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May 18, 2010

May 18 06:39

Protesters Target BP, Oil Spill Cleanup Continues

Lots of pictures. Some might be rather upsetting. But please look.
This is what WE have done to the environment.

May 18 06:33

As oil spill approaches, dead animals wash up in Mississippi

Gus Holliman has spent the last two days riding the beaches in this coastal Mississippi town, hoping not to find dead animals.

On Saturday the sea turtles started washing up on shore. On Sunday, the turtles were joined by dead catfish, horseshoe crabs, and birds -- a duck, a pelican and a seagull.

Before the April 20 rig explosion and oil started pouring into the Gulf, the city might see a small turtle wash up every six months -- one that got caught in a net, or died from some natural cause, said Holliman, a City of Pass Christian patrol officer, who works the harbor.

May 18 06:32

Barak to lawmakers: Don't present Israel as opponents of peace

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday urged Israeli lawmakers to refrain from taking any actions or making remarks that might present Jerusalem as opposed to the Middle East peace process, according to Israel Radio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Defense Minister: if it looks like a duck...quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it's....Israel's absolute and unwavering opposition to any real peace process!

You cannot possibly be saying this with a straight face as East Jerusalem and the West Bank get annexed, cleansed of their Palestinian populations, with forced expulsions eminent into the hellhole you created with your siege, called Gaza.

May 18 06:31

Gulf Wildlife 'Dead Zone' Keeps Growing

An enormous wildlife "dead zone" in the Gulf continues to grow, and is expected to be even larger this summer.

Animal toxicology experts believe the Gulf dead zone is man-made.

Gulf wildlife continue to face other threats, ranging from agricultural run-off to pharmaceutical pollutants.

May 18 06:26

White House Slams Iran Uranium Deal

Other US officials mocked the deal as a ploy, and one official termed it “too little too late,” even though the deal was materially the same one the US has been demanding Iran agree to for the past six months. Another official demanded that Iran submit the deal to the IAEA for consideration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported on 5 March, 2003 regarding Saddam Hussein's alleged "weapons of mass destruction", at:


"In his speech, Powell repeated the Bush administration's claim that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's recent steps toward disarmament are "too little, too late gestures" designed to confuse and divide the international community.

I would like to hope this has a familiar "ring" to it: the powers that be in Washington are attempting to work from precisely the same playbook on Iran as they did in Iraq.

Apparently and very wrongly, they imagine that US citizens can't quite remember that they were led into the war in Iraq on a pack of lies; if they do go through with this military attack against Iran, it will be based on yet another pack of lies.

May 18 06:14

CIA director, national security adviser to meet with officials in Pakistan

President Obama's national security adviser, James L. Jones, and CIA Director Leon Panetta were set to travel to Pakistan on Monday night for meetings with top government, military and intelligence officials on progress in the Times Square car bomb investigation and concerns about future terrorist attacks.

But officials said that Jones and Panetta intend to reiterate to the Pakistanis the importance that the administration places on more aggressive military action against groups allied with al-Qaeda in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, or FATA. Shahzad, a Pakistani American, has said he traveled to the region to train with elements of the Pakistani Taliban, officials say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported 11 May, 2010 in


"With Asif Zardari now placed in office, it appears that “Blackwater” (that now does business under the name Xe Services LLC), and not primarily U.S. troops will be the American forces that occupy Pakistan. The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan may therefore be technically correct that no “U.S. Marines” are intended to be housed in its proposed fortress (“Embassy”) in Islamabad. Also by occupying the capital the Americans would be in a good position to both protect their puppet civilian regime and promote their plans for the Balkanisation of Pakistan. Meanwhile, real estate agents report massive buying and renting of properties in Islamabad by Blackwater."

Look for a greatly expanded "Xe" presence after this little visit in Pakistan from Panetta and Jones.

And the question which has to arise from this is, how much longer before we see US troops on the ground in Pakistan?!?

May 18 05:59

Israel Demands Europe Stop Citizens From Gaza Aid Trip

Naor Gilon, a high ranking member of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, today announced that he had met with the ambassadors from several European states to demand that they do something to prevent their citizens from sending private aid ships to the Gaza Strip.

Gilon warned the ambassadors that Israel considered the aid “provocation” and that they would do whatever was necessary to stop the aid ships from reaching the strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Only the Israeli government would have the chutzpah to demand that foreign nationals stop "plotting" to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza!

And a note to the Israeli government; creating martyrs out of any of these people is going focus the world's attention on the siege of Gaza, the horrendous quality of life for Gazan Palestinians, and may even remove Israel from some country's diplomatic contacts.

May 18 05:44

Seoul set to formally blame North for sinking naval ship

South Korea is scheduled to announce on Thursday the results of its investigation into the sinking of a navy corvette that broke in two on March 26, killing 46 South Korean sailors.

It is widely expected that the announcement will officially hold North Korea responsible for the incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could go from tense to a shooting war in a heartbeat.

One only hopes that China will offer the watchwords of prudence, and an absence of belligerence to its client state, North Korea, but it is difficult to say just how much Kim Jong Il will listen to such counsel.

May 18 05:38

17,000 Form Human Chain At U.S. Base In Japan

— Thousands of Japanese linked hands and encircled a Marine Corps base in Okinawa on Sunday to protest its presence on the island, putting more pressure on Tokyo to resolve an impasse over the base's future.

About 17,000 residents surrounded the Futenma air base early in the afternoon, chanting slogans and completing a human chain twice for several minutes each time, city official Hitoshi Nakou said. The base covers about 1.9 square miles (4.92 sq. kilometers), and sits in the middle of Ginowan, a city of about 93,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless this situation is resolved, Hatoyama and his party are going to lose their collective shirts in the next election.

May 18 05:31

Tar Balls Found Off Key West

The U.S. Coast Guard says 20 tar balls have been found off Key West, Fla., but the agency stopped short of saying whether they came from a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some 5 million gallons of crude has spewed into the Gulf and tar balls have been washing ashore in several states along the coast.

Scientists are worried that oil is getting caught in a major ocean current that could carry it through the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.

May 18 05:27

US: Iran nuclear deal will not halt sanctions plan

Iran has agreed to ship much of its low enriched uranium abroad in a nuclear fuel swap deal backed by Turkey and Brazil, but the United States said moves for toughened sanctions would still go ahead.

But the United States said it would not halt or slow its drive for toughened sanctions against the Islamic republic.

"It does not change the steps that we are taking to hold Iran responsible for its obligations, including sanctions," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The White House has just telegraphed, loudly and clearly, that no matter what Iran does, the US is still going to go ahead with a futile attempt at sanctions, which China will not sign on to.

Then, we will have unilateral, coupled with multilateral sanctions, which will almost inevitably lead to a world war.

The hypocrisy here just stinks.

May 18 05:22

Study suggests processed meat a real health risk

Eating bacon, sausage, hot dogs and other processed meats can raise the risk of heart disease and diabetes, U.S. researchers said on Monday in a study that identifies the real bad boys of the meat counter.

Eating unprocessed beef, pork or lamb appeared not to raise risks of heart attacks and diabetes, they said, suggesting that salt and chemical preservatives may be the real cause of these two health problems associated with eating meat.

May 18 05:20

Director of federal drilling safety oversight in Gulf calls it quits

Chris Oynes, appointed during the Bush administration to oversee offshore energy oversight at the Mineral Management Service (MMS), has quit.

"After 35 years of service," an MMS employee told AFP, Oynes plans to announce his retirement soon, leaving behind a career forever tarnished by a photo of him presenting Transocean, the Deepwater Horizon's owners, with a safety award.

His agency is blamed for severely lax safety oversight and neglecting inspections in BP's massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under Oynes' watch, there literally was no oversight, which lead this country to the catastrophe we see today in the Gulf.

This man does not deserve a retirement and a watch: he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Federal law for absolute dereliction of duty.

May 18 05:02

Warren Buffet Does Heavy Selling; 13-F Filings Reveal

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet did some heavy selling during the first quarter of 2010. According to the most recent 13-f filing, Mr. Buffett liquidated his entire position health insurers United Health (UNH) and WellPoint (WPT). He dumped his holdings in financial companies Travelers (TRV) and Sun Trust Banks (STI).

May 18 04:54

Will swap deal weaken U.S. push for sanctions on Iran?

The Washington Post said on its website that Iran appears to have scored a victory on Monday in the long-running diplomatic battle between Iran and the West, because Iran has seemingly made progress without offering any real compromise.

Ironically, the Obama administration now faces the uncomfortable prospect of rejecting a proposal it offered in the first place -- or seeing months of effort to enact new sanctions derailed, the newspaper said.

May 18 04:47

Officials Find Tarballs Along Key West Shores

Yesterday Coast Guard personnel discovered two dozen tarballs on Key West shores. They’re in the process of testing them to see if they came from the Gulf of Mexico’s growing oil disaster...

May 18 04:39

The Responses to the Gulf Oil Spill and to the Financial Crisis Are Remarkably Similar ... And Have Made Both Crises Much Worse

Indeed, the industry and government spokespeople have used the exact same word as each crisis - financial and environmental - unfolded. They said the problem was "contained".

In both cases, we the people are left holding the bag because the giant companies and their campaign-contribution-buddies in DC are trying to sweep the severity of the problem under the rug, to manage the crisis as p.r. campaigns to protect those who let it happen ... instead of actually taking steps necessary to solve the problems, and to make sure they won't happen again.

May 18 02:29

Saakashvili: Brazil, Turkey-brokered Iranian Deal is Breakthrough

President Saakashvili said on May 17 that an agreement, mediated by Brazil and Turkey, to send low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for receiving nuclear fuel for an Iranian nuclear reactor was "a diplomatic victory" and "a matter of survival" for the small countries of the region.

"This is a real diplomatic breakthrough and a great diplomatic victory for Iran, Europe, the United States and the world and for the entire region, for Turkey and of course for Georgia... This is peace for Iran and for the entire region and for Georgia as well," Saakashvili said.

Misha crosses over to the dark side! Thought I'd post this before he gets a call from Telavivington telling him to tone his enthusiasm down a bit.

May 18 01:22

Key Oklahoma Bombing Witness Denied Access to Attorneys Fears for Life

David Hammer, the death row inmate who authored two books on the Oklahoma City bombing, was locked down by prison officials following his interview last week on the Alex Jones Show.

Margaret Roberts, a journalist who wrote the preface to Hammer’s 2004 book Secrets Worth Dying For: Timothy James McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing, contacted Alex Jones today.

May 17, 2010

May 17 22:22

Franklin Lamb : Why We Petition For Palestinian Civil Rights in Lebanon

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change or resistance. Small acts, when multiplied by many people, can transform the world”

“If we remember those times and places–and there are so many–where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” Professor Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

May 17 22:09

Elvis Costello: Withdraws from two performances scheduled in Israel

It Is After Considerable Contemplation….

I have lately arrived at the decision that I must withdraw from the two performances scheduled in Israel on the 30th of June and the 1st of July.

One lives in hope that music is more than mere noise, filling up idle time, whether intending to elate or lament.

Then there are occasions when merely having your name added to a concert schedule may be interpreted as a political act that resonates more than anything that might be sung and it may be assumed that one has no mind for the suffering of the innocent.

May 17 21:46

US military prick meets US Border Patrol pricks

A US military paid thug was detained at a border checkpoint in Texas a few weeks back, and didn’t do the standard “roll over, lick boots” routine expected of the Empire’s chattels. The detainee has some kind of dual camera system in his car which records everything

May 17 20:35

Bo Obama worth $1,600

The records show that Bo, a Portuguese water dog that was a gift to the Obamas from the late Senator Edward Kennedy, was worth £1,105.

Royalties from Mr Obama's two books, 'Dreams From My Father' and 'Audacity of Hope' earned him at least $1 million (£690,000) each, according to filings released by the White House.

The records showed the Obamas had some retirement savings accounts with the mutual fund company Vanguard and checking accounts at J P Morgan Chase and Northern Trust. Other assets in the president's accounts include US treasury notes and bills, college savings plans for his daughters Sasha and Malia, and a pension from his service in the Illinois state legislature.

May 17 19:53

May 18, 9-11 Truth Demonstration at L.A.Israeli Consulate

The 9-11 Truth Demonstration at Israeli Consulate in L.A. on May 18
Sunday, May 16
|May 18: 9-11 Truth Demonstration at Israeli Consulate in L.A. On May 18 there will be a public demonstration at the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles by people who believe that Israel’s Mossad (along with Zionist Gentile and Jewish agents) carried out 9/11. The demonstration will take place in front of the Israeli Consulate at 6380 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles between 2 PM and 4PM on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010. We hope you will join us!
This article has been updated with photos of a Zionist Jew attacking Zan on a sidewalk in Los Angeles as he peacefully picketed with a sign that said "Israel - not Muslims - did 9-11".

May 17 18:14

Penn. activist facing 8 years in prison after videotaping officers outside courthouse

George Donnelly, the Pennsylvania videographer who was arrested last week for videotaping federal officers in front of an Allentown courthouse, is facing eight years in prison for his deed.

May 17 18:10

The Coming Sedition Act?

The gangster government now in control in our nation’s capitol is a grim and repugnant reminder that freedom, at best, is ephemeral. At worst, it’s a myth. In fact, true freedom – like true capitalism – has never existed anywhere on this planet. Rest assured that those with an insatiable lust for power will never allow either to occur.

May 17 17:46

Pelosi to Aspiring Musicians: Quit Your Job, Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care

Does silicone poising lead to retardation ?

May 17 17:39

Israeli soldier dancing around a tied woman

May 17 17:37

SWAT to Cheney home after son hits dad with ashtray

The Spokane County S.W.A.T. Team was called in to help resolve a father-and-son fight near Cheney on Monday morning.

May 17 17:03

Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts: "It is also quite impossible to simply look the other way."

"It is after considerable contemplation that I have lately arrived at the decision that I must withdraw from the two performances scheduled in Israel on the 30th of June and the 1st of July.

One lives in hope that music is more than mere noise, filling up idle time, whether intending to elate or lament.

Then there are occasions when merely having your name added to a concert schedule may be interpreted as a political act that resonates more than anything that might be sung and it may be assumed that one has no mind for the suffering of the innocent."

May 17 15:40

Napolitano Defends Response to Oil Spill

Mr. Lieberman's call for new deepwater drilling to be put on hold was notable because he was one of the key authors of a climate bill that involved allowing more U.S. offshore drilling as a way to gain Republican support for measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions across the economy.

May 17 14:53

Warren Buffet Does Heavy Selling; 13-F Filings Reveal

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet did some heavy selling during the first quarter of 2010. According to the most recent 13-f filing, Mr. Buffett liquidated his entire position health insurers United Health (UNH) and WellPoint (WPT). He dumped his holdings in financial companies Travelers (TRV) and Sun Trust Banks (STI).

May 17 14:43

Attorney: Video shows police fired into home

The girl's father, 25-year-old Charles Jones, told The Detroit News he had just gone to bed early Sunday after covering his daughter with her favorite Disney princess blanket when he heard a flash grenade followed by a gunshot. When he rushed into the living room, he said, police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter's blood.

May 17 14:06

Supreme Court Rules 'Sexually Dangerous' Can Be Held Longer Than Sentences

The law, a provision of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, was passed in 2006. A lower court had ruled that Congress overstepped its boundaries in passing the law.

May 17 14:06

Thai Protestors Using Improvised RPGs

May 17 13:17

The Failure of Surveillance Cameras

New York City has thousands of police surveillance cameras, which really come in handy when a terrorist strikes. After the car bomb attempt last weekend, they captured an image of the vehicle driving through Times Square and one of a guy taking off his shirt who looked nothing like the guy arrested Monday.

Which raises the question: What good are cameras? The debate over them is often framed as hardheaded law enforcement types versus wimpy civil libertarians. Whether the cameras actually work in practice to help solve and prevent crime generally gets ignored.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The cameras exist to keep you timid.

May 17 13:01

European debt fears continue to batter TSX

Fears that the effects of a government debt crisis could wind up pushing Europe into a severe downturn sent the Toronto stock market tumbling Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US stock market began the day headed down just like the rest of the word. but then miracle of miracles, right after lunchtime the NYSE, S&P, and NASDAQ all started climbing back up, defying all predictions, expectations, and needless to say, crushing the shorts..

May 17 12:59

Huge swell sinks wave energy generator

A wave energy generator which was launched off the New South Wales south coast in March, has sunk in rough seas.

The 170-tonne structure had been providing electricity to the grid from 150 metres offshore at Port Kembla.

But it broke free from its pylons on Friday afternoon and sank on Saturday.

May 17 12:42

AL hails Iran nuclear declaration

Arab League (AL) Secretary General Amr Moussa has praised Iran's nuclear declaration as a positive step towards dispelling Western fears over its nuclear program.

May 17 12:36

“Israel” calls for expelling anyone marking Nakba from occupied Palestinian lands

Israeli minister of finance Yuval Steinitz called for withdrawing the nationality from everyone inciting against Israel and commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).

May 17 12:35

The Media: A Victim of Neo-Colonialism

The World Press Freedom Day was marked by speeches and reports which maintain the status quo and, on substance, generally ignore the causes of the real dangers faced by journalists. Journalists have been arrested, imprisoned, attacked and assassinated. They have become a constant, albeit undeclared, target in battles, wars and political conflicts. Despite the blackout imposed on this harsh reality, and the vague language used as a cover for killing and persecution, small countries are usually pinpointed when mentioning the persecution of journalism, while big countries, particularly militarily dominant ones, are not mentioned.

May 17 12:33

Iran Prepared to Block Gulf Oil and Wreck Western Economies

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pathetic attempt by Israel to counter Iran's announced nuclear swap deal!

May 17 11:43

Drill Baby Drill

Who's to blame? Does it matter anymore? Nobody in a suit ever goes to jail - we all know that.

May 17 11:38

Nato turns to militias in Afghanistan battle

Elite American and Nato military units in Afghanistan have discreetly turned for help from the "private armies" of warlords and tribal leaders as a controversial tactic in the war against the Taliban, it can be revealed.

Working alongside both US intelligence and special force agencies, irregular Afghan militia groups are increasingly being blamed for theft, corruption, targeted assassinations. They have also been accused of involvement in raids aimed at killing the Taliban but in which innocent men, women and children have been killed.

May 17 11:27

Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites

Disturbing audio has emerged of White House information czar Cass Sunstein, who in a previous white paper called for banning “conspiracy theories,” demanding that websites be mandated by law to link to opposing information or that pop ups containing government propaganda be forcibly included on political blogs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay Cass; here ya go!

May 17 11:01

Monetary Dictatorship

If you’re an American taxpayer, you should expect to receive a thank-you note from dole recipients in Greece fairly soon. The reason is that Barack Obama, working with his cohorts at the Federal Reserve, is using your money to bail out the Greek welfare state, thereby enabling dole recipients in Greece to continue receiving their dole.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While the part about Obama using your tax dollars to save Greece is accurate, the characterization of Greek people as "dole recipients" is misleading. After all, the Greek people are only demanding that the government provide the benefits for which the Greek people already paid taxes. The Greek people are no more welfare recipients than Americans on Social Security.

The other error is that the Greek people will never see any of this money. The bailouts if the Greek BANKS, not the Greek people.

May 17 10:58

Vatican to claim bishops are not 'employees'

The Vatican will today make its most detailed defence yet against claims that it is liable for US bishops who allowed priests to molest children, saying bishops are not its employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pure legalistic maneuvering that demonstrates that pedophile priests are not afraid of the god or devil they peddle to the gullible masses, but hooy BOY are they ever afraid of those lawyers!

But behind the legal maneuvering there is a harsh reality that explains why attendance at churches is plummeting. It is impossible to reconcile even a single pedophile priests molesting a single child with the idea that the priests and that church in any way represent a divine moral divine being.

It is a given that every parent of every child entrusted to a religious institution prayed that their child be kept safe from harm. The epidemic of child molestation makes it clear what said prayers are not being heard. The children are not even safe inside the churches themselves; in theory the place where said God would hold the most sway. The god to whom the prayers are directed simply does not exist.

May 17 10:46


In the video presented below they brag about their achievements …. BUT, ask yourselves who paid for them to be possible?

Watch the video carefully and take note of the companies mentioned….


May 17 10:44

Suter's Back in Town - 9-11's Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter is Alive and Well and Living in New Jersey?

7 years after 9-11, Dominik Suter of "Dancing Israelis" fame, leader of the Israelis who were caught videotaping and celebrating the downing of the WTC, registers a business in the city of Nanuet, NY, in April 2008. The business, "24/7 Anyday LLC", has an address in Nanuet's Rockland Center (click on image to enlarge). Suter and his significant other, Ornit Levinson Suter, were on the FBI'S list of 9-11 terrorist suspects. So where is the FBI when we need them?

May 17 10:43

Iran’s Uranium Deal a Serious Blow to War Party

In a move that will likely drive a stake into the heart of the near-term prospects for the US-backed “crippling sanctions” against Iran, Turkey and Brazil have managed to come up with a compromise deal that provides everything the Western nations claimed to have wanted from the third-party enrichment deal in the first place.

May 17 10:43

Hidden Names For MSG In Your Food - Read Labels!

The book, Battling the MSG Myth, will simplify your life by giving in depth facts about these hidden substances and the common foods in which they are found. Find tips on label reading, shopping, and cooking. Enjoy good eating by learning how to avoid all the common foods and supplements that contain MSG, aspartame, L-cysteine, and sulfites. Learn how to substitute healthy alternative products that can be found in most supermarkets.

May 17 10:42

Hidden Sources Of MSG In Foods

Dr. Blaylock recounted a meeting with a senior executive in the food additive industry who told him point blank that these excitotoxins are going to be in our food no matter how many name changes are necessary...

May 17 10:34

Disease 'to cut Afghan opium by up to 70%'

A mystery disease infecting opium poppies in Afghanistan could cut this year's illicit crop in some areas by up to 70 percent, an official said Sunday.

The disease has led authorities to expect a "significant" reduction in opium production this year, with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) saying this week that the output could fall by up to 25 percent.

Daud Daud, Afghanistan's deputy interior minister for counter-narcotics, said that "in some areas up to 70 percent of the crops have been destroyed" by the disease.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh dear what will the US drug lords do now! :)

It will be inyteresting to see the same US Government that worked so hard to justofy allowing the opium to grow to now justify spending US tax dollars to cure the plant disease.

I still think that the Russians may have done this when the US refused to stop the flow of heroin from Afghanistan into Russia.

Good for the Russians!



May 17 10:26

911 Vendetta

May 17 10:22

Family: 7-year-old shot by police was asleep

Seven-year-old Aiyana Jones was asleep on the living room sofa in her family's apartment when Detroit police searching for a homicide suspect burst in and an officer's gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members say.

Her father, 25-year-old Charles Jones, told The Detroit News he had just gone to bed early Sunday after covering his daughter with her favorite Disney princess blanket when he heard a flash grenade followed by a gunshot. When he rushed into the living room, he said, police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter's blood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch at 2:30

May 17 10:11

Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds

“A new earthquake” is what peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) called the news that Monsanto will be donating 60,000 seed sacks (475 tons) of hybrid corn seeds and vegetable seeds, some of them treated with highly toxic pesticides. The MPP has committed to burning Monsanto’s seeds, and has called for a march to protest the corporation’s presence in Haiti on June 4, for World Environment Day.

May 17 10:10

Jersey City Pizzeria Bomb Plot Foiled

Nalbach says police are focusing on a man who once rented the pizzeria and may have had a legal dispute with the building’s owner.Police and fire units had responded to the building for a report of a gas leak and found the would-be bomb set to go off if the front door was opened.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But since we can't blame Muslims for this, the story is not important!" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 17 10:09

Mexican helicopter spotted near Roma bridge

A Mexican military helicopter has been caught flying over Texas skies for the third time in the past two months.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed that officers spotted the helicopter by the Roma International Bridge on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 17 10:08


SCOTS computer hacker Gary McKinnon is set to avoid extradition and be tried in Britain, the Scottish Sunday Express can reveal.

The 43-year-old’s family expects confirmation from the new Government within days that the decision to send Gary to the USA has been overturned.

May 17 09:49

George Carlin Talks War And American Politics

May 17 09:46


Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 17 09:44

Congress is a dysfunctional mess

Now here's the cunning part: the addition was a completely irrelevant demand, a new requirement that federal employees caught watching porn would not get paid. Congress could vote for better science and education funding and allow porn watching, or they could vote against science and education and against porn. Sneaky. Devious. Evil. Jebus, but I've come to despise Republicans.

So what happened? 121 Democrats promptly abandoned the bill and voted against it. Because they're cowards without a single bone of principle in their flabby, craven bodies. They didn't want to be seen voting for porn, so they let the Rethuglican ringmaster crack his whip and herd them right where he wanted them to go.

I think I despise them all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Join the club. And watching ABCNNBBCBS' news coverage of tomorrow's primaries, it seems that most of America is feeling that old anti-Incumbent fever right now.

May 17 09:40

Iran Fuel Deal Puts U.S. in Check in Ongoing Nuclear Chess Match

Iran backed the Obama administration into check in its ongoing nuclear chess match by announcing its own nuclear fuel swap deal after a Western-backed plan fell apart last fall.

The country left the Obama administration an out by declaring it would continue uranium enrichment even as it proposes shipping nuclear material to Turkey. To become official, the deal still has to be agreed to by the same group of nations that pursued the proposal Iran rejected in October.

But the announcement, regardless, makes the administration's job more difficult should it continue to pursue international sanctions.

May 17 09:36

CLIMATEGATE - Kerry, Lieberman Ready to End Senate Careers

A pork and power bill based on global warming propaganda has been a priority for the Obama administration. Given that it has already been established, absolutely, that predictions of catastrophic man-made global warming are a scam, you might question the two senators’ sanity for introducing one. But new benefits to Israel have recently been negotiated, which might be all it takes to make Joe Lieberman happy. And it’s very easy to imagine a chat between John Kerry and Al Gore that ends with Al Gore saying, “Yah, but the money is good.”

May 17 09:35

Potential cost of Kerry-Lieberman Cap & Tax: $69 - $145 Billion per Year

The Kerry-Lieberman Cap & Tax bill establishes a price collar for CO2 emissions with a floor of $12 per metric ton (increasing annually by 3% + inflation) and ceiling of $25 (increasing annually by 5% + inflation). According to the EPA, US emissions of CO2 in 2009 were 5787 million metric tons. Thus, if the legislation is applied to all US emissions, the cost would be $69 Billion (floor) to $145 Billion (ceiling) annually, increasing ~6 to 8+% each year forever.

May 17 09:34

IPCC bias exposed yet again

The UK Telegraph reports that Rajendra Pachauri has "defended the use of grey literature" in the IPCC's reports. As long as it supports the IPCC's pre-conceived conclusion of man-made warming, that is. Because whenever grey literature challenges the consensus, the knee-jerk response is "but it isn't peer-reviewed!". Hands up who can spot the hypocrisy there?

May 17 09:34

Margaret Atwood Cashes In

By Jennifer Matsui

Novelist Margaret Atwood’s decision to travel to Tel Aviv to share a literary prize worth a million dollars has ignited a controversy in which the septuagenarian author and vice-president of the literary human rights organization PEN International has come under fire by Palestinian rights activists. Ms Atwood’s acceptance of the Dan David Prize, whose previous laureates include Al Gore and Tony Blair, is viewed by Ms Atwood’s critics as a betrayal to the ideals she supposedly represents, and an unwitting endorsement of Israel’s race exclusive policies.

May 17 09:33

Kiwi Temperature Fraud Exposed!

New Zealand is to press ahead with an ETS in July despite vigorous opposition and the dropping of a similar system by Australia .Quadrant Online reports on the scandalous state of the NZ temperature records which have been used to buttress unprecedented warming claims in Kiwiland. It seems that records dating back over a century show no appreciable warming until seven stations were cherry picked and then "corrected' by Jim Salinger- instant warming!

May 17 09:30

Climategate Taxpayer Fraud Investigation Draws Ideological Heat

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has used the power of government to seek documents from the University of Virginia regarding its former professor and Climategate figure of "hockey stick" fame, Michael Mann. Mr. Cuccinelli is investigating whether Professor Mann engaged in fraud to obtain taxpayer money to fund his research.

The civil investigation is making some people sweat, and raised howls of protest from sources ranging from the liberal Washington Post to the libertarian Reason. Academicians are protesting it as a threat to academic liberty. Daniel Lashof, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's Climate Center, penned a letter calling Cuccinelli's actions "political harassment of climate scientist Michael Mann."

May 17 09:29

The Media Is Ignoring Kerry’s Cap-and-Trade

After 7 months of negotiations, Senators John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman last week unveiled a major climate bill to a chorus of…silence. On the day after the rollout, the American Power Act failed to make the front page of a single paper with a national scope. The Sunday political talkies also ignored the bill. I didn’t hear a single mention of the American Power Act on Fox News Sunday, ABC’s This Week, NBC’s Meet the Press, the McLaughlin Group, or the Chris Matthews Show.

What gives? The mainstream media LOVES global warming as an issue, because it’s divisive and it’s yellow. So why would they ignore it? The only explanation I can think of is that the media believes the bill is dead.

May 17 09:29

Gordon Duff: Can 1% Stop The Global Criminal Syndicate?


I was asked during an interview on Al Jazeera the question that every Muslim lives with every day, “How can a small country like Israel control America.” My answer was simple. Imagine a friend comes to you screaming, “Someone stole my house!” You ask him what happened. His response; “I put my house up for sale, I asked $200,000 dollars. A man came to the door and said he wanted my house. He gave me $200,000 bucks and now I have no home.”

May 17 09:28

Discovery of gasoline bomb forces evacuations in Jersey City

A 6 a.m. call about a potential gas leak to led to a major response by police and firefighters to a three-story building and the discovery of a gasoline can with an ignition device wired into it, this morning.

Officials arrived at 451 Palisade Avenue near Griffith Street to the report of gas fumes in a building. Firefighters found the source and PSE&G shut off the gas in the building, officials said.

Then officials found a gasoline can with an ignition device wired into it, causing Jersey City police to block off numerous roads and evacuate an entire city block, officials said.

May 17 09:25

“There is no ground left for more sanctions or pressure on Iran”

by Robert Naiman, Policy Director of Just Foreign Policy (source: Huffington Post)

If I were in Washington this morning, I would run down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to Congress with a big Brazilian flag, as the young Brazilians run down the Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo during the the “football” match, shouting “Gollllllll!”

Because with the news this morning that Iran has agreed to ship most of its enriched uranium to Turkey, in a nuclear fuel swap deal reached in talks with Brazil and Turkey that could “deflate a U.S.-led push” for new sanctions against Iran, the President of Brazil has scored a goal against the neocons in the West who want to gin up confrontation with Iran towards a future military conflict.

Continue reading:

May 17 09:21

Iran Announces Breakthrough Nuclear Exchange Deal

By Juan Cole

Veteran Iran observer Borzou Daragahi reports on the agreement just announced by Iran and Turkey on the disposition of Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium.

Under the deal, according to the Iranian spokesman, “After a final agreement is signed between Iran and the Vienna group, our fuel will be shipped to Turkey under the supervision of Iran and the IAEA . . .” “Then we will dispatch 1,200 kilograms [2,640 pounds] of 3.5% enriched uranium to Turkey to be exchanged for 120 kilograms [264 pounds] of 20% enriched uranium from the Vienna group.” The Vienna group is the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

May 17 09:19


Yesterday a post appeared on this Blog dealing with Noam Chomsky being denied entry to Israel. In the report, Chomsky is referred to as a ‘Left wing American Jewish Intellectual’.

In his own words, he admits that his barred entrance has nothing to do with positions he might hold about Israel. Take notice that he does not mention the FACT that Israel is in violation of International Law by determining who can or cannot enter the Palestinian Territories. This also indicates that the Occupied West Bank is under siege, not only the Gaza Strip.

May 17 09:18


The Palestinian Exile, also known as Al Nakba (Arabic for “The Catastrophe”), refers to the ethnic cleansing of native Palestinian peoples … all » during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

From December 1947 until November 1948, Zionist forces (namely the Irgun, Lehi, Haganah terrorist gangs) expelled approximately 750, 000 indigenous Palestinians–almost 2/3 of the population–from their homes.

May 17 09:17

Genetically modified crops failing worldwide

The Green Revolution -- a misleading name applied by PR firms to the onset of globalized, chemical-intensive, industrial agriculture that is anything but friendly to the environment -- is coming unraveled around the world, bringing devastation to farmers from the plains of China to the plains of America.

May 17 09:01

365,000 Charities to Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status at Midnight Tonight

Hundreds of thousands of small non-profits, from Little League teams to community soup kitchens, could lose their tax-exempt status on Monday because of an IRS filing requirement.

May 17 09:00

Afghanistan issues arrest warrant for US officer

AN AFGHAN prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for an American special forces commander over allegations that a police chief was murdered by a US-trained militia.

May 17 08:59

Feds Single Out IRS Tax Critic for Harsh Treatment

Colin Jackson told AMERICAN FREE PRESS in an exclusive interview that she has been in solitary confinement for over five months straight—an unheard-of amount of time when hardened criminals with serious offenses typically get no more than 90 days in solitary.

But Mr. Jackson sees a ray of light in this troubling situation, even while he is disturbed that someone like Sherry—a certified public accountant and mother of two with no prior record, in prison over an alleged white-collar crime—would be given that much time in the bleak, claustrophobic confinements of such a cell.

May 17 08:57

Israel primed for war on Iran: Netanyahu deputy

Israel is primed for a war on Iran, a deputy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, in a rare break with his government's reticence as world powers try to talk Tehran into curbing its nuclear plans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When do we talk about Israel curbing theirnuclear plans?

May 17 08:46

Strokes on the rise in youths

Advanced age is still the most common risk factor for stroke, which occurs when the brain doesn't get enough oxygen because a blood vessel is blocked or ruptured. But doctors here and elsewhere report seeing younger stroke patients.

The average age of stroke patients -- 68 -- declined by three years between 1995 and 2005.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That suggests that something added to the diet is wrecking havoc with the walls of the blood vessels; something like MSGand Aspartame.

May 17 08:43

Germans turn against the EU as eurozone meltdown heaps misery on Angela Merkel

German fury at paying for Greek extravagence is turning into anger against the European Union, the euro, and Angela Merkel

May 17 08:42

One in five companies provide lessons in the three Rs because thousands of school leavers are lacking in basic skills

Employers are having to provide remedial lessons in reading, writing and maths because thousands of school leavers lack basic skills, according to a report.

One in five companies surveyed had held training in the three Rs in the past year for staff recruited from school or college.

May 17 08:42

Gulf Oil Spill May Reach North Carolina Islands, Miami Beach

Crude from the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill could eventually slosh ashore on Miami Beach or North Carolina's barrier islands, if it connects with a powerful sea current, an oceanographer said Tuesday.

Robert Weisberg, a physical oceanographer at the University of South Florida, told a conference call the so-called Loop Current that sweeps around the Gulf was poised to connect with the spreading oil slick.

May 17 08:41

Another War in the Falklands? British Fleet on Standby, New Maps Highlight Disputed Territory With Oil and Gas Reserves

Researchers at Durham University have drawn up new maps to show the competing claims of Argentina and the UK for resources in the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans. At stake are a potential 60 billion barrels of oil and nine trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The publication of the maps follows the discovery of oil south of the Falkland Islands by a British company, Rockhopper Exploration, and a series of historical arguments about sovereignty and the rights to resources in the South Atlantic.

May 17 08:40

Strategy shift in the Middle East

The failure to reshape the Greater Middle East has left the field open to a new alliance, the Tehran-Damascus-Ankara triangle. Since nature is allergic to vacuums, Moscow is filling the space left vacant by Washington. The wind has changed and it’s blowing strong. In a matter of a few months, the entire regional balance of power has tipped.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Allowing Israel to set US foreign policy has cost the US their influence in the middle east!

May 17 08:40

Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry

(NaturalNews) Psychiatrists have been working on the fourth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and, in it, they hope to add a whole slew of new psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, many of these disorders are merely differences in personality and behavior among people.

The new edition may include "disorders" like "oppositional defiant disorder", which includes people who have a pattern of "negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures."

May 17 08:38

Financial Fraud. How It Works. The Truth behind the Madoff Investment Scandal

“Let me tell you the things you don’t know,” said Velvel, who has written extensively on the complex subject in books and blogs and hosted several television programs dealing with the Madoff affair. “The media isn’t telling the whole story because they generally focus only on the very wealthy people who were taken in. But the vast majority of the victims are ordinary people, like you and me, and they are the ones who are now left twisting in the wind. It looks to us like the wealthy are being helped now while the average bloke who put in $500,000 or $750,000 and who needed to use the income in order to live is being hurt.”

May 17 08:35

Financial Terrorists Want Global Currency, Global Central Bank

During a recent speech at a conference of elitists in Zurich Switzerland, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn called for the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank which would act as the “lender of last resort” in the event of a severe economic crisis, which would represent another lurch towards fascist centralization of power by financial terrorists busy exploiting the fiscal chaos they created in order to impose world government.

May 17 08:33

Barack Obama sends nuclear experts to tackle BP's Gulf of Mexico oil leak

The US has sent a team of nuclear physicists to help BP plug the "catastrophic" flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking Deepwater Horizon well, as the Obama administration becomes frustrated with the oil giant's inability to control the situation.

May 17 08:27

Iran’s declaration on nuclear swap deal

After several hours of intense negotiations on Monday, the trilateral meeting between Iran, Brazil and Turkey ends with Tehran agreeing to send some 1,200 kilograms of its 3.5 percent enriched uranium over to Turkey in exchange for a total of 120 kilogram of 20 percent enriched uranium, Press TV reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question now is how will Hillary Clinton spin this as Iran "failing" to keep its "commitment." Or will Israel simply attack anyway?

May 17 08:24


May 17 08:03

Climate Change Has No Scientific Consensus

Oreskes reviewed 928 abstracts from peer-reviewed research papers and determined that more than 75 per cent of scientists either explicitly or implicitly accept that Earth’s climate is being affected by human activities. Thus the ‘scientific consensus’ claim was born.

However, according to a peer-reviewed analysis of Oreskes by Dr. Benny Peiser, a world-renowned expert on ‘neo-catastrophism,’ it appears the claims by Oreskes are false. Dr. Peiser uncovered from the 928 abstracts that; “just over a dozen explicitly endorse the ‘consensus’ while the vast majority of abstracts do not mention anthropogenic global warming.” Moreover, the term ‘catastrophic warming’ appears nowhere in any of the papers.

May 17 07:54

Iran’s declaration on nuclear swap deal

Tehran has agreed to a draft proposal whereby Iran will ship its domestic low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for 20 percent enriched uranium in return.

After several hours of intense negotiations on Monday, the trilateral meeting between Iran, Brazil and Turkey ends with Tehran agreeing to send some 1,200 kilograms of its 3.5 percent enriched uranium over to Turkey in exchange for a total of 120 kilogram of 20 percent enriched uranium, Press TV reported.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki read the ten-point detailed deceleration on the nuclear swap deal at a press conference held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

May 17 07:40

Dispersants Might Be INCREASING Damage From Gulf Oil Spill

As the Christian Science Monitor notes today:

More relevant could be the dispersant that BP is applying to the oil at the source. BP officials have hailed the process as a success, noting diminishing oil at the surface. But the dispersant breaks the oil into smaller drops, which might instead be spreading throughout the water column, instead of rising to the surface.

It is not clear what this would mean environmentally, though past research indicates that oil can be trapped in the seabed for decades after oil on the surface is cleaned away.

Shouldn't the use of dispersants be stopped until scientists figure out whether they will make things better or worse?

May 17 07:02

Gulf Wildlife 'Dead Zone' Keeps Growing

An over 7,000-square-mile wildlife "dead zone" located in the center of the Gulf of Mexico has grown from being a curiosity to a colossus over the past two decades, according to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), and scientists are now concerned the recent oil spill and other emerging chemical threats could widen the zone even further.

The NWF describes the dead zone as being "the largest on record in the hemisphere in coastal waters and one of the biggest in the world."

May 17 06:52

Extraterrestrial Global Warming

Researching for a paper that Martin Hertzberg, Hans Schreuder and I are writing, I chanced upon a chart that might intrigue or amuse you.

After temperature sensors were planted on the moon, you see, they reported an upward trend year after year. Too much CO2 up there?

May 17 06:42

We need more Judges like this

May 17 06:35

US and Canadian Debt Clocks

This has been posted in the past. It needs to be posted again and again to wake the flock up.
This site should be on everyone's bookmark list.



And for those who think I like to rant only about the US, here is a look at the Canadian debt too!


It's not as flashy/confusing as the US one. The bottom line stands out PAIN and simple.

May 17 06:07

Landmark study set to show potential dangers of heavy mobile phone use

Prolonged mobile phone use could be linked to a type of cancer, the largest investigation of its kind will show next week.

May 17 06:03

Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry

Psychiatrists have been working on the fourth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and, in it, they hope to add a whole slew of new psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, many of these disorders are merely differences in personality and behavior among people.

The new edition may include "disorders" like "oppositional defiant disorder", which includes people who have a pattern of "negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures." Some of the "symptoms" of this disorder including losing one's temper, annoying people and being "touchy".

May 17 05:56

Why Gold And The Dollar Are BOTH Rising

Both the US Dollar and Gold have been rising together. Normally, such a movement would seem counter intuitive as Gold is a commodity and commodities tend to move in the opposite direction of the US dollar. There is a slight caveat, however, to the Dollar-Commodity relationship which exists during extremely rare occasions and that is gold (along with silver) doesn’t always function as a commodity. There are times when it behaves more like a currency. This is one of those times.

May 17 05:18

Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order

I love Thailand. I lived there 14 years, doing volunteer work. I know Thailand’s problems. I have seen it change from a simple gentle society to what it is today. But what is happening now is very tragic. Thai people were always one, no matter what, but now they are sadly divided! And why? Because of a big fat lie!

May 17 03:40

Monstrous underwater oil plumes found in US Gulf Coast

Scientists have found vast underwater plumes of oil, one 10 miles (16km) long and a mile wide, in the Gulf of Mexico, following last month's rig disaster.

Researchers from the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology say they have detected several sprawling oil slicks lurking just beneath the surface of the sea and at depths of 4,000ft (1,200m).

The scientists said the chemical dispersants BP has been dumping underwater may be preventing the oil from rising to the top of the ocean.

The oil giant has said the chemicals, which it began deploying on Friday, have already resulted in less oil surfacing.

Were they just trying to sweep the oil under the carpet?

May 17 00:48

Detroit police kill seven-year-old child

Detroit police shot and killed a seven-year-old girl during an early morning raid of a home on the city’s east side Sunday morning, while the child was asleep on a couch.

May 16, 2010

May 16 19:32

The Saturday Night- Out of Line Dancing at Gilley's

For a long time, a particular gang has run the show at Gilley’s. They call themselves, The NATO Cowboys. That’s an acronym for, Nasty Aggressive Terror Orcs. They’ve been in a long standing alliance with the Bankeraelis who are also not human and who exist on a diet of money and blood. The Bankeraelis, being vampires, have been slowly gaining a commanding control over the flow of blood which, together with their control of the money, has given them an authority that outweighs their numbers. Luckily, on a particular level, they are lightweights and so, though they can maneuver the NATO Cowboys most of the time, they can’t one on one confront them or they will get their asses kicked. That’s not a consideration of the moment however. Well, yeah it is, as we shall see.

May 16 18:32

Socialist Party USA: BP Oil Spill a Crime not a Disaster

Language matters, especially at times of crisis. The explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig that released hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico has been called a “disaster” by many. It isn’t a disaster. It is a crime. Early estimates are that the spill will cost more than $14 billion to clean, will devastate local fisheries for generations and will result in untold damage to all parts of the ecology in the Gulf region. Corporations are the criminals here – British Petroleum (BP) and, a company that is no stranger to corporate crime, Halliburton. This massive spill highlights both the need for an immediate transition to clean energy sources and the need to apply democratic controls to inherently criminal multinational corporations.

May 16 18:04

Class Warfare: Hundreds Protest Outside Bankers' Houses In DC

Huge angry mobs converged outside bank employees' houses on Sunday afternoon to demand banks stop lobbying against Wall Street reform.

"Bank of America: bad for America!" shouted community leaders outside the house of Bank of America general counsel Gregory Baer.

The Chicago-based grassroots organization National People's Action, in coordination with the SEIU, bused more than 700 workers from 20 states to Baer's neighborhood, one of the wealthiest corners of Washington. The action kicks off several days of protests targeting K Street for lobbyists' role in financial reform.

May 16 16:20

Special Nakba Day show! on Truth Jihad Radio

Editors Note: Those who might be turned off by the word “JIHAD” thanks to the Zionist propaganda war against the noble word “jihad” which is an extreme example of Islamophobic bigotry; if one considers how they have kidnapped perfectly rational English words like “holocaust” and anti-Semite” and what they have done with them, what chance do you think anyone would have with trying to untangle the distortion in which they have ensnared foreign words like “Jihad?”

Jihad, means struggle — the struggle to become a better person and to make the world a better place.

Franklin Lamb speaks about NAKBA to Kevin Barett on the
Truth Jihad Radio Show, Sat. 5/15/10, American Freedom Radio

(archived here)

May 16 15:40

Flashback: Use US Military for border defense against foreign enemy

The U.S. military should be used to defend our border with Mexico
January 28,
Rather than sending a few hundred National Guardsmen to the nearly 2,000 mile-long border, functioning under orders to step aside when confronted with those who cross our border illegally (Even when they are armed drug smugglers.), the way Bush did, we should send 30,000 troops to the U.S./Mexican border immediately.
If that number of troops, along with their tanks, helicopters, and U.S. Air Force over-flights were utilized along the border, illegal entries would come to a sudden, screeching halt.

May 16 13:04

US Aid Hurts Afghans

The White House tells us that we are releasing funds to rebuild Afghanistan. The reality, however, is that very little of the money actually will benefit the Afghan people. We are told that our nation is being very generous, mostly as a balm to our collective conscience to convince us to give our stamp of approval for that war which so far has cost over $260 billion in U.S. taxpayers' money. 1 This deception also helps to put a happy face on this war so that our attention is diverted from the people who are dying and wounded there.

May 16 11:01

Emanuel to rabbis: US 'screwed up'

The Obama administration has “screwed up the messaging” about its support for Israel over the past 14 months, and it will take “more than one month to make up for 14 months,” White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said on Thursday to a group of rabbis called together for a meeting in the White House.

“During the elections there were doubts about President Obama’s support for Israel, and now they have resurfaced,” Emanuel said, according to one of those who participated in the meeting. “But concerning policy, we have done everything that we can that is in Israel’s security – and long-range interests. Watch what the administration does.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know why, but Emanuel's statement "Watch what the administration does" sounded darkly and remarkably as though it were alluding to a potential US attack against Iran, an outcome very much desired by Israel.

Note also in another article, a reference was made to a massive Israeli civil defense drill, happening on the 26th of this month.

May 16 10:51

IDF Prepares Public for Nationwide Home Front Exercise

he IDF Home Front Command has launched a media campaign in preparation for the national Home Front exercise known in Hebrew as Nekudat Mifneh 4 (Turning Point 4).

The joint exercise will be held by the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), the IDF Home Front Command, the Israel Police, Magen David Adom emergency services, government offices and local authorities. It will simulate various emergency scenarios and responses provided to civilians in Israel. The focus will be the sounding of a siren across Israel on Wednesday, May 26, at 11:00 AM, requesting that all residents enter protected spaces specified in advance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder about the timing.

It will be pretty clear by the end of this month as to whether the UN Security Council as to whether there will be another round of sanctions against Iran.

That absence of sanctions could possibly serve as the trigger for an Israeli-led, US supported attack against Iran.

May 16 10:45


Left-wing American Jewish intellectual known as fierce critic of Jewish state detained for four hours while trying to enter country through Allenby Bridge in order to deliver lecture in Ramallah, sources at Birzeit University report

May 16 10:43

Lies and Forgeries on Iran's Nuclear Program

Nowadays, everyone knows that the US invaded and occupied Iraq through lies, which were echoed by US mass media. These media projected lies as corroborated facts. A large part of this information, including the discredited claim that Iraq wanted to acquire uranium from Niger, came from Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, two pro-Israeli neocons. With the White House’s support, they created the so-called Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon in 2001 in order to collect and spread disinformation and lies that could be used to “justify” the invasion of Iraq. After the invasion, the Office was disbanded. Admitted spy for Israel Larry Franlkin worked at the OSP.

May 16 10:40

Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks for Crisis

Greece is considering taking legal action against U.S. investment banks that might have contributed to the country’s debt crisis, Prime Minister George Papandreou said.

“I wouldn’t rule out that this may be a recourse,” Papandreou said, in response to questions about the role of U.S. banks in the crisis, in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” The program, scheduled for broadcast today, was taped on May 13. Neither Papandreou nor Zakaria mentioned any banks by name.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that Greece is looking seriously at what is currently going on in Iceland.

May 16 10:35

The Fate of Palestine: Caught between Two Delusions

Unfortunately, a truthful reading of where Palestine is today points to the very real possibility that a ‘no-state’ option is real. What is needed is a practical program of action, and an end to quibbling about abstractions; this program could at least begin with an immediate end to the siege of Gaza, steps towards the re-integration of the West Bank and Gaza, and free movement for Palestinians, including entry into Jerusalem-- not tomorrow, or the day after, but today.

May 16 10:23

The Ongoing Erasure of Palestine

While many still entertain the idea of two sovereign states, Palestine and Israel, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, history, politics, and geography have made this solution unattainable for certain people -- whatever rhetorical changes in American foreign policy may emerge from the Obama Administration. In fact, if the handling of the Goldstone report by Obama and his UN ambassador Susan Rice is an example, then the difference between Bush and Obama on Palestine/Israel is perhaps imaginary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What we are seeing, unless the world puts its collective foot down (which will not happen because world leaders are terrified of being labeled "Anti-Semitic"), will be the brisk annexation of East Jerusalem and West Bank by Israel, with forced deportations to Gaza.

And when Israel decides it wants Gaza, those Palestinians left standing will be forcibly expelled from Gaza, with no neighboring country willing or able to take them in.

Apparently, when Israel indulges in ethnic cleansing, most of the rest of the world just ignores it.

May 16 10:17

Arizona vs. Mexico: Crime and Illegal Aliens

When I spent two years in South America, I carried my Visa and Passport with me at all times. No one ever asked for them, but I still had them on me, and they still had the right to ask me for them anyplace and anytime they wanted to.

May 16 10:16

Out of Iraq? Don't Hold Your Breath

President Obama will not get the United States out of Iraq in his first term. If he wins a second term, it is highly unlikely he will get us out of Iraq before he finally leaves office.

Print that out and tack it to your wall. Six years from now, it will still be hanging there, yellow and curled, but entirely correct. We're not going anywhere.

Advocates of the war, along with a herd of "professional" pundits, would argue that things are far better in Iraq than they used to be. Those unfortunate souls who have spent the first half of this week sweeping guts and eyeballs off the sidewalks, however, would probably beg to differ.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have broken this country beyond its ability to recover, at any measurable level.

One has to wonder if the US is ever going to totally withdraw militarily.

May 16 10:15

'Al-Qaida terrorists may pose as Ethiopians to sneak into Israel'

In letter to Haaretz, Yemen Islamists say they may send terrorists to Israel disguised as Ethiopian Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some might argue that this is a cheap propaganda ploy by Israel to justify a policy of racially based discrimination in Israel, but frankly, I would give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Of course, if one accepts that Al Qaeda is using migrant Ethiopians to infiltrate Israel for acts of terror, then the same must be said for migrant Mexicans crossing our borders illegally.

Salsa for the goose? :)

May 16 10:10

Proposal Would Delay Hearings in Terror Cases

President Obama’s legal advisers are considering asking Congress to allow the government to detain terrorism suspects longer after their arrests before presenting them to a judge for an initial hearing, according to administration officials familiar with the discussions.

Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, assailed the Obama administration for considering such ideas. He noted that the administration of President George W. Bush, which was heavily criticized by civil-liberties groups, never proposed such modifications to criminal procedures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are being eviscerated by an administration behaving as though they hold these documents in the utmost of contempt.

May 16 10:02

Arizona vs. Mexico: Crime and Illegal Aliens

To enter into this country illegally is a violation of both Federal and State Statutes. Thus, illegal aliens are criminals because they are, well, illegal aliens. When I spent two years in South America, I carried my Visa and Passport with me at all times. No one ever asked for them, but I still had them on me, and they still had the right to ask me for them anyplace and anytime they wanted to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Federal government has been pathologically unwilling to tackle this problem, because large corporations love the fact that illegal labor brings the cost of doing business down.

The statistics represented in this article are frightening.

May 16 09:56

Looking to Delete Your Facebook Account? You’re Not Alone

Over the past 24 hours, searches related to deleting Facebook accounts have been some of the top trending items on Google — indicating that the tech-world furor about the social-networking site’s privacy policies may have become more mainstream.

Thursday evening, “how do i delete my facebook account” was among the top 20 trending searches on Google Hot Trends, and Friday morning “delete facebook account” made the list.

May 16 09:56

The "War on Terrorism" for Oil: Folly of the Imperial Oil Adventure. Tolling Bells for Humanity

Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is left of a corrupt governmental and economic milieu.

From the BP-Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, crashing stock markets, and the bloody consequences of manufactured wars, it clear that the empire has lost control of its own criminal system.

From war and chaos, catastrophic financial meltdowns, or the mega-disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that could ultimately render all else moot, events are well beyond the empire’s ability to control or hide any of it.

May 16 09:51

Predator Drones Used to Target Civilians: Obama’s Predator Joke—No Laughing Matter

To the guffaws of assembled media celebrities, President Barack Obama used his monologue Saturday night before the Washington Correspondents Association dinner to joke about using Predator drones, a weapon that has killed hundreds of civilians on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and enraged millions throughout the region.

According to one recent estimate by Pakistani officials, some 700 Pakistani civilians, the majority of them women and children, were killed by Hellfire missiles fired by drones in attacks ordered by the White House during Obama’s first year in office. The officials indicated that for every alleged Al Qaeda or Taliban figure killed in these remote-controlled assassinations, 147 civilians have died.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people of Pakistan and Afghanistan do not "hate us because we are free"; they hate us because we are killing their wives, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and friends in the name of the "war on terror", which simply translates to a war against anyone sitting over resources the US government claims to be theirs, usually ultimately for private profit.

May 16 09:50

The Enemy Within

When the Conficker computer “worm” was unleashed on the world in November 2008, cyber-security experts didn’t know what to make of it. It infiltrated millions of computers around the globe. It constantly checks in with its unknown creators. It uses an encryption code so sophisticated that only a very few people could have deployed it. For the first time ever, the cyber-security elites of the world have joined forces in a high-tech game of cops and robbers, trying to find Conficker’s creators and defeat them. The cops are failing. And now the worm lies there, waiting…

See also: Conficker Removal Tool

May 16 09:47

Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall

Public policy based on mere beliefs or opinions sooner or later crashes headlong into the wall of reality causing disastrous consequences, for in the end, the truth cannot be denied. "Trust, but verify," a phrase often used by Ronald Reagan when discussing relations with the Soviet Union is a translation of the Russian proverb ???????, ?? ????????. Perhaps better maxims would be, "Reject when suspect" and "Belief brings grief." Yet the fundamental question that goes unanswered is why so many people continue to trust all those "experts" who have shown themselves to be inveterate liars? Has the populace really become that dumb? If the truth is emancipating, the false is enslaving. Indeed Americans are serfs ruled by an oligarchy devoted to the promotion of dumb ideas.

May 16 09:40

Military to Deploy Social Scientists to Africa, Searching for Signs of War

In Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military has embraced social science as a tool of counterinsurgency, embedding anthropologists and sociologists within brigades as part of an effort to understand local cultural and tribal dynamics. It’s a controversial approach, but in theory, it’s supposed to make military operations less lethal by helping commanders identify who their friends are.

In Africa, the military wants to try the same experiment, with a twist: The idea is to help top military planners better understand Africa and its peoples, and perhaps provide some “early warning” to prevent conflicts before they start.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this is about finding ways to exploit Africa's untapped wealth by creating the minimum amount of antagonism from the people of this continent who rarely see their fare share of that wealth come back to them in goods and services.

And remember: the US's "AFRICOM" is so widely despised in Africa that they couldn't even bribe an African country's leadership to host their headquarters in Africa, so they are operating out of Stuttgart, Germany!

May 16 09:31


Lebanese and Palestinian activists on Saturday marked the “catastrophe” of Israel’s creation by setting a record for the world’s largest keffiyeh, or Arab head-dress.

The 6,552-meter chain of scarves was laid out on the grounds of the Sport City Stadium in Beirut to mark what Arabs call the Nakba, or a day of mourning for Israel’s establishment in 1948.

May 16 09:31


Goes to….. the Simon Wiesenthal Center

The very institution that is destroying a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem….

May 16 09:30


Planned collateral destruction has been used by the State of Israel since 1948. Knesset session after Knesset session since the first days of the state’s creation have dealt with the primary question on their agenda… how to keep Palestine from ever becoming a state.

May 16 09:30

Mini-3rd world war’ being fought on Pakhtun soil

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti said that an undeclared mini-Third World War was being fought on the soil of Pakhtuns for the last many years.

“The US, China, Russia, Iran, India and other big powers are involved in this war being fought in the Pakhtun belt of Pakistan and Afghanistan,” he told The News in an interview. He said the world powers needed to sit together to find a negotiated political solution to the conflict in this region. He said these countries had chosen to fight each other on Pakhtun soil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The gentleman misses one key factor: destabilization in Pakistan means that if there is a war against Iran, Russia will have much greater difficulty supplying it with weapons or other material via land routes.

May 16 09:29


It would be possible to identify with these intolerant reactions were it not for the fact that Israel itself is one of the world’s prolific boycotters. Not only does it boycott, it preaches to others, at times even forces others, to follow in tow. Israel has imposed a cultural, academic, political, economic and military boycott on the territories. At the same time, almost no one here utters a dissenting word questioning the legitimacy of these boycotts. Yet the thought of boycotting the boycotter? Now that’s inconceivable.

May 16 09:29


US funds ‘apartheid’ road network in Israel

May 16 09:29

Recount affirms narrow victory of Iraqi challenger

Iraq's electoral commission on Sunday affirmed the victory of a Sunni-backed bloc in the March election after a partial recount of votes in Baghdad failed to back up the Shiite prime minister's claims of fraud.

(*We're failing even at regime change in Iraq , seven years into it.)

May 16 09:23

Iraq's Maliki edges nearer power as rival warns of civil war

– Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki took a major step toward staying in power on Saturday when a top Shiite cleric said he would not stop him from keeping his job, but an arch-rival warned of civil war.

A spokesman for Moqtada al-Sadr, a radical, anti-US cleric who is currently living in Iran, told AFP the movement would drop a veto against Maliki seeking a new term as long as he met its condition that Sadrist prisoners be freed.

The latest announcement came as former premier Iyad Allawi, who narrowly beat Maliki in the March 7 general election, said if recent violence that has swept through Iraq were to continue then civil war loomed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the process of hijacking the elections, Al-Maliki may well have put his country on the path more bloody civil war.

And if he is unable to keep his promise about releasing the Sadrists being detained, the Mahdi Army could very probably be resurrected by Sadr against the Al-Maliki government.

May 16 09:20

Canadian commander accused of murders and sex attacks

In 2005, he picked up the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the UK and flew them to Canada to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.