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November 18, 2008

Nov 18 09:59

Finding the words to say it

"The BBC’s Tim Franks in Jerusalem says we have no clue as to when or where this video was shot and it is impossible to know just how frequently such incidents occur." — 'BBC: Israel army studies 'abuse video’

But right below this it says,

"But a leading Israeli human rights group says "many instances of abuse are not exposed because they have become the norm"".

But is this all this group said? Why isn’t the group named? Why is the source not identified? It seems the 'rules’ that allegedly govern reportage are as flexible as Mr Franks interpretation of events are.

Nov 18 09:51

Obama advisers: Harsh interrogators will walk

Even as President-elect Obama vowed "to regain America's moral stature in the world" during Sunday's 60 Minutes appearance, two of his senior advisers confessed there is no intent to pursue those in the Bush administration who engaged in torture.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to the Associated Press, the advisers said that the plan is to put a stop to current interrogation methods and to "look forward" as opposed to focusing on prior transgressions.

The Obama transition team did not offer a response before the report was published.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The whole point of the Nuremberg trials was that "I am only following orders" was not a sufficient excuse for tortures and other war criminals to evade punishment for their actions.

Obama's credibility as the harbinger of change will crumble if he fails to hold the people responsible for this travesty to account.

Nov 18 09:40

Google's browser labelled a 'digital Trojan horse'

Perhaps the biggest threat to Google's increasing dominance of internet search and advertising is the rising fear, justified or not, that Google's broadening reach is giving it unchecked power.

This scrutiny goes deeper than the skeptical eye that lawmakers and the US Justice Department have given to Google's proposed ad partnership with Yahoo. Many objections to that deal are financial, and surround whether Google and Yahoo could unfairly drive up online ad prices.

Nov 18 09:31

Top 10 reasons to be paranoid

The truth is out there ... and so is your data. And just because there are no virtual black helicopters following you doesn't mean somebody somewhere doesn't have a bead on who you are and what you are doing.

Nov 18 09:28

Saks posts bigger-than-expected 3Q loss

Nov 18 09:25

Urgent International Push for Pollard

A massive and concerted effort is being made to bring about the release of Jonathan Pollard from prison after 23 years – directed both at PM Olmert and Pres. Bush.

In the knowledge that outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush is currently preparing a list of possibly hundreds of American prisoners to pardon, the goal of the international campaign is to have Jonathan Pollard included.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Bush pardons this traitor to his country, it will rank as one of the most despicable, vile acts he has ever done, and that is saying something.

As reported at:

This is what the American Journalist, Seymour Hersh, had to say:

"In the course of my own interviews for this account, the officials who knew the most about Jonathan Pollard made it clear that they were talking because they no longer had confidence that President Clinton would do what they believed was the right thing -- keep Pollard locked up. Pollard, these officials told me, had done far more damage to American national security than was ever made known to the public; for example, he betrayed elements of four major American intelligence systems. In their eyes, there is no distinction between betraying secrets to an enemy, such as the Soviet Union, and betraying secrets to an ally. Officials are loath to talk publicly about it, but spying on allies is a fact of life: the United States invests billions annually to monitor the communications of its friends. Many American embassies around the world contain a clandestine intercept facility that targets diplomatic communications. The goal is not only to know the military and diplomatic plans of our friends but also to learn what intelligence they may be receiving and with whom they share information. "If a friendly state has friends that we don't see as friends," one senior official explained, sensitive intelligence that it should not possess -- such as that supplied by Pollard -- "can spread to others." Many officials said they were convinced that information Pollard sold to the Israelis had ultimately wound up in the hands of the Soviet Union."

Nov 18 09:22

Atheists Reach Out -- Just Don't Call It Proselytizing

Late next month, atheists, humanists, freethinkers, secularists -- in short, nonbelievers of every description -- will gather in dozens of cities to mark the holiday they call HumanLight.

Whether by singing from a Humanist Hymnal, decorating a winter wreath or lighting candles dedicated to personal heroes, they'll celebrate what has been an exhilarating ride for the faithless -- a surge in recognition that has many convinced they're on the brink of making a mark on mainstream America.

Nov 18 09:20

Obama Owes Diamond Real Change

President-elect Obama is, first and foremost, a consummate politician who has no doubt compromised himself to become the zenith star of one of the two political parties that control the electoral process, and whose well-heeled and connected sponsors are not at all interested in “change you can believe in” if it adversely affects their bottom line or their particular agenda.

Diamond and her friends should let the post victory euphoria subside and then ask Obama a few questions. They need to call in some chits, which will be redeemable only until November 2012.

Nov 18 09:19

Producer Prices Post Record Drop As Commodity Prices Slide

U.S. producer prices posted a record drop last month, sliding for a third straight month as raw material and energy prices tumbled.

Nov 18 09:18

Egypt court says aid must be allowed into Gaza

Despite an Israeli economic blockade in place to limit traffic to and from the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian court has ruled that Cairo must allow humanitarian aid and supplies to enter Gaza via the Rafah Border Crossing. The Rafah Border Crossing is the small Mediterranean stip of land's only border to the outside world.

Presently, Egypt has limited humanitarian trucks from entering Gaza as part of its border crackdown in line with Israeli policies.

The court said the action was in violation of Egyptian law and contradicted official government policy.

Nov 18 09:15

China's Hu strikes deals in Cuba

President Hu Jintao of China is set to meet Cuban leader Raul Castro later in the day as part of his multi-stop tour of the US and Latin America.

The two nations are agreeing multiple deals on trade and loans as China bid to strengthen its links with Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Nov 18 09:12

How the CIA created Osama bin Laden

“Throughout the world ... its agents, client states and satellites are on the defensive — on the moral defensive, the intellectual defensive, and the political and economic defensive. Freedom movements arise and assert themselves. They're doing so on almost every continent populated by man — in the hills of Afghanistan, in Angola, in Kampuchea, in Central America ... [They are] freedom fighters.”

Is this a call to jihad (holy war) taken from one of Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin Laden's notorious fatwas? Or perhaps a communique issued by the repressive Taliban regime in Kabul?

Nov 18 09:07

When Will Obama Give Up the Bin Laden Ghost Hunt?

In a talk to the Atlantic Council this week CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden said Osama bin Laden is alive. I'll take his word for it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 18 09:05

Do You Care Who Carries Out the Next Attack on America?

Before we launch world war 3, ask yourself: would you care if Iran, China and Russia were really behind the attacks?

Of course you would.

Well, then you would also want to know whether Bin Laden was really behind 9/11, whether rogue elements within the U.S. allowed the attacks to succeed, or whether it was actually an "inside job".

Think about it. If, like Howard Zinn, you say "I don't care if 9/11 is an inside job", you are really saying you don't care if future attacks are real attacks or false flag attacks intended to justify war against a concocted enemy.

Nov 18 09:03

A New Path For Israel?

Hours after resigning as prime minister of Israel on September 21, 2008, Ehud Olmert gave an interview to the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth (excerpted in the New York Review of Books), in which he seems to have made a 180 degree turnaround from his former views. Olmert said,

Nov 18 09:00

AIPAC's Man in the Obama Camp

Barack Obama's first appointment, that of Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, is quite frankly unsettling and suggests that voters who had hoped for real change in Washington will be disappointed. There should also be some concern on the part of Americans who believe that a close and continuing relationship with a foreign government might disqualify one for high office in the United States.

Nov 18 08:59

Italian Businessman Who Claimed Vatican Ties Is Sentenced to 54 Months in Prison

The sentencing punctuated a dramatic narrative that stretched back to Mr. Follieri’s arrest last summer and became fodder for gossip columnists and TV shows because of his associations with Ron Burkle, a friend of former President Bill Clinton, and the actress Anne Hathaway, whom he dated.

Nov 18 08:58

'Crew safe' as pirates open talks

Somali pirates who hijacked an oil tanker with 25 crew, including two Britons, on board have opened negotiations, the vessel's operator said today.

Nov 18 08:56

Should taxpayers bail out auto industry?

12% (330 votes)
69% (1944 votes)
Invest in new auto companies
19% (543 votes)
Total votes: 2817
Nov 18 08:55

Vigilante Man: Crime Without End, Amen

The Iraq War? Illegal. Who says so? The former top law lord of America's main ally in the invasion and occupation. What does it mean? It means that the whole mass-murdering operation was, has been, and remains a damnable crime against humanity by any and all legal standards, even those of the invading countries themselves. (To say nothing of the moral abomination involved).

Nov 18 08:54

85 companies default on debt in 2008: S&P

Eighty-five companies worldwide defaulted on their debt in the year through November 11, impacting a total of $284 billion, up sharply from the two previous years, Standard & Poor's said Monday.

By comparison, there were only 22 defaults for all of 2007 and 30 in 2006, the agency said in a statement.

Seventy of the 85 companies are based in the United States, five in Europe, four in Asia, three in Canada, two in Mexico and one in Russia, according to Diane Vazza, head of S&P's fixed income group.

Nov 18 08:51

House sales plummet by record amount

Nov 18 08:46

Iraq war 'violated rule of law'

Legal advice given to Tony Blair by the attorney general prior to the Iraq war was fundamentally "flawed," a former law lord has claimed.

Lord Bingham said Lord Goldsmith had given Mr Blair "no hard evidence" that Iraq had defied UN resolutions "in a manner justifying resort to force".

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 18 08:13

Does Your Boss Have to Pay You While Vista Boots Up?

Lawyers are noting a new type of lawsuit, in which employees are suing over time spent booting [up] their computers. ... During the past year, several companies, including AT&T Inc., UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Cigna Corp., have been hit with lawsuits in which employees claimed that they were not paid for the 15- to 30-minute task of booting their computers at the start of each day and logging out at the end.

Nov 18 08:12

Bill Maher: Conspiracy Theorist

A clip from the Nov. 14 episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The biggest government conspiracy of all is the claim that there are no government conspiracies.

Nov 18 08:08

Banks lead world markets lower

World stock markets fell Tuesday ahead of expected further losses on Wall Street amid gloom about propects for the world economy and the banking system.

Nov 18 08:07

Paulson, Bernanke defend $700 billion bailout

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke waged a stout defense on Capitol Hill Tuesday of their management of a $700 billion financial bailout just one week after the administration abandoned the original strategy behind the rescue.

Nov 18 08:07

Home Depot 3Q profit falls 31 percent

Home Depot Inc. said Tuesday its third quarter profit sank 31 percent on slow sales at established locations as consumers continued to cut back on spending.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Nov 18 08:04

California Wildfires 07

The California wild fires...

Huge, devastating, and out of control.

Not quite.

The first two parts are true, but there
is no reason for these fires to be so
out of control

And Governor Arnold ("my Dad was a Nazi")
Schwarzenegger knows it and so does George Bush
(grandson of a Nazi bagman and banker.)

The technology exists RIGHT NOW to knock
these fires out with minimal loss of life
and property.

Instead, the government crooks play at
being "leaders," praising the (very real)
heroism of the fire fighters (how 9-11-like)

Nov 18 08:01

Gaza and the Psychopaths.

It has got to be said and I am going to say it as simply and clearly as I can. I’m not going to put a lot of links up. If you want information then just go to the sidebar and click on one of the news sites. There’s plenty in our alternative news about it… most especially at www.whatreallyhappened.com in the last few days.

Nov 18 07:59

Gulf War illness is real, report says

Gulf War illness is a real medical condition that has affected at least 175,000 combat veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf war, according to a report released Monday.

However, federal research into the causes behind the mysterious malady has "not been effective," and the report by the congressionally mandated panel suggested that politics or financial concerns might have played a role.

Nov 18 07:57

The U.S. Auto Industry and the Ripple Effect

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a rather heavy-handed piece of propaganda in support of a US Government bailout for the auto industry (and frankly, I am suspicious that a sales pitch video has managed to acquire so many views in YouTube in such a short time).

But I think this might backfire, because the claims of auto-industry revenue made by this video, if true, portray an industry that should not be in need of a bailout at all.

Nov 18 07:52

More US Consumers Leave Their Credit Cards at Home

By choice or by force, more U.S. consumers are putting away their credit cards as the financial crisis reshapes attitudes toward spending and debt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pay cash or do without. If the banks want us to borrow more, then need to FUND NEW COMPANIES THAT CREATE HIGH-PAYING JOBS! This attitude of wild lending and jobs that support repayment is someone else's problem has run its course.

Nov 18 07:50

URGENT: Kidnapped by the Israeli Navy

Fifteen Palestinian fishermen along with three internationals have been kidnapped in Palestinian waters by the Israeli Navy. They were fishing seven miles off the coast of Deir Al Balah, clearly in Gaza fishing waters and well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994.

The fishermen and the human right's observers were transferred from 3 separate boats to the Israeli warships. Other Palestinian fishermen reported that the 3 boats were seen being taken north by the Israeli Navy.

Nov 18 07:49

Pakistani woman called mentally unfit for U.S. trial

Prosecutors say Siddiqui, a U.S.-trained neuroscientist, while detained for questioning in Afghanistan, grabbed a U.S. warrant officer's rifle and fired it at the interrogation team, which included two FBI agents. The warrant officer then shot her with his pistol.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This smells like an interrogation that got out of control, and a trial that will once again embarrass the US if allowed to proceed, so the government, acting just like the USSR used to do, simply declares the suspect mentally ill and locks them away from the public eye.

Nov 18 07:41

Many doctors plan to quit or cut back

Primary care doctors in the United States feel overworked and nearly half plan to either cut back on how many patients they see or quit medicine entirely, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

And 60 percent of 12,000 general practice physicians found they would not recommend medicine as a career.

Nov 18 07:39

Chief military judge in Guantanamo to retire early

The U.S. military judge in the case of the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks has decided to retire rather than continue to oversee the complex proceedings, defense officials said on Monday.

Nov 18 07:39

Bush Allows Shale Drilling Over Protests

The Bush administration Monday opened up two million acres of public land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to oil-shale exploration, challenging congressional Democrats who have opposed the move.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has indicated that she would prefer to limit shale drilling on environmental grounds, but found it politically difficult to extend a ban on oil-shale operations after oil prices surged to record highs earlier this year.

Nov 18 07:38

Bush Said to Tell Aides He Won't Seek Bailout Funds

The Bush administration told congressional aides it won't ask lawmakers to release $350 billion remaining as part of the $700 billion U.S. financial- rescue package, people familiar with the matter said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder what the quid pro quo was for letting Obama have that?

Nov 18 07:37

GM Bailout Would Be Agony for Taxpayers

Talk in the marketplace about Detroit and Washington has been percolating about giving General Motors (GM) and the auto industry in general a bailout a la the TARP for the banking industry. GM is on the verge of running out of money. Cash received from auto sales, down dramatically from last year, will not cover the cost of running its business. GM has a monthly cash burn rate of $2 billion or more per month and only $16 billion in cash left on its latest quarterly balance some of which needs to be held in reserve.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the point I made on yesterday and Saturday's radio shows. If these companies made cares people wanted to buy, they would not be in this mess. Why prop up failures? Why preserve outdated fossils? Isn't the prudent course to let bad business fail and invest in new and better ideas?

Nov 18 07:33

Retired Leaders Hit 'Don't Ask' Policy

More than 100 retired generals and admirals are calling for repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, and to permit gays to serve openly, according to a statement obtained by The Associated Press. The group notes that gays already serve openly in other countries' armed forces, including Great Britain and Israel.

Nov 18 07:31

Animal Rights Group Flour Bombs Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was pelted with a flour bomb over the weekend at a Paris nightclub for wearing a fur stole.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can she sue if she gets a yeast infection???

Nov 18 07:23

Howard Zinn: “I Don’t Care” If 9/11 Was An Inside Job

World renowned peace activist and left-wing anti-war icon Howard Zinn recently told an audience that he didn’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, echoing the disdainful and apathetic rhetoric of fellow liberal gatekeepers Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn in dismissing the efforts of the 9/11 truth movement.

Nov 18 07:20

Italy PM argues state secrecy in CIA kidnap trial

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has told a Milan court trying U.S. and Italian spies for a suspected CIA kidnap that details on ties between the two countries' secret services must remain secret.

Nov 18 07:20

Estonian Spy Scandal Shakes NATO and EU

For years an Estonian government official has apparently been collecting the most intimate secrets of NATO and the EU -- and passing them on to the Russians. The case is a disaster for Brussels.

Nov 18 07:19

From Cold War to Oil War? U.S. & Georgia

The Russian invasion of Georgia this summer sparked an international uproar and led many to predict a new Cold War with Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, it's pretty well established now that Georgia attacked Russia, and was encouraged to do so by the US. But yes, the end objective (along with limiting Russia's ability to support Iran) is to start a new cold war.

Nov 18 07:16

Russia may use 'overkill' missiles to counter U.S. shield

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates dismissed on Thursday Russia's proposal that the two countries abandon their plans to deploy missiles in Central Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, I got a nice cushy job waiting for me with those missile companies!"

Nov 18 07:13

Financial Crisis Tab Already In The Trillions

Given the speed at which the federal government is throwing money at the financial crisis, the average taxpayer, never mind member of Congress, might not be faulted for losing track.

CNBC, however, has been paying very close attention and keeping a running tally of actual spending as well as the commitments involved.

Try $4.28 trillion dollars. That's $4,284,500,000,000 and more than what was spent on WW II, if adjusted for inflation, based on our computations from a variety of estimates and sources*.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That comes out to $14,000 for every living American, including children too young and retirees too old to pay taxes.

So, another way to look at it is that every household in America gets soaked for about $50,000 in additional taxes, for which they get no new services, and the inflation caused by an additional $4.2 trillion in cash chasing too few goods and services.

Such a deal!

Nov 18 07:08

Obama worries national security hawks

It was noted more than once during the presidential campaign that Obama has a quality enabling all sorts of folks to project their aspirations on him. That has helped make him the most phenomenally successful politician in a generation. While artful ambiguity can work wonders in winning votes and political friends, it can make for trouble in the complex world of international relations.

Nov 18 07:06

Owner of Saudi tanker working for crew's release

Owners of a Saudi oil supertanker hijacked by Somali pirates grappled with how to respond Tuesday, as navies patrolling the region said they would not intervene to stop or free the captured vessel.

With few other options, shipowners in past piracy cases have ended up paying ransoms for their ships, cargos and crew.

NATO said it would not divert any of its three warships from the Gulf of Aden and the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet also said it did not expect to send ships to try to intercept the MV Sirius Star.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then what good are those warships in the first place?

Or is someone simply allowing the problem to escalate to justify invasion of Somalia?

Nov 18 07:00

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

President-elect Barack Obama reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration.

Nov 18 06:59

Israeli tanks move into Gaza, level farmland

Israeli tanks forged into the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, drawing mortar fire from Palestinian militants and intensifying violence that has chipped away at a tenuous cease-fire.

Israel and Hamas have been trading fire for two weeks after nearly five months of relative quiet. The June 19 truce is due to expire next month, and both sides might be trying to dictate more favorable terms in anticipation of the agreement's renewal.

Nov 18 06:55

Bush trying again to stem holiday flight delays

Some of those closest to the frustrating delays many travelers experience at U.S. airports are hoping President George W. Bush plans more expansive steps than he took last year to combat the holiday crunch.

Nov 18 06:55

Pakistan turns to ‘friends’ in its hour of need

Nation faces financial ruin and military defeat

Nov 18 06:54

Zardari seeks Predator technology from US

President Zardari expressed his disapproval of US drone attacks on Pakistani areas along the Afghan border and urged Washington to instead provide the Predator technology to Pakistan to enhance its ability to fight terrorism.

Nov 18 06:53

Israeli tanks rumble into Gaza

Israeli tanks forged into the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, drawing rocket and mortar fire from Palestinian militants, militant groups said, intensifying violence that has chipped away at a tenuous cease-fire.

Israel and Hamas have been trading fire for two weeks after nearly five months of relative quiet. The June 19 truce is due to expire next month, and both sides might be trying to dictate more favorable terms in anticipation of the agreement's renewal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media is going to feed you a load about how this is all because of rockets fired into Southern Israel a few days ago, and never mention that the rockets were a RESPONSE to an Israeli attack on November 5th.

Nov 18 06:44

Afghan article says US Bin-Ladin hunt phoney

The USG Open Source Center translates an article from the Persian Afghan press alleging that French troops were at one point close to capturing Usamah Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, but that American forces stopped them from doing so. It says that a forthcoming French documentary containing interviews with the French soldiers provides proof for the allegation. The argument is that the Bush administration needed Bin Ladin to be at large in order to justify its military expansionism.

Nov 18 05:46

Paulson Will Keep Reserve to Stay Flexible for Future

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is unlikely to use what remains of the $700 billion Wall Street rescue fund to launch substantial new programs, preferring to keep money in reserve for unforeseen emergencies and to preserve flexibility for the Obama administration.

Nov 18 03:33

Depression 2009: What would it look like?

By looking at what we know about how society and commerce would slow down, and how people respond, it's possible to envision what we might face.

Nov 18 03:28

Oldest nuclear family 'murdered'

By Julian Siddle
Science Reporter, BBC News

The oldest genetically identifiable nuclear family met a violent death according to analysis of remains from 4,600-year-old burials in Germany.

Writing in the journal PNAS, researchers say the broken bones of these stone age people show they were killed in a struggle.

Comparisons of DNA from one grave confirm it contained a mother, father, and their two children.

Nov 18 02:32

It's OK to be a Conspiracy Theorist if you're Bill Maher

Well, well, well ... the guy who loves to throw around the dim-witted term "conspiracy theorist." He makes sure to distance himself from "conspiracy theorists" by saying "I'm always skeptical of conspiracy theorists" as he conveys his favorite conspiracy theory about a partnership between business and government.

Nov 18 01:23

The flying car

To Timbuktu by flying car: it sounds the most unlikely journey on earth; a sci-fi voyage from the pages of Jules Verne. But this is no fantasy. The car really flies. And the journey will become reality early in the new year when two explorers set off from London in a propeller-powered dune buggy heading for the Sahara.

Nov 18 01:15

The G-20 Washout

As expected, the G-20 Economic Summit in Washington turned out to be a total bust. None of the problems which have pushed the global economy to the brink of disaster were resolved and none of the main players who gamed the system with their toxic securities were held accountable. Instead, the visiting dignitaries gorged themselves on stuffed quail and roast rack of lamb before settling on a toothless "Statement on Financial Markets" which accomplished absolutely nothing.

November 17, 2008

Nov 17 22:35

Another Act of Treason: George W. Bush 'Outed' Valerie Plame

Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan has revealed that it was George W. Bush himself who authorized Dick Cheney to 'out' Valerie Plame. When he is no longer President, Bush will not be able to 'pardon' himself for the many 'counts' of high treason that will be charged him. Bush must therefore move to pardon himself while he is still in the White House but doing so will prove his guilt! Innocent folk don't 'pardon' themselves of serious crimes.

Nov 17 21:20

Democrats Cover Up Bush Era War Crimes

"Two Obama advisers said there's little—if any—chance that the incoming president's Justice Department will go after anyone involved in authorizing or carrying out interrogations that provoked worldwide outrage."

Nov 17 16:17

CONFIRMED: "Bin-Ladin Hunt PHONEY"-Bush Admin NEEDED Him To JUSTIFY Military Expansionism(Juan Cole)

The USG Open Source Center translates an article from the Persian Afghan press alleging that French troops were at one point close to capturing Usamah Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, but that American forces stopped them from doing so. It says that a forthcoming French documentary containing interviews with the French soldiers provides proof for the allegation. The argument is that the Bush administration needed Bin Ladin to be at large in order to justify its military expansionism.

Nov 17 15:06

The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution

Behind the scenes, a far more fundamental fix is being discussed — the possible revaluation of gold and the birth of an entirely new monetary system.

Nov 17 13:21

Housing starts expected to hit half-century low

Few observers have ever seen anything like the economic data that will be released in the coming week, with the consumer price index and housing starts each expected to breach records dating back to the late 1940s.

Nov 17 13:15

Dear God,

Don’t get me wrong–it’s not that I am anti-religion. Not at all. I think religion can be–CAN BE–one of the greatest things in the world, provided it’s done right. More specifically I think Jesus was THE greatest guy who ever walked Your green earth and as much as possible I try to live my life in such a way that I imagine He would find agreeable or–dare I hope–laudable.

Nov 17 13:13

Film-makers taking on our 'global warming hysteria'

A new Irish film claims that climate change guru Al Gore is an alarmist and that those who think they are saving the planet are only hurting the poor

Nov 17 13:12

Olmert The Liar

Interim Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused the Islamist Hamas movement on Sunday of "shattering" the Gaza truce after two rockets hit Israel, prompting an air strike which killed four Palestinian militants.
"The responsibility for the shattering of the calm and the creation of a situation of prolonged and repeated violence in the south of the country is entirely on Hamas and the other terror groups in Gaza," Olmert told ministers.
Israel accuses Hamas of 'shattering' Gaza truce

The truce was broken by Israel twelve days ago.

Nov 17 12:34

Change in intelligence?

Mr. Obama will not be able to change the culture of the intelligence community and restore the moral compass of the CIA unless there is a full understanding and repudiation of the operational and analytical crimes committed in the Tenet era. If Mr. Obama genuinely wants to roll back the misdeeds of Vice President Dick Cheney, restore the rule of law at the CIA and create the change that Americans want and can believe in, he should not be relying for advice on the senior officials who endorsed these shameful actions.

Nov 17 11:53

New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales

A visually stunning two-hour special edition of "Nova" examines decades of archaeological studies that contradict much of what is in the Bible. The entire Exodus story is debunked, as is the idea that the Israelites were monotheistic following the contract made between God and Abraham. It turns out idol worship was common through the reign of King David and right up to the Babylonian exile.

Nov 17 11:41

Olmert orders plans drawn up for massive offensive against Gaza

Interim Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert accused Hamas on Sunday of "shattering" the Gaza truce after two rockets hit Israel, which the Jewish state followed with an air strike that killed four Palestinian resistance fighters. However, Olmert, who made the comments at a weekly Israeli Cabinet meeting, did not mention the initial Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip on November 5 that killed seven Hamas members. The incursion, which touched off days of fighting, was in violation of an Egyptian-mediated truce between Israel and Hamas which had virtually halted violence between the two foes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the classic Israeli pattern. Kill Palestinians, and when there is a response, claim that the response is the initiating cause and "retaliate."

Nov 17 11:40

Occupation 101 (better link)

Nov 17 11:36

Big particle collider repairs to cost $21 million

Fixing the world's largest atom smasher will cost at least 25 million francs ($21 million) and may take until early summer, its operator said Monday.

Nov 17 11:31

Mexican Gangsters Converting America's National Parks Into Gigantic Marijuana Patches

Vast tracts of our most treasured public lands, supposedly set aside in perpetuity for Americans, are no longer controlled by the United States government. Instead, they have been invaded and taken over by Mexico's violent criminal drug organizations to grow marijuana.

Even more shocking: Mexican cartels have been growing marijuana for at least 10 years in Sequoia National Park, one of the crown jewels of the system. Nature-loving hikers are compelled to accept that parts of Sequoia are "no go zones" during the growing season.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know this sounds a bit "out there", but there is no secret that our government leaders profit from the drug trade.

It is also true that large areas of our natural parks have been declared off limits to hikers and visitors, supposedly to "protect" nature from us icky-pool human beings, who were dropped off from a flying saucer ages ago (according to the Scientologists) and thus are not to be considered part of nature!

Frankly, this article makes as much sense explaining why we Americans are no longer allowed to visit certain areas of our own public lands as any other I have heard recently!

Nov 17 11:22

Charity's anger at US suspicion

The chairman of Muslim charity Interpal has expressed outrage at newspaper reports that the US is putting pressure on UK ministers to blacklist it.

Nov 17 11:21

GREAT NEWS!!! You CAN take it with you!

In the roaring 90s, people didn't seem to think so. You could be a super-mom, a super-dad, a condo-flipper or a day-trading master of the universe in your spare time. Hard work? Thrift? Saving for the future? That was SO twentieth century. In the New Economy, all you had to do was buy a house and invest in the stock market to retire fabulously wealthy at age 50.

Nov 17 11:18

Free State Project

Are you frustrated at the loss of freedom and responsibility in America, while the growth of government and taxes continues unabated? Do you want to live in strong communities where your rights are respected, and people exercise responsibility for themselves and in their dealings with each other?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, then the Free State Project has a solution for you.

Nov 17 11:18

Amazing Speech to Pass Around!

Adam Kokesh's speech (Revolution March)

Nov 17 11:14

Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole

With newspapers cutting back and predictions of even worse times ahead, Rupert Murdoch said the profession may still have a bright future if it can shake free of reporters and editors who he said have forfeited the trust and loyalty of their readers.

Nov 17 11:13

Holocaust's unholy hold

The deeper we are stuck in our Auschwitz past, the more difficult it becomes to be free of it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is time to stop living in the past. We have evils today that we can and should deal with, rather than obsess about crimes committed before we were born, by people who are dead and gone.

Nov 17 11:10

Banks Boost Customer Fees to Record Highs

Banks are responding to the troubled economy by jacking up fees on their checking accounts to record amounts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good reason to go back to cash and carry.

Besides, if you close your bank account, it makes it harder for the US Government to find out how much money you have or where it is. as we get closer to mandatory government confiscation of wealth, that's a really good thing to think about!

Nov 17 11:08

U.S. in recession, jobless to peak at 7.5 percent: survey

Webmaster's Commentary: 


It will peak above 20%. They just won't admit it.

Nov 17 11:07

Report: JPMorgan plans to ramp up job cuts

JPMorgan Chase & Co. will likely cut thousands of jobs worldwide next year, Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.

Nov 17 11:01

Officials: Israeli mob boss killed in car bombing

Israelis are accustomed to violence with their Palestinian neighbors but have traditionally felt relatively safe from violent crime. In recent years, however, mob wars also have plagued Israeli towns and cities.

Rival underworld gangs have waged bloody battles for control of gambling and protection rackets, including one involving bottle recycling.

They target each other with bullets, bombs and even anti-tank missiles in violence that has killed dozens of gangsters and at least eight bystanders in the last three years. Monday's noontime attack was by far the most high-profile to date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know I already ran another version of this story but wanted to point out that AP manages to bash the Palestinians three times in this article ... even though Palestinians had nothing to do with this mob hit.

Nov 17 10:56

The Jonathon Pollard Pardon...The Final Stick In The Eye Of The American Intelligence Comunity

Zionists everywhere have been working overtime in the past decade in an effort to free Jonathon Pollard , the most infamous traitor in all of our history.

Nov 17 10:56

The Most Life-like Android Ever Built...

Meet Jules, the most life-like robot you have ever seen. The robot
was programmed with the most up-to-date artificial intelligence
features where the android can recognize babies, its creator and
people he has 'met'.

Optional Banner: 
Featured Video
Nov 17 10:49

Empire Manufacturing Survey Hits New Low

New York manufacturing activity worsened to the lowest level in history on the seven-year old business conditions index, down 0.8 point to -25.43 from -24.62 in October, the previous record low, the New York Fed said Monday. The index for new orders and shipments also declined to record lows, to -22.21 from -20.45 in October and to -13.89 from -8.85, respectively, while the measures for unfulfilled orders, employment and inventories slipped to their lowest levels since late 2001.

Nov 17 10:48

Gold at $14,172 an ounce?

There are those who have been arguing vociferously for some years now that the world will be better off under a gold standard.

These people may or may not be correct, but we need to understand the implications of what a gold standard will bring with it.

Nov 17 10:48

Paulson's Blunders as Debt Securitization Market Remains Frozen

Henry Paulson's time at Treasury has been one pratfall after another. Even so, on Tuesday he managed to out-due himself. Paulson held a "surprise" press conference where he announced that the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) wouldn't be used to buy troubled assets after all. Instead, the money will used to bail out insurance giant AIG, provide extra capital for the banks to hoard, and now (this is new part) give money to "nonbank financial institutions, like insurers and specialty-finance companies" so they can lend to credit-worthy consumers.

Nov 17 10:47

State of Denial: America in Recession, But Policymakers Fear 'R-Word'

Over the past 72 hours, Japan and the Eurozone have owned up to what U.K. policymakers previously admitted: Those economies are in recession.

Other than some perverse fear Americans "can't handle the truth," it's unclear why American policymakers like Ben Bernanke and the National Bureau of Economic Research can't bring themselves to utter the "R-word."

Nov 17 10:47

The Six Unknowns That Are Roiling the Stock Market

The stock market's behavior is downright strange lately. Professionals with decades of market experience scratch their heads as the market falls to its lowest point of the year, then surges almost 7% in an afternoon—all for no apparent reason.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Duh! The stock market is being manipulated, obviously! The PPT is trying to keep the market out of the 7000s to prevent a panic sell-off.

Nov 17 10:45

Book alleges frame-up in famous murder case

Some real-life figures walk straight into the history books. Sixteen years after he was freed from death row, Jay C. Smith has tried to write his way out of a true-crime best-seller.

Smith, 80, is the former Upper Merion High School principal whose Jekyll-and-Hyde downfall became the stuff of suburban legend.

A lifelong educator and Army Reserve colonel, he was caught in 1978 with drugs, illegal guns and pornography. He was convicted in a string of Sears robberies, and then found guilty of killing Upper Merion teacher Susan Reinert and her children.

Nov 17 10:43

FLASHBACK: Mark Cuban on How to Jumpstart the Economy

Mark Cuban, the Texas serial entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, offered up an interesting solution on his blog for stimulating the U.S. economy: Abolish most taxes for businesses with 25 or fewer employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the guy who just got nabbed for insider trading.

Nov 17 10:39

'Healthy life years' replaces life expectancy

THE number of years of healthy active life people live after the age of 50 varies greatly across Europe, a study has shown. People grew old most comfortably in Denmark, where men could look forward to 23.6 "healthy life years" and women 24.1.
In sharp contrast, men in Estonia could expect no more than 9.1 trouble-free years after their 50th birthday. Women in the eastern European country had just 10.4 years of healthy life ahead of them after turning 50.

Nov 17 10:37

SEC accuses Mark Cuban of insider trading

Mark Cuban, billionaire high-tech entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is being accused of insider trading.

Nov 17 10:37

Police check 'plain clothes' officer who wore neo-Nazi jumper

Berlin police are investigating after an officer wore a Thor Steinar jumper while on duty in plain clothes during a left-wing demonstration to commemorate the November 9 anniversary of the 1938 pogroms against German Jews.

Nov 17 10:36

Abramoff said he had agreement with White House aide just a month after Bush took office

Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff told his colleagues at his former law firm that he had an “agreement” regarding communications with a former assistant to then-Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, perhaps the most substantial documented tie between Abramoff and the White House to date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still unexplained; what was accused 9-11 ringleader Mohammed Atta doing on Abramoff's casino ship just weeks before the attacks?

Nov 17 10:35

Recession: Could Colleges Go Out of Business?

For 15 years, Cascade College in Portland, Ore., struggled to find the fuels that any college needs: students to pay tuition, and donors to help build an endowment.

Then came the global economic meltdown, and suddenly that struggle became an impossibility.

Late last month, the small Christian college with just 280 students and $4 million in debt announced it would have to shut down at the end of the current academic year.

Nov 17 10:34

Why Bankruptcy Is the Best Option for GM

Chapter 11 would better preserve the valuable parts of the company than an ad hoc bailout.

Nov 17 10:31

Banks Keep Lending, but That Isn't Easing the Crisis

All around Washington, policy makers are scrambling to figure out how to get banks lending again. Lawmakers have criticized banks for not using new federal money to make loans and have threatened to place conditions on additional money. Regulators last week sent out a directive, encouraging banks not to hold back on lending.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Increased lending won't fix the problem. What is needed is investment in new technologies and industries so that American workers CAN REPAY THE LOANS.

Nov 17 10:27

America Taking the 2 Steps Which Lead to Bankruptcy

Companies go bankrupt when they:

(1) Borrow more than they should; and

(2) Have to pay their creditors more and more interest to loan them money.

Nov 17 10:24

Inhofe: “No Way Of Knowing” Where Bailout Money Has Gone

Senator Jim Inhofe has slammed the continued secrecy behind where the bailout money has gone, saying that Hank Paulson could have given it to his friends and that the “blank check” must be cancelled now.

The Federal Reserve has failed to comply with congressional demands for transparency and disclose the destination of at least $2 trillion dollars in bailout funds, underscoring once again the failure of top down socialism and the folly of trusting the foxes to guard the henhouse.

Nov 17 10:21

U.S. admits it held 12 juveniles at Guantanamo

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no truth to the rumor that these children are forced to watch reruns of "The Brady Bunch."

Nov 17 09:52

Pakistan The Next US Target

The Kristol revelation on the surface is staggering yet not a surprise to those who have long suspected that the US presence in Afghanistan constitutes a Trojan horse for a more insidious plan the US has for Pakistan. Some may find it surprising that the US now believes Pakistan to be more challenging than Iraq where the US has 150,000 troops, spent almost a trillion dollars and has incurred over 4,000 fatalities.

Nov 17 09:50

Ahmadinejad: Iran not looking to wage war

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the Islamic Republic was not looking to wage war against any nation, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Thursday.

Speaking to bereaved families and war veterans in the northern province of Mazandaran, the president said "the logic of the Iranian nation has (baffled) great powers and enemies of Iran."

Nov 17 09:50

Obama and the Minority Majority

The election of Barack Obama as the nation's first African American president has been heralded as proof that the United States has finally broken through the racial barrier. The image springs to mind of recalcitrant whites at last convinced to see beyond skin color, voting for a black man.

Nov 17 09:49

IPCC Scientists Caught Producing False Data To Push Global Warming

Climate scientists allied with the IPCC have been caught citing fake data to make the case that global warming is accelerating, a shocking example of mass public deception that could spell the beginning of the end for the acceptance of man-made climate change theories.

Nov 17 09:48

Intelligence Policy to Stay Largely Intact

President-elect Barack Obama is unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration intelligence policies, advisers say, an approach that is almost certain to create tension within the Democratic Party.

Nov 17 09:47

Florida pension fund plummets

The State Board of Administration, which manages many of Florida's public investments, has seen its assets plummet by $62-billion, a third of their value, in the last 13 months.

Nov 17 09:46

Iran to Hold Conference on What Obama Means

ABC News' Lara Setrakian brings my attention to Iranian Television reports that the government of Iran is planning on holding a conference entitled "Barack Obama's Election: The Future of Iran-US Ties" where various Iranian experts will assess just what President-elect Obama means to that Persian country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, far too many people are trying to second-guess Obama's intentions, rather than wait and see what he actually does.

Nov 17 09:42

Storm season leaves isles untouched

With less than two weeks left, Hawaii is experiencing one of the quietest hurricane seasons ever, with only one storm on record so far.

While a late-season cyclone is always possible, as with Hurricane Iwa in November 1982, forecasters say they do not expect any major storms to arrive before the season ends Nov. 30.

Nov 17 09:37

Support urged for Israeli stand on Gaza

ISRAELI foreign minister Tzipi Livni has told her visiting British counterpart David Miliband she expects the international community to support the Jewish state's tough stand in Gaza.

"Israel cannot just watch its citizens being attacked... The international community cannot turn a blind-eye," Ms Livni said today during talks with Mr Miliband.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to FM Tzipi Livni: this time, the world will not be turning a blind eye to the devastation Israel is causing in Gaza.

It is apparent that you haven't taken a look at the Red Cross Report, issued last week, about the effects of malnutrition on children, and how medically fragile Gazans who could be saved by appropriate medical intervention are being denied treatment outside Gaza.

But of course, FM Livni, these are precisely the outcomes the Israeli government wants to see happen in Gaza. The world knows that Olmert has ordered plans for a massive military action against Gaza, and the Gazan people are literally being "softened up for the kill" by the siege.

This slaughter will include children, women, and the medically infirm.

And I can guarantee you; this time, there will be cameras rolling, real footage of the carnage smuggled out, and the world will know precisely what the Israeli government has done in the name of its "security". The Israeli government will not be able to stop some of it getting out, in all its gory details, no matter how hard it tries.

This potential assault against Gaza guarantees the destruction of the Israel's image as "the only true democracy in the region", consistently seeking better relations with its neighbors.

Nov 17 09:36

Dark days in Gaza: Residents worried about winter

The sound of generators on the sidewalks of Gaza on the weekend made it hard for pedestrians to hear one another. Even though only a few of the well-kept stores on Omar el-Mukhtar Street, one bank and two carpentries, used generators, the noise was still great. The power outage meant most stores were dark, but it did not matter much anyway: There were no shoppers on the street.

Traffic was also sparse, much less than what one might expect on a Saturday that is followed by a national holiday: 20 years since Yasser Arafat's declaration of Palestinian independence.

Nov 17 09:35

Israel prevents 15 medicine-laden trucks into Gaza

Israel on Sunday prevented 15 trucks loaded with different kinds of medicines from passing through one of Gaza Strip crossings, a Palestinian health ministry official said.

Mo'aweya Hassanein, chief of emergency and ambulance services in the Palestinian health ministry, said in a statement that the Gaza Strip has been under a strict Israeli blockade for 13 days.

"The medical situation is worsening and we are living in a severe humanitarian crisis as Israel prevented the entrance of 15 trucks loaded with medicine from the West Bank into Gaza," said Hassanein.

Nov 17 09:31

Afghanistan abyss awaits Obama

The struggle for influencing Barack Obama's foreign policy agenda has begun in right earnest. The maneuvering by influential establishment figures - including Congressional voices, Obama advisors and even military officials - who are projecting incumbent Robert Gates as secretary of defense in the incoming administration highlights the pressures working on the president-elect.

Nov 17 09:29

US's road to recovery runs through Beijing

English author G K Chesterton rhymed about "the night we went to Bannockburn by way of Brighton Pier", and it may seem no less whimsical to argue that the United States' road to recovery, as well as Barack Obama's path to presidential greatness, run through China.

Nov 17 09:27

Mobster Yaakov Alperon assassinated

Mob kingpin Yaakov Alperon was killed Monday when a bomb exploded in his car on a crowded Tel Aviv thoroughfare.

Nov 17 09:25

A pact with the devil

The big bang is not that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's majority Shi'ite/Kurdish 37-member cabinet in Baghdad has approved the draft of a security pact with the George W Bush (and Barack Obama) administrations allowing the US military to stay in Iraq for three more years; it's that the 30-strong Sadrist bloc will move heaven and Earth - including massive nationwide protests - to bloc the pact in the Iraqi National Assembly.

Nov 17 09:25

Iraqi parliament debates security pact

Iraqi lawmakers Monday began debate over a pact with the United States that will allow U.S. forces to remain for three more years, while an Iranian official close to that country's leadership praised the Iraqi Cabinet for approving the deal.

Nov 17 09:22

Osama bin Laden is Dead

I'm pleased to see Barak Obama hit the ground running after his election on the 4th. The US needs change.

I'd like to see him announce the death of Osama bin Laden as one of his first official duties. Bin Laden often better known as bin Forgotten died in December of 2001. There is nothing I am saying that is news to anyone who has actually spent any time thinking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and reading What Really Happened

Nov 17 09:19

Japan firm recalls US water

A Japanese company said Monday it would recall bottles of Crystal Geyser mineral water imported from the United States after consumers complained about a strange smell.

Otsuka Beverage Co Ltd. said in a statement that the recalled water posed no health threat, and the Crystal Geyser bottles may have absorbed smells during the summer when they were kept in storage for a long time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be very careful about that bottled water because the plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water over time that DO pose a health risk!

Nov 17 09:11

Grassely's Probe of Ex-Goldman Execs at Treasury Could Lead Directly to Paulson

Obviously, the political winds have shifted, Senator Chuck Grassely is calling for an investigation of ex-Goldman execs at Treasury.

Nov 17 09:11

Olmert orders plans drawn up for massive offensive against Gaza

At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Olmert said he had ordered security chiefs to draw up action plans against Hamas' 17-month-old rule in Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So this is really what the siege of Gaza has been all about: literally "softening up" the Gazan people for the kill, to destroy a democratically elected government (through a process generally viewed as having been free and fair election.)

Nov 17 09:11

Blind leading the one-eyed

Right there you have the prevailing notion that government intervention is what will help the global economic system recover; indeed it was the absence of dialogue between these super-smart folks that led us to the current swamp. In related news, pigs were seen flying over Washington all day, but I digress.

Nov 17 09:06

G-20 Meets, Dines in DC, Does Nothing to Save the World Economy

President Bush hosted the G-20 summit –the official menu included fruitwood-smoked quail, thyme-roasted rack of lamb and baked Vermont brie with walnut crostini, along with three wines . . .

More than a quarter million U.S. households received a foreclosure filing in October. A total of 279,561 properties got a default notice, were warned of a pending auction or were foreclosed.

World leaders washed down their quail and lamb with three expensive wines – one Shafer Cabernet “ Hillside Select” 2003 sells at $499 a bottle.

Nov 17 09:01

Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group -- the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA -- carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.

Nov 17 08:56

The danger of keeping Robert Gates

Press reports say Barack Obama may retain George W. Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates as a gesture to war-time continuity, bipartisanship and respect for the Washington insider community, which has embraced Gates as something of a new Wise Man.

However, if Obama does keep Gates on, the new President will be employing someone who embodies many of the worst elements of U.S. national security policy over the past three decades, including responsibility for what Obama himself has fingered as a chief concern, “politicized intelligence.”

Nov 17 08:48

Hillary at Foggy Bottom?

In his victory speech, Barack Obama told us: "I will listen to you, especially when we disagree." And, you know what? I believe him. He will listen. That's the one important difference, I think, between the outgoing and incoming administrations: George W. Bush would no sooner listen to ordinary Americans when it comes to the conduct of foreign affairs than he'd consult with Congress – i.e., not at all – whereas Obama… well, at least it's possible, and that is one real big change.

Okay, then, listen up, Mr. President-elect, because I've got a few bones to pick with you.

Nov 17 08:47

Americans uneasy over bailout for automakers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporations are already legally "persons", and technically immortal as well, but the law making them so does not commit us to perpetual life support of such "persons" when they are no longer able to survive. Even gods may become mortal and die when they fail.

Propping up the corporations (and their political donations) may be immediately expedient, but it perpetuates the core problem, which is that the United States is no longer competitive in the global marketplace.

Yes, a great many of our remaining manufacturing corporations are in dire trouble. But the rules of evolution state quite clearly that those less fit to survive will die off and make way for something more suited to the present world to evolve and supplant them. Older life forms give way to newer life forms., Older methods give way to newer methods. Older manufacturers thus must give way to newer manufacturers.

We cannot prop up the candle maker when the prudent course is to build an electric light factory!

Nov 17 08:44

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

“The extensive body of scientific research now available consistently indicates that ’Gulf War illness’ is real, that it is the result of neurotoxic exposures during Gulf War deployment, and that few veterans have recovered or substantially improved with time,” said the report, being released Monday by a panel of scientists and veterans. A copy was obtained by Cox Newspapers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The chemical poisoning of our own troops by the government and military supposed to protect them is nothing new (remember the enduring legacy of the defoliant Agent Orange to both the Vietnamese People and our Vets?)

But what we have here, through this definitive research, is the sure and certain reality that we've done it yet again.

The question is, what is the VA and the Federal Government going to do about it this time, to take care of these Vets and the families which love them?

Every Vet who has gone out there and put their life on the line, particularly those who have been injured (or chemically poisoned, as has happened here), should receive the same level of medical care that Cheney gets.

That they do not speaks volumes about our national priorities, and about the degree these people become disposable, once they have done their jobs on the battlefield.

Nov 17 08:43

Spirit rover recuperating after dust storm

The Mars rover Spirit is still alive and is slowly recharging its batteries after a weekend dust storm that caused the craft's power levels to drop to an all-time low.

Rover team members were awaiting a sign this week that the craft had survived the storm, which blanketed Spirit's solar panels with dust.

During the storm, the amount of energy available to the craft dropped to an unsustainable 89 watt-hours, the lowest level seen since Spirit and its twin, Opportunity, landed on Mars with about 10 times that amount in January 2004.

Nov 17 08:38

New Plan to Grow Genetically-Modified Crops in Secret Military Locations

UK Officials Plan To Grow Genetically-Modified Crops In Top Secret Military Locations In Order To Thwart Angry Anti-GM Extremists.

Nov 17 08:36

Driving Your Liberties Away: Biometrics and “Enhanced” Drivers Licenses

Privacy advocates across Canada have been struggling to prevent the Ontario provincial government from passing legislation that will see radio identifiers and biometric data inserted into future Ontarian drivers licenses. In spite of their efforts to raise the government’s awareness of the privacy dangers accompanying the proposed licenses, it appears as though their work may been in vain: Bill 85 is now in its final reading, and is widely expected to be passed on November 17th, or shortly thereafter, when the reading continues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem is that all these identifiers used by the government are inevitably cracked by the hackers, so these licenses, which make it more convenient for the government to herd us up and harvest their cash from us, actually increase the risk of identity theft and further posses to criminals.

Nov 17 08:32

Documents say feds can track cell phones' locations without telecoms help

Using "triggerfish" technology, mobile phones are tricked into transmitting their serial numbers, phone numbers and other data by posing as a cellular phone tower. Until now, it's been believed that such technology could only be successfully employed with the help of the telecoms themselves, because the specific location of the phone couldn't be traced with enough accuracy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Intelligent bad guys won't be using their cell phones to transmit any information that will likely trip them up.

This is just another way of the federal government prying into the lives of some private citizens (of course, they can't track every call or every email, no matter what they may want us to think.)

Nov 17 08:29

Breathless in Washington

On the day that Americans turned out in near record numbers to vote, another record was being set halfway around the world. In Afghanistan, a US Air Force strike wiped out about 40 people in a wedding party. This represented at least the sixth wedding party eradicated by American air power in Afghanistan and Iraq since December 2001.

American planes have, in fact, taken out two brides in the past seven months. And don't try to bury your dead or mark their deaths ceremonially either, because funerals have been hit as well.

Nov 17 08:23

Obama Says He Will Do `Whatever It Takes' on Economy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently that does NOT include shutting down the Federal Reserve and giving the power to issue money back to the Treasury Department as the Constitution intended.
From Obama's quotes, he plans to simply continue the policy of hyper-inflation, printing up cash and handing it out to corporations in vast quantities until it is so worthless the bankers will feel comfortable letting us have a tiny bit of it again.

Nov 17 08:13

Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed

Over a ten-month period, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) documented television newsrooms' use of 36 video news releases (VNRs)—a small sample of the thousands produced each year. CMD identified 77 television stations, from those in the largest to the smallest markets, that aired these VNRs or related satellite media tours (SMTs) in 98 separate instances, without disclosure to viewers. Collectively, these 77 stations reach more than half of the U.S. population.

Nov 17 07:20

Data retention laws: what they mean for ISPs

If you think you're making a private call, or sending a discreet message, think again. Under an anti-terrorism law passed in late 2001 in the wake of the atrocities of September 11, details of every website visited and the transmission of every email sent and every phone call made in the UK can be retained and made available to authorities. This may give individuals privacy concerns but for telcos and internet service providers faced with the consequent storage and retrieval requirements, it is cause for financial concern.

Nov 17 07:14

AIG to Pay Millions To Top Workers

American International Group plans to pay out $503 million in deferred compensation to some of its top employees, saying it must tap the funds to keep valuable workers from exiting the troubled insurance giant.

News of the payments to top AIG talent comes as the federal government has just put more money into saving the company from bankruptcy, beefing up the total public commitment to $152 billion. Meanwhile, members of Congress are questioning the company's expenditures -- including lavish business trips to resorts -- during a time when taxpayers are on the hook for the bailout.

Nov 17 07:07

Woman Loses $400,000 To Nigerian Email Scam

Why did this woman, a reverend and a nurse, give over $400,000 to Nigerian email scammers? It started with just $100. The emails told her a long-lost relative with the same last name had $20.5 million caught up in the banks of Nigeria. Janella Spears just had to help with a few processing fees...

As she sent the money, more and more obstacles would arise, each needing more money to solve. Driven by blind greed, she sent over $400,000 to the scammers, draining her and her husband's savings, retirement fund, mortgaged the house and put a lien on the car.

Nov 17 07:03

Girl sentenced for swastika lie

A German girl who won a "civic courage" award for allegedly defending an immigrant child from neo-Nazis has been found guilty of inventing the story.

The 18-year-old - named as Rebecca K - had carved a swastika on her own thigh, the court concluded, rejecting her claim that neo-Nazis had done it.

In February she had received an award from a Berlin association campaigning against far-right violence.

She claimed four men had attacked her last November in the town of Mittweida.

Nov 17 06:58

Goldman Targeted by Investor Complaints of Naked Short-Selling

Bloomberg.com - By Pierre Paulden and Caroline Salas

At least two fund managers complained verbally to officials of the Loan Syndications and Trading Association, saying they believe Goldman helped drive down prices by using the technique, according to people with knowledge of the objections. New York- based Goldman is acting against its clients by trying to profit at their expense, the investors said.

Nov 17 06:54

In Praise of a Rocky Transition

The more details emerge, the clearer it becomes that Washington's handling of the Wall Street bailout is not merely incompetent. It is borderline criminal.

Nov 17 06:51

Secret Plan For IMF World Dictatorship

By Webster Tarpley

This is a confidential strategy paper for the November 15 G-20 summit in Washington DC. This is not a new Bretton Woods in any sense, but rather a British-steered attempt to impose the dictatorship of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the entire planet, wiping out all hope of economic recovery, the modernization of the developing countries, and national sovereignty at the same time.

November 16, 2008

Nov 16 20:46

International Military Drill To Be Held In December

Personnel from around the globe will converge at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base from Dec. 1 to Dec. 12 for the largest rescue exercise of its kind.

The effort, dubbed Angel Thunder, will involve the U.S. Army and Air Force, troops from Germany, Chile, Colombia and observers from Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan.

Nov 16 20:46

The world has never seen such freezing heat

A surreal scientific blunder last week raised a huge question mark about the temperature records that underpin the worldwide alarm over global warming. On Monday, Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), which is run by Al Gore's chief scientific ally, Dr James Hansen, and is one of four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures, announced that last month was the hottest October on record.

Nov 16 15:27

Jewish Wikipedantry

A look at Jayjg's wiki page:


will show his overarching interest in articles about synagogues on Wikipedia. It seems that a page for every minor synagogue is far more important to Jayjg than a page for a noteworthy man that informed the political views of the new White House chief of staff.

My point? Only a fool thinks that Wikipedia has anything to do with objective, neutral articles. Had my article been about a noteworthy terrorist father of an Arab politician, Jayjg probably would have added to it.

Nov 16 15:22

Sunspots spell end of climate myth

The evidence is unequivocal. Measurable, let alone dangerous, manmade global warming is not happening, and is not likely to happen in the future. The major cause for concern is the possibility of severe cooling.

Global climate has always changed and recent climate changes are not unusual. The world was warmer in the mediaeval warm period, in the Roman warm period and on many occasions before then. During these periods agriculture and civilisations flourished. During cold periods like the little ice age there was famine, plague and war.

Nov 16 14:57

The 'Conspiracy of Rich Men' Who Pulled Off 911 and Other GOP Atrocities

All of their schemes and conspiracies REQUIRED 9/11 as the essential trigger.

Nov 16 13:43

RAHM EMANUEL: Ardent Zionist called Obama’s ‘Svengali’

More sinister than Karl Rove and potentially deadlier than Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney, his name is Rahm Emanuel, and he was recently appointed chief of staff in the president-elect’s White House. This first official act should send waves of alarm through people because Barack Obama promised change, but what we’re getting is the exact same cabal that brought us 9-11 and endless war in the Middle East.

Nov 16 13:19

The TARP Is Dead

Think back. Think far, far back into the past. Think all the way back to the last week of September 2008. Historians tell us that at that time many Americans took leave of their senses. Despite all the evidence of their own eyes, ears, and noses, they became persuaded that the world as they had always known it stood on the verge of utter destruction. Hysterical "journalists" and "experts" on radio and television told them so. What else could they do? Because life without a flush 401(k) lay beyond their wildest imagination, they concluded that "something must be done."

Nov 16 11:00

John Bolton Grilled On BBC...

John Bolton was on a panel in England and faced a hostile
crowd and made to look ridiculous. This video clip is a
fascinating window to how we are viewed across the pond.

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Featured Video
Nov 16 10:50


Nov 16 10:46

"When the Liaison Israeli Military & PA Security Sevices Accelerate - the Enemy Will Not Be Scrutinized"

On Friday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the Israeli government, regarding its legal responsibility to deliver urgent and steady supply of sufficient fuel and humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip.The Israelis have blocked fuel delivery and turned away trucks with food distributed by UNRWA. Ban Ki-moon said in a statement that he is deeply concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the risk of a possible humanitarian disaster.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon; forgive me, sir, but have your cognitive abilities wandered off in your sleep?

A "...humanitarian disaster..." is precisely the outcome Israel is looking for here.

And why?

As reported on Saturday, 15 November 2008:


"Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai, stated on Friday that a large-scale invasion of Gaza is only a matter of time and added that the army was prepared to invade the Gaza Strip and fight Hamas."

Don't you get it, Secretary General Ki-Moon? The Israeli siege is literally "softening up" Gaza for the kill.

And you and your cronies in positions of international power will do absolutely nothing to stop the impending slaughter, other than possibly condemn it verbally.

Nov 16 10:39

George W Bush could pardon spies involved in torture

George W Bush is considering issuing pardons for US spies embroiled in allegations of torture just before he leaves the White House.

Nov 16 10:37

The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy

The financial crisis is deepening, with the risk of seriously disrupting the system of international payments.

This crisis is far more serious than the Great Depression. All major sectors of the global economy are affected. Recent reports suggest that the system of Letters of Credit as well as international shipping, which constitute the lifeline of the international trading system, are potentially in jeopardy.

The proposed bank "bailout" under the so-called Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is not a "solution" to the crisis but the "cause" of further collapse.

Nov 16 10:34

Barack Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal

Barack Obama is to pursue an ambitious peace plan in the Middle East involving the recognition of Israel by the Arab world in exchange for its withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, according to sources close to America’s president-elect.

Obama intends to throw his support behind a 2002 Saudi peace initiative endorsed by the Arab League and backed by Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister and leader of the ruling Kadima party.

Nov 16 10:33

Occupation 101 (video; watch while available; over 18 only)

Nov 16 10:32

Knesset MP calls for making lives of Gaza people insufferable

Gideon Ezra, a member of the Knesset for Kadima and a former minister of internal security, called on the Israeli government to tighten the noose on the Gaza Strip's people and make their lives intolerable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, Kadima MP Ezra has not gotten the memo that the Red Cross report on Gaza has documented that the conditions of the lives of the Gazan people are already intolerable.

One could expect from this man, asked whether women and kids and the medically infirm should be killed along side those launching the rockets (and there are always questions about who is really doing that, to further escalate the situation), that his response would be an historic echo of the statement made by the Papal Legate during the siege of Montsegur.

When told that there were women and kids with the Cathar men, the Papal Legat's response was: "Kill them all: God will find his own."

Nov 16 10:27

Dershowitz: I helped keep Carter silent

Why didn't Jimmy Carter speak from the podium at the Democratic National Convention? Alan Dershowitz said he had something to do with it.

In an interview with Shalom TV, the Harvard Law School professor says he "pushed" Barack Obama "very hard to make that decision," Dershowitz said in an interview with Shalom TV. "Barack Obama had to make a choice between his Jewish supporters and his anti-Israel supporters like Jimmy Carter, and he did not choose Jimmy Carter. And that was an embarrassment for Jimmy Carter and a show of disrespect."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dershowitz has a very narrow definition of what constitutes "morality."

Nov 16 10:26

US Task Force Found Few Iranian Arms in Iraq

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates suggested that there was "some sense of an increased level of [Iranian] supply of weapons and support to these groups." And Washington Post reporter Karen DeYoung was told by military officials that the "plentiful, high quality weaponry" the militia was then using in Basra was "recently manufactured in Iran."

Nov 16 10:25

The great bond market crash of 2009

Investors have spent the last few weeks bemoaning the devastation to their portfolios caused by the stock market downturn, which if it does not produce recovery by year-end will have made 2008 the worst stock market year since 1937. Their misery would be compounded if they knew that next year, while it may avoid more than moderate stock market mayhem, is likely to produce the worst bond market carnage in US history.

Nov 16 10:25

Bretton Woods II – A Roadmap

Following calls by European leaders for a "Bretton Woods II", the Bush administration has invited the "G-20" countries to come to Washington with the lofty goal to reform the world financial system. Will the way we do business change November 15?

Nov 16 10:24

'Halt Israeli Nuclear program'

A US research center on nuclear weapons has urged President-elect Barack Obama to press Israel to halt production of its nuclear weapons.

Nov 16 10:24

Zionist Extortion

The "Internal Revenue Service" is a collection agency for the private, profit-making corporation that calls itself the Federal Reserve System. The fools who still send money to this private company can prove this by examining the backs of their cancelled checks to the IRS. It will say "Pay to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." It doesn't say, "Pay to the US Treasury Department." Why do you suppose that is? Your hard-earned money goes to a private company that has never been audited, that was created by foreigners for their own gain.

Nov 16 10:19

Bush unexpectedly meets Livni, Peres at UN

"They were not supposed to meet," Livni's spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. But as soon as Bush was done addressing the conference, the head of UN protocol approached Livni's staff and told them that the president wanted to speak with them. The president walked from the podium directly to them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Regardless of what Livni said for public/press consumption, you still have to wonder which side called for this impromptu meeting, and just what the real agenda was.

And that shot of Bush with his arm around Livni's neck: it's almost enough to make you lose your breakfast.

Nov 16 10:17

Nokia braces for drop in phone sales

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, issued a profit warning for the fourth quarter and said it expected global handset sales to fall in 2009.

Nov 16 10:09

U.N. envoy says Congo crisis talks going well

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said on Saturday his efforts to end fighting in Congo were going fairly well and that President Joseph Kabila had not given conditions for talks with the rebels.

The United Nations says weeks of fighting have caused a humanitarian catastrophe. On Friday, aid workers began feeding tens of thousands of refugees in rebel-held areas.

After seizing swathes of territory in battles last month, Nkunda threatened to take his rebellion all the way to the distant capital Kinshasa unless Kabila negotiated with him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For former Nigerian President Obasanjo to characterise these talks as "...going fairly well", given the realities on the ground here, you have to wonder how he would describe these talks as "going rather poorly"!

Nov 16 10:06

Congo's Poor Lose Last Possessions

As panicked thousands have abandoned villages across eastern Congo in recent months, the scale of looting that has followed has been massive, a crime reflecting the predatory culture pervading Congo since the Belgian colonizers perfected it decades ago.

Nov 16 10:05

Big Pharma May be Handed Blanket Immunity for All Drug Side Effects, Deaths

The Supreme Court may rule that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for dangerous or even deadly side effects from their drugs if those side effects arise from an FDA-approved use.

Under a legal argument known as "pre-emption," the FDA's approval of a drug absolves companies of any responsibility if that drug later turns out to be dangerous, even if information was concealed from the FDA during the approval process. While courts have rejected this argument for decades, the winds appear to be shifting.

Nov 16 10:01

Chronic malnutrition in Gaza blamed on Israel

The Israeli blockade of Gaza has led to a steady rise in chronic malnutrition among the 1.5 million people living in the strip, according to a leaked report from the Red Cross.

It chronicles the "devastating" effect of the siege that Israel imposed after Hamas seized control in June 2007 and notes that the dramatic fall in living standards has triggered a shift in diet that will damage the long-term health of those living in Gaza and has led to alarming deficiencies in iron, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israeli political and military leadership is many things, but one of them is not stupid.

Therefore, it has to be understood that this was precisely one the outcomes Israeli leadership wanted to have happen to the people of Gaza.

Nov 16 09:58

Surprise! Organic Beekeepers Reporting Zero Losses

Nov 16 09:57

George W Bush could pardon spies involved in torture

A former CIA officer familiar with the backstage lobbying for pardons, said: "These are the people President Bush asked to fight the war on terror for him. He gave them the green light to fight tough. The view of many in the intelligence community is that he should not leave them vulnerable to legal censure when he leaves.

"An effort is under way to get pre-emptive pardons. The White House has indicated that the matter is under consideration."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is Bush and Cheney and everyone else in this administration who approved of using torture who should be tried for war crimes.

Of course, that will never happen, except, possibly in absentia, at the Hague.

Nov 16 09:56

Housing market 'far worse' than figures suggest

House prices across the UK have already fallen far further than official data and market indicators suggest, Rightmove, the online estate agent warned yesterday, as it revealed that up to 300 estate agents were quitting its service every month.

Nov 16 09:55

Seventh foot washed up as mystery deepens

Richard Thomson, of the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, British Columbia, said that the feet probably belonged to local people who had committed suicide. Feet encased in hi-tech, lightweight running shoes, he said, would be the only body parts likely to rise to the surface and return to shore.

Nov 16 09:53

G-20 Wants Quick Action on Credit Default Swaps, But Bush Talks Them Into Toothless Regulation

In other words, America's financial elite - the very people who allowed the exponential expansion without oversight of CDS and other " murky investment tools"- pushed for an approach which would would not hold accountable those who created the CDS hurricane in the first place . (Paulson and Greenspan were obviously big derivatives cheerleaders. But the U.S. Congress aided and abetted this mess, as did some of Obama's top economic advisors; and see this).

Nov 16 09:52

Thousands of Iraqi Arabs attend anti-Kurdish protests

Thousands of Sunni and Shiite Arabs took to the streets across Iraq Saturday to defend Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against criticism from leaders of the country's Kurdish minority.

They came out to protest remarks made earlier this week by Kurdish regional president Massud Barzani, who accused Maliki of illegally allying with tribes in areas with large Kurdish populations to expand the power of the state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Simmering ethnic tensions are set to potentially explode in this region.

And with reports claiming that Al Sadr that is heading up another militia for the express purpose of kicking out all foreigners, things do not look wonderful for a continued lull in the violence here.

Nov 16 09:51

What really happened in South Ossetia?

After gaining exclusive access to South Ossetia, Tim Whewell has discovered evidence Georgia may have committed war crimes in its attack on its breakaway region in August.

Nov 16 09:51


The government, projecting a comprehensive internet filter, originally assured internet users that they could legally receive banned content by contacting their providers and circumventing such restrictions. Now the government says they can't. All illegal content, which should include everything from pornography to political and religious speech violating Australia's hate laws, will be forbidden. It will be illegal to create or receive communication which the government disapproves.

Nov 16 09:50

Kissinger Says Clinton Will Be `Outstanding' Secretary of State

``She is a lady of great intelligence, demonstrated enormous determination and would be an outstanding appointment,'' Kissinger, who served as secretary of state from 1973 to 1977 under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, told the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit in New Delhi today.

Nov 16 09:50

How could the man who 'raped' me be cleared because he was sleepwalking?

Jane McKenna, 33, was asleep at home when a friend's husband, who had been a guest at a barbecue, walked into the bedroom and started having sex with her.

Jason Jeal, a 37-year-old roofer with no medical history of sleepwalking, admitted sex had taken place. But he was cleared of rape after he insisted he had been asleep and had no idea what he was doing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Words fail me on this one.

Nov 16 09:39


"Whilst I was there, I lost all my faith in the Israeli army. They put it right in your face: 'Go be the oppressors for your people. Force yourselves upon them’. They told us…’take these bats wrapped up in plastic and…calm things down’…We had skulls on our helmets, dude. We walked around with machetes, all kinds of crazy stuff. Sheriff badges.

Nov 16 09:38

Pakistan and U.S. have tacit deal on airstrikes

The United States and Pakistan reached tacit agreement in September on a don't-ask-don't-tell policy that allows unmanned Predator aircraft to attack suspected terrorist targets in rugged western Pakistan, according to senior officials in both countries.

Civilian deaths remain a problem, Zardari said. "If the damage is women and children, then the sensitivity of its effect increases," he said. The U.S. "point of view," he said, is that the attacks are "good for everybody. Our point of view is that it is not good for our position of winning the hearts and minds of people."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was this part of the deal for the IMF loan to Pakistan, which was spiraling on the brink of complete insolvency before the loan was given?

Nov 16 09:35

'Hedge funds will be decimated'

A Congressional panel grilled five of the world's richest and most powerful hedge fund managers Thursday as lawmakers sought to understand how much blame they could assign the little-understood hedge fund industry for the global economic collapse.

The managers testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform included John Paulson, George Soros, Philip Falcone, James Simons and Kenneth Griffin, a group that made on average more than $1 billion in 2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperately seeking a scapegoat.

Nov 16 09:33

Chrysler leaders get millions

As Detroit's crumbling auto industry asks Congress for a bailout, Chrysler is in the awkward position of paying about $30 million in retention bonuses to keep top executives while the company cuts thousands of jobs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 16 09:33

Daimler: Chrysler worth nothing

The German automaker has depreciated its stake in Chrysler to zero from $268 million at the end of June, the company said Thursday. A little over a year ago, the company valued its 19.9% stake in Chrysler at $2.2 billion.

The announcement came as part of Daimler's quarterly financial release on a day when Consumer Reports scolded the Auburn Hills automaker's quality and Chrysler announced plant cuts that will halt hybrid vehicle production -- all as majority owner Cerberus Capital Management talks with General Motors Corp. about a merger that could result in 30,000 job cuts.

Nov 16 09:31

Downturn Drags More Consumers Into Bankruptcy

Plummeting home values, dwindling incomes and the near disappearance of credit have proved a potent mixture. While all the usual reasons that distressed borrowers seek bankruptcy — job loss, medical bills, divorce — play significant roles, new economic forces are changing the calculus of who can ride out the tough times and who cannot.

Nov 16 09:31

Iran switches reserves to gold - report

ran has converted financial reserves into gold to avoid future problems, an adviser to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in comments published on Saturday, after the price of oil fell more than 60 percent from a peak in July.

Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil producer, is under U.N. and U.S. sanctions over its disputed nuclear programme and is now also facing declining revenue from its oil exports after crude prices tumbled.

Nov 16 09:31

Cash-Strapped Big Cities Seek TARP Funds to Stimulate Local Economies

Requests for federal emergency funding are piling up, with the latest requests coming from cash-strapped cities seeking help to shore up budgets strained by sinking revenue, pension-plan losses and difficulty getting financing amid the credit crisis.

On Friday, the mayors of Philadelphia, Phoenix and Atlanta asked the Treasury Department to set aside $50 billion of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to spur infrastructure investment to create jobs and lift local economies. The mayors also asked for loans to cover short-term borrowing needs and to meet payroll.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somehow I don't think Paulson will be as eager to hand cash to the cities as he was to Wall Street.

Nov 16 09:29

Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes

Cross burnings. Schoolchildren chanting "Assassinate Obama." Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars.

Incidents around the country referring to President-elect Barack Obama are dampening the postelection glow of racial progress and harmony, highlighting the stubborn racism that remains in America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Agents provocateurs?

Sore losers?

Nov 16 09:27

Foreclosures up 25 percent

Foreclosure activity in October rose 25 percent from a year earlier, although filings in California fell by double-digit percentage points for the second consecutive month due to a state law slowing the foreclosure process, according to a monthly report by RealtyTrac.

Nov 16 09:24

US supply line threatened by Pakistan truck halt

Pakistan temporarily barred oil tankers and container trucks from a key passageway to Afghanistan, threatening a critical supply route for U.S. and NATO troops on Sunday and raising more fears about security in the militant-plagued border region.

Nov 16 09:24

New Bush rule 'kicks Patriot Act foes in the teeth'

The proposed regulation "would allow state and local law enforcement agencies to collect intelligence on individuals and organizations even if the information is unrelated to any criminal matter," Maddow explained. She added, "Even if they weren't already watching you -- they soon could be."

Nov 16 09:23

Torture – Yes We Can?

It's a grotesque commentary on the moral health of the nation when advocacy of torture is considered "centrist." One shudders to imagine what it means to be right-of-center.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This piece is speculative. And as a centrist myself, and being totally opposed to the use of torture (except perhaps as punishment for lying a nation into a war of conquest), I think Justin is making some unsupported assumptions in this article. It is ill-advised to try to predict what Obama will do with such a scarcity of hard information. Let us instead wait to see what he actually does before making value judgments.

Nov 16 09:22

'Parliament will reject US-Iraq pact'

MP Ahmed al-Masoudi, a spokesman for the bloc said on Sunday that the government's endorsement of the US-Iraq security pact "did not mean anything" as long as it required the approval of a parliament which would reject it, the Voices of Iraq news agency reported.

He added that a majority of the Iraqi nation was against the pact and it would be rejected by Parliament because "a large number of lawmakers from different blocs" are opposed to it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even though the Sadrist block represents a small minority in the Iraqi Parliament, what MP Al-Masoudi has said may prove to be very true, when and if the US-Iraqi security pact does manage to come to a vote.

And if there is no agreement on the SOFA, what then???

The US will literally not have a leg to stand on in terms of a continued occupation of Iraq past the 31st of December of this year, unless there is some stopgap agreement between the US and Iraq, which the leadership of both countries will claim needs no legislative approval from their respective governments.

Nov 16 09:19

Bush Administration: Dismiss RFID 'Mark of the Beast' Lawsuit

The Bush administration on Thursday urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a group of Amish farmers in Michigan claiming RFID chips required on cattle "are a mark of the beast."