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May 31, 2010

May 31 08:31

Powell: Sanctions Not Sufficient to End Iran’s Nuclear Program

With the Obama Administration still crowing about its claims to have gotten support for some level of new sanctions against the Iranian government, former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he doesn’t believe they will accomplish anything.

“I don’t see that this causes sufficient pain,” Powell insisted, though he did not suggest that an alternative littany of sanctions would convince Iran to abandon its civilian nuclear program either.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to former Secretary of State (lied to the US and UN to get us into the war with Iraq) Powell; sir, your credibility is shot to hell, and you do not speak for thinking people in this country who understand the following:

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT.

2. This means that all nuclear activity undertaken by Iran is under the watchful eye of the IAEA.

3. To date, the IAEA has not discovered that any nuclear material has gone missing, nor has any uranium been enriched past the point necessary to fuel a power plant.

4. Israel, which has nuclear weapons, refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT, and will not allow inspections of its nuclear facilities.

5. Since the passing of the Syminton Amendment into US law in 1976, the US is forbidden by that law to give any aid to any country which has nuclear weapons programs, but refuses to sign the NNPT.

6. Therefore, every cent of the 3 billion dollars spent annually by the US for to aid Israel is illegal, by our own laws.

7. I would, therefore, Mr Former (if at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again) Secretary of State Powell, that your focus would be better spent on holding Israeli accountable to this country and the world for its nuclear weapons program, not to mention having blown away and maimed a number of aid workers attempting to get desperately needed aid to Gaza this morning.

It is high time for the folks in Washington to rethink the US's "special relationship" with Israel, which has been a financial and geopolitical millstone around the neck of this country for far too long.

May 31 08:28

Mavi Marmara VIDEO: Footage From Israeli Raid On Gaza Flotilla

UPDATE: The Israeli Defense Force has released more video from the flotilla allegedly showing IDF naval personnel being attacked after they had boarded the flotilla.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any ship at sea in international waters, when confronted with an act of piracy or an act of war, has a right to try to defend themselves.

Israel is playing "blame the victim" here; trying to excuse the deaths and injuries with plaintive cries of, "They defended themselves against us, Israelis! They are not allowed to do that! We're Israelis!! They are supposed to surrender and lie down before us, because, after all, we're Israelis!!!!!"

May 31 08:22

Netanyahu faces protests in Canada

May 31 08:22

Gaza flotilla - Piracy

Earlier today an Israeli Ministry Foreign spokesman, Yigal Palmor, stated that : "The boats will not be allowed to enter "Gaza territorial waters." This, says Sabah Al Mukhtar, President of the Arab Lawyers Association: "Is exactly what piracy is." Further: "When you interfere in territorial waters, it is beligerancy." Israel, he holds, can claim no right of self defence. "Everything Israel is doing is contrary to international law anyway, from the (2008-2009 attack on Gaza) to (ignoring) the Goldstone Report."

May 31 08:20

Barack Obama's credibility hits rock bottom after oil spill and Sestak scandal

The combination of Obama's passivity over the Gulf oil spill catastrophe and his cynical political manoeuvrings could spell disaster for him, argues Toby Harnden

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if Obama pussies out over the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla, he'll be the first President to have a rating less than zero!

May 31 08:18

IDF Raid on Peace Flotilla

May 31 08:16

Israel storms Gaza-bound aid ships

At least 10 people are dead and dozens are wounded after Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla of six ships trying to deliver aid to Gaza.

The pre-dawn raid happened more than 60 kilometres out to sea in international waters and the two sides are offering conflicting accounts of what happened on the ships.

Israel said their forces encountered unexpected resistance as they boarded the vessels. Dozens of passengers and at least five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the confrontation in international waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this is the vital clue to what happened. Israel wasn't expecting the people on the ships to try to defend themselves.

Israel seems to have this arrogant attitude that because they are Israel, they can issue orders to foreign-flagged ships in international waters, and if those orders are not obeyed Israel has a "right" to board and seize those foreign-flagged ships in international waters , and that the people on board those foreign-flagged ships in international waters will not resist such an act of piracy because after all, the attackers are Israelis and therefore not confined by the laws of nations and men.

We saw the same attitude when Israel invaded Lebanon and ran into a brick wall, leaving the Israelis looking at each in puzzlement as if to say, "They are fighting back; are they allowed to do that?!?"

May 31 08:10

Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

Israel says its soldiers were shot at and attacked with weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Attention Israel: When you invade a foreign flagged ship in international waters the people on board are likely to fight back. It's called "defending yourself from an act of piracy!" Given that Israel justifies everything it does, including dropping burning white phosphorus on the present day kinfolk of Jesus, on Israel's "right to defend itself", I find it enlightening that Israel seems so amazed that anyone would dare fight back against them when Israel attacks. We saw the same Israeli attitude in Lebanon, where so convinced of their own military superiority that any opposition at all was demoralizing!

May 31 08:06

Pentagon Officials Stress Long War Going Forward in Afghanistan

Over eight and a half years after the initial US invasion of Afghanistan the war is arguably the longest in American history. But despite the administration’s vague pretense of an exit strategy, Pentagon officials are emphasizing just how slow things are going.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal today conceded that the occupation of the tiny farming village of Marjah remains “a struggle,” nearly four months after it began. He also openly called for a rethink of President Obama’s July 2011 “handover” timetable, meaningless though that already was, adding that the war would continue “way beyond July 2011.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders if some folks in the Pentagon are considering the "kill them all, God will find His own" strategy here.

There were two primary outcomes desired in this war. The first (upon which one can accurately comment, "mission accomplished") was the control of the drug trade, which the Taliban had, under their watch, successfully suppressed.

The second was the "pacification" of Afghan nationals to the point where oil pipelines could be installed with which to control Eurasian oil. Nearly nine years on, the US and NATO are no where near achieving that objective.

Looks as though the US and NATO will be in Afghanistan permanently, at this point.

May 31 08:02

Turkey has warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy

"A shocked world has responded with outrage. Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel and warned of unprecedented and incalculable reprisals.

Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences."

May 31 08:02

World in shock at Israel's deadly Gaza ship raid

Shock and outrage swept the globe Monday after Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza, as Tel Aviv's foes and allies closed ranks in condemning the deadly raid.

Police struggled to hold back an angry crowd of hundreds outside the Israeli consulate in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul, while furious protesters shouted "Damn Israel" outside the residence of the Israeli ambassador in Ankara.

May 31 08:00

Pakistan condemns Israel over 'inhuman' flotilla siege

Pakistan on Monday condemned an Israeli commando attack on a flotilla of aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip, describing the killings of up to 19 activists as "brutal and inhuman."

A group of Pakistanis had been travelling with the flotilla, and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the government was urgently seeking information about their well-being.

"The killing of members of this humanitarian mission, which also included women, is brutal, inhuman and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and norms," Pakistan's foreign ministry said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how many women on the flotilla were either killed or maimed by the IDF.

May 31 07:59

News Agencies Call On Israel To Lift Media Blackout On Gaza Flotilla Attack

The Israeli Navy has jammed all communications aboard the ships of the Freedom Flotilla, blocking cell phone signals and internet connections aboard humanitarian aid ships. Scrambling the signals preceding the Israeli raid on the Flotilla, which involved special forces troops and the mobilization of one third of the Israeli Navy.

May 31 07:59

White House party to celebrate Jewish culture

And this week, Associated Press national writer Jocelyn Noveck reports, it's the Jewish community in Washington and beyond that's buzzing over who'll be on the list when Barack and Michelle Obama host the first-ever White House reception marking Jewish Heritage Month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How fucking special.

May 31 07:58

Live coverage: Israel's flotilla raid

Early Monday morning, Israel attacked a flotilla of aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip; at least 16 people were killed in the pre-dawn raid, according to organisers and media sources.

We'll be live-blogging the aftermath of this incident throughout the day; keep checking back for international reaction, news from our correspondents on the ground, photos and video. (All times are GMT, except where noted.)

May 31 07:56

After Monday's ocean bloodbath, Israel must work fast to prevent third intifada

If rumors are confirmed that Muslim leader Raed Salah is among casualties of Israel's raid on a Gaza aid convoy, the country's Arab population could explode.

The central story here is Israel's Arabs. If Salah is indeed among the casualties, the result could be a wave of riots led by Islamic Movement activists. Targeted provocations by Islamists and left-wing activists will now take on strategic significance. Under certain circumstances, and if both sides fail to take steps to calm the situation, this could even end in a third intifada, or Palestinian uprising. In military terms, this can be considered a "life-altering event."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Israeli government: welcome to the wonderful world of unintended consequences!!

May 31 07:53

Israel has just announced that it will prosecute the #Freedom Flotilla members who "attacked" its soldiers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's arrogance is unbelievable. They attack the aid convoy in international waters and not they want to throw those who tried to defend themselves into prison!

The Federal Government is an accessory to this crime because the US taxpayer was forced to pay for the weapons used in this act of piracy.

May 31 07:53

Abbas condemns 'massacre' against activists

Hamas prime minister in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, harshly condemned the Navy raid and called on the international community to intervene in order to save the international activists.

Haniyeh called an emergency cabinet meeting for Monday morning. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri described the Israeli operation as a crime reflecting the Israeli character. He called on Arab and Muslims worldwide to revolt against Israel's embassies in order to pressure the Israel Defense Forces to release the activists and help them reach Gaza.

May 31 07:51

Netanyahu cancels Obama meeting in wake of deadly Gaza flotilla clashes

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided Monday to cancel his visit to the United States, where he had been invited to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama, in the wake of the deadly clashes that occurred after Israel Navy troops stormed a convoy of international activists carrying aid to the Gaza Strip.

Israel has defended the Navy's decision to open fire on the activists during the interception of the boat. At least 10 of the left-wing activists were killed in the incident, and several more wounded. Seven of the Israeli soldiers were wounded during the clashes, two of them seriously.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: is it possible you could just stay away from the US permanently?!?

And this time, blaming the victims is not going to work.

May 31 07:50

Freedom Flotilla under attack in International waters

May 31 07:48

World in shock at deadly Gaza ship raid

EU foreign policy chief calls for comprehensive enquiry into deaths aboard aid ships seized by Israel's Navy. White House says examining circumstances of clash. Spain, Sweden and Greece summon Israeli ambassadors to their capitals to demand explanations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...In Shock>>>"?!? You have to be kidding me. This is Israel's MO, pathologically and consistently.

That they didn't expect the massacre of aid workers attempting to get desperately needed aid to Gaza indicates that they just collectively haven't been paying attention (or preferred to turn a blind eye) to Israel's treatment of Palestinians since the beginnings of the Israeli state.

Ask any Gazan Palestinian about random killings, maimings, and intimidation: they'll tell you that for them, these are routine events in their lives.

That Europeans didn't believe it could happen to "some of their own" was a critically stupid misconception; they should have asked the parents of Rachel Corrie about how Israel deals with pro-Palestinian peace activists.

May 31 07:47

An Israeli War Crimes Tribunal (ICTI) May be the Only Deterrent to a Global War

The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY did for the victims of international crimes committed by Serbia and the Milosevic Regime throughout the Balkans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if the US Government tries to veto such a move, it should be seen by all loyal Americans as proof that the present government has sold us all out to Israel.

As I recall, this is what got Charles I into trouble.

May 31 07:45


The Israeli press, mouthpiecing the Israeli government, wants you to believe that those attacked were armed terrorists with connections to terrorist organisations.


May 31 07:44


The Freedom Flotilla in the face of the Nazis of our time

May 31 07:43


If your corporate media is not showing news on the Freedom Flotilla and Israel’s piracy, turn on Al Jazeera or scour the net.

May 31 07:42


Time to demonstrate everywhere and write to all you know and all you do not know (media, politicians etc). Organize your own event (in front of Israeli missions abroad, in front of government buildings, in public squares etc) or join any of the planned emergency demonstrations. In Bethlehem we gather at the Nativity Square and march to the apartheid wall at 2 PM.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel has struck a blow against the very principles for which our military sacrificed their lives throughout the years; that all people have a right to decide their own government by vote, and the right to not have their homes stolen by force.

I can think of no more fitting memorial for those people who died in uniform than to take time today to protest Israel's act of piracy against the aid flotilla.

May 31 07:40

Ahmadinejad slams Israel convoy attack

Iran has condemned Israel's deadly attack on a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza, calling the regime in Tel Aviv a threat to global peace and security.

Calling for international efforts to save the Palestinian nation, the Iranian president said, "Supporting the people of Palestine is equal to supporting peace and freedom of every nation."

May 31 07:36

Jordan slams Gaza ship raid, summons Israeli envoy

Jordan harshly condemned the Israel Defense Forces' action against the Gaza-bound aid ships on Monday, and said "the horrible crime cannot be justified."

May 31 07:35

Egypt summons Israeli ambassador

Turkey announced Monday that it was recalling its ambassador to Israel after 10 international activists were killed when Israel Navy commandos stormed a ship bringing aid to the Gaza Strip. Egypt summoned Israel's envoy in Cairo in response to the incident.

May 31 07:33

Arab world condemns Gaza aid attack

The Arab world has united to condemn the Israeli forces' attack on a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Arab League (AL) Secretary General Amr Moussa slammed the Monday's deadly raid against the humanitarian mission as a "crime."

"We condemn this crime, taken against a humanitarian mission and people. They were trying to help people. They were not on a military mission. Everyone should condemn this," Moussa told AFP. The AL chief said that the 22-member organization was now contemplating its "next step" against Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just what the "next step" the Arab League might be contemplating.

May 31 07:30

Turkey Issues Stark Warning To Israel Following Aid Convoy Attack

Turkey has warned Israel of "irreparable consequences" following the deaths of up to 19 people when Israeli commandos moved to prevent a flotilla of boats from carrying aid to Gaza.

The incident has been described by Turkey as ‘unacceptable’ while Israel says it is in a state of war with the Palestinian Hamas group and that it is within its rights to restrict all sea traffic entering or exiting the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Israel thought for one moment that they could cavalierly shoot to kill and maim humanitarian aid workers bound for Gaza, for the first time in its history, the international community just might conjure up the "male attributes" to disabuse Israel of this notion.

May 31 07:27

Israeli Butchery at Sea by Gilad Atzmon

For days the Israeli government prepared the Israeli society for the massacre at sea. It said that the Flotilla carried weapons, it had ‘terrorists’ on board. Only yesterday evening it occurred to me that this Israeli malicious media spin was there to prepare the Israeli public for a full scale Israeli deadly military operation in international waters. Make no mistake. If I knew exactly where Israel was heading and the possible

consequences, the Israeli cabinet and military elite were fully aware of it all the way along. What happened yesterday wasn’t just a pirate terrorist attack. It was actually murder in broad day light even though it happened in the dark.

May 31 07:26

Turkey withdraws ambassador as deadly Israeli raid on Gaza boats sparks protests, condemnation

Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Israel and called for an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council as criticism and condemnations arose across Europe and the Arab world Monday over Israel's deadly commando raid on ships taking humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The raid, in which at least 10 pro-Palestinian activists, most of them Turks, were killed, was a new blow to Israel's international standing at a time when the West — including the United States — have grown frustrated with its stance in the peace process. The bloodshed particularly hurts its relations with Turkey, which was once a close regional ally of Israel but has become increasingly critical of it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every country which had its humanitarian aid workers killed or wounded in this raid should follow Turkey's lead on this.

May 31 07:26

Israeli soldiers allegedly submit children to sex abuse

An international children's rights group has said it has evidence that Palestinian children held in Israeli custody have been subjected to sexual abuse.

The Geneva-based Defence for Children International has collected affadavits from over one hundred Palestinian children to say that efforts to extract confessions from them came with threats of rape and other abuses.

May 31 07:25

Protest the Brutal Attack on Gaza Flotilla outside the Israeli Embassy at 3pm today in Nations Capital

MAS Freedom is calling on people of conscience to protest today's Israeli attack on unarmed human rights activists on International Waters.
Please meet at 3pm today outside the Israeli Consulate in Washington D.C.
3514 International Drive Northwest
Washington, DC 20008-3021

May 31 07:23

Greece cancels military exercises with Israel over flotilla attack

Greece on Monday said that a joint air force exercise with Israel has been cancelled, following an early Monday morning attack on foreign activists by Israel's military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 31 07:22

Reacting to Gaza [Updated]

Obama's choice now will be to react as he did to the last incredibly ill-timed news — the settlement construction during the Biden visit — and criticize the Israeli action, a move which might upend his recent charm offensive with Jewish groups; or he can, even by remaining silent, tacitly endorse it, and disappoint Arab allies who see the friction with Israel as a sign of progress.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is a pussy!

Obama should have been the one to cancel tomorrow's meeting.

If Obama were a real man of principles, like Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, or John Kennedy, he would stop being such a pussy with Israel and sever all diplomatic relations with Israel for so misusing the military equipment the US gave them.

Setting aside the recent revelation that Israel attempted to sell a nuclear weapon to South Africa, which means ALL US aid to Israel is illegal, the military aid granted to Israel is specifically to be used for defense. Attacking a humanitarian aid convoy in international waters is not defense; it is piracy. Netenyahu has made the US an accessory to this crime because the US supplied the weapons and equipment used to kill the peace activists.

The longer limp-dick Obama wimps out and "studies the situation" the more obvious it becomes that Israel is indeed blackmailing the United States government with 9-11 to enslave our nation.

Obama is a pussy!

May 31 07:22

Israel envoys summoned across Europe

Greece, Spain and Sweden have summoned Israeli envoys to explain a deadly strike by Israeli navy commandos on a Turkish-sponsored humanitarian Gaza aid convoy.

The Greek foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday that it had summoned Israeli ambassador, demanding an "immediate" report on the safety of about 30 Greek citizens on board the boats targeted in international waters before reaching the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This raid has blown up in the face of the Israeli government like an horrendously bad trick cigar.

Intelligent people around the world had suggested to Israel that making martyrs out of any of these people would probably be the worst move they could make; unfortunately, in their hubristic collective paranoia, that was precisely what they did.

The ultimate consequence of this action will be a renewed international focus on the immoral and continuing Israeli siege of Gaza, and the horrendous human cost of that siege.

May 31 07:15

London protest against Israeli Gaza aid massacre

An emergency protest is being held Monday outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s Office following Israel’s latest massacre of at least 10 passengers on board the Gaza Freedom Fotilla.

The London demonstration, which is being supported by Britain’s largest peace movement, Stop the War Coalition (STWC), is demanding that the UK government protests against Israel’s violation of international law.

STWC said it was “yet another act of Israeli barbarism as its forces storm one of the seven ships on the international flotilla taking aid to Gaza, where Israel's illegal siege is starving Palestinians of essential resources.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope that a very peaceful, huge protest engulfs Cameron's office (and that of the office of the Israeli Ambassador), and makes the folks in the UK Parliament understand that the UK must stand united with the rest of the world against Israeli barbarism.

Silence, and turning a blind eye to these acts of aggression, coupled with the continued Israeli siege of Gaza, can no longer be tolerated by civilized human beings.

May 31 07:13

Syria, Lebanon say flotilla attack can lead to war

Syrian President Bashar al—Assad and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Monday that Israel’s attack on a flotilla of aid bound for Gaza threatens to ignite a war in the region.

Syria and Lebanon “condemn the heinous crime committed by Israel through the brutal attacks on unarmed civilians on board the Freedom Flotilla,” both leaders said in a joint statement, after a pre— planned meeting in Damascus.

May 31 07:11

Israel Prime Minister Gives 'Full Support' to Military in Gaza Flotilla Raid

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American media is trying to spin this as hard as they can in favor of Israel, but here are the facts in defiance of FOX News latest broadcast..

HAMAS did not "seize control" of the Gaza strip; they won the election.

The blockade of basic supplies to Gaza represents collective punishment by Israel against the people of Gaza, a crime under international law and a violation of several UN resolutions.

The attack on the aid convoy took place in international waters. Israel has no legal authority over the ships of other nations in international waters. Israel may not issue orders to foreign flagged ships in international waters. Ships are considered sovereign territory of the nations whose flags they fly. Setting foot on one without the permission of the captain is technically an act of war.

The aid convoy did not "attack" the IDF. The aid convoy, being in international waters, attempted to defend themselves from an act of piracy by a nation with no legal authority over those ships.

The Israelis attacked with helicopters, machine guns, and tear gas. The ships' defenders had axes and a few knives AND EVERY LEGAL RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM AN ACT OF PIRACY.

May 31 07:11

Israeli convoy attack viewed critically by Russia

A military action against a controversial aid convoy heading to the Gaza Strip that left 10 dead was "unjustified," a Russian official told the Interfax news agency Monday.

"It was a humanitarian, not a political action, and that means it was unjustified to use military force against the participants," said Konstantin Kosachev, head of the country's parliamentary foreign policy committee, as reported by Interfax.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see what Russia actually does regarding Israel's blatant massacre of these humanitarian workers.

I would like to hope that one response will be the delivering of the much-promised anti-aircraft system to Iran to prevent Israel from attacking it, potentially sparing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

May 31 07:04

S.Korea holds war games near tense border

South Korea staged war games near the tense border with North Korea on Monday as Seoul worked to persuade doubters at home and abroad that Pyongyang was responsible for sinking one of its warships.

"There are some people in our society who spread groundless allegations and raise doubts about the outcome of a probe into the Cheonan. I feel sad and regretful," said Foreign Minister Yu Myung-Hwan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The image of the torpedo shown on television had absolutely no relationship with the schematics shown of the North Korean torpedo.

This was most probably a false flag operation. Neither the people of North, or South Korea, want a war.

May 31 06:58

Oil spill creates huge undersea 'dead zones'

The world's most damaging oil spill – now in its 41st continuously gushing day – is creating huge unseen "dead zones" in the Gulf of Mexico, according to oceanologists and toxicologists. They say that if their fears are correct, then the sea's entire food chain could suffer years of devastation, with almost no marine life in the region escaping its effects.

May 31 06:57

White House 'deeply regrets' loss of life on Gaza flotilla

The White House on Monday said it "deeply regretted" the loss of life and injuries sustained in the clashes after Israel Navy troops stormed a convoy of international activists bringing aid to the Gaza Strip, leaving at least 10 people dead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's "house servant" in the White House would never have the "male attributes" to call this what it is: a massacre of innocent aid workers, attempting to bring sorely needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza, courtesy of the IDF.

May 31 06:53

Gaza Flotilla Attacked: Israeli troops storm aid ships, up to 20 killed

The Israeli Navy have attacked a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid and international activists to Gaza. Reports say up to 20 people were killed and dozens injured as Israeli commandos stormed the vessels over a hundred kilometres off Gaza's coast. Some of the ships are now being towed to the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

May 31 06:52

Radiation, DU and Burn Pits -- Iraq's Cancer: "America's Gift That Keeps Giving"

Most heart wrenching is the disservice by the DoD for those brave and healthy men and women who join the ranks of service to protect us. To be careless with their courageous souls is incomprehensible, but that's exactly what the U. S. does generation after generation. As they string the Veteran's together with empty medals from Korea, to Vietnam, to the Gulf War and now Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Purple Hearts, missing limbs, PTSD and aggressive rare cancers are less about the casualties of war, and more about the severity of illnesses that emerge with each generation of deployed military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What has happened to our military because of the use of chemicals like Agent Orange and DU is criminal.

But it is also critically important to look at the havoc we have wreaked with these agents upon the people we've sprayed and bombed with them.

The rate of horrendous birth defects from DU in Iraq is staggering.

Take a look, hard look at these horrifically graphic pictures at the bottom of this article, and please don't turn away.

And if you find yourself throwing up your breakfast looking at these, that might just be the beginning of your awakening to what has really been done in your name and with your tax dollars to the people of Iraq:


Then, imagine what you would be thinking if one of these babies was your kid; what would you think about the world power that did that to your child?

Would you want to "greet them with flowers"?

May 31 06:37

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Mutilated Our Economy


As of today, that's how much we've spent just in direct costs so far on the stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One trillion dollars, gone. And we're just getting warmed up...there are trillions more in future direct and indirect costs coming.

These two wars mutilated our economy. There's no other way to say it. We've taken a huge amount of wealth and done things with it that damaged the economy. People are out of work and hurting today because we chose to launch two wars that aren't worth the cost.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the author of this very correct article; We the People did not start these immoral and illegal wars; successive US administrations, believing that they could do so for private profit initiated, and keep fighting, these wars.

May 31 06:34

Taliban Training in Iran: McChrystal says 'Clear Evidence' of Innapropriate Iranian Activity

Gen. Stanley McChrystal told reporters in the Afghan capital that Iran - Afghanistan's western neighbor - has generally assisted the Afghan government in fighting the insurgent group.

"There is, however, clear evidence of Iranian activity - in some cases providing weaponry and training to the Taliban - that is inappropriate," he said. McChrystal said NATO forces are working to stop both the training and the weapons trafficking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the war is going as spectacularly badly as it is in Afghanistan, if you don't want to take responsibility for that, BLAME IRAN!!!

May 31 06:33

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes, start a new government? 5 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

May 31 06:32

Israel Commits Massacre, Piracy in International Waters against Freedom Flotilla

At the very moment Israel created a blood bath against civilian ships carrying hundreds of internationals from many countries, Netanyahu is welcome in the White House. Meanwhile, Israel continues its settlement policy in Jerusalem and its aggression against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It is the governments of the international community and their political cover which allow Israel to continue its action and aggression as a state above and beyond the law.

May 31 06:28

Russia-China Warn US That Israeli Attack On Iran Means “World War”

A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response”.

May 31 06:27

Sad milestone: Cost of US wars ‘passes $1 trillion’

The cost of the United States' wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost taxpayers more than one trillion dollars, a Massachusetts nonprofit said Sunday, marking a grim milestone on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday.

The group, National Priorities Project, conveyed the size of US war spending by highlighting other things that could have been bought with the money. For example, for the price of America's two wars, the US could give $5,500 in Pell grants to all of America's 19 million college students for the next nine years. One trillion would also pay the entire healthcare bill for 294 million people, or 440 million children, the group says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All the money possible to fund these immoral and illegal wars without end, and no real money for either education or meaningful healthcare.

Citizens of the United States: you're on your own; your only purpose for being, according to this Congress, is to be an endless revenue stream, even if that good paying job which supported your family, and the and the quality of your life, has been outsourced, and you're working two minimum wage jobs 18 hours a day just to not be homeless.

May 31 06:27

Israeli troops storm Gaza flotilla

May 31 06:22

Flashback: Israel's 'Crime Against Humanity'

Israel’s siege of Gaza, largely unseen by the outside world because of Jerusalem’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid workers, reporters and photographers access to Gaza, rivals the most egregious crimes carried out at the height of apartheid by the South African regime. It comes close to the horrors visited on Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serbs. It has disturbing echoes of the Nazi ghettos of Lodz and Warsaw.

May 31 06:20

UN chief calls for investigation of Gaza aid flotilla raid

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Monday he was "shocked" by a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla and demanded a full investigation.

"I am shocked by reports of killings and injuries of people on boats carrying supplies for Gaza," the UN chief said at a press conference following the opening in Uganda of a key conference on the International Criminal Court.

"I condemn this violence," Ban added, as an Israeli television channel reported that as many as 19 pro-Palestinian activists may have been killed in the Israeli military raid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon: GROW A PAIR, WOULD YOU, PLEASE?!?!?

All the "shock" and "condemnation" mean nothing if the international community cannot manage to bring Israel to account for the continue siege of Gaza, and the slaughter of innocent humanitarian aid workers.

May 31 06:16

Outrage over Israeli attack

Shock and outrage has swept the globe after Israeli soldiers stormed a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza. International powers are closing ranks in condemning the deadly raid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, it appears that a comment from President Obama on this issue (at 9 in the morning East Coast Time, 3 AM here in the Islands) will not be forthcoming, at least not at the moment.

Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador over the attack on one of the aid ships.

The withdrawal of an ambassador many times has been the prelude to war, and that may well have been Israel's reasons for its actions.

But of course, Obama's real boss, Israel's Netanyahu, will be in DC tomorrow, June 1st, to give him his marching orders about starting a military conflict with Iran, so I fully expect Obama to simply shut up about this massacre, at least until Netanyahu is out of town.

May 31 06:04

Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

At least 19 people were killed and dozens injured when troops intercepted the convoy of ships dubbed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, Israeli radio reported.

The flotilla was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast.

Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, confirmed that the attack took place in international waters, saying: "This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves."

Footage from the flotilla's lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, showed armed Israeli soldiers boarding the ship and helicopters flying overhead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So the outright killing and maiming for peaceful humanitarian bringers of aid to Gaza is now the norm for Israel.

One has to ask: did Netanyahu actually sign off on the killings and maimings, or was he really in control here?!?

One has to wonder who actually was.

Because through these actions, Israel has just "outed" itself as the most barbaric, hubristic, and paranoid rogue nation in the history of this planet.

And the question is, what will the international ramifications be?

Will the world still just shut up, and do absolutely nothing because its impotent, cowering leadership is terrified of being labeled as "anti-Semites"?!?

One would hope not. Unfortunately, hope is becoming a more and more rare commodity by the second.

May 31 05:05

How to Brainwash a Nation By Former KGB Agent

This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.

May 31 04:49

Why Are We Unable to Resist?

I often wonder why young Americans do nothing to protest the outrageous criminal regime that has taken control of the United States. Where is the resistance? Two illegal wars, a growing police state, and several trillion dollars stolen by criminal bankers from the American people in the past year alone -- why aren't they protesting, resisting - burning tires in the streets?

Why are Americans unable to protest against the criminal regime that has taken over their nation? Here French farmers protest low grain prices in Paris on October 16, 2009. Why don't we see such protests against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or against the trillion dollar rip-off for the big bankers? Why is the resistance in the U.S. completely unorganized?
By: Chris Bollyn

May 31 03:41

Massive Condemnation in Lebanon of Israel’s Crime

The Israeli massacre of at least 20 activists on board the Gaza-bound aid ship drew widespread condemnations in Lebanon.

May 31 00:54


Editors Note: Adam Shapiro Director of ISM and member of

Free Gaza.Org Confirmed 20 killed, with over 60 injured.

We will keep updating as we receive news.

SEE Latest Press TV VIDEOS.
AP publishes Israeli spin on attack on aid flotilla

The Associated Press has finally corrected its earlier report, which claimed that only 2 people had been killed. It now reports that 10 have been killed, although other news reports say that at least 16 to 20 were killed.

Moreover, AP neglects to tell readers that the attack consisted of an assault by Israeli gunships, helicopters, and commanders.

May 30, 2010

May 30 23:08

Some Palestinian News Sites Are Down Under Obvious Denial of Service Attacks

Just form a cursory glance at this hour, sites such as these are coming up as "server not found" which is typical cyber MO when USrael is committing atrocities and war crimes - Gazacide.

I'm sure there are many DOS attacks going on right now.


May 30 23:00

Will Israel Murder or Jail Humanitarian Peace Activists?

Shine the Light on Israel: Will Israel Murder or Jail Humanitarian Peace Activists?
Israel has vowed to stop the Freedom Flotilla at all costs. At all costs? Why? Is it because they have the hand of Washington protecting them in everything they do? There is no crime they can commit that Washington will not protect them from the consequences of.
According to international law, Israel has no authority over Gaza’s waters. So perhaps they should worry only about their own border. However, at this point, they haven't decided where that border ends. What's theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs too. Right to exist? That is only for Israel and Israelis.

May 30 23:00

Israel boards Gaza-bound ships, 15 dead - reports

About 15 people were killed on Monday when the Israeli navy intercepted a convoy of aid ships that activists were trying to sail to the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Channel 10 private television network said.

May 30 23:00

Up to 16 reported killed as Israel disrupts Gaza humanitarian effort

Up to 16 people have been killed and about 30 injured after Israeli boats allegedly attacked a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, reports Al Jazeera referring to the Israeli Army radio.

May 30 22:43

Israeli commandos open fire after being attacked with axes & knives by Gaza flotilla "peace activists"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel must know thy have really screwed up this time if they are down to using the "They deserved it" smear.

In the view of the Jewish Internet Defense Force, ships attacked without provocation in international waters have no right to try to defend themselves against pirates and hijackers with knives and axes, and that therefore Israel was perfectly correct to mow them down with machine guns, even though as foreign flagged ships in international waters, the humanitarian aide flotilla is not subject to Israeli orders./font>

Even for Israel this is a new low in sleazy propaganda.

May 30 22:29

Gaza Flotilla top trend at Trendistic, blocked from trends at Twitter!

May 30 22:26

IOF command deploys missile gunboats to intercept humanitarian Flotilla

The European campaign asked the world community on Sunday to put an end to the Israeli threats to attack the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza with thousands of tons of relief materials.Details

May 30 22:13

Protesters try to storm Israeli consulate in Turkey

CNN-Turk and NTV televisions show dozens of angry protesters scuffling with Turkish police guarding consulate building in downtown Istanbul.

May 30 22:10

Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

Up to 16 people were killed and more than 30 people injured when Israeli troops stormed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, the Israeli Army Radio said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Israel intended to massacre the Turkish peace workers to force Erdogan into a war, which will bring the US into the war on Israel's side, which will bring Iran and Russia in on the other side, and Israel will laugh their heads off at how easily they can trick the Christians and Muslims into killing each other off.

May 30 21:56

George Galloway Speaks Out against Israel's attack on the flotilla

May 30 21:52

FLASHBACK - Israel planned to kill [Turkish Prime Minister] Erdogan: Report

Turkish media sources detail information implicating the Israeli Mossad in a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

An e-mail found on a personal computer belonging to one of the members of the underground Ergenekon organization exposed Mossad's role in the failed assassination efforts against Erdogan, Turkish media outlets reported on Friday.

May 30 21:50

At least 10 killed as Israel storms aid convoy: Israeli TV

At least 10 passengers were killed as Israeli forces stormed a boat carrying pro-Palestinian activisists bound for Gaza, the private Israeli television station "10" reported Monday.

May 30 21:44

FLASHBACK - Turkey PM storms off stage over Peres remarks on Gaza

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel and Turkey might just be at war tomorrow.

May 30 21:39


May 30 21:33

Israeli troops attack ship carrying aid to Gaza

Israeli warships have attacked at least one of the six ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and aid for blockaded Gaza, killing at least two people and wounding 30, according to reports.

May 30 21:32

REPLAY - Gaza Aid Flotilla Fired On

May 30 21:17

(Periodicaly) Live Coverage from GAZA Freedom Flotilla

At least two dead and dozens wounded in clashes as the Israeli navy boards the protest flotilla, according to Turkish media.

Hundreds of Israelis commandos boarded the ships at once, firing guns and employing gas, according to an Al-Jazeera report.

May 30 21:11

Gaza TV's phlog - 3 Confirmed Dead

May 30 21:07

srael 'attacks' Gaza aid fleet

Israeli forces have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza, according to a Turkish aid agency being quoted by Turkish media.

At least two people were killed and more than 30 people injured, the report said early on Monday.

Footage from the flotilla's lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, appeared to show armed Israeli soldiers boarding the ship and helicopters flying overhead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

font size=5>The aid convoy was in international waters. At the very least Israel's actions constitute piracy. At worst they are acts of war against the nations whose flags a flown by the ships.

May 30 21:05

Flotilla Civilians Under Attack by Israel

Under darkness of night, Israeli commandoes boarded the Turkish passenger ship, Mavi Marmara, and began to shoot. According to the live video from the ship, two have been killed, and 31 injured. Al Jazeera has just confirmed the numbers. Israel says they are taking over the boats.

May 30 21:04

Israel Navy takes control of Gaza aid flotilla; 2 activists killed

Israel Navy troops clashed with pro-Palestinian activists aboard a six-ship aid flotilla sailing for the Gaza Strip after the activists ignored Israeli orders to turn back, Turkey's NTV early Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The aid ships were in international waters. Israel has no authority to issue orders to foreign flagged ships operating in international waters.

May 30 20:57

Israel intercepts Gaza flotilla, says Hama

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that BBC fails to mention that Israel's pirates have killed innocent and unarmed civilians.

May 30 20:55

Israeli ships attack aid flotilla

Two TV networks are reporting that Israeli warships have attacked the six ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and aid for blockaded Gaza, killing at least two and wounding an unknown number of people on board.

The Israeli military refused to comment on the report.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turkey has just summoned the Israeli ambassador to answer for this unprovoked and lethal attack on Turkish Sovereign territory (the ship flying the Turkish flag).

I'll bet Israel was not expecting injuries and deaths. This is a PR disaster for them, happening in international waters.

May 30 20:50

Initial reports – at least two people killed, 30 injured in Israeli attack on freedom flotilla

We have a number of reports from the Mediterranean in the last few hours that the Israeli government is following through on its self-destructive and brutal determination to stop the freedom flotilla, and doing so at night. Live feed shows people still on deck. Isabel Kershner of the Times says Israeli boats have approached in international waters, intending to intercept. AP says that the Israeli navy is "stalk"-ing the flotilla. (Great for the rebranding campaign, huh?) Emails, rumors, follow:

May 30 20:43

Israeli Navy Approaches Gaza Flotilla

The Israeli navy made its first contact with a flotilla carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza shortly before midnight on Sunday, surprising the boats in international waters, according to activists on one vessel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Emphasis on "International waters."

Israel has just committed an act of piracy and indeed given the reported injuries and deaths, acts of war against the nations whose flags the aid ships fly.

By now Israel's PR whores are fanning out all over the net trying to spin their way out of this, but this is the greatest PR disaster since CAST LEAD!

May 30 20:37

Call for action from activist Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News).

May 30 20:28

Screenshots of Israel assault on Turkish ship

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This incident happened in international waters. If the reports about fatalities are accurate, then Israel has committed an act of war against Turkey, whose sovereign territory includes that ship.

May 30 20:15


May 30 19:05

Texas radio owner calls for terrorism; bombing of mosque at ground Zero

Calls for terrorism and death of Muslims ok with FCC and Texas' law enforcement.

May 30 18:05


May 30 17:44

Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf

There was, however, a simpler protection against the disaster: mud. An attorney representing a witness says oil giant BP and the owner of the drilling platform, Switzerland-based Transocean Ltd., started to remove a mud barrier before a final cement plug was installed, a move industry experts say weakens control of the well in an emergency.

This article is an earlier article written May 6, 2010.

May 30 17:07

The FTC's Plan to Bailout the Dinosaur Newspaper Industry and Suffocate Blogs

If the FTC truly wanted to reinvent journalism, the agency would instead align itself with journalism’s disruptors. But there’s none of that here. The clearest evidence: the word “blog” is used but once in 35 pages of text and then only parenthetically as an example of buying ads on topical sites (“e.g., a soccer blog…”); otherwise, it’s only a footnote.

May 30 16:45

Israeli warships make contact with Gaza aid flotilla

Israeli warships have made contact with a six-ship aid flotilla headed toward Gaza carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid and supplies, Al Jazeera reported late Sunday. The Israeli navy is operating on the assumption that the activists manning the boats will not heed their calls to turn around, and in response, the troops are prepared to board the ships and steer them away from the Gaza shores and toward the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


If Israel boards these ships as it did the previous humanitarian aid mission it will be an act of piracy by any reasonable definition of the word. The United States was ever-ready to send warships to go after the Somalian Pirates, but will again tremble in fear before the Israeli Navy!

May 30 16:41

Gaza flotilla has australain journalists aboard

May 30 16:39

Obama administration blocked efforts to stop BP oil drilling before explosion

"In 2009, the Obama administration intervened to support the reversal of a court order that would have halted offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who has long had close ties to the industry, specifically cited BP’s Deepwater Horizon operation as one that should be allowed to go forward, according to a group involved in the court case.

A Washington DC Appeals Court ruled in April 2009 that the Bush administration’s five-year plan for offshore oil and gas drilling (covering 2007 to 2012) was not based on a proper review of the environmental impact of the drilling. Only days before the ruling, the Obama administration had granted BP a “categorical exclusion,” exempting it from an environmental impact study for the Deepwater Horizon project."

May 30 16:36

UN asks India, Pak, Israel to join NPT, CTBT

United Nations: In a departure from tradition of not singling out countries by name, the United Nations has asked India, Pakistan and Israel to join NPT and CTBT without further delay and pre-conditions. The UN’s call to the three countries to join Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) came at the end of the month-long 2010 NPT review conference here.

May 30 16:35

News Middle East Israel faces child-abuse claims

An international children's rights charity has said it has evidence that Palestinian children held in Israeli custody have been subjected to sexual abuse in an effort to extract confessions from them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for those who claim I only pick on the Catholics.

May 30 16:34

Humanitarian Flotilla Vs Evil Navy

Haaretz reports today that Israel will attempt to block the humanitarian Freedom Flotilla heading toward Gaza. However, according to the Israeli paper, the humanitarian cargo would then be unloaded, inspected and sent to Gaza overland via the United Nations.

Typical for Israel, it tries to win a lost battle. On the one hand, by stopping the flotilla Israel attempts to maintain its regional status as an omnipotent super power that controls the land, the air and the sea. On the other hand, the Jewish state pathetically also wants to evoke sympathy for being ‘sensitive’ to humanitarian issues and the Palestinian plight.

May 30 16:29


At 22:41pm tonight, preparations aboard the Mavi Marmara are extensive. We are 90 miles away from land - 22 miles further than the Israeli decided 68 mile exclusion zone - but are being approached by an Israeli vessel.

May 30 16:27


May 30 16:09

Islamophobia and hate crimes

Paul J. Balles views the correlation between bilge put out by extremist provokers of hate crimes like Daniel Pipes and other Islamophobic peddlers of hate speech and the growth of violence and discrimination against Muslims in the US.

May 30 15:57

Florida's rampant political crimes being investigated

Politics at heart of criminal investigations swirling across Florida
By Lucy Morgan and Adam C. Smith, Times Staff Writers
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Amid the most tumultuous and unpredictable election year Florida has seen in decades, the names of at least a dozen political figures have popped up in five major federal investigations probing the pay-to-play culture of corruption in Florida:

May 30 14:03

Renowned Marine Biologist Carl Safina on the BP Oil Spill’s Ecological Impact on the Gulf Coast and Worldwide

CARL SAFINA: Well, that this is not just a regional disaster, although it certainly is, but that the Gulf of Mexico is a tremendous engine of life and also a tremendous concentration zone, where animals from the whole open Atlantic Ocean funnel into the Gulf for breeding and millions of animals cross the Gulf and concentrate there on their northward migration and then fan out to populate much of North America and the Canadian Arctic, the East Coast, the Canadian Maritimes. So it’s a real hotspot, and it’s a terrible place to foul.


We are FUCKED!

May 30 13:40

Hearings: Rig's blowout preventer last inspected in 2005

"...The chief mechanic on the Deepwater Horizon testified Wednesday that he was at a planning meeting 11 hours before the rig exploded at which the BP company man overruled drillers from rig owner Transocean and insisted on displacing protective drilling mud from the riser that connected the rig to the oil well.

"..."I recall a skirmish between the company man, the OIM (offshore installation manager), the tool-pusher and the driller," said Doug Brown, one of 115 rig workers who survived the April 20 disaster. "The driller was outlining what would be taking place, whereupon the company man stood up and said, 'No, we'll be having some changes to that.' It had to do with displacing the riser for later on. The OIM, tool-pusher and driller disagreed with that, but the company man said, 'Well, this is how it's gonna be,' and the tool-pusher, driller and OIM reluctantly agreed."

"...The implication was that the Transocean employees expected they might have to take emergency action because of BP's push to remove the drilling mud.

"...Before Brown came to the witness stand at the hearings in Kenner, a ship captain with 15 years of drilling experience told the joint investigative panel that he doesn't know why a rig would displace the protective column of heavy mud with light seawater before closing off a well.

Deliberate sabotage the reason for the Gulf oil disaster?

May 30 13:21

Sunday, 4:20pm :3 Israeli navy boats approach Freedom Flotilla (via twitter)


May 30 13:16

Energy Expert: Nuking Oil Leak Only Thing we Can Do

Youve Got to be Kidding me!!!

May 30 12:59

Oilpocalypse Now Take I

"The best expert estimates I have seen are that minimally we have 2.9 MILLION GALLONS of Oil escaping into the Gulf each day. The volume of methane is about treble that. BP, in an effort to camouflage its true scale is pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of even more toxic oil dispersant into the volcano. To get an idea of the scale think of the largest stadium you know, fill it with oil every day, dump it on the surrounding landscape, and then refill it TWICE each day. Then you begin to get an approximation of the volume of oil escaping."

"So, why the lecture on the ocean ecosystem? Because the Gulf produces as much or more oxygen than the entire Amazon Rain Forest."

May 30 12:02

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

From The Sunday Times

Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.

The first has been sent in response to Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, a political and military organisation in Lebanon, could hit sites in Israel, including air bases and missile launchers.

The submarines of Flotilla 7 — Dolphin, Tekuma and Leviathan — have visited the Gulf before. But the decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels.

The flotilla’s commander, identified only as “Colonel O”, told an Israeli newspaper: “We are an underwater assault force. We’re operating deep and far, very far, from our borders.”

May 30 10:49

Limits on access to oiled waters, coast frustrates journalists

When a photographer from The Times-Picayune earlier this week tried to hire a plane to fly over Grand Isle, the charter plane company was told that the flight could not descend below 3,000 feet.

Southern Seaplane owner Rhonda Panepinto said her husband called the BP Command Center on Tuesday for permission to fly photographer Ted Jackson over Grand Isle, so that he could take pictures of the impact of the spreading oil from the Deepwater Horizon well. But the plane company was told by a BP contractor that media flights weren't allowed in the restricted air space established by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

America's Chernobyl

I just sent the following to my local papers. You should do the same.


Some observers have claimed that the BP Gulf Oil Disaster is Obama’s “Katrina.” Sadly, this is far worse. The Gulf Oil Disaster and scandal has reached the point of being America’s Chernobyl.

It was known from a similar disaster in 1979 (involving many of the same players) that gulf blowouts were possible. Yet the US Government issued waivers for environmental impact studies for gulf drillers to free those drillers from the costs. Acoustic Preventers, mandated in every other oil-producing nation, are optional in the US, and as they cost a half million each, rarely used. Then we have the Mineral Management Service, the official US Government agency that collects oil lease revenues and is supposed to exercise oversight on the drilling of oil in the United States, recently exposed as allowing the oil companies to fill out the inspection and audit reports while the officials themselves wallowed in online porn, drugs, and hookers supplied by the oil companies. This is a scandal that matches the revelation that during the 12 years that Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot was scamming his investors, the Securities & Exchange Commission “investigators” were also spending their time watching online porn on their taxpayer-funded computers.

Like Titanic, like the Hindenburg, like Challenger, Columbia, Chernobyl, and yes, also Katrina, everyone knew before hand that shortcuts were being taken, risks ignored, safety systems ignored, regulations bypassed, and obvious warnings disregarded.

The fact is that we do not pay the government to come in after a disaster and look stern and Presidential while setting up commissions to find the blame. We pay the government to keep a watchful eye out to keep these disasters from occurring in the first place. We pay the government to take care of the United States, and every oil spill, caved-in coal mine, collapsed bridge, crumbling road, shuttered school, flooded town represents a total failure of the US Government, in their eagerness to start wars and support Israel, to do the job they are supposed to do.

We should not reward failure any longer.

The USSR, already humiliated from Afghanistan, tried to bluff their way through the Chernobyl disaster and conceal from the world the scale of the environmental damage caused.

The USA, already humiliated from Afghanistan, is repeating that classic mistake; trying to bluff their way through the BP disaster and conceal from the world the scale of the environmental damage caused.

History repeats?

May 30 10:45

Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in spots. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given.

May 30 10:43


Israeli police began blocking an entrance to the East Jerusalem village of al-Issawiya today (30 May). The entrance, located next to the Hebrew University, is being blockaded with large slabs of concrete.

The blockade comes nearly a week after Israeli forces, border police and intelligence officers raided al-Issawiya at 4am Monday morning (24 May). Following the raid, Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the village. Residents were questioned and detained on both 24 and 25 May as part of a “special tax evasion operation” being conducted by Israel’s Tax Authority, wrote the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth.

May 30 10:41

10 Things We Must Remember on Memorial Day

May 30 10:38

NATO general in Afghanistan: Taliban train in Iran

The commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Sunday there is "clear evidence" that some Taliban fighters have trained in Iran.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal told reporters in the Afghan capital that Iran — Afghanistan's western neighbor — has generally assisted the Afghan government in fighting the insurgent group.

"There is, however, clear evidence of Iranian activity — in some cases providing weaponry and training to the Taliban — that is inappropriate," he said. McChrystal said NATO forces are working to stop both the training and the weapons trafficking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, what is the US government going to do, go to war with Iran because they have "....generally assisted the Afghan government in fighting the insurgent group."?!?!?!?

May 30 10:30

"Perfectly Safe: It Just Kills Plants ... " Agent Orange and the Third Generation

Tragedy of such magnitude easily can overwhelm those unprepared to hear it. Yet listening deeply to these personal stories presented in the even-handed, non-blaming manner of the VAVA delegates creates an opening that may allow We, the People to apply pressure on Congress to co-create legislation to alleviate our nation's moral stigma from our actions in Vietnam.

One day, perhaps, we in the United States will acknowledge our responsibilities in Vietnam. For we, too, have known many years of war. Those of us who struggle for peace are harvesters too. Let us accept our history, sew the seeds of peace, and highlight the futile lose/lose proposition that is war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, just as is the current case with depleted uranium and the havoc it has caused not only to populations whose countries we were bombing, but also to our own Military service men and women and their families, acknowledgment and financial redress is apt to happen only when pigs fly.

May 30 10:22

Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the US Government Chernobyl.

May 30 10:19

Oil spill threatens 'total destruction'

An ominous report by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources warned of the impending disaster resulting from the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico, calling it the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history, the European Union Times reported.

Russian scientists believe BP is pumping millions of gallons of Corexit 9500, a chemical dispersal agent, under the Gulf of Mexico waters to hide the full extent of the leak, now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

Experts say Corexit 9500 is a solvent four times more toxic than oil.

The agent, scientists believe, has a 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, its molecules will be able to “phase transition.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If true, this is the dispersant the EPA told BP not to use.

Apparently, the EPA is impotent to stop BP's use of this chemical.

This catastrophic event is unfolding as "America's Chernobyl".

May 30 10:14

Election-Year Politics Derail Bid to Save Teachers' Jobs

- Congress bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry, but it appears to have drawn the line — at least for now — at rescuing teachers.

A Democratic plan to send $23 billion to the states to save the jobs of 100,000 to 300,000 public school teachers, librarians, counselors and other employees slated for layoffs looks dead for the time being.

Blame it on election-year politics. The anti-Washington, anti-spending mood has become so potent that even Democrats are antsy about helping teachers, one of their most long-standing and generous allies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Teachers are going to find themselves more and more expendable to the Federal government.

In fact, that very cherished institution of free public education through high school in this country may well be completely privatized in the not too distant future, further widening the chasm between the prosperous and the very poor.

This will not be accidental; it will be design.

May 30 10:14

Obama's letter to Lula exposes US dishonesty with Iran

Washington supported mediation by Brazil and Turkey when it did not expect them to succeed and turned its back when they accomplished exactly what the Obama administration said it sought from Iran.

May 30 10:05

Israelis see West Bank as a war ‘refuge’

With most Israelis assuming a new Middle East war is just around the corner, settler leaders are trying to prove to their compatriots that some 120 illegal Jewish colonies in the West Bank will provide an indispensable safe haven in time of emergency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is simply trying to put a pretty face on the ugly reality of illegal West Bank annexation, something akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

What we are going to see, in the very near future, is the rapid Israeli annexation of both the West Bank and East Jerusalem, massive Palestinian home demolitions coupled with massive forced expulsions of Palestinians to Gaza.

And when Israel decides it wants Gaza, it will find a way to conjure up its own "final solution" for Gazan Palestinians who cannot find their way into any neighboring country which will accept them.

May 30 10:04

Pro-Palestinian aid flotilla sets sail for Gaza

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists on Sunday set sail for the Gaza Strip from international waters off the coast of Cyprus, edging closer to an expected naval showdown with Israeli gunships determined to stop them.

Huwaida Arraf, one of the organizers, said the six-ship flotilla began the journey toward Gaza on Sunday afternoon after two days of delays. She said they expected to reach Gaza, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) away, on Monday afternoon, and that two more ships expected to follow in "a second wave."

May 30 10:03

A memorial day we can all get behind

Mass murderers day...er...Memorial day, as we're all aware, is tomorrow. It's a disgrace of a holiday where we "honor" those who have murdered, raped, pillaged, nuked, and tortured for the state.

May 30 10:03

BP says end point for stopping Gulf oil leak is relief well due in August

A BP executive says a relief well is the "end point" of efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill — which suggests there's little chance of plugging the leak until the new well is completed in August.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the US Government's Chernobyl!

May 30 10:02

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, when we pretend that we live in a free country because of all the people who were killed in the government’s senseless wars.

May 30 09:56

Gaza aid flotilla could hit Turkey tourism

Israeli trade unions might renew their explicit boycott of Turkey as a destination for their members, in view of Ankara's role in organizing the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip.

The boycott began more than a year ago, prompted by tension over the Israeli military operation in Gaza, but since the start of 2010 the number of Israelis vacationing in Turkey has risen by 18%. The aid flotilla and reports that Turkey's Islamist ruling party is cooperating with Hamas in its organization have made the boycott newly relevant to Israeli worker organizations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thinking, moral Israelis are going to continue to travel to Turkey as an expression of disgust for the apartheid nation into which Israel has devolved.

And to the Turkish government, which has refused Israel's attempted intimidation about Turkey assisting the flotilla: good on you, folks!

May 30 09:55


Join us as we travel to Gaza. Witness what happens on board the boats. Watch our videos everyday. Stay tuned for WitnessGaza.

May 30 09:54


It’s a wonder that Israel didn’t let this man in…. but a bigger wonder why they apologised about it. Perhaps the following interview will explain why…

May 30 09:54


There are as many as half a million Jewish settlers enjoying constant army protection in the West Bank. The vast majority of these are indoctrinated in an extreme right-wing ideology that views non-Jews living in Israel and the occupied territories as “lesser human beings”.

Some of the religious mentors of these settlers openly teach that non-Jews living under Jewish rule — i.e. Palestinians — should be enslaved, expelled or annihilated. When challenged, these rabbis and mentors readily quote from the Old Testament and Talmud to corroborate their oft-genocidal viewpoints.

May 30 09:53


Israel on Saturday rejected as “flawed and hypocritical” a declaration by signatories of a global anti-nuclear arms treaty that urged it to sign the pact and make its atomic facilities subject to U.N. inspections.

All 189 parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the United States, called on Friday in a declaration that singled out Israel for a conference in 2012 to discuss banning weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

“As a non-signatory state of the NPT, Israel is not obligated by the decisions of this conference, which has no authority over Israel,” the Israeli government said in an emailed statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel then proceeded to deploy three of their nuclear-armed submarines along Iran's coastline.

May 30 09:48

A disgrace of historic proportions

The real disgrace here is that the U.S. Congress, in 2006, enacted the Military Commissions Act, which explicitly denied all Guantanamo detainees any rights to habeas review. The widely loved Lindsey Graham -- along with the profoundly noble Joe Lieberman and John McCain -- were the prime sponsors of that provision. Think about what that means, what the people who voted for that (including 12 Democratic Senators) tried to do: had the Supreme Court not struck down that provision by a 5-4 vote in Boumediene, all of these innocent people would continue to be denied any rights of judicial review, and would unjustly languish in prison indefinitely.

May 30 09:47

Gaza aid flotilla 'leaves Cyprus'

A flotilla of ships sailing towards Gaza with aid and activists on board has left Cyprus and will reach its destination on Monday, organisers say.

But Israel says it will stop the boats, calling the campaign a "provocation intended to delegitimise Israel".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel delegitimizes itself and does not need any help.

May 30 09:45

Another Blow to Guantánamo Plan

The Senate Armed Services Committee voted to bar the construction of a military detention center in Thomson, Ill., in a further blow to the Obama administration’s fading hopes of shuttering the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The members of the the US Armed Services Committee don't want the US public, or the world, to see what has been done to these prisoners of war; it's just that horrific, in many cases, and most likely a violation of the Geneva Conventions regarding their treatment.

And of course because a state of "war" was never declared with the invasion and occupation of either Iraq or Afghanistan, a "declaration of peace" cannot be made in either case by the US government.

The real effect of this decision of the Committee will be that most of these men will be left rotting in prison indefinitely.

May 30 09:44

Gaza flotilla drives Israel into a sea of stupidity

Of course the peace flotilla will not bring peace, and it won't even manage to reach the Gaza shore. The action plan has included dragging the ships to Ashdod port, but it has again dragged us to the shores of stupidity and wrongdoing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Israel owns that particular piece of beach-front property!

May 30 09:40

Netanyahu to ask Obama to block measures over Israel's nuclear program

The prime minister will meet with the U.S. president at the White House on Tuesday, after the U.S. backed a call for inspection of Israeli nuclear installations at the NPT Review Conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, boy!, you veto this nonsense right now or we'll tell the world who really did 9-11 and trust me it will be worse for you than for us, schmuck!"

May 30 09:38

Fuel Swap Shakes Sanctions Draft, Prods US on New Iran Talks

Although the Barack Obama administration continued to dismiss the May 17 Iranian fuel swap agreement Friday, there are indications that Iran’s move has shaken the agreement among U.N. Security Council members on sanctions, and is bringing Russian diplomatic pressure on the United States to participate in new talks with Iran on the swap arrangement – something the administration clearly wished to avoid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On the international diplomacy arena, Russia comes across as one of the true "adults in the room" in terms of really working for world peace and stability.

The US, on the other hand, courtesy of its war-enabler Israel, appears more and more like an out of control teenager who has just drunk an entire bottle of vodka, swiped the keys to his dad's car, and is hell-bent for a joyride which will only ultimately result in disaster.

May 30 09:36

Israel rejects call to join anti-nuclear treaty

Israel on Saturday rejected as "flawed and hypocritical" a declaration by signatories of a global anti-nuclear arms treaty that urged it to sign the pact and make its atomic facilities subject to U.N. inspections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel throws another tantrum and the world moves closer to bitch-slapping the whiners good and hard.

May 30 09:30

Vatican Sex Abuse Prosecutor: Guilty Priests Are Going To Hell

The Rev. Charles Scicluna, a Maltese priest who is a top official at the Vatican's morality office, led a special "make amends" prayer service in St. Peter's Basilica.

Quoting from a long passage from Gregory the Great, an early pope and monk who made rules for the clergy, Scicluna said in the case of a pedophile priest "it would be really better that his evil deeds cause him death in his lifetime" under secular laws than suffer "more terrible damnation" in hell.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Rev. Scicluna: these sick pieces of work who have molested kids, along with the Vatican, are infinitely more terrified of lawyers for the abused kids than they are of hell!

May 30 09:29

Should you store treasured data on disks?

Preserving precious data, such as pictures and home videos, on CDs and DVDs could do more damage than good in the end.

That's what the French National Centre for Scientific Research has found out after testing the longevity of the portable media.

"We were surprised to see that the lifetime of discs, some of which were designed to last for centuries, actually rarely lasted longer than five to 10 years," said physicist Franck Laloe.

"In the most severe cases, which were happily quite rare, the data on some discs lasted just one year," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wrote about this a few years back when we discovered our "lifetime" CD-Rs were erasing themselves.

Archaeologists can still read Sumerian warehouse lists written thousands of years ago, but 100 years from now, the present-day world will be a blank spot in history as all our records are dissolving except for the monuments built to the vanity of the war lords.

On a more practical level, my anger is that we were all sold CD-Rs and CD-R drives on the promise that this was a "permanent" data storage solution. Yeah, the disks come with a pretty printed piece of paper known as a warranty, but that warranty does not recover your data. The reality is that there is no long-term data storage medium available to the public. We have been sold yet another lie by computer corporations, and our lives' work is written on the sand of a beach, waiting only the next tide to vanish from memory.

May 30 09:26

The Rand Paul Kerfuffle: It’s Not About Racism

Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that a person can advocate mass murder, and pre-emptive war and can still be a part of civilized discourse, but use the “N” word, and they’re ruined?

May 30 09:22

Israel rejects call to join anti-nuclear treaty

All 189 parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the United States, called on Friday in a declaration that singled out Israel for a conference in 2012 to discuss banning weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

"As a non-signatory state of the NPT, Israel is not obligated by the decisions of this conference, which has no authority over Israel," the Israeli government said in an emailed statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In light of the reality that Israel is a nuclear armed nation, but refuses to sign the NNPT, I want every cent that the US has coughed up to Israel in aid since the Symington Amendment was ratified BACK, thank you very much... and with interest.

The Symington Amendment forbids the US from giving any aid to a nuclear nation which refuses to sign the NNPT and refuses to allow its nuclear facilities to be inspected.

So every cent that the US has given annually to Israel has been illegal since the ratification of that Amendment.

May 30 09:13

BP: ‘We’re not blaming anyone yet’

General manager says relief well expected to be completed in August is 'end point' for efforts to stop spill

Oil giant BP has said it is responsible for the Gulf oil spill, but now the company seems to be reserving the right to blame someone else.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After the most complete remediations possible have done in the Gulf by BP (an acronym which, by now, should stand for "biohazard provocateurs"), this company should be forbidden from ever doing any offshore drilling anywhere near the US again, period, end of discussion.

May 30 09:12

Japan party quits coalition over US base

Japan's Social Democratic Party, SDP, has decided to leave the ruling coalition government amid a row over the controversial presence of the US military in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's bullying (and using that false flag attack n the South Korean warship) to force Japan's PM to allow the US base to stay on Okinawa might bring down the entire Japanese Government.

In diplomatic circles this is known as a "whoopsie!"

May 30 09:09

Shot in Iraq, soldier gets bill for missing equipment

As Americans prepare to honor fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, one former Oregon National Guard member is wondering why he's being charged more than $3,000 for military gear that was lost after he was shot.

Gary Pfleider, a six-year veteran of the Guard, received a Purple Heart after he was shot by a sniper in Iraq. Some time later, he received a somewhat less gratifying award: A bill for $3,175 for military equipment that was lost when he was shipped out of Iraq for medical treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is literally adding financial insult on top of physical injury.

One has to wonder just how common a practice this is.

I certainly wish the "bean counter" who sent this Vet this invoice had had the opportunity to walk for one week in this Vet's shoes in Iraq.

May 30 09:04

Treasury Secretary David Laws urged to resign after paying £40,000 of taxpayers' money to secret gay lover

Treasury Chief Secretary David Laws was fighting to avoid becoming the coalition Government's first casualty tonight after it was revealed that he funnelled £40,000 of taxpayers' money to his secret gay lover.

May 30 08:59

Frills, not jobs, filling posh IRS digs

The $92 million renovations at the IRS compound in Andover will include a reflecting pool, an art gallery, indoor gardens, a 7,000-square-foot cafeteria and an amphitheater.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't it make ya proudernshit to be a taxpayer?

And $80 million of the money came from the "Stimulus" funds!

May 30 08:46

Washington DC demands safe passage for the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

May 30 08:43

Israel's Disinformation Campaign Against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Israel claims that we refused to deliver a letter and package from POW Gilad Shalit's father. This is a blatant lie. We were first contacted by lawyers representing Shalit's family Wednesday evening, just hours before we were set to depart from Greece. Irish Senator Mark Daly (Kerry), one of 35 parliamentarians joining our flotilla, agreed to carry any letter and deliver it to UN officials inside Gaza. As of this writing, the lawyers have not responded to Sen. Daly, electing instead to attempt to smear us in the Israeli press.[5] We have always called for the release of all political prisoners in this conflict, including the 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails, among them hundreds of child prisoners.[6]

May 30 08:37

UN aid group: Israel deliberately hampering West Bank, Gaza relief efforts

According to the group's report, Israel isn't permitting construction of buildings for needy Palestinians and is encumbering on the freedom of movement of aid groups and their staffs.

May 30 08:31

Hebrew Culture for Dummies by Gilad Atzmon

In the last few days Israel was singled out by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation conference's decision to note Israel as a country's whose facilities must be regulated as "fundamentally wrong and duplicitous." This happens for a reason. As much as Israel insists to operate as a modernised high-tech Jewish Ghetto, it also persists in being the biggest threat to world peace. Seemingly, nations are starting to show some real signs of fatigue of the Jewish state and its collective lunacy. But the bad news from Israel doesn't stop just there. The Sunday Times reports today that Israel stations nuclear missile in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline. This doesn't leave much room for doubt.

May 30 07:46

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes, start a new government? 4 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

May 30 07:45

War on whistle-blowers intensifie

The Obama administration's war on whistleblowers -- whose disclosures are one of the very few remaining avenues for learning what our government actually does -- continues to intensify. Last month, the DOJ announced it had obtained an indictment against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, who exposed serious waste, abuse and possible illegality.

May 30 07:43

BP's behaviour in the Gulf is appalling. But our thirst for oil is the real issue

The oil spill stretching across the Gulf is now far bigger than Wales; it's about the size of Scotland and growing by more than 1,500 square kilometres (580 square miles) a day.

May 30 07:38

Israel faces child abuse claims

An international children's rights charity has said it has evidence that Palestinian children held in Israeli custody have been subjected to sexual abuse in an effort to extract confessions from them.

May 30 07:30

English Defence League: Inside the violent world of Britain's new far right

Undercover Guardian investigation reveals plan by English Defence League to hit racially sensitive areas in attempt to provoke disorder over summer

May 30 07:24

Second firm withdraws drugs from Greece over cuts

Another Danish pharmaceutical company has withdrawn products from Greece in protest at the government's decision to cut the prices of medicines by 25%.

The Leo Pharma company says it is suspending sales of two popular drugs because the price reductions will cause job losses across Europe.

The Greek government is struggling with a debt crisis.

It has condemned as unfair the action of Leo Pharma, and another Danish company, Novo Nordisk.

May 30 07:19

Arctic Ice Volume Has Increased 25% Since May, 2008

In 2008, less than half of the ice (47%) was greater than two metres thick. Now, more than 75% of the ice is greater than two metres thick. In 2008, 18% of the ice was more than three metres thick. This year that number has increased to 28%.

May 30 07:14

Beijing suspects false flag attack on South Korean corvette

Wayne Madsen
Online Journal
May 30, 2010
WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia suspect that the March attack on the South Korean Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette, the Cheonan, was a false flag attack designed to appear as coming from North Korea.

May 30 06:52

Are Goldman Sachs and the Megabanks Able to Wipe out an Entire Economy with a Keystroke?

How artificial intelligence and robotrading pose a growing threat to the global marketplace.

May 30 06:48

9-11 - F__k the Bulls__t!

It's time for everyone to know the truth about 9/11... F__k the bullshit!
No conspiracy theories, just the facts.

May 30 06:45

Keiser Report No46: Social Fury builds up!

This time Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at the scandals of guillotines and conspiracy theories, Fed rackets and capital flows. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Dr. Joern Berninger about the European "debt crisis", when France was "technically bankrupt" on May 7, and about the China bubble debate.

May 30 03:52

Bilderberger Praises Medicare Rationing Advocate

Remember death panels? They’re baaaaack now that Obamacare is law of the land.

Before Obamacare became the law of the land, liberals and “progressives” went ballistic over Sarah Palin’s Facebook entry stating an obvious fact — Obamacare will realize its savings on relegating seniors to sub-standard health care via rationing. Libs were outraged and said there was no evidence the government plans to implement “death panels.” Palin’s assertion was subsequently deemed “lie of the year.”

May 30 02:50

Geithner Rushes To Sabotage German Derivatives Ban

Tiny Tim Geithner's US Treasury is attempting, but not succeeding, to conceal its apoplectic hysteria over the German ban. Geithner announced that he was flying from China to Europe in order to confer with George Osborne, the new Bilderberger Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Bank of England boss Mervyn King in London, followed by consultations with European Central Bank chief Trichet and Bundesbank leader Axel Weber in Frankfurt, followed then by a meeting with Schäuble in Berlin. There was no doubt that the overriding purpose of Geithner's mission was to sabotage the German moves against derivatives in particular and speculation in general.

May 30 02:44

Freedom Flotilla : ‘A battle for the high seas. And the high ground’

If you’re hoping to see news about the extraordinary events taking place in the Med sea around Cyprus on either the BBC or Sky this weekend. Forget it. For now. Despite the fact that almost three dozen Brits are amongst the 700 brave souls heading to Gaza on a fleet of ships laden with essential aid. Or the incredible military and political manoeverings surrounding Israels response to the peaceful attempt, major news channels in the West remain silent. This despite the fact their news editors have the direct numbers of spokespeopleon board and access to the live news feed.

May 30 02:40

Israel Will Stop 'Violent' Aid Flotilla

Israel 's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says, "The aid convoy is violent propaganda against Israel, and Israel will not allow its sovereignty to be threatened in any way, in any place - land, air, or sea. There is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza strip. Despite Hamas' war crimes against Israeli citizens and the thousands of rockets fired at Israel's towns, Israel continues to respond in the most humane way possible."

May 29, 2010

May 29 23:58

Bin Laden Admits BP outdid him.

WTF? Now they are using the Bin Laden Card? Everyone knows Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. So why are they waving him?

Maybe just maybe this Spill was on purpose?

May 29 22:23

In Japan, U.S. Losing Diplomatic Ground to China

When Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates visited Japan’s new leaders in October, not long after their historic election, he pressed so hard and so publicly for a military base agreement that the Japanese news media labeled him a bully.

May 29 22:23

Analysts question Korea torpedo incident

How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?

May 29 22:22

Greece urged to give up euro

THE Greek government has been advised by British economists to leave the euro and default on its €300 billion (£255 billion) debt to save its economy.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), a London-based consultancy, has warned Greek ministers they will be unable to escape their debt trap without devaluing their own currency to boost exports. The only way this can happen is if Greece returns to its own currency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The globalist agenda takes another kneecapping!

May 29 22:19

Rand: 400,000 troops needed to secure N. Korea and its 'loose nukes'

If there's one sure way to infuriate the North Koreans, it's to talk of "regime collapse" and "contingency planning". As far as Pyongyang is concerned, such speculation is proof positive of United States-led plotting of a "pre-emptive strike".

May 29 22:19

CLIMATEGATE - Rebel scientists force Royal Society to accept climate change scepticism

Britain’s premier scientific institution is being forced to review its statements on climate change after a rebellion by members who question mankind’s contribution to rising temperatures.

The Royal Society has appointed a panel to rewrite the 350-year-old institution’s official position on global warming. It will publish a new “guide to the science of climate change” this summer. The society has been accused by 43 of its Fellows of refusing to accept dissenting views on climate change and exaggerating the degree of certainty that man-made emissions are the main cause.

May 29 22:17

Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered

Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in spots. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given.

May 29 22:14

Godspeed to Gaza

The Turks did it! The world as we know it has changed with the new-found independence of Turkey. Within one month, this erstwhile American semi-colony under the charismatic leadership of Recep Erdogan has made two strong moves that have brought it to the forefront of policy-making:

May 29 22:13


The news that Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Persian Gulf near the Iranian coast should come as no surprise to Middle Eastern affairs watchers.

May 29 21:51

Food Stamp Tally Nears 40m, Higher Each Month Since Dec '08

Nearly 40 million Americans received food stamps - the latest in an ever-higher string of record enrollment that dates from December 2008 and the U.S. recession, according to a government update.

May 29 21:47

US Constitution May Be Suspended: War, National Emergency and "Continuity of Government"

Peter Dale Scott/Rock Creek Free Press

In July 1987, during the Iran-Contra Hearings grilling of Oliver North, the American public got a glimpse of “highly sensitive” emergency planning North had been involved in. Ostensibly these were emergency plans to suspend the American constitution in the event of a nuclear attack (a legitimate concern). But press accounts alleged that the planning was for a more generalized suspension of the constitution.

As part of its routine Iran-contra coverage, the following exchange was printed in the New York Times, but without journalistic comment or follow-up:

May 29 19:36

California Immigration Policy Comparable to New Arizona Law

"The ICE agent might want to come down there and pick up and deport those suspected to be illegally in the country, but they're not allowed by their superiors. So that's really where the problem is, it's not with the agents in the field." Tim Donnelly, Republican candidate, 59th District Assembly and founder of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California

May 29 18:21

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles ..."

"Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles ..."

"Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles ..."

May 29 18:19

Letter shows Obama dishonest with Iran

There is now conclusive evidence that US President Barack Obama is not honest in dealing with an Iranian nuclear fuel swap declaration brokered by Turkey and Brazil in Tehran almost two weeks ago.

The evidence comes in the form of a letter from President Obama to his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva dated April 20, 2010. (The full text of the letter is available at http://www.campaigniran.org/casmii/index.php?q=node/10195)

"Washington supported mediation by Brazil and Turkey when it did not expect them to succeed and turned its back when they accomplished exactly what the Obama administration said it sought from Iran", wrote campaigniran.org.

May 29 17:42

Israel’s Most Illicit Affair

New book reveals that Israel’s secret relationship with apartheid South Africa went far deeper than previously understood.

History is a great teacher, but sometimes it packs a nasty sense of irony. A case in point: South African Prime Minister John Vorster’s visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem in April 1976, where he laid a wreath to the victims of the German Reich he once extolled.

May 29 17:34

Obama Asks $59 Billion in Extra Spending for Disaster Relief, Haiti, Agent Orange Disabilities and…War Whoring

Using a tactic he criticized when his predecessor employed it, President Barack Obama has asked Congress to approve “emergency” legislation to cover costs associated with disaster relief, assistance for Haiti and the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq....

May 29 17:19

Bickering and defensive, climate researchers have lost the public’s trust.

But concern over global warming has cooled down dramatically. In über-green Germany, only 42 percent of citizens worry about global warming now, down from 62 percent in 2006. In Britain, just 26 percent believe climate change is man-made, down from 41 percent as recently as November 2009. And Americans rank global warming dead last in a list of 21 problems that concern them, according to a January Pew poll.

May 29 17:09

“Consensus” crumbles. But why did these scientists not say so earlier?

Australia’s former chief scientist, Professor Robin Batterham, is embroiled in a bitter dispute over climate change within one of the nation’s elite science academies.

As president of the peer-elected Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Professor Batterham faces demands by members to drop plans for the academy to issue a policy statement supporting climate sceptics… A two-page draft, posted on a password-protected section of the academy’s website, said the academy ‘’does not believe the science is settled’’ regarding climate change.

May 29 17:07


Since 1948, this state has literally gotten away with murder. Since 1948 the West has been aware of this and has allowed it to continue, in most cases even financing these crimes. zionism literally has a hold on the entire world… WHY AND HOW? Where is the outcry of the Shtetl Jew that fled from a life under tyranny? Where is the outcry of the remaining holocaust survivors that lived the horrors being repeated today?

May 29 17:03

GULF-OIL DISASTER - Spring-loaded camming device

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It occurs to me that after they cut the ruins of the old riser away from the top of the Blowout Preventer, snugging that new riser down onto the pipe against that oil flow is going to be like trying to screw the nozzle into your garden hose while it is turned on full blast.

An oversized version of a rather common mountaineering device might provide a much-needed anchor to allow a winch down or downhaul line to pull the new pipe into position rather thjan attempt to push it against the oi flow with those ROVs.

Just a suggestion for any BP people checking this site out...

Click for larger image

May 29 16:54

Will Barack Obama face up to Israel lobby blackmail?

Uri Avnery considers how Israel, through its lobby in the USA, is blackmailing Barack Obama – so far successfully – and wonders whether the US president will finally summon the courage to stand up to it.

May 29 16:25

Psychopaths United For Israel

Nobody does that better than John Hagee, Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Last Sunday, Hagee addressed the second annual ‘Christian’s United For Israel’ event that drew fellow psychopaths from all 50 states and 50 nations around the globe. Hagee spewed the same lies and hateful rhetoric that he’s been propagating for decades.

“Israel is an outpost of freedom and democracy in one of the most undemocratic regions in the world,” Hagee said after the event. “Now is the time for Israel’s supporters, regardless of faith or political ideology, to unite in standing with Israel as she confronts such serious threats from Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.”

May 29 16:24

South Korean religious leaders question conclusions of the Cheonan sinking investigation

Why have the survivors been strictly separated and controlled since the tragedy happened? Why are they not allowed to say anything about it, though they know the truth best?

May 29 16:22

BP's Top Kill Effort Fails to Plug Gulf Oil Leak

BP has failed in its latest attempt to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico with mud and cement.

BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said Saturday that the maneuver known as a top kill had failed. It was the latest setback for the company trying to stop the crude from further fouling waters, wildlife and marshland.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh, wow, look what I found!! Here's a patch of clean sand!!!"