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December 25, 2008

Dec 25 09:40

Seasonal forgiveness has a limit. Bush and his cronies must face a reckoning

You can sense it in the valedictory interviews Bush and Dick Cheney are conducting on their way out.

Dec 25 09:36

Santa Shoots and Kills 3 People in Los Angeles then sets house on fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ooooh, they must have been REALLY naughty!!!!!!

Dec 25 07:57

International criminals

There is pressure building on the incoming Obama Justice Department to somehow adjudicate the war crimes committed by the George W. Bush administration, starting at the top. The political problem is that these crimes also implicate leading Democrats, thereby rendering true justice nearly impossible.

Dec 25 07:46

India sets Dec 26 deadline for Pakistan

Stratfor, the publisher of geopolitical intelligence on Tuesday, in its report says after Mumbai attacks, India relayed a message to Pakistan via the US that they would be given “30 days to carry out significant actions in cracking down on militant groups operating on Pakistani soil”.

The US made clear to Pakistan that Islamabad will have to deliver on India's demands or else Washington will not be able to stand in New Delhi's way, it said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that if the government is Islamabad is not seen as responding to Indian demands, Washington has told them it cannot prevent what India may do next, whatever that may be.

That "drop-dead date" folks, is tomorrow, 26 December.

This whole situation appears to be devolving into a real can of worms, particularly if the Stratfor reports that the US is "already preparing for a 'worst-case scenario' "

Dec 25 07:40

Pak in war frenzy; intensifies troop movement

In a move which could heighten tension between New Delhi and Islamabad, Pakistan has purportedly moved its tenth brigade to Lahore and ordered its third Armed Brigade to march towards Jhelum.

Confirming the news, Additional Director general of BSF, Barmer, UK Bansal said, “There is a lot of activity along at the Pakistan side of India-Pakistan border near Barmer in Rajasthan and Pakistan Rangers have been replaced by the Pakistan Army.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Both India and Pakistan need some true adults in the corridors of power in New Delhi and Islamabad.

It would take so little to get an actual military confrontation going here.

Another regional war cannot possibly benefit either the people of India or Pakistan.

Dec 25 07:31

Amid Taliban Rule, a NATO Supply Line Is Choked

The attack provided the latest evidence of how extensively militants now rule the critical region east of the Khyber Pass, the narrow cut through the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that has been a strategic trade and military gateway since the time of Alexander the Great.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the military folks who "allegedly planned" this occupation of Afghanistan; did you not realize that there was going to be a finite upper limit as to what the Afghani and Pakistani people would be willing to bear in terms of the killings of their moms, their kids, their sisters, their friends by US and NATO forces?!?

The real amazement here was not that this kind of Taliban reaction came, but that it has come so late in the occupation., yet NATO and US military commanders seemed surprised, and appeared to never have seen this coming.

THAT really took a colossal failure of imagination.

You cannot win hearts and minds with aerial bombing raids, because the raids guarantee two things, and two things only.

First, you will be causing a tremendous deal of collateral damage (i.e., killing women, infants, the medically infirm and the elderly)

Second, you are going to radicalize those left standing even more strongly against the very governments the US and NATO are trying to prop up through these bombings.

Dec 25 07:20

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Anyone in his education who has neglected to read every word Mark Twain ever wrote has simply missed the greater part of the meaning and opportunity of life. Twain is reputed to be The Great Man of American Literature, but this appreciation of him, while true, misses the mark or this truly great man.

To fathom the greatness of a truly great man, a sufficient lapse of time must pass before he is far enough away from us so that we might measure the greatness of such a great man.

Alexander the Great by this measure quickly gained his fame.

Dec 25 07:19

India not allowed to launch surgical strike: Rabbani

Leader of the House in the Senate Raza Rabbani Wednesday said India will not be allowed to launch air assault and each and every inch of the country will be safeguarded.

The National Assembly has also passed a unanimous resolution condemning November 26 Mumbai attacks but urged India not to create war hype as it is not an option because of nuclear capabilities of both countries.

The resolution, moved by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Ammad Ahmed and supported by the whole house, also asked India to exercise restraint from activities undermining Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is so dangerous about this situation is that one tiny wrong move, one miscalculation, could be the spark igniting a flame of warfare throughout the region.

And a small memo to the Indian government; as reported in

on 15 December, 2008:

"Pakistan and China on Monday signed an agreement for military cooperation, pledging to take existing bilateral military ties to new heights."

War with China, anyone?!?

Thought not.

Dec 25 07:12

Army Officials Say Many More Active-Duty Troops Are Needed

One has to wonder just where these additional 30,000 troops are supposed to come from without a draft.

Things are getting so desperate for some people, due to closing businesses, that an "economic draft" in some of the hardest hit may well have recruiters calling businesses which are failing to discuss a time and place where they can approach potential recruits as that business's doors are closing.

Dec 25 07:01

NATO Commanders Wary of Antidrug Effort

McKiernan insists the goal remains to approve rules of engagement that “give us greater freedom of action to treat narco-figures and facilities as military objectives.” With the nation falling increasingly under Taliban control, it seems like an odd goal for the commander of a military force to have.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The greatest "winners" in the occupation of Afghanistan?

US no bid-defense contractors and the drug dealers.

The greatest "winners" in the occupation of Iraq?

US no-bid defense contractors and Iran!

And this is what we have to show for all the blood and money spent?!?

Unflipping believable.

Dec 25 06:52

Four Qassams hit Negev as IDF prepares to strike Hamas

No one was wounded in the rocket attacks Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, if in fact Hamas is doing the firing, they are creating precisely the situation Israel has been wanting, the "perfect storm" of damage against buildings (but generally not against people) which Israel will use as a justification for the upcoming invasion.

Israeli diplomats are on a crash-course "charm offensive" internationally as I type this to plead their case of "self defense", in the court of world opinion as the reason for the oncoming, military onslaught.

And mark my words; whatever the Israel politicians have been bloviating about in terms of "proportional response", the response will not be any where near proportional, and ultimately, the collateral damage (read: the killing of innocent women, infants, the medically infirm and the elderly) will be huge.

The Gazan Palestinians have been "softened up", through a combination of illness and malnutrition by the Israeli siege for "the kill" of a military strike, which may be only days away.

Dec 25 06:35

Survey: Americans prefer Web over papers to read news

The Internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source for national and international news for Americans, according to a new survey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporate media is going the way of the dodo bird and the dribble glass.

Why? Because it has become, in the main, the enabler of governments which lie to their people in order to accomplish their geopolitical goals.

By doing so, it has absolutely sown the seeds of its own demise.

Americans who are sick and tired of having been lied to on such a consistent basis are finding a fresh, reasonable, and generally more truthful perspective on the net.

That's why honest internet so terrifies governments.

Dec 25 04:18

Paypal Ruins Christmas for eBay Customers

This could happen to you. I recently read a very sad story posted on eBay's (EBAY) Paypal discussion board. It's about a fantastic mom (eBay id: seasonalstuff) who sold holiday decorations to earn Xmas money for her family. Unfortunately all her hard work was for nothing because the Paypal Grinch froze her account two weeks before Santa's arrival.

Dec 25 00:26

Judge jails philanthropist after trial

In court papers, prosecutors said Vilar's promise to appear for sentencing was "essentially meaningless" given his history of lying whenever it served his interest, his vast experience at living and traveling abroad and his access to wealth.

Forbes magazine once said Vilar was worth $950 million, but that was before the collapse in technology stocks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sheesh; are they ALL frauds???:

Dec 25 00:05

Christmas Gifts For The NWO

December 24, 2008

Dec 24 20:11

The Homicides You Didn't Hear About in Hurricane Katrina

The Grinning Skull
The Homicides You Didn't Hear About in Hurricane Katrina

By Rebecca Solnit

What do you do when you notice that there seems to have been a killing spree? While the national and international media were working themselves and much of the public into a frenzy about imaginary hordes of murderers, rapists, snipers, marauders, and general rampagers among the stranded crowds of mostly poor, mostly black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, a group of white men went on a shooting spree across the river.


Dec 24 19:45

Obama Is A Hawk

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger reaches back into the history of the Democratic Party and describes the tradition of war-making and expansionism that Barack Obama has now left little doubt he will honour.

By John Pilger

Dec 24 19:27

U.S. Economy Fighting Uphill Battle Against Government Stupidity

It has long been a conservative (and libertarian) outcry that government officials do not understand the complexities of the global economy and the best thing they can do is get out of the way. The 2008 financial crisis has demonstrated that they are very correct about the first part and very wrong about the second. The causes economic crisis were assisted and intensified by government incompetence and the September/October economic implosion was ignited by government stupidity.

Dec 24 17:29

Germany files suit to stop World War II claims

Germany has filed suit at the World Court asking Italy to stop its legal system from awarding damages to victims of Nazi war crimes.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in The Hague, follows a ruling by Italy's top criminal court ordering Berlin to pay euro1 million (US$1.4 million) in damages to nine relatives of victims of a June 1944 massacre in the Tuscan town of Civitella.

In the atrocity, German soldiers killed more than 200 civilians to avenge a deadly attack by partisans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the thing. The government that committed those atrocities is GONE. The people who ordered those atrocities are gone. These lawsuits seeking damages are looting the innocent who had nothing to do with the crimes in question.

Dec 24 17:27

Michael Connell’s Death Brings to Mind the Strange Death of Raymond Lemme

Michael Connell, the IT consultant who died in a plane crash last Friday, shortly before he was due to testify in federal court regarding his alleged role in tampering with the 2004 Ohio presidential election results, brings to mind the death of Raymond Lemme.

Dec 24 17:16

Wiesel Foundation loses nearly everything in Madoff scheme

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity lost more than 15 million dollars -- nearly all of its assets -- in the alleged fraud scheme run by Wall Street baron Bernard Madoff, the fund said Wednesday.

Wiesel, 80, a Nobel laureate and prolific author who survived the Holocaust, created the foundation some 20 years ago to foster international dialogue and youth programs to teach tolerance.

Dec 24 17:14

U.S. unemployment lines longest in 26 years

First-time applications for state unemployment benefits jumped by 30,000 to a seasonally adjusted 586,000 in the week ended Dec. 20, the government said, based on reports of actual filings at state offices around the nation. That's the highest since November 1982

Dec 24 17:13

There Is No 'Al Qaeda' says Ex UK Foreign Secretary

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US. "Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Dec 24 17:13

White House cancels mortgage fraudster's pardon

The much-criticized pardon of Isaac Toussie has been rescinded, according to the White House in a Wednesday statement:

Dec 24 17:12

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers

The Internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source for national and international news for Americans, according to a new survey.

Dec 24 17:11

SWINDLER'S LIST! - L’Oreal Heiress Bettencourt Invested With Madoff

Liliane Bettencourt, the world’s wealthiest woman, entrusted part of her $22.9 billion fortune with Bernard Madoff through the fund manager found dead in New York yesterday, two people familiar with the matter said.

Dec 24 11:40

Iran Warns Of Bilderberg Plot To Plunge World Into Total Chaos

Iran's official news agency IRNA is warning today of a Global plot hatched by a 'secret society of Freemasons' known as the Bilderberg Group to plunge our World into 'total chaos' in order to destroy all religions and independent Nations in order to establish a planetary wide single system of government.

Dec 24 11:18

Probe into cosmetic surgeon who 'powered his 4x4 with his patients' excess flab'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why? Did the patients want it back??????????

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Dec 24 11:08

The Secrets of Santa Claus Revealed

The secrets of how the legendary Santa Claus delivers gifts to millions of children throughout the world from the land of perpetual snow in one night have been closely guarded throughout the years, but one scientist believes he has the answers.

Dec 24 11:03

Japanese schoolgirl finds 130 million-year-old fossil

An elementary school girl found fossils of a previously unknown species of shrimp here in a layer of the earth's crust some 130 million years old, the Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History has announced.

Natsumi Kumagai, a fourth-year elementary school student in Hannan, Osaka Prefecture, made the find when she took part in a fossil hunt hosted by the museum in Yuasa in December last year. Kumagai initially took the fossils home, but after museum curators reexamined them, the find turned out to be a previously unknown species of shrimp.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Most American fourth graders can barely spell "fossil" let alone go find one!

Dec 24 11:00

TVA dike break - Tennessee's Exxon Valdez

An environmental rape of a beautiful part of Tennessee after an economic rape of electric customers in a record earnings year by the largest public utility in the country.

Dec 24 10:36

Hospital Security Camera Captures Image of ‘Angel’ as Girl Makes ‘Miracle’ Recovery

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, if you look at the reflection in the floor, you can see that it is sunlight coming through a rectangular window off to the side creating a bright spot on the door, door frame, and wall. Overblown video and overblown imaginations did the rest.

I am amazed that NBC would carry something this silly.

Dec 24 10:31

Pakistan Senate slams India for creating war hysteria

The Senate on Tuesday castigated India for staging a drama to implicate Pakistan in the Mumbai attacks without solid proofs, as the legislators displayed complete unanimity in their resolve to safeguard national integrity in case of any aggression from across the border.

Lawmakers from across the divide challenged New Delhi to come up with evidence, if any, of Pakistan or its citizens’ involvement in the last month’s incidents. Some saw the Indian war hysteria as a global conspiracy to disintegrate the country and a senator referred to a New York Times report in this context.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tsu, "The Art Of War"

Dec 24 10:30

US police could get 'pain beam' weapons

The research arm of the US Department of Justice is working on two portable non-lethal weapons that inflict pain from a distance using beams of laser light or microwaves, with the intention of putting them into the hands of police to subdue suspects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or disperse protesters.

Folks, google "radio retro-reflector" right now and save the information.

Dec 24 10:18

Anger at 'blown' Mumbai arrests

Questions have been raised in India over the police handling of the arrest of a man suspected of handling mobile phone cards used by Mumbai's attackers.

Calcutta police arrested Mukhtar Ahmed for procuring SIM cards for the group without knowing that he was an undercover operative.

He was on a long-term mission with police in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Senior intelligence sources say a "high-value asset" has been blown and his family put at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As India warms up for an attack on Pakistan in "retaliation" for Mumbai, we need to remember that at least one of the arrested "terrorists" worked for Indian security services and was on an undercover mission while providing Cell Phone SIM cards to the attackers!

Dec 24 10:12

U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances

Webmaster's Commentary: 

American people Preparing for U.S. Military!

Dec 24 10:11

Stores pull all-nighters, trying to save season

The nation's stores are pulling all-nighters and deepening discounts in the final hours before Christmas, trying to draw in all the shoppers they can as they face dismal sales in what will likely end up as the worst holiday season in decades.

As much as retailers do, however, analysts say the crowds appears to be lighter this week than a year ago — heightening worries about the survival prospects for many merchants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, we're waiting for the "Going out of business" sales in January!!!!!!!

Dec 24 10:10

Did the John Birch Society try to warn us 50 years ago?

At the end of the 2 day meeting these men would form the John Birch Society, which quickly grew to 100,000 members nation wide. Membership in the John Birch Society would take a slide when Eastern political and financial elites took notice. Frightened their financial crimes and political schemes would be exposed these powerful men used their newspapers and non-profit foundations to attack the Birchers.

Dec 24 10:09

Gates: Troops staying in Iraq regardless of election

Failure in either nation "would be a disastrous blow to our credibility, both among our friends and allies and among potential adversaries," Gates said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US still has credibility?

Dec 24 10:08

If Gaza falls . . .

How can keeping food and medicine from the people of Gaza protect the people of Israel? How can the impoverishment and suffering of Gaza’s children – more than 50 per cent of the population – benefit anyone? International law as well as human decency demands their protection. If Gaza falls, the West Bank will be next.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ms. Roy misses the point entirely: the outcomes happening in Gaza are precisely those the Israeli politicians want to have happen.

This is literally the "softening up" of Gazan Palestinians for the"kill" of an IDF military assault.

Israeli diplomats are flying to all corners of this planet on a "charm offensive" to get some kind of international support for this impending slaughter.

What Israel would understand, in terms of stopping the siege, would be the immediate, concerted international stoppage of all aid to Israel, both military and financial, until the siege stops.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of this happening is just about a great as that of pigs flying.

Dec 24 10:01

Cheney’s Legacy of Deception

In the end, the shame of Vice President Dick Cheney was total: unmitigated by any notion of a graceful departure, let alone the slightest obligation of honest accounting. Although firmly ensconced, even in the popular imagination, as an example of evil incarnate—nearly a quarter of those polled in this week’s CNN poll rated him the worst vice president in U.S. history, and 41 percent as “poor”—Cheney exudes the confidence of one fully convinced that he will get away with it all.

Dec 24 10:01

SWINDLER'S LIST! - Madoff Victims May Have to Return Profits, Principal

Dec 24 10:00

ecret nuclear sell-off storm

Britain no longer has any stake in the production of its nuclear warheads after the Government secretly sold off its shares in the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston.

Ministers agreed to sell the remaining one-third ownership to a Californian engineering company. The announcement, which means that Americans will now produce and maintain Britain's independent nuclear deterrent, was slipped out on the eve of the parliamentary Christmas holiday. Officials refused to say how much the deal raised.

Dec 24 10:00

Missing US arms probe goes global

The issue of missing US weapons in Iraq is getting, as Alice said in Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser. What started out as a mere report documenting improper bookkeeping procedures for assault rifles and pistols given by the Pentagon to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005 is turning into an international scandal.

Dec 24 09:59

Gaza's Bakeries Shut Down

Bakery owners in Gaza announced today that they have closed their doors to residents because of their inability to obtain cooking gas and wheat in order to make bread.

Abdelnaser al-Ajrami, head of the bakeries society in Gaza, stated to media outlets that more than 27 bakeries out of a total of 47 in Gaza city, have been shut down completely due to a lack of cooking gas and wheat, as Israel has kept closed commercial border crossings for almost two months now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, it's always easier to clobber a population military which is already weakened by malnutrition and disease than one that's healthy, and reasonably well-fed!" - official Tel Aviv souse.

Dec 24 09:59

Paris art models stage nude protest

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I had to search 20 different articles just to find this one lousy picture!

Dec 24 09:56

Oh, come all ye faithful… Let’s crush Gaza, starve their little ones

If our thoughts are not with the children of Gaza – Muslim and Christian alike - at this season of goodwill, they ought to be. I’m told that many people packed into the ravaged Strip are having to scavenge through rubbish tips for food to survive. What sort of Christmas is in store for their little ones while the criminals who inflict on them such unspeakable hardship and torment, and who deny them their human rights, have their snouts in the Yuletide trough and enjoy a warm bed?

Dec 24 09:54

Israel Warns America Yet Again–There’s “Hell To Pay” For Not Attacking Iran

Indeed, it has all the hallmarks of the typical fear-mongering all have come to know all-too-well in recent years featuring a paranoid Zionist military commander working for a notoriously paranoid nation and warning of the next “holocaust” if everyone does not immediately stop what they are doing, pay strict attention and follow the prescribed course of action as laid down by the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Madoff was just the warning shot of what we can do to you!!!!"

Dec 24 09:53

Coalition sues over mining ruling

A coalition of environmental groups including Kentucky Waterways Alliance has sued the Interior Department and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, seeking to overturn a new rule that will make it easier for mining companies to dump waste rock into streams.

Dec 24 09:52

Most levee repairs lagging

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, it's either those stupid levees or executive bonuses for my buddies at AIG, Ford, Chrysler, GM, and the rest of them there! You can't afford to pay for them both, so I had to decide. That's my job. I'm the decider! I am only thinking of what's best for you!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 24 09:52

Genocidal settlers

Among the settler leaders arriving at the site, apparently to incite the squatters to resist evacuation, was Daniela Weise, a charismatic preacher of blood and fire against the Palestinian community in Israel-Palestine, demanding that they be enslaved, expelled or exterminated outright.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow, does this kind of rhetoric have a familiar ring to it, or what?!?!?

Let's see....It's coming back to me....Oh, yes, I remember now:

Sounds like Germany under the Nazis, doesn't it?!?!?

And a memo to Ms. Weise: the comparison is both chilling, and unavoidable.

Dec 24 09:49

USA needs nuclear explosion to turn the world into dictatorship

Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? What may trigger another major transformation in 2009? The answer is obvious: another 9/11 in the USA.

Dec 24 09:48

Michael Connell's Death + Threats from Rove over Ohio Election Fraud . Missing Email's Case Goes International

Dec 24 09:06

Japan Should Scrap U.S. Debt; Dollar May Plummet, Mikuni Says

Japan should write-off its holdings of Treasuries because the U.S. government will struggle to finance increasing debt levels needed to dig the economy out of recession, said Akio Mikuni, president of credit ratings agency Mikuni & Co.

Dec 24 09:05

Iranian students stage shoe throwing demonstration in Tehran

Dec 24 08:59

5 million at inauguration? Don’t bet on it

Officials are casting doubt on an early projection that up to 5 million people could jam downtown Washington on Inauguration Day, saying it is more likely that the crowd will be less than half that size.

District of Columbia authorities said the earlier estimates were based on speculation surrounding the historic nature of the swearing-in of Barack Obama as the nation’s first African-American president. After weeks of checking with charter bus companies, airlines and other sources, they’re reassessing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess I am not the only one losing enthusiasm for Obama these days.

Dec 24 08:58

Unidentified gunman shoots at police bus in Greece

Two shots were fired at a police bus outside Athens university early on Tuesday, ahead of a planned protest by high school and university students in a third week of anti-government demonstrations in Greece.

No-one was wounded in the shooting which took place around 0300 GMT outside the university, which students have occupied since the Dec. 6 police shooting of a 15-year-old sparked Greece's worst riots in decades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If someone is shooting the tires on an empty bus, then it's a staged incident to justify further violence by the police against the protesters.

What is Greek for "Kent State?"

Dec 24 08:52

When Trust Runs Out

Every society and every institution rests heavily on trust. There is active trust, the result of "trust, but verify." I call this stage one trust. Then there is stage two trust, which I call default trust: "Trust, and assume that someone else has verified." Next, there is stage three trust, which I call blind trust: "Trust, because there is nothing else worth trusting." Then there stage four trust, which I call tooth fairy trust: "Trust, despite all evidence to the contrary." This form of trust is the foundation of all Ponzi schemes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And government.

Dec 24 08:50

Bush signs bill offering businesses pension relief

President George W. Bush signed legislation Tuesday that frees businesses from having to pump billions into pension plans in the coming year, another sign of the nation's deepening economic crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Work 'em until they DROP!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 24 08:49


The upcoming Israeli elections appear set to be a competition in racist extremism, writes Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem.

Dec 24 08:48

Israel seeks support for ground offensive

Explaining the diplomatic push, Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, said: "People abroad perhaps do not understand the real distress of Israelis in the south, who live with the rocket threat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Yigal Palmor: people abroad perhaps to not understand the real distress of Gazan Palestinians, who, courtesy of the Israeli siege, are sickened with disease and stunted with malnutrition to the point where they forced to eat grass to survive!

Dec 24 08:48


Dec 24 08:48


“Santa Claus is empty-handed this year … insolvent,” says Father Manuel Musallam, head of the Holy Family School in Gaza City.

“All forms of celebration are absent,” he says, raising his empty palms skyward. “We Christians and Muslims all live in fear and instability. The Israeli tanks, bulldozers, and warplanes have laid siege on us all.”

His school, which has both Muslim and Christian students, likes to celebrate including all, but this year few celebrations were planned, for fewer children.

Dec 24 08:46

Investor demands fund checks

The second-biggest investor in hedge funds will demand that some of the largest names in the industry, including Cerberus, Citadel, DE Shaw and SAC Capital, appoint independent administrators or face it pulling its money.

Switzerland’s Union Bancaire Privée, in an internal memo, instructed managers of the $56bn it has allocated to hedge funds to put in immediate redemptions for any fund that does not have independent administrators and custodians, following its heavy losses from the alleged fraud by Bernard Madoff.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may force some new Ponzis into the light!

Dec 24 08:43

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

Dec 24 08:40

Somali Islamists must be part of peace deal-report

Somalia's government and the international community must deal with Islamists to avoid a security crisis when Ethiopian troops withdraw later this month, a think-tank said on Tuesday.

"Despite the reluctance of the international community to engage with the Islamist opposition, there is no other practical course than to reach out to its leaders in an effort to stabilise the security situation with a ceasefire and then move on with a process that addresses the root causes," ICG said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a logical, credible approach, which means that the US is likely to ignore it completely.

What this is all about, at the end of the day from the US perspective, is having a Western-leaning government in place in terms of developing Somalia's vast untapped natural resources.

Dec 24 08:39

U.S. jobless claims surge to 26-year high

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Merry Christmas! -- The White House

Dec 24 08:35


The US Army War College is on the case - ready to handle "unforeseen economic collapse" and the "rapid dissolution of public order in all or significant parts of the US."

And you thought we were just dealing with a recession!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: They are spending tons of YOUR tax dollars getting ready to shoot you, jail, you, microwave you, teargas you, waterboard you, and make you a slave for daring to complain that the US Government created this financial mess in the first place by sending high-paying manufacturing jobs to other countries at a time when people who had those jobs were just getting by.

So, my advice to you is .... better start getting ready yourself. You've seen how the US Army treated the Iraqis and Iranians. Don't assume they will treat you any better.

Dec 24 08:35

Afghan convoy attacks may be retaliation -officials

Intensified attacks by militants in Pakistan on convoys that supply NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan are in retaliation for Pakistani army operations and U.S. missile strikes against safe havens, U.S. officials say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What logic-challenged morons in the US military were drinking enough of the "magical-thinking koolaid" to believe that this wasn't ultimately going to happen?!?

Was their collective thought process so skewed that they didn't understand that Pakistani civilians might love their families and friends, much the same as we do here in the West?!?

Dec 24 08:30

Mixed Signals From India On War Prospects

The Singh Administration’s dismissal of “war hysteria” is likely to be tempered somewhat by news that the Indian Defense Ministry is asking the United States to fast track its previous order of $375 million worth of cluster bombs. And with India and Pakistan both deploying growing numbers of forces along their common border, tensions between the two are unlikely to be improved by blithe dismissals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Both sides are declaring that they don't want a military confrontation; but actions speak far more loudly than words right now.

Dec 24 08:28

No evidence to convict 10,000 detainees– U.S. commander

U.S. forces in Iraq have detained 10,000 prisoners without evidence of their wrongdoing, a U.S. detention centers in Iraq commander said on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

then why the blazes are these guys detainees?!?!

Dec 24 08:24

ndia steps up vigil along Rajasthan border

The quick reaction teams (QRTs) of Indian Army and air force have been deployed along the border in the western Rajasthan sector, Times of India reported on Monday.

Dec 24 08:22

Mexico’s Calderon Says Beheadings Signal Cartels’ Desperation

Mexican President Felipe Calderon hailed eight soldiers who were decapitated in Guerrero state as heroes who died at the hands of criminals growing increasingly desperate amid his government’s crackdown on drug cartels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Calderon and his military are unable to stop the activities of the drug dealers.

Dec 24 08:18


It is no exaggeration to say that genocide of non-Jews in Israel and Palestine is the ideology of Jewish settlers, and religious Zionism in general. A few weeks ago, one Jewish settler leader in Hebron who was arguing with an American tourist had this to say about how the Jewish state should deal with Arabs.

“You are a Christian, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said the American.

“Do you believe in the Bible?”

“Yes,” said the American.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Dec 24 08:18

U.S. Military Eyes Alarming Spike in Attacks on Key Supply Convoys Into Afghanistan

As the Pentagon prepares to nearly double the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan next year, the urgent question now occupying planners is just how the U.S. military is going to get its soldiers the food and fuel they need in the face of increasingly devastating attacks on supply convoys.

Right now, roughly three quarters of supplies for U.S. troops run either through or over Pakistan, from the country's southern port of Karachi to the Khyber Pass. Some 150 truckloads of supplies travel the road from Pakistan to Afghanistan daily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'd like to know the names of the morons in the US military who thought that the consistent bombing of non-combatants in Afghanistan and Pakistan wouldn't ultimately have some degree of blowback!

Dec 24 08:16

Will Obama's stimulus work fast enough?

President-elect Barack Obama's plan for economic revival puts a big emphasis on public works projects. It also would rely on tax cuts.

But with the nation bruised by recession, with hundreds of thousands of jobs vanishing monthly, Obama's plan raises an urgent question: Will his remedies work fast enough?

The answer won't be clear for months or longer. In the meantime, pressure on the Obama team to deliver help quickly is intensifying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's use $20/hour for a hypothetical road repair construction wage. There are 2080 "working" hours in a year, less holidays, leaving 2000 working hours per vacationless, no-sick-dayless year. On top of that is another 11% minimum for FICA, workmen's comp. unemployment insurance, etc - often more. Doing the math, these jobs are gonna cost BO $44,400 per job-year. A little more math shows that BO's $1.36 billion buys 30,630 direct job-years. Historically, every basic job has generated 0.6 additional jobs. So, the number grows to a tad over 49,000 job-years.

At a $7.15 minimum wage, the total jumps to a little over 137,000 job-years. That's about 5.48% on BO's 2.5 million job target. This is the bulk of the job creation brainstorm. Only 2,363,000 jobs left to go.

The cost is about 0.16% of the $850 billion that Congress MIGHT bump the package to. Where does the other $848.64 billion go? There's $400 billion going to states over two years. Still missing $448.64 billion (a little less than $1500 per capita).

Gotta pay of this package somehow. Tax revenues will be down in a down economy. And there's a proposed tax cut of $140 billion (about $460 per capita). Two options, or some combination thereof; borrow or print. There is concern about an adequate source of lenders, especially if the dollar drops as predicted, so BO cannot be sure of that option. Printing (monetizing) drives inflation at a very bad time, but it's an
option that will be there - and note that inflation is just a somewhat different form of tax.

In BO's defense, he knows that the auto shoe is timed to drop on him at the worst possible moment. This is a lot of jobs at stake, at an unknown cost IF he can get something through Congress. That's a real IF given that there has been competent balking just to push the drop dead date to inauguration. The absence of any detail at all from the BO camp on this issue speaks volumes (of financial porn), and not just about the
auto mess.

BO has known for certain that this was gonna be his baby for 50 days. His feet hit the ground in 26 days (including 2 holidays). And he's on vacation (shades of early W). This am's news and data suggest that the ppt is NOT on vacation, and that's not in BO's favor.

Dec 24 08:13

Military center tracking Santa's sleigh ride

Even doubters have reason to pause when they hear the North American Aerospace Defense Command — or NORAD, which monitors air and space threats against the U.S. and Canada — is in charge of the annual Christmas mission to keep children informed of Santa's worldwide journey to their homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We got yer @#%ing 'HO HO HO' right here, elf! FIRE ONE!"

Dec 24 08:13

Bush signs bill offering businesses pension relief

President George W. Bush signed legislation Tuesday that frees businesses from having to pump billions into pension plans in the coming year, another sign of the nation's deepening economic crisis.

Congress approved the bill this month in one of its final acts of the year

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Very soon, there will be no such thing as pension funds in this country.

And social security funds?!? Not going to be there either.

Dec 24 08:11

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Merry Xmas, bullying powers

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will deliver a Christmas Day broadcast on Britain's Channel 4 television, occupying a slot used to provide an often controversial counterpoint to Queen Elizabeth II's traditional annual message, the station said Wednesday.

In his recorded message, Ahmadinejad offers seasonal greetings to Christians and says he believes that if Jesus were alive, he would "stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers," an apparent reference to the United States and its allies.

Dec 24 08:06

Surge To 26-Year High

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to yet more of Bush's "true legacy"!

Dec 24 07:32

Not the Biggest Scandal

Average Americans, nearly half of whom reportedly believe that the earth was formed just 6000 years ago and a fair proportion of whom believe that the sun revolves around the earth, might be excused for not understanding this point, but clearly intelligent members of Congress like former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and future secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who both claim they might not have voted for war "had they had known then what they know now," are themselves caught in a lie.

Dec 24 06:57

Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

Famously, Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the United States banking system during the first seven days of his first term.

And what did he do on the eighth day? "I think this would be a good time for beer," he said.

Dec 24 06:51

Analyst: One Third Of Banks Could Collapse In 2009

Financial analyst Ralph Silva of TowerGroup told CNBC this morning that he expects no less than one third of banks to fail in 2009 and that anything up to a thousand could collapse if they don’t merge.

Silva said that only five or six global banks have enough funds to survive comfortably throughout 2009.

“The rest of the banks, and that means a thousand other banks, don’t have enough money to get themselves through 2009,” added Silva.

Dec 24 06:30

Windows XP Extensions Reflect Vista's Woes

Microsoft in the past week announced yet another life extension for its supposedly retired Windows XP operating system, a sign that, despite almost two years on the market, Windows Vista is a no-go for most businesses.

Only 10% of 700 business executives recently surveyed by the Information Technology Industry Council and Sunbelt Software said their companies are using Windows Vista in the enterprise.

The numbers are consistent with other industry data and anecdotal observations.

Dec 24 06:12

Spectacular Christmas Lights from Around the World

The custom of festive lighting for Christmas is a long standing tradition which has been adopted in secular fashion in various cultures throughout the world.

Dec 24 06:10

U.S. Death Map: Where and How Nature Kills Most

A new map plotting deaths resulting from forces of nature reveals where Mother Nature is most likely to kill you.

Dec 24 06:08

Discovery Indicates Mars Was Habitable

Evidence of a key mineral on Mars has been found at several locations on the planet's surface, suggesting that any microbial life that might have been there back when the planet was wetter could have lived comfortably.

Dec 24 04:46

A Civil Limit to Political Activism?

Activists guilty of hate campaign Staff Writer | BBC England | Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

Four animal rights activists have been convicted of orchestrating a blackmail campaign against firms that supplied an animal testing research centre.

They used paedophile smears, criminal damage and bomb hoaxes to intimidate companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire.

December 23, 2008

Dec 23 23:42

ObamaWorks: A 'Compelling' Investment

Taxpayers are "investing" their tax dollars so that government gets new heating systems and light bulbs? How about just shutting off the power and closing down the building (for later auction to the private sector) as a way to save billions of taxpayers’ money?

Dec 23 22:57

Tina Fey voted AP Entertainer of the Year

Fey was voted The Associated Press' Entertainer of the Year, an annual honor chosen by newspaper editors and broadcast producers across the country. Fey was selected by AP members as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008.

In a sick sort of way, it's too bad Palin wasn't VeeP.

Dec 23 21:17

Obama's blackness, the white elites' psy-ops color

Obamanation: A Lesson In Black Power

"Hell yes, it matters so much that he is Black. But not as a justification for backslapping celebration. Obama is a tool of the ruling class and when the power of Blackness is used by the ruling class it is Black power in reverse, turned around to use as a weapon against everyone except the ruling class."

Dec 23 21:08

Economic Tsunami of 2009

The US is still in the early stages of a growing global economic crisis, combined with a tectonic monetary transformation, yet many American's are merely in a daze and struck with surreal disbelief

Dec 23 17:30

CBS: KBR knowingly exposed troops to toxic dust

A CBS News investigation has obtained evidence that a subsidiary of Halliburton, the giant energy company formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, knowingly exposed United States soldiers to toxic materials in Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is one word to describe the attitude of the KBR top brass for the US servicemen guarding this contractor detail, and that word is "expendable".

The damage this chemical can do is nothing new, and it is a known problem.

KBR should be responsible for paying every bit of these
Guardsmens' medical bills, and their families should be set for life in such a way that any other corporation will think very seriously about pulling this kind of stunt on any of our military again.

Dec 23 17:18

Housing Starts Fall Through the Floor

The Census Bureau reported a sharp drop in housing starts in November from a downwardly-revised October rate. The 625,000 annual rate of construction reported for November is 24.8 percent below the September rate. It is 47.0 percent below the November 2007 rate and it is 70.9 percent below the rate in November of 2005 at the peak of the building boom. In fact, the start reported for November is lower than any rate reported for the last fifty years.

Dec 23 17:15

Read it and weep

The end of days is here for the publishing industry -- or it sure seems like it. On Dec. 3, now known as "Black Wednesday," several major American publishers were dramatically downsized, leaving many celebrated editors and their colleagues jobless. The bad news stretches from the unemployment line to bookstores to literature itself.

Dec 23 16:05

Shirtless images of 'buff' Obama in Hawaii cause major U.S. media stir

Forget Barack Obama's staff making contact with a governor charged with corruption. What's got everyone talking is the president-elect's fine first form.

Dec 23 13:27


A new Citigroup scandal is engulfing Robert Rubin and his former disciple Chuck Prince for their roles in an alleged Ponzi-style scheme that's now choking world banking.

Director Rubin and ousted CEO Prince - and their lieutenants over the past five years - are named in a federal lawsuit for an alleged complex cover-up of toxic securities that spread across the globe, wiping out trillions of dollars in their destructive paths.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rubin's alleged Ponzi scheme dwarf's Madoff's, so why isn't this story getting more coverage?

Dec 23 13:23

Bush pardons 19, commutes 1 prison term

Included in the latest list is Charles Winters, who died in the 1980s in Florida. Winters helped ship arms and aircraft to Jews trying to found their own state in the Middle East. He was convicted of violating the Neutrality Act and served 18 months in prison. Two others, Herman Greenspun and Al Schwimmer, also were convicted but did not serve time. They were later granted presidential pardons.

Dec 23 13:22

Cheney admitted to FBI he altered Plame talking points in a manner certain to expose her

Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a still-highly confidential FBI report, admitted to federal investigators that he rewrote talking points for the press in July 2003 that made it much more likely that the role of then-covert CIA-officer Valerie Plame in sending her husband on a CIA-sponsored mission to Africa would come to light.

Cheney conceded during his interview with federal investigators that in drawing attention to Plame’s role in arranging her husband’s Africa trip reporters might also unmask her role as CIA officer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But I meant well! Wanna go quail hunting?"

Dec 23 12:58

Christmas with Hitler

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Man, that musta been one huge lump of coal in his stocking!!!!!!!!

Dec 23 11:58

Secret of the Lusitania: Arms find challenges Allied claims it was solely a passenger ship

Munitions they found in the hold suggest that the Germans had been right all along in claiming the ship was carrying war materials and was a legitimate military target.

Dec 23 11:57

Head of Fund Invested in Madoff Said to Commit Suicide

Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, a founder of the hedge fund Access International Advisors, was found dead early Tuesday in his office in Manhattan, the French business daily La Tribune reported on its Web site, after losing as much as $1.4 billion that had been invested with Bernard L. Madoff, the money manager accused of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Mr. de la Villehuchet, 65, committed suicide, La Tribune said, citing a someone close to Mr. de la Villehuchet.

Dec 23 11:51

The Federal Reserve Bank is the Reason for America's Downfall

The American Revolution was an extraordinary event. The idea that freedom was an inherent right, that tyranny could be successfully opposed, that government could serve the people, not the few, was truly revolutionary in 1776—as it is today.

The American Revolution, however, has run its course; and unless resuscitated and given new life, the American dream and the dreams of America 's founding fathers will soon be only a memory. Dreams rarely come to pass and those that do rarely last. The American dream is no exception.

Dec 23 11:49

Consumer Demand For Nearly Everything Plunges

Retail stores and exporters alike are in deep trouble as consumer demand for nearly everything is plunging.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People are realizing that they don't really NEED that lucky astrology mood watch with the Paris Hilton glow-in-the-dark band!

Dec 23 11:47

The Great Stocks and Commodities Deleveraging Crash of 2009

Dec 23 11:47

U.S. Economy Sinking in an Ocean of Newly Created Money

At one time or another we have all heard it said that "you cannot get there from here". Much the same can be said of the current state of the US economy. Every prominent economic pundit is focusing on falling demand as the economy's nemesis. Nouriel Roubini points out that "85 percent of aggregate demand -- consumption and fixed investment -- is now in free fall". It's even worse than that because final demand as it is calculated does not include inter-business spending (spending between the stages of production).

Dec 23 11:46

Congressman: "If We’re Not Very Lucky Or If We Don’t Do Everything Right, We Could Easily Have A Ten- Or Fifteen-Year Depression"

The economy is on the brink of an absolute catastrophe. I’ve been saying for six or seven months now that we’re in 1931. In 1931, a recession that started with the Crash of 1929 tipped into a fifteen-year depression. We are on the precipice of that. If we are very lucky and if we do everything very right from now, we will probably have a two- or three-year very bad recession. If we’re not very lucky or if we don’t do everything right, we could easily have a ten- or fifteen-year depression, a repeat of the 1930s.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, no problem; we'll just start another World War to get out of the mess, like we did the last two times!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 23 10:55

Cheney: If President Does it During Wartime, it's Legal

VP mocks successor, doesn't regret 'F*ck yourself' remark

Dec 23 10:54

IRS Enforcement Fell in 2008

# The audit rate of individuals fell to 1.01% (down from 1.03% in 2007)

* The reduction was most pronounced with individuals with incomes over $200,000, as the audit rate fell to 5.57% (down from 6.84% in 2007)

# The audit rate of business fell to 0.63% (down from 0.66% in 2007)

* The reductions was most pronounced with businesses with assets over $10 million, as the audit rate fell to 15.26% (down from 16.8% in 2007)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooooo, if I read this right, the IRS is focusing its enforcement and collections 3efforts on those people LEAST able to pay and letting the wealthier individuals and corporations skate?

Dec 23 10:47

Ohio TV station: Was Connell crash an accident or murder?

The death of Republican "IT guru" Mike Connell last Friday in a fiery plane crash has been the subject of intense speculation online about whether it might have been murder -- but very little of that speculation has made it into the national media. Now one local TV station in Connell's home state of Ohio is acknowledging that there are questions about his death.

Dec 23 09:37


Professor Falk had a little taste of Israel’s Nazi-like crimes and human rights violation when he traveled to Israel, last Sunday December 14th, 2008, to visit the Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to report on Israel’s compliance with human rights standards and international humanitarian law. The Israelis “detained” Professor Falk at the airport, treated his as a criminal and a threat to the state, humiliated him and deported him next day back to Geneva.

Dec 23 09:19

A Modern Day Christmas Carol

'Twas the month before Christmas and all through the land, all the people worried about 401K plans. The stock market volatile, the rogues still in charge, the congress in session, the consequence large. Giveaways to banking had been tied to no string. The unionized workers would enjoy no such thing.

Dec 23 09:18

Gladiators set to return to Colosseum for first time in 2,000 years

Dec 23 09:18

Pakistan military on 'red alert'

Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Pakistan, said the local media attributed its reports to military sources, who were confirming that the navy, air force and army were on red alert.

"The Pakistani air force have been seen visibly in a number of locations flying close to the Pakistani-India border in what is being described as an aggressive patrolling mode, following reports that India is planning pre-emptive strikes against locations in Pakistan," Hyder reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For two countries each claiming that they don't want this war, India and Pakistan appear to be moving inexorably toward war.

Is the media in both countries hying this possibility?


But one stupid mistake, one tiny miscalculation, or one misinterpretation of what is perceived on either side, could be the spark which triggers the explosion here.

Dec 23 09:15

U.S. developers look for a bailout from government

Dec 23 09:15

Housing crisis worsens as economy weakens

The desperate straits of many U.S. homeowners showed in new data released on Monday, suggesting efforts to help them are having limited success.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With vast chunks of the bailout supposedly intended to help homeowners vanishing into executive bonuses, I am hardly surprised.

Dec 23 09:12

Madoff Victims May Have to Return Profits, Principal

Under New York state law, which can be invoked for Madoff recoveries, a trustee can seek redemptions going back six years, said Tracy Klestadt, a New York bankruptcy lawyer.

Dec 23 09:09

wall street bailout: where did the money go?

$350 billion dollars have been spent so far on the wall street bailout. this is more than what was spent on the marshall plan, more than the apollo moon program and nearly as much as was spent to build the nations interstate highway system and the banks wont tell what they are doing with the money. there is another $350 billion dollars waiting to be spent.

Dec 23 09:09

White House Lied About Iraqi Yellowcake Buy, But That’s Not the Biggest Scandal

A new congressional report is belatedly confirming what many have long known: that the White House and in particular then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, lied to Congress in 2004 when he told them the Bush administration was not repeatedly warned by the CIA not to make the claim that Saddam had tried to buy uranium ore from Niger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Dec 23 09:05

Government and Fraud

The government itself runs a fraud much bigger than Madoff's. Our Social Security system is the very definition of a Ponzi, or pyramid scheme. If the government truly had an interest in protecting people's savings, they would allow people to opt out of Social Security altogether. We would cut wasteful spending, such as our overseas empire, to honor current obligations to seniors, and eventually phase the program out.

Dec 23 09:05

Keep Blowing And The Bubble Will Burst

If you blow long enough, you will burst any bubble. If you fail to maintain your brakes, they will break down at some inopportune time. Failure to maintain personal solvency in your bank account leads to bankruptcy. When you carry a balance on your credit card, you pay far higher than the original cost of the item or service.

How do you - or a nation - arrive at a point of financial breakdown? Does arrogant entitlement and over-extension beyond one's means resonate with today's news headlines?

Dec 23 09:03

Bernie Madoff (actually pronounced made-off)

Most of that wealth was acquired by inheritance or by actions like the stark avarice of the wizards on Wall Street. The result of such inheritance is the production of whole generations of George Bushes in the halls of financial power and government. Bernie screwed those guys, the ones who were screwing the rest of us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How many more are out there just like him?

Dec 23 09:00

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

The FBI appears to have begun using a novel form of electronic surveillance in criminal investigations: remotely activating a mobile phone's microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations.

The technique is called a "roving bug," and was approved by top U.S. Department of Justice officials for use against members of a New York organized crime family who were wary of conventional surveillance techniques such as tailing a suspect or wiretapping him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why all modern cell phones have a speakerphone function; not because people use speakerphones but because it explains away having a microphone on the cell phone that can hear the entire room.

Dec 23 08:58

China to crack down severely on pyramid sales, illegal banks

China plans to crack down on pyramid schemes and illegal banking services more severely as the nation's senior legislators on Monday began to discuss a law draft targeting such scams.

Dec 23 08:57

4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe

Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Henderson, a strapping Iraq combat veteran, spent the last, miserable months of his life as an Army recruiter, cold-calling dozens of people a day from his strip-mall office and sitting in strangers' living rooms, trying to sign up their sons and daughters for an unpopular war.

He put in 13-hour days, six days a week, often encountering abuse from young people or their parents. When he and other recruiters would gripe about the pressure to meet their quotas, their superiors would snarl that they ought to be grateful they were not in Iraq, according to his widow.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe he realized how many kids he had personally gotten killed by signing them up.

Dec 23 08:55

Russia Giving Iran ‘Only Defensive Weapons’

Via a statement by its military-technical cooperation agency, Russia once again denied that it intended to supply the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran, a denial it has repeated throughout the week over persistent Israeli concerns and comments from Iranian officials suggesting that the agreement had already been completed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if these weapons systems are only defensive, it really makes any possible US/Israeli-led strike against Iran more risky.

In a word; CHECKMATE! :-)

Dec 23 08:54


97% (2883 votes)
3% (104 votes)
Total votes: 2987
Dec 23 08:50

Jerusalem`s Latin Patriarch blasts Gaza blockade in pre-Christmas message

The Holy Land's top Roman Catholic cleric has lashed out at Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip and is calling on Palestinians to heal their political rift in his first pre-Christmas message.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even with all the protection afforded him by his position in the Catholic church, it still took a great deal of courage for this guy to to make that statement.

Dec 23 08:49

Hollywood actors' union postpones strike vote

Voting now will be delayed until after a January 12-13 emergency meeting of SAG's board, said labor officials, who the union's national board must meet first in order to present a united front before sending out strike ballots.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those of us working in the entertainment industry took it in the financial teeth when the writers struck over internet residuals. Most of us still have not recovered fully and are deeper in debt than we would have been had work continued normally. Now we are looking at a potential SAG strike. And again, the issue is internet residuals, and to judge by the results of the writer's strike the resulting gain in income to the stars will be tiny compared to the losses suffered by all the ancillary people made idle during the strike.

Dec 23 08:45

History will vindicate Bush administration, Rice says

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledged Monday that the Bush administration fell short of goals it had set for itself but maintained that history would prove it right.

"Over time I think that the fact that America has stood for the Arab world and for the Arabs to have the same rights and the same ability to live in freedom as we have, that that will ultimately be respected," Rice said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can this woman be so delusional as to make these statements, particularly about the Arab world's perception of the Bush presidency with an absolutely straight face?!?!

What the Arab world understands full well is the fact that the US can never be perceived by them as "an honest broker in the Middle East".

They full well understand the "Svengali effect" of Israel on US foreign policy. That effect engendered an attack on Iraq, because Iraq was an alleged "existential threat" to Israel. And no matter that the attack and occupation of Israel has proven to have been justified by a pack of lies, that was what we had to do: kill and maim Iraqis so the Israelis wouldn't have to soil their hands doing it.

They are desperately trying to do the same regarding Iran, although hopefully, the next administration will be much less carnage-prone than the current one when it comes to wars without end.

And her comment about "...Hamas wreaking havoc in Gaza...". Secretary Rice, when was the last time you planted your designer-shoe clad feet on the ground in Gaza to get a real assessment of what is happening there? Does the word "never" have a good chance of being an apt description?

As well documented by UN Human Rights Commission Documents you have probably studiously ignored, because of the Israeli siege, the people of Gaza are starving; some are eating grass just to survive. Malnutrition in children under 5 leaves irreversible damage.

Of course, this is one of the outcomes Israeli politicians understand will happen to the children of Gaza.

The medically fragile and ill (including infants) are being denied access to medical care which could save their lives. Y

ou must have some family member with a kid, or an infant, somewhere. Imagine knowing that care to save their lives was possible, but that child was not being allowed to access that care because they are the wrong ethnic group???

Does that not have some resonance for you, Madame Secretary?!?

I have a news flash for you: when a legendary champion of human rights, the Bishop Desmond Tutu, makes the observation that what is going on in the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is tantamount to apartheid, this guy should be afforded at least a little "street cred" for his opinion.

And now for the "coup de grace" for Gazan Palestinians, courtesy of the IDF. There will be an assault coming, in the very near future, which may well wipe out scores of non-combatants (who are, courtesy of malnutrition and illness) going to be one heck of a lot easier to "pick off" because of their weakened physical state. Israeli diplomats have been instructed to fan the world in a "charm offensive" to justify this impending slaughter.

But this time, Madame Secretary, something will be different. This carnage will be covered from cellphone cameras, other cameras, and be all over the net in a matter of minutes from when it happened.

The world will then see who is truly responsible for the "havoc" in Gaza.

Dec 23 08:43

US determined to unlock Switzerland's banking secrets

It is a world of encrypted laptops, unmarked mail and the briefest stops in multiple hotels. Accusations by US prosecutors this week shed a fascinating light on the allegedly cloak-and-dagger world of UBS, Switzerland's biggest bank.

A grand jury in Florida has charged one of UBS's top executives, Raoul Weil, with helping 17,000 Americans to avoid tax by safeguarding their money in secret Swiss bank accounts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But Dick Cheney's Vice Presidential records are private, right?

Dec 23 08:42

America's Child Soldiers: US Military Recruiting Children to Serve in the Armed Forces

In violation of its pledge to the United Nations not to recruit children into the military, the Pentagon “regularly target(s) children under 17,” the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) says.

The Pentagon “heavily recruits on high school campuses, targeting students for recruitment as early as possible and generally without limits on the age of students they contact,” the ACLU states in a 46-page report titled “Soldiers of Misfortune.”

This is in violation of the U.S. Senate's 2002 ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Dec 23 08:41

Homeless surge warning for 2009

Homeless charities' Christmas campaigns have begun amid fears the new year could see homelessness surge.

Dec 23 08:38

More questions about the Connell crash...

Dec 23 08:37

War College warns military must prepare for unrest; IMF warns of economic riots

Dec 23 08:37

The GOP winter blunderland

You have to hand it to the Republicans. Seriously. You have to. If not, they'll beat and belittle you, take whatever you have, anyway, and then insist you never had it in the first place.

Dec 23 08:36

US military buildup in Afghanistan taking form

The Pentagon is poised to announce the deployment of at least one more combat brigade to Afghanistan in the coming weeks, as the expected force buildup of U.S. soldiers and Marines begins to take form.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously, word has gone out from Obama that he will NOT be winding down the wars any time soon, or the Pentagon would not bother making preparations to send more troops only to have them turn around and come home.

Dec 23 08:35

Rove threatened him - now he's dead

Dec 23 08:33

FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7

Though Rastuccio expresses his opinion that the building had collapsed without the aid of explosives, he admits that a plan had been in place to deliberately demolish the structure.

Dec 23 08:31

Liberal fear of diseases and trust in science. A totalitarian's dream.

Just as the Right has sold American civil liberties down the river for an attempt at "safety from terrorists" - not minding the CENTRALIZATION of spying agencies set up with huge data banks to spy on lefties/commies/pinkos/Muslim/terrorists who threaten this country with their lack of obedience to authority/patriotism, the Left has sold American civil liberties down the river for an attempt at "food safety" - not minding that a CENTRALIZED "food safety" Department is being planned which will have huge data banks for spying on the right/rednecks/racists/farmers who threaten this country with th

Dec 23 08:29

Sex slavery: Living the American nightmare

The woman, Maribel Rodriguez Vasquez, was the sixth member of her family to be rounded up in the two-year multi-agency investigation. Vasquez, five of her relatives and three other Guatemalan nationals were charged with 50 counts, alleging that they lured at least a dozen young women — including five minors as young as 13 years old — to the United States with promises of good jobs, only to put them to work as prostitutes. All remain in custody as investigators attempt to unravel the complex case.

Dec 23 08:29

Herding Humans For Profit

Basically, the Pentagon and the CIA are working in tandem to force targeted nations like India and Pakistan to accept the decision which has been made to “outsource” the terror war to them and other patsy nations like them. Agency contract hits like the Mumbai attack and bombings in FATA are blamed on “al Qaida” by the government-controlled media in the West and in the media controlled by the “patsy” foreign governments. Biased, hate-based reporting serves to drive patriotic fervor to a frenzied state.

Dec 23 08:26

Pushing solvent builders into trouble

They're also doing it to builders who are making payments on time and trying to do the right thing even if the value of property under construction has declined.

Take the case of Earl Snyder, Snyder Construction Co., Englewood. His credit score is 848, he's never been late on his payments, yet in late October, his bank gave him 60 days to repay a $2.5 million loan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While the banks on Wall Street rob billions of taxpayer’s money with no accountability whatsoever, on Main Street they call in loans from hardworking honest builders with good credit, making the problem worse.

Dec 23 08:25

Meltdown forces lenders to pull the plug on the shipping sector

As liquidity has dried up and trust evaporated, banks have refused to write the letters of credit vital to the shipping of bulk goods.

Dec 23 08:24

Unisys to cut 1,300 jobs, consolidate plants

Unisys Corp. said it will slash 1,300 jobs globally as part of an effort to cut costs by more than $225 million a year.

The technology services provider has struggled as demand for its services has waned due to tightening credit and curbed customer spending. In November Standard and Poor's said it was taking the company off its S&P 500 index.

Dec 23 08:22

Regulator in IndyMac case gets reassigned

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said the "backdating" to March 31 of the $18 million capital injection into IndyMac by its parent company was done in May so the bank could meet first-quarter government requirements for reserves held against possible losses.

Dec 23 08:22

Beware of Zombie Banks!

The collapse of money markets and equities has unleashed a torrent of cash looking for new places to go. Big recipients have been certificates of desposit offered by small and regional banks. These banks have the same issues with real estate exposure of the big banks, but they're not getting any bailout money. So instead, they've been shoring up deposits by offering better CD rates than the big guys. And investors have been scouring the Web for the highest rates and snapping them up with little regard to the banks’ health. That's what FDIC insurance is for, right?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may be a puff piece written to help the big banks keep customers. The fact is that less greedy (i.e. smaller) banks may be far less exposed to the sub-prime mess than their larger more avaricious brethren.

It is up to the depositors to do their due diligence in their own area, but here in Hawaii, in part because of the excesses of the Japanese Real estate crash of the 90s, our local small banks avoided the sub-prime mortgages and hence are actually relatively healthy. So there are some safe havens out there. You just have to work to find them.

Dec 23 08:17

US warns Russia against selling missiles to Iran

State Department says US has 'repeatedly made clear at senior levels of the Russian government that we would strongly oppose the sale of the S-300' to Tehran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As this appears very prominently in YNET NEWS, it is obvious that this article is engineered for Israeli domestic public consumption.

What the US can actually do to intervene in any selling of any arms to Iran by Russia is the sum total of one, big, fat, hairy nothing.

Dec 23 08:16

Five guilty of US army base plot

Some daydreamers were spotted as good patsies for the FBI to use to show they are catching "terrorists". As usual, these people could not have carried out any part of their wet dreams without the help of the FBI. Just like the Miami 7 who were taught how to make bombs by the FBI to blow up the Sears Tower. The FBI can't find real terrorists so they create them to show they are doing their job.

Dec 23 08:14

Hillary Clinton plans a more powerful State Dept: NY Times

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Let Obama run the United States; I get the rest of the world!!!!" -- Hildebeast

Dec 23 08:13

Judge denies former Agriprocessors CEO release

Magistrate Jon Scoles on Monday denied a release for former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin pending his trial.

Prosecutors allege Rubashkin tried to tamper with evidence when he was released from jail after earlier charges of harboring illegal immigrants, document fraud and identity theft. Rubashkin pleaded not guilty to those charges and is being held at the Dubuque County Jail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a concern that Rubashkin might flee to Israel where he would be an automatic citizen. There is an extradition treaty between the US and Israel, but apparently Israel rarely honors it.

One more interesting point about this story. Rubashkin and his associates were operating a meth lab out of their meat packing plants but this apsect of the case has vanished from the already-slim media reports about the Agriprocessor scandal.

Dec 23 08:11

CALIFORNIA BROKE? State Could Run Out Of Money In Two Months, Says Official

California's chief financial officer warned Monday that the state would run out of money in about two months as hopes of a Christmas budget compromise melted into political finger-pointing by the end of the day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is apparent that in the halls of power in Sacramento,that the needs of the people of California - and the need for intelligent, tough choices - have absolutely no relevance to the "male-attribute-measuring" contest going on between the Governor and the Legislature.

Were I a California voter at this point, I would vote every single incumbent out of office the next possible chance I had.

Dec 23 08:07

GM Investors Bet Lifeline From U.S. Won’t Be Enough

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are right. It's just a going away present to the executives paid for by YOU!

Dec 23 08:02

Odd bumping noise heard on Denver plane's tape

Investigators trying to determine why a Continental Airlines plane veered off a runway and skidded into a ravine heard an odd bumping and rattling noise on the flight's recorders shortly before it tried to take off.

Dec 23 07:59


The Jewish social philosophy class at Yeshiva University was supposed to focus on repentance, but there seemed to be too much to atone for. In the eyes of the students, Bernard L. Madoff had deceived scores of people, turned billions of dollars into dust and ruined many lives. So instead, the graduate seminar of 15 began by debating whether Mr. Madoff’s actions were sins, and whether it mattered that he was Jewish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no debate. Yes, Madoff's actions are sins. No, it does not matter that he is Jewish.

Dec 23 07:57


Ameera Ahmad, 25, gave birth to daughter Layan six months ago. Here, she tells of life under siege and of her struggle to bring up a child after 18 months of Israeli blockade

Dec 23 07:56


Just imagine having your children waking up on Christmas morning and hearing birds chirping instead of guns being fired….
Just imagine sending your child to the grocery store for fresh bread and having him return with it….. ALIVE
Just imagine going off to work in the morning and getting there on time…..

The above are all just dreams to millions of people living in occupied Palestine…. aside from the basic rights guaranteed them by the United Nations, in recent years they have been denied the basic right to life itself!

This situation must end…. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

Dec 23 07:55

How do they do It? I Really want to Know.

I note that the people who donate to this site are usually the ones who can least afford to and others (I know what I’m talking about here) who come here and make more in a month than I make in ten years tend to give me nothing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, I noticed that too! :)

Dec 23 07:54

The Federal Reserve Bank is the Reason for America's Downfall

What happened in 1776 has been subverted by the passage of time and the inconstancy of later generations. Those who rule America today have subverted the principles enumerated in the US Constitution; principles the Founding Father hoped would guide those who followed them through the crises yet to come.

Dec 23 07:52

The math behind a snowflake

Snowflakes have fascinated most of us since the beggining of time. They say that there are no two snowflakes alike and that isn’t very far away from the truth. No two snowflakes are truly alike, but they can be very similar to each other, said Janko Gravner, a mathematics professor at UC Davis.

Dec 23 07:50

Physics of the Impossible - Possible ?

Michio Kaku, a highly regarded physicist and one of the world’s leading authorities on string theory (essentially an attempt to discover a “theory of everything” combining all of the known physical forces) has virtually redefined what is impossible and what is not

Dec 23 07:19

Wall Street Swindler Strikes Powerful Blows for Social Justice

The Positive Side of Madoff’s Mega-Swindle (The Inadvertent Hand of Justice)

While it is understandable that the super-rich and wealthy, who have lost a large portion of their retirement and investment funds are unanimous in their condemnation and cries of betrayal of trust, and the editorials of all the prestigious newspapers and weeklies have joined the chorus of moral critics, there is much to praise in Madoff’s deeds, even if such praise was not at the heart of his fraudulent endeavor.

Dec 23 05:46

Russian Arms Suspect says US framed him

A suspected Russian arms dealer appeared in a Thai court on Monday, shackled and wearing an orange prison jump suit, and claimed he had been framed by the US to damage Russia’s relations with Thailand.

Dec 23 03:47

Even jury hiring is frozen

Come February, the red-brick Rockingham County Courthouse, one of New Hampshire's busiest, will arraign criminal suspects, process legal motions and otherwise deal with murders, mayhem and contract disputes. What it won't do is hold jury trials. The economic storm has come to this: Justice is being delayed or disrupted in state courtrooms across the country.

Dec 23 01:42

Shoppers Bring Haggling Skills to the Mall

NEW YORK (AP) -- If you're looking for an extra bargain before the holidays, you may only have to ask.

With holiday sales shaping up to be the lowest in years, possibly the worst since the industry began annual comparisons in 1969, retailers say they're taking consumers' demands for good deals seriously. Some are extending return policies, while others are matching competitors' prices. Many are volunteering on-the-spot discounts and even letting customers haggle prices well down from what's marked in a desperate bid to make the cash register ring.

December 22, 2008

Dec 22 21:56

In Hard Times, Houses of God Turn to Chapter 11 in Book of Bankruptcy


and ... "He loves you and he needs your money!"

Dec 22 20:41

Jobs cut as liquidator seizes Madoff's UK fund

Madoff Securities International's traders are believed to have unwound all their positions on Friday morning and could not carry on doing business because all their capital belonged to Mr Madoff and his family. The New Yorker is now under house arrest after being accused of a $50bn investment fraud.

Dec 22 18:41

US, UK not doing enough to rein in Pak: Pranab

on Monday made plain its displeasure with US and UK for not doing enough to get Pakistan to fulfil its promise of action against
jihadi terrorists behind 26/11 and other terror attacks, saying it would be forced to disregard the call for restraint if Islamabad was not made to behave.

Mukherjee, who was addressing a global conference of more than 122 Indian envoys, said that India would have to "deal with this problem" on its own, since international action against Pakistan had not been enough.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sure sounds like "diplospeak" for: "give us what you want, or there will be retaliation!!"

Dec 22 18:32

Homeland Security: The reality show

On Thursday, ABC announced a mid-season replacement show called "Homeland Security USA." From Arnold Shapiro, the Emmy-winning producer of such documentaries as Scared Straight," the network said the series will give viewers an unprecedented look at the work of the men and women at the DHS "while they use the newest technology to safeguard our country and enforce our law."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? It's on TV what a wonderful job we are doing!!!!!"

This goes on the block list.

Dec 22 18:30

Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever

A new national poll suggests that almost a quarter of Americans think that Dick Cheney is the worst vice president in American history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There's your legacy, Dick!

Dec 22 18:28

IAF plans to hit targets in 24 hours

Meanwhile, the ex-Army Chief of Pakistan General (R) Aslam Baig has said that US General Mullen is pressing our authorities to allow India to hit certain targets, keeping silent and indifferent to the situation as they have been doing in case of US attacks, which he believes, will cool down India and diffuse tensions between the two countries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although this unsourced, this is very disconcerting, if true.

I don't think Islamabad will allow Indian military strikes against it to go unanswered in kind, no matter what US General Mullen has to offer.

Dec 22 18:27

Where's MY Bailout???

Dec 22 18:25

Taxpayers in Revolt

Many taxpayers just couldn’t pay at the depth of the depression and others wouldn’t pay for ideological reasons, believing that government should suffer along with taxpayers. The tax revolt movement attracted 30,000 members in Chicago alone and the Windy City’s government was faced with financial collapse as property owners stopped paying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make as many people dependent on taxes as possible, so they will put pressure on the rest of America to pay the government's bills no questions asked!

Dec 22 18:18

PC Konk the clown strip-searched by airport security guards

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"He was acting funny!"

Dec 22 18:03

Bush shoe-thrower 'tortured into writing letter of apology'

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush was tortured into writing a letter of apology, his brother said today.

Muntazer al-Zaidi was wrestled to the ground after throwing his shoes during a news conference held by the US president and the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, on 14 December.

The investigating judge in the case said last week that Zaidi, who will stand trial on 31 December, was beaten around the face and eyes. Zaidi's brother, Uday, said the journalist suffered worse injuries, including a missing tooth and cigarette burns to his ears, and would sue.

Dec 22 18:01

Vote delayed on legality of British troops

The legality of the continued presence of British troops in Iraq was far from certain last night as the Baghdad parliament delayed a crucial vote on the issue.

Iraq's parliament, caught up in a furious but unrelated dispute, will meet in emergency session today when British officials hope that some form of legal cover will be given to British forces in Basra before they leave next summer. However, the outcome remains unclear, and though ministers and officials in London were playing down the problem, it is causing concern to military commanders on the ground.

Dec 22 18:00

Blind man demonstrates 'blindsight' phenomenon by navigating obstacle course

A man who completely lost his sight after brain damage has astonished scientists by negotiating an obstacle course without his cane, in a powerful demonstration of an eerie phenomenon known as “blindsight”.

The man, known only as TN, was blinded by strokes on both sides of his brain which left him unable to see and devoid of any activity in the brain regions that control vision. He uses a stick to detect obstacles, and has to be guided around buildings. However, TN was known to exhibit blindsight, a strange ability some blind people have to detect things that they cannot see.

Dec 22 15:55

German intel head threatens whistleblower site

In the latest twist in a scandal involving the presence of the German intelligence service or Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) in the Balkan nation of Kosovo, the head of the BND has ordered whistleblower website Wikileaks to remove all BND-related files under threat of "immediate prosecution."

Dec 22 15:53

Arabs lavish jewels on Secretary of State Rice

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I thought there were laws against such things!

Dec 22 15:35

Skepticism on climate change

Just another forum, then, sounding the usual alarums on the looming threat from global warming?

Dec 22 13:16

Hans Blix: "Cheney threatened to discredit me"

Hans Blik talks about the moment Dick Cheney threatened to discredit him and Mohamed El-Baradei over Weapons Inspections in Iraq.

Dec 22 12:53

Bush's Detroit bailout looks like a path to bankruptcy

Bush's Detroit bailout looks like a path to bankruptcy for General Motors and Chrysler. Billed as a way to give the two automakers breathing room, the deal actually imposes tough targets that must be hit in only three months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... when Obama gets to take the fall for it!

Dec 22 12:52

Greed has pushed political credibility and financial trust into freefall

'What an ideology is, is a conceptual framework with the way people deal with reality," Alan Greenspan told the Congressional House oversight and government reform committee on 23 October. "Everyone has one. You have to - to exist, you need an ideology. The question is whether it is accurate or not." As the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, from 1987 to 2006, Greenspan stood at the helm of US monetary policy during the time conditions for the current meltdown were being created.

Dec 22 12:49

Scientists discover new forest with undiscovered species on Google Earth

Conservationists have found a host of new species after discovering uncharted new territory on the internet map Google Earth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think I am going to set up a new website and all it will be is that volunteers from around the world will log in and receive a set of grid coordinates for a 1 mile by 1 mile area on Earth, and they will search through it and click off some checkboxes as to what is there plus an open text note field.

Google Earth has already found ancient lost cities and other such wonders. Maybe it is time to organize an online search!

Dec 22 12:47

George Bush aide dies in plane crash

Mystery surrounds the death of a Republican pollster, recently compelled to give evidence about alleged election fraud in the 2004 election in Ohio, after he was killed in a plane crash.

Dec 22 12:32

Will Bush Pardon Cheney on Christmas Eve?

Last week, Cheney was all over TV setting the stage for pardons. He admitted he personally approved torture, but insisted it destroyed Al Qaeda and saved American lives.

According to a powerful article by David Rose in Vanity Fair, the Bush-Cheney torture regime accomplished exactly the opposite. The torture photos from Abu Ghraib helped Al Qaeda's recruitment soar. U.S. officers in Iraq say torture-inspired attacks on U.S. soldiers were the #1 and #2 cause of soldiers' deaths. CIA analysts say the "intelligence" produced by torture was worthless.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if Dick Cheney believes that Jews drink the blood of Christian children? Because under waterboarding, both with the Nazis and the Inquisition, Jews confessed to doing so!

So, if Dick Cheney is correct and waterboarding produces reliable results, then yes indeed, Jews did drink the blood of Christian Children.

Likewise, and again during the inquisition, countless women, including nuns, confessed to having actual carnal relations with Satan after being waterboarded.

So, if Dick Cheney is correct and waterboarding produces reliable results, then Satan is holed up at the Hyatt in
Ft. Worth, knocking up nuns as I type this!


We recognize that the Jews who confessed to drinking the blood of children did so only to stop their torture. And likewise we recognize that the victims of the inquisition said whatever their tormentors wished to hear, simply to stop the water and the fire.

You cannot have it both ways, Dick. If the screamed confessions of Iraqi victims are all true and accurate, then women do indeed turn into black cats at midnight!

Dec 22 12:20

Will Canada see its first white Christmas since '71?

Dec 22 12:19

Forest Service keeps Christmas tree cash

The price of permits to cut down Christmas trees in several Western national forests is nearly doubling in some cases, but the additional revenues will not go to local schools or road projects, the traditional beneficiaries of the timber program.

Instead, the National Forest Service is taking advantage of loopholes in legislation and keeping most of the money, according to a public-lands watchdog group.

Dec 22 11:49

Iraq shoe-thrower's brother says he'd do it again

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush says he would do it again and that he was forced to write a letter of apology after being tortured in jail, the journalist's brother claimed Monday.


Let's hope his aim is better the next time.

Dec 22 09:39

Obama & Biden To Protect Bush Administration Criminals

It’s par for the course for Obama and Biden, the men who promised “change” but in every step of their preparations for assuming office have pursued nothing but continuity, to acknowledge that they will protect criminals in the Bush administration from prosecution for authorizing torture, a complete violation of both the U.S. constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder what would have happened if Charlie Manson has used that as a defense?

"Yes, your honor, I did authorize the killing of Sharon Tate and the rest, but you know, we need to focus on the future rather than the past!"

Dec 22 09:39


For most of this week there has been virtually no Internet connectivity to much of the Middle East. This has caused many problems to merchants and to areas of education… needless to say, the Blogesphere…

Dec 22 09:36


Extremists spray-painted `Mohammed is a pig` and `Death to Arabs` early Sunday on the walls and doors of the Sea Mosque in Jaffa, sparking the fury of the Islamic Movement in the mixed Arab-Jewish city.

The hate slogans also included `Kahane was right,` a reference to the slain Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the outlawed anti-Arab Kach movement, and `No peace without the House of Peace,` alluding to the Hebron structure from which dozens of far-right activists were evicted earlier this month.

Dec 22 09:36

Fed Orders Dividend Halt at Three Small U.S. Banks

The Federal Reserve Board on Monday
ordered three small banking firms to suspend dividend payments and
submit plans and progress reports aimed at improving operations.

Dec 22 09:35

Modified mortgages re-defaulting at high rates: regulators

More than half of mortgages modified in the first quarter were at least 30 days delinquent after half a year, and it's necessary to figure out why so many modifications are not preventing re-defaults, regulators said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BECAUSE NOBODY HAS THE HIGH-PAYING JOBS THEY USED TO HAVE, FOOLS! Just shuffling the debt around is not going to fix things. We have to jump-start manufacturing, and as much as we need to repair the infrastructure, just putting people to work filling potholes isn't going to fix the economy either!

Dec 22 09:34

A Letter From A Palestinian Muslim to Santa

Could you please swing by Palestine, and in particular to a place called Gaza this year. It is not too far from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, who is ‘the reason for the season’. There are 1.5 million people who are starving there in Gaza and have been under siege from air, sea, and ground for almost three years. You may ask what is the reason for that? Those people wanted to be free and independent just like us here in America.

Dec 22 09:25


No one is enthusiastic about the latest escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, except perhaps the warmongers in Tel Aviv and the American-backed Arab and Palestinian traitors who would do anything and go to any extent to please their masters in Washington, D.C.

Dec 22 09:20

Jewish leaders bracing for Madoff fallout

At the same time, some Jewish leaders are bracing for a backlash of anti-Semitism, which they believe is already being triggered by the very public focus on Jewish wealth and an alleged Jewish criminal.

Dec 22 09:19

Madoff Scheme Was ‘Impossible’ to Do Alone, Says EIM’s Busson

Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme, which might have cost investors $50 billion, couldn’t have been carried out alone, said Arpad ‘Arki’ Busson, chairman and founder of Swiss investment firm EIM SA.

“For the amount of money and number of accounts, it’s practically impossible that he was doing this alone,” said Busson, whose $11.5 billion fund of hedge funds had about $230 million invested with Madoff. “What’s mind-boggling is the amount of assets and the amount of time he was doing it.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and who called off the SEC.

Dec 22 09:05

New Report: Worldwide Bankruptcy Wave About to Hit

Europe and the U.S. are about to experience a significant increase in business failures.

That's the conclusion reached by Paris-based Euler Hermes, the world's largest credit insurer, in a recently released 57-page report on business insolvencies worldwide.

Dec 22 09:04

Our 2009 Predictions

The most important news for 2008 was the destruction of the big global banks' net worth and their badly wounded ability to conduct normal business and make market-moving loans. Ben & Hank's bailout only helped the bad-boy banks reliquify themselves to remain somewhat solvent and stay in business. They are doing nothing to extend credit to any business enhancing western or global economies. The 2009 result will be no significant banker lending, taking more bailout money and sweeping additional bad loans of all stripes under the banker's rug and hiding the rest in back rooms.