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October 25, 2009

Oct 25 10:06

U.N. officials arrive in Iran to inspect new nuclear facility

International officials arrived in Iran on Sunday to inspect a newly disclosed nuclear facility near the city of Qom, state media reported.

Inspectors from the United Nations' nuclear watchdog -- the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) -- will visit the installation to make sure it is being used for peaceful purposes, said Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington's chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.
2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.
4. Iran's formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.
5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.
6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran's announcement. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran's notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel's claims to "know" that Iran is a nuclear threat.
7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.
9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel's bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

Oct 25 10:03

Experts see rebounding economy shedding jobs

Forget a jobless recovery. The economy may be entering a recovery with job losses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: as long as the Wall Street money changers and their government lackeys have oodles of your tax dollars to play with, times must be good, and if you don't have a job, that must be because you are subhuman scum unworthy of casting a shadow on the streets of NY or DC.

Oct 25 10:00

Netanyahu Today: First Hell Freezes, Then The Settlements

To put it bluntly, President Obama is being royally dissed.

One thing is certain. The President cannot accept this type of rebuff lying down. Congressman Joe Wilson only yelled out "liar." Netanyahu's response to Obama is worse. It reminds me of that old New York Daily News headline after President Ford rejected an aid package for a bankrupt New York City, "Ford to City: Drop Dead."

This is not how an ally -- especially one who receives more aid, by far, than any other country in the world -- should be permitted to address an American President.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, President Obama has already accepted this rebuff, tantamount to getting spat on and being told it's raining, lying down.

The hold Israel has over this country - and this president - is terrifying to behold.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one which must be honorably settled if there is to be any hope of a just peace in the Middle East.

The problem is, Israel does not want peace; it wants territory by any means necessary, no matter if that is in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, or portions of Lebanon (preferably near the Litani river).

Oct 25 09:53

Washington caught off guard by Netanyahu visit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to visit Washington for the annual UJC General Assembly has surprised many on Capitol Hill and was apparently not coordinated with the Obama administration.

An American source told Ynet Sunday that news of the visit had been received with reserved astonishment.

The Obama administration has not yet responded to questions of whether a meeting with Netanyahu was forthcoming due to their surprise over the unscheduled visit. On the other hand, failure to invite Netanyahu to the White House may be perceived as a diplomatic crisis

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this is Israel's way of saying to the Obama administration: "you are irrelevant. We will do what we are going to do, you will support us in that effort (whatever that entails) and whatever you want to see happen, we will simply ignore."

But I would almost be willing to bet one (nearly worthless) whole cent that Netanyahu will use the visit to talk to war-hawks in both the Congress and the US military about how to move forward the agenda of of a military attack against Iran, and to rally Israel's supporters in the United States to help trick the Americans into sending their children to kill yet more of Israel's enemies.

Oct 25 09:32

Arab MK: Israel provoking a billion Muslims over Temple Mount

Al-Sana said: "Israeli police initiate avoidable riots that will end in blood shed, when they enable extremists to desecrate the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when I said Israel was desperate to start another war, and if Iran looked like they might agree to allow Russia to handle their enrichment that Israel could be expected, like a cornered mad animal, to lash out in another direction?

Oct 25 09:08

Swine Flu - A9 H1N1 - Why it is Mild

Oct 25 09:04

Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1

Oct 25 08:56

Minister Shalom to UN chief: Bury Goldstone Report

Friday afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and told him the report, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, should be "buried".

After the meeting Shalom told Ynet, "I am more optimistic that Ban won't pass the report on to the Security Council."

Oct 25 08:54

Rapists, hunger and hyenas attack Somalia's displaced women

There is no shortage of dangers for women in the grim refugee camps of northern Somalia.

But it is still better than the horrors they fled: civil war battles in Mogadishu, drought in neighbouring Ethiopia, inter-clan warfare and what they say was state-sponsored ethnic persecution and killings.

Oct 25 07:28

Is Limited Government an Oxymoron?

Oct 25 07:05

The Great American Arm-Twist in Afghanistan

Mr. Karzai had vigorously resisted the panel’s findings, and seriously considered overriding them and declaring himself the winner. It was only Senator Kerry’s relentless efforts, and a round-the-clock lobbying press by American and European leaders, that staved off political disaster.

Diplomats in Kabul said afterward that the senator made it clear to Mr. Karzai that if he refused to accept the election results, domestic support for his government, in the United States and Europe, would collapse.

Oct 25 06:51

Car bombs hit Baghdad government, killing 106

While violence has dropped dramatically in the country since the height of the sectarian tensions, such bombings like Sunday's demonstrate the precarious nature of the security gains and the insurgency's abilities to still pull off devastating attacks in the heart of what is supposed to be one of Baghdad's most secure areas.

The explosions come as Iraq is preparing for elections scheduled this January, and many Iraqi officials have warned that violence by insurgents intent on making the country appear unstable could rise.

Oct 25 06:48

You are a Slave to the Government

Oct 25 06:48

Japanese automakers' hydrogen car drive

Imagine a car that can be refuelled in minutes but emits only water. Sounds like science fiction? In fact it already exists -- Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has one. So does Honda president Takanobu Ito.

Yet while some see them as the ultimate environmentally-friendly automobiles, the high production cost means that affordable hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars are still more of a dream than reality.

Oct 25 06:46

Grayson v. Broun on the Constitution

This is Rep. Alan Grayson and Rep. Paul Broun discussing a bill to deny funds to one specific named organization in a Science and Technology markup. Such a bill is known as 'a bill of attainder'.

Oct 25 06:18

France 2 cancels TV 9/11 debate. Unable to find credible participants willing to support OCT

State-owned television channel France 2 just decided to cancel the historic French debate which was announced earlier this week by Jean-Marie Bigard and reported on World911Truth.org, ReOpen911.info, Infowars.com, 911Blogger.com, and many others. This has been confirmed by Mathieu Kassovitz on Friday.

France 2 supposedly cannot find four credible people that want to debate 9/11 against Bigard, Kassovitz, Laurent and Harrit. Surprised? Maybe we have judged Barack Obama too quickly. Maybe he is right when he says that 9/11 is not debatable. Even one of the most important television channel in France cannot find credible people to support the official story.

Nevertheless, the TV channel will air the October 28 show but with Bigard and Kassovitz only. This has also been confirmed by Mathieu Kassovitz a few hours after announcing the show was totally cancelled. But there will be no real debate.

Oct 25 05:59

AL CIADA Bigwig Killed.... Again

Man these guys have more lives than a cat. They are harder to kill than zombies. How can we ever defeat these guys. Maybe we should see if we can hire Van Helsing as an independent contractor to kill these guys permanently!

Oct 25 05:47

Morale Dips For American Marines in Afghanistan

In a remote part of Helmand province(opium central),Marines are dismayed by the ambivalence of locals and a sense that the Taliban can outlast them.

Oct 25 05:32

U.S. Drone Attacks Bajuar,Killing 27

Uncharacteristic attack outside of the Waziristan area may portend escalation.

Oct 25 05:21

LHC Moved Against Blackwater,Drones

He said the Pakistani armed forces should be directed to defend the country with all means at their disposal,including it's nuclear arsenal.
He also sought directions for the government to declare America an enemy state......

Oct 25 05:08

Richard Land Flip-Flops on Nazi Apology

One week after apologizing for comparing Democratic leaders to the Nazis, a prominent Southern Baptist leader has reneged on his promise to stop using such comparisons.

Despite apologizing in a letter dated Oct. 14 to Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Land backed away from that apology in a Baptist Press article on Oct. 21.

(* you can't compare them to the nazis anymore . the nazis were able to get the olympics http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/1936_berlin_olympics.htm )

Oct 25 05:02

Baghdad blasts 'kill at least 90'

At least 90 people have been killed and 265 injured in two car bomb attacks in central Baghdad, Iraqi officials say.
The blasts hit the ministry of justice and a provincial government office near the Green Zone, causing severe damage.

my note,,the camera man must have been tipped off the explosion was going to happen.


the above pic must have been taken seconds after the explosion.

Oct 25 05:01

The Death of American Culture

Hilarious,yet very,very scary!

Oct 25 04:55

Two Suicide Car Bombs Hit Baghdad, Killing Dozens

BAGHDAD — A pair of suicide car bombs exploded almost simultaneously in downtown Baghdad Sunday, targeting two government buildings and killing at least 65 people and wounding 250, according to an official in the Ministry of the Interior who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. The official said the toll may rise even more.

The two buildings targeted Sunday, the Baghdad Provincial Council building and the Ministry of Justice building, were both located on busy Haifa Street less than a quarter mile apart.

Oct 25 04:09

When Ancient Artifacts Become Political Pawns

Egypt’s chief archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, announced that his country wanted its queen handed back forthwith, unless Germany could prove that the 3,500-year-old bust of Akhenaten’s wife wasn’t spirited illegally out of Egypt nearly a century ago.
Mr. Hawass also recently fired a shot at France, demanding the Louvre return five fresco fragments it purchased in 2000 and 2003 from a gallery and at auction. They belonged to a 3,200-year-old tomb near Luxor and had been in storage at the museum.
But Jewish groups and prominent French and German intellectuals (not the Israeli government, though) campaigned against Mr. Hosny. When asked in Egypt’s Parliament last year about the presence of Israeli books in Alexandria’s library, Mr. Hosny said: “Let’s burn these books. If there are any, I will burn them myself before you.”

October 24, 2009

Oct 24 23:45

Climate Physics

Politicians say the UN IPCC Summary Report was signed by over 2000 scientists. Therefore, they claim the Report must be true. In fact, only 62 reviewed the critical chapter 9, of which only 7 were independent of their government and only 1 endorsed the most significant statement. Global warming politics hinges on one signature!

Oct 24 23:40

How They Are Turning Off the Lights in America

On October 31, 2009, the once largest aluminum plant in the world will shut down. With it goes another American industry and more American jobs. The Columbia Falls Aluminum Company in Montana will shut down its aluminum production because it cannot purchase the necessary electrical power to continue its operations.

Oct 24 23:38

10,000 Protesters in Chicago?

The message should be that Goldman Sachs and the elite bankers are not capitalists, but the behind the scenes controls that direct government's grab of lucre from the people. What is not needed is more regulations, i.e., control points that can be used by Goldman and their types to steal even more.

Oct 24 22:30

Netanyahu: Palestinans Must Recognize Israel as Jewish State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Palestinians needed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to resolve their conflict. “Israel is not a bi-national state,” he explained. “It’s the homeland of any Jew. And there is a very broad consensus in Israel that the Palestinian refugee problem should be resolved outside Israel’s borders.“ Netanyahu said Palestinians will have to make a final peace deal with “the Jewish state of Israel.”

“Jews come here and Palestinians will go there. So choose. That’s the basis of a solution,” the Zionist prime minister said.

Oct 24 21:36

Finally, Canadian protests make it to the news

Finally, Canadian protests get covered by the lying corp media.

Oct 24 21:23

What You Didn't Know About The War

This video is mandatory viewing to all supporters of the war(s).

Oct 24 18:15

Burger King (Japan) offers Windows 7 Whopper with 7 beef patties for $7.77 (satire)

What do you get when you combine a good operating system with a ridiculously bad idea of a burger? Burger King's news "Windows 7 Whopper," made with 7 beef patties and sold for ¥777 (Yen).

The seven-decker processed beef burger clocks in at 1,000 calories, reports FoxNews. It's offered only for 7 days as part of a publicity stunt to publicize the launch of Windows 7, the new PC operating system from Microsoft.


Perhaps it's a warning. First reports on Windows 7 are that it's the same old sh!t with a candy coating. Windows 7 is definitely less stable than Windows XP and there were known security issues even as it launched.

Oct 24 18:10

President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?

Even though the H1N1 pandemic appears to have peaked out, U.S. President Barack Obama has now declared a national emergency over swine flu infections. The reasoning behind such a declaration? According to the White House, it's designed to "allow hospitals to better handle the surge in patients" by allowing them to bypass certain federal laws.

That's the public explanation for this, but the real agenda behind this declaration may be far more sinister. Declaring a national emergency immediately gives federal authorities dangerous new powers that can now be enforced at gunpoint, including:

• The power to force mandatory swine flu vaccinations on the entire population.

• The power to arrest, quarantine or "involuntarily transport" anyone who refuses a swine flu vaccination.

Oct 24 17:59

Afghan Farmers Turn to Cannabis as Cash Crop

In southern Kandahar province,nearly 3/4 of villages surveyed by the United Nations,said they would plant cannabis this spring.

Oct 24 17:33

Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly... and even forces furious families to pay to access own bank account

A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people and turning control of their lives over to the State - against the wishes of their relatives.

The draconian measures are being imposed by the little-known Court of Protection, set up two years ago to act in the interests of people suffering from Alzheimer's or other mental incapacity.

The court hears about 23,000 cases a year - always in private - involving people deemed unable to take their own decisions. Using far-reaching powers, the court has so far taken control of more than £3.2billion of assets.

Oct 24 15:51


Abbas issued a presidential decree late Thursday night, setting the date for the next round of Palestinian legislative and presidential elections for 24 January 2010. Hamas wants the date moved back six months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No doubt the Diebold machines are already on their way after their "victory" in Afghanistan.

Oct 24 15:48

NEW RULE: Mail Over 13 Ounces MUST Be Presented at a Retail Service Counter

[Any/all mail] weighing more than 13 ounces bearing only postage stamps as postage may not be deposited into a collection box, Postal
Service lobby drop, Automated Postal Center (APC) drop, Postal Service dock, customer mailbox, or other unattended location. These mailpieces are also precluded from pickup service. The sender must present such
items to an employee at a retail service counter in a Postal Service facility. The Postal Service will return improperly presented items to the sender for proper entry and acceptance.

Oct 24 15:38

What Is The Threshold For Revolution?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See that thing in the rear-view mirror?

That was it.

Oct 24 15:35

I think I have FIGURED IT OUT - Holy Shit - If I am correct!

Someone mentioned - THEY WILL announce - they may have to take ALL OF everyone's money - switch people to cards (RFID chipped) - because money has the virus on it and it can spread through it

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nonsense. Germs couldn't live on the money I make!

Oct 24 15:33

Obama declares public health emergency ...

The sky is falling - again. No wait, it's PIGS falling from the sky! No, no ... wait ... they're cash cows!

Oct 24 15:29

Passing through the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air

Here’s a simple fact. There’s enough, for everyone on the planet and more, to have whatever food and shelter they require. There is enough work for all the hands and minds that wish employment. There’s free medical for everyone who needs it and money to pay for it without batting an eye. All you’ve got to do is stop the engines of war and the obscene money sucking machines of the vampire bat bankers. The rich could still be rich and the poor could still be poor. You’re always going to have poor people, even Jesus the Christ said as much. Didn’t he say that the “poor ye always have with you”, or something to that effect? I think the same applies to the rich. There’s just not as many of them.

Oct 24 14:41

Video: On The Edge with Max Keiser and Paul Craig Roberts

In this enlightening episode of On The Edge Keiser talks with former assistant secretary of the treasury Paul Craig Roberts. The segment with Roberts is very in depth, during it, Roberts talks about his most recent column titled, “U.S. Joins the Ranks of Failed States”...

Oct 24 13:56

Crazy Israeli Settlers

East Jerusalem

"She asked us if we were Jewish. When we said no, she asked us why we were in her country. She said that we had no right to be here, and that this country was only for the Jews, who were given this land by God.

In this video, one of my other friends ask her if this justifies the murder of tens of thousands of Arabs (referring to the massacre that took place with the creation of the State of Israel). You can hear her assert that yes, it does. Not only that, she says that she loves that Arabs are killed. Then she tells us to get off her land, and threatens to break our camera."

Oct 24 13:48

Auto-Tune the News #9

Oct 24 13:43

You are a Terrorist

Oct 24 13:29

Israeli military strike more likely after Iran misses nuclear deadline

Its announcement on Friday will raise suspicions it just wants to bog down the limited deal on offer in further delay and, although more talks are likely, attention will turn east.

Given that Israeli government has made a nuclear-free Iran its prime international goal, a military strike to try to achieve that is now correspondingly more likely.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the trillionth time: Iran did not "miss a deadline"; the date of 23 October was a suggestion by El Baradei of the IAEA for a timetable, but not a hard and fast deadline.

Iran has requested a couple more days to respond, and put together a counter-proposal for the IAEA, which will be reviewed by the IAEA team next week in Vienna.

Reasonable people in Washington and Tel Aviv should be listening, and watching appropriately.

But the worst possible solution to Iran's pursuing nuclear enrichment, which it has the legal right to do as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, would be a war.

And as to Israel's all consuming desire for a "nuclear-free Iran (when all inspections by the IAEA indicate that there has been no weapons-grade enrichment, and that no nuclear materials have gone missing), I've got an even better idea for it.

How about a nuclear free Israel, which has nuclear weapons, and will not sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and not allow inspections?!?

Just something to think about.

Oct 24 11:18

California Budget Solution – Ignore It. $3 Billion Financial Gap by December. State Budget Deficit Already in the Billions. Tax Revenues Collapse and Unemployment and Underemployment at 23 Percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

California is expected to reach a $3 billion deficit by this December. This is also based on revised projections on the downside. California collects 84 percent of its revenue from personal income and sales taxes. Both of these are still at low levels even though the state has hiked the sales tax and is withholding income earlier. Wealthier Californians pay through estimated taxes and these are down over 25%. A big change. Unemployment and underemployment is at 23 percent. Those in the housing industry only focus at housing and assume a minor stabilization is a proxy for the overall economy but this is only occurring because of the massive subsidies given to the housing market.

Oct 24 10:09

George W. Bush set to become motivational speaker

He left office with the US embroiled in two wars, a Great Recession and with his approval rating a toxic 22 per cent. So the next stage in his career is obvious. George W Bush — who last year inspired millions of people to vote Democrat — is about to become a highly-paid motivational speaker.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I thought for a moment that this had to be some sort of sick joke.

It is not.

It does, however, lead to one inescapable conclusion: this man is absolutely out of his mind.

Oct 24 10:05

Barack Obama's policy on brink of collapse as Tehran does last-minute nuclear stall

President Obama’s policy of diplomatic engagement with Iran is close to collapse as Tehran backtracks on a crucial deal aimed at cutting its stockpiles of nuclear fuel.

Today, however, with just hours until the deadline, Iran has turned the table on its foreign interlocutors with a rival proposal, demanding that it be allowed to buy higher enriched uranium directly from abroad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've got to love just how desperately TIMESONLINE is attempting to spin Iran's counter-proposal as a failure of Western diplomacy, the contents of which will be evaluated next week by the IAEA in Vienna.

It is obvious that those who own this paper would love nothing better than to see a US/Israeli-led war against Iran; of course, none of their kids would ever wind up in the cross-fire, dead, or maimed for life.

And before lapsing into the great delirium of absolute jingoism, the owners of this institution had better ponder the following: Russia has stated that it will continue to supply defensive weapons to Iran. They have also previously warned the US and Israel that an attack on Iran will provoke World War III.

War with Russia, anyone?!?

Russia actually has nukes, and is just in the process of re-writing military policy, which will include under what circumstances they can engage in a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Oct 24 09:45

Pakistan must review its partnership with the US war on terror which has already turned into a war of terror for Pakistan

The last 8 years of war on terror has caused plenty of death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA). The war has now been pushed into the interior of Pakistan proper. For the US and other NATO countries, this war is a business investment. For them, it is similar to speculative expenses of drilling oil wells, some bear fruit, and others don’t. But for Pakistan, the participation in the American war is a suicidal mission, the luxury which it cannot afford.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately - in the immortal words of my late Grandmother - "the horse is already out of the barn on this one."

The moment the Pakistani government and military officials accept one dime provided by the Kerry-Lugar bill, they have become permanently complicit with the US in a war against their own people.

Oct 24 09:44

Traitors on a Plane

I’m talking instead about the likes of traitor Tsvi Mark who recently completed his first year at West Point. He then got on a plane with 237 other traitors from North American countries and flew off to Israeli. He did so in order to join an “elite” unit (the Hebrew word for “elite” means “really good at murdering Palestinians”) in the Israeli military. On that very same plane, over 50 others, at least, were going right into the Israeli military. It appears that almost all of the passengers were on the plane in order to “make aliya” (Hebrew for “to betray your country”) to Israel and thus become Israeli citizens. And you get to help pay for it. Keep reading.

Oct 24 09:43


Usually it’s Foxman that puts his foot in his mouth and makes a fool of himself (and alot of Jews in the process)…. Israel’s President Shimon Peres beat him to it today with statements about the Goldstone Commission Report….

Can we call this a mega case of ’sour grapes’, that Israel’s own brand of terrorism has finally been condemned?

Oct 24 09:32

Even the Fed Doesn’t Want to Hold U.S. Dollars

As I noted last week, the Fed is now the largest buyer of US debt (it bought more debt than the next three largest buyers combined in 2Q09). China and Japan are no one’s fools. And they’re not going to fund a monetary policy that is both profligate and likely to erode the value of their dollar holdings.

Oct 24 09:29

TARP Inspector General Says Banking System Now Possibly Worse

"These banks that were too big to fail are now bigger," Barofsky said. "Government has sponsored and supported several mergers that made them larger and that guarantee, that implicit guarantee of moral hazard, the idea that the government is not going to let these banks fail, which was implicit a year ago, is now explicit, we've said it. So if anything, not only have there not been any meaningful regulatory reform to make it less likely, in a lot of ways, the government has made such problems more likely.

"Potentially we could be in more danger now than we were a year ago," he added.

Oct 24 09:24

Foreign Cops Take Part in “Domestic Terrorism” Drill in California

“Armed officers in full battle gear will be scattered throughout the Bay Area this weekend, rescuing hostages, fighting bank robbers and quelling terrorism at the Oakland Airport, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the NASA Ames Research Center and 22 other high profile sites,” writes Sophia Kazmi. “For the first time in the three-year history of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department-sponsored exercise, there will be a foreign team of officers taking part and international observers. An eight-member team representing the French National Police’s Research, Assistance, Intervention, and Dissuasion unit will compete” (emphasis added).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, looking at the inclusion of French troops in this exercise, if the US government not believe that they can count on their own state police departments to follow its dictates in some sort of crisis or emergency?

Oct 24 09:15

A Few Good Kids?

In the past few years, the military has mounted a virtual invasion into the lives of young Americans. Using data mining, stealth websites, career tests, and sophisticated marketing software, the Pentagon is harvesting and analyzing information on everything from high school students' GPAs and SAT scores to which video games they play. Before an Army recruiter even picks up the phone to call a prospect like Travers, the soldier may know more about the kid's habits than do his own parents.

Oct 24 09:13

Obama Every Bit as Bad as Bush/Cheney on Patriot Act

While battling the FBI's expanded surveillance guidelines, Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., also revealed (Daily Kos, Oct. 8) that in the Senate Judiciary Committee review of the Patriot Act (also Oct. 8), Republicans protecting the Act were joined, in a closed-door classified session, by Obama officials with amendments further preserving it. Then, in a public session, all but three Democrats voted for a watered-down "compromise" bill by Patrick Leahy and Diane Feinstein.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to Bush's third term, courtesy of President Obama!

Oct 24 09:11

US Announces Military Base in Romania to Become “Permanent”

In an announcement today which likely surprised no one, the US army announced that the military base just northwest of the Black Sea Port City of Constanta, Romania will become a “permanent” base for the American military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More military encirclement of Russia, which is apt to please Moscow not one bit.

Oct 24 09:09

Iran Proposes Alternative Nuclear Deal

Iran is proposing as an alternative simply buying the uranium it needs for the isotopes outright, without having to ship the existing uranium overseas at all. Though there appears to be no legal obstacle to this alternative plan it is unclear if the deal will be accepted, as Western nations had relished the opportunity to get most of Iran’s uranium stockpile in a third party nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let us hope we have some adults in the room in Tel Aviv and Washington, as this alternate proposal is presented by Iran.

Oct 24 09:04

FLASHBACK - Did Israel deliberately allow 241 American Marines to die?

Mr. Ostrovsky's allegations should be shocking. Letting the troops of a benefactor nation be blown up in their own compound is hardly the act of a "reliable ally," as Israel is said to be.

But you have to wonder whether anyone will really be shocked. The act would be consistent with a long pattern of reprehensible Israeli behavior toward the U.S. Some of it has been widely publicized; no doubt the largest part of it has never been discovered.

Oct 24 09:03

Peter Schiff Death Of The Dollar, Hyperinflation

Oct 24 09:02

FLASHBACK - Israel Hits UN School in Beit Lahiya (good report English)

Oct 24 08:56

U.S. forces kill four Afghans in car: police

Four Afghans, including a child and two women, were killed Saturday when U.S. forces opened fire on a car in southern Kandahar city, police said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More winning of the hearts and minds of the Afghan people, I see.

Oct 24 08:54

Electrolux plant closings to cost 850 Iowa jobs

Appliance maker Electrolux announced Friday that it would close two Iowa plants by spring 2011, putting 850 people out of work as operations are moved to Mexico.

The company is consolidating its North American laundry manufacturing at a plant in Juarez, Mexico, that opened last year, Reiss said. That plant now has about 330 employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the age of the expendable American worker!

Oct 24 08:50

NATO Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort

Defense ministers from NATO on Friday endorsed the ambitious counterinsurgency strategy for Afghanistan proposed by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, giving new impetus to his recommendation to pour more troops into the eight-year-old war.

NATO’s support got no official reaction from the White House. But an administration official noted that an endorsement by defense ministers was not the same as an endorsement by the alliance’s political leadership.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More sound and fury on Afghanistan, most likely signifying....nothing on the part of other NATO countries in terms of increased troop commitments.

Because unlike what happens in the US, the politicians of other NATO countries actually have to listen to what their constituents are saying.

And what those constituents are starting to say, loudly - and with one voice - is that this war is immoral, illegal, and perhaps, totally insane.

Oct 24 08:48

Obama Administration Takes from American Farmers, Gives to Israel

At a time of financial crisis in the United States in which thousands of Americans have lost their jobs and homes, an Israeli news service reports that President Obama has just signed a presidential memo eliminating a tariff on Israel that protected American dairy farmers and that raised money for the American economy.

In addition, according to the Israeli report, US trade authorities have ordered the return of $17,000 to an Israeli export agent for a levy paid for butter produced by an Israeli company.

Oct 24 08:47

IAF chief: We must stop S-300 delivery

Israel needs to make every effort to stop the S-300 missile defense system from reaching countries where the air force may need to fly, IAF commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan has told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"All the world must be kept helpless victims before us, so we can treat them the way we treat the Palestinians!"

Oct 24 08:45

Obama declares swine flu a national emergency

President Barack Obama has declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency.

The White House on Saturday said Obama signed a proclamation that would allow medical officials to bypass certain federal requirements. Officials described the move as similar to a declaration ahead of a hurricane making landfall.

Swine flu is more widespread now than it's ever been and has resulted in more than 1,000 U.S. deaths so far.

Health authorities say almost 100 children have died from the flu, known as H1N1, and 46 states now have widespread flu activity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These deaths are a tragedy for those families, but in truth are far less than the number of deaths (63,729 per year) from the normal seasonal flu, for which no national emergency is declared.

Oct 24 08:39


The decision by the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership to seek to defer the adoption by the UN Human Rights Council of the Goldstone Report on Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip, which nonetheless the PA successfully reversed, created an unprecedented storm of criticism among Palestinians at home and in the Diaspora.

Seizing the moment, Hamas castigated the PA leadership, accusing it of colluding with Israel against Palestinian national interests and arguing that the PA was no longer fit to represent the Palestinian people and cause.

Oct 24 08:38


Last week it was reported that Netanyahu and Obama ’settled the issue of settlements’… Today’s reports are that Abbas is calling for new elections… Is one of his strings tangled? Abbas has best decide which side he’s on at this point, either that of the zionist government that has kept him in his job or the people of Palestine that despise him and never elected him as their leader in the first place. Why is he taking such a chance and rocking the boat by calling for new elections?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Diebold voting machines were just delivered!

Oct 24 08:37

Why Our Congress Loves Israel So Much?

Oct 24 08:33

FLASHBACK - UN urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection

"Israel will not cooperate in any matter with this resolution..."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And therein lies the crux of the problem.

As long as Israel defies the United Nations, the credibility of a world government is in the "Al Qaeda".

Oct 24 08:28

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Has the Federal Reserve Ever Tried to Manipulate the Stock Market?"

Oct 24 08:24

Magnitude 7.0 BANDA SEA

Oct 24 08:17

Israeli government fears Jewish group's 'pro-peace' agenda

ISRAEL'S right-wing government is worried by the emergence of a new Jewish lobbying group in Washington that opposes its expansion of West Bank settlements and wants to see an equitable peace compromise with the Palestinians rather than Israeli annexation of occupied territory.

The dovish group, J Street, will be holding a three-day gathering of about 1,200 activists it describes as being both "pro-Israel" and "pro-peace" beginning tomorrow in the American capital. The meeting marks a challenge to the dominance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful lobbying group that supports the policies of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and which critics say wields too much influence over congress and US Middle East policy.

Oct 24 08:16

A Few Good Kids?

How the No Child Left Behind Act allowed military recruiters to collect info on millions of unsuspecting teens.

Oct 24 08:15


Not long after the Vatican State received sovereignty and $85 million after signing an alliance with Hitler's fascist mentor, Mussolini in 1929, Pope Pius XII dealt with another devil he admired, closing down
the Catholic-dominated Center Party, one of the Nazi Socialist Party's strongest opponents. As Jews were being carted away to gas chambers from their ghetto beneath the Vatican's windows, instead of condemning the Holocaust, "Hitler's Pope” is accused of forbidding monasteries and convents to shelter Jews, and accepting loot stolen from the Nazi's victims. One 1946 U.S. Treasury document alone shows the Vatican serving as a repository for more than 200 million Swiss francs.

Oct 24 08:12

Prince Andrew defends bankers' bonuses even as economy stays mired in recession

Prince Andrew last night launched an astonishing defence of bankers' bonuses and declared them 'minute'.

The Duke of York, whose globe-trotting across 23 countries last year cost the taxpayer £140,000, made the extraordinary claim in a frank interview. He spoke of his shock at the scale of the recession but warned against victimising bankers.

'I don't want to demonise the banking and financial sector. Bonuses, in the scheme of things, are minute.

Oct 24 08:11

Soldier's mother wants Tony Blair to answer for Iraq war

He told the committee: "We believe the war on Iraq was wrong and unlawful. The UK and US could not justify getting it past the UN because of vetoes by other member countries.

"So we believe a conspiracy was formed by Tony Blair and President Bush to invade Iraq under the pretence that Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and was preparing to use them against other countries of the world.

"We believe the true reason for the war was to protect the oil-producing countries of the Middle East, and was therefore motivated by greed. The protection of the oil fields could have been done by the UN and this could have saved 179 British personnel, numerous United States personnel and countless Iraqi civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just as Bush should be prosecuted for lying to Congress.

Oct 24 08:09

Whistle blower Exposes Vatican Bank Unethical Activities

We were led to believe that a new broom, wielded by the lay banker Angelo Caloia, had since swept clean the premises of the IOR, housed in the medieval Bastion of Nicholas V. The Vatican, it was thought, had learned the painful lessons of the Marcinkus era.

That assumption has been called into question by a new book, “Vaticano SpA” (Vatican Ltd), written by the Panorama reporter Gianluigi Nuzzi. A cavalier attitude to financial ethics continued well into the 1990s, with huge political bribes being laundered through the IOR and funds donated for charitable purposes being casually misappropriated by the bank’s administrators, according to Mr Nuzzi’s reconstruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please read Pages 3 and 4 "IV. STATEMENT OF FACTS" at THIS LINK

Oct 24 08:05

Obama and the fiscal crisis of the states

The class character of the Obama administration is clearly indicated by one statistic: President Obama has made available more than $12 trillion in cash infusions, loans and guarantees to the financial industry, but for state governments that are facing massive budget deficits, Obama has thus far provided only one quarter of 1 percent of that amount in federal stimulus funds—about $30 billion.

Oct 24 08:04

Burlington plant to close with 114 jobs moving offshore

Sandvik Mining and Construction is closing its Burlington plant and shipping 114 jobs and the production of mining equipment to China, Finland and Australia.

Oct 24 08:03

Genesis of Britain’s 1917 ‘Balfour Declaration’: Zionist Jews’ Sanction to Populate Palestine

It took a while to hammer out the wording of the declaration. Meanwhile, non-Zionist Jews caught wind of the arrangement and complained bitterly. An good example of their sentiment is in the words of Mr. Montagu, as follows: “The Government has dealt an irreparable blow at Jewish Britons and they have endeavored to set up a people which does not exist; they have alarmed unnecessarily the whole Moslem world; and, in so far as they are successful, they will have a Germanised [militaristic] Palestine on the flank. Why we should intern Muhammad Ali in India for Pan-Mohammedanism when we encourage Pan-Judaism I cannot for the life of me understand. It certainly puts the final date to my political activities.”

Oct 24 07:59

Palestinian sources tell Haaretz that Abbas request to halt vote on Gaza war probe was result of U.S. pressure.

Palestinian sources told Haaretz that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made the decision to delay the vote immediately after meeting with the U.S. Consul General last Thursday, without the knowledge of the PLO leadership or the government of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, and without any consultation.

Oct 24 07:58

An Atheist's Review of the Book of Genesis Illustrated by a Legendary Comics Artist

Spending a few days with the characters in Genesis isn't the most relaxing literary vacation you'll ever take. Richard Dawkins wasn't kidding when he said, "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction." The God character in Genesis is cruel, violent, callous, insecure, power-hungry, paranoid, hot-tempered, morally fickle... I could go on and on. And God's followers aren't much better. They lie, they scheme, they cheat one another, they conquer other villages with bloodthirsty imperialist glee, they kill at the drop of a hat. This isn't Beatrix Potter here. It's more like Dangerous Liaisons by way of Quentin Tarantino. With tents, sand, and sheep.

Oct 24 07:57

Israeli Police Don Arab Disguises

Civil rights groups in Israel have expressed outrage at the announcement last week that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel’s Arab minority by disguising its officers as Arabs.

It is the first public admission that the Israeli police are using methods against the country’s 1.3 million Arab citizens that were adopted long ago in the occupied territories, where soldiers are regularly sent on missions disguised as Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, how do we know it is really Palestinians firing those useless rockets into empty lots in Israel, just when Israel needs something like that to happen?

Oct 24 07:51

Iran ignores U.N. nuclear deadline

Iran ignored a U.N. deadline on Friday to respond to an international draft deal for it to cut an atomic stockpile the West fears could be used for weapons, and challenged the basis of the pact.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "wreck the deal that could stop the war" propaganda.

1. There was no actual deadline. That came from a comment from El Baradai.

2. Iran ignored nothing. They asked for a few more days to respond to the proposal and to offer counter-proposals.

3. There is still zero evidence that Iran is building weapons.

4. Iran ahs signed the NNPT and alows full IAEA inspections. Israel was asked by both the US and UN to sign the NNPT and allow full IAEA inspections. Israel refused.

Oct 24 07:47

Soros Calls Wall Street Profits a Gift From the State

The big profits made by some of Wall Street’s leading banks are “hidden gifts” from the state, and taxpayer resentment of such companies is “justified”, Soros said in an interview with FT. “Those earnings are not the achievement of risk-takers,” Soros said. “These are gifts, hidden gifts, from the government, so I don’t think that those monies should be used to pay bonuses. There’s a resentment which I think is justified.”

Oct 24 07:45

Wait a year for Windows 7, warns consumer watchdog

Microsoft have launched the latest version of its Windows operating system in a bid to 'make it easier for people to do the things they want on a PC'.

But Matthew Bath, technology editor at consumer watchdog Which?, said there was a lot of confusion around the pricing, adding that Microsoft 'hasn't helped itself' by having six different editions.

He urged customers to wait before buying in order that early teething problems were ironed out.

Oct 24 07:44

Seven more banks failed Friday, pushing the 2009 total to 106 and marking the first year since 1992 that at least 100 have gone under.

Seven more banks failed Friday, pushing the 2009 total to 106 and marking the first year since 1992 that at least 100 have gone under.

Oct 24 07:43

EYE WITNESS REPORTS FROM GAZA Video Free Gaza News Oct22,2009

Ewa Jasiewicz was a witness to the horrors in Gaza before and after Israels brutal massacres in December and January during Israel's Operation Cast Lead.
Oct 24 07:38

Israeli President: We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"... with the paper money those government allow us to print up out of thin air!"

Oct 24 07:29

More Stress Test Shenanigans

The Federal Reserve will expand its so-called stress tests of the banking system to ensure they have enough capital during difficult periods, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday.

The new stress tests will be a meaningless P.R. stunt, just like the originals. The Fed largely caused the financial crash, and shouldn't even be given an electric razor, let alone financial or economic oversight.

Oct 24 07:22

Solider who refuses to return to Afghanistan leads thousands on anti-war march in London

A serving soldier today accused politicians of abusing the trust of the army and serving soldiers.

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who is facing a court martial for refusing to return to Afghanistan, made his comments before an anti-war demonstration in central London.

Lance Corporal Glenton is leading former colleagues, military families and anti-war protesters in the march, calling for British troops to be brought home.

Oct 24 06:33

Adviser: McCain's Palin pick helped GOP

Oh Yeah !
Can you imagine how "F-ed we'd be right now , if those two got in ? Kissing all those generals asses , and admittedly not knowing much about the economy ? I'd say he'd have a more "full speed ahead" approach , more like his predecessor .
We'd be really "f"-ed , right now , in that paralel universe .

Oct 24 06:33

Snickers: A Basic Human Right

There is no right to government provided healthcare!

Oct 24 06:32

Further deaths linked to swine flu vaccine

Health investigators are under more pressure as two elderly women are reported to have died, days after receiving the swine flu vaccine. It brings the total number of deaths linked to the vaccine in Sweden to four.

Oct 24 06:29

Flashback: Only Two Dead From “Swine Flu” When Vaccinations Began In Sweden. Already Two Deaths Have Been Linked To Vaccine

Since vaccinations for the so-called “swine flu” were initiated in Sweden on the 12th of October, two deaths have been linked to the vaccine. Unfortunately for the Swedes, the vaccine was GSK’s Pandemrix, which contains mercury and squalene. Squalene has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome and shown to induce autoimmune diseases in animals, and mercury is known to be highly neurotoxic. Thus, these two deaths only mark the beginning of the serious health problems to come.

Perhaps showing how effective the propaganda campaign has been to get people to get the “swine flu” shot in Sweden, only two Swedes were reported to have died from “swine flu” at the time vaccinations started and both of them had underlying health problems anyway.

Oct 24 06:26

What the U.S. Military Can't Do

1.Win friends and influence people?
2.Win wars?
3.Murder innocent people in mass quanties?

Oct 24 06:10

Russia pledges military cooperation with Iran

Russia says it has no plan to restrict its military cooperation with Iran, stressing that Moscow would not allow "competitors a chance to take advantage of the situation".

Oct 24 06:02

New York: Flu Vaccine for Health Workers Lifted

“Since the vaccine is so scarce right now and since the virus has proved especially difficult for pregnant women and young people — there have been deaths — we felt that the best use of the scarce amount of vaccine right now is for those populations,” Ms. Hutton said.

In August, the state health commissioner, Dr. Richard F. Daines, issued an order for health care workers to be vaccinated by Nov. 30, and hospitals warned that those who refused could be disciplined or fired.

But last week, a judge in Albany halted enforcement of the rule in response to a lawsuit filed by three nurses who claimed that the requirement needed legislative approval and that the commissioner had overstepped his authority.

Oct 24 05:57

Hawaii cuts back on school days

All public schools in Hawaii have been told to stay closed on Fridays, in an effort by the state to reduce costs.

The state's education department has cut the school week to four days for the remainder of the academic year.

Parents are angry at the move, which shortens the school year by 17 days and forces many to find alternative child care arrangements.

The school system says it is the only way it can save the $468m (287m) needed to close a state budget deficit.

Oct 24 05:45

IBM Is Building A Computer Which Will Model The Human Brain

Blue Brain is an IBM computer built to simulate a human brain. It's powered by 2,000 microchips, each acting as a single neuron, that enable it to execute 22.8 trillion operations per second.

Oct 24 05:02

Bank failures top 100 for year; most since 1992

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other banks remain open even though they are as weak as many that have been shuttered. Regulators are seizing banks slowly and selectively — partly to avoid inciting panic and partly because buyers for bad banks are hard to find.

Oct 24 04:59

'Balloon boy' dad had hoax in mind, wife says

The couple hatched the plan about two weeks before the incident and "instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax," according to the documents.

Oct 24 02:26

Russia's Daring Vote

Russia's vote to endorse the Goldstone Gaza report in the United Nations Human Rights Council last Friday was an important, milestone event both for Palestine and for Russia. For Palestine, this vote opened a way to try and sentence Israeli mass-murderers, and thus ushered Israel into a new era of responsibility after a long period of Wild West-style, Colt-45 justice. For Russia, this vote has proved to its own country and to the world that it is free from American and Zionist diktat and able to navigate its own policy.

October 23, 2009

Oct 23 21:59

Happy United Nations Day!

'Due to immunity from international prosecution afforded by perpetual American vetos at the United Nations Security Council, Israel has become emboldened in its attacks, to the point where its excesses have sickened most of the civilized world.

During this halmark event (i.e. United Nations Day) Americans can celebrate by conducting mock veto's on any resolutions against Israel. Everyone else can sit back,relax and do nothing - afterall,this is exactly what the United Nations does [...] nothing.

Oct 23 19:46

From Security Perspective, Windows 7 Off To A Rocky Start

The global launch of Microsoft's next-generation Windows 7 operating system today was greeted with fanfare -- and some grumbling from security professionals who worry the new OS already has too many holes.

Oct 23 19:45

PBS - Were War Crimes Committed in Gaza?

From the comments: Gee Bill - could you make your pro-Israeli bias any more obvious? How bizarre! This is what happens when Christians take the Bible literally. Sorry; if Israel commits war crimes and crimes against humanity, it can't be excused by religious nuttiness. It's one standard for all nations and all armies. The Palestinians are human beings. A true Christian would know that! Have you noticed that Israel never takes responsibility for anything? The excuse always comes down to Israel being exempt from participation in world values.

When one says that Israël has the right to defend itself, I'm not sure how this applies in a case where they are occupying another nation's, the Palestinian's, territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's play "Spot the paid Israeli shills!"

Oct 23 18:27

Look Who's Really Writing the Healthcare Bill -- It's Big Pharma & The Insurance Lobby

Who is actually writing the healthcare reform bill? Lobbyists for Big Pharma and the insurance industry, of course. What could possibly go wrong? The last time we saw massive healthcare legislation on Capitol Hill, it was for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit. As a result of this legislation, Medicare is unable to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. David Walker called it the single most fiscally irresponsible bill in the last 50 years of Congress. And Walker is not prone to hyperbole.

Oct 23 14:59

Peter Schiff issues a Red Alert: "Get out of the US dollar"

Peter Schiff "An important moment in our history..."

Oct 23 14:47

Video: FDIC Head Sheila Bair Attempts to Quell Crisis of Confidence

In the following video Shelia Bair cites this year’s 100th bank failure, she goes on to assure Americans that the banking system is sound and that people should leave their money in the banks and not worry about it. What she doesn’t say in the video is that technically there have been over 2,000 bank failures because most of the 100 that have failed had at least several branches. In some cases some of the banks had dozens of individual branch locations...

Oct 23 14:42

Obama's Delay, or Why Israel Might Nuke Iran

So the generals are brewing, and the veterans are getting restive. Nine months after Obama’s inauguration, according to the Times, the military establishment is beginning to lose its patience with a president who has yet to commit to a coherent plan for Afghanistan.

Needless to say, Obama’s delay isn’t for lack of information, much less analysis. Last spring he sent an A-Team of military strategists and counter-insurgency experts to comb the Afghan countryside, while more recently it’s been a rare day that the editorial pages of the Washington Post, the New York Times or the LA Times have failed to roll out yet another version of What To Do.

So why then can’t Obama commit?

Oct 23 14:40

Possible Credit Dislocation: Be Warned

I am hearing repeated anecdotes from multiple areas that foreclosed property held by banks with multiple full-price offers that include a financing requirement are being sold instead to people with actual cash at radical reductions from that price. This implies that these financing contingencies are regarded as not only potentially no good but factually no good, as if the banks know for a fact that the credit pipeline will (not might), within weeks or months (in the time required to close), disappear. There is no other rational explanation for this behavior.

Oct 23 14:39

And So It Begins (Dollar Warnings)

America had a justified hubris for decades coming out of WWII in terms of our manufacturing base and intellectual capital, both of which led to the dollar's strength and a fully-reasonable view that the dollar was indeed the global currency - whether others liked it or not.

Oct 23 14:36

Israel A Rogue Nation Of War Criminals

Seems the cancellation of the war games may not have had anything to do with Gaza, the Goldstone Report and the UN acting on Israeli war crimes.

Seems the Israelis may have been caught plotting to assassinate the pro-Islamic Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan because he was up in arms regarding the Goldstone Report and what those findings were about Zionist Israeli war crimes.

Oct 23 14:32

LIFE mission tests the resilience of microbes in deep space

Russia's Phobos Grunt Mission is taking a different approach to studying life in outer space. Instead of trying to find evidence of extraterrestrial life, Phobos Grunt is planning to send life forms from earth into space.

The idea is to transport microorganisms from the Bacteria, Eukaryota and Archaea domains in a puck-shaped BioModule designed to look like a meteorite to one of Mars' moons.

The project is called LIFE (Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment) and will test the endurance of organisms called tardigrades, also known as water bears, and several other extremophiles on Phobos.

Oct 23 14:30

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume Part 3

Public health officials now say they have quit keeping tabs on swine flu deaths because it is too difficult. A more likely explanation is that fear mongering would be impossible if they continued to announce the low rates of swine flu deaths and vaccine profits would take a nose dive.

Oct 23 14:28

Key information missing from US drug labels-doctors

Drug labels in the United States often omit information showing the severity of side effects or that a medicine is not very effective, two doctors said on Wednesday.

The result can be a document skewed toward making a medicine seem safer and more effective than it really is, they wrote in a commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Oct 23 14:25

A vaccine for anxiety? The real reason why drug companies are pushing more vaccines

There's a new vaccine for nicotine addiction, and another one for drug addiction. There's an AIDS vaccines (which doesn't work) and a vaccine for cervical cancer that's been approved for use on boys (boys don't have a cervix). Through the pharmaceutical industry, the big push for vaccines is on!

But why, exactly? Is there suddenly a new rash of epidemic disease requiring vaccine treatments? No, not really. What's new is the way Big Pharma is latching on to these diseases as new opportunities to sell more drugs.

There's a huge shift underway from drugs designed for sick people to a whole new class of drugs manufactured for healthy people.

Oct 23 14:11

Remember Alex Odeh? Alex Who???

The prime suspect of Alex’s murder was a member of the Jewish Defense League [JDL], who fled to Israel. Israel (surprise, surprise) refused to extradite him or allow the FBI to question him. JDL was at that time the #1 domestic terrorist organization on the FBI list.

Klinghoffer was nominated by Congress for a Medal of Honor. Alex’s family received a bomb threat during his funeral. Mrs. Klinghoffer received a condolence call from President Reagan. Mrs. Odeh received a letter from Reagan addressed to Alex, thanking him for his financial contribution and asking for more.

Oct 23 14:01

US displeased at delay in Iran response on uranium

Iran said it was "considering the proposal in depth and in a favorable light, but needs until the middle of next week to provide a response," the Vienna-based nuclear agency said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which seems perfectly reasonable to me for an agreement of this scope, but of course the US and Israel wants this deal to fail because with out, they are in big trouble!


Israel is cornered here. For that matter so is the United States. When this Iran deal goes through on Friday, the primary excuse for war with Iran evaporates.

Where does that leave Israel and the United States?

Israel now faces war crimes charges at the Hague. Yes, the United States will veto the Goldstone Report in the Security Council, but the ringer in the deal is that the General assembly, under Resolution 377, can bypass the Security Council and send the Goldstone Report to the Hague and the United States and Israel cannot stop it. Earlier this year, the General Assembly voted through a resolution requesting Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and submit to the exact same IAEA inspections that Iran (and every other NNPT signatory) submits to. Israel refused. The fact that Israel and the United States were not able to deflect this Resolution tell us that the General Assembly has lost all patience with Israel. The credibility of the UN as a world governing body is on the line. The probability that the General Assembly will bypass the Security Council is therefore very high. A war with Iran would have distracted the media from Israel's war crimes charges. That seems not likely to happen now.

As for the United States, the US Government was hoping to ignite a new major war, one which would distract Americans from the already failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the economy destroyed by failed US Government policy. And based on prior history, the US Government probably anticipates that a new major war would persuade Americans to forget their anger over the aforesaid failed government policy, and imbued with a renewed patriotic fervor would suddenly return to being obedient breeders of soldiers and payers of war-taxes. As naive as that expectation might have been, the Iran enrichment deal ends the possibility of a new war with which to distract from the old war.

So both the United States and Israel are in serious trouble. They had wanted war with Iran to distract the world from their various domestic problems, and now that is not likely to happen. Israel has to live with their war crimes charges. The US has to live with their ruined economy and failed wars, and public anger. Both Israel and the US are showing themselves as desperate to block Israel war crimes charged from progressing, and may have wasted that political capital in vain if the UN General; Assembly invokes Resolution 377.

So, in short, Israel and the US are cornered politically. Cornered animals are the most dangerous and desperate. Our future is in the hands of whichever leader is the least mentally stable, and ready to hit the panic button. That panic move; that striking out from the corner could be something subtle like a new false-flag "terror" attack, or something as straightforward as simply attacking Iran without provocation.

But Israel and the US are cornered right now. and we should be prepared to see them act like it.

Oct 23 13:49

Deaths From Swine Flu Vaccine Reported In Europe

Vaccine manufacturer attributes high rate of side effects to novel adjuvants.

Oct 23 13:41

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

Oct 23 13:34


This man, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is a major U.S. Power Broker. Either he is giving us a clandestine warning or he has made a howling error. In either case he should be questioned under oath about these comments and their implications. What he says here is basically an admission of State-Sponsored False-Flag Terrorism being practiced within the U.S.A

Oct 23 13:20

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Tv:Federal Reserve Manipulation in Washington D.C.

Alex welcomes back to the show Gerald Celente, the trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Celente accurately predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union. In 2008, he forecasted revolution in America, food riots and tax rebellions within four years.

Oct 23 13:18

Britain publishes doomsday climate change vision

Two British Cabinet ministers showed off a doomsday vision of disappearing cities and rising seas on Thursday, part of an effort to push nations to strike a new pact on curbing emissions of global warming gasses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You're all gonna DIE HORRIBLE SLOW DEATHS unless you submit to global government!"

They are laying it on really thick.

Oct 23 13:09

Facebook Labels Fall Of The Republic “Abusive,” Blocks Links

The social networking giant Facebook.com has labeled Alex Jones’ new documentary film Fall Of The Republic to be “abusive” and is blocking some links to the film from its website, preventing the movie from spreading virally like the Obama Deception, which received tens of millions of viewers despite a Facebook policy to block it too.

A You Tube video illustrates that when a Facebook user attempts to ’share’ a link to the video, that is post it as a status update on their Facebook page, they get a message telling them the function has been blocked because the video is “abusive”.

The full message reads, “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content – Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Twitter is not blocking it as far as I can see, so share the video links there.

Oct 23 12:17

Element 114 verified

Working with the lab's 88-inch cyclotron, the Berkeley team followed a process similar to that used at Dubna: They aimed an accelerated beam of calcium-48 ions at a target containing plutonium-242. The reaction products passed through a gas-filled mass spectrometer, which separated out the nuclei of interest, to a detector that yielded energy and timing information not only for the products but also for any alpha particles or fission fragments they emitted. Amid the data the researchers collected over their eight days of running the experiment, they found two correlated chains of decays that they identified as starting with 286114 and 287114.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lifetimes in the tenths of seconds. For atomic physics, that is an eternity, but it raises a serious question regarding the work at the Large Hadron Collider.

These new particles and elements can be created in these machines, but that does not prove these elements or particles exist in nature.
So, even if the Large Hadron Collider succeeds in creating a Higgs Boson (the "God" Particle) that in and of itself does not prove they ever existed before, which means the assumption of the Big Bang based on creation of a Higgs Boson is flawed.

Oct 23 11:05

Exclusive Video: Olmert Heckled In San Francisco

Bay Area residents attempted a citizen’s arrest of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, while he gave a speech to the World Affairs Council in San Francisco on 22 October 2009.
Oct 23 10:53

Losing their lifeline - 7,000 a day

As the Senate debates whether to extend unemployment benefits, more than 200,000 jobless Americans are set to see their checks stop in October.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Unemployment fell by 200,000 in October!!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 23 10:45

Review: “Fall of the Republic,” an Alex Jones’ political & economic documentary

(Hyperlinks and video live at source)

By the end of high school, all young adults are instructed to understand and apply the scientific method to match data with hypotheses to explain the data. Most adults report they are able to do this under realistic conditions; that is, they have rational explanations for reality on a day-to-day basis, and especially for important issues. Daily, more adults are focusing their competent intellects upon our largest political and economic issues. Daily, more adults are constructing hypotheses of intentional destruction of our American rights, values, and economy as the only rational explanation of such gross malfeasance with US government and economic policies.

Oct 23 10:44

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie

Oct 23 10:42

Robbery suspect fatally shot in Ohio

A 70-year-old woman shot and killed a man suspected of attempting to rob her during her visit to Columbus, Ohio, police said.

Columbus Police Sgt. Eric Pilya said the unidentified woman, who was in Columbus for a horse show, fatally shot the suspect after he allegedly attempted to rob her and at least four other people at a local motel, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch said Thursday.

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When seconds count, the police can be there in minutes!

Last night for lack of anything better, my wife and I watched an episode of "Kansas City Swat".

Ignoring the fact that none of them know how to bowl (you roll the ball down the alley, you do not simply fling it at the pins), the entire show seemed to be kicking down doors and screaming at people, to net an arrest for minor amounts of drugs and "suspected" meth labs. But at the end of the show they listed what had actually been accomplished and it seemed like most of those people (women and children in many cases) shoved to the floor with shotguns in their backs were never actually charged with any crime.

Now, back when SWAT teams were first created, and TV shows were trying to make them look like heroes, a mistake at the police switchboard sent the SWAT to my family home in Southern California and my mother wound up as one of those women shoved into the wall with a shotgun at the base of her skull. So we know for a fact that not every door kicked down by the SWAT is justified.

Frankly, given the error rates and the paucity of actual charges, this show made the KCS look more like shallow arrogant jerks than anyone I want to have protecting my neighborhood.

Oct 23 10:40

Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite

Regardless of how thermite materials were installed in the WTC, it is strange that NIST has been so blind to any such possibility. In fact, when reading NIST’s reports on the WTC, and its periodic responses to FAQs from the public, one might get the idea that no one in the NIST organization had ever heard of nano-thermites before. But the truth is, many of the scientists and organizations involved in the NIST WTC investigation were not only well aware of nano-thermites, they actually had considerable connection to, and in some cases expertise in, this exact technology.

Here are the top 10 reasons why nanothermite, should have come to mind quickly for the NIST WTC investigators.

Oct 23 10:30

Pelosi Doublespeak: It’s not a tax increase; We’re eliminating a tax decrease

MARIA BARTIROMO: But- on the tax issue, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would essentially be tax increase.

House Speaker NANCY PELOSI: That wasn’t a tax increase. It is- it is- eliminating a tax- decrease that was there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cut taxes by 50%. That will light up the economy for the short term. Yes, we will have to make sacrifices like not running around the world killing brown people, or giving very expensive (and illegal) weapons to other nations so that they can kill brown people, but I for one an willing to make that sacrifice.

Long term: We have given away our manufacturing to other countries for the last 30 years. Our government actually gave tax breaks to corporations to make it easier to send high paying American jobs to other countries, then scratched their heads trying to figure out why Americans stopped buying things and worse, were suddenly unable to make the payments on their mortgages and credit cards!

Rather than deal with the loss of manufacturing back when it was still a small issue, the government covered up the loss of manufacturing jobs with the so-called "service economy"; the theory that you can prosper a nation by doing each others' laundry for a fee. From the point of view of the government (composed of politicians only thinking in terms of the next election) this was a great plan because tax revenues still poured into government coffers from all the services. Problem was that while money transferred from the private sector to the government, no new money was coming into the system. Inevitably that leads to a point in time where people start doing their own laundry again and tax revenues dry up.

So, here we are, dirty clothes piling up. unable to find work, unable to pay the bills, unable to buy new products, and unable to manufacture.

We cannot simply re-open the old factories. We could spend 100 years playing catch up to the nations who now lead the US in manufacturing, if we manufacture what they manufacture, and those foreign governments, much wiser than our own, will not allow their leads to evaporate. Look how Japan has committed to better computers and robots (while the US commits to making better bombs).

So, if we are to save our nation, we need a national commitment to new technology development. Not just refinement of what already exists but a leap way beyond, into totally new and portable energy sources (not just storage), photonics, large scale ultra-cheap desalinization, and of course ideas not yet thought of.

We need a revived CIVILIAN space program to jump start our technology the way the Apollo missions jump started our technology in the 1960s. Or we need a new Manhattan project devoted to the development of commercial technologies. We need to create something that ONLY the United States knows how to make, and that the rest of the world will want to buy.

Above all we need to recreate our national culture so that the products are the focus and value of a company, not the stock options. We need to remember that it is the beans and not the counting of the beans that makes real wealth. Above all, we need to reverse the trend that abandoned products as a way to make money and made money itself the product.

These are the ONLY things which can save our economy and our nation from economic collapse.

Oct 23 10:15

Is a Fed Governor Hinting at a Stock Market Crash Just Ahead?

Oct 23 10:14

White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress

The White House is not going to allow the president’s newly created “czars” to testify before Congress.

White House Counsel Greg Craig has indicated that he will refuse to allow any of the 18 new “czar” positions created by President Obama to testify before Congress, according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), the ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Oct 23 10:13

Drone Assassinations Are Only Making Things Worse

Jane Mayer, author of the great book The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals, was interviewed yesterday on NPR on the CIA’s drone attacks in Pakistan. She discussed the morality and legality of those attacks as well as their adverse consequences.

Last summer CIA Director Leon Pinetta announced cancellation of an assassination program that the CIA was going to implement.

Yet, how are these drone attacks in Pakistan any different from an assassination?

Oct 23 10:13

Shoes fly as Bush tells audience, ‘I did not sell my soul’

"I am confident that I made decisions based on principle, that I made calls as best I could, and I did not sell my soul," Bush said.

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"I mean, heck, THAT was gone a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago!!!!!!!"

Oct 23 10:08

What You Didn't Know About The War

Oct 23 09:54

Airline crew overshot Minn. airport by 150 miles

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"It's a kind of long skinny cement thing with lights, isn't it?"

Oct 23 09:48

US Blocks Independent Inquiry into Uzbek Massacre

A report that U.S. defense officials helped block a NATO demand for an international probe into last month's killing of protesters in Uzbekistan is proving an air base there to be one of the more diplomatically costly "lilly pads" in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's new lean, mean restructuring of the U.S. global military presence. Located in southeastern Uzbekistan near the border with Afghanistan, the Khanabad base is seen as key to the U.S. war on terror, as a Q&A on the website of the Council of Foriegn Relations, a prominent Washington-based think-tank, explains.

Oct 23 09:45

"Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now"

Each of the 50 states must create a state-owned public bank like they have in North Dakota. Then congress MUST reinstate all the strict pre-Reagan regulations on all commercial banks, investment firms, insurance companies -- and all the other industries that have been savaged by deregulation: Airlines, the food industry, pharmaceutical companies -- you name it. If a company's primary motive to exist is to make a profit, then it needs a set of stringent rules to live by -- and the first rule is "Do no harm." The second rule: The question must always be asked -- "Is this for the common good?"

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He sure as hell got that one right!