon: sir, forgive me, but are you absolutely barking mad?!?

Do you not understand that the entire world knows that you are lying through your teeth on this issue?

The revelations of Mordechai Vannunu in the late 80s, coupled with the statements of former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and former US President Jimmy Carter, leave absolutely no "wiggle room" here; Israel is a nuclear armed country.

The real reason you are attempting this pathetic charade in terms of declaring "nuclear ambiguity" has nothing to do with defense, and everything to do with American aid.

Under the Symington Amendment, the US is forbidden by law to give one cent of financial or military aid to any nation which has nuclear weapons and will not be a signatory to the NNPT, nor allow inspections.

Israel has nuclear weapons, but refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT, and refuses to allow inspections of its nuclear sites.

Therefore, every taxpayer dollar which is given to Israel (to the tune of about 3 billion dollars every year) is done so illegally by the US government.

And Deputy Minister, more and more thinking Americans are waking up to this fact.

Apr 07 08:12

Thanks a Lot, JP Morgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase instructed homeowners to stop making mortgage payments, as that was the only way to be considered for a loan modification, then repossessed their house when they followed the bank's advice, a couple claims in Federal Court. "I've seen this happen to so many people," their attorney said. "When they come in here to tell me their story, I can actually tell it to them."

Apr 07 08:10

Water Scarcity Promotion Begins?

The Anglo-American power elite attempts to consolidate power and wealth through fear-based promotions. Global warming and peak oil would be two increasingly failed promotions that have been at the forefront of elite efforts in the past few years. But almost everything that the power elite has proposed to the general society over the past few decades has been aimed at amassing further control of the very basics of survival.

Apr 07 08:10

Greenspan: Government can't prevent crisis

In written testimony presented to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Greenspan said the recent crisis highlights the limitations of government oversight in the financial markets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, it appears we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of where this economy is headed.

Apr 07 08:09

A Thousand Lies

The question is, how long can a nation sustain itself when its president, its government, and its news media tell a thousand lies every day?

Americans are drowning in lies. The biggest lie is the budget, burdened with trillions in debt, and behind that are the virtually insolvent entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Despite the judgment of legal scholars, the healthcare “reform” is unconstitutional and will be challenged in the courts by many of the States affected by it. These are, however, the same courts that have resisted addressing Obama’s eligibility to be president.

A thousand lies every day.

Apr 07 08:08

VIDEO: William Engdahl: Covert Economic Warfare: "The Gods of Money" US Will Not Recover for at Least 15 Years

RT speaks to renowned economist William Engdahl, who shares his views on the recent Greek crisis, and the role American corporations played in it.

Apr 07 08:08

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

When governments make imprudent decisions and craft irrational policies there are consequences. Murdering unarmed protestors resulted in decades of civil war in Northern Ireland. Unleashing a new multi-trillion dollar entitlement hurricane, when we already have the Social Security/Medicare hurricane bearing down on us and a Federal Reserve caused Depression level 5 hurricane already raging will have calamitous consequences for our nation.

Apr 07 08:06

Police Open Fire On Opposition Rally In Kyrgyzstan

Demonstrators furious over government corruption and a recent hike in power prices looted the state television and radio building and were marching toward the Interior Ministry in the capital, Bishkek, according to Associated Press reporters on the scene. Elite police opened fire to drive crowds back from government headquarters.

Opposition activist Shamil Murat told the AP that Interior Minister Moldomusa Kongatiyev was beaten to death by a mob in the western town of Talas where the unrest erupted a day ago. The respected Fergana.ru Web site reported later that Kongatiyev was badly beaten but had not died, saying its own reporter had witnessed the beating.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People can only take so much before they snap.

Apr 07 08:05

Who Killed Martin Luther King?

On Dec. 8, a jury in Memphis, Tenn., deliberated for only three hours before deciding that the long-held official version of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination was wrong.

The jury's verdict implicated a retired Memphis businessman and government agencies in a conspiracy to kill the civil rights giant.

Though the trial testimony had received little press attention outside of the Memphis area, the startling outcome drew an immediate rebuttal from defenders of the official finding: that James Earl Ray acted alone or possibly as part of a low-level conspiracy of a few white racists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There was indeed reasons to doubt the official story. And in this post-"Saddam's nooks" age, a willingness on the part of the general public to do just that.

Apr 07 08:02

Anarchy in the Streets

For a number of years now, a number of cities in Europe have been experimenting with the removal of all traffic signs – including traffic lights, stop signs, speed limit directives – and with surprising results. Various towns in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand – even the UK! – have joined in the experiment. Contrary to the expectations of those who might expect multi-car pileups throughout the cities, traffic accidents have been dramatically reduced (in one town, dropping from about eight per year to fewer than two).

Apr 07 08:01

Obama 'Seriously Considering' Proposing American Peace Plan For Israeli-Palestinian Confli

Despite recent turbulence in U.S. relations with Israel, President Obama is "seriously considering" proposing an American peace plan to resolve the Palestinian conflict, according to two top administration officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is only one minor problem with any peace plan that anyone might advocate here; Israel does not want peace.

Had a genuine desired for peace existed, there would not have been so many opportunities over the years which were so capriciously squandered by numerous Israeli governments.

What Israel wants is territory, and territory by any means necessary.

What will most likely happen is for a complete Israeli annexation of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, followed by a forced expulsion and repatriation of those Palestinians left standing to other neighboring countries.

Apr 07 07:59

Contaminated Water Destroys Small Town

Apr 07 07:56

Oldspapers and the Crisis of the Establishment

"People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news."

~ A. J. Liebling

The gatekeepers stand at the gates, guarding who goes in and what goes out. But the walls have gaping holes in them, if they still stand at all. This has never happened before in world history.

As a result, the world's social order will change. We cannot see clearly what it will look like in 20 years or 50 years, but the changes inaugurated by the printing press in one century, 1450–1550, offer good examples of what will happen. The pace of change is much faster today.

Apr 07 07:55

We have seen evil, and it is us

Here is why we need Wikileaks — because when our soldiers carry out Collateral Murder, we should know about it. Good journalism should be exposing this stuff for us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good journalism already did! ABCNNBBCBS are trying to catch up.

Apr 07 07:51

Senior SEC Employee Warns of Potential Municipal Bond Market Collapse

...we will see a big crisis emerging for some time in banks, hedge funds or derivatives, mostly because, like with a knockout punch, the risks that matter don’t come from where you are looking...

Apr 07 07:50

Your mandated daily dose of "Wag The HItler."

Apr 07 07:48

US Treasury Secretary Geithner to visit China

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will visit China on Thursday, US officials said, as the two sides try to resolve deep tensions in their relationship, notably over the value of the yuan.

The US embassy spokesman said the talks would be closed to the media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Chinese government is also very concerned, given the current state of the US debt, about their dollar holdings.

This meeting may be far more about what the US is going to do to get out of its debt than any flexibility with China's exchange rate.

The crawl on the bottom of the corporate news media this morning indicated that Paul Volker, economic advisor to President Obama, is proposing a Value Added Tax, as one sees in Europe.

One has to wonder, if Obama doesn't think he can get this passed by Congress, if he will do it via executive order, much as he is planning to institute the carbon tax by executive order.

Apr 07 07:46


A recently declassified memo proves that the State Department reported the fact that the NIger documents were forgeries to the CIA 11 days before President Bush made the claim about the Niger uranium based on those documents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the latest US Government spin that the war in Iraq is a success because of one election.

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 07 07:43

First generation fat PS3s bricked by new 3.21 firmware update

If you've got an old-style bread-bin PlayStation 3 now would be a good time to switch off your internet router. The latest update from Sony's servers is causing nightmares for first generation PS3 owners, bricking their consoles and stopping them from connecting to the internet.

Apr 07 07:35

White House won’t deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial

CBS News' Mark Knoller noted that the White House had issued no denial of the report by Wednesday morning. al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico and served for years as an imam in the United States. He has not been charged with a crime, but was linked by US officials to linked to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the psychiatrist alleged to have killed 13 at and Army base in Fort Hood and Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called "Christmas day" bomber who attempted to detonate a jetliner en route to Detroit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The approval of extrajudicial assassination is a very slippery slope upon which no truly moral nation which prides itself as being a nation ruled by laws, should ever step.

The reason I say this is that once this practice becomes institutionalized against alleged "terrorists", it can be legitimized against any citizen who harbors any position counter to that of the government, no matter how completely non-violent, and how much an advocate of non-violence, that person might be.

Apr 07 07:32

The Iraq war: still a massive mistake

Some observers have even spun Iraq’s March 7 elections as proof that democracy promotion via military occupation can succeed. Don’t believe the hype. The Iraq war remains a mistake of mammoth proportions. And Iraq’s election represents a pyrrhic victory, as the economic, political, and moral costs of the occupation far outweigh any benefits.

Apr 07 07:29

NATO Kills At Least Four Civilians in Helmand Air Strike

The NATO problems with civilian killings in Afghanistan are much documented. So much embarrassment has been caused by the repeated, massive civilian tolls that Gen. Stanley McChrystal has ordered that no air strikes be called in unless they are certain that no civilians are in the area. The policy seems to be doing very little.

Apr 07 07:28

'More Nasty Surprises' To Come from Afghanistan

On Friday, three German soldiers died in Afghanistan and Bundeswehr troops killed six Afghan troops in a deadly "friendly fire" incident. Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is continuing to criticize Western forces in his country. German editorialists see the moves as a sign of Karzai's growing weakness in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Puppets never have strength of their own.

Apr 07 07:26

Wall Street’s ‘Code of Silence’

Imagine being in a situation in which you knew you had to be quiet in order to advance your own personal career, rather than speaking up and blowing the whistle on irregularities and improprieties within your firm. This message is consistently relayed by many a whistleblower who has suffered from having tried to do the right thing. What is the result? Firms tout their virtuous values of integrity, respect, and excellence while effectively muzzling those who would blow the whistle on crimes and illegal practices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wall Street took their lesson from the Catholics. It's okay to go on butt-@#%$ing the investors; just don;t let anyone find out about it! That is why Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot got away with his scams for 12 years!

Apr 07 07:25

Arctic Sea Ice Melting Season Posts Latest Start on Record

The extent of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean grew until the last day of March, the latest the annual melting season has begun in 31 years of satellite records, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center said.

Cold weather and winds from the north over the Bering Sea and Barents Sea meant that the area of ocean covered by ice expanded through last month, the Boulder, Colorado-based center said today in a statement on its Web site. That’s two days later than in 1999, the previous latest start to a melting season since satellite monitoring began in 1979.

Apr 07 07:25

US War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off

For all the sand Iraq did have, from the point of view of the U.S. military it didn’t have the perfect type for making the miles of protective "blast walls" that became a common feature of the post-invasion landscape. So, according to Stephen Farrell of the New York Times, U.S. taxpayer dollars floated in boatloads of foreign sand from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to create those 15-ton blast walls at $3,500 a pop. U.S. planners are now evidently wondering whether to ship some of the leftover walls thousands of miles by staggeringly roundabout routes to Afghanistan at a transportation cost of $15,000 each.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Importing sand into Iraq???? And at taxpayer expense!!!!!

The biggest threat to the American way of life isn't Al Qaeda and it isn't the Taliban; it is the US Military!

Apr 07 07:18

As Iraq Threatens to Come Apart, US Problems in Afghanistan Mount

Washington once again finds itself dangerously entangled with the hostile policies, nationalistic interests and supporters, and personal ambitions of a foreign figure whom it counted on to serve American interests.

This time it is in Afghanistan, the latest in what, alas, must be described as America’s quasi-imperial foreign military adventures. This is a country to which the United States, at stupendous cost, and with stupendous effort, is transporting the greater part of the huge logistical and war-fighting apparatus it has deployed over the last seven years in Iraq. It occurs at just the moment when Iraq’s situation – which none (save the surviving admirers of George W. Bush) dare call victory – is threatening to come apart.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Invade them! ... Again!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 07 07:14

For 2 Grieving Families, Video Reveals Grim Truth

A video from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter was released on Monday by WikiLeaks.org, an online organization that said it had received the video from a whistle-blower in the military. The video has become an Internet sensation, with defenders saying the soldiers believed they were under threat and critics denouncing what they said were callous and bloodthirsty comments by the soldiers as they killed about a dozen people.

Apr 07 07:10

Machete used in anti-Semitic attack, Ottawa students say

A student supporter of Israel at Carleton University and an Israeli engineering student at the university say they are lucky to have survived an attack with what they say was a machete near a Gatineau bar early on Monday.

Apr 07 07:03

U.S. military goes hungry in Afghanistan

The United States Military is in the midst of a troop surge in Afghanistan, but the surge has caused the ratio of resources to troops to widen. Many American Forward Operating Bases are experiencing food and water shortages.

Apr 07 06:51

41 People shot in 50 Hours in Obama's Chicago

You see!!! "Gun control works!!!"

Apr 07 06:44


WITH ITS $80 MILLION HEADQUARTERS ON CAPITOL HILL and staff of 275, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a force no politician wishes to oppose.

At its March 22-24, 2010 annual “Policy Conference,” (”Demand Conference”), AIPAC was bombarded with Washington grovelers all trying to prove they are the bigger fan of Israel than the rest of the fawning pack of lawmakers.

Why? Because unlike any other organization, AIPAC has the power to end any politician’s career.

Apr 07 06:27

Israelis Not Only Kill Palestinians But They Kill Their Trees Too

The Israeli military has killed thousands of trees in the course of their raids in Palestinian territories. These acts have seriously damaged an already struggling economy...

Apr 07 06:22

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

Apr 07 06:16

How £300million was squandered on swine flu jabs that we didn't need

Ministers ordered 90million doses of a vaccine last year at a cost of £540million as panic over the illness gripped the country.

But as the 'pandemic' failed to materialise it soon became clear that the order was far too large.

The Department of Health tried to get out of the enormous contract but the drug firm, GlaxoSmithKline, refused to back down.

Yesterday the Government announced it had signed a compromise deal that caps the number of shots of Pandemrix at 34.8million - but, astonishingly, at twice the price first agreed.

Apr 07 04:34

Red Shirt Protestors Storm Parliament

The Thai have just shown us what to do with a corrupt government as protestors stormed parliament, ran over police and chased the SOB's to the roof of parliament.

April 6, 2010

Apr 06 21:14

American Monetary Institute (AMI): History of money, monetary reform, public action. 5 of 6

*hyperlinks live at source*

The American Monetary Institute is the world’s leading organization for understanding monetary history and how to reform monetary policy. These six articles reprint AMI’s principle information, available at AMI’s website, with their express permission to share widely:

1.Explaining the need for monetary reform: the heart of our economic crisis
2.Monetary history: synopsis of Stephen Zarlenga’s The Lost Science of Money
3.How to reform our monetary system: understanding the mechanics of creating money
4.The American Monetary Act: monetary reform legislation for Congress (part a and part b)
5.FAQ of monetary reform
6.What can Americans do for monetary reform?

Apr 06 18:44

Mike Rivero on The Alex Jones Show- PrisonPlanet.tv - April 6th 2010

Mike and Alex play and discuss the video posted by wikileaks.

Apr 06 17:44

Why there are no ‘Israelis’ in the Jewish state

Citizens classed as Jewish or Arab nationals

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

The head of the campaign for Israeli nationality, Uzi Ornan, a retired linguistics professor, said: “It is absurd that Israel, which recognises dozens of different nationalities, refuses to recognise the one nationality it is supposed to represent.”

The government opposes the case, claiming that the campaign’s real goal is to “undermine the state’s infrastructure” -- a presumed reference to laws and official institutions that ensure Jewish citizens enjoy a privileged status in Israel.

Mr Ornan, 86, said that denying a common Israeli nationality was the linchpin of state-sanctioned discrimination against the Arab population.

Apr 06 17:30

The United States Takes the Matter of Three-headed Babies Very Seriously.

One could fill many large volumes with the details of the environmental and human horrors the United States has brought to Fallujah and other parts of Iraq during seven years of using white phosphorous shells, depleted uranium, napalm, cluster bombs, neutron bombs, laser weapons, weapons using directed energy, weapons using high-powered microwave technology, and other marvelous inventions in the Pentagon's science-fiction arsenal ... the list of abominations and grotesque ways of dying is long, the wanton cruelty of American policy shocking.

Apr 06 16:46


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No embedding, so you have to go to their site to see this. Tell 'em I sent you!

Apr 06 16:26

America: The Grim Truth

At least the citizens of the former Soviet Union knew that their news was bullshit.

Apr 06 16:10

Starsuckers Trailer

The full documentary is compelling viewing. Catch it if you can.

Apr 06 16:01

Failure of attempts to discredit the Goldstone report and its authors

There has been a prolonged and concerted campaign to discredit anyone who is brave enough to speak out against the Zionist policies of Israel. The list of academics, lawyers, activists, politicians and private citizens who have been lambasted by Zionists for daring to speak out against Israel is absurdly long and is growing every day. It is becoming almost comical how one can predict the tag of “anti-Semite” being flung at anyone who dares even raise a minor point of concern over Israel’s growing list of human rights abuses and breaches of international law.

Apr 06 15:58

Israel and the question of legitimacy

As the world wakes up to the reality of the colonial implant in the Middle East known as Israel, the hitherto unthinkable question of that implant’s legitimacy is on more people’s lips than ever before.

Thanks to the internet, which is allowing a growing number of ordinary people to learn the truth about Israel, and thanks to the brutality and barbarousness of the Zionist entity itself, the previously taboo question of how an essentially illegitimate and lawless rogue state came to acquire so much power and support in the United Stated and in the former imperialist powers of Europe is begging to be answered.

Apr 06 15:32

7.5 Quake hits Sumatra near Toba calderra

Apr 06 14:43

Why Don't Pro-Tax Taxpayers Pay More Taxes?

Hey moonbats of Massachusetts -- why won’t you pay more taxes? You’re always lecturing the rest of us how taxes are an investment in the future, the price we pay for civilization, etc., etc. But when given the option of personally paying your fair share, hey, come back here, you pony-tailed trust-fund recipient you. ...

As the deadline for filing 2009 state income taxes nears, once again the Beautiful People of Massachusetts are proving that while they enjoy talking the talk, walking the walk is another thing altogether.

Apr 06 14:42

Nietzsche on Hardship & Happiness –

British philosopher Alain De Botton explores Friedrich Nietzsche’s (1844-1900) dictum that any worthwhile achievements in life come from the experience of overcoming hardship. For him, any existence that is too comfortable is worthless, as are the twin refugees of drink or religion.

Apr 06 14:41

Long-Term Unemployment at Post-WWII High

More than three million Americans have been out of work for at least a year, according to a new analysis of unemployment data.

That represents 23 percent of the roughly 14.8 million Americans out of work and looking for a job -- a post-World War II high. For those 3.4 million Americans, the consequences from such a long time out of work -- a cost of the Great Recession -- can be calamitous.

Apr 06 14:37

“Science and the Taboo of Psi” -

Do telepathy, clairvoyance and other “psi” abilities exist? The majority of the general population believes that they do, and yet fewer than one percent of mainstream academic institutions have any faculty known for their interest in these frequently reported experiences. Why is a topic of enduring and widespread interest met with such resounding silence in academia? The answer is not due to a lack of scientific evidence, or even to a lack of scientific interest, but rather involves a taboo.

Apr 06 14:04

CNN versus Al Jazeera 17:20 GMT Monday 5/4/10

Apr 06 14:04

Keiser Report No31: Markets! Finance! Scandal! - Turning tin cans into gold, The Gulag Wallstreet Casino

This time Max Keiser and host, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of Tony "No Blood for Oil" Blair lying about selling the UK gold supply on "technical advice of the Bank of England;" a millionaire tramp in Sweden and a casino that refuses to pay in America; and, finally, the Irish 'Bad Bank' and the 'Celtic Chernobyl.' Max also talks to William 'BJ' Lawson, who is running for Congress in North Carolina's 4th District, about Ron Paul Republicans, the Federal Reserve setting fiscal policy and defining President Obama.

Apr 06 13:31

Fox “news” continues CBS, ABC, CNN propaganda to attack Iran: today’s CIA Operation Mockingbird

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

In the video clip from Fox below, Bill Kristol advocates US military attack on Iran because he predicts that Israel will attack Iran. This is propaganda for an unlawful war for the following “emperor has no clothes” obvious reasons. Fox "reporting" is also a manipulative variation of the same war drone I’ve documented from CBS, ABC, and CNN.

Apr 06 12:09

IMF: This Recovery Will Die Without More Stimulus

“Growth is resuming almost everywhere, but these growth figures are more related to public support rather than private demand,” he said at an event in the Jordanian capital today. “Until private demand will be strong enough and sustainable to provide growth it will be difficult to say that the crisis is over.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: The only growth in the economy is the Federal government borrowing and spending on YOUR credit!

Apr 06 11:55


When Muslim graves are in the way of a ‘Jewish’ project in Jerusalem, the families of the bereaved are ignored and plans go ahead with the building…
When Jewish graves are in the way of a ‘Jewish’ project, plans are changed not to disturb the dead.
Even after death, Palestinians remain Second Class Citizens in Israel…..

Apr 06 11:54

New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Diocese of Pueblo

Apr 06 11:53

IRS could tap refunds for health insurance penalties

Apr 06 11:47

Catholic Church is A State-Sanctioned Paedophile Ring

There is some good news out of the Murphy Report. Since 2008, the Church has been putting prospective seminarians through rigorous psychological testing.

The bad news is that they don’t actually look for signs of paedophilia.

Instead, the testing is focused on what the Vatican coyly calls “areas of immaturity in development” including things like "rigidity of character; lack of loyalty; uncertain sexual identity; deep-seated homosexual tendencies, etc."

Apr 06 11:46

Analysis of Apache Gunship killing Iraqis Ploughing a field

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is another example of the trigger-happy Apache pilots. I am a farm kid myself, and I understand the use of ploughing poles when countour ploughing, as a guide for the tractor driver. But the Apache pilots, conditioned to see any long object as a weapon, and apparently your typical clueless city dweller unable to understand that farmers use a lot of harmless long objects in their work, hose these guys down with their chain gun.

Apr 06 11:35

OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter Night Video of Couple

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, at least they didn't machine gun these people!

Apr 06 11:17

MUST READ!! Your Land: Collateral for the National Debt

I consider Wayne Hage one of the most intelligent men I ever met. On our very first visit he was explaining the World Bank, the International Monetary fund and how the world bankers planned on collateralizing the world debt with land. Not just the U.S. national debt, but also the "WORLD" debt. A listener sent me a copy of a report of the FOURTH WORLD WILDERNESS CONGRESS, which was held in Denver in 1987. Over 1500 people from sixty countries were told that wilderness lands were to protect the reindeer, the spotted owl and other endangered species. Ninety percent of the group consisted of conservationists, ecologists, government and United Nations bureaucrats.

Apr 06 09:55

Sex Abuse Victims' Groups Outraged By Vatican Decision to Clear Accused Priest

Catholic sex-abuse victims' groups are decrying a Vatican decision to clear a former high-ranking Long Island priest, and longtime friend of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, of sex-abuse allegations.

The Diocese of Rockville Centre announced on Friday that the Catholic Church had found Monsignor Alan Placa not guilty of molesting teenage boys, an allegation that first surfaced in a local grand jury investigation in 2002. The grand jury report concluded that Placa could not be prosecuted criminally because the statute of limitations had expired.

Apr 06 09:53

CLIMATEGATE - Was the Arctic Ice Cap 'Adjusted'?

Using the raw data from NSIDC, I was able to reproduce its results for "extent." My calculations using the raw data showed a decline of 2.6% per decade, just as NSIDC said. So far, so good. (Or bad, depending on your point of view.)

However, the "area" is a different story. Just by eyeball, no trend is apparent. In fact, calculations say it is growing 0.3% per decade!

That is simply astounding. The Arctic sea ice that is actually measured by imaging sensors is growing, not shrinking at all. Shout it from the rooftops: we are saved!

Apr 06 09:50

America's future? U.S. cities going bust

Public employee pensions burdening states, localities

Apr 06 09:44

California's $500-billion pension time bomb

The state of California's real unfunded pension debt clocks in at more than $500 billion, nearly eight times greater than officially reported.

That's the finding from a study released Monday by Stanford University's public policy program, confirming a recent report with similar, stunning findings from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

To put that number in perspective, it's almost seven times greater than all the outstanding voter-approved state general obligation bonds in California.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Where is that damned pandemic that targets old people when you really need it!" -- The Governator

Apr 06 09:38

Second School Evacuated Due to Suspicious Substance

The secretary at Ethridge, who said the substance made her feel itchy, was transported to Baylor Hospital in Garland as a precaution and placed in a negative pressure room. Students were evacuated to nearby North Garland High School.

Firefighters in HAZMAT suits entered the school and are taking possession of the substance. They hope to have the substance analyzed by 11 a.m.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And who to frame for it all by the press conference at noon! :)

Apr 06 09:34

Court: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission does not have the legal authority to impose strict Net neutrality regulations on Internet providers, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

Apr 06 09:30

Federal Appeals Court rules against Net Neutrality

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.

Apr 06 09:23


"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." -- H.L. Mencken (1918)

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The global warming cult is back with the spring, with a fresh bottle of snake oil to sell you!

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 06 09:21

I warned you that the Global Warming Cult was gonna come back at you with their lies!

Apr 06 09:14

ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009.

Last week, Forbes magazine published what the top U.S. corporations paid in taxes last year. “Most egregious,” Forbes notes, is General Electric, which “generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up owing nothing to Uncle Sam. In fact, it recorded a tax benefit of $1.1 billion.” Big Oil giant Exxon Mobil, which last year reported a record $45.2 billion profit, paid the most taxes of any corporation, but none of it went to the IRS:

Apr 06 09:06

Doug Casey: Making Terrorism Your Friend

Doug Casey: Making Terrorism Your Friend

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator)

Almost exactly three years before the 9/11 attacks, Doug Casey had one of his famous Guru Moments, writing in the September 1998 edition of the International Speculator:

Apr 06 09:04

Lesley Docksey: Pontius Pilate Washes His Hands

In 2004, Theo van Boven, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, highlighted the link between the "war on terror" and the increased use of torture for interrogation purposes (1). Of all the horror committed in this war, torture reigns. It is used to "obtain intelligence", even though no useful information is ever gained that way. Torturers use it for three reasons: because they can, because they want to and because making the victims say what the torturer wants reinforces their own skewed views. The one thing torture does is to create terror. It has become the supreme terrorism and the United Kingdom is involved.

Apr 06 09:02

Simpsons in IsraHell, check it out before it is taken down

A comical glimpse into Israeli collective madness

If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny.

Video at link.

Apr 06 09:02

Catholic Church Delivers Astonishing Pedophilia Rationalization in Geneva

The statement petulantly complained that other religions had problems with sex abuse, too (true, but irrelevant in terms of the Catholic Church's need to account for its endemic sex abuse), that Protestant churches' and Jewish communities' problems were worse than the Catholic Church's problems (probably not true, but also irrelevant), that "only" 1.5%-5% of Catholic clergy were involved in child sex abuse (there are about 1,500,000 Catholic clergy worldwide; "only" 1.5% of that is still about 2250 22,500 sex predators), and then let loose the unmitigated bigotry against gay men.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bottom line is that it is impossible to reconcile even a single incident of child sexual abuse by the clergy with the claim that there is a God who responds to prayer, because every parent of every molested child did indeed pray to that God that their child be kept safe from harm.

Clearly, nobody was there to take the call.

From the actions of the clergy, it is clear they are not afraid of a wrathful diety, or that their attacks on children will send them into the less-than-tender mercies of devils after death. But they are afraid of the lawyers!

Every single molested child is a statement for all the world to see that there is no god, and the clergy themselves know that.

Apr 06 08:59

How Americans are propagandized about Afghanistan

What is clear -- yet again -- is how completely misinformed and propagandized Americans continue to be by the American media, which constantly "reports" on crucial events in Afghanistan by doing nothing more than mindlessly and unquestioningly passing along U.S. government claims as though they are fact.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media has long since lost any trust they might have had from thinking Americans, because they simply regurgitate what the White House, Pentagon, and State Department tell them is the way to spin any story, and refuse to tell the truth.